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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  February 13, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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and their sweet aroma. while we might differ with the plea to let the wives of officers become dependable assistants to their husband -- happy friday everyone. party on. that's all for now. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. tonight, marco rubio does his best scott walker impression. >> guys who are showing stuff right now are scott walker and mark rubio. >> the race is on to become the most anti-union candidate for 2016. ♪ and later, north carolina
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becomes the new selma. >> we must march. >> i'm glad to see us standing for what's right. plus, mega drought. the scientists say it is on the way. >> climate change continues unabated. >> it is unlike anything we have seen in 1,000 years. >> good to have you with us folks. thanks for watching. the question for the 2016 presidential hopefuls is who can be the best union buster in the bunch. i tell you what. these presidential hopefuls are trying harder than ever to position themselves with the right winger so they'll get the victory. marco rubio is in deep trouble. his solution is a legislative attack on unions trying to sell
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it as good for wages. scott walker is leading the polls in iowa at 16%. marco rubio is in a distant ninth place with 4%. rubio is trying to make up those points by taking a page out of walker's playbook. on thursday rubio released his rewarding achievement and incentivizing successful employees act. now their bill would amend the national labor relations act. if it gets to the senate the it goes this far, all the righties are going to be on board with this. this is red meat to lamar alexander. overall, this would affect 7.6 million unionized workers in this country. the bill would allow employers to give merit based wage increases to individual
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employees. that sounds got, doesn't it? rubio's website says the raise act would essentially make wages set in union contracts a minimum floor while gives employers the flexibility to reward diligent employees for their hard work. that's where it really sounds good. the bill sounds great on paper, but it is a union buster. that's what they love to do. the legislation is designed to corrupt the collective bargaining process. this creates a climate in the workplace that sets the table for, i believe, discrimination. i thought we passed all that. this would give companies the template for undercutting any collective bargaining agreement and cash whipping any employee to go against the unions next time around. unions work because there is a solid agreement between all employees and their employer. don't forget there's a vote. you got to ratify a union
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contract. this bill drives a wedge between union management and union workers because workers are going to say, gosh do i really need to do this. it allows employers to pick and choose favorites. what if your boss finds out what your politics are about or your situation personally? what if you're a gay american? discrimination is written right into this bill. it creates multiple classes of workers pitting workers against each other. the bill does nothing but mangle and undermine the relationship between unions and employees. it is going to hurt workers in the long run as a whole. the congressman from indiana is already trying to tie this bogus bill to the minimum wage
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discussion. >> it's also perhaps not a direct answer to but certainly a pivot for this whole idea about minimum wage which we know doesn't work. i want employers to hire more people, not less. of course as we know it raising the minimum wage does the opposite of that. but what a great answer this could be to that discussion, whether it is at the dinner table or talking across the country or even the world in a forum like this. answer to the minimum wage yes. the way to put more money in people's pocket is through something like the raise act. >> did you hear that folks? he says minimum wage doesn't work. really? i don't know where these republicans come up with these business theories that it is bad to put money in a worker's pocket. what do they have against workers? this bill that they're talking
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about is no substitute for federal minimum wage increase. don't let the republicans fool you. in the end, the raise act will potentially weaken unions. that is the mission here. it will end up lowering wages in the long run. it'll pick and choose. it'll set discrimination guidelines and this is what republicans have wanted all along. they want dysfunction in the workplace. if they are for this how can they be against raising the minimum wage? this is government intrusion into the workplace where all employees aren't going to be represented. it takes fairness and throws it right out the back door. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question -- is senator marco rubio trying to destroy unions? text "a" for yes. text "b" for no. i have never seen so many republicans be so concerned
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about collective bargains. for more let me bring in john nichols. also with us this evening is larry cohen. gentlemen, great to have you with us. larry, you first. where's the merit here? what am i missing? what's good about what you're hearing? >> nothing. 80% of american workers haven't had a raise in 30 years, including their predecessors in their jobs. productivity has soared during that time and none of that is shared with workers. he's concerned about the 6% of workers who have collective bargaining. within the union contracts, there are dozen of examples of productivity pay increases. production can determine how much individual workers get and in many areas the discretion goes beyond that but it is
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objective and there's a process for it instead of this willy li williey nilly. it's an outrage. >> pretty amazing. one more question mr. cohen, on this. doesn't this set the table for discrimination? doesn't it set the table for playing favorites? if the boss likes you, you're going to get the raise. isn't this a union busting tool here? >> i think he thinks it will be a union busting tool, but again the problem he runs into is that the other more than 90% of american workers in the private sector don't have collective bargaining. this is how they do get paid. when they discuss pay with each other, they can be reprimanded and fired for doing it. his intent is clearly solely to put the focus on those 6% and
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try to bust the unions that we do have. the lowest percentage of any democracy in the world. >> that is an amazing statement in itself. john nichols, what's the political play here for marco rubio? why now? >> he has a book out. he's trying to position himself for his hoped for presidential race. the problem is he is way behind in the polls nationally and in iowa and new hampshire. marco rubio didn't count on scott walker coming in so strong and pulling all of those people looking for a new face. rubio is doing the old political trick, which is trying to steal a page from somebody whose ahead of him. in this case it is important to see this not only as presidential politics but it is part of the republican template in 2016. they are making assaults on
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labor rights a major part of their campaign and message. you're seeing it happening in ohio and wisconsin. you're seeing right to work battles all over. i should say right to work for less. what's going on in the presidential race is a sort of orwellian rewrite of the language, a suggestion that minimum wage doesn't work but somehow messing with union contracts for people who get paid more will work. it's reversing the entire order of the discussion. >> if they're so concerned about minimum wage why don't they do something about it? >> that would give a pay raise to at least 5 million americans. the whole world has minimum wages. i don't think most americans wanted to go back to the 1800s.
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we want 21st century labor policy. americans even in red states voted for minimum wage in referendum after referendum. >> your thoughts on that? this is an orchestrated effort in this campaign coming up, isn't it? >> they're trying to make it a core issue for the republicans and a suggestion that somehow you're going to get a more prosperous america by getting rid of labor law and protections. this is a really change for the republican party. i can tell you as somebody who is working on a history of the republican party that there was a time not that long ago where republican senators and president eisenhower were
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bragging about being favorable to unions. now we are in a situation where the groups who do do a lot to raise people's wages are under assault by one of our parties. it really is a harmful politics. >> well it is going to pit workers against workers and it is going to create situations. if this bill were to pass if it wasn't filibustered -- it was probably going to pass the house. it is going to get moving in the senate. there are going to be some conservative democrats who might look at this thing. i think this thing could end up as a filibuster. it might bring us back to a role focus on minimum wages. does marco rubio know what the climate is like in a union shop? what is a union worker supposed to do? break rank and go to the boss and say, you got to give me a
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raise? he doesn't understand the function of the whole thing. larry, what about that? >> you nailed it. he doesn't understand it. i don't think he cares. in the last platform, they basically -- the republican party at their last convention with romney said let's get rid of collective bargaining. yet in 1976 gerald ford championed it and signed the bill and republicans voted for it. we see an ideology from the right wing taking over that party. we will fight it in the shop floor and in the offices and politically as well. >> i want to go back to your original comment that there are opportunities for contracted collective bargained employees to do better than what they're doing right now. i would venture to say that rubio probably don't know that. >> that's right. those kinds of things exist. >> i would like to know how many
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paychecks he has ever written out for workers. i think we have to get to the fundamentals of this. how much does he really know about business? john, i don't believe he has a record in business does he? >> like an awfully lot of these republican candidates he has a record in politics. aside from scott walker he is one of the longest political careerists in this race. public service can be very very honorable, but the fact of the matter is we have a lot of people running around saying they want to run government like a business. they want to do things in more efficient ways but messing with labor contracts from above and from outside, that's not something that makes sense in a business setting. it is certainly not something that makes sense for raising wages and improving the condition of american workers. >> gentlemanen, good to have you with us. keep up the fight, my friends. thanks so much.
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remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of the screen. like us on facebook. you can follow us at we got ed as well. coming up inspiration from the big screen reignites a powerful movement for equality in the south. plus dire new warnings about climate change and a mega drought like nothing we have ever seen. stay with us. we're right back with "the ed show." i may be a pizza maker, but i know a few things about dessert. like chocolate,
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attack by north carolina's republican controlled legislature. this fall north carolina's speaker defeated the democrat kay hagan. he is responsible for some of the state's most extreme right-wing policies. pat mccory is up for reelection in 2016. north carolina is set to be a critical battleground this election cycle. last year somewhere between 80,000 and 100,000 people from 32 states turned out to hear their voices heard. this year will focus on voting rights the need to expand medicaid and dealing with the minimum wage. joining me tonight is my guest. i want to ask you first about the movie "selma" and what
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impact this has had. you have been quoted as saying that north carolina is the new selma. are things coming together and emotions being sparked with a touch of history and a real reminder about what the civil rights movement was all about? >> when we look at the extreme turn here in north carolina and we look at the fact we have a first case of the shelby decision on july 6th federal court 30 days to the date when the voting rights act was signed, we're fighting to win this case. more than 180 organizations are coming together now. we are fighting back against a regressive tide. this legislature has denied medicaid expansion. they have denied earned income tax credit. they have passed the worst voter
2:21 pm
suppression laws since 1960. we have to fight back now. >> what is going to be different in this election cycle as opposed to the last one? are you going to be able to get more people involved? >> no doubt. tom tillis did win the senate. think about it. he won 49% of the vote. we are the only state where incumbent tea party members actually lost because there's a movement here. we're saying to progressives you have got to run. you can't run away from your record and you have to stand. they passed the worst voter suppression. they through $100 million at us and the best thing they could do a 1.3% victory. as i travel around this state, peel
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people are not discouraged. they're going to register organize, fight. we're going to mobilize. 2016 will be a major battle right here in north carolina. i don't see people wanting to turn back at all. thousands of people will turn out tomorrow. we have been in the legislature every day this week. people had a die-in yesterday over medicaid expansion. we're fighting to raise the minimum wage. you put marriage amendment on the ballot? put a money amendment on the ballot and let people vote on raising the minimum wage and indexing it with inflation. we are in this for the long haul. we're not just in it for a moment. we're in this for a movement. >> how many people are you expecting tomorrow reverend? >> we have more buses lined up than we had last year. last year was 80,000 to 100,000 people. we have had 200 events around this state since 2013.
2:23 pm
we are organizing. we have in 60 counties in north carolina people -- we are building the local power. we're going into the districts of the new speaker and senate leader burger who is anti-labor anti-programs that help the poor. we're going to be organizing right in their districts. i'm hearing that people are coming from all over the state. they are all different colors races, creeds sexuality. i'm on my way to an interreligious interfaith group where muslims and christians and jewish people and hindus are coming together. people are standing up. they recognize this is the moment. 50 years after selma, this is the moment. we are committed not to lose this battle. >> reverend describe the republicans, their attitude in
2:24 pm
north carolina. do you communicate with them? do you go visit with republican lawmakers? what do they say to you? how onbstinate are they? >> the state is changing because of this movement. when we started, people didn't want to raise taxes in order to fund teachers. 60% of people say they would be willing to raise taxes to pay teachers. people want a minimum wage increase. the problem is they are not republicans. we have a republican mayor in bell haven who is working with us on medicaid expansion, but what we have in north carolina are extremists. they are against everything accept giving tax cuts to the
2:25 pm
wealthy, making sure people can get a gun easier than they can register to vote. deny education, deny labor rights, deny immigrant rights deny medicaid expansion. it makes no sense. people are beginning to see how it is detrimental to all people. >> we'll follow these marches and see what kind of impact they have. coming up the link between climate change and a mega drought. it's in the forecast. plus a look at the nbc all-stars, or should i say -- yeah. the nbc not just the nba, all-stars. no. it's called grid iq. the 4:51 is leaving at 4:51.
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show." there is other news tonight. the oregon governor announced today he is resigning from his position. the governor has been plagued by an ethics scandal involving his wife. oregon first lady silvia hayes was guiding state employees on the implementation of a state policy while doing private consulting work for a group implementing the same policy. he said in a statement today that he was sad a person could be tried and convicted in the media. i understand that i have become a liability to the very institutions and policies to which i have dedicated my career and indeed my entire adult life. he has served as oregon's governor since 2011. his successor will be oregon secretary of state kate brown. brown will be the nation's first
2:30 pm
openly bisexual governor. stick around. we're right back on "the ed show." markets ending higher for back to back weekly gains. dow closed above 18,000 for the first time this year while the s&p 500 jumped 8 points to hit an all-time high. the nasdaq was up 36 points. new data shows the eight remaining is aremain ing casinos in atlantic city saw a 9% increase in revenue. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. at kraft we start with eggs oil, and our own crafted vinegar. all expertly blended to make our mayo. so you can take whatever you're making from good to amazing. get inspired at
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welcome back to "the ed show." we have two stories in this block tonight talking about climate change and they are related. a new study shows southwestern
2:34 pm
portion of the united states is on course for a mega drought unless we make some changes. the study released by science advances says a mega drought will last for decades or longer. mega droughts should be considered a natural hazard on part with earthquakes and hurricanes. they are caused in part by human induced global warming. reducing greenhouse emissions lowers the risk of a mega drought. the risk of a mega drought goes up 80% between the years 2050 and 2100. conservative lawmakers seem to be extremely comfortable with business as usual no matter what situation you throw to them. they're getting their pockets lined by the oil and gas
2:35 pm
industry. republicans in congress voted for the keystone xl pipeline to be built while denying its potential negative environmental impacts and the state department study was flawed. president obama has made it clear that he plans to veto the thing. it's really political theater and a big waste of taxpayer dollars at this point. the pipeline's progress is being held up on a local level. nebraska landowners got a big win in court on thursday. a nebraska judge issued a temporary injunction. this pipeline can't be built unless those landowners say come onto my land and do it or if they exercise their right to keep them out. you have the house and the senate that have put a lot of
2:36 pm
energy into passing this. they finally got it done. you have all kinds of special interest money floating around. mitch mcconnell talks about special interests wanting the keystone xl pipeline stopped. all these senators are taking a quarter of a million dollars from the oil and gas industry. is that not special interest? joining me now is michael bruin and jane cleb. i'm glad it has gotten to this point that it is going to the president's desk. now a lot of people in the country think they're going to get keystone. there's a property rights issue in nebraska. not so fast. this may draw a lot of people into the conversation and pay more attention to it because when people have property they value it.
2:37 pm
jane, what's your reaction to this injunction and give us a timetable at this point? >> we had a lot of happy landowners yesterday when a judge told canada they cannot use imminent domain in our state. that means transcanada could have turned around ed and sold those easements to any pipeline company. could have been a pipeline company in iran china, whatever. the timetable now is the president essentially is going to get a bill on his desk from congress maybe on the 23rd or 24th of february. we'll have ten days to veto that bill which we are confident he'll do. will he veto the bill and also reject the presidential permit? he has to do both of those things at the same time but we could have a decision at the end of february or early march. >> what's the next legal step jane, for those who want the pipeline now that this judge has made the ruling?
2:38 pm
>> for nebraska this essentially is now headed back to the supreme court. really is only reason we lost in the supreme court on a technicality reason, meaning that landowners didn't have standing, they weren't injured yet by transcanada. now that they have, this case is going back to the supreme court. we feel very confident that they're going to win there, which means transcanada is back to square one. they will not have a route in nebraska or imminent domain rights rights. >> okay. mike, what do you make of the oil and gas industry cash whipping these u.s. senators? this is as special interest as it gets, isn't it? >> yeah. what we're seeing is some of the richest companies and richest industries in the world who are trying to buy policies and policymakers statement. you have almost an entire party that is voting against the
2:39 pm
interest of their constituents against their own economic interest of their constituents, and against where we want to go to in this country. the other big news this week was a jobs report coming from the solar industry. the solar industry is creating 21 times the amount of jobs compared to the rest of the economy, so we need to move beyond keystone. we need to move beyond this particular pipeline. this pipeline is not in the interest of nebraska landowners. it is not in our national interest. we have to address the bigger concerns that this study comes out about, the threat of droughts and wildfires and disruption around the world. >> here is what speaker boehner said. >> keystone has been reviewed and approved numerous times. even by the president's own state department. it creates 42,000 new jobs.
2:40 pm
the president is standing with a bunch of left fringists and anarchists. >> is the sierra club filled with anarchists? >> we're filled with scientists and teachers and neighbors, just people who live down the street. i'm a father of young children. i believe that our country should be powered with energy that is safe and secure and sustainable and that we can do this. we can put more people to work and clean up our air and oirur water and stabilize our climate with the same set of climate solutions. what you hear from boehner and the coke brothers and the tea party is taking us in the wrong
2:41 pm
direction. you know you have something that is compelling. we know we're going to be successful. it is only a matter of time. >> this report that has come out from science advances just makes me think about this situation. this was the scene 80 years ago this april. it's famously known as the dirty 30s. a dust bowl drought extended from south dakota and went all the way across the country to the east coast. agricultural prices dropped and america fell on hard times economically. jane when you hear that we are going to have massive droughts and this kind of conversation is coming from scientists how does that ring your ears? i mean that just makes your fight even that much greater, doesn't it? >> no question. so we have a lot of old-timers who will tell stories of their grandparents or their great grandparents struggling without water. the university of nebraska came out with a climate change report also that essentially said if we
2:42 pm
keep going down the status quo path of this outdated energy 30% of our crops are going to be at risk. if farmers and ranchers are already living on the edge of making sure they are making a profit on their small family farms and rankches if you take out 30% of their profits, they're done. our governor and members of congress have got to start getting on the path. we know what the problem is. the problem is fossil fuels, so let's start to come up with the solutions. >> absolutely. michael, your reaction to this report. we haven't heard things like this before. >> we're living through this. this isn't something that's going to happen in the future. the current drought we're suffering through in california could be lasting 30, 40 years. the drought in pakistan is creating a severe water crisis there. we are seeing extreme weather that's happening right now. this isn't something that might
2:43 pm
take place in 2040 or 2060 when our kids or our grandkids or our great grandkids are our age. this is something that's happening right now. the only thing that's more tragic than all of that is that we have the solutions to meet this crisis that are available today. clean energy solutions. you have solar panels on the roof of your house, ed. i have solar panels on the roof of my house. jane and bold nebraska have created a solar barn. we can fight this. we can create more jobs. >> you have got deniers in the senate. >> yeah we do. >> you have deniers in legislative power. it's great to have both of you with us. i appreciate it. thanks so much. plus celebrating 40 years of biting satire that changed the political landscape. >> mrs. clinton asked us not to
2:44 pm
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tonight in two-minute drill, it is going to be an all-star weekend in the big apple. nba all-star game is scheduled for sunday in new york's madison square garden. virtual reality cameras are going to be worn by some of the players. we're going to get some neat angles. ray rice was suspended last season by the nfl after video surfaced of him hitting his then
2:49 pm
fiance in a hotel elevator. he issued an apology. i am truly sorry for letting you down, but i hope it has let you learn that one bad decision can turn your dream into a nightmare. there's no excuse for domestic violence and i apologize for the horrible mistake i made. finally, you'll get a kick out of this. [ cheering and applause ] you got it. a california high school athlete scored that amazing quick long-range goal from half field. is that what they call it in soccer? i don't know. lots more. stay with us. we're right back.
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live from new york for the past 40 years, one show has mastered the art of political satire. >> mr. president, it just occurred to me what if something should happen to you? you're the only one who knows what's going on. >> and that's the way it's going to stay. >> hey, barack michelle hey, before you say no there's a new dance club that my friend cockroach and i want to go through. >> i will instead ask each
2:54 pm
candidate to sum up in a single word the best argument for his candidacy. governor bush? >> strategery. ♪ if i pass the test then i wind up on the president's desk ♪ >> now from the home of the attorney general of the united states it's time for janet reno's dance party. >> mrs. clinton asked us not to let you into any more fast food places. >> well, i just want to mingle with the american people talk with some real folks, maybe get a diet coke or something. >> all right fine. but please don't tell mrs. clinton. >> jim, let me tell you something. there's going to be a whole bunch of things we don't tell mrs. clinton. >> you know i'm not a crook, henry. you know that i'm innocent. >> i know. >> you know, hillary and i don't agree on everything -- >> anything. >> i believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy. >> and i can see russia from f my house.
2:55 pm
>> "saturday night live" celebrates their 40th anniversary this weekend. every cast member and host has been invited back for the commemorative show. yes, sarah palin will be part of it all. we can't wait right? joining me now, john fugelsang, liberal calm tarotat a timer and comedian. who do you think is the most talented person that's ever been on "saturday night live"? there's one for you. >> a lot of those guys are friends of mine but my vote goes to darrell hammond. i think he's one of the greatest impersonators. i love dana carvey and phil hartman, but i think darrell really channels people like dick cheney. of course he did al gore bill clinton and he famously did john mccain. and he's just a natural born genius. >> you know the way the show evolved over the decades, it's
2:56 pm
become very important. "saturday night live's" political critique is really now part of the american consciousness, isn't it? >> it's ebbed and flowed. when the show first began in the early belushi days it was almost deconstructionist. it wasn't just taking on politics, it was taking on society and how we viewed tv. they would have sketches that just ended and went nowhere. it was really revolutionary stuff. as the show has grown and become more establishment, sometimes they play it safe and sometimes they go for the jugular. i became a political comedian in part because dennis miller before the fall meant so much to me and i think he's a great joke writer. i really miss the dennis miller era of just that -- the weekend update anchor desk being a place for scathing political commentary. >> it's become a necessary stop for candidates hasn't it? this is the show that you've got of got to get on and aitit connects in a special way and gives a
2:57 pm
candidate to open up and see a page of your life that maybe somebody isn't going to see in a regular newscast. >> i think that all began when nixon first appeared on laugh-in. look at steve forbes. he got more good pr from his one appearance guest hosting than for running for president twice. he saw a playful side of forbes a lot of folks didn't see before. i like that. i like seeing how these politicians do and how they think on their feet on live tv working with artists. it tells a lot about how stiff they are and how terrific they are. i think kennedy would have been great at snl. >> nobody is off limits are they? >> no not really. that's kind of what i respect. you played the clip of tina fey as sarah palin. if you want an example of how effective snl is at ridicule, and ridicule is a very important component of good satire. a lot of times what snl does is not satire, it's just parody. but you ask people about sarah palin and they all see the same
2:58 pm
thing, i can see russia from my house. that's something sarah palin never actually said but everyone thinks she did because tina fey's performance in that sketch was so iconic. it influenced the whole culture and political landscape. >> what's it do for somebody's career to be a part of "saturday night live's" cast -- >> you're asking and i never got to be on. >> i think you ought to be on. >> thank you. >> well, really that's really the gold standard early in a career, isn't it? >> well it's a great showcase for actors and for sketch comedians and for stand-ups as well. you know i think that we'll some day see an actor get a dramatic oscar for who was launched on snl. eddie murphy is a terrific actor, very underrated actor. i hope in his 50s he does a lot more interesting roles because, you know, he really showed at a very young age on snl how deep he could go how intense he could go into a character and how fearless he could be. obviously there's great, great actors who have been on snl and
2:59 pm
they didn't go on to film stardom. but bill murray alone is reason to be thankful for "saturday night live." it's given us a lot of great laughs and a lot of great artists. >> how would john fugelsang do on "saturday night live." ? what would you do? could you host it come out and knock their socks off? >> that's the only show my name hasn't been bandied about for this week. i've got to say i had michael mckeen on my radio show yesterday. when he went on the show he was 46 years old. he was the oldest actor they ever hired as a new be on that program. i would love to go on that show because i'd like to make weekend update take on the two-party system and right now i'm happy with the show as it is and can't wait to see is on sunday. >> john always great to have you with us. thanks a lot. appreciate it. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" starts right now.
3:00 pm
>> good evening, ed. thanks to you for tuning in. breaking news tonight on the investigation into the triple murder of three muslim students in north carolina. right now investigators are trying to figure out if hate was the motive. new on this case tonight, a loud call for a federal hate crime investigation. a new fbi inquiry and words of comfort from the president. all three victims were shot in the head at their apartment complex tuesday. chapel hill police say this man, craig hicks, pulled the trigger because of a fight over a parking spot. but now the fbi has a


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