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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBCW  February 18, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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to cover. we americans cannot stand and watch this hell on earth without being effected by it. how can it not weaken us morally. isis knows they have the hot hand and they are playing it to the at the time. that is "hardball" for now. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. tonight on "all in." >> this is giving rights and benefits to those violating the law. >> the president obama's immigration action start dead in it's tracks by a texas judge. tonight, the political explosion on capitol hill and the human toll across the country. then -- the fire is still burning in west virginia as we learn more about the supposed safety upgrades of crude oil trains.
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and the republican 2016 front runner is a college drop out. tonight, why i say a college degree should not be a prerequisite to becoming president. >> i don't think we another harvard professor or graduate at the white house. good evening from new york. one of president obama's signature accomplishments of late have been thrown into legal imbow. a federal judge in texas blocked the president's action on immigration that he announced in november. the preliminary injunction from the federal district court judge it not rule if the president exceeded his constitutional power, instead, it says the 26
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mostly republican states have standing to do so. it prohibits the obama administration from carrying out their action as the lawsuit moves forward. he promised to appeal the ruling saying he was within his authority to act. >> i'm not willing to just stand by and do nothing and engage in political rhetoric. i'm interested in solving problems. >> republicans reacted to the ruling with glee. this ruling does not come as a huge surprise. he says the plaintiffs chose to file in brownsville precisely because judge hannen was seen as
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likely to rule in their favor. they say the judge has exsororiated many rulings saying the deportation policy endangers america and is an open invitation to the most dangerous criminals in society. congressman, what is your reaction to the ruling? >> like others, i was disappointed. you never want to go to court and lose. but as you mentioned, this was an tern general in greg abbot at the time, and folks in other states who were determined to court shop and find a judge they were pretty sure would rule in their favor. this is an injunction. hopefully the fifth circuit will put a stay on that injunction, but it was not a ruling on the merits at all. i think at the end, the fifth circuit, or if it finds it's way to the supreme court, the
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president's actions will be upheld. >> the plaintiffs in this case say the president does not have the authority to do that. they cannot allow for commenting that is required, making sure of the regulations are promulgated. >> i think what you see now is republicans trying to use the courts to do their dirty work. if you think of the civil rights era, for example, brown versus board of education, to honor rights and the constitution. what you see today is republicans repeatedly going to court and trying to take rights away from people whether it is this example with immigrants on ga marriage and other issues. i think because they can't, in this case among themselves come
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to an agreement on immigration. they're having the courts do a lot of the work for them. it is a cynical ploy. >> from is a lawsuit here, when it started, people said there is not much to it legally and low and behold we have it before the supreme court. do you think it shows how hard they will fight, scratch, and claw and do whatever they can to make sure it doesn't happen? >> no question. this is just the tip of the iceberg. i think the advocates and the administration needs to be prepared for that. i think if you listen to eric holder, they are prepared for that. also, chris, we should not lose the fact that we're dealing with human lives here. the expanded doca put on hold today would affect the lives of
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hundreds of thousands of people brought here at no fault of their own, had no choice, and many of them for the most part are just as american as any of us. there are real human lives at statement here. so seeing these young people go after, go after their parents, this will lead to more deportations. it will lead to more families being separated, and more children who had no choice? coming here being deported. >> okay, you want to pull on heart strings, than pull on heart strings. the president said 22 times, the line that john boehner is doing this, said that he did not have the authority and then he turned around and did it. >> he examined the legal record and his ability to do so and made a decision to take this
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executive order. and over 230 scholars have said that the president acted within his authority. they challenged the actions before the case was thrown out, and i'm confident now that this case will be solved in the same way. >> does this effect the calculation on capitol hill where there is am impasse over this issue? and it gives republicans a way to retreat or back out of a corner they painted themselves into. saying we're going to fund it because the courts put a stop to this. >> you would think that makes the most sense, but they have not always done the most rational thing. i think -- they could go two ways here. i think they could take the tact that you described and say we don't need to do this because the court will take care of it, but i expect what is more likely to happen is the steve kings of
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the world, and they take their marching orders from people like steve king, they will go back and say listen, we told you so, we right on this issue and you better not give in to the democrats on this. i based it on what i have seen, i would bet that that is more likely the route they take than the one you described. >> thank you very much. >> the timing of the judge's ruling was not accidental. the first rulings, from up to 270,000 undocumented immigrants, they were supposed today be accepted tomorrow. for millions more, they would have been eligible to apply for safe harbor starting in may. they wrote that if the president's executive order took effect, the genie would be impossible to put back into the bottle.
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the instead his ruling left a huge swath of people at risk of seeing their families tore apart. >> we should not be pearing a child away from her mother when they have been living here den years, minding their own business, and being a important part of the community. >> erica, what does this mean for the people you represent and organize amongst who might be eligible. might be eligible literally tomorrow. what is this mean for them? >> i think it is just frustrating. it has been very frustrating to see that just like now, in the path there has been so many political gains that have happened,especially on immigration, right?
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but both parties just continue to play with the lives of so many people. even in my family, my sister did not qualify for doca in 2012 when it came out because she was a year older. now the president announced this in november, he took off the cap, and now she is able to qualify. she was ready to apply tomorrow. she was starting her g.e.d. program, ready to go, she is discouraged, but she also knows this is a roadblock on the way of justice. we think we're going to win at the end. >> why are you confident that you're going to win? >> we're confident, when we pressure the president, and you know you asked the congressman, the president did say a lot, he didn't know or have the ability to do so. and a lot of dreamers are like
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yeah, you do, it is constitutional. we work with tons of attorneys, and they're all able to work with us to figure out it is constitutional so we know it is, we think the g.o.p. is trying to send a message and it is a scare tactic to get as less people as possible to apply for this and this is not what we want. we want as many people to qualify it to do it make and the program a success. >> so here is the trajectory. there was a lot of energy from the president in 2012, then the pressure turned to the republicans for a vote. the pressure went back at the president, successfully i would say, in this executive action. now it seems if there is a place for political pressure, it is on
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the governors who are the plaintiffs in this lawsuit, am i right about that? you're right except that this case is more frustrating when we're dealing with the g.o.p. we know in many states they don't really care. many of them do not think they will be held accountable by the latino community, and i live in arizona. i can tell you that now we have a new governor who also decided to join in this lawsuit, and who seems like he doesn't care what the latino community cares about. we need to make sure that both of the parties are game and we have demonstrated that we will keep them accountable.
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>> you're saying you have leverage. they have to listen to you and in some waying their more receptive, and you now find yourself encountering republicans who just don't care. >> yes, this is 2015, right? we're in a year where perhaps that don't care, and we're looking forward to 2016, how are they going to reverse this? nay will be remembered as the party that tried to take away different action, and mitt romney was the perfect community. the latino community's lack of support for him. a resident said it sounded like a bomb going off yesterday in west virginia.
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>> there is late breaking news regarding the affordable care act tonight from a video posted by the president on their facebook page. >> for this open enrollment period for the affordable care act, aka obama care, 11.4 million people have reenrolled or enrolled for the first time. all in all, the white house is probably feeling pretty good about that number. according to the white house, the greatest surge of enrollment they have ever seen came on sunday, the final day to apply. if you like us, while you're there, check us out, you can watch that video absolutely free of charge.
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firing are still burning near mount carbon, west virginia nearly 24 hours after a train, carrying 107 tankers of crude oil derailed. triggering a massive explosion and sending a fire ball into the sky. remarkably when you look at that video, no other injuries were reported. residents were forced to evacuate, and earl ray tomlin declared a state of emergency in two counties affected by the derailment. several of them appear to be ruptured or leaking, and there
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is consider that crude could be spilling into the local water way. 2,000 customers have lost running water. the csx train that was going to a depot in virginia had a new model of tank car that are supposed to be tougher and harder to puncture than the older model. the good kind. as production ramped up, there has been a surge in the amount of crude shipped by rail in the u.s. the surge in oil by rail as resulted in a surge in accidents like the one yesterday. it is hard to know where the routs for those potentially explosive trains go. the network goes through just
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about every region of the country. one of the main destinations for crude is none other than the city of philadelphia where the train tracks go past the university of pennsylvania. take another look at the explosion happening, and imagine that happening in the middle of philadelphia. consider this, a train, carrying crude oil derailed in south filly less than three weeks ago. luckily for everyone involved, it did not ignite. joining me is bob kinkade, have you seen the site? >> yes, i have, chris, i noticed there is still a considerable amount of smoke pours out from the wreck side of the river.
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it looked ourself that there was a lot of responders with flashing lights on vehicles. you could see the tank cars and you could tell that it is another toxic disaster in west virginia. >> yeah, you hear about cruise spilling into the river, and it reminds us that there was a big leak and water was shut down for days. this is not something that west virginians are not accustomed it to. >> no, it it is like a toxic ground hogs day. i saw a sign in a restaurant here on the way here, sorry, closed, no water.
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>> west virginia is intensively extractive. it is the heart of coal country, but it could be happening in lots of other places. this is the wall street journal investigation. finding the training is difficult when in states that do not consider it top secret. what do you say to those, bob, who say this is the reason that we should be billing more pipelines among them. >> that is a nonstarter. the fact of the matter is what we ought to be doing is leaving the stuff in the ground period. when you this crude oil that has such profound composition that they cannot stop it from randomly igniting, the lynchburg explosion halved a year ago, i
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predicted we would have one in west virginia and it was not if, but when. this is not an argument for pipelines, this is an argument for getting off of our fossil fuel habit that has got us in what amounts to a death grip, chris. >> and that one in quebec was one of the most insane things i have ever seen. it was essentially a fireball that evacuated the entire town. the way that we tend to deal with these issues is people have rushed to get a pipeline, and it's like yeah, it explodes, it's dangerous, but we need it. >> there has to be a balance there, chris. do we need this? or do people who live along
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railroad tracks need their homes blown up? i might point out this explosion took place a few miles from a national park. a few miles from where i live. there is a bridge 800 feet above the railroad, what if it went off there. this is terrifying stuff. sadly it happens in a state where terrifying accidents seem to be the norm. human beings are sacrificed for corporate profit. it's hard for me to notice this is the not isis or other enemy, this is a good old domestic corporation. >> this is csx, of course, one of the largest rail shippers in the country that rolled out, acarding to them, the new safer versions. the volume is completely unprecedented.
12:25 am
we're running experiments through main population centers and it feels like it is only an amount of time that something can go very wrong. >> it is certainly the case, and frankly we're talking about, to coin an old phrase, this is unsafe at any speed. frankly it is a failure of government that we're playing with the notion of transporting this stuff when it has a volatility that is higher than that of gasoline, and it's not okay to transport gasoline by rail car. >> very good point, bob kincaid, thank you. a supreme court justice has now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services
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a supreme court justice has been giving interviews lately and another with bloomberg news. she was asked how she thought people across the country could react if people ruled in favor of marriage equality. >> a good change in people's attitudes on that issue has been enormous. in recent years, people have said this is the way i am.
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it is our next door neighbor, or our child's best friend, or even our child. the rest of us have to recognize that they are one of us. >> that sounds like a fairly accurate description of this country's beliefs on gay rights. the national organization for marriage or nom, a group that opposes same-sex marriage wants to to accuse herself. nom has to be the biggest failure in politics right now. the case they're making is this, because she made it so clear in public she will rule in favor of favor she should disqualify herself.
12:31 am
yes, we have a good sense of what justice ginsburg thinks, she officiated same-sex weddings. we also know that justice scalia thinks about about it as well. which gets to a fundamental issue that drives me crazy. a notion gnat justices are monks, robots, or umpires that just call balls and strikes. in fact, they are, wait for it, human beings they have world views, commitments, and life experiences that influence their interpretation of the law. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates
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you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand.
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establish human settlement on mars in 2023. 1972 is the last time humans walked on the moon. no human has ever gone as far as mars. >> that is true, if you have the chance to go to mars, would you go? that might be cool, what if i told you it is a one way trip. you go to mars, do stuff, and then you die there. that is what one program is offering. they want to start a human colony on mars. they want to make a reality show of it. over 200,000 people applied. it has now whittled that number down to 100. 50 men and women from around the globe. 24 of them will have a shot, six crews of four people.
12:36 am
if all goes to plan, in 2024 the first group will go, the next in 2026, then 2028, every two years until they're all living on mars. a computer simulation of the plan put together by a group of engineered grad students say the first fatality would occur about 68 days into the mission. if you wonder who would volunteer, meet george hatcher. george, i suppose i should begin with congratulations on your selection. okay. there is so much i want to ask. first, is this real? would you actually, really -- you have a family, a wife and kids, right?
12:37 am
>> i have a wife and two children. >> let's say all of this happens. then mars one people come to the door on lift off day, you would really do this? >> that is the plan. something i have been working towards really my entire life. >> what do you mean by that? >> my parents gave me a lego set when i was three that had a spaceman, and i said i wanted to be an astronaut. i went to space camp, it is a goal and something i have, and worked forward, and built my tree around since then. >> what is the conversation like with your spouse about, you know, leaving everyone for mars? >> my wife and i were pretty up front about what our life goals were before we got married. i told her i would like to be an astronaut and mars is the ultimate goal of a mission that could happen in my lifetime. i also told her knowing the equation a one-way mission is a lot cheaper. i didn't think they would put
12:38 am
forth a one-way mission, and she okay, along as we have kids first. >> who has not had this conversation. it is probably there is a mars mission. it will be cheaper, probably and hopeful that i will be on that, let get on the same page. >> right. >> okay, so now comes the second part of this. i have been reading about the mars one stuff. it is one of those things that get shared. is it a real thing? i can't tell if this is a real thing or not, and you, working as an avionics engineer makes me think it is more of a real thing. >> yes, i threw my hat in the ring as if it was a real endeavor. >> what makes you think it is?
12:39 am
>> i'm hopeful that it is. i trust dr. craft. i take them at their word, and i think the conscious is purposefully and slowly revealing a lot of the details of the plan to drum up interest and get viewership for the reality tv program. >> you work on the program, you are getting a ph.d, how feasible is it? whether mars one can pull it off, how feasible is it that we see a mars mission in our lifetime whether it is mars one, whether you're on the cap pull, or someone else does? >> when i look at one of our plans, i know that this has been on the docket for really decades.
12:40 am
and it comes down to funding in my opinion. i think it is a matter of will. i think there are enough people in the united states and around the world behind the idea, but it is just a matter of can you get the money together because i really do believe that the technology exists or can be developed for us to do this. when i look back to the apollo program, if the technology didn't exist, they invented it. and i think that i trust a lot of the engineers across the united states to make it possible. >> the 100 of you that have been selected, are you in contact with each other? >> a lot of people are communicating with each other personally on facebook and the mars one website. i have not been very active because i have a full-time job and i'm getting a ph.d and a father of two in diapers. >> do you feel there is a kindred spirit for those people
12:41 am
like yourself that are such believers in. >> i think these are the kind of people that would be members of the explorers club. they would be interested in visiting all seven continents. they're dreamers, they feel a calling to something that one might requester a "normal life." i have to say that i have zero subjective access to that feeling, but i admire it, george hatcher, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> does the president of the united states need a college degree?
12:42 am
>> at 1:30 p.m. today, the national weather service in boston received 90.5 inches of snow. this is the snowest month, and the third snowiest winter on
12:43 am
record. it has created cool time lapse videos and it created a lot of problems. the massachusetts bay transportation authority said yesterday it may need a month to return to full service and it could take even longer if another storm hits. their budget for snow removeval has been blown and this problem. >> people are jumping out of windows into snow banks. >> placing traffic cones or household items to safe a spot for when you return. it caused problems for the savers and the takers. this guy decided to put the snow back after someone else parked in the spot he saved.
12:44 am
it has gotten so bad that forecasters have started apologizing before their weather predictions. we're story to be the messengers. get ready, boston.
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don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit scott walker, if 2016, if he was a stock, he would be trading high, he is having a moment with positive polling. now, he is launching a political battle of his preelection year by taking on his state's university system. even though there are protests, it could, i think yield big gains for his potential president candidacy. his budget calls for a 13% cut across the system for a total of
12:47 am
$300 million over the next two years. but it is not just a budget issue. according to the times, walker suggested in a comment that infuriated university faculty and staff members, that professors could help with savings. scott walker is taking on the elitist professors. the fact that governor scott walker, himself, does not have a four-year colleague degree. >> howard dean bashed walker for not finishing college, watch this. scott walker, he would be the first president in my generations that did not have a college degree. he never finished. it is not just a question of dancing around the question for political reasons, the question is how real educate
12:48 am
second-degree this guy. >> i talked to you about the fact in a you have a lot of very mark zuckerberg, warren buffett, barbara streisand, a lot of people, steve jobs, no colleague degree. >> and for presidents -- >> a little buzz around this mystery around the college degree. there is buzz because people are saying hey, if you're running for president shouldn't you have a college degree? >> i think this is normal, it is news worthy, and it is interesting as an up by the boot straps story too. >> can we go back to scott browne's list? there are those that argument that the president of the united states should have a college degree. what raises the question what is the value of a college degree, my beliefs on that are ahead.
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the bottom line is my senior year i was working at ibm, they moved their office to chicago. my client was the american red cross. they offered me a job and like a lot of people today i jumped at that opportunity. i thought maybe i would go back and take a course here or there. then i met my wife, we were married, we had kids. >> scott walker addressing his noncollege degree.
12:53 am
all right, you want to hear my theory on this? this is a classic bear trap. howard dean said one thing once, and then they roll it over and over again. snobby liberals will not respect someone without a college degree and i don't think anyone cares. >> i don't think anyone saw score, great point howard dean. i think no one other than howard dean is making that point. >> i think there is a desire to have people ganging up on him, but it has failed to materialize. >> yeah, they say that they
12:54 am
don't care about education, they lead with their gut. there is a notion that they will make fun of him for this it asks do you want your republican candidate someone to have a beer with or someone you're aspiring to be. there is 31 million americans that started college and have not finished it. he is someone that people can relate to. >> it is not a prerequisite, i think in general it should not be. but should we have the best and brightest as president? one could say it would not be -- >> there is no ed that he is not smart, he succeeded on what he has done.
12:55 am
>> he of at marquette, a good catholic school, it is a private four year institution which is a tiny sliver of american education activity. we talk about college in this country and it is like oh, you went to marquette, that already, going there, puts you in a small minority of students. it is elite. so is college worth it? it is a place where people get a necessary set of skills, human capital, engage in betterment of people and citizens, and the other is that it is basically a means of stamping people for the job market or the american elite. >> it is a credential. it says you can show up places on time, you can be a responsible middle class kind of
12:56 am
person. college is doing less of giving people the skills they need, or the traditional strong education they once had, and instead it is four years of hanging out and partying -- a great survey that showed that people are spending less than 25 hours a week doing anything in and out of class doing anything academic. >> i don't really disagree with any of the macro criticisms. i don't think college is the greatest institution it could be. the unemployment rate is half of what it is for college graduates. incomes and unemployment escalated far worse for people without college degrees in that time. so going to college is a better idea than it has ever been.
12:57 am
>> the question then becomes, a deep policy question, a political question for scott walker, right? is four-year college degree a valuable thing or is it marking people as more employable. we don't have ways of putting people into skilled jobs and marking them as show up on time people beyond the college degree. the problem is the lack of alternatives. i don't think the lower unemployment number -- >> there are two questions here. there is a social question, and there is a question for individuals should you send your kids to college? the answer will be yes because your kid will be more employable as a result.
12:58 am
>> so the question to me becomes what would a good version of this look like? one of the things that happened in this country is we have seen wage stagnation. the president says you have to go to college, it is as necessary has high school was before. the question then becomes like -- what would a good version of this look like so that people had access to the kind of education they needed to be more employable, or -- >> you would ask yourself why is it that now you need to go to college to get the skills that people got in high school 50 years ago. part of the problem is our k-12 system is broken down. >> is that really true though. the skilling that people got in high school, what is the metric? >> reading and math skills. there is an amazing statistic. in california within half of the kids graduating from california schools, when they go to a state
12:59 am
university they have to take remedial classes, so what are they learning in high school? >> i don't know. i think part of the problem here is that you have a situation in which we have not answered a question definitively about what we want to produce out of the college system, right? we have a patchwork system. we have some that work very well like the university of wisconsin system. the california system, both of which are under attack. and there is no sense of like is the job here to make people employable, is it to make citizens, make people self-actualized? >> i agree with her on most of those macro issues. it is not tackling these macro problems in a long term way. so it may be that we should be investing more in the programs, but that is maybe a long-term solution. for right now the priority i
1:00 am
think really has to be access and affordability. >> i love the idea of scott walker going tonight school on the campaign and saying actually i got it. the rachel maddow show starts now. >> thank you chris. you know the font size on newspapers used to be a lot smaller than it is now. look. this, for example, this is want front page of the "new york times" on april 30th, 1903. seven column the wide, thousands of words on just the front page. even the big stories have tiny headlines. the lead story, front page, 1903, about a disaster in


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