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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  February 21, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PST

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american express' timeless safety and security are now available on apple pay. the next evolution of membership is here. >> okay. . we have a lot coming up tonight. it's friday night. we have a lot of news. we have a really guest tonight for the interview. somebody who is doing his first live television interview since getting a really important job in the government. but here we go. the city of istanbul in turkey has no freaking idea how to deal with large amounts of snow. much like our cities here in the southeast that got whacked by snow this week. nothing against them, but they're not used to it. they have no idea at all how to deal with it. much like what's going on in the
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american southeast. istanbul and turkey is not used to get a ton of snow. but they got a foot of snow. they shut down the airport. they diverted tons and tons of international flights, including some that were already in the air before they were diverted. one guy was so upset by a snowball fight out front of his shop that he went outside and stabbed someone.
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one day this week when they got the heaviest snowfall, officials in istanbul reported more than 800 car crashes in the city in that one day. 800. but istanbul being shut down by snow right now. it's a minor weather story in its own right. it is a major story, a major potentially life or death story for the three families of these three teenage girls from england. these three teenage girls told their families in england on tuesday morning that they were going off to school. two of them are 15 years old. one is 16 years old. they're all good friends, all "a" students in high school in britain. they told their families what they were going to school. what they did instead was turn up at the airport in london, got on a turkish airways flight to istanbul. their families now believe they were planning to land in turkey, then cross the border from turkey into syria to go join isis. and the families' major source of hope right now is that they may be able to stop these girls by virtue of the fact that turkey has been socked in by this huge snowstorm and that has pretty much stopped anybody from being able to travel anywhere efficiently in big parts of that country and that is their hope. that is their hope right now. today the metropolitan police. london made a public appeal for anybody who might know anything that might stop these three british schoolgirls before they get to syria, before they get to isis. >> the three girls walk through security at london's gatwick airport showing no hint of their intentions.
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they flew to istanbul, bound for syria, officials fear, to join isis. this 15-year-old, this 16-year-old and another 15-year-old whose parents asked not to be named raised alarm bells when they didn't come home tuesday night. >> these three families had no idea of the intentions of their daughters. no idea whatsoever that they were going to be traveling to turkey and that they intended to go to syria. >> reporter: they were known as normal teenagers, good students. but on one twitter account sunday, a message to a female isis member, a known recruiter asking for a private conversation. the three girls are known to be close friends and in the same form here at this academy. but it has emerged that they were also friends with a fourth girl who traveled from gatwick last december. she's in syria now and it's thought her journey may have inspired them. >> that's reporting both from nbc news and from itv in london today. about these three london
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schoolgirls about whom the british police have issued a public alert hoping that these girls can be found before they end up with isis in syria. also today, nbc just put together some remarkable reporting. they found a 16-year-old boy who had joined isis in syria as a 15-year-old. he became one of isis' child soldiers. he was wounded fighting alongside isis and everything. he ultimately became disillusioned and he quit isis. nbc's jamie novagrad found this kid in hiding in turkey and just did this remarkable interview with him. watch this. >> 16-year-old khaled says he is lost and on the run. we found him in this turkish city near the border with syria. he agreed to an interview on the condition that we not show his face. >> translator: i'm not afraid here but i'm afraid of isis. >> reporter: he was once part of isis. he didn't like it so he escaped. isis calls its child soldiers
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lion cubs of the caliphate. it celebrates them in propaganda videos like this one. children are trained to use a rifle, given classes in religion, and taught to love isis and hate its enemies. then the children are sent into combat. for khaled, that day came sooner than he expected. his camp was attacked only two weeks after he had first picked up a gun. four isis fighters were killed. khaled was shot in the neck. he was terrified and he missed home. his mother heard he had been wounded and she found him at the isis camp. >> what did she say to you? >> translator: she said, "take care of yourself." >> he can't continue telling his story without crying. two months later, he managed to escape across the border to turkey. he now lives in hiding, sleeping in a cheap hotel. >> what would you say to a young person who came up to you and said, i'm thinking about joining isis. >> translator: i will tell him
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my whole story. i will tell him don't do it. >> that remarkable interview for nbc news today. whether it is boys from syria, like that 16-year-old kid, or teenagers from the west, apparently like these three girls from east london whose parents are desperately looking for them right now, isis brags about using young people using teenagers, using kids. they do it in those propaganda videos. they also do it online in their social media presence. here for example is a pro-isis twitter account. posting a picture of child soldiers from an isis propaganda video and the tweet says, in english, there you can see it, the bravest of men here are between the ages of 11 and 13. the sleeping lion is now been awoken. you can see from the stats there, didn't get a huge amount of traffic. that tweet was retweeted 20 times. it was favorited 12 times. but you know what else that tweet got?
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it got a direct response from the u.s. state department. on the state department twitter account that's called think again/turn away, they respond directly to that guy's tweet. that guy bragging about the isis child soldiers and calling those 1 1-year-old kids "brave men." look at the state department response. they're writing directly to this guy. it takes men with absolutely no honor to rob children of their innocence, encourage them to kill, use them as canon fodder. sort of fighting it out online. having this argument online about these child soldiers, these kids. isis does these super slickly produced propaganda videos. they have a big slick social media presence. it is part of how they are able to recruit muslim kids from all over the world so aggressively. and it's interesting, the most visible fight against isis in that space online where they operate so effectively, the most visible fighters against them online have actually been the hackers who hate them.
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you might remember right after the "charlie hebdo" attacks in paris, the hacker collective "anonymous," the guy fox mask as their symbol, they basically declared online war against isis after the "charlie hebdo" attacks. we should expect a massive reaction from anonymous. we are tracking you down, we will find you and never leave you any rest. they did this threatening video. they pushed a big long list of websites and twitter accounts that they said were affiliated with isis and were isis supporters. and anonymous systematically just started knocking them offline. they had all been knocked offline. now they started another round of that. anonymous has posted a new list of hundreds of other twitter feeds and social media accounts that they say are linked to terrorists and terrorist propaganda, specifically to isis. and as hackers, anonymous has targeted those websites and
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those social media accounts and knocked them offline. but you know, they really are just an anonymous collective of random hackers. right? i mean anonymous is really nothing official. as they have been going after isis online and knocking off all of these twitter accounts and social media accounts and websites, they have also recently in the last few days given a friendly nudge to governments and to companies like twitter saying, hey, if we're just a bunch of hackers doing this at home in our pa jam as can attack isis, you can, too, governments of the world. >> greetings, citizens of the world. governments and corporations. we are anonymous. first a message to isis. isis, we will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, e-mails, and expose you, this time we will expose your new twitter accounts with our last operation, isis, we show the
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world and especially governments it's not that hard to fight back isis online. so why no government doing it, they don't know how, though they don't want to. >> it is so weird to engage with the talking computer voice guy fox mask guy. right? but there is how anonymous communicates. anonymous is basically saying here, hey, we are able to totally disrupt isis online. why do we have to do this? shouldn't governments be doing this? but then they make a very specific offer. >> we're opening new accounts that isis members and supporters have created since then. we're not trying to tell you how to do your job, but just trying to help out. >> we're just trying to help out. your friendly neighborhood of spooky hackers. it is really nice that they're against isis, right? they're going to destroy
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somebody online. if you had to pick one, you'd have them destroy isis online. right? but anonymous is also basically challenging governments and also tech companies saying what they're doing is not that hard. more can be done to shut isis down in terms of their online presence, online propaganda, online social networking. well, this week the u.s. government said basically the u.s. government said, yeah. the u.s. government this week said they are upping what they are doing against isis online. in terms of isis' online recruiting and their online presence an their online propaganda. and the u.s. government has just put a new guy in charge of their efforts. the newly designated -- wait, it is a long title -- special envoy for strategic counterterrorism communications. at the state department. he is the first american muslim to hold this job or any job like it. his name is rashad hussein and he's our guest tonight for "the interview." this is his first live american tv interview since taking over this new post. mr. hussein, congratulations on your new gig. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me, rachel.
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>> let me ask you a layman's question here, layman in terms of not understand being the overall strategy here. do you fight isis online by taking their stuff down, by closing their accounts, by trying to wipe them off the web, or do you fight them online by leaving them up but trying to compete with their message instead? >> well, the challenge that we're facing online is that terrorists around the world are in many cases using perverted interpretation of islam and they're playing off the grievances of people around the world, particularly disaffected young people and trying to recruit them to their ideology. they are offering a message which they say provides a sense of purpose, a sense of meaning and a sense of religious obligation. so it's our obligation to work with our international partners around the world to provide an alternative message and to promote a positive alternatives.
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we want to amplify facts that we believe speak for themselves. and if you hear the voices and the arguments of former radicals as the ones that you just profiled on your show, and you hear the voices of muslims around the world that have rejected their message and you amplify the fact that murz muslims are overwhelmingly the victims of terror attacks worldwide. there are parts of our countergovernment that will do the more covert parts of this project, taking down websites and things like that but our focus and what we are doing is working with our international partners and coming up with initiatives to prevent violent extremism, also to work in the online space to coordinate our messaging as the united states government. we believe that there is a role for government but obviously there is a huge role for civil society and a huge role for our partners around the world often times which will be in many cases credible with audiences in their immediate geographical regions.
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>> everybody says that isis is so good at their online presence. obviously we can see from the quality of their propaganda films that they're very good at video editing and special effects, stuff like that. but in terms of how they recruit online and how they reach people online and the way their message resonates online, why are they so effective? what is actually so good about what they do? >> we have to acknowledge the fact that they are playing off of grievances that in many cases are widely held around the world. they're playing offer the grievance of muslim suffering. they say 200,000 to 300,000 people have been killed in syria and they make the point that the world isn't doing anything about it. we have to counter those facts, put the right facts out there. they play off this notion of the caliphates which many muslims around the world look at and, quite frankly, those that are uneducated don't understand. so they make this argument that once the caliphate has been established, that muslims around the world have to go there and fight. now there are people that have
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grievances around the world and may be disaffected for a number of reasons, and that combines with this violent ideology they're putting out and creates a dangerous combination. there's grievances about lack of opportunity, economic opportunity. there is political grievances in many cases against their own governments for suppression, political expression, for violations of human rights, for violations of freedom of religion, for example. and so they play off those grievances and try to have a hook which provides a sense of meaning and purpose and religious obligation which in many cases can be very powerful. >> can i ask you one specific question about something that emerged in the news today. there were some reports today that al arabiya obtained some really specific identifying personal information about the self-proclaimed leader of the caliphate and isis, al baghdadi. whether that information turns
3:16 am
out to be true, that strategy helpful making that public, is that a way of going after these guys, a way of interrupting their self-aggrandizing narrative about themselves? >> their actions speak for themselves. look what they've done over the last months. you've seen brutal executions in libya. we've seen the jordanian pilot that's burned alive. there is nothing in islam which permits this. these actions are prohibited. to the extent they are recruiting young muslims from around the world, we have to be clear when they are calling people to defend islam and muslims, what they're actually doing is lamping islam and muslims more. oftentimes it is our partners around the world, governmental partners and more importantly, non-governmental partners that will be essential in making that message. i have had the opportunity to have honest conversations with muslims around the world. what they'll tell you is that
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they'll acknowledge that many of these actions are happening in different parts of the world in the name of islam. but they'll also say the overwhelming majority of muslims reject these actions. incredible muslim voices and leaders have spoken out. but despite that, muslim communities around the world are often the targets of unfair treatment because of actions that are occurring in the name of islam. muslims are constantly having to play defense on these issues and deal with discrimination whether they're trying to go about their own daily lives and their careers. they do believe that they have an obligation to speak up with this and they're doing their part, but there is a challenge. it is what the president and secretary have called a generational challenge. it is something that we're going to be working on over the next couple of years. >> rashad hussain, thank you. again, congratulations on this really important new job. thanks for being here tonight. >> thanks. great to be with you. >> fascinating stuff. imagine if that's your job. make isis sound dumb in the world.
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you know what i mean? make their arguments not stick anymore. that's incredibly important work. it feels like the government lass to make a decision to try to do that. and it makes sense as a strategy whether it comes to actually the tactics of how you do it, it's fascinating stuff and an incredible task that people couldn't have even imagined a role for our government in doing. even a generation ago. lots more tonight -- including president obama showing what i believe is fair to call undisguised joy in public. stay with us. have $40 $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ ♪
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it is a clock and the numbers are all in the wrong place and nobody knows. >> doesn't have a battery in it. >> it does work. we had a battery in it. >> with the battery from it, it -- >> it does work. we have no memory of why this is part of our show. >> okay. >> okay. this is a blast from 2010. >> oh! that's the coloring book. we did a section on this. >> it is full of pages colored by rachel maddow show staffers. >> people do this like a little time-out? >> we covered this on the show. nobody will cop to actually coloring it in. there's floats. >> go, tea party! >> that could be fun. >> then the last thing is we found this briefcase. the puppet play house representatives it says but we can't open it because we can't -- >> it's locked? >> it's locked. well, we got one side to open so you can kind of peek in. >> you can peek in and make sure -- but the other side -- >> the other side we can't get open.
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>> we are so sending this! we have to make sure whoever we send it to is kind of cool with the mystery. or handy with a lock. >> or handy with a lock. think tonight's player could be good with that. >> excellent.
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3:24 am
it is the actual name. the marina torch. the torch is a huge building. it has 79 floors. eyewitness reports tonight say the fire started around the 50th floor. maybe even a little higher. if you know anything about firefighting challenges, that is a freakin' nightmare. the fire appears to have broken out on the 50th floor or thereabouts in the predawn hours. officials in dubai say everybody's been evacuated from the tower. there are no reports of injuries at this time. reuters is reporting this in addition to the hundreds evacuated from the burning building itself, residents of at least a couple buildings nearby were also evacuated for their safety. one witness told nbc news tonight that the fire at one point spread about 15 floors beyond where it started, driven up into the other parts of the building by what he described as a huge wind. he said he lives on the 27th floor and when he looked out his window he saw fire raining down from the windows above. in these booming cities like
3:25 am
dubai where construction has been going so fast and the buildings are rising so tall, there has been a question as to how safe the buildings are to be inside in the event of a fire. now it appears that another question is whether it is safe to be near a skyscraper that's burning like this. people in dubai tonight describe watching not just flames but also debris falling from this giant tower and into buildings nearby and into the street. tonight's blaze is the fourth large fire in a residential tower in the emirates since 2012. after the last one, one expert warned publicly that about 70% of the very high-rise buildings in dubai are wrapped in construction material that is considered to be highly combustible. we don't know yet whether that estimate includes this specific building, the torch tower. but dubai is a city of super, super tall buildings. and even among dubai's many super tall skyscrapers, this one that caught fire tonight, it stands out. the torch is the fourth-tallest building in dubai that is
3:26 am
designed for people to live in. but again, the news tonight is that a very large fire broke out in the skyscraper in dubai in the united ash emirates, broke out overnight. apparently somewhere around the 50th floor. we are told residents were evacuated safely. at this point we have no reports of injuries. but we're joined right now by john chorus. we just showed one of his tweets, in fact. he lives across the street from the torch. he was evacuated tonight once it caught fire. thanks so much for joining us. it is very late at night there so thanks for being with us. >> hi, rachel. thanks a lot. it is my pleasure. >> how did you find out that the fire was happening? what did you see? >> well, actually, i was asleep because it was 3:00 a.m. and basically the room came quite bright so at that point i was also starting to hear fire alarms and police are out there and the fire departments.
3:27 am
so from the noise and everything. but mainly because the room was litten. i eventually woke up and i opened my balcony door. i'm actually on the 45th floor so i'm very close to the actual fire where it took place. matter of 100 feet or so. >> wow. >> yeah. it was over there. right in front of me. >> could you tell how much of the building was involved, how many floors, or how much of the building's circumference was affected? >> actually, when i woke up, it was only about two to three floors. but it really accelerated quite fast in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes, at most, it reached i think like 15 floors above. so i was actually quite worried so actually myself and two more friends of mine, we started to evacuate, to leave the neighboring building. >> dubai is so famous for its incredibly tall skyscrapers and for the speed with which they've gone up in a very short number of years.
3:28 am
in terms of this fire tonight, and you getting out and people in that building getting out, did it seem like there was an orderly well understood way that the authorities were handling this and keeping people safe? did it feel like they had it under control once people realized what was going on? >> i think overall the civil department reacted quite well and we see that also from the fact that the fire was extinguished quite quickly. yeah. i think overall my feeling was good, although i did get worried some time from the sparks, pieces of debris were falling from around, i don't know, 500 feet. because i was on balcony, i was still seeing quite a few people walking if the area where the debris was falling. >> john tsioris safely evacuated from the scene tonight. the skyscraper fire, alarming to see these pictures. thanks for helping us understand
3:29 am
what happened. good luck to you tonight. >> thank you, rachel. all right. wow. those pictures are incredible. again, the bottom line with that fire is that it is extinguished now. it burned for a few hours. not exactly sure of the extent of the damage to the building. happily, no damage there. we have a lot still ahead tonight, including the friday night news dump and a first here on this show. half-priced canadian underpants make the news today. and therefore make their rafp el maddow debut. my mom will be so proud. stay with us. i sure hope so. with healthcare costs, who knows. umm... everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor....
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of a presidency -- at least in year six of this presidency -- is that a high proportion of the time that a president gives a speech now, he seems like he's have something the time of his life. the man just seems happy. he seems like he's having a good time and enjoying being president. >> and now that their grand predictions of doom and gloom and death panels and armageddon haven't come true sky hasn't fallen, chicken little's quiet. the new plan apparently of congressional republicans -- and this is progress -- the new plan is to rebrand them self-as the party of -- the middle class. not making this up. our republican leader in the senate, as he was coming in, after having tried to block every single thing that we have done to strengthen the economy, starts looking at job numbers
3:38 am
and says, you know, it's getting better because we just got elected. and people are feeling more optimistic. which -- okay. i didn't know that's how the economy worked, but maybe. >> president obama speaking at the democratic national committee's winter meeting today and having a very good time doing so. the democrats are about a month in to this new congress in which they are the minority in both houses. so president obama was there, in part, today to turn their frowns upside down. but also to basically set the tone for how he thinks democrats ought to wage their side of the argument, heading into 2016. >> i always find it curious that when a democrat's president, deficits go down, republican's president, and then deficits are going up, and yet they try to take on the mantel of fiscal probity.
3:39 am
our auto industry is firing on all cylinders. none of this is an accident. it is not an accident that america is creating jobs faster than since last time any democrat was a president. it's not an accident that our manufacturers are creating jobs for the first time since the last time a democrat was president. it's not an accident that health care inflation's running at the lowest rate in almost 50 years and that our deficits are falling faster than they have in of 60 years. >> love you, obama. >> thank you. >> the president basically gaming out for his fellow democrats in public in this on-camera speech today how he thinks they ought to fight for the next election. even though they lost the last one. one of the policies on which congressional republicans are now fighting president obama the hardest and with the highest stakes is also one of his most popular policy moves and it garnered some of the biggest applause in this speech today.
3:40 am
>> and stop trying to deport millions of striving young kids who just want to earn their shot at the american dream like the rest of us. help us fix a broken immigration system. there are a lot of ways to help the middle class. >> on that issue, on immigration, the president is giving himself-another chance to make a public case at a really crucial time next week. host of "the rundown" here on msnbc on weekday mornings is one of the main anchors on telemundo. and on wednesday, jose got the get. jose's going to host a town hall with president obama live at florida international university in miami. it is going to air here on msnbc at 8:00 on wednesday night. if things keep going the way they are between now and then, between now and that town hall on wednesday, that town hall with jose on wednesday is going to be basically on the eve of the homeland security department shutting down.
3:41 am
republicans in congress say they are willing to shut down the whole homeland security department as a protest against president obama's executive actions on immigration. so that fight is happening in congress right between congress and the white house. that fight is also playing out in the courts this week a federal judge in texas blocked the president's new immigration policies. but next week in just a few days the president is also going to take that fight over immigration and over homeland security and all the rest to a third venue, to the court of public opinion. that is going to be wednesday at 8:00 right here. jose is such a badass for getting this get. it is very exciting. we'll be right back. the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. # # anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler.
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happy friday. and now here's the thing. this is the best "here's the thing" we have maybe ever done. watch this. "here's the thing." >> point of order. mr. speaker, i wonder if i could have a clarification from you as to the validity of a vote from a member who leaves a seat during the vote, then returns to it in order to vote. >> is the member for winnipeg center want to respond to the point? >> i guess, mr. speaker, i have a -- i realize i did inadvertently leave my seat briefly in the middle of the debate. i can blame it on a sale that was down at the hudson's bay. they had men's underwear on for half price. i bought a bunch that was clearly too small for me. i find it difficult to sit for any length of time, mr. speaker. so i apologize if it was necessary for me to leave my seat briefly but i did not mean to forfeit my right to vote.
3:45 am
>> and that is a thing that did happen today in the canadian parliament. if there is a version of the too tight cheap underpants excuse, that has ever happened in american politics, please let me know. if that's ever happened anywhere in american politics let me know and that will be a "thing." is thought i told you to stay off our turf. ♪ ♪ i'm almost done. [ male announcer ] now you can pay your bill... ♪ ♪ ...manage your appointments...
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i just want to say that i appreciate very much judge spencer's mercy and leniency for my wife today as he granted to me a month ago. i've been a lawyer for 25 years and sometimes juries get it wrong, and i believe with all my heart that they got it wrong in this case. >> the reason that virginia governor bob mcdonnell was talking to the press today is because he's not in prison yet. he has been sentenced to two years in federal prison but the courts have allowed him to stay free on bond while he is appealing his case. governor mcdonnell was convicted in september of taking lots of money and lots of luxury items for himself and his family in exchange for helping out the virginia businessman who gave them all that cash and all that
3:48 am
stuff. his defense was basically that, yes, he did take all that stuff, including the white ferrari and all the rest of it. but his defense was that he shouldn't be blamed. his defense was that actually it is the lady in the passenger seat who is really the one who did it. governor bob mcdonnell and his wife, maureen, retained separate defense lawyers when they were put on trial even though they were tried together. and his defense strategy was basically to blame the whole thing on her. basically his play was that as the governor's wife, maureen mcdonnell technically wasn't a public official so she couldn't technically be corrupt or take bribes because she was just a private person. the idea was that if he could blame it all on her, maybe neither of them would get nailed. >> they both got nailed. they both were convicted in september. when bob mcdonnell was sentenced in january, the judge rebutted that defense. the judge said from the bench, "while mrs. mcdonnell may have allowed the serpent into the mansion, the governor knowingly let him into his personal and business affairs."
3:49 am
. well, today it was maureen mcdonnell's turn. she was looking at up to 6 1/2 years for her felonies. the judge said to her that the defense in this case had gone from the let's throw mama under the bus defense to the "let's throw mama off the train" defense. maureen mcdonnell told the judge today, "i am the one who let the snake into the mansion, the venom from that snake has poisoned my marriage, has poisoned my family and has poisoned the commonwealth. i am the one that opened the door." and i blame no one but myself. guidelines called for more than five years in prison. her defense was calling for community service. in the end she got one year and one day. the extra time is important because you can't qualify for time off for extra behavior unless you get more than a year. so giving her the extra day means she might get out earlier
3:50 am
than she otherwise would. where she's most likely to serve her time is at alderson in west virginia which you might remember at martha stewart's one-time prison home. her husband has been allowed to be out on bail while she appeals. she'll presumably ask for the same treatment. but now we know the bottom line result of this effort to blame the wife for the governor of virginia's corruption troubles. bottom line result is that she is going to prison but he is also going to prison. and the commonwealth of virginia is one step closer to putting them, finally, into the rear-view mirror. next. ♪♪ expected wait time: 55 minutes. your call is important to us. thank you for your patience. waiter! vo: in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority.
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3:54 am
hello, julia. >> hi. >> who is playing tonight? >> tonight, we have rocky marten. he's from hatfield, indiana, an electrician, married 29 years. and he fishes in tournaments. >> you're kidding? rocky, very nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> what do you fish for? >> i fish for bass. i seen on friday that you had a fish, it was -- looked like a white perch to me. >> it was a white perch. an unusually large white perch, if i don't say so myself. but you fish for bass. do you do any ice fishing or only open water? >> no, we don't get the thick ice, nope. >> well, if you ever want to come out here in new england, maybe if we make better friends, i would invite you. i just got a new auger. rocky, thank you for being here. nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> i'm going to ask you three questions. you get two or more right and what will rocky win? >> this fancy cocktail shaker. >> if you get all three right,
3:55 am
or if you only get one right and we just need to give you a consolation prize, we also might send you something random that we found in our office, it's particularly random tonight. i'm sorry ahead of time. what is the prize? >> a briefcase we can only open halfway. we're not quite sure what's in it. >> we have busted one lock, other than that, we don't know what we're sending you. is that okay with you? >> yes. >> okay. we also need to bring in steve benin, the guy who determines whether or not you got the right answer. steve, meet rocky. >> good evening to both of you. >> good evening. >> morning -- evening, steve. >> all right. let's go with our first question. our first question, rocky, is from monday's show. on monday's show, we talked
3:56 am
about senator rand paul. he recently told the chamber of commerce that he holds a college degree, which it turns out he does not actually have. he does have some degrees, but he doesn't have the one he claimed to have when he spoke to the chamber of commerce recently. rand paul claimed to hold a college degree in which field, a, chemistry, b, ophthalmology, c, biology, or d, acting. >> i am pretty sure it's c, biology. >> steve, did rocky get that right? >> acting is the funny answer, but let's check the segment from monday's show. >> rand paul does not have a degree in biology. the amazing thing is nobody said to him, senator paul, do you have a degree in biology? he just volunteered that. >> what rocky said is correct. c is the right answer. rocky is one for one. >> well done on question one. remember, you have to get two right to win the prize or you
3:57 am
might have already won some junk. so let's go to question two. this is also from monday's show. we learned that supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg used to have a seat mate at the state of the union address who she relied on to pinch her if she was falling asleep. which was the designated pincher, a, jus david souter, b, sandra day o conner, c, john paul, or d. learned hand. >> that would be a. >> let's check the tape from monday. >> david suitor was when he was on the court, he sat next to me. he could sense whether i was beginning -- my head was beginning to lower, so he would give me a pinch. >> the correct answer is a. and rocky is correct again. >> well done, rocky. i thought learned hands being
3:58 am
pinchy would have distracted you. this is a little twist. for your last question, you have a choice. i have two prepared. do you want a politics question or a weather question? >> politics. >> politics, okay. the answer to the weather question was portland, maine. but we're going to do the politics question. this is from thursday's show. we talked about the reaction among republicans to rudy giuliani saying that president obama does not love america. now, one republican presidential hopeful responded to that comment by volunteering a statement saying he agrees with rudy giuliani did that. who did that, george pataki, scott walker, ben carson, or bobby jindal? >> d, bobby jindal. >> steve, you got the answer for us?
3:59 am
>> it is bobby jindal and he has the correct answer once again. >> all right, did rocky win? >> uh, yeah, he wins the cocktail shaker and you win the briefcase we can't open. >> if you get it open and there's something notable in there, i hope you let us know. >> did you see my prop? >> your prop? what is it? is it behind you? what is it? is it an owl? you're my man. rocky, thank you for bringing the owl. thank you for winning all that junk. really nice to meet you and i would like to be in touch with you about bass in the future. >> thank you. >> that was awesome. the owl right behind him. if you want to play for a cocktail shaker or some worthless junk we have around the office, please send us an e-mail.
4:00 am
you have to tell us who you are, where you're from and why you want to play the friday night news dump. there is cheap stuff in our office with your name on it, i swear. ice historic hold sweeping across the country. details on when the deep freeze will end british police asking for help finding three teens heading to syria who may be look to go join isis. the former new york mayor sets off a firestorm. his comments about president obama obama. who is the clown at one police department news conference? no, really, who is this clown?


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