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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  February 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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f money. and in just a few minutes president obama will speak at the headquarters of aarp. where he'll out line a proposal of tough restrictions on managers who handle financial accounts. and secretary jeh johnson is talking about the clock ticking on that funding. >> the men and women standing behind me are required to come to work and make ends meet without a paycheck for themselves and their families. this includes the men and women of the united states coast guard. second, we must in the event of a shut down furlough approximately 30,000 of our employees, including our headquarters staffs. what does that mean? what is the consequence of that? i'll give you an example. every day i press our staff at my headquarters to stay one step ahead of groups such as isil to stay one step ahead of threats to our aviation security to
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closely monster and stay ahead of illegal migration on the southern border and stay one step ahead of our weather conditions, to closely monitor our weather conditions in a very harsh winter. if we shut down that staff is cut back to a skeleton. third, approximately 80% of fema's permanent appropriated work force -- 80% is furloughed. administrator fug ate will talk more about that in a moment. fourth our ability to grant money to state and local law enforcement which they rely upon for their own homeland security grinds to a halt either because there is no money or the ability to process the page has been furloughed. fifth, service providers and suppliers of this department do
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not get paid during the period of the shutdown. again, because there is no money or because our ability to process the payments have been furlough furloughed i could go on and on. over all a shutdown of homeland security would have serious consequences and amount to a serious disruption in our ability to protect the homeland. >> that is homeland security secretary jeh johnson talking about what a cut in funding or the stalling of all funding to dhs would do to the employees and the contractors and the service providers and 80% of the fema work force and 30,000 employees. let's go to kelly o'donnell in washington. so time is running out. and you have secretary johnson laying out in stark terms who and what will be effective. what are we hearing from capitol hill? is this an effective message?
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>> at this point the barrage of fact and figures isective for the administration but on capitol hill, it is a slower start. we do expect the senate will take the fourth vote on the dhs funding bill later today but it is expected that the democrats will block that and debate changes to the bill because they fundamentally disagree with the house version written by the senate on the immigration and to defer the deportations and because of that democrats have been holding it up in the senate. so we'll see a vote today, as we expect, there won't be sufficient vote from democrats to move it forward and then we're back in the same holding period. four attempts four failures on the senate side. john boehner is saying they did pass funding and putting pressure on senate democrats and they feel united and they are on
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the better side of this deal and passing clean funding, as it is known here in washington pass the budget and take out the immigration piece is the better way to go but as you know joy, republicans and the most conservative members have been opposed to that because they want to use the power they have to try to stop the president from being able to implement the immigration changes. now one of the new elements of all of this is the court case that has put on hold the president's action. there are now republicans who are saying that is a way out. to say that the courts will handle that question let the the appropriations go forward and we don't know the end game yet. but it is certainly picking up intensity because there are so few days left. joy. >> god forbid kelly, 80% of the work force is furloughs and a natural disaster would happen. thank you for that reporting. kelly o'donnell. very much appreciated. and also developing
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president obama is speaking at aarp headquarters in washington to highlight the latest push to help americans and retirees. the washington said the goal is to stop hidden and book-door payments for brokers, adding up to billions of dollars in lost savings for retirees. and kasie hunt is at the white house. describe what it is the president is proposing what we are hearing from him right now? >> yes, joy. the president is proposing that the rules for financial advisers, the people who help you manage your retirement accounts would have to put your interests ahead of their own. so they couldn't advise that you ip vest in lower return-higher-fee funds that may pay them more. and now the white house estimates that consumers get 1% lower return every year because of the current rules that say they only have to do what is suitable for investors and on
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the whole investors in america lose 17$17 billion every year. so these rules would apply to instances where you roll over your retirement account if you change jobs or employers and you want to put your retirement money into a different fund. and if you have $100,000 when you are 45 years old and the current rules show you would have $157,000 -- $175,000 and you would have 17% more. so this is expected to spark backlash from wall street and the defenders say this would spark those with lower account balances that they won't be able to serve those people as well. joy. >> wall street won't like it. say it isn't so. kasie hunt thank you very much. >> thanks joy. shoppers at the mall of
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america in minnesota are taking threats of terrorism in stride. over the weekend, the terrorist group al shabab released a video and named the mall and two others in canada and france as a target. but they say to reporters, they are more afraid of the cold than of terrorists. on sunday the head of homeland security jeh johnson said that while the department knows of no single credible threat on the mall shoppers should always keep their eyes and ears open. >> at this point, you are not telling people not to go to the mall? >> i'm not telling people to not go to the mall. i think there needs to be np awareness -- an awareness and vigilance and to be careful, obviously. it is a new phase. we're in a new phase right now. and that involves public participation in our efforts. >> john yang joins me now from outside of the mall of america. so it does sound, john like
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there is terrorism fatigue setting in among american shoppers which may mean their being very pragmatic, no? >> reporter: i think that is true. we talked to one shopper earlier today, a family from kansas who came up for a shopping weekend and interestingly enough he's an army veteran who served in guantanamo. he said that he thinks that americans are tired of all of this. that it is as you say, a terror threat fatigue and they just want to get on with their lives. meanwhile, inside of the mall right now, it is that message of vigilance that secretary johnson talked about. the message boards inside of the mall telling people if they see something, say something. there is security visible, both from the minnesota police and mall security patrolling the mall. there are canine units sniffing at traffic -- at garbage cans.
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and while it is visible, it isn't overwhelming. it isn't sort of overbearing. and the shoppers do seem to be taking it in stride. joy. >> thanks very much. nbc's john yang. and events surrounding isis to report now. today newly installed secretary of defense ash carter is in kuwait meeting about how to defeat isis. this morning there was an interview with the parents of kayla mueller in which the parents questioned the policy against paying ransom. >> do you feel like our government did enough to help you -- help her? >> i think they wanted to. but i think it is the policy and don't think anyone had any idea this group would be as powerful as they were. we've let them get too powerful. they just thought of them as a gapg or thugs -- gang or thugs.
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>> the carter meeting and the mueller family comments come one day after the so-called islamic state released a new video showing isis training children or cubs as the terrorist group calls them. the full video shows children lining up in formation with an instructor referring to them as the next generation of isis fighters. chief global correspondent bill neely joins me from london. obviously a video showing children trained is disturbing enough. is there anything telling us about the terrorist group that we didn't already know bill? >> reporter: good afternoon, joy. another slick produced isis video, around nine minutes. showing children around nine or ten years old and they are being beingin doctrined and -- indoctrined and they are saying this is the next group of soldiers. it is a war crime to recruit
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young soldiers but that is not the crime that isis pays attention to. but it is their slick strategy of projecting their imanl across the arab and western world as well and this week british police are now searching in turkey for two 15-year-old girls and a 16-year-old girl missing since last tuesday. it is thought the girls have gone from the u.k. to join isis in syria. although we don't really know, because they haven't said. they also possibly are following another girl from the same school who went to syria to join isis in december. so it is not known if they are going to be jihadi brides as the phrase goes to or lure the girl back home. we don't know. the families who are distraught don't know and the police don't know either. meanwhile, as you say, in kuwait, ash carter is talking isis with around 30 top military
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and diplomatic commanders to try to work out, is the strategy working? is there a strategy or is this merely a series of tactics and will probably be talking about the purportive -- purportive attempt to retake mosul. so still very much in the news but their skill at social media is something that the diplomatic commanders cannot solve in one strategy meeting in kuwait. joy. >> thank you very much bill neely. and still ahead as we inch closer to the anniversary of the fact, we get a checkup on the signature law with the doctor who helped design it. but first the foot in mouth disease spreading across 2016 republican contenders. ♪ [piano background music begins] ♪ we are one, we are essentially the same regardless of where we come from. um, there are definitely things that are different about us culturally and everything else
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as i've said all along, i think the mayor should have used different words to express what he wanted to say. i didn't want to throw him under the bus. i know the media loves to see republicans attacking other republicans. the president loves america. he loves our country. there is no doubt about that. >> that was the louisiana governor bobby jindal just over an hour ago, fresh off the white house meeting of the national governor's association. this comes five days after rudy giuliani set the political world on fire with his incendiary remarks questioning the president's love for america. and he is being just as relevant as he was six days ago. and that said scott walker the man giuliani was fundraising for when he made the comments is now at the center of his own
11:17 am
commentary. after finding himself knee-deep in questions about the president's allegiances. he was asked if he thought the president was a christian. and his response of how could i know that. i'm not a scientist on climate change has landed him in deeper, hotter walker. his press office quickly clarified but if we are only a couple of months into 2015 and walker is already getting burned by reporters, how long can the presidential hopeful hang on to hope. angela rise from impact strategies and michael steel the former rnc chairman and nbc political analyst. and i'm going right to you, michael steel. >> why? >> because i love you. [ laughter ] >> and there is this pattern happening, it seems to me. and i'll throw this to both of you, where there is sort of a question that feels almost like a softball. is the president a christian? and it feels like the answer should be fairly simple.
11:18 am
but the answer gets muddled in our base politics. did scott walker walk into what should have been just an easy answer and mess it up or was he doing something that will help him? >> it is an easy answer but for a lot of folks it starts with why are you asking the question to begin with. it is not something that scott walker raised or something he himself, put on the table it. was in response to something someone else said that is not related to his campaign. and there is this feeling, justifiably so why are we having to answer for something giuliani said when the democrats don't answer for the crazy stuff that biden said. >> but hold on a second. giuliani made those comments while he was sitting two seats away at the scott walker fundraiser. that is why he's being asked the question. >> understood. you take that up with giuliani. i'm not responsible for everything that giuliani says. >> when he's in my presence.
11:19 am
and this is the question angie. if this is said in your presence, it is that john mccain moment when the woman says she's an arab. and scott walker was there. >> that is right. and i think this goes to a fundamental question in our politics right now. most americans don't understand why politics is so divided. you work with people every day, as common americans, that you don't get along with. where you are having debates at work but you never attack the person who you can't reach an agreement with. and so the question is as simple as, does the president have a wife named michelle obama? does the president have two daughters? does the first lady's mother live in the house? is the president a christian? how low can you go. this is not a game. these are real legitimate issues and so i think that people are starting with baseline questions for your party because they can't get baseline simple answers. >> and i agree with that. >> but i think the other piece
11:20 am
of it is the othering of barack obama that started during his run for president in 2007. it feels like an old game but it feels like one that there is a good reason for the republicans to keep playing and an undertone to it. >> i think there is a lot of truth to that. i won't disagree with. >> that and i did disagree with it when i was chairman. i wouldn't engage that way which ticked off people in the party. but at the end of the day it is the president's policies and the approach he's taking of solving the american people. that is the battleground where scott walker needs to play and he can play effective live because he is a governor. so he had to govern through the same crises that the president did. it is a simple answer. yes, he is a christian. let's move on. i don't know why you are asking this question. but let's move on. and there is the frustration that appear to be gotchas and
11:21 am
there is this other reaction. >> and do you believe in climate change but i don't think those are gaspa s a-- gotchas. and angie, giuliani he tried to put in an op ed and he tried to walk it back and said my blunt language was misunderstood and i didn't intend to question president obama's motives or the content of his heart. and then you have the scott walker coming out and saying of course he thinks he's a christian and this distracts from what he's doing as governor of wisconsin. are either of those effective retractions of what happened? >> no. let's start with giuliani's retraction. it is not really a retraction. it is this modification of a statement when your words are plain and simply just out there. so much so -- i know they played
11:22 am
bobby jindal but he was applaud applauding him not long ago for making these statements. they are a distraction but they gin up the republican base that aren't based on reality. that is unfortunate. scott walkers walk-back is more legitimate and it has far more traction. >> and you talked about your time as chair of the party and one of the goals was to get the republican party to be more palatable to people of color. and is this what your party is doing when this president is in office and how can you broaden the base when it does feel good to the bobby jindals and the scott walkers and the others to go after him. >> it is not. i think it is futile because the body of evidence stacked against the proposition is overwhelming. and so what the party has to do
11:23 am
is have its own internal come to jesus, do we want black folks to vote for us and do we see them as a viable constituency as they once were and until they have someone to stand up and have the rest of them get in line to follow the course of america and in our party that this is intrinsic to us, i don't see the viability. it is hard to go to a black audience and say legitimately we want you when everything we do says we don't. >> very well said michael steele, one you are the best and angela thank you both for being here. and now three things to know on this mond. big tobacco went head to head with the president. they no longer wish to pay for an ad in which they brand themselves at liars. it stems from a federal judge's order back in 2006 forcing
11:24 am
tobacco companies to admit that they lied for decades about the dangers of smoking. police in connecticut are investigating a bad batch of molly that sent ten students and university students and individuals to the hospital and they are asking anybody with information to step forward. and eric milton nowsch has been in court for the first time since killing the mother and he has not detailed a defense. he supposedly boasted about the shooting and told friends he emptied several clips from his semi-automatic handgun. and now he is charged with murder and attempted murder and other charges.
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today on social mediaer still buzzing about the oscars. and sending half a million tweets about lady gaga's sound of music medley and jan travolta got touchy feeling with scarlet johansen on the red carpet and chris kriel is trending after his wife attended the oscars in his memory. we'll have much more on the oscars coming up. sunday dinners at my house...
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now with the xfinity tv go app, you can watch live tv anytime. it's never been easier with so many networks all in one place. get live tv whenever you want. the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. welcome back to "the reid report." here is a look at the stories we're watching right now. moments ago, the president unveiled new regulations for financial advisers and said the rules are aimed at protecting consumers and their 401(k) from financial advisers that may have conflicts of interests. >> there are fine financial
11:32 am
advisers out there but there are those that receive back-door payments or hidden fees for steering people into bad retirement investments that have high fees and low returns. >> this is the second time the president is trying to get these new regulations. he tried unsuccessful in 2010. the justice department is asking a texas judge to grant an emergency stay in a ruling that put the president's immigration policy on hold. the d.o.j. wants the judge to act by wednesday evening and if he doesn't, lawmakers may seek relief from court of appeals. and nancy wright bol is headed back to liberia. they will leave from charlotte to continue the work. she is considered immune and her husband is part of a vaccine trial and is expected to be protected from the west africa ebola strain as well. and one of the top concerns
11:33 am
from the president and the governors is the affordable care act or known as obama care. the federal subsidies that help make it affordable. subsidies that could be ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court when it takes that up next month. on whether congress intended the subsidies to go to people on the federally run health exchanges would mean millions of people suddenly unable to afford health care in the 34 states that refuse to create their own aca exchanges and it is a prospect that has republican governors concerned. nicki haley told the washington post, quote, it is the topic of the day. i mean it is what all of the governors are talking about. you are going to hear the governors be very loud about this. and ezekiel emanual one of the architect of the affordable care act and author of the book
11:34 am
reinventing american health care and a msnbc contributor. thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> and the fact passed and we were told the world would end and as far as i know it is still standing. how is the aca standing. >> on how many people have gotten health insurance and better health insurance from substandard health insurance, the number is certainly 11.5 million have signed up through the exchanges and we have many more -- more than 10 million people through the medicaid expansion even though 22 states haven't commanded. we have kids up to 26 years old on their parents' program and the estimate yesterday was 20 million have benefited and the drop in hospital readmissions, less infections, very substantial. and then there is the cost control. we've had slowdown in health
11:35 am
care cost growth that is par spally -- partially adding to the boom in the economy, not completely. some of that is due to the aca. that is something we can debris for a-- we can debate for a while. it looks like a big winner from everyone's standpoint and no major collapses in the system. there are growing pains but that is natural when you change a $3 trillion part of the health economy. >> and one of the growing pains is this trenchant resistance to the affordable care act. 34 states refuse to set up their own exchanges and they are now being run by the federal government and that is what is at issue and jeopardizing up to 6 million people's federal subsidies if the conservative majority on the court rules this unconstitutional. and when this was set up and you were one of the architects was it believed there could be this
11:36 am
resistance to setting up exchanges and was it anticipated that the subsidies would apply to everyone? >> certainly it was anticipated that the subsidies would apply to everyone no matt who are ran the exchanges. the federal government is only stepping in because the states decided not to. and we anticipated some states wouldn't -- it takes a lot of skill to do it. you need the bureaucracy and people who have that kind of manage ability and some states didn't have the time and so we had a fall-back. we didn't anticipate the states would use as much of the fallback or withdraw the subsidies. that idea is put to rest by people who are on the house and senate side who wrote the bill and those of us who worked on it in the white house and no one thought this was a possibility until much much later when a few conservative legal scholars have decided they want to bring down the affordable care act. and remember there is no quick fix to this. if the supreme court said the
11:37 am
irs cannot give out the subsidies to people in states who don't have a state exchange there is to quick fix. because a budgetary -- the way the scoring is done the secret in washington of whether a bill saves or costs money, it would cost more than $350 billion to do this and you can't find that kind of money in the federal government given the situation we are in and so there is no quick fix. so if they decide that this isn't going to hold we will have a -- probably a # million people or 9 million people without insurance that otherwise would have had it. >> and would this collapse the affordable care act or do you anticipate the states would realize it wasn't a bad idea to have this federal subsidy money come in and the states will fight for it? >> the states will fight for it and there is no congressional fix for it and it would create huge havoc for the insurance industry because they have to cover people without pre-existing conditions --
11:38 am
>> indeed. >> and people would not have the subsidies. so you would have a major crisis i think, i on hands in this -- on our hands in this country, despite that rhetoric look like a walk in the park. >> thank you for clarifying it. we want to you come back because the actual anniversary is coming up. >> five years, march 23rd. >> thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. and now a quick programming note. don't forget jose diaz ball art is hosting a town hall with the president on wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc and on telemundo and send us the questions you have for the president using the #obama town hall and see if the president answers your question. and the academy meanwhile goes to social issues. after the break we'll discuss the big night at the oscars where diversity was the elephant in the theater and acceptance
11:39 am
speeches turned political. >> it is our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. [ applause ]
11:40 am
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(dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. welcome to the 87th oscars. tonight we honnon hollywood's -- honor hollywood's best and whitest -- sorry, best and brightest. >> that was kneel patrick harris kicking off the awards and taking on a criticism of the academy trending for weeks under the hash tag os war white. and one viewer not amused tweeting so nph joked about the lack of diversity at the oscars so white because it is all a joke. and while the class of nominees was 50 shades of pale there was
11:43 am
a effort to put as many black people on the screen as possible during the program. whether that was to the credit or the blame of neil patrick harris. but whether you thought about who won or lost or should have been on the stage. 2015 is remembers as a year when social issues were the star of the evening. here are just a few of the memorable moments. >> to every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation we have fought for everybody else's equal rights it is our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. [ applause ] >> this bridge was once a landmark of a divided nation and now it is a symbol for change. >> the struggle for freedom and justice where we live in the most incarcerated country in the world. >> when i was 16 years old, i
11:44 am
tried to kill myself because i felt weird and i felt different and i felt like i did not belong. stay weird and stay different and when it is your turn and you are standing on this stage, please pass the same message to the next person who comes along. >> the latest generation of immigrants in this country, i pray they can be treated with the same dignity and the respect of the ones that came before and built this incredible immigrant nation. thank you very much. >> and a star-studded award winning panel to discuss what some are calling a socially aware winning oscars. jackie is from the live and toure from the cycle and dave zirrot is here in the nation's capital. and i'm going to you first jackie reid because patricia arquette's speech did get tweets, like good speech about pay equality but no groundswell until we refuse to work for less and another person saying i want
11:45 am
equality but telling lbgt people they owe you is not the way to go about it. what do you make of that? >> this is who she is. she is definitely not pandering or posturing. the thing i love about her is she is authentic. she pulls out her glasses and something people wouldn't do. she had her messy hair and this is an authentic person who said i have people to thank but let me make this a moment and let me say something. i think she owned that moment and i think you saw meryl streep and j lo cheering because she owned that moment. >> and the idea dave there were a lot of women's -- women-sent rick moments s-- women sent rick moment and it generated buzz on social media
11:46 am
but it did feel like the amount of activism taking place was a false flag taking place of what were -- of what was happening was the least diverse of awards. >> it was profound justice, from black lives matter to a new kriefl rights movement to the fact that people are speaking out after the murders in chapel hill about islam ophobia and i don't think they are in a cube away from that and it is a continuation of people seeing same in sports and in turn and i want to say in this uncomfortable space and i'm sorry if this is rude or anything, but how disappointing i am at msnbc that this show is not going to be on the air. i think it is a horrible blow for people who love you and their show and look at you and
11:47 am
think, gee maybe i don't have to be a lying thug like bill o'reilly and be a kind person and achieve on basis. you'll be fine. but i weep for people who look to you for an example. >> i appreciate that. you are a true friend. >> sorry. >> that is okay. i'm going to segway back to toure. and it is your turn brother. i'm going to bring you up to the plate. but i want to talk about what dave began with which was the fact this has been a really socially conscious moment in the country. and it did seem very weirdly juxtaposed with an oscars that didn't have adversity but the one place african-americans want was for music and when you had john legend get up and get accolades and make the statements, how did you receive that was that a triumphant moments, or don't pay attention to what is happening and just look at this. >> i saw that as a triumphant
11:48 am
moment and when the room stood at one and you saw black and white and others crying and the importance of it it was triumphant for common and john for the whole room and the community. and the speech as you outlined was extraordinary, and a global struggle linking in folks in hong kong and paris and john talking about incarceration and voting rights and important stuff. but the reason why i don't think it was some false flag moment sometimes we've seen awards where something like say ferguson or trayvon happens and it doesn't have any personal interaction but i say why did i connect that and this year you have graeme moore talking about suicide and patricia arquette
11:49 am
and talking about immigration and these are issues personal to these folks and it felt like it mattered to them and it mattered to me to hear them speaking out on issues. >> and toure, i think it was a missed opportunity on part of the academy for the president to come out there who is an african-american woman and really not address the lack of diversity that exists in her organization. she has -- is denied again and again there is a problem. that would have been a night to address it. >> it is a really good point. and then you have this awkward moment dave when sean penn came out, known as a very liberal and activist person in hollywood and said that odd thing about who gave -- let's play it. >> and the oscar goes to -- who
11:50 am
gave this son of a [ bleep ] a green card. birdman. >> and after that he gave a beautiful acceptance speech. >> they have been friends for over a decade and he directed sean penn in i believe 21 grams. but the problem is you see this sometimes, sometimes white people are thinking they are too down for the moment. if i may say so. i'm sorry. it is one thing if he's having a beer with inarritu, but then he gets on national tv and makes a green card joke. no. no. you don't do that. >> we are out of time. but jackie i have to give you two seconds. joan rivers not being in the final montage of people we lost. >> she is an actress and had a
11:51 am
presence in hollywood and she should have been included. i think it was a big snub. >> indeed. jackie, david, toure, three fantastic contributors. and toure co-hosted the cycle and you will see that in moments because he has to run over to the studio and do that in minutes. and we will be right back. . hey! why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white, it's actually good for your teeth. introducing the new crest 3d white diamond strong collection. the toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel... you can whiten without the worry. your smile looks great! oh, thanks! crest 3d white. life opens up with a whiter smile.
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millions of people are dealing with some wicked winter weather today. winter storm alerts stretched 2,000 mile this is morning from california all the way to north carolina. texas is really feeling the brunt of the storm. snow and freezing rain and sleet made for a dangerous morning commute. more than 1,000 flights have been canceled at dallas-fort worth and 700 schools have been canceled. no kids are in school but how are things looking down there
11:55 am
otherwise otherwise? >> not a lot of sleds here. because they are not used to the extended winter weather. and take a look behind me you can see behind me car and trucks at a very slow go right now. it has been that way throughout the day. they are trying to treat the roads as best they can and the ice won't go away and the temperature will drop and it is a problem we see up north and we talked about that and here in the southwest and areas of the deep south where they are struggling to find the resources to deal with these types of conditions. now, look it is not over with by a long shot. it stopped sleeting for now thankfully, joy. but we are going to see more sleet. there is the possibility of snow tonight. the temperatures going to stay low. so these problems will linger for the next couple of days here. back to you. >> nbc's jay gray thank you very much. and that does wrap things up for "the reid report" today. i'll see you back here tomorrow in new york at 2:00 p.m. eastern. "the cycle" is next.
11:56 am
did toure make it back to his chair. >> just made it. >> barely made it. >> it is a long way. >> krystal found her way back into her chair as a big day "the cycle." >> i couldn't escape or runway that fast. >> the four of us are back in action. a big day. we're going to talk isis. and the gop 2016 with my dad who will sit with us for two of the segments and talk about the oscars. so much to debate. >> what? >> it did win. >> that is cheating. that is a great booking there. but i think you might have used a family connection there. >> all right, joy. >> "the cycle" is up next. i started with a test run. then i got a solid night's rest in a great room. and before i hit the road, i hit the breakfast bar where i got my fuel for the next 26 miles. great endings begin here.
11:57 am
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bounty is 2x more absorbent so one roll lasts longer. bounty. the long lasting picker upper a deadly rivalry between terror groups takes aim at an american city.
12:00 pm
good afternoon, i'm abby huntsman. as we come on the air today, not to be outdone by isis for head lines, al shabab is calling for attacks on the mall of america. it came in a video from this man with a british sounding accent calling for supporters to carry out attacks in america and british colombia and london. it is home to the largest somali american population and a hotbed for recruitment. many have been known to join al shabab and others isis. al shabab has been on the terror list since 2008 and believed to be behind the attack on the u.s. embassy in kenya. 67 people were killed. a month later navy s.e.a.l. team six


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