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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  February 23, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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once again predict the oscars. >> did keaton win last night? >> he did for best picture. that does it for "the cycle." have a great day. "now" starts right now. calls to attack u.s. targets as homeland security funds run out. it's monday, february 23rd and this is "now." >> we can't afford to play politics with our national security. >> there is heightened security now at the nation's busiest mall. >> terror group al shabaab released a video encouraging people to attack malls. people need to be on their toes. >> this is not the time to have a fight over dhs funding. >> more than 10,000 employees
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will show up to work without getting paid. >> it is the department that is charged with keeping us safe from an increasingly dangerous world. >> 50% of americans will blame the republicans if the department shuts down. >> if congress wants to have a debate about immigration, the president and i welcome that debate but don't tie that debate to the funding of the men and women standing behind me. >> two days after the militant group al shabaab called for attacks on u.s. malls, including the mall of america outside minneapolis, the department of homeland security today says it is unaware of any specific credible plot against the mall or any other shopping center inside the u.s. this latest threat comes just days before the agency responsible for keeping the country safe from these kinds of attacks, the department of homeland security runs out of funding. both homeland security chief jay
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johnson and the president urged the congress to pass a funding bill. >> unless congress act, one week from now more than 100,000 dhs employees will show up to work without getting paid. as governors, you know we can't afford to play politics with our national security. >> the clock is ticking. a shutdown of homeland security would have serious consequences and amount to a serious disruption in our ability to protect the homeland. this is no way to run a government. >> if congress does not pass a spending bill before friday, 30,000 people will be furloughed. the remaining 200,000 would continue to work but without pay. the reason for all this homeland security shutdown talk house republicans refuse to pass a clean funding bill for the agency. instead they want a bill that
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defunds president obama's executive actions. joining me now is the eweurasia group and another guest. do you think that there's going to be a shut down of the department of homeland security? >> no. but i don't think there's going to be full funding of it for the rest of the fiscal year either. i think congress will find some way to extend this continuing resolution for a month or two. that is not really an adequate program for keeping the mall of america and all these soft targets in the united states safe. i think jay johnson, the homeland secretary, has that right. i want to say one other thing and that is the immigration issue is one where people can disagree. i'm all for that but it is
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moving through the courts. the executive order that the president issued the recent one that's so controversial, has been struck down or at least an injunction issued against it in a lower court. i suggest to those who are strongly against the president's so-called abusive authority that they focus on court action and let congress do its work protecting america. >> the shutdown over dhs has no tangible effect on the president's actions whereas the court stay actually does. ian, in terms of the threat and the news that the mall of america may have been at some point a target or just the fact that al shabaab is calling for more domestic terror inside the united states, how seriously do you take those attacks in terms of feasibility? the attack in nairobi was a very coordinated, strategic attack.
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to assume a lone wolf would be capable of carrying that out would seem implausible. >> it would seem implausible. what's being played politics with the well-being of the families that are working for homeland security who won't receive their cash. it is not as if the u.s. will be vulnerable because that's going to happen. >> obviously morale is one thing. you want people happy when they are tasked with protecting the country. but in terms of dealing with threats, you don't see a tang kt blt to that? >> it is not an ideal solution. when i think about al shabaab
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itself they have been very active in the root of africa. kenya has been their primary enemy. what we do know is the ability of americans to respond in a very significant way when you have two americans being decapitated or when you have one american with ebola showing up on u.s. shores we are particularly vulnerable to overreaction when an american is involved. when we all talk about it on the media. that's precisely what's happening with the mall of america. jay jay johnson, secretary of homeland security is responsible for making sure we are safe. >> al shabaab is unlikely to
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mount an attack on a mall in america. this call to attack malls is an incite to violence by homegrown terrorists who aren't capable of a multiple shooter event, but are capable of picking a mall with less protection than the mall of america and shooting a bunch of folks. that's not the economic devastation that some might conjure up, but it is still pretty unfortunate and we need these homeland folks at the top of their game thinking around corners to be sure that everything can be done is done to keep our soft targets from being attacked. >> yeah. ian to that point, it is a difficult -- you saw the polling numbers. if dhs does run out of funds on friday, the republicans are going to shoulder more blame against this backdrop, regardless of whether there's a
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connection between a more vulnerable homeland. it is bad optics for the republicans to be doing this. >> it is much easier to be in a place of criticism than it is in a position of leadership. the republicans are finding that now that they run the house and senate. obama has been finding that as being president of the largest country in the world. i'm not surprised the republicans are more unpopular than obama is right now. >> we have news today that three teenage girls left the u.k. and may be on their way to syria. french authorities stopped six citizens from traveling to syria today. one of the families spoke out. i want to play a little bit of sound. let's hear what she had to say. >> nobody in this world can love her more than we do because she's our baby.
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sorry. we just want her home. we want the girls to be safe. we want all three of them to be safe. we want all three of them to come home. >> beyond the heartbreak it is so confusing to a lot of the men and women of the west to see these three girls, they are so young, they are straight "a" students from their representspective communities, it upends the profile of a foreign fighter, especially given the reports we have about the brutality, the victimization of women in areas where isis has taken control. when you heard about this, this phenomenon what was your initial thought about why these
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girls would want to go over there? >> it is a mother's nightmare and i am one. i have four kids. this kind of recruitment has happened in other places, including minneapolis, minnesota, pretty near the mall of america. there is a large somali population there. we the united states artfully figured out how to build trust with the somali community and to go into the afterschool places that these kids were recruited from. the recruitment has gone down. britain has to find this today. one of obama's successful efforts is the speech he gave last week at the seminar here. a lot of attention has been focused on whether these islamists or islamic terrorists or whatever their name is but what was much more interesting is what we had to say about the narrative and the need for a counternarrative to push back in
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the spaces where these kids receive information. speaking on behalf of older people our messages are boring. alex you better listen up and not be boring on this tv show. >> i'm doing my best. "dissent magazine" profiles why some women have gone to join isis. there is a school if you will that isis runs for female recruits. the school's mission statement appeals to girls who are, quote, interested in explosive belt and suicide bombing more than a white dress or a castle. they want to be strong soldiers in the revolution. >> why wouldn't they? it's heartbreaking, but we are lionizing the fact that women are in the front lines fighting for the kurds against isis. we've been very proud of the fact that the uae has women that were doing the first bombing raids against them.
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women don't just belong at home and it is not surprising that every single type of job available out there, including some of the most heinous, are going to find their way in these households. frankly, we're talking about the terrorist organization which has had most money, most capability most savvy in social media marketing. >> there are picture of isis child soldiers that are being recruited. if you were a western woman going to fight for isis, isis has a very medieval idea about the sexes, equality about the selling off of young girls into sexual slavery. it is still shocking to me that 16-year-old girls would find that attractive. >> but that's not the message they're receiving. you're going to be a sex slave in you sign up.
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they're receiving you're going to be a warrior and a martyr. i totally agree with every single word that ian just said about girls wanting to step up and be in this situation. as the mother of two former teenage girls, i needed to be medicated for about five years. >> god bless you, jane. >> they are vulnerable and very romantic. and these messages are being tailored to the audience that they're reaching, and we need a much better effort to get the counter messages out in the same space. we need parents to know what to look for and what to do. if they trust local law enforcement and report that there's suspicious activity we have the best chance to get ahead of this. some cop is not going to see this first. some mother is. >> that is well, well said. thank you for your time and your
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thoughts. after the break, just days after governor scott walker said he didn't know if president obama is a christian or loves america, scott walker showed up for lunch at the white house. that was not nearly as awkward as what governor bobby jindal said he got there. was the oscars quote, full of conservative hatred? donald trump thinks so. all of that ahead on "now." introducing the citi® double cash card. it's a cash back win-win. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on puchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. ♪ okay, you ready to go? i gotta go dad! okay! let's go
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just hours ago, president obama sat down with the very
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people who hope to succeed him as commander and chief. not hillary clinton and joe biden, but bobby jindal and scott walker who were in town for the annual meeting of the nation's governors. >> i'm in the fourth quarter of my presidency, or as some of you might call it for the kick off for your campaign season but i think there's still a lot that we can get done together. >> on the heels of former mayor rudy giuliani's questions about whether obama loves america or not, both governors were asked about this this weekend. how could i say if i know either of you are a christian? maybe governor walker had that conversation today. walker spokesman clarified, of course the governor thinks the
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president is a christian. he thinks these kinds of gotcha questions distract. not to be outdone by his mid midwestern counterpart, governor bobby jindal had this to say. >> there are many of us that are very concerned about the president's unwillingness to call out radical islamic terrorism. he will not only identify this threat, but take the steps that are necessary to defeat this threat. >> joining me now is sam stein and senior writer for politico magazine, glen thrush. how do you think this strategy is working out for him? >> it's terrific right? he's at the head of the pack right now. the fundraising numbers are astronomical.
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>> huge, through the roof. he's the shoe-in. >> jenindal, as obama is making a joke he's trying as hard as he could not to crack a smile, because god forbid you should be seen as enjoying yourself in the presence of the president. >> scowling inging over his piece of fish. sam, to the feeding frenzy around the president's patriotism jindal is going a step further talking about how he has disqualifyiedyied himself from the office of commander and chief. who do you think scott walker is concerned about in all of this? >> i don't know. i understand where scott walker is coming from. these are inherently gotcha questions, but it is very simple
1:21 pm
to answer. >> isn't a gotcha question hard to answer? >> there's harder gotcha questions than others but this one was pretty easy though. marco rubio showed how easy it is to do it. scott walker has turned this around in his benefit. he's fundraising off of his answer and mainly the attacks the media have made for refusing to answer this. there's a sense of degrievement that republicans have that conservatives have over the way the media treats them. maybe that was the audience that scott walker was catering to do when he did all this. >> glen, "the times" report is that walker is making a hard turn to the right to woo christians. i'm the standup governor who can
1:22 pm
make the tough calls, a fiscal conservative but now needs to weigh in on social issues. maybe that answer was to placate the base? >> it is my belief they like people like mike huckabee. when you're accusing that well known junk yard dog dan balls, everyone knows he has left a trail of tears from iowa to new hampshire. you don't have a grasp on this game. i totally agree with sam about the notion of the fundraising, but it seems to me in the last couple of weeks that walker has shown he doesn't really get this game yet. >> joe scarborough writes about unforced errors to glen's point
1:23 pm
and makes the hash tag real talk that this argument is about winning. joe goes on to say griping about the liberal media is not a winning strategy. >> yeah, i agree with that. like i said, this was unforced in some respects. he didn't have to have this two-day long conversation had he just more carefully chosen the cannes answers to his questions. back in wisconsin and iowa, there are other things they are talking about. a right to work bill could make it to scott walker's desk. that will have a larger political and policy consequence than what we're debating about right now in terms of debating
1:24 pm
whether or not obama is a christian. donors will look and say maybe he can't handle the rigors of a campaign. they're going to take this stuff and the union stuff. that's >> glen, i would be remiss if it did not bring rudy giuliani's -- i'm not going to call it a may ya -- mea culpa, but a pushback. he seems to say he spoke inartfully but then doubles down. his inability to emphasize what is right with america can hamstring our success as a nation. this is particularly true when a president is seen as president obama is as criticizing his country more than other presidents have done regardless
1:25 pm
of their political affiliation. seen by whom? this man bookends every speech talking about american exceptionalism. >> it is odd. i covered rudy giuliani in new york. we have seen these outbursts before. there are nothing of this extremity. giuliani has been making this report since 2004. there's really something about obama that gets under giuliani's skin, and i think the republicans were really fortunate in so far as it wasn't one their candidates who made this statement. it was somebody outside the fold. i think giuliani has defined the outer edge of how far people are going to be willing to go here. >> he party crashed the event that set this all in motion. sam stein and that old junk yard dog, always good to see you guys. coming up texas showdown.
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one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ ♪ today the obama administration took steps to block a judge's ruling in texas that prevents the state from moveing ahead with the latest immigration orders. the doj also notified the judge that it plans to formally appeal his ruling to the next highest court. if the stay is granted, the government can begin taking applications from immigrants seeking to avoid deportation as early as this week. immigration rights groups have been calling for the stay in
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homes of putting the president's directives in place as soon as possible. just ahead, hollywood's brightest stars made bold statements last night on the industry's biggest stage. by bold we do not mean creepy john travolta. like, literally ran into him. [rambling]. this story had 30 minutes left... until kim realized that stouffer's
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jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen
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to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. even though we sort of feel like we have equal rights in america, right under the surface there are huge issues that are at play that really do affect women and it's time for all the women in america and all the men that love women and all the gay people and all the people of color that we have all fought for to fight for us now. >> it was best supporting actress patricia arquette who got the ball rolling in what
1:34 pm
turned out to be a pretty political and surprisingly relevant oscars. >> we wrote this song for a film that was based on events 50 years ago, but we say selma is now because the struggle for justice is right now. >> this latest generation of immigrants in this country, i just hope and i pray they are treated with the respect of this great nation. >> not everybody was happy about it. >> there was a lot of conservative hatred there, there's no question about that. it was a great night for mexico, as usual. the whole thing was ridiculous. this guy kept getting up and up and up. what's he doing? he's walking away with all the gold.
1:35 pm
>> some of the ranters and ravers themselves felt like it was a moral obligation. >> using this platform, i feel that much is given, much is required. i feel it is our duty. i don't hold any other artists accountable accountable, but if you feel it is your duty, do it. >> joining me now my guests. in terms of the political subtext of the oscars it was maybe the text of the oscars. the issue oriented injections didn't feel like highlights but the principle text of the show. that's not necessarily a bad thing. what did you make of it? >> i think it is a great
1:36 pm
observation and i guess i would agree with it. there were not a lot of surprise winners. these folks had won major awards in other competitions leading up to the oscars. most of those who came away with the big awards they pretty much knew they were going to come away with a big win. we had some about the civil rights struggle. these were actors in films about social messages. >> there's the question more broadly about whether hollywood talking about social injustice helps or hurts the broader erer cause of social justice. here is hollywood telling the rest of america how america should be. does this put people further into their corners?
1:37 pm
>> well actually everything i have seen about how people make decisions about politics says that people are usually pretty decided on stuff. it's not going to push them off the fence one way or the another. they're already feeling one way or another. if you already feel sympathy for someone that is getting up there, one of the actors that's getting up there and you say this thing, you might feel more animated or more energized to do something about the issue that's at hand. i don't think there was anyone on the fence about wage equality and suddenly they decided to be an activist. there are problems with successful people like patricia arquette being the face of feminism, when there are other people out there who might be a more accurate representation of
1:38 pm
wage inequality. i think it can make a difference to be visible in these opinions. when it starts to be the norm that you are accepting of gays and lesbians and transgender people or equal wages or mass incarceration in this country, which is a subject that john legend brought up, which i have never seen anyone talk about on a stage as big as that before i think we can count it as a win. those of us who tend to agree. >> eric to the incarceration issue, that touches on a broader more contentious issue in hollywood, which, of course is race. tonight we honor the best and the whitest, i mean brightest. obviously, that was a joke. but in terms of hollywood getting better or worse on the subject of diversity, how do you grade it at this moment in time when there were so few people of color nominated?
1:39 pm
last year "12 years a slave" was best picture. >> i think hollywood got a little complacent about diversity because last year there were so many people of color that were big nominees both in terms of directing and in terms of performing. this year there weren't that many films featuring people of color that were worthy of oscar attention. so there were no people of color in the acting categories and that left the people who were organized the telecast kind of in a bind. there was all of this really sort of aggressive and critical commentary about that leading up to the oscars and there was a story in "the new york times" that if black people get the sense that black people aren't going to be honored at the oscars that brings down viewership. they did 36 million viewers.
1:40 pm
that's the least amount of vie viewers they have had since 2009. a lot of colored people didn't watch the show because they thought it might not be diverse. they did make an effort to get people of color involved in the broadcast. we saw a mexican director win some really important categories for the second year in a row. that's also very important. >> there's a question about how much viewers were turned off by the lack of diverse nominations. there's also the fact that the movies that were at the top of the list did not have huge box office numbers. that has prompted a broader re-examinere reexaming of movies like "american sniper." should it be taken more seriously? should the oscars reward success
1:41 pm
in a more tangible concrete fashion? >> i tend to think money is a pretty good reward for success, myself. >> critically, if a movie has enter the national consciousness, it's obviously striking a chord with people. is hollywood too snobby in its picks? >> i think that there's a tendency for hollywood to love hollywood. we saw that in all the awards that "birdman" got. on that particular question i think success really is its own reward in a lot of ways. we are having a conversation about "american sniper" that is a great conversation to be had. i don't know if that conversation would benefit by having it had win some awards but bradley cooper was amazing. i think in some ways what we do with the oscars or what hollywood does with the oscars is try to honor things that
1:42 pm
otherwise may not get the kind of attention that they deserve. i'm not really on the we got to have the american people weigh in on this. i think there's a place in the world for the movie industry to vote on its own. if you want those -- i think there's something called the people's choice awards. >> yes, there are. yes, there are. that gold statuette goes to the underdog. maybe. i see what you're saying. thank you guys both for your time. >> thank you. coming up a climate change researcher who denies human influence on global warming had over 1 million reasons to be influenced by the fossil fuel industry. that's just ahead. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way!
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as far as potential first spouses go the mexican born wife of jeb bush is a pretty far cry from bill clinton. bush cherishes quiet lunches by herself at no frills restaurants or painting in the studio of a friend. as bush supporter put it i have never heard her discuss the mechanics of politics. but in a party struggling to broaden its appeal to minority
1:50 pm
commune communities, the prospect of her being the first la tinaeelatina first lady could be enticeing. joining me now are my guests. let me start with you first, maria teresa. how much of an asset or liability do you think she could be? >> i think she could be an incredible asset. greg abbott, his wife was latina and she spent a lot of time on the border cultivating the latino vote.
1:51 pm
she has a bicultural home. she can talk to that a lot to the latino community. i think she is going to be a quiet asset because she doesn't have to talk about policy but point to her family. >> she made headlines. some folks says she has been reluctant to have her husband reenter the political fray. how much an issue do you think that stuff will be the personal stuff, should jeb enter the race in 2016? >> in texas, the first lady or the presumptive first lady or the current first lady did a lot of campaigning. i don't see coalimonylomba bush doing a lot of campaigning.
1:52 pm
rich people live well. that's not breaking news. bush has outreached the hispanic community similar to the marco rubio's on the republican side. he speaks spanish, and he has views on immigration reform that generally many latinos favor. how he campaigns and how the campaign campaigns makes a big difference. not sure about first ladies. even vice presidential candidates, we're not sure what effect they have on a ticket. >> we just showed a full screen of her spending habits. in 1999, 19,000 in clothes and jewelry aboard. in 1995 she spent $90,000 at a
1:53 pm
jewelry store. during the gingrich era, there was a lot of scrutiny about the money they spent and the debt they had gone in toto to buy jewels. >> i have to give credit to "the washington post." this is new. i think it is about $90,000 she has spent over a decade or so. what you said about newt gingrich is very important. the bush's net wealth then was about $2 billion. they were wealthy people buying stuff that wealthy people buy. it's more than the immediate income of many americans or many floridians, this total gross
1:54 pm
amount, but nevertheless it's not that much of a shock that rich people buy things like jewels. it is a little difficult for jeb bush to be out there talking about poverty, the 1% income disparities, when you have some of these big spending reports that break in the news media. >> to that end, jeb bush has been trying to talk more about poverty, about income inequality, he's been talking about his own trials and tribulations. pampers cost $1 a diaper. i didn't make enough money at the time to provide for that when he was working in inventory zwal -- venezuela. barbara bush was very understated. she made sure everybody knew that her pearls were fake not real. they do have a sensibility of
1:55 pm
how to connect with everyday people. is that going to be able to translate when they say i spent $10,000 on a rolex? that's half a person's salary yearly. his father his brother, they've been able to connect with the average joe drinking a beer. i don't think that's going to be their problem. their problem is are they going to address the policy issues that americans care about. immigration, small business going down the line. i don't think the fact that they come from money is what makes it difficult for the american people to identify of them. >> i want to know why everybody in the bush family is painting pictures of their pets. look at this. that is not barney obviously. they love painting. thank you guys both for your
1:56 pm
time and thoughts. coming up we will introduce you to a leading climate change denier who just happens to have an extremely lucrative relationship with the fossil fuel industry. that's next. everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. [announcer] if your dog can dream it purina pro plan can help him achieve it. ♪ driving rock/metal♪ music stops ♪music resumes♪ music stops ♪music resumes♪ [announcer] purina pro plan's bioavailable formulas deliver optimal nutrient absorption.
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97% of the world's scientists agree that climate change is a manmade phenomenon. but if 97% of those scientists are on the same page who are the 3% that are and why? a scientist whose name has been invoked by years looking to block environmental legislation. it turns out that guy has accepted more than million dollars from the fossil fuel industry over the past ten years. a fact that he failed to disclose in almost a dozen papers he published on climate
2:00 pm
science. he has received 230,000 from the coke charitable foundation. that's all for "now." good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show," live from new york. let's get to work. tonight extremists put american malls on high alert. >> threats of violence at major shopping organizations from the terror group in africa. >> terrorists like al shabaab look for soft targets. >> we're in a new phase of global terrorist threat right now. five years after the spill, the legal battle for restitution wages on. >> the review process has become an overkill of what it was


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