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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  February 24, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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114 times less deadly than alcohol. to those marijuana enthusiasts rejoicing today, there's more good news. krispy kreme is giving away free donuts at locations nationwide. good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show," live from new york. let's get to work. tonight, tpp fast track could face roadblocks in congress. >> i'm asking both parties to give me trade promotion authority. >> what's tpp? >> bad trade agreements are one of the reasons why the american middle class is disappearing. >> this is our moment to stop fast track and the outsourcing of millions of more jobs in this country. keystone isn't the only
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controversial issue on the map. >> it could waive my development rights. they're taking away my farming rights. >> we will be refining the route. >> we don't need more pipelines. we need to figure out another way to live. plus the search for life on another planet continues while a science great has a dire warning about our own. >> can there be life elsewhere? >> an ocean that exists beneath the icy shelf of jupiter's moon europa. good to have you with us tonight, folks. moments ago president obama vetoed the keystone xl pipeline bill. the president releasing a statement moments ago saying that because of the act of congress conflicts with
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established executive branch procedures and cuts short thorough consideration of issues, it has earned my veto. this is a huge win, no doubt about it for nebraska landowners that still have imminent domain issues. keystone recently passed both houses of congress with bipartisan support. john boehner and mitch mcconnell aren't happy with the president. they say the allure of appeasing environmental extremists may be too powerful for the president to ignore but the president is mistaken if he thinks thell end this fight. far from it. we're just getting started. whatever that means. after the president's veto mitch mcconnell said the senate will consider a veto override on march 3rd. on january 29th, the senate was five votes shy of the 67 votes
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needed for an override. even if the overrides this veto you can't build it because of imminent domain issues in nebraska so what is going to happen? let's back up a little bit. first of all, this is a serious statement by the president of the united states that he is definitely serious and concerned about climate change and willing to do something about it. secondly, and i'm sure i'll be corrected on this if i'm wrong, but it sure feels this way that this is the first president in a long time that has lived up to what he has told the native americans, that he was aware of their concerns and that he would listen to them. this is a big message to the country tonight, despite the polling and despite what the house and senate does. the president is certainly committed to climate change and the jury is still out for the rightslandowners in nebraska. get your cell phones out.
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does president obama's veto prove that he is serious on climate change? text "a" for yes. text "b" for no. now let's turn to jane cleb. she joins us by phone tonight. your thoughts on this? the president did what he said he was going to do. >> the president stood up to the republican party. representative boehner and mitch mcconnell call us extremists and anarchists last week. they've been growing food for americans for deckadesdecades. all the republicans can do is call us names rather than get to the values of the party. >> what is transcanada going to do now? tell us about that.
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>> transcanada, even though a local judge has told transcanada they cannot use imminent doemain until this case goes back to the nebraska supreme court even with that ruling transcanada is still knocking on the doors of landowners, harassing them, offering them three times the amount of money that they originally offered. there are 100 landowners in nebraska that will not sign their land over to transcanada. >> what about the veto override? it still can't be constructed until these issues play out, correct? >> yeah. i mean even if they pulled some unicorn move in the house and senate and got enough votes to override the veto the reality is this pipeline will never be built. there's this huge legal issue about the pipeline route and
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imminent domain rights. there's an ongoing fight in south dakota. this pipeline would never get built, even if they got a permit today. >> your reaction to john boehner and mitch mcconnell saying they're going to keep on fighting? what does that mean? >> they have already started some parliamentary procedures minutes after the president vetoed the bill. are they going to try to essentially hold the override veto vote so they can continue? this is great for the republican base and the coke donors. we'll be there every step of the way and we'll continue to fight. >> nargegsthanks for your time tonight. there's news on the transpacific partnership. the house will vote on fast track authority for the president next week.
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if the bill passes congress, it would free the way for the president to finalize the tpp. it means the deal could be done in almost no time. the deal could be weeks away. if fast track is granted by congress, it would be bad for workers, bad for the economy across the board. the president knows labor leaders and unions are against the deal. he says he needs to convince the american people that tpp is a good thing. >> those experiences that arose over the last 20 years, those aren't easily forgotten and the burden of proof is on us to be very transparent andics explicit. >> the president has not delivered. the white house has been silent on tpp. the president thinks he's too far around the road now to change his position on tpp.
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nancy pelosi says the burden is on the white house to convince americans this is good for paychecks. if they split away from the president, defeating fast track is a real possibility. then you have the republicans. a lot of republicans are against the tpp for sovereignty issues. roughly 20 house member republicans are against the tpp because they actually think that it is bad for the country and it is. roughly 40 house members are against the tpp just because the president of the united states wants the authority and they don't want to give it to him. 218 votes are required to pass fast track. according to reuters, their analysis shows 195 members have strong or moderate backing for the trade deals. fast track is 23 votes shy at this moment for passage in the house. the opposition crosses party lines, which is strange in itself. this really needs to get to the
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president's desk from the standpoint, the message, that this is not good for american jobs. this is greasing the skids for outsourcing, which we do not need. good to have you with us tonight. >> it's a pleasure. >> what do you make of the number the analysis that's out there about where people are in congress on this? does this really ride on the shoulders of the congressional black caucus as this is unfolding? >> i think the congressional black caucus is one element, but also every member of congress has lived through these trade agreements going all the way back to nafta and the presidents come and go. those who bear the results of the outsourcing of jobs in their communities -- this has been felt coast to coast. america has racked up a loss of
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47,500,000 jobs. we have had $9.5 trillion in trade deficit. that means more imports going in here than exports. the average american has paid heavily. >> there are really no good track records here on our trading history. so why do you think the president is off base on this? >> i think that the president's advisers are misleading him, and the president is a lawyer so he represents the legal process. but you see the agreement is not able to be read by any member. we have to go into a room. they give us a little piece of it, but it isn't even the whole section. these deals are so important. they are like treaties. they should not be brought up under fast track, which means congress can't really demand or
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examine or understand the full implications of this. the president has a few other things on his plate. the outsourcers gain ascendency in this process. service jobs call centers, all kinds of operations have been outsourced to other countries. why can't we have trade deals that create jobs in the united states of america and open the closed markets of the world.? >> would this hurt ohio? >> there hasn't been a trade deal that has helped ohio. they have all taken jobs away from us. remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts with on
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land anymore. i can't plant trees here. they're thwarting my development rights all for the cost of one year's property taxes. >> we've been working for years on this approval. >> this is a temporary solution for energy and we need to live thinking about future generations and not immediately 50 jobs somewhere here or there. >> sound familiar? the regulatory process for the constitution pipeline is almost seven years old. it will transport national gas from the marcellus shale fields. the pipeline would create over 1,000 construction jobs and yield millions in local taxes. they claim it will provide enough gas to power about 3 million homes in the new york and boston areas at lower rates.
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opponents of the project say that it would cause irreversible ecological damage and leave property vulnerable to plants and insects. of the hundreds of landowners 85% have accepted payments in exchange for land easements. we have heard the story before. now it's time to speak up. the public comment period on the constitution construction has been extended until this friday february 27th. joining me tonight is robert f. kennedy jr., founder and president of the water keeper aliea alliance. mr. kennedy, glad to have you. where's the risk? >> there's an environmental issue, and i think there's
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almost a larger issue now of our democracy about the growing power of the oil industry to influence our democracy. and some of those people that you showed in the clip were people who were landowners who woke up one day and found oil industry people on their property saying we're going to put a pipeline through your property, we're going to get it using imminent domain, and you have nothing to say about it. there's a permit that transfers the federal authority, this sacred authority of imminent domain, to a private company to make money for themselves. this is not about something that's going to benefit the american public. the terminus of this gas pipeline is new york. they say they are going to ship
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this gas in new england, but all of the gas pipelines that leave new york and goes towards new england are restrained. this company is building this pipeline so they can ship gas to nova scotia and then ship it to europe and asia. >> residents of new york and boston are not going to see lower rates on natural gas because of this pipeline? >> no. there's no way that's going to happen. what this pipeline is about is about enriching a few billionaires by impoverishing the people of new york state and the bullying that we have seen go along with this and the corruption -- ferk is a rogue agency. it is a classic captive agency. it issued this permit illegally. the clean water act says ferk
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has no authority to issue a certificate of public convenience and necessity, which gives the local oil company and the pipeline company imminent domain. they can't do that until the state of new york issues a water quality certification that says the 289 water bodies the rivers streams, and lakes that this pipeline is going to cross will not be permanently harmed by the pipeline. the state has not issued that and the public comment period is still going on for that. any imminent domain permit is illegal, but ferk issued that anyway. we don't want that pipeline going through our house, through our kitchen, near our backyard where our children play or through our farm fields or whatever. we don't want it and yet the
2:21 pm
company goes on and says we don't care what you want. >> what about the tax dollars that they keep referring to and how the local governments and entities are going to be benefitting from this? >> again, it's a short-term benefit, ed. it is a very very short-term benefit. we live in a democracy. the localities ought to have a choice and local americans. the right to private property you know as thomas jefferson said it is the basis of american democracy. you can't give private companies who are going to do no public benefit for the people -- >> do you think you can stop this pipeline based on that? do you think imminent domain is going to overpower these land ore landowners?
2:22 pm
>> we are hoping that it won't. we're using the courts. we're challenging the decisions. we're challenging the decision of the federal court to allow imminent domain to go forward and ferk to simply hand over its authority to an oil company, to an oil and gas company, to steal people's private property rights. >> okay. robert kennedy jr., great to have you with us tonight. i appreciate it so much. we'll continue to follow the story. it's one that hasn't gotten a whole lot of national attention, but judging from the pictures that you just showed it looks like the people are clearly engaged in this and we will follow it. the latest out of california after the passenger train derailed this morning injuries dozens. later, it is a big day for two midwest power players with eyes for the white house. next your questions.
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and we are back. we're following the breaking news in california where a train has derailed in ox nard california, 80 miles outside of los angeles. police say a vehicle carrying a trailer hit a metro train bound for los angeles. dozens are hurt. the national transportation safety board is sending a team to investigate the accident. >> chris christie outlined his 2016 budget proposal and what he hopes will be the answer to new jersey's fiscal woes. the governor announced an accord has been reached and that is the teachers union. the new jersey education association. christie also promised his administration will contribute
2:27 pm
$1.3 billion to the pension system. that's nearly double the current year's contribution but still far below what the law requires. a new jersey judge ruled monday that the full contribution should be more than $3 billion. must be made and an additional $1.57 billion must be paid into the current budget. christie lots of gravitas and a lot of arrogance. i wonder if he thought the state would be where it is today when he took over six years ago. chicago voters are racing to the polls to elect the mayor, whoever it is going to be. rahm emanuel is hoping for re-election. a runoff is possible if he falls short of the
2:28 pm
short. president obama's health care law has drastically reduced the number of uninsured americans. the gallop healthways index found that the number of adults without health insurance dropped to its lowest level in seven years and the trend is likely to continue as 55% of those polled say they plan to get coverage to avoid paying tax penalties. we love hearing from viewers. first question do you think republicans will shut down the funding of homeland security so the president can't act on immigration? no, i don't. i think that there's going to be a clean bill and i think the republicans will find a way to fight immigration, for instance this time in the courts down in texas, but they have other fish to fry. been a lot of talk back and forth, but believe me there's going to be a clean bill and i think that mcconnell said something to that nature today.
2:29 pm
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. i do want the country as much as i can in a humble way to
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tell people about what's happened in ohio and what's happened in ohio has been incredibly good. >> it sure as thanks to the automobile loan program. welcome back to "the ed show." in tonight's state of the state address, the governor plans to flaunt ohio's recovery as his own triumph. over the weekend, he gave a preview to his speech. >> what works for us in ohio we are running surpluses of 2 billion. we are structural balanced. i have cut the taxes by the largest tax cut in our history. that's kind of conservativism. >> it left out president obama's automobile loan program and the government funded rescue gave ohio's recovery a great jump start. governor kasich received criticism from republicans.
2:34 pm
make no mistake, he's a conservative as much as they come. his deep tax cuts left ohio communities in the cold. union busting legislation to limit collective bargains, although that was overtonurned by the people. john kasich wants to appear middle of the road in front of a national audience. joining me tonight john nichols and nina turner. nina you first. what do you think of these accolades? >> never let the truth get in the way of a good story. the state has a surplus, but on the backs of poor people and middle-class people. poverty is up and median income is down. >> what happened to cleveland? >> cleveland is one example.
2:35 pm
cleveland has a $60 million less than it had before governor kasich became the governor. $1 billion worth loss in local government funding. that is a lot. that impacts the bottom line of government, which is service. >> bob shrum, is kasich a sleeper? he has the media moxie. he knows how to win elections. what's wrong with this guy? >> what's wrong from my perspective is his claims about ohio are economic lunacy. the jobs are not created by budget surpluses. they were created by the auto bailout, by what the president did. he might be a very intriguing candidate because he looks a little moderate. he's very conservative. you cited the medicaid expansion, but in republican
2:36 pm
primaries he's going to have to move very far to the right to try to get that nomination. >> john nichols, kasich wants to elevate an agenda that endangers unions. he has tried that before hasn't had the success of walker. what does it mean? >> kasich has a better story to tell than scott walker. scott walker took on the unions and unlike ohio he was able to pursue his agenda all the way through. it hasn't resulted in surpluses. it hasn't given wisconsin a good bottom line and so the truth of the matter is that there's a reality developing in the republican field that i think is a pretty ugly one and that is you sort of get your points by having beaten down unions by having gone hard against unions. on that measure, walker is the winner. >> what about that, nina turner?
2:37 pm
kasich went against unions and lost. what kind of governor was he after that? was he workable? >> he was humbled by that experience and he said so, but there's a difference between what you say and what you do. taxes are going up on 60% of the folks who pay taxes in ohio. the top 1% are getting an extra $12,000 a year in breaks. you are balancing the budget on poor people. >> that's the moderation you're talking about. he's a little bit more workable. he takes the medication expansion under obamacare because it is popular. the numbers are what they are. let's just play with this a little bit. if he is the guy for the republicans, how hard is it going to be to win ohio for hillary clinton? hillary clinton is a statistical heat with john kasich. is kasich the next republican hopeful for that state?
2:38 pm
what do you make of those numbers? >> he runs ohio better than any other republican. that's not surprise. he's pretty popular in the state. what he would have to do to get the nomination would make him far less viable in a general election in terms of competing against hillary clinton. what folks were saying a minute ago is absolutely right. scott walker is the winner of this anti-union derby. he's the winner among the conservative base of the republican party now. he's at 25% in first place. jeb bush is in third place. that conservative base this year may deny what's always happened in the republican party before, which is they nominate the front frontrunner frontrunner, the next person in line. they may nominate scott walker. >> it was a big day in wisconsin today. this is the scene in madison
2:39 pm
wisconsin, today. the legislature is on a fast track to make wisconsin a right to work state. >> this bill, this mess that they are bringing upon approximate state of wisconsin is nothing more than a way to legalize and divide and conquer us within our workplaces. >> john nichols, the protest looks great, but the democrats are -- they have no power right now. depending on what the governor wants to do and what the republican legislature wants to do, this is a slam dunk isn't it? >> it looks like it but we should be very clear that there are some republicans that are waiver wavering. this is a very mature protest. they want to the offices. they are very focused on three or four republicans, trying to shift them. but the truth of the matter is ed, this is classic scott
2:40 pm
walker. walker said this issue wouldn't come to the legislature. he said he was going to stop this thing. now they popped it on a friday morning. on friday afternoon scott walker said he was going to sign it. two days into this week today they have the hearing on it. tonight they're going to have the committee vote. tomorrow they're going to have a state senate vote. they're rushing this thing through not because it is popular in wisconsin, but because they are giving scott walker an issue to use in his presidential race. >> this bill is written right out of the alec playbook. >> it's deception, ed. after what john said he said it wasn't good right then because he was running for re-election, but again he deceived the people. to drop down wages, we understand when unions are strong wages are up not just for union workers, but for all workers. it is never to right thing to mess with people's wages and
2:41 pm
their livelihoods and to have folks out in the dead of winter to say this is wrong. >> it is wrong. bob, he's winning the battle what you call the union busting derby. just knockout the democratic base so we don't have to compete against them in the next election. >> all he cares about is republican base. he's running for president. he took a completely contrary position during the election. he has done this for example, on the issue of choice. he broadcast an ad claiming he signed the bill that left a decision between a woman and her doctor. that would outlaw not only abortion but many forms of birth control. this guy cares about one thing and one thing only and that's getting the nomination of the republican party. i realize this isn't going to
2:42 pm
happen, but i think scott walker is pretty lucky he doesn't face a recall election in wisconsin now because more and more he has revealed their true colors. >> i don't think that's going to happen, but i know what you're saying. timing is everything. when you look at the model of what the conservatives want to do to drill down on the democratic base, the social networking the door-to-door stuff, what are these unions doing in wisconsin, john nichols, to reinvigorate the troops, so to speak? i hear that they're dropping union dues and they're doing a door to door there. >> they're looking at the reality that 2016 is a presidential year. wisconsin is a whip saw state. in an off year election
2:43 pm
republicans do well because turnouts are down. in the a presidential year turnout goes up. we're talking about whether a governor could win in ohio. there's polls in wisconsin that shows he doesn't do all that well as a presidential candidate. this is something to understand about the circumstance of the unions. they know they are getting hit hard. they know they are taking hits but i think they're thinking very smart about 2016 and 2018. they are starting to recognize that scott walker seems to have a different stand when he's in a gubernatorial race than when he's in a presidential race. >> interesting take. thanks so much. coming up the future of space exploration. why astrophysicist stephen hawking says it is the key to survival and the one personality
2:44 pm
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it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. two-minute drill tonight. up first, here we go. the fine print marshawn lynch looking to trademark his famous phrase. he repeatedly told reporters at super bowl media day i'm just here so i don't get fined. lynch filed an application with the u.s. patent and trade office for the phrase. he plans to be online in apparel next month. a new prospect from cuba is making waves. you're 19 years old and this happens. the boston red sox have signed a 19-year-old. the team agreed to a $31 million
2:49 pm
signing bonus. he's a switch hitting great infielder. it's a big blow to the new york yankees who were courting him as early as last week. espn reports that red sox legend tiant helped seal the deal for boston. 10-year-old lebron james jr. shows he takes after the old man on the hard court. take a look at these moves last weekend from new orleans. >> from long range, king james took to instagram to congratulate his son's team on the tournament win. we'll have to wait a few years to see where junior is taking his talent. we'll be right back.
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i want us to be together for as long as we've got. if that's not very long that's just how it is. it will have to do. >> you know what's coming. it will affect everything. >> it is true. the real-life stephen hawking has a new theory about the end of the world. the british astrophysicist warns if we do not check our aggressive ways we will be doomed. he was asked -- which of our species' shortcomings he would like to fix.
2:54 pm
it is reported he would respond by saying -- the human failing i would most like to is aggress. it may have had an advantage in the caveman days but now it threatens to destroy us all. hawking noted aggressive behavior along the side of the nuclear power that we have nuclear weapons, could end 1i68ization. some humans already looking to find other planets to inhabit if the earth is destroyed. really? we're all looking to get out of here before it all happens? joining me the professor of physics at city university in new york. i want to congratulate you again on your book you are the author of "the future of the mind." it was a best-seller last year now out today on paperback. >> that's right. >> congratulations. >> thank you. what's your reaction to what he's saying? >> we used to throw rocks at
2:55 pm
each other, and now we can throw nuclear weapons, and their proliferating in the dangerous hotspots of the world. the noirkian peninsula, the border it keeps you up at night if someone can an itchy figurer could -- >> but it's also understandable, isn't it? . as technology advances. some people wonder why don't aliens announce their existence? maybe they too discovered nuclear weapons. maybe they could not negotiate a peace and contain their aggressive tendencies. maybe that's why they don't visit us. >> do you believe there's life in outer space? >> i think it's definite. i think one out of every 20 stars in the galaxy have an earth-like planet.
2:56 pm
so when you look at the sky at night, somebody would be looking back at you. >> what about nasa's interest in a possible toup terr's moon? >> this is a potential game changer. we have spent billions looking for little green men on mars. we find nothing, not even microbial life. we photograph every square inch of martian real estate but the ice moons of jupiter and saturn have oceans underneath the ice. perhaps we should be looking for aquality i have life forming underneath the ice cover of the moons of jupiter and saturn. that's a game changer. >> if you were totally resourced. if you had anything at your disposal to do what you wanted to do with out you are space, where would you go? what would you try to accomplish? >> well, you know mars is a tempting target, you know because we are going to be having a large booster rocket in the next decade perhaps by the mid 2030s, we may have enough
2:57 pm
capability to reach the red planet. in the long term i think we should be a two-planet species. >> it's too dangerous to put our species on just one planet but we should become a two-planet species. it's an insurance policy basically. >> who would want to live on a planet with no oxygen? i mean that's kind of a boring life, isn't it? you've got to have oxygen or you can't make it. >> well we would have to terr ra form the plan el we would have to melt the ice caps get water flowing again after 3 billion years and perhaps seed it with a genetically engineered algae so we have a garden of eden on mars. of course this would take centuries to do. >> nasa is working to recon figure the international space station to commercial crew members. is this a good idea? >> right now we hitchhike on the
2:58 pm
russian boosters okay? that means a space program is at the mercy of international geopolitics involving russia. we have to reduce the cost of space travel. if you have reusable commercial spacecraft, you can reduce the cost by a factor of 2 to 5, maybe, if you reyew they booster rockets. it costs about $10,000 to put a pound of anything in orb did i. that's prohibitive. we do not have access to outer pace because it's simply too expensive. $20 million for any citizen to orbit the earth on the space station. >> that's an expensive tickets. >> that's right. is there much conversation among or government officials what our next move is with space? i mean you know we're trying to get equal pay, we're trying to do a better job with education and health care and everything else, and here we are talking about another world. >> yeah well you know nasa has criticized as the agency to nowhere. it spins wheels but it doesn't
2:59 pm
do anything it doesn't go anywhere. however, the thinking now seems to coalesce around mars. that perhaps we'll bypass the moon and go on to the red planet, but it's a long-term process, like you mentioned, mars is not a hospitable planet. there's no oxygen it's below freezing it's a frozen desert but it could be our future in the long term. >> what's the next book? >> my publisher wants me to come up with another book. i haven't thought about it yet, but i'll think of one. >> sure you have. you just don't want to announce in here. i think nasa is one of the greatest things to ever happen to this country. thanks for your time tonight. that is "the ed show." "politics nation" with reverend 58 sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. \s. good evening, ed.
3:00 pm
breaking news tonight. president obama vetoes the gop bill to approve the keystone pipeline. flexing his political muscles with just the third veto he's issued in his entire presidency. it marks a key item on the gop's agenda stopped dead in its tracks by the president. and why? because the gop claims that the pipeline would create jobs and lower gas prices just weren't true. >> i think that there's been this tendency to really hype this thing as some magic formula, and to what ails the u.s. economy, and it's hard to see on paper where exactly they're getting that information from. >> it wouldn't be worth it. that's why the


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