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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  February 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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egypt and hoping for a toppling syria. let's hope that they are sane in iran even as the screwballs on our side of the world cheer for yet another u.s. war with far worse consequences than we can imagine. is that is hardball for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. tonight on "all in." [ cheers ] scott walker union busting surprise, and chris christie's on going demise. a tail of two republican candidates going in opposite directions. plus, sharon brown on the president's veto of the keystone pipeline. >> i don't think we should jump every time the freaks with the ace bandages on their faces put out a video. and a black site run by the
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chicago pd. apples big news on the evolution of emojis. >> all in starts right now. good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes and tonight is we bring you a tail of two republican governors and likely presidential candidates with huge ambitions. one who is going through the best of times and one who is going through some of the worst. both republicans who have won repeatedly in blue states draw strength from high profile battles to the left. and both of course have an eye on the presidency of 2016. while walker despite recent stumbles has become one of the most buzzed about candidates in the country, christie's star has fallen dramatically. they say he is living in a bubble. this week brought yet another piece of bad news for christie
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prompting one journalist to say if there was a mercy rule, chris christie would qualify. a new jersey judge ruled that chris christie broke his own law when he decided to cut $1.6 billion in cop tryntributions to the pension system. the state cannot simply walk away from it's obligations. in wisconsin. protestors gathered today in a scene that evokes memories of 2011. >> they don't care what happens to your retirement. they want power, more profits and they want to do it on the backs of the workers. >> at issue today is the republican legislature's plan to push through a so called right to work law, an antiunion measure that antiunion worker wills have to pay dues.
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the measure is expected to pass and walker says he will sign it that will conflict with the right to work. and hand the gofer another victory to the left and new jersey flails in new jersey and scott walker is picking fights that seem to endear him to voters. joining me now is ruth conniff. there has been a little question about whether scott walker wants this. he says he is not that interested, what's your sense from being on the ground there about who is driving this train? >> well walker is riding the train that pulled up at his door sponsored by the koch brothers. these are not indigenous wisconsin values. right to work was created and
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crafted by corp races and right wing politicians at a national conference. not by the people of wisconsin. similarly in walker's budget which he is distracting us from to stick it to unions again. wisconsin residents didn't say let's cut our schools and university system and make you pay a fee to get into public parks, and destroy the apparatus of environmental regulation. this is walker taking a national right-wing philosophy and testing it out in wisconsin. can we really take it to the hoop here. he is testing it out to see if he can divide a state and pit working people against each other. and create a feeling that they are distracted, disempower unions. >> given what we saw with the
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recall, put yourself in the shoes of the closest advisor to governor scott walker today. you have to walk in his office saying governor there is a hundred thousand people outside, is your mood awesome or are you bummed? >> he is doing this on purpose. it is awesome to him. this is why he went to iowa and described these historic protests where ordinary working people were out in force as a scarey mob that he stood down and was courageous for doing so. he is running on this and it is cloutly his plan. >> in all fairness your kids are terrifying. we should also ask the question here about what -- to what extent does scott walker's appeal to some sense of middle has x'd it. one piece said look at him
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carefully, not as a blue state governor, but someone who has been able to punt every last vote out of the base, and that is the way you have to understand him as a political creature. >> and he has not run in a presidential year. when wisconsin is a blue state statewide. we'll see how he fairs in a president year. voter suppression has been very important in wisconsin. but dividing people. he said it best. he said divide and conquer. stirring up resentment for workers against their neighbors and health insurance to say i'm going to take that away from your neighbor rather than saying i'm going to lift up for state. as walker leaves office it will be more clear. cutting our top tier public education system the way he has cut it historic cuts and the same with the university system and the changes that he calls bold brave reforms that he made
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here will leave wisconsin a wreck. he is pushing this place down to fuel ambitions, and it is very popular to the koch brothers. but it is really it is a destructive path, and i think it is one that should worry the whole country, not just wisconsin. >> as someone that has watched him up close, how formidable do you see him. >> i think walker is smarter than people think, i think that he is not making gaffes and making mistakes when he doesn't answer questions. you have seen this pattern throughout his career. he didn't run on shutting down planned parenthood, or right to work. but he is advertising those things to the base now saying i'm not going to be able to answer that question to come off as a reasonable guy. and that positions him beautifully for a national presidential run because he absolutely has the base and at the same time he presents as
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moderate and reasonable which i think gives him a shot in a general election. >> ruth conniff, thank you very much. chris christie tried to do some damage control today one day after a judge ruled he cannot follow through on his plan to reanything a cut in pension payments. in the wake of the ruling but the union he was talking about said that no deal had been reached. there is one thing that christie said today that no one is going to argue with. >> the numbers do not lie. let me tell you this. we don't need any court to tell us we have a serious problem. >> indeed. new jersey is in horrible shape financially. the state facing a $7.35 billion structural deficit. he built his brand on the
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willingness to take on the left to get new jersey's fiscal house in order. christie at that point even called on then governor john corzine to quit in shame. under new jersey they have seen their credit rating cut repeatedly with no clear way out. chris christie was able to outrun the numbers for four years and get reelected. but in a terrible bit of timing he is now learning you cannot outrun the numbers forever. john wisniewski. he attended governor christie's address this afternoon. characterize new jersey highfinances into the christie era. >> pretty similar to when he took over.
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being the adult in the room wanting to come in and talk about the real numbers, how do address them and he talked about how he addressed our structural deficit. it is essentially the same as when he took office. for all of us in new jersey that have to live with the consequences of chris christie we get very frustrated with these mate for tv moments where he talks about these things like the reality doesn't matter the facts don't apply. >> so here is the case back in 2009. this is a state that has been essentially eaten from within by public sector unions teachers people living off of the public trough and politicians that can't look them in the face and say no and they offer things in the future they can't deliver on. i'm the guy that yells at teachers and says no you can't have that. why didn't that work? >> it was a fundamental truth.
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he said i'm going to reform the pension system. there can always be things done belter, but he said i'm going to make these changes and you have my word. i will make a pension contribution. and several years after that he says to the court, my own law, that i wrote, they advocated for, that law is unconstitutional and i'm not going to make the payment. >> let's be very clear here. getting the details for a second but this is important. the whole idea behind the possession reform law, governors want to rob from the future to cover present. you say i'm not going to put the money in the pension because i'm not going to be around in 20 years, but i have a budget short fall now. i will take that money from the president. he passed a law saying you cannot do that, and then -- >> did exactly that. >> literally exactly that as a
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court ruled today. >> and his defense to that is a liberal judge, i'll tell him what to do. this is what he promised to the people of new jersey and he reneged on his promise. what gives us any assurance that he will keep his promise now. and the group he had to deal with said wait a minute not so fast. >> this was the statement on that governor christie and one of the state's largest public employee unions are actually doing something together working together and have a road map to reform. a question for you. >> what do i have to offer? the fact that this governor and i voted against his pension and benefits reform for the reason we're talking about today. it was an empty promise that could not be fulfilled.
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here we are today, three years later, with a promise that has not been fulfilled. >> we certainly have to work to make sure that we're running it better. we have an obligation. the state of new jersey occurred an obligation. and maybe we should not have. maybe it could have been done differently. the state of new jersey incured an obligation. they have to live up to that obligation. if we walk away and reneg our operations today, what will we walk away from in the future. these are all things that come up to living up to the obligations. >> how many downgrades have there been? >> eight. >> will that legacy outlive his gubernatorial term? >> yes, it will take awhile to
5:14 pm
recover from the missmanagement. when you look at the budget 40 different tax increases and fee hikes. and he tells a good taille but the facts don't back it up. >> saying essentially, chris, it's time this governor stops blaming his predecessor from the problems he's had. he had five years in office. >> thank you very much. >> president vetoes his first major legislation, a big day as the republican majority struggles for traction. and a new report about a black site in clig.
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announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. a republican majority was never going to be able to impose their will completely thanks to the president's veto power and the filibuster. but at the very least they could use their control in the house and senate and by extension the entire agenda to paint democrats into political corners. making them go on the record
5:19 pm
with positions that might come back to bite them in the next election. so far however, none of that has panned out. today republicans are one plausible shot that is built to fast tract the keystone pipeline reached an inevitable conclusion. since barack obama is not running for reelection the political cost of said veto appears to be nothing. republicans other big political gambit has been to repudiate his executive action protecting millions of people from deportation deportation. the way they would do that is attaching the measure to a must pass bill funding the department of homeland security. it has been a game of chicken with republicans threatening to shut down dhs unless they allow the provision to go through. now in the final stretch, senate
5:20 pm
majority leader mitch mcconnell slammed on the breaks. he did whatever the metaphor calls for. mcconnell has now proposed separate the dhs funding bill from the president's executive action, what democrats have been demanding all along. minority leader supporting shading after his accident. he is saying he doesn't exception mcconnell's cry for uncle unless he hears it from john boehner too. i spoke to a democrat from ohio who voted against the keystone bill and asked if he expects to pay a political price. >> i don't think people in ohio pay that much attention to that but it would have meant higher gathering prices. it's not what we should be doing with infrastructure.
5:21 pm
it should be highways bridges, water, sewer, medical research and all of that. keystone was very little of that. and i believe science. i believe the facts that the keystone pipeline contributes too much to climate change. and people lost their water last summer, and i know my state, and i know the keystone pipeline was not good for my state. >> when you started, when you showed up to your first day of work for this congress and you thought about where you would be six weeks later, how is where we are different or similar to what your conception of life around republican rule would be like. >> i thought they would get a better start. it's hard to break the habit when your dna doesn't allow you to say yes. that appears to be in speaker
5:22 pm
boehner's dna. it's hard to break that habilitate. they have not broken that habit yet that is why they have run this congress yet into the ground. they're serious threat of the government shut down. something they didn't think mitch mcconnell -- i figured he'd find away to avoid that. speaker boehner, they have not figured out how to do anything much positive. they passed an antisuicide bill for veterans that was left overfromover from last congress. nothing much has come out of this congress and i thought they would get a better start than this. >> you imagine that one of the things you do if you control the gavel is to place your political opponents in uncomfortable positions, taking tough votes, getting them on the record. have they succeeded in that? have they had to squirm a little yet?
5:23 pm
>> not really and the things we argued for we need a long-term transportation bill, a minimum wage. we need to do something about currency, immigration. none of those have they addressed while they show an ineptitude. i thought they would do a little better than they have done. i want them do better for this country, but just not by veering the government to the right and shutting the government down and doing those kind of things instead of what i hoped would happen in an election. we have done transportation bills long term. we have done minimum wage we have done immigration reform bipartisanly for much of the last 20 years. i was hoping he would go in that direction instead of looking again to let radicals push him
5:24 pm
into a government shut down. >> harry reid was talking about the need for dhs to be fully funded because isis is funded. that is some fare mongering to me to say that dhs is not fully funded and isis is how do you connect the dots? >> we're asking border guards to work without pay, tsa screeners to work without pay. i was in dayton where the dayton fire department will lose a lot of money temporarily. 500 fire departments in ohio it is likely due to them but it won't be if they shut the government down. that doesn't mean that we're going to be vulnerable immediately, but it is some exaggeration perhaps, but we're simply not running, doing the
5:25 pm
things like running the government. no one knew what a government shut down was until this troud just -- crowd just aches to make their points. it's just shameful and it makes people turn against government and politics. if their intent is to succeed as a country they're failing and it is shameful. >> always a pleasure thank you. joining me now to further assess the parliamentary skill is jim manley. i would like your grade for the first six weeks or so of mitch mcconnell's turn of the majority. >> not only would i give them an f, i would charge speaker boehner in i could.
5:26 pm
>> you're being unkind. >> they send a bill to the president they knew he would veto despite the fact that the record says it increases fracking speeding up the permit process in the gulf. and now we're stuck with the dhs funding bill the likes of which i never saw in my 20 years in the senate. with all respect to senator reid, i would love to say that he came up with brilliant legislative strategy to bin these guys into a corner but he had nothing to do with it. democrats had nothing to do with it. as senator brown suggested, these guys are overreaching. i, too, like you thought they would butt legislative points on the score board, but true to form they're overreaching and i don't see anything changing any time soon. >> i love that it is just sort of funny to watch harry reid to
5:27 pm
say it's not enough that you cry uncle. talk to john boehner and get a separate vote. >> he has been down that path way too many times before. just because the speaker wants to get something done doesn't mean his caucus will go along. >> the way this dhs thing played out has been fascinating for a number of reasons. one was if you transport yourself back to the fall i'm sorry the winter i guess. when the president made the speech saying we're going to do this, there was so much rage. and then there was a problem of not having the bite to match the bark. they can't do anything. they had no strategy and they went along day by day. is that how it happened?
5:28 pm
>> i think so. i have no idea how we got in this particular situation but i know it will take some time to sort out. in the meantime over in the house, the house republicans are, the conservatives are getting further imbolden. >> my only prediction is the only place where you will see action between the two is something like lifting sequester, do you think that is correct? >> that is a possibility, yes. i think another thing that is a maybe. i think maybe a repeal of the medical device tax as well. >> are you on the payroll of the
5:29 pm
medical device industry. >> some of my friends are, but i have nothing to do with it. so anyways, the bottom line play their cards right, there is a handful of things they can get done including the sequester. so far, at least, speaker bay ner -- boehner's attempts have proven i diddisastrous, and i'm sure reid wants to get something done but it takes two to tango. >> senator brown said it i don't think that many people in ohio are paying attention to keystone i think there is a massive gulf in how much republicans think people are following the keystone fight, and the broad political appeal and how much it actually has. that is your first bill? >> i could not agree with you
5:30 pm
more. i have to tell you, chris, i still can't quite figure out how we got in a position where a keystone pipeline is a end all and be all for my friends in the environmental community. how did the president do it? very quietly given the situation. it wasn't worth the time for a big ceremony. >> coming up a surprising consensus of opinion. >> i just think we react so emotionally to these videos. i think we should have a clear headed debate about how to best secure the homeland without changing our way of life. >> i agree with laura ingram, next. dawn. new bounty with dawn. what a novel idea! just rinse and wring so you can blast right through tough messes and pick up more. huh aren't we clever.... thanks m'aam. look how much easier new bounty with dawn cleans this gooey mess versus soap and a sponge.
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5:35 pm
emoji-dick has been put into the library of congress. >> the diversity mafia is whining that the emojis are mostly white. white male is american newelutral. apples forth coming versions beta versions of which will report think feature a more diverse cast of skin colors. six to be precise. one of which that we've conclude concluded only exists in the world of the simpsons and the lego movie. and also they were seriously lacking in one more thing.
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i don't think we should jump every time the freaks with the ace bandages on their faces muttput out one of these videos. >> amen sister. i was happy to cease laura ingram on fox news this morning saying that everyone needs to keep calm and stay rational on what is emotional manipulation by people who are invested in our emotional manipulation and achieve it in large part by propaganda videos. but the ability of them to murder people they have captured and make videos of those murders does not correlate in any
5:40 pm
meaningful way to the threat they pose to americans in the middle east. isis is losing according to vox today. after months of expansion and victories, the group is now being beaten back and losing territory in places that matter. their ability to rage offensive war and has no friends to turn to. the report feels like it might has well be coming from mars. choin joining me now is zach beauchamp. it makes me feel like cleveland is surrounded by isis. >> i'm right and they're wrong. here is why.
5:41 pm
isis is beating back most importantly in northern iraq. a road has been cut off by kurdish forces, and in baghdad where they have made progress into territory held by isis. in syria, they have been stopped time and time again and pushed back with the help of u.s. airstrikes. they have lost their ability to make serious offensive moves like they were in the summer of 2014. >> the summer of 2014 is when they kind of literally, put themselves on the map in terms of the territory they took. so what i'm hearing from you is there are two forces that seem to be most effective against them right now. kurdish fighters an an iraqi army backstops by u.s. and coalition air strikes and you
5:42 pm
say they're winning right now. >> we need to be care about about the iraqi army that is kind of a mess. they're aligned with the government, but not officially part of the military. these militias have been helping the army make their major progress and territory. we're not sure how effective it is, but the militias with the effective parts of the army and the kurds have done serious harm to isis. >> do we -- we have a mab showing territory here. you can see it is a little hard to see, but you see the map on the right is quite a bit smaller in certain ways than the mab on the left particularly if you look at the western portion of that mab. there are significant portions of territory that essentially they no longer control. the question here is are we headed toward a route and
5:43 pm
victory? or essentially a stalemate? >> so in iraq the prediction i hear is no. that isis in the long run will not be able to hold on to the territory. the first one is it doesn't have the amount of force necessary to administer to these territories like a government. they will stop functioning and they have a little difficulty working there. the second reason is they're overmatched by the combined iraqi forces. they have all of these different factions bearing down on them with american air strikes, and they won't be able to hold on to the territory by pushing these guys out. >> and the other remarkable thing about isis is they have
5:44 pm
managed to ailenate -- everyone hates them. uniformly. groups that hate each other in any other context equally hate isis. >> is it because they like to kill people. it is part of their ideology that you have to submit or be destroyed. if that's the way you think about the world you're very bad at making friends. even al qaeda is friends with the syrian resistance because they're smart enough to know discuss on the assad regime. but they make contacts with the syrian rebels and isis doesn't do this very well. >> zack beauchamp, starting with "i'm right and they're wrong." astonishing information
5:45 pm
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he will be interviewing the president about his recently announced executive actions on immigration and impact on families and communities and the president will be answering questions from the audience and social media. it all airs here on msnbc at 8:00 p.m. ♪
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in the years after 9/11 we know that the cia operated black sites around the world. undis undis undisclosed facility people were taking to be interrogated. the city of chicago is operating what is called the domestic
5:49 pm
equivalent of a cia black site. one man was convicted with two others of having an incendiary device. he was taken to a facility after his arrest and he described his experience. >> they took us to this building. we were never booked or processed. i was in homeland square for about 17 hours handcuffed to a bench before i was final rily allowed to see an attorney. >> that is not at issue. the issue is is it used for keeping arrestees out of official booking databases. denying attorneys access to the
5:50 pm
secure facility. holding people without legal council counsel.
5:51 pm
we also ask the office of may your rahm emanuel for comment. they have not responded, but today is an election day in chicago and rahm emanuel is watching the results of the poll. up next, the reporter will get to reply to the cpd. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers.
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with like my hand cuffed to the bar. >> it is a domestic black site. >> he was interrogated without being read his rights. he says when you go in no one knows what's happened to you. joining me now is spencer ackerman. the cpd pushing back hard saying this is nothing. the facility there, people know it, and any time a suspect is brought there or any cpd facility in the city they get booked. >> when do they get booked where do they get booked. look at everything they say. they say you'll get access to a lawyer. when do you get access to that lawyer. how do lawyers get access to homan square.
5:56 pm
i had attorneys say when they go there they are turned away. there is also no booking record. family members and lawyers don't even know where people are when they're taken to this place. all of these questions the chicago police hide. >> so you're saying this facility is used that suspects are brought there to be interrogated without their lawyers and also outside of the normal channels of booking, right? there is a window of time they're in there. >> yes, sir, many times when the interrogations are finished they're either let back out on the street some are suspects some are witnesses. sometimes the police can't figure out if they have evidence on people and let them go but if they do, eventually they're taken by the 11th district and then they're booked. in between those times the people have essentially disappeared. people who do the unglamorous work of going to police stations
5:57 pm
to make sure that no inherently coercive interrogations take place do not know where these people are. >> you are alleging your reporting is alleging a massive cpd conspiracy to systematically violate the constitutional rights in a matter that is prima fascia, taking mace under the nose noses under the entire press core. do you stand by that? >> i do. >> how is it possible that is going on and it's not in the "chicago sun times" or any reader. >> i wish you could tell me that. you spent more time in chicago than i have. what i heard was that they tried
5:58 pm
to interest journalists in looking into homan square for years and got no takers. why is that? i have no idea. what i have seen in the time that i have been reporting this and another story that a former chicago cop that became a guantanamo torturer and had signs of doing that to black chicagoians is that is difficult to get institutional chicago to be interested in what happens to black and brown chicagoans. he was found unresponsive in a room. the medical examiners office could not locate any record for a cause of death. it remains unclear why he was every in police custody. the medical examiner contacted me and said that he
5:59 pm
died from heroin intoxication. how could he have been in custody, if you know people who have done through heroin withdrawal, how could that have happened? how could he not have gotten to a hospital? how could he have been found dead? i don't have the answers because it is sure cause for investigation. >> today rahm emanuel is on the ballot, there is a reparations bill for the victims of a chicago police detective that tortured confessions out of people. >> he didn't just torture them he electrocuted them. he did them to people in chicago that people don't care about. chicago police whatever they want to say, they dodged the real issues they only responded after my story ran, not last week. it has a history and a context. >> mayor emanuel is standing in
6:00 pm
the way of that bill. spencer ackerman thank you, the article is incredible, we linked it on our facebook page. "the rachel maddow show" is now. >> we'll have updates on the election in chicago tonight. and we'll have those as it comes in. thanks. so it is fight night apparently right now. in terms of big fight nights this is sort of like the biggest one of recent 50 years memory right? muhammad ali and joe frazier. they billed that thing as the fight of the century. there is was a lot of other big boxes matches, s


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