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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  February 27, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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musscot. sorry, jenna. smart women running fashion and other, all in praise of that. >> i want to meet her. will you bring her to the table? come on jenna. >> the sirens. the call of mika. >> we're not fading divas. just playing around. if it's way too early it's time for "morning joe," but now it's time for "the rundown." have a great weekend, everybody. bye-bye! good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart and first on "the rundown" this morning we are following breaking news for you out of south central missouri month. a local sheriff says eight people killed at multiple locations across texas county a ninth person also dead in a neighboring county. there may be as many as six different crime scenes. it's believed to the gunman. no word on the victims or gunman and no word of motive just yet. awaiting a press conference for authorities there and we'll be listening to that and bring you any details as soon as we get them but now to capitol hill,
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and developing this friday the fight over dhs funding comes down to the wire. 15 hours left now before money runs out. a string of votes coming in the next few hours will determine whether it actually happens. the house says it has a plan to avoid a shutdown but it's a short-term band-aid. instead of funding the agency through the end of the fiscal year it funds it for just three weeks and even that may not pass the house. conservatives are pushing hard to hold the line on a bill that funds a dhs only if it derails the president's immigration action and if democrats decide they won't help boehner, speaker may find is tough to get the 218 votes he needs. team coverage on this. luke russert on capitol hill. chris jansing at the white house. good morning. luke, three weeks? wouldn't we find ourselves in the same spot come the 19th of march? >> yes we will jose. everything old is new again, and that's exactly what's going to happen here on capitol hill. and that is if, in fact, house republicans and the leadership
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can muster of votes in their conference to pat this three-week extension. the lay of land what's happens on the hill. around 10:00 a.m. the senate moves forward on way in would fund the department of homeland security until september 30th followed by a bill allows republicans to stand up against the president regarding those executive actions regarding immigration. this is mainly for show because the house does not support that clean bill that goes through the rest of the fiscal year. after the senate does that this morning, then the house at some point today will take two votes. number one vote on a three-week extension of the department of homeland security funding and on a motion to go to conference with the senate to see maybe we can come together with the senate's clean department of homeland security bill and our bill with the executive actions repealed. who knows if they can do that in a three-week period. interesting to see, though we're all, the eyes will be, later today when the house takes the vote can john boehner get to do 218. nancy pelosi does not plan on giving john boehner cover but
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will make house republicans get to 218 on this three-week bill because they believe that this is detrimental to the department of homeland security. jeh johnson the secretary said as well it's not good to go on continuous resolutions funding by three weeks or so. they'll see if they have those votes. interesting is if it gets close with democrats providing cover at the last second because they don't want to be seen as being a part of shutting it down. who knows. we do know that chuck schumer then supports this moving forward in the united states senate at some point later today the senate will use a proposal tool called unanimous consent because they don't have enough time to get it done by the deadline. so there's a lot of moving parts. everything has to go smoothly but if everything goes smoothly like the leadership thinks it will they should avoid a dhs shutdown but all it takes is one person to screw it up on the senate side and all it takes is john boehner not able to find votes here. a lot of moving parts. >> from capitol hill to the white house, chris jansing.
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good morning. what is the white house saying about all this? >> reporter: good morning. it won't surprise you, jose they don't like it. saying all along dhs is not something you play with fund it with a clean bill through the long term and you heard reference to jeh johnson who said his workers would have to go to work today not knowing if next week either they have to go to work or get paid. play a little of secretary johnson for you. >> we don't have -- do we have that sound bite with secretary johnson? >> reporter: i can tell what you he said. quote him for you. he said "short-term continuing resolution exacerbates my workforce and on the brink of a shutdown days from now." one part the white house is worried about. the other involves people who would benefit from the president's immigration actions. you heard him when he spoke to you the other night, jose.
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he said keep filling out the forms. have your documents ready to go, because what he's hearing from a lot of immigration activists is the nervousness within the community about what's going to happen. they're worried this adds to the nervousness. overall the reaction is this they believe ultimately this will come down to a legal decision. are the president's immigrations actions legal? they stand by the fact ultimately they'll be upheld jose. >> chris jansing, great to see you. luke russert, thank you both for being with me this morning. the mystery behind the brutal suspected murder known at jihadi john. of course, wasn't always a masked man we've seen in isis videos. this is mohammed emwazi while still in grade school. according to "the washington post" and the vbc. born in kuwait but raised and went to college in london. friends tell the "post" a series of run-ins with security officials after graduation may have led him to become radicalized. >> we are an islamic army, an
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estate. >> on thursday president obama addressed the issue for the first time since emwazi's identity was publicly revealed and what he told seattle station kamo. >> look any time any american is harmed anywhere in the world, the united states government is going to be going after that person. >> nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel. what more can you tell us about this emwazi guy? >> reporter: concern in the uk. people are asking security services how did this go so wrongly? this man was being monitored by the security services. met according to some reports 12 different times or was in contact 12 different times with different security officials. and how did he slip through the
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cracks? he was -- he tried to travel abroad on several occasions going to the airport. authorities sent him back. they believed he was in connection with the somali group al shabaab, which is an al qaeda-linked group. his cohorts were also linked to the somali group al shabaab. one of them went to fight and killed in a drone strike three years ago. so many are asking how did this man manage to leave the country, link up with isis right under their noses. if he was being watched so closely, how did it happen? and why does this continue to happen? it happened in the paris "charlie hebdo" attacks. it happened in australia. and it seems to happen time and time again. when the security forces are listening to all of this e-mail traffic, and they're monitoring these online activities but then they're not taking the police actions to stop the dangerous suspects. >> richard wondering, any potential fallout from isis now
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that emwazi has been publicly identified? >> reporter: it's possible. isis is a a horrific group. so -- it's possible to expect any kind of reaction from them. what people who watch isis are wondering is will his next video, and undoubtedly there will be a next video, will he continue to be masked? will he show his face in the future videos and will showing his face demystify -- he seemed something of a monster. he called himself the nightmare of obama. he didn't like to call him president obama. just i guess he thought he was on a first-name basis with the u.s. president. now when you have a 27-year-old from a middle-class family in london, will he appear so threatening, or will he appear just to be another murderer? >> richard engel in istanbul. thank you so much. good to see you. back in the states the big worry is about homegrown
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terrorism. a taste of that earlier. three new york men arrested for allegedly planning to support isis or even fly to syria. now a fourth man questioned in connection with that investigation. attorney general eric holder told our own pete williams the threat has changed since he came to office. >> it's a difference in the homegrown component. that there are people in this country who get radicalized either by looking at social media, interacting with people who are espousing jihadist views. it is a different environment in which we now operate. >> joining me on the phone this morning, jonathan dienst chief investigative reporter for wnbc in new york. monitoring developments. tell us more about the so-called brooklyn isis threats? >> well the three men arrested and charged criminally in the new developments overnight, it's that there's a fourth man in norfolk, virginia who was picked up. he is currently held on
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immigration charges, but law enforcement officials tell us he had a close associate of the three men already arrested and charged and they're looking into what or whether he had any knowledge about the alleged plot these three brooklyn men, as we've been reporting for the last couple of days allegedly trying to get overseas to join isis in syria, to join the fight there, and that the fbi said they have them on tape that it failed to make it into syria, they would consider carrying out attacks here inside the u.s., specifically here in new york perhaps planting a bomb on coney island as one recording suggested. another recording, according to the fbi has the men talking about wanting to go out and shoot and kill nypd officers and fbi agents. so that's some of the rhetoric according to federal prosecutors, two of the men confessed and admitted that yes, we had bought our plane tickets, we wanted to go fly to turkey and then cross the border
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into syria, and join the fight with isis. >> jonathan dienst thank you so much for being with me this morning. here's the question. are we more at risk than we used to be? even members of the president's own administration seem to disagree. john kerry testifying wednesday on the terrorist threat and the director of national intelligence testifying on the same topic the very next day. >> we are actually living in a period of less daily threat to americans and to people in the world than normally less deaths, less violent deaths today, than through the last century. >> when the final counting is done 2014 will have been the most lethal year for global terrorism in the 45 years such data has been compiled. >> i want to bring in ambassador mark ginsburg former white house middle east policy adviser. ambassador, good to see you this morning. >> good to see you, jose. >> what do you make ambassador of this apparent contradiction
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just 24 hours apart? >> let's just put it this way. if i put it chairistably secretary ker hey a proclivity to engage in happy talk about the middle east and how well we're doing. and yet the fact of the matter is that i'd rather basically deal with the statistics and since i understand so much about what isis is up to i would be far more wary given the fact between isis and al qaeda, and al qaeda's efforts in yemen, and in maghreb and libya and the attacks on americans that are recurring almost daily in the middle east that we're not reporting enough about, i'd rather basically be far more cautious than secretary kerry is. >> and ambassador, talk about that, because as we talk about not only the meefrtiddle east and northern africa there are places both in the middle east and in north africa that have been more effective in fighting the growth of terrorism than other places. what has been the difference? >> well the big difference here, for example, whether it's in jordan or morocco, where i
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know a great deal about, particularly in lebanon, there is a concerted effort on the part of authorities to clamp down not so much on the younger folk whose may be attracted to isis but listen to this jose. it's really on the imams and roddickal preachers doing the radicalization. and when you ask yourself whether it's these four arrested in brooklyn whether it's the jihadi john it's the preachers who are responsible for this. and they are this next generation of preachers, they've now been able to come out of the woodwork. we're beginning to know who they are. they are public enemy number one for everything we're trying to do against isis right now. >> ambassador also we have new video of isis apparently destroying ancient artifacts in mosul and iraq. this is basically an attempt to wipe out culture as well. right? >> absolutely. indeed it's part of the long isis narrative. the long islamic theological doomsday scenario of getting rid
6:14 am
of all of the infidel artifacts and of christianity and the inevitable war they intend to wage. look, jose every time we report about what they have achieved and not report about the military defeats that they have they've suffered they wind up getting more recruits. we have to also balance the fact that they have also suffered significant military defeats and when potential recruits hear about that and less about what christian artifacts have been destroyed, it may eventually help. >> right. ambassador, thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. just getting started on this busy edition of "the rundown." we'll continue to monitor the breaking news in missouri. nine dead. at least four crime scenes and a news conference expected within the hour. up next scott walker's controversial comments at the conservative conference of the season. stirred up a lot of questions especially amongst presidential contenders. we'll head to cpac and be assured we'll not forget about
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and developing right now at cpac, look there you see him. governor rick perry onstage. if you're a republican looking to run for president next year you're probably taking a trip to national harbor maryland. day two of the 2015 annual conference. governor perry, can see, in the midst of his speech right now. but -- run, scott, run, the chant heard from the crowd on day one, with wisconsin republican governor scott walker taking center stage. it's these remarks comparing some of this past union foes to
6:19 am
terrorists that are getting some criticism this morning. from surprising places. >> i want a commander in chief who will do everything in their power to ensure that the threat from radical islamic terrorist doss not wash up on american soil. we need a leader with that kind of confidence. if i can take on 100 protesters i can take on those from across the word. live at the cpac conference in maryland and with an nbc exclusive. good morning. is walker not getting the texas ranger title from former texas governor perry based on these comments? >> reporter: good morning, jose. well, scott walker's speech here was very well-received. it was either he or ted cruz, probably the most popular speaker here yesterday. but scott walker did raise eyebrows with those comments. i asked texas, former texas governor rick perry about scott
6:20 am
walker's comments yesterday. >> trying to make the connection between isis and unions was a mistake. i mean these are americans. we're talking about people in the case of isis who are beheading individuals and committing heinous crimes. this is the face of evil and to try to make the relationship between them and the unions is inappropriate. >> reporter: so there you heard him say that that connection that walker made was inappropriate. we should note that walker camp was quick to clean up lis remarks, putting out a statement saying he didn't intend to compare isis to americans rather just emphasize he would offer strong leadership. >> casey, thank you so very much. good to see you. i want to talk more about cpac and real business going on in washington with the homeland security funding clock officially about to run out. there you see him. the moderator of "meet the press." chuck todd. amigo, how are you?
6:21 am
>> good, my friend. what's going on? >> rick perry taking on scott walker. surprised by this? >> no. a reminder look always different -- you know you're a front-runner when -- right? money can tell you, polls can tell you you're a front-runner. attacked by other candidates, you really know you're a front-runner. the fact is scott walker is the lead be anti-jeb bush candidate. the leading conservative candidate right now. jeb is the leading, you know the establishment candidate. they've been you see it in the polls. you see walker as the one popping more than jeb bush. so i think that walker you're going to see other conservatives, when they can jump on him they're going to try to do it. perry, they all are vying, there are more candidates vying to be the conservative alternative to jeb bush than to be the moderate alternative to jeb bush. i'm not 13r50iz edsurprised. the conservative love affair with scott walker i think is intense. similar to the progressive love affair there was for barack obama in 2007. so i think he's got margin for
6:22 am
error. so there's sort of almost like a cocoon around him. of protection with conservative activists. how long does that hold up? you know, how many mistakes like this can he make? it was a bad error. but how many of them can he endure? he can certainly endure a lot more than say a jeb bush. >> and chuck, while some fund politics are happening in cpac and serious politics senate set to vote an a clean vhl funding bill at 10:00 a.m. blow kisses? what's going on here? >> boehner has come up with the politically smartest way out of this mess for him attempt rarely meanering a three-week deal going, if he can get it passed. he's doing the right thing. will he find 218 republicans to follow him to do this? because what does it do jose? buys him three weeks. what's going to happen in those three weeks? you find out whether the courts are going to allow the president to proceed on his immigration
6:23 am
action obr not. if they don't, make the supreme court decide the constitutionality of the president's order, if that's has, boehner has no problem getting dhs funded. if the president gets his stay and he can start implementing his order right away then katie bar the door. we'll have a bigger mess in three weeks. whether enough conservatives will voes withboehner. what will we see on "meet the press"? >> ben carson on the show somebody that also gets huge receptions at places like this. can he translate it into votes? we're going to focus on benjamin netanyahu's speech coming up tuesday. got three both former and current members of congress on all sides of the israel issue. the dhs funding thing. it will be -- a busy show. i'll be honest. i'm leaving a space here for the
6:24 am
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billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. just coming in in the second round 6 u.s./cuba talks that started this morning at the state department. assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs roberta jabs obscobsen leading the talks and again, the second round of talks to re-establish diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. the first round held in havana in january. and just when you thought this winter could not get any worse -- more cold days ahead. an arctic air blast heading our way covering a solid two-thirds
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of the country. meteorologist bill karins is with us. >> sooner or laterite i'll say the big warm-up is coming. not today. these temperatures, this morning, detroit tail end of february, warming up this morning. record low, negative for windchill, negative 10 in buffalo. how you should finish your coldest month you've ever seen. your windchill up near buffalo around negative 15 degrees. so as we've been advertising, this brutal weather pattern continues, and here comes the next winter storm. already snowing in oklahoma and texas. this one goes from the rockies all the way to the northeast over the upcoming weekends. the white on the map shows you snow brighter white's the heavier snow. right around wichita falls get a quick inch of snow in the next couple hours. start falling from the sky along with the dallas area. here's our 72-hour snowfall map. areas of light blue one to three. look at swath of three to six.
6:29 am
even a possibility of six inches of snow in kansas city. that's a big deal. st. louis, chicago, indianapolis, enough snow to shovel and plow and even into new england as we go through the upcoming weekend. there is some warmth to be found, not a lot on the maps. extremely cold into february and towards the weekend, the thing that's changed, spread the cold air jose to the west. it looks like maybe the second week of march things will start to shape up. changing the weather pattern. there is hope out there, but not yet. >> hey don't have my glasses. put up the map. what's the warmest part of the country? couldn't see? >> honolulu 79 looks nice. >> wondered. what's on the south there? >> going with honolulu. >> guillermo, the rainy part? >> can't make it out. two circles together. next to it. >> bill. >> 80 in miami. you happy. >> i know. just want to rub it in. thanks buddy. and the third largest agency in the u.s. government runs out of money to pay its people and
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developing on capitol hill a final bill to shut down the homeland security department. session going into the house. series of votes to begin in the senate in about a half hour hoping to pass a short-term funding bill by the midnight deadline. congressman steve pierce from new mexico joins us from cpac. good to see you. thanks for being with me. >> hey nice to be here. it's an exciting day for cpac but a lot of drama on capitol hill. >> yeah. talk that because we'll do cpac in a second. i do want to start with this issue on capitol hill. do you support this three-week
6:34 am
short-term funding bill? isn't this just prolonging something that has to be dealt with in a sermy permanent fashion in the future? >> well with the speaker making a compelling point we don't want that discussion going on when benjamin netanyahu is here. he's saying let's let time play out a little more. right now still undecided how i'll vote. i really want to hear the debate going up to the last second, but the speaker make as compelling point. >> and what does the visit of netanyahu have to do with dhs? >> well if you were to shut down dhs with him here he's going to require a lot of security. there will be then the allegation that our borders are more porous because of the funding dispute or whatever. he says it's just -- it's probably not the best time to have the serious debate we'll face three weeks from now. >> so it's a debate you're thinking, and again i sense that
6:35 am
you're not fully committed one way or another yet, but do you think that this is a discussion that will be any for anymore productive three weeks from now? >> well that was the question that people had last night. what's going to change the dynamics three weeks from now? i will tell thaw one of the great concerns people have is just how much authority we will give the president to act outside the constitution and act outside the law. the president said he didn't have the authority. the judge now has said he doesn't have the authority, and we in the congress have said he doesn't have the authority. so all three branches are agreeing. that's the whole discussion really. if he's going to make that unilateral decision he's got decisions coming up on iran that people are very unsettled about. i think it's one of biggest things we'll face in this two-year period. if we're going to make a stand for the way that the government is supposed to work with checks and balances, we need to do it now rather than waiting until after he's done more things. so i think it's a critical discussion for america.
6:36 am
>> and taking a stand, though wouldn't the judiciary be an ideal place to be able to determine one way or another about legality? because it seems as though the other two branches aren't necessarily expected to be experts on the law but the judiciary, that's kind of their job? >> well it's pretty easy to say when the president says 22 time hess didn't have the authority that he really understood before the fact that he didn't. we in congress are the ones supposed to fund the actions of the government. we recognize when he is making law. now, that's generally the perception right now. i just still think it's a very critical decision that we face that will have downstream consequences. >> and quickly, on cpac congressman, anybody really creating big, big buzz there? >> oh, i don't know. i hear people walking up and down the halls talking about scott walker. he made big impact a couple weeks ago. saw john bolton now he's excited about it.
6:37 am
carly fiorina is up here. i think that the field is wide open right now. >> congressman, thanks for being with me. appreciate your time sir. >> thanks jose. appreciate it. and moments ago rick perry addressed the conservative gathering. bring in msnbc contributor professor of university of texas, what a pleasure to see you. >> good morning, jose. >> good morning. this is rick perry's second chance at this. does he have a better shot around this time do you think? >> you know i'm keeping my eye on rick perry. i think he might have the best of both worlds because even though rick perry stumbled last time around, he's learned from his mistakes. he's recovered, and he i think, is one of the few candidates who can appeal to that wall street money conservative republican base but at the same time knows how to fire up the tea party base. people are disregarding him right now because of all of this problems from 2012, but personally, i'm keeping my eye
6:38 am
on them, jose. >> what does he bring to the 2016 conversation other than and we know he came out the first time around as you say he stumbled. now he has -- what does he bring to the 2016 conversation? >> well i think first of all, having learned from his mistakes, he has been doing his homework. we know here in austin he spent the last couple of months meeting with different policy advisors to beef up on foreign policy, on domestic policy. to have substance. really, last time around he was all style, all bluster. this time he wants to say, take me as a serious candidate. we're still going to see that populist perry but he wants to show i have the gravitas to be a candidate. he still have an uphim battle we've seen in straw polls. trailing jeb bush and scott walker, but it's still a long ways away until the presidential election. >> yeah. victoria, talk immigration and it's playing out on capitol hill. if the short-term funding bill is passed will we go back to
6:39 am
another funding crisis in three weeks from now? >> i think so. we've been functioning by band-aids in this country and the republicans, i believe, are making a political miscalculation, having come off the 2014 mid-term election with big wins at the national level and state level, but they can't forget that the next election is a general election and the 2016 electorate is not going to entertain this foolishness. they need to be very careful in those electoral calculations going forward. aside from the fact of what this means for our everyday lives of having a dhs shutdown. >> actions and words, and words matter as well. victoria, thanks for being with me. great to see you again. >> thank you jose. coming up it may be legal to smoke marijuana in d.c., but it is sparked a whole new controversy. we'll tell you why. plus -- the story behind that dress that broke the internet black and blue or white and gold? why does anyone even care? and why are we putting it on
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ask your doctor now if jublia is right for you. behind me every good man there's a woman. and that woman was martha washington, and, man, every day george would come home she's have a big, fat bowl waiting for him, man, when he'd come in the door. she was a hip, a hip, hip lady. >> that clip from the '90s cult. highlighting early american pot politics, a heated discussion in the nation's capital in 2015. d.c.'s democratic maier jehl bowser defied threats of being sent to jail by some republican members of congress implementing a voter approved initiative on recreational marijuana thursday meaning it's legal for d.c. residents to grow ant possess small amounts of marijuana in private. the battle is far from over. joining me msnbc contributor and huffington post washington bureau chief and also the author
6:44 am
of "this is your country on drugs." good morning. >> good morning. >> so you're in d.c. what's the reaction there, just a day after this initiative took effect? >> you know, i never thought i'd see this happen as quickly as it has in my lifetime and i was asleep when it became legal. most everyone else in washington woke up. pot it been illegal a day before. it was legal the next morning and nothing changed. it's just that a plant that had previously been prohibited now is not prohibited. so you know in some sense it's meaningless gesture. on the other hand you know, this means that there are going to be scores of people every day or every week that aren't going to be arrested for something as silly as possessesing marijuana. >> republican congressman is imp plenting this says it violates civil law and congress system has the final say over the city's bchbts and laws and the republicans in charge seem
6:45 am
determined to make bowser pay. where do opponents plan to take this? >> they don't have very far to go with this, because they had a chance to review this. and they didn't do that within the 30 days that they were given. the president might veto anything that they try to do to begin with. they failed when they tried to take a whack at it which is kind of ironic. they said the district can't enact any legislation that moves towards legalizing weed but the referendum had already been enacted. so they were too late. they had to come before the voters had legalized it so that didn't take effect. so you have some house republicans just kind of shouting, hey, don't do this and the city basically ignoring them. so if people are in dupont circle for instance or if they're in rock creek park or other places that are federal property within washington then pot is still illegal. but if they're outside of that
6:46 am
area, it's legal, and regardless of what congress says if the city tells police not to enforce this law, then the police aren't going to enforce it. >> some republicans are threatening the d.c. mayor with prison. is that possible? >> sure. well, you know they're taking those threats somewhat seriously. you know this was just the first step. you know right now it's legal to possess, legal to grow it but no system of regulation or taxation around it. council will hold hearings and pass legislation that would kind of regulate and normalize this process, and they ended up cancelling the hearings because they're lawyer said if you go forward with this, you may be violating federal law, just talking about it in a public setting like this and you could go to jail. so they didn't hold those hearings and they're not in the short term moving forward with any tax and regulate scheme but they didn't have to do anything for this to take effect. they just had to wait for congress to not do anything. that's the easiest bet in america right now.
6:47 am
>> thanks for being with me this morning. >> thanks for having me. two viral stories that broect internet the past 24 hours. first this tumblr picture and the question is it white and gold or blue and black? you may think the answer's obvious but million doss not. it's all about how your brain processes the image, i'm told. on twitter #thedress trending world wye and spawned this tweet that says the llama was behind the great dress debate this whole time. look at them. they're wearing it. the llama, talking about -- two animals that got loose in sun city arizona yesterday afternoon. the two-hour llama drama began when the fugitives broke away from owners. they captured the nation's attention for a time and eventually were caught by a couple modern day cowboys but it was a good run while it lasted. how many bad puns can we put in one paragraph on this show?
6:48 am
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a big arrest in mexico greece erupts and a stolen oscar dress. let's zoom through today's top stories. two big stories from mexico. the first, one of the country's most wanted drug lords, leader of the cartel and target of a rival cartel arrested in mexico city. also, mexico's attorney general is stepping down over his handling of the investigation into the 43 missing college students. last night thousands took to the streets to keep pressure on the central government five months after their disappearance. big protests in greece as well, as anti-government demonstrators hit athens hours before germany parliament voted
6:52 am
for a four month bailout extension for greece. but there's growing skepticism whether the greek government can be trusted to deliver on the reforms promised. in hollywood, a who did you know it mystery, a six figure dress made from 6,000 pearls is stolen. the $150,000 gown vanished from a west hollywood hotel on wednesday. calvin klein dress, draped in 6,000 rare pearls. detectives hope that surveillance video will lead them to the thief. turning back to cpac rand paul is due to speak in a couple of minutes, the kentucky senator thought to be a favorite among millenials recent polls show he is no more popular than any other gop contender. they're all having trouble carrying weight against presumed democratic contender hillary clinton. it is clear the old question still needs an answer. what do republicans do to woo
6:53 am
younger voters. joining me alexandra smith, national chair of the republican national committee. good morning. >> thank you for having me on jose. >> start with your picks. who is your best bet for a 2016 nominee? >> you know, i honestly think our college republicans have come with an open heart, open mind. some sat 15 hours on a bus to get here so they're definitely here to hear more than one candidate. i don't think a lot of them put on a jersey yet for one candidate. that said crs have been very engaged at events we hosted with the various candidates really listening to what they have to say about the youth vote in particular. >> and at the beginning of the election cycle, your group did a survey of young voters to find out why they weren't voting republican. you found it is an issue of branding. how does the party fix that? >> so we found in our 2013 research, which was supported by
6:54 am
further research in 2014 was that young voters agreed with us in principle, they agreed with a more limited government but what they weren't doing is connecting that core principle to the republican party brand. we feel that's because our party has not been where young voters are, we have not been on campus and online speaking to them. we are trying to fix the college republican national committee the past two years and for the 2016 cycle. >> other than branding there are other big issues that are controversial. for example, in the republican at least, like immigration. how do you deal with something like that and it effects so many people in a very direct way, and it does have a very important impact on who they decide to support. >> absolutely that's a very important issue to millenials to be sure. what we are seeing with millenials, they're primarily concerned about the economy. this is a generation that suffered under double digit unemployment with this administration, they're
6:55 am
concerned about not having a job. >> what about immigration, alex what about issues like immigration? >> about immigration, we found in the 2013 research that our party could go a long way with young voters by simply adopting a tone of tolerance and respect when talking about this issue. there were a lot of misconceptions about our party, specifically about the language we used to describe some of the immigrants that come here. i think there's a disconnect that we can bridge. >> same-sex marriage polls show young republicans supported overwhelmingly. will the gop candidate in 2016 support it too, do you think? >> i think we have college republicans and republicans on all sides of the issue, but what we see with republicans in general and our college republicans especially is that they favor being the party of debate. they favor being the party that can engage in a discussion on any issue involving personal liberty and freedom. because we have room for that discussion in our party, that is attractive to young voters we
6:56 am
just have to get that message out. >> appreciate you being with us this morning. >> thank you, jose. as we take a turn on "the rundown," breaking news from south central missouri nine people found dead as many as six different crime scenes. police are about to speak live at any minute. and the clock is ticking, 14 hours to go before department of homeland security runs out of money. the latest on the funding fight next. plus models behaving badly, naomi campbell shows us how not to greet cameras. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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sweating, extreme drowsiness dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask your doctor about levemir® flextouch®. covered by nearly all health insurance and medicare plans. doers they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. welcome back to the "the rundown." we are starting with breaking news out of south central missouri where as many as nine people were found dead. expecting a press conference. we learned more from local media. there are multiple crime scenes possibly as many as four different locations across two
7:00 am
counties. local media say the gunman was found dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound in a car. we are monitoring. as soon as that press conference begins, we will keep a close watch on it. let you know about any of the developments on this still developing story. now to developments on capitol hill where the clock is ticking. there are 14 hours left before that midnight deadline to fund department of homeland security. lawmakers may end up using all of them. you see as we speak, the senate about to start voting on a dleen dhs bill. the real action is in the house where a short term funding measure goes to the floor, try to kick the can down the road another three weeks. senate expected to pass that as well. mark murray senior political editor joins me this morning. good morning, mark. >> good morning, jose. >> is there going to be a shutdown or are we going to avoid it? >> you know i think the answer and the verdict is still out, jose. as you just mentioned, house
7:01 am
republicans think they have a way out of the impasse, that is have a three week extension for department of homeland security funding, with no ties to president obama's immigration actions at all, so three week extension to pass that and have a larger conference with the senate and whatever it passes to kind of hammer out longer term funding. as you mention, it is almost kicking it down the road. there's a big question whether house republicans go along with this. this buys speaker john boehner and other republicans more time. but democrats are whipping against this legislation. you can expect little if any democrats will vote for it. that means almost all the republicans have to vote for it. we have seen time and time again, there's a good chunk of house conservatives don't want to go along with this that want to fight the president on immigration action now. the question is can house speaker john boehner get 217 votes, all from his party, and
7:02 am
sometimes when we have had these types of showdown in the past boehner and house republicans haven't been able to deliver. >> mark, earlier in the week mccain and others were saying now that the dapa and daca extensions were on hold thanks to the judge in texas and it will take weeks to resolve that maybe that would be the out that republicans could use to get this. seems as though in the final hours, they stick to their guns and meanwhile, the clock stays ticking and then three week extension. as if that's going to change anything. >> jose look no one knows how long the legal process will play out. it could be weeks, it could be months. there could end up being a good reeling for republicans as we saw last week or there could end up being good ruling for democrats down the road and the reason why house republicans and some conservatives want to fight this now is they're not sure how the legal process will go forward. as you mention, you have republicans like john mccain,
7:03 am
lindsey graham that want to fund it fully now. >> thank you so much mark. i want to go live to this press conference in missouri about as you see it getting ready, the gentleman there is getting miked up ready to go. this is an update on missouri shootings we told you about at the top of this hour and top of last hour on "the rundown." let's go to that. >> my name is sergeant jeff kinlder, public information officer for the highway patrol. this is an active investigation and information is very preliminary. we will not be releasing any names of victims, pending notification of their next of kin, and we are assisting the texas county sheriff's department in this investigation. on the evening of february 26 2015 at approximately 10:15
7:04 am
p.m. the texas county sheriff's department requested assistance with a disturbance involving a weapon at a residence in tyrone missouri. a juvenile female caller indicated she was in a residence and apparently had heard gunshots. she immediately fled to a neighbor's house to notify authorities and responding deputies found two deceased persons at this residence. further investigation revealed five additional victims who were deceased and one additional victim who was wounded in three additional residences. all three residences were in tyrone. another residence revealed the body of a deceased elderly female who appeared to have died from natural causes. the apparent suspect, a 36-year-old male from tyrone was found dead in a vehicle at a location in shannon county from an apparent self inflicted
7:05 am
gunshot wound. there are a total of nine deceased individuals, including the elderly female and the suspect. the injured victim was taken to a nearby hospital. the investigation is continuing by texas county sheriff's department and missouri state highway patrol division of drug and crime control. any information the public might have regarding the case can be forwarded to texas county sheriff's department at 417-967-4165. or the missouri state highway patrol troop g headquarters at 417-469-3121. like i said this is very preliminary in this investigation. i will try to take some questions. i'm not going to tell you i'll be able to answer them but i'll
7:06 am
do what i can. >> how about the relationship of the elderly woman to the other victims and suspect? >> we are not sure about that either. >> walk through the time line slowly, make sure we get this correctly. sounds like you have five total residences, the first with the 911 call, first two were found. >> that's correct. >> then the additional three, five bodies among the three. >> that is correct. >> and then -- >> and one other injured person who was shot. >> one other injured person. and the elderly woman found in a fourth. >> yes. >> so four residences total. >> there will be five residences total. hers being the fifth. >> oh, that's right. >> yes, sir. we are currently working six active scenes including the location in shannon county where the suspect was found deceased.
7:07 am
>> you said the elderly woman died of natural causes not a shooting victim? >> it appears she died of natural causes. >> are all the victims gunshot victims? >> yes, they are. >> there's 7 victims in the case. >> there are -- isn't that terrible. lose count. there's nine total victims here in this case. one of them being the shooter, the suspect in this the other being the elderly woman, and then seven victims of gunshot wounds. do you know yet the relationship of the juvenile female that
7:08 am
called from the first residence do you know the relationship that juvenile had to the two victims found in the first household? >> i don't have any information that would confirm any of that other than she was at the residence at the time it started. >> so i guess where is the investigation going from here what are you having to work through with texas county authorities and shannon county authorities. >> yes. we have, i believe we have seven investigators here with the division of drug and crime control and they're still working active crime scenes in texas and the one in shannon county also. and like i said we are assisting the texas county sheriff. >> we have word that that 36-year-old victim, the one in the car, applied for a job at a local cabinetry company and that happened recently can you confirm that? >> i can't confirm that i don't have any information that would lead us to believe that.
7:09 am
>> when do you believe the victims' names might be released? >> we are working on that. in this situation, we try to contact everybody's next of kin, it would be terrible if we released those names prematurely. we want to be sure and get that done hopefully later today we may be able to do that. we will get them as soon as we can. >> i guess as law enforcement officials, what are you going through now? >> well in our job, we see a lot of bad stuff, and this is bad. this is also hard on police officers working that. it is not natural to see that sort of thing, and i am sure they were as shocked at a lot of people are in this room. >> this elderly female seems to
7:10 am
be the outlier with natural causes anything to say about the relationship of the victims or if the shooter was at her home at some point? >> if i told you anything it would be speculating, i am not willing to do that. i am sure there is some type of relationship there, but i am not sure what it is. we will try to pin down that sort of stuff. like i said this is very preliminary. >> you are putting her as a victim -- >> i was including her as being deceased okay? she is -- we are not calling her a victim at this time. that's it. thank you all very much. we will get some stuff together and try to give you more information as we get it. thank you. >> press conference in texas county missouri. nine dead including the killer six active scenes including
7:11 am
five residences, and one automobile, an elderly person who died of natural causes some relationship between that victim and what happened afterwards. the investigation clearly continuing. they're now speaking to next of kin and shortly as you heard will be releasing more information. i want to take you back to isis threats and more on the man known as jihadi john. look at these photos that show him while he was still in grade school. but will knowing who he is get the u.s. closer to catching him? steve, good to see you this morning. >> good to see you, jose. pretty grim stuff. >> i tell you, just horrible. you know it seems as though this man was known to security officials. are you surprised he managed to get away make it into syria?
7:12 am
>> no, because syria right now has so many freeways into it that it is not surprising that people can do that. we just had three known young girls go from united king come from turkey into syria, so i am shocked that there are as many people in this world of hyper intelligence that can escape get through these borders, but the fact is there is a highway into syria that many foreign fighters many fans and people just deciding to put themselves in the middle of this and become wives or aj tants get into the country, that's what surprises me. >> good to see you. >> thank you, jose. lots ahead on the second jam packed hour of "the rundown." this is live the senate floor and dhs vote under way. we will bring you those results. developing now out of mexico, one of the most wanted drug lords in the world is now
7:13 am
in police custody. news conference on this coming up at 10:30 eastern. breaking details as we get them here on "the rundown." this is the equivalent of the sugar in one regular can of soda. and this is a soda a day for a year. over an average adult lifetime that's 221,314 cubes of sugar. but you can help change that with a simple choice. drink more water. filtered by brita. ♪ and introducing our new advanced filter, now better than ever.
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7:16 am
are test triefg themes at the cpac conference. here is a live look from mards. kentucky senator rand paul is set to address in minutes. chris christie came out swinging day one at the conference taking a jab at jeb bush. >> if what happens is if the elites in washington who make back room deals decide who the president will be he is definitely the frontrunner. if the people of the united states pick the next president of the united states and want someone who looks them in the
7:17 am
eye, connects with them and is one of them i'm do okay if i run. >> "the washington post" ed o'keefe joins us. good morning. >> good to see you. >> feisty performance from chris christie. is he running more like an underdog? >> i think that's the idea when bush is stealing dollars from donors, the idea is to remind not only grass roots activists here but donors trying to pick a winner that voting hasn't begun, we haven't seen jeb bush engage actual voting americans or for that matter conservative foot soldiers like folks here. wait and see how that goes. if he is able to transcend that and relate to regular everyday folks in addition to raising millions of dollars, maybe he is the frontrunner. christie bets when it comes to early interaction in primary states, he is somebody who has an edge. >> christie was asked about his temper.
7:18 am
let's look at this. >> you're going to hear it directly from me and bluntly because i care. if i didn't care there's no reason to do this. >> but sit down and shut up? >> sometimes people need to be told to sit down and shut up. >> ed, if political consultants tell him to tone it down they didn't. >> they are going to go home mobilize for candidates, a lot of people come from primary states where a guy like christie down in the polls, doesn't have the momentum needs to inspire these types of people, get them to work for him. it is a crowd that is eager to hear and see red meat and got it. so far we heard from marco rubio, we heard from rick perry, both focused on foreign policy. rubio once again said i get it the way i tried to do immigration in the senate is not the way it should be done. if i do it again, if congress does it again, it has to be border security first. that's the kind of thing this crowd wants to here and exactly
7:19 am
the kind of thing he needs them to do if he hopes to build his own support. for jeb bush it will be his first appearance before a group like this. and he, too, might either play to the crowd or say things they don't want to hear. >> ed o'keefe, thanks for being with me. good to see you, my friend. bring in democrat from new york sixth ranking member of democratic leadership. congressman, pleasure to see you, how are you? >> thanks for having me on. >> former governor rick perry last hour. listen to this. >> our country has entered a time of testing and our political leadership is failing the test. the american people see a president who bows to political correctness in denial of threats that we face making grave miscalculations that make the world less safe. >> taking aim at hillary clinton, presumed democratic frontrunner. what's the democratic counter
7:20 am
attack? >> that should come with a laugh track, i am not sure if that's a speech or comedy routine. you want to talk about failed leadership, while these guys are giving red meat speeches at cpac we are hours away from shutdown of department of homeland security because republicans have brought us yet another manufactured political crisis. we are hours away from shutdown of homeland security. three people were arrested in brooklyn that are terrorists, threats are growing. what's the leadership from house republicans? let's not fund department of homeland security because we are mad at the president over his executive order on immigration. that's what failed leadership is jose. >> congressman, as you say, we are running up on the countdown to friday there may be a three week extension. let me play what darrell issa said moments ago. >> three weeks of full funding is exactly the right thing to do. our enemies will know that we
7:21 am
take homeland security seriously, but we also take immigration seriously. >> our enemies will know that we take homeland security seriously for three weeks. >> it is absurd. our enemies are not planning our demise based on a three week continuing resolution and stop gap funding. they're planning to attack and inflict harm based on whatever it takes, no matter how much it costs, no matter what the risk. darrell issa is saying in response to that threat we will fund it for three weeks but not beyond that. anybody that's run a small business or anybody who ever has to manage a family budget knows you can't do it on three month or three week increments. you have to budget monthly, you have to budget in a sustainable way. when it comes to department of homeland security, they're willing to kick the can every three weeks. it is absurd. i don't mind them being dumb. i do mind them being dangerous. and three week funding of
7:22 am
department of homeland security is dangerous. >> this is about executive action on immigration that are currently tied up in the courts so why so much focus on dhs versus immigration. >> talk about defending homeland security, they're doing it because they're angry at the president because of an executive order on immigration. they're entitled to be angry and pet length. if you don't like his position on immigration bring up a bill vote against it. go to court against the executive order. but don't ask people at department of homeland security to pay the price for your view on an executive order and don't make my constituents less safe because of that view you have on an executive order. >> congressman steve israel thanks for being with me. pleasure to see you. >> thanks. later this afternoon, president obama will unveil the official portrait of eric holder as he prepares to leave his
7:23 am
post. pete williams talked to him about multiple things. what did he have to say? >> i asked him about that justice department said they wouldn't open a federal civil rights investigation in the trayvon martin case and asked him about that law and whether he thinks it is too strict. >> as you apply the civil rights law, as your statement said one of the highest standards in the law, is it the right standard or should the law be changed? >> i am actually going to be talking about that over the next couple weeks before i go but i'll preview what i am going to say. i think we need to change the law. i think the standard is too high that there is a better way in which we can have federal involvement in these kinds of matters to allow the federal government to be a better back stop in examining these cases, so i think yeah there probably needs to be a change with regard to the required standard of proof. >> the standard of intent is too high? >> i think it is. you know and i am going to have some specific proposals that we
7:24 am
will share with the american people and with congress. >> so we will hear about that in the next few days. the standard of proof, basically you have to prove that someone acted willfully to violate someone's civil rights prove what they were thinking at the time that's why it is difficult to bring these cases, jose. >> pete, what deid he tell you about home grown terrorism? >> we asked about the arrest of three from brooklyn unmasking of jihad john i asked about the nature, whether the nature of the threat changed. >> pete williams. thank you. >> all right. you bet. up next big news out of mexico. one of the world's most wanted drug lords is now behind bars plus a government shakeup. we will be explaining that. and watching a senate vote under way on a clean dhs funding bill with no immigration strings attached. is this a big breakthrough? we are going to look at that next.
7:25 am
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7:28 am
we are following a major development in mexico's battle against the powerful drug cartels. mexican authorities say they arrested one of the country's most wanted ruthless cartel leaders, and they're scheduling a news conference any time now. let's get the details from julio vaquiero. who was captured? how big is this? julio, having a small problem with the microphone. let's get that resolved as soon as we do i want to get back to details of the arrest of this guy you see here they call him "la tuda." he is in charge of one of mexico's most vicious drug cartels, and he promised to never be caught alive. he has been coming out with videos that we are showing you for some time now, about a month
7:29 am
ago said i am not doing any more videos i am not going to give authorities any more possibilities to find me to see what i look like see where i am and he was arrested last night about 10:30 p.m. i am told. julio vaquiero has been monitoring this we are going to get him in a few minutes. we are going to go to a short break. coming up hours to go before department of homeland security runs out of money. we will have the latest on the funding fight, which the senate is voting on now. plus why hillary clinton was in the spotlight at one of the most important conservative gatherings of the year. toenail fungus? don't hide it... tackle it with fda-approved jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. once applied jublia gets to the site of infection by going under, around and through the nail. most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application-site redness itching, swelling,
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7:33 am
government. servando gomez la"la tuda." he is 49 years old. known as "la tuda." he was founder of this huge criminal cartel one of the biggest, most violent ones in mexico called knights templar. and they have been hit by clashes between this group and others. he was a most wanted man after one captured a year ago. the government offered reward of $2 million for his capture. also the government in the u.s. was looking for him, and he wasn't a regular criminal. he liked attention from media, even gave major interviews to big journalists in mexico even to some of these journalists here in the u.s. and also he used to upload videos to youtube where he used to send messages
7:34 am
to authorities and to the community saying what his plans were, and the last message he uploaded to the internet was beginning of february saying it was kind of a good-bye he was saying that he wanted to hide from the authorities. he knew they were on his back. finally now we know they caught him without, according to mexican authorities, without opening fire when he was captured. >> other big news out of mexico government shakeup. >> yes, a huge thing that's happening in the attorney general's office. the head of the office has moved to another office. he stepped down. and this is after five months when students disappeared, and many organizations, even united nations have been questioning his investigations, the way he has handled the situation. finally he has stepped down. his place will be taken by a
7:35 am
senator by the revolutionary party in mexico and some people in mexico are saying there's no coincidence between the capture of the drug lord "la tuda" and stepping down. they say it is attempt from the government to draw attention to another area now that he is having crisis. >> thank you for being with us. keeping a close eye on a major conservative gathering, the national harbor area of maryland with last year's cpac straw poll rand paul set to take the stage any moment ahead of his -- after i presume his vote in the senate after jeb bush later today. there was also a presence felt by someone not on the stage yesterday. take a listen. >> hillary clinton embodies the corruption of washington. >> what am i for? what am i really ready for? i am not ready for hillary.
7:36 am
>> hillary may like hash tags but she does not know what leadership means. >> joining me now, msnbc political reporter peter bacon and how jeb bush will be received. good morning. >> good morning, jose good to see you. >> is hillary clinton the main conservative rallying point now? >> there are two people hillary clinton and of course president obama. the view among republicans is as the economy is getting slightly better they think they can take her on. he has an issue with israel and they're linking them to a view of failed foreign policy. the big republican argument about obama and clinton haven't conducted foreign policy effectively.
7:37 am
what will happen when jeb bush takes stage? >> i think it will be tough here. one of the speakers a little while ago said jeb and hillary should run the same ticket they agree on everything. and the crowd applauded fairly loudly. jeb will be asked questions by sean hannity of fox, i think he will be pressed on immigration, one, and common core, two. it will be less interesting what he says i know what his answers will be. more in whether the crowd will outright boo him. jeb bush said i am going to be my own man, going to stand up defend my immigration views. how will the crowd here respond is what i am watching for. >> perry bacon, good to see you. thanks for being with me this morning. >> of course. let's talk more cpac politics with abby huntsman and crystal ball. >> thanks for having us. >> let's talk about the attacks on hillary clinton. let me play you more of what carly fee or even a said yesterday. >> as i like to tell some of my
7:38 am
democratic friends who continue to talk about the war on women, we are not a special interest group, we are the majority of the nation. and i will say this. if hillary clinton had to face me on a debate stage at the very least, she would have a hitch in her swing. >> how do you think this will play with women of both parties? >> as you have been pointing out, it is interesting to see who each of the candidates are speaking at cpac who they train their fire on. carly fiorina trying to position herself as the only credible presidential candidate who is a woman, trying to play it up as a strength essentially making the argument implicitly she would be better positioned to take on hillary, she would take some of the sting out of potential argument that republicans are waging a war on women. she's trying to position herself that way. women are going to vote based on
7:39 am
policy, they're not going to volt base vote based on whether it is a woman running or not. her position in the gop, it is an interesting move. >> abby how does jeb bush fit into this equation you talk about perry, the crowd applauded when they said he should be part of the ticket with hillary. >> yeah everyone is waiting for that response later today. i will tell you one thing, he is not going to get the response ted cruz got yesterday. this will be a tough day for jeb bush and i imagine the team and governor are nervous about what is going to happen. look, this is not his audience. many feel like they already know jeb bush. made up their mind there. but he has to do it. he has to go. all he has to do is survive. he will not be in the top five in the straw poll but he has to get through it. he was smart. he said i am going to take questions, not doing the usual speaking engagement what the rest of them do although he has to answer key questions, jose on immigration and common core.
7:40 am
remember, this is the same event that mitt romney said i am severely conservative. he was trying to appeal to that base. i am interested to see how far he is willing to go to appeal to this crowd. >> crystal, let's look at some of the folks speaking today. rand paul, donald trump, jeb bush to name a few. who do democrats want to run against? >> i think jeb bush is one of the stronger general election contenders and has indicated that he is not willing to just cow tow to the far right to get to the nomination which would set him up to be a stronger contender. he has major fund-raising backing behind him. from that perspective, jeb is tough. i think rand paul and some of the governors are tough in a different way just because they form a strong contrast with hillary clinton and her background. they can argue on something new, on something different. i think in terms of who would be easiest to take on it looks like donald trump is not going to run, but he would be an easy one for democrats to knock down.
7:41 am
>> abby quickly, your thoughts on the strongest one? >> jose that's a tough question. i think jeb is probably the one they're most concerned about, given the money he has behind him. there's a big roster there. ted cruz i am sure they would love to go against someone like ted cruz who has a lot of energy in the base but in the general election won't play as well. my first choice is always going to be my dad. >> thank you both so much for being with me. great to see you. catch the cycle at 3:00 p.m. eastern every day on msnbc. a product of all of the cold weather in the northeast, and something you'll never see here in miami. frozen waves. these captured in nantucket showing partially frozen waves rolling on shore. we will tell you whether there's relief in sight across the nation next. before a truck delivers it to your store, a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas.
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back to that breaking news we told you about. nine people dead in south central missouri. a gunman shot and killed seven, wounded an eighth at four different homes. an eighth person died of natural causes. the gunman committed suicide. they haven't provided information about motive and relationship between the gunman and victims. more on this when it becomes available. and when you thought the worst was over winter comes back for more. most of the country seeing a bitterly cold weekend, 25 to 35 degrees below average. snow, more of that too. weather channel reynolds wolf joins me from chicago. what's in the forecast? >> reporter: it is not winter in the forecast it is punishment that millions of people are dealing with. seriously. i think it has been so brutal. if there's such thing as weather karma, we are due for a beautiful spring, wonderful summer and easygoing fall. winter has been awful. look at the beautiful city of chicago. windy city is not windy today,
7:46 am
but awfully chilly. what's interesting, you see the city in the background in the foreground, i am on a peninsula that leads to the aquarium to the left to my right there you have -- what do you call that with the telescopes. >> observatory. >> reporter: and you see part of lake michigan. thank you. observatory. that's what lack of coffee and sleep does. lake michigan, frozen solid for the time being, had little in terms of snowfall falling from the sky in the forecast today. however, we did get snow in the forecast. we certainly did on wednesday into thursday. that's going to come to a screeching halt. however, we may see more of it in the forecast as we get into late saturday and sunday. that's kind of interesting. reason why -- >> very cold. >> reporter: the record in february was in 2011 29 inches. we will get close to that but it will depend. we are getting into march when
7:47 am
you get into sunday. certainly cold times. one other thing of interest on sunday they're going to have the polar bear plunge. >> how appropriate. >> somewhere out there people will go swimming. crazy time. >> reynolds good to see you, man. >> reporter: you bet. serena williams oprah winfrey, steve jobs battle of the geniuses. they're partnering for the seven days of genius festival next week. asking you to cast your voltte for the ultimate genius. steve kornacki has some results, host of "up" with steve kornacki. break it down for us. >> sure. we will try to crown the biggest genius of all time call it the genius show time. almost march, march madness, fill out a bracket for ncaa tournament. let's do a bracket for geniuses. see what voting gives us so far. this is part of the bracket. michael jordan serena williams who is more of a genius.
7:48 am
michael jordan wins that convincingly. steve jobs and michael jordan and steve jobs trip to the final four on the line. overwhelmingly people said steve jobs. he is still in contention to go the biggest genius of all time. another part of the bracket, carl marx, left versus right. he wins that. john lennon, paul mccartney jay-z and beyonce. and they advance. they're still in contention. look on the other side martin luther king, rachel carson. martin luther king easily wins. jk roulg, harry potter and philip roth and martin luther king still going in the tournament in the final spot in the final four. tell you about that in a second. marie curry, dominant in the
7:49 am
bracket. knocks off stephen hawking. and steven spielberg beats oprah winfrey, no match for marie curry. this gives you the final four in ultimate genius. this is the part where everybody can play a role. steve jobs versus lennon and mccartney martin luther king and marie curry on the other side. we are asking you to vote who is a bigger genius. voting for the final four wraps up sunday. next week, we crown a champion. >> have you noticed that steve jobs creator of apple, is up against lennon mccartney? think about that apple records. >> interesting. jose. >> and lennon mccartney beats marx. >> any genius out there that can do that maybe steve jobs. >> weird. steve jobs apple, lennon
7:50 am
mccartney. this is a conspiracy of sorts. thank you. watch steve tomorrow and sunday morning on "up" starting 8:00 a.m. follow his lead and vote. go to the greatest cape that captivated the country, two llamas loose in california. here is a shoutout to good journalism, good friend tom llamas husband of an executive producer recused himself from this story. llamas llamas you did the right thing, you did the right thing. alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours, but aleve can last 12 hours... and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain.
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the united states that tops five things this friday. animals on the loose. number one, the high stakes drama of the llama chase in arizona unfolding on live tv yesterday, captivating man kind the internet the world, the universe, everybody. several missed attempts before modern day cowboys were able to corral them with a lasso. number two. this black bear spotted last year near an apartment complex in pennsylvania giving residents a scare. not just pennsylvania bears are taking over neighborhoods, including in south florida. ask my friend and colleague, kerry sanders. number three, never good. elephant in thailand not only stomping traffic but crushing hoods of cars breaking the windshield before walking away. hopefully the driver was insured. number four trio of rhinos pulled off a prison break. they made it to the parking lot before a manager rushed out and
7:55 am
drove them back inside by flapping his hands. the guard that dozed off lost his job. and number five had to dig back in the msnbc archives for this our own chris jansing, covering breaking news in 2006 when an os ostrich was on the loose at a north carolina playground. >> all right. these police officers are on their way to an ostrich on the loose. could be a serious situation i guess. >> that ostrich was eventually caught and we are happy to say no one was injured. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. "newsnation" with tamron hall is next. first, an exclusive sneak peek, call it five more things brought to you by a special guest, a very special guest. take a look at this.
7:56 am
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no appointments needed and most insurance accepted. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything. we are following breaking news out of missouri. authorities are investigating a development out of missouri. seven people shot to death in multiple locations. joining us by phone, pat, anchor of the morning news cast in our st. louis affiliate. what can you tell us about this incident? >> this is a sad, disturbing gruesome story out of south central missouri, near tyrone missouri.
8:00 am
there are a lot of victims, a lot of people found dead. it is gruesome but you almost need a score card. nine bodies found dead by authorities. seven believed to have been killed by gunshot wounds. an eighth body an elderly woman, was found dead presumably from natural causes and the gunman in all of this a 36-year-old suspect took his own life according to authorities. they just had a news conference a short time ago. what's somewhat confusing about all of these deaths tamron they happened spread out over at least four residences then the gunman himself was found i want to say 40 miles or 40 minutes east in a separate county from where all of this happened. >> pat, do we know what connection the gunman had to victims at this point? >> the police did not have any information on a motive.


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