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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 27, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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who he is might be important to some people but it's not important to me. >> and talking c smack, 2016 hopefuls tested out their attacks on hillary clinton and jeb bush. did one potential front-runner go too far with this comparison. >> i want a commander in chief who will do everything in their power to ensure the threat from radical islamist terrorists do not wash up on american soil. if i can take out 100 protesters, i can do the same across the world. ♪ and good friday to you. i'm kristen welker in washington in for andrea mitchell. there are just 12 hours left before funding runs out for the department of homeland security. the house has paved the way for a final vote for a temporary
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bill that would keep the lights on at the department for three more weeks only. house democrats aren't willing to bail out speaker boehner by voting for that plan. joining me now is congressman luis gutierrez, thank you so much for joining me. >> good to be with you, kristen. >> let's get right to it. are you going to vote yes on this short term extension? >> no i'm not going to vote for the three-week extension. many of the same lack of security issues for the homeland will occur if the uncertainty is there. that's what jeh johnson our secretary of homeland security, the former head of homeland security and mr. king who used to be the chairman here from new york congressman king they've all said we need to fund this right away and give certainty to the men and women at our border and tsa agents. our coast guard, those men and women charged with being the first line of defense to our national security. >> but congressman, given how
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vital you are arguing this is if speaker boehner can't get to 218 votes with republicans, will you not vote yes to keep dhs open? >> here's what's going to happen. the republicans will have to put up the votes on their own. >> do you think they have the votes, congressman? >> i don't know. i don't know. they have such a large majority kristen, but i don't even think they have the votes for their education bill which isn't half as controversial as this bill is. here's what i think. look at the smart politics american politics of bringing people together in the senate. mitch mcconnell harry reid said we'll give you a vote on a clean bill for dhs funding, we want a vote to strip the president's executive actions. you know what they got to vote on both. it didn't pass cloture so there will never be a further vote on
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that and clean bill is coming over. who would have thought that i would come and say to you this morning that senator cruz and senator sessions are moderates and showing a great dedegree of moderation and house republicans are to the extreme right of senator cruz and sessions. never thought that would be the day. >> as you know this is a matter of principle for a lot of conservative republicans. you can disagree with them but that is how they feel and some of them are arguing that actually shutting down dhs is not going to have a huge impact. i want to read you a quote from mo brooks and get your reaction. quote, there was hardly any effect whatsoever on the department of homeland security from the last shutdown and i would anticipate a similar effect this time. again, from congressman brooks of alabama. does he have a point? there wasn't a huge impact last time. >> think about it one moment. why would we risk the future of our nation and risk the security
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of our nation when they say they are coming after our people at malls, you know that i know that. after what happened in paris france? after with just the arrest this week and what the fbi director has told us about looming threats throughout the nation? i mean, at what point do you have to say, look if they really believed in their lawsuit, which by the way, the judge placed a temporary injunction against barack obama, president obama, being able to carry out for 5 million undocumented workers in this country, the ability to get right with the law. if they believe in that then they think they are going to win but they don't believe and they are wise not to believe in their own lawsuit because it's not going to prevail -- >> congressman -- >> don't push ahead of the national interest. that's my only point. >> congressman, we're running out of time two more quick questions, first are you going to be able to keep dhs open? because you're all going to get the blame if it closes down.
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yes or no? >> i think it's going to stay open because i think in the end one way or another, the funding is going to be there. >> just finally, i know you're co-chair for mayor rahm emanuel, he's going to be facing a tough run-off in just a few months. how did he get to this point? he has the support of the president. he is a one-term mayor. how did he get to this point? is it because he took on teachers there? >> the person that gets the most votes wins the election. in chicago, it has to be 50% plus one. there's going to be a second round and i'm sure that mayor rahm emanuel will be successful. they have two choices and the choice will be who can better govern and lead the city of chicago. one thing they have five candidates, it's a totally different picture when there are two. >> congressman, thank you so much. i know it's a very busy day on
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capitol hill. on the other side of the aisle, republicans in the house are criticizing their democratic colleagues for failure to act insisting their temporary fix is the way to keep the department funded. >> a solution is being put forward. there's no one putting forward a bill to shut anything done. the bill being put forward is to fund for three more weeks. i will encourage my friends on the other side of the aisle, any democrat who wants to vote no on this funding bill you're voting to shut down the department of homeland security. >> joining me now from capitol hill are kelly o'donnell and luke russert, i think they've been sleeping there the last few days. i know the senate just passed a bill to keep dhs open. does it mean anything given that it's not going to pass the house? >> it's a big signal where the senate thinks this should go, to try to keep the department open for longer than you're talking about in the house. what was not as successful for
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the senate plan was the second part of what they had been talking about, which was to put forth a separate bill that would deal with just the november piece of the president's executive action on immigration. and that failed even though three red state democrats sided with republicans. so the mcconnell plan of doing it in two steps only went 1 for 2. they are sending a message but what really matters now is what the house can do. there is a sense around here that the department won't shut down it has a different feeling than in some of the brinksmanship moments we've seen before. maybe it's a bit of shutdown fatigue or because of some members think there's a way out here and it may be that short term extension. our sense is that that could get through the senate if it gets through the house. but as we know you've got to let each step play out because there are no guarantees until the voting is actually done. so the senate has weighed in and said let's keep it open for the remainder of the year.
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that's a signal to the house but they didn't go so far as to be able to stop the president's specific actions on immigration. kristen? >> i want to head over to you, luke. you heard kelly underscore that point that this is not finished until its finished and we heard from congressman gutierrez that he's a no vote. will boehner get the 218 votes he needs? >> reporter: well kristen, about an hour and a half ago the house moved to a vote on the rule and for the nonwonky washingtonians out there, it was a parliamentary procedural vote to move forward on overall final passage of this tree three-week funding of the department of homeland security. there is an expectation it may be tough but they were able to get 230 republican votes. so there's 246 house republicans and it seems from where we stand right now, that they should be okay for final passage. there's going to be some conservatives that are upset
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about this three-week funding because there's no language about immigration within it. but they should have the votes. i've spoken to a few democrats that said if this got close to let's say 218 but got to around 210, 212, it would help the gop out the last second because they do not want to see homeland security funding evaporate and there are no other solutions right now that john boehner has put forward. they should have the votes, but nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to on capitol hill, kristen, you and i have seen these things where we think it's signed and sealed area delivered and then it falls apart. they should be okay from where we stand. >> kelly, if it goes back to the senate what is your sense about timing and how this might all get resolved? >> reporter: i think the sense would be they would attempt to do it without having to use a role call vote where mcconnell could bring it up and hope
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there's no senator to object and pass it by what's considered unanimous consent. it's the simplest faster way to deal with it. i think he has given any indication that that would be the path he would take because he stood up for a longer keeping of the department open. i think that's the way it's going. it is always the privilege of any one senator to slow things down and gum up the works and object. there are a couple of senators who might be inclined to do that but at the same time there doesn't seem to be a mood for this because three-week extension is a way to give breathing space and to look for some kind of common ground. i'm not sure where we are in three weeks, except that i will predict we'll be having another conversation like this and see what happens then. but at least for this sort of friday night toward the end of february crisis it appears there's a way to get out of this if they are willing to take it. >> all right, kelly -- >> reporter: two and a half
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months in we heard all of this talk about gop, they are going to be leading now in congress, they have both chambers and they have not been able to put forward their agenda. what does that mean as we move forward. democrats i've spoken to want this fight again in three weeks. any time the gop has to talk about immigration and not funding homeland security it's a good day for democrats. they are going to move forward to actually moving forward on their agenda. when are they going to do it? >> great point, we'll blink our eyes and be completely immersed in 2016 politics. not a lot of time left for that. great reporting to both of you, appreciate it. >> we are monitoring breaking news out of missouri whereas many as nine people are dead after what appears to be a murder spree. the victims were found in four different homes in the small town of tyrone missouri three hours southwest of st. louis. a 36-year-old man, the suspect, was found in a vehicle in a different location dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot
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wound. the relationships between the victims and suspect as well as possible motive are still being investigated. we're learning new details about the man known as jihadi john. meanwhile, the families of the victims say identifying their loved one's killer is only the first step. take a listen. >> we know that he's in an area where we can't -- our law enforcement intelligence agencies cannot reach him. it's going to take time to bring him to a court of law and prosecute him. and her sensitive stomach didn't make things easier. it was hard to know why... the move...her food...? so we tried purina cat chow gentle... ...because it's specially formulated for easy digestion. she's loved it ever since. and as for her and ben... ...she's coming around. purina cat chow gentle. one hundred percent complete and balanced for everyday feeding of adult cats.
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there are new reports of isis militants making another push to take al baghdadi, this comes latest after targeted air
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strikes killed multiple senior isis leaders. we're learning new details about mohammed emwazi known as jihadi joan including his upbringing and brushes with authorities and position within isis and more reaction from the families of his victims. >> i think all of the families will feel closure and relief once there's a bullet between his eyes. >> ripchard engel is live in istanbul. we're learning more about what may have led to his radicalization. what are we learning? >> reporter: well there are some defenders of jihadi john in the u.k. that might sound surprising but some members of his community and former associates who are describing him as the victim that he was a victim of police harassment and british intelligence services denied him the ability to travel and wouldn't let him to return
9:17 am
to kuwait where he planned to marry a woman, that they tried to recruit him and that because of this constant surveillance by british authorities, his defenders say that he became more radicalized. there was another way to look at it, the british authorities were watching him so closely and put him on a black list because he was already radical and already in contact with extremist groups in particular the al shabab movement, the al qaeda linked affiliate in yemen. one of his close associates traveled to yemen and was killed in a drone strike in yemen three years ago. the reaction you saw from some of the family members of his victims, we will feel relief for the family or families will feel relief when a bullet is between his eyes. clearly a desire in the uk to continue to hunt this man down.
9:18 am
how did he slip through the cracks when the security services knew so much about him, repeatedly denied him the ability to travel and were in contact with him and his family reportedly up to 12 different times? how did he manage to evade their surveillance and get overseas and become the man who was known as jihadi john. >> just to follow-up on that point, you talk about british authorities having tracked him for some time. is there a sense among some people that they let him slip through the cracks? >> there's a sense that this was an intelligence failure, that it wasn't a deliberate attempt to let him slip through the cracks but that they were just monitoring him and lost track. quite similar to the brothers who carried out the "charlie hebdo" attacks in paris, they are under surveillance. one of the brothers had spent time in prison for involvement
9:19 am
in extremist activities. shared a cell with one of the leading french extremists of algerian extraction and then was taken off a surveillance list. and it is raising some people to ask the question, what are these global intelligence agencies doing? they made a big play to collect metadata and defend the rights for of groups like nsa and british intelligence agencies to hold massive amounts of information about ordinary civilians, but if they are not finding the needle in the haystack, why are they collecting so much hay? >> great point. richard, finally, to the broader fight against isis we know that iraqi forces are preparing to try to take them on in mosul, do we have a sense of when that might happen? and also there's a sense here based on my conversations with some u.s. officials that isis is gaining momentum at least when
9:20 am
it comes to recruiting more followers. is this campaign successful to date? >> reporter: frankly speaking no it hasn't been very successful so far. the numbers of isis fighters are staggering 20 to 30 plus thousand fighters who are members of isis. 15,000 of them or some estimates at 20,000 of those fighters foreign fighters with 3,000 to 4,000 of those foreign fighters from western european countries. they are still traveling from around the world from 90 different countries so far to join isis. the main transit root is istanbul turkey, where i am now, despite a black list held at the turkish airport with 10,000 names on it. they are still coming through here going into syria and iraq.
9:21 am
the iraqi government is claiming progress and it said just a few days ago it had retain 70% of baghdadi which is a fairly insignificant town to the north of baghdad. and now not surprisingly isis is fighting to regain the parts of baghdadi that it lost and we're seeing back and forth battles and these -- at the current pace of events these back and forth battles could go on for a long time. the mosul offensive, which would be a massive operation to try to retake the city there was a lot of talk about it. it's unclear however if it's going to happen or when. >> all right, richard engel, incredible insight as always thank you so much for joining us. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams spoke with eric holder about home grown terror threats after three men were arrested in new york accused of plotting to wage jihad for isis. take a listen.
9:22 am
>> the fbi director saying he now has terrorism investigations in all 50 states, surely that's a difference. >> it's a difference and that goes to the homegrown component, that there are people in this country who get radicalized either by looking at social media, interacting with people who are the spousing jihadist reviews, it is a different environment in which we now operate. >> is it popping up everywhere or the total number of potential people still quite small? >> it's still relatively small, over the last 18 months or so we convicted 25 people or so. we probably have hundreds under some kind of surveillance. this is a nation of 320 million, 315 million people. so it's a relatively small number, but we have to understand it only takes one or two people to wreak great amounts of damage and that's why
9:23 am
we are as vigilant as we are. as strong as we are in the efforts to monitor these people. >> and we have breaking news now from the world of entertainment, leonard nemoy, for his role of spock has passed away. his wife confirmed his death saying the cause was end stage chronic obstructive pull monetary disease. his character became one of the most identifiable with along with the phrase live long and prosper. leonard nemoy dead at the age of 83. we'll be right back. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble...
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thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. we have more on the breaking news from the wormd of entertaining leonard nemoy
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best known for his role as spock, efgs 83. his wife confirmed his death. george takai joins me on the phone. i want to express our condolences for the loss of your friend and thank you for being here. >> thank you very much for your condolence wish. >> just tell us what you want us to remember about him. >> you know the word extraordinary is often overused but i think it's really appropriate for leonard. he was a extraordinarily talent talented man but also a very decent human being. his talent embraced directing as well as acting and photography.
9:28 am
he was a very sensitive man. and we feel his passing very much, he had been ill for a long, long time. and we miss him very much. >> and you of course played sulu on the original series along sds leonard. what was it like to act alongside him? obviously william shatner as well. >> he was one of the most thoughtful analytical of actors. he understand what the scene needed immediately and he was able to give guidance to us and that's why he was such a gifted director as well. and because he knew all of us he could use short hand to direct the scenes where other directors would want to have a deep profound gaby conversation leonard would communicate, i'm
9:29 am
here right now in his hometown. so this is kind of surreal to be where he grew up and he was really a bostonian, very academic and thoughtful. he was one that i could have a conversation on current events. i think the word noble is really an appropriate word. when "star trek" was going to be made into an animated feature, we thought that would be an interesting way to go because -- when they cast -- cast only -- and michelle nichols, walter and i were not cast but when he found that out, he said "star trek" is about diversity and the
9:30 am
people that most represent diversity are michelle and george and walter. you can't have them then they can't have him. he was willing to give up his role in the animated version because he felt it was truly not representative of what "star trek" was all about. >> incredible. >> so because of him, we were cast. he was an extraordinary man. >> well thank you for remembering his extraordinary legacy with us here today. george takei, thank you. again, our condolences to you. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be right back after a quick break.
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are on and have no idea what universe they are in. >> we had a civil war in this country. we had two world wars we had a great depression. we even survived jimmy carter. we will survive the obama years too. >> i'm going to throw out a couple of names, hillary clinton. >> yesterday. >> that was just a small look at what has been happening at cpac, all leading up to today's main ee ven, jeb bush speaking in front of a crowd of activists less than impressed with his political resume and establishment republican support. joining me now for our daily fix, chris cillizza contributor and managing editor of and kara swisher and senior reporter perry bacon. thanks for being here. perry, i want to start with you on the ground. this is a big test for jeb bush. he's obviously going to have to
9:35 am
walk a fine line when it comes to immigration, common core. what are we expecting this afternoon? >> i think it's going to be rough. you've already had some speakers here one said bush and hillary should run on the same ticket because they have the same positions and there was loud applause for that. donald trump attacked bush loud applause. no matter what he says he's going to get boos today. the key for him is the audience of conservatives nationally more moderate. this is a very conserveative crowd. he doesn't want to embarrass himself is what i think. >> rand paul speaking right now getting a lot of applause as we can hear in the background. have there been anytakeaways from his comments? >> a lot of speakers are trying to focus on isis being the central threat. i was at cpac last year and very little talk about foreign policy. now the view is not only that
9:36 am
ice isis is a huge problem but this is the weakness of hillary clinton and president obama. that's where they want to focus on. pretty much every speaker has mentioned netanyahu and said the president is not doing a good job on foreign policy and linking hillary to that as well. >> foreign policy going to be a big issue in 2016. i want to shift to chris and get your reaction to something that happened yesterday. scott walker made comments about isis that are raising a lot of eyebrows. take a listen and i'll get your reaction on the other side. >> i want a commander in chief who will do everything in their power to ensure the threat from radical islamist terrorist do not wash up on american soil and send a message that we'll not only protect american soil but do not take this upon freedom loving people anywhere else in the word. we need that type of confidence. if i can take on 100,000 pro testers, i can do the same across the world. >> getting a lot of criticism
9:37 am
for those comments. how big of a gaffe is that? >> it's not great. it comes after his bout with the "washington post," my employer over the question of whether barack obama was a christian or not. look the general rule of thumb in politics don't say something is like naziism or adolph hitler, naziism is like naziism, there's nothing else like it. don't compare even though it was obviously a seminole moment in his life don't compare 100,000 protesters at the wisconsin state capitol over collective bargaining rights to the beheadings and burnings of people by isis. it's just -- it falls down that comparison, never will work. reasonable people will say understand what you were going for but you didn't get. his spokesperson saying he
9:38 am
wasn't equating those two directly. >> chris, it underscores the growing pains from being a governor to getting used to being on the national stage. >> just being a governor scott walker is a high profile governor. not like he was the governor of idaho and no one heard of him before he emerged. he has been in the national spotlight with the recall election and those sort of things, it's a different stage. say to people not like going from one to two but 1 to 100 going for statewide office. the attention on you, how your statements are looked through, looks into your background all of those things are greater. >> kara we just learned that rand paul said hillary clinton should retire. she certainly wasn't striking that tone when she sat down and talked to you. let's listen to what she had to say. >> there are a lot of things that i would love to see our country do. i would like to bring people from right, left red, blue get
9:39 am
them into a nice warm purple space where everybody is talking and where we're actually trying to solve problems. and that would be my objective, if i decide to do this. >> what do you make of her comments? >> she wants to get in a nice warm purple space. i mean i don't know. i don't cover politics. it must be exhausting for you two. i'm just listening to this. but she was talking about the idea of bipartisanship which she said twice during the interview, i asked if she was -- if she felt she was as polarized as she had been in the past and certainly she improved on that score. so i think she was talking about the idea of that she can come across party lines which is i think she did. in arkansas she did when she was a senator. trying to push that idea of bipartisanship and -- >> and picking up on that point clinton is getting fresh criticism this week cgi
9:40 am
apparently accepting donations from foreign governments while she was at the state department. is that something that's going to resonate with voetders? chris, it's something that's been talked about a lot in the newspapers this week. >>my general attitude with it if you don't like hillary clinton going in you're not going to like the fact that algeria gave $500,000, a country they had banned donations from at the clinton global initiatives to help rescue efforts after the haiti earthquake. if you like hillary clinton, you will think that is fine. if you don't, you will think it is terrible. that's basically how every issue plays out with her. there's a group of people for her no matter what and there's going to be 3 or 4% of people undecided and that's what we'll spend the next two years talking about. >> chris perry and kara thanks so much. time is running out and the pressure is on for congress to fund the department of homeland security as we've been talking about all morning. are both sides playing political chicken with an agency vital to
9:41 am
national security. chuck todd joins me now. thanks for being here. >> yep. >> is speaker boehner going to get the 218 votes he needs? he has the short-term three week extension? >> they are acting like they are. there's a confidence in the leadership in a number of fronts that i've detected this morning that leads you to believe that they have talked to enough republicans to say, hey, this is a place holder. this gives us time to find out what goes on in the lawsuit. >> is that smart politically? >> boehner has tried to do smart political extensions before and his conservative base has bitten him. it makes logical sense if he can't cave too soon, you have c-pac, the at mossmosphereics of caving now could be a p.r. disaster inside their part. this is a case this is the line he's walking. we'll know whether the president is going to get -- the fifth
9:42 am
circuit will allow him to implement in the next two weeks. if they don't, in three weeks you'll see a fully funded dhs and all of this goes away. >> senator schumer just slammed him -- i know you're not surprised. let's listen to what he said. >> for weeks, speaker boehner has been lost at sea, torn between what's right and the hard right. today the senate has thrown speaker boehner a life preserver and he refused to take it. we hope over the next three weeks he comes to his senses and takes the life preserver. >> this has been a leadership test really for speaker boehner? >> it's interesting this is the first case he's actually seeming to be able to actually guide -- the fact he got three-week extension. first of all, this is realize what chuck schumer is saying he's accepting the three-week extension. there had been noise harry reid
9:43 am
said let's make them deal with this now. look, in three weeks, if the president is given -- alloweded to go through with this and gets his stay on original court ruling this is going to be -- boehner will be right where he was yesterday, feeling as if he's caught between a rock and hard place. if they don't get the stay and people are split on this inside even the administration they think it's only 50/50 at best. and if they don't get it this goes away and they willfully fund dhs. >> let me ask you about cpac the folks are chanting president paul, i think jeb bush will get a different reception. how much of a test is this for jeb bush or does it matter? >> what happens at cpac stays at cpac sometimes let's remember for the last five straw poll winners have been somebody by the last name of paul. we have yet to elect somebody with the last name as paul as president, near ron nor rand.
9:44 am
he has won the straw poll why? they have effectively -- when he shows up his people come. don't overread the chance in the audience he has a burden of his own expectations, if he doesn't win, what happened? for jeb the whole goal is not to be the most hated candidate. he needs to -- nobody expects him to be the favorite. he can't be totally disqualified to conservatives and i think that's what i'm going to be watching today. how does he answer the common core question and immigration question? is it con frontational with conservatives or does he figure out a way to appease the critics. i don't know if it's possible for him to finds a middle ground on those two issues. >> kasie hunt let's discuss on the other side. okay, i think we don't have it. bottom line -- >> i heard it earlier today.
9:45 am
>> bottom line she asked about jeb bush, warm reaction, she asked about walker and got a very positive reaction. not a surprise. >> scott walker -- i think we have it here. >> can you give me one word to describe jeb bush? >> liberal. >> one word to describe jeb bush. >> nod ral. >> one word to describe jeb bush. >> moderate. >> one word to describe scott walker. >> awesome. >> what's the one word you think of when you think of jeb bush? no. >> no. >> scott walker? >> love him. >> what do you make of that? it could have been a lot worse for jeb. they were describing him idealogically, it wasn't harsh or overly negative there's going to be part of it -- he should be happy about that. but with walker it's real -- conservatives have connected with walker because there's a lot of rhetoric to the conservative base, who they feel no leaders delivered.
9:46 am
scott walker can say, i didn't just have the rhetoric i went after a big democratic stalwart supporter in labor and beat him much that's why there's so much love and forgiveness on the right even as scott walker has early stumbles. >> you're going to talk to ben carson. he got really -- >> he's very popular with this conservative crowd and also going to have big member of the house leadership kevin mccarthy as well. >> we have a little surprise for you, the latest on the dhs showdown on "meet the press" with chuck todd on ms sxtsnbcmsnbc. spoiler alert, you may see some familiar faces, take a look. >> sources suggest it will have elements from both liberal and conservative agendas. >> while you support america works, most members of your party do not? >> i've never been a big fan of frank underwood but the park has never been cleaner. >> i'm hearing emmy buzz for
9:47 am
you. >> i don't know what you're talking about. how did that happen? i don't remember those two showing up on the set that day. >> exactly, we will be watching the real "meet the press" on sunday. we'll be right back. stay with us. oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable with walk-in medical care, no appointments needed and most insurance accepted. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz (tofacitinib)
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msnbc has a special project we're calling seven days of genius, throughout the first week of march we'll examine the concept of genius and those geniuses who have changed our world. and this a fun contest to go along with it. our resident genius and host of the msnbc's "up" steve kornacki is here to explain. steve, tell us about this. are you getting us warmed up for march madness with the brackets. >> it's technically february coming up on march. college basketball ncaa tournament, if we figure out the biggest genius am modern history, let's use a bracket for
9:51 am
that. we started with 16 geniuses and people have been voting last couple of weeks and we whittled it down to a final four now. >> i know that some of these people are athletes which i thought was fantastic. >> athletes and whole bunch of other things too. we can show you start with part of the bracket here 16 to start with. four different groups four different regions like the ncaa tourn. of the michael jordan serena williams, who's more of a genius? they voted, michael jordan 2-1 margin. first round match-ups can be lopsided. steve jobs closer one jobs pulling that off by ten points and michael jordan and steve jobs are matched up together. not even close, michael jordan never lost like this in his career, 84 to 16%. steve jobs is still active in the competition for the genius title. >> i want to give a shoutout to
9:52 am
lovelace, the world's earliest computer programmer in the 1840s, so is it possible that name recognition had a little bit to do with this? >> i think it might. it's a little unfair everybody has apple products and so many people have them. steve jobs probably -- how many people were voting on the iphone or something. >> exactly. let's go to the next slide, you look back in history also. >> this is the second region here, two philosophers. carl marx won this thing, 71-29. musical duos lennon and mccartney against jay-z and beyonce, 9-1 margin lennonand mccartney and sets up carl marx versus john lennonand mccartney.
9:53 am
they pull that out. along with steve jobs they advance to the final four. >> all legendses, i wonder how many of those read the fountainhead. let's get to one more. this includes mlk. >> martin luther king and rachel carson, it's a landslide. j.k. rowling, and phillip roth rowling makes that. i want to see where you match up. i'm sure you would be at the top somewhere. >> i should say quickly, there is one more marie curie, the final one in the final four. those are the final four we're asking people to vote on right now to go to genius showdown and cast votes for that. >> that's fantastic. go online to vote and you can watch "up with steve kornacki" weekends at 8:00 a.m. on msnbc. stay with us over next week for
9:54 am
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first up we're waiting on the start of the white house briefing expected any minute route now, we should get fresh reaction to the clock ticking so loudly in washington today. midnight, when the department of homeland security will run out of money, unless congress does something about it. because they never let anything go right down to the wire and car reen towards a crisis with minutes to spare, ever. over an hour ago the senate passed a clean bill through september.


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