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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  February 27, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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from a shutdown of the department of homeland security, all eyes are on house speaker john boehner. it's friday february 27th and this is "now." we are just eight hours away from a potential shutdown of the department of homeland security as the clock ticks down to midnight. all eyes are on the house of representatives. as of this afternoon, gop leadership expected the bill to pass telling nbc news they are confident and not sweating yet, but democrats are not so confident. house minority leader nancy pelosi had this to say. >> i'm just saying to the speaker, get a grip. get a grip mr. speaker. get a grip on the responsibility that we have. get a grip on the legislative possibilities that are here. >> joining me now is senior congressional reporter for talking points memo -- is this
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going to pass? >> it looks like it is at the moment. republican leadership is confident that it will pass. it looks like they have the votes at the moment to just get this bill passed, to push the battle back for three weeks. there's no clear end-game. they just need a buy a little time for conservatives to come to terms with that fact. >> three weeks is enough for republicans to come to terms with the president's executive orders on immigration? that seems like a very window. is the court case tied to this? >> it is. a federal judge put these actions to a halt. the white house is going to appeal to a circuit court on this. a very conservative court, the fifth circuit court of appeals in the south is going to keep those executive actions on hold. that is the hope of the republican leaders.
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>> thank you. thanks for the update. i want to bring in chris matthews. chris, is this the right way -- what is your top line thought? >> i think the courts are going to be more important this year than the congress. i think on every issue from marriage equality to obamacare to immigration, i think the courts are going to be willy li williey nilly. on this one, i think the courts are going to say he overruled. we have a four to five republican supreme court. they're going to knock down all these executive orders. they're going to say you can't set immigration policy in the
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white house. you can use prosecutorial discretion, but you can't say here is a policy. that's the congress' job. you and i were arguing before we started the show. we have a right and a left in this country. if you want something to happen you can't just take a position. you have to find a solution. and a solution means comprehensive in both cases. that means giving and taking. >> i want to pivot for a moment chris. this is our awkward of smashing two stories together. the hard right activists are cpac are keen to know who is the real jeb bush. despite fundraising, an early check of the cpac polls did not prove all that promising. >> jeb bush any supporters?
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[ booing ] >> the crowd was skeptical when jeb bush took the stage today, declining to make a speech. one of those first questions, an appeal for jeb's thoughts on the current dhs debacle. >> i'm not an expert on the ways of washington. it makes no sense to me that we're not funding the control of our border which is the whole argument. >> he walked a fine line on the subject of immigration. >> the simple fact there is no plan to deport 11 million people. we should give them a path to legal status where they work they don't receive government benefits, where they don't break the law, where they learn english, and where they make a contribution to our society. >> jeb's remarks came a day after governor chris christie said bush is the candidate of washington back room deals and hours after conservative radio
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host laura ingram took a shot at him. >> why don't we just call it quits? jeb and hillary can run on the same ticket. i'm designing the bumper sticker. it could be clush 2016. what difference does it make? >> donald trump is sounding ever the unfrozen caveman. >> common core is bad, bad. jeb bush, he's in favor -- [ booing ] he's in favor of common core. he's weak on immigration. i don't see him winning. i don't see there's any way. >> for that bush got more boos. in fact the only person who got more jeers at cpac was hillary clinton. rand paul drew not boos but wild cheers when he laid down the benghazi card plus the age
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card. >> i believe hillary clinton's abdication of responsibility, her refusal to provide an adequate defense of benghazi should preclude her from our office. it's time for hillary clinton to retire. >> the kentucky senator left the crowd chanting president paul. okay, chris, let's start with jeb. jeb bush stood in front of the cpac crowd and said the phrase path to citizenship. >> they hear amnesty. his wife is from mexico. his kids are hispanic. how can he not stand there as an american symbol of assimilation? all right, i'm going to be joining your religion. i want you to join my culture. it is about america and that's what he stands for and they
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don't like it a builtit. not a bit. >> what happens to this guy in the primary process? >> remember what happened to the whig party and the rockefellers republican party? they were just rejected like tissue rejection. they hate the elite and republican parties almost as much as they hate the democrats. >> do you think the jeb bush candidacy is doomed? >> if you get to pennsylvania where i grew up in the suburbs where people like tom bridge and bill scranton live regular suburban republicans, he has a got shot. how does he get through iowa and south carolina? you and i read the same polls. i think scott walker is what they want. young new young, new culturally
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conservative and taking on the unions. >> walker said yesterday -- well, here's what scott walker said. >> if i could take on 100,000 protesters i can do the same across the world. >> a lot is being made of this. >> there's a big difference. >> mixing many metaphors. drawing a parallel lines between unions and isis rhetorically -- you think he gets a pass for this? >> i think he was trying to say i'm tough. >> right. >> it was a macho statement. he wasn't he wasn't villainizing unions this time. they sound like i'm going to pound that guy. yeah, right. we watch the results. he's still in offenseice.
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>> yes, he is. >> there's a merth. people want to hear hope. i think they hear some hope in rand paul. these people are hillary, hillary. this is fun. i can beat her. >> to the question of rand paul he brought up ferguson. he brought up income inequality. he's extending the olive branch at least rhetorically. >> it's millennials too. it's not that it is more. very few suburban republicans want to think of themselves as racist. i mean none. they don't want to be identified with that because it is lowbrow. >> it is not who we think of ourselves as americans. >> they want to be a person of moral value. the republican voter, they want the law enforcement and lower
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taxes and lower spending. they are more aggressive on foreign policy. it all makes sense. it is matter of degree. the right wing of the republican party, they hate this illegal immigration stuff. they hate it and they hate the government. they don't trust anybody in the media. they don't like them. it is a difference of quality not quantity. >> and they'll vote on it. >> do you know when the parties go nutty? like the republicans in '64, the democrats in '72. they don't want to win as much as they want to rage. they just want to rage into the middle of the night and bleed it out. >> let's me talk to you about hillary because there was a recurring theme at cpac. >> they hate her almost as much as they hate obama. >> i want to -- jeb bush said give me your immediate response.
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hillary clinton, what do you think? he said foreign donations. >> they have given him a hug. you have to wonder. the clintons had two goals. the success of the cgi, which is wonderful when it is accomplished, but they're also running for president again. this is the hook for the other side. wait until you see "the new york times" take on this. >> they're trying to get ahead of the story. the most recent round of disclosures was revealed by the clinton camp. they feel like they need to get ahead of the story. >> people are saying they're getting it out early, but it's still a bad story. benghazi ain't going away. >> benghazi isn't going away. the foreign donations is not just an issue for the right wing -- >> i don't know hillary gets off this benghazi unless she shows a videotape of her working the phones. she has to account for every
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second from the time there was trouble out there with the attack on the facility to the absolute word that they were dead. it was over. if she was working the phones fighting that thing with everything she had, she's covered. if not, they're just going to keep hanging on this thing. >> do you think that is an issue for the middle of the road voter? >> it can the dramatized. this is between now and next june. it works because it shows what all parties want to do these days. they want to show that the party is just wrong. they're evil. it just makes it easier then. >> do you know who the red hot is? you. >> let's be watching this. she's probably enjoying tactically what looks to be the failure of jeb because jeb would be a real danger. a lot of regular people we know might think of voting for him. i think she's probably hoping on good luck. the luck changes in this business of politics.
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after a tough time last time, she'll get a stroke of luck and run against a crazy man. >> chris matthews -- you're not willing to discount rick santorum? it is wide open. >> you're going to talk about trump as if he is a real candidate? >> no, we just had to play the trump sound. >> you're part of the problem. >> yeah i know. >> we did it last night. >> i have to ask you about the question that we are asking everybody on this segment, the dress. the most viral thing in america. >> i was looking at a laptop. i was all dark and blue on the right one. in the middle a little lighter version, but all of it is blue. that's blue to me. wait a minute. i see a little bit of gold in the middle there. >> it's definitely gold and
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white. >> it's a little more gold. >> your initial thought was blue? >> dark blue and black. >> well, you were right. >> is there a white? >> the dress is actually blue and black. >> this is the second most famous blue dress in history. >> that's why chris matthews is chris matthews because you just pulled that out of the ether. you can catch chris on "hardball" every weekday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we'll look at the science behind white and gold versus blue and black and why it has broken the internet. james inhofe brought some hand made props to the senate floor. later, live long and prosper. that's how leonard nemoy signed his last tweet. that's ahead on "now."
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by now, you have probably seen it and you probably have a really strong opinion about it. it all started last night when a scottish musician posted this photo on her tumblr with the caption, guys please help me. we can't decide on the color. the entire internet obliged. taylor swift said she feels like it was trick somehow. there was katy perry's left shark wearing the dress. there was kim kardashian wearing
1:19 pm
the dress, and there were the escaped lamas from yesterday wearing blue and black and white and gold respectively. i know three things the aca works, two, climate change is real, three, that dress is gold and white. california representative mark drafted a house resolution about the dress being black and blue. facts, the dress is blue and black. for the record the actual dress is blue and black. it is also red and black and white and black and pink and black. just not white and gold. sorry. joining me now is digital voice's editor with fusion and john morrison. guys, the internet exploded and continues to explode over this
1:20 pm
dress. let me just ask you as we start what color did you see it as. >> blue and black. >> white and gold. >> when you saw it as blue and black, did you feel very firm and impassioned in that opinion? >> oh yeah. absolutely. i didn't see it until many hours after it had blown up the internet. i was out with friends and not checking the internet and e-mail. it's blue and black. i'm very adamant about that. >> talk to me about why this is happening from a scientific point of view or from a learned point of view. >> when you see the color of the dress, your visual system is trying to figure out two things. the light in the room and how that dress effects that light. it is trying to solve the equation with two variables. your visual system has to take a guess. in this case -- >> let's bring up a picture of
1:21 pm
the dress. there's light in the back of this. people's eyes are calibrateing the color of the dress depending on where the light source is. >> and whether it is illuminated from the front. >> apparently, this happens all the time. >> constantly. >> our eyes are constantly adjusting for the light so the colors remain constant. >> you can give people pairs of objects that some people will say they are the same and some will say they are different. some people will say they are pure and unmixed yellow while others say they are greenish. these phenomena are getting such a mass popular discussion. >> there's an amazing visual trick with a checkerboard and a cylinder casting a shadow. >> yes. >> there's a square in the back
1:22 pm
marked "a." then there's one in the middle of the board marked "b." those two squares are the same color. my mind still can't process this. part of the reason people are almost angry about this is it challenges our ideas about how we perceive the natural world. >> sure. >> it is an existential quandary as much as anything else. >> it calls into question what the world looks like. i think one of our strongest senses are sight. i'm lucky to have it. it's weird the idea that people get angry about it. >> with the hash tags. there are hash tags team black and blue. team orange and gold. then we get angry. >> it is fun to put ourselves
1:23 pm
into camps, but i don't think it's fun to get angry about it. once on the site we had a contest about what was better pie or cake. ifts i was very addimentadamant that pie was better. >> i think people might be right to get upset about it to some degree because it calls into question our grip our reality. when you first come across somebody with different moral values, you start to wonder. is what i learned right? people are getting so defensive and upset because they're wondering is my perception the right one. i think that kind of uncertainty is really exciting and philosophically interesting. >> taylor swift saying it is freaking me out. the impulse towards being freaked out by this is it upends
1:24 pm
our world. there's another aspect to this. this thing crushed the internet. it is like millions of people have been chiming in on it on various sites, looking at the photo of it. this is also sort of a way for us to reaffirm our communal ties. that's the best spirit of the internet, right? there are trolls. there's divisive language. for a moment everybody was talking about this dress. while that may seem beside the point, it is also in some way deeply affirming that we can all focus on something together. >> part of the reason that i didn't really like the outrage that ensued was because i came to it late. if i had come to it when everyone else was discovering it, i might have felt more attached to it. like the lamas, i felt that was
1:25 pm
very communal. i felt a part of something. >> like a high stakes lama chase. >> all the memes had been made. >> i didn't know about it until this morning. i'm at the beginning of another meme which is people coming late to the dress. >> it turns out that color perception varies widely but it also correlates with age and gender. i wouldn't be surprised if some of these debates fell along those lines as well. >> and i'm very very young. thanks so much for your thoughts and all of your work. you're writing more about this right? >> absolutely. coming up, lamas on the loose. that's just for you. the return of frank underwood and claims that madonna's hard fall was a pr stunt. all of that is just ahead. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts ♪ ♪ 800,000 hours
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as we speak, the house of representatives is voting on a stopgap measure to fund the department of homeland security for a whopping three weeks. we'll bring you the results of that vote when we get them. coming up, before we decided whether the dress was blue or black or gold or whatever we were captivated by this. grown men chasing the romeo and juliette of lamas around sunset in arizona. we'll discuss madonna's fall "house of cards," and pot. all of that is coming up next.
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>> i work for an assisted living facility. we have been out here for an hour trying to capture lamas. we were wondering if we could get some help? >> they are so calm compared to what they were earlier. >> there are lama 911 calls. ma donna madonna's epic fall had some accusing her of a publicity stunt. it was a big week for marijuana as pot became illegal in alaska and the nation's capital. and a new poll today finds most americans see combatting climate change as a moral duty. most definitely not among the majority of americans, senator
1:34 pm
inhofe he used a snowball to debunk littleberal science. >> we've been hearing that 2014 has been the warmest year on record. do you know what this is? it's a snowball just from outside here, so it's very very cold out. mr. president, catch this. >> anna holmes is back. joining us now is seton smith and former governor of vermont, howard dean. james inhofe is packing snowballs on capitol hill to debunk liberal science. your reaction? >> i don't think people take chairman inhofe seriously anymore and that's i guess my reaction. >> if he's the chair of his senate committee tasked with
1:35 pm
overseeing the environment, i find it somewhat disturbing that this is his big rebuttal. >> this is why people don't take the senate very seriously anymore. >> yes, i suppose so. >> how serious? until they stop behaving like this in the senate and putting people like in this charge people are not going to take politicians seriously. that's how it is. >> bringing a snowball in to say, hey, look it's cold out, therefore climate change isn't real. is liking bring a balloon and saying, there's no such thing as gravity because it's floating. that's the sophistication of the science we're talking about, seton. >> there are so many good arguments against global warming. it's cold today, so therefore global warming doesn't exist. >> what's a good argument against global warming? >> we have only been watching it for 150 years.
1:36 pm
maybe that's an argument. his whole argument is like terrorism. i can't throw his dumb argument back at him. well i'm not getting bombed today and pull out a falafel and start eating it. >> can we not trust our politicians and not trust our scientists? that's maybe not fair. going back to the snowball stunt, i don't see what he was trying to achieve by walking outside in the middle of winter, crafting a snowball, and thing bringing it into the chamber as some sort of example that it's not hot. i'm not sure if he was laughed
1:37 pm
at on the floor. >> it was sort of met with the same -- it's a largely empty chambers these days. i will move on to the lamas. this is a story that pulled at your heart strings yesterday. two lamas trained as therapy animals led arizona authorities on a high-speed chase to the delight of americans everywhere. why was this story so big, anna? >> because we were all at work when it happened. i think there are a lot of reasons. the copter footage was similar to a person trying to get away. >> it's not a white bronco but it's a white lama. >> the lamas were far superior to the balloon boy. lamas are hilarious to look at. >> we can say lama drama. >> yes, yes.
1:38 pm
>> go ahead, governor. >> besides the lamas, do you know who the great star was, which is right at the end of the clip? is this guy who twirled a lasso over his head and dropped it over the head of the white lama. i couldn't believe in urban arizona you have people who can still do that. >> there's that guy. [ ringing ] >> where is he? >> i agree with howard dean because that's the only man in this whole clip. everybody was standing there -- i'm going to grab that lama, but nobody really wanted to touch a lama. >> honestly, they move pretty fast. that's what i learned. >> if you try to tackle a lama -- i mean those things what, are they like seven feet tall? they scare me. >> hat tip to our neighbors up
1:39 pm
north. two lamas were briefly on the loose in vancouver earlier this month. the canadians are used to lama escapes more so than we are in the southwestern united states. >> i blame the news crews. a tumble down the stairs may not be great for the nothingggin, but it's been great for record sales. that's why they call her the material girl. madonna fell in what i think is the most enrapturing video of the week in a performance ott the brit awards. it has done terrible terrible things for her potential, you know physicality. she had to get examined by a concussion doctor. a concussion doctor? a doctor for concussions. it has conveniently sold a lot of records for her. there's a conclusion in some
1:40 pm
parts of the internet that this was all part of a stunt. piers morgan -- >> i don't know why people pay attention to him anymore. >> so you are guilty as well. >> it is like rage following. >> there is rage following. >> of course he said that. he's following this line that i think gets directed at madonna quite a bit, which she is too old to be performing. i think that's a bit sexist. i don't know if you would be saying that about mick jagger. maybe you would. >> governor dean it has brought up a strain of ageism and --
1:41 pm
gosh always hate to hear about senior citizens falling. old age is something else. >> it is boring. i'll tell you something about madonna. i first saw madonna get to be a star in a movie called " "desperately seeking susan." then i thought she was great at the super bowl a couple years ago. more credit to people who are older who can act and do the thick things that she does. i was very impressed. not by the fall, of course which i don't think she did on purpose. people don't do head dives into the stairs on purpose. >> correct. >> she did that on purpose because she wants to advance her career? she looked like she almost died. >> she's worth about a billion dollars. >> now it's somehow a conspiracy. this is a big story for many
1:42 pm
people and friends of mine. it was a big week for marijuana which became legal in alaska and washington, d.c. i wonder seton, how long do you think it is before it is legal in all 50 states? >> i wonder who is going to win, gay marriage or marijuana legalization? >> it's moving fast at the state level. governor dean, your thoughts? >> here's the difference. marriage is a constitutional right, and i do think that's probably going to go by the end of june but there are dry counties and there were dry states until recently in our history. there will be some states that never legalize marijuana at least not for the foreseeable future. it's not like there is a right to drink liquor or a right to smoke pot. >> though some people probably
1:43 pm
think there should be. >> i do think there should be but i think this is going to be left up to the states and not so much the feds. >> can i just say how much i'm proud of d.c.? the fact that congress tried to say we will block your funding if you do this. >> judge muriel bowser was like short men, get out of my face. thank you guys all for playing today. >> thank you. coming up, leonard nimoy was the face of "star trek." he passed away today. that's just ahead. . what a novel idea! just rinse and wring so you can blast right through tough messes and pick up more. huh aren't we clever.... thanks m'aam. look how much easier new bounty with dawn cleans this gooey mess
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is next. the dow falling a bit like madonna losing about 82 points. the s&p falling just over 6. you can see the nasdaq falling another 24 to close at 4963. that's it from cnbc. right now, buy one pair and get another free. curling up in bed with a favorite book is nice. but i think women would rather curl up with their favorite man. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. and remember, you only take it when you need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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new video from isis this week shows militants allegedly destroying dozens of ancient artifacts inside the iraqi city of mosul. they're pushing statues to the ground and beating them with hammers. the video was met with horror from archaeologists. land stretching across iraq and syria has long been considered the cradle of human civilization. with thousands of years of history in its mosques, it is a place where writing,
1:51 pm
mathematics, and the wheel originated. the devastation brought by the war in syria now in its fourth year seems to have no end. in addition to leaving more than 200,000 dead, the damage down to the country's heritage has been irreparable. almost 300 syrian heritage sites have been damaged by the war, 24 of which have been completely destroyed. of the six world heritage sites in syria, all six are now been damaged. the ancient aleppo market was burned and has more or less been reduced to ashes and rubble. aleppo the longest continuously inhabited city in the world has gone from looking like this to looking like this. the ancient ruins near damascus have also been damaged by shelling. in iraq isis has destroyed
1:52 pm
dozens of ancient mosques, including this one in mosul dating back to the 14th century. it is not just destruction either. the looting is rampant. this is that same spot less than one year later covered with thousands of holes dug by looters seeking ancient treasure. isis has been a big beneficiary of all this looting. the group had made millions from stealing antiquityiesantiquities. joining me now is a preservation specialist specialist. this is such a distressing story. it is devastating to see what's happened to parts of syria. is this unprecedented in terms of the scale of damage? >> i think that when we're
1:53 pm
talking about going all the way back to destruction of cultural heritage and world war ii unprecedented. >> can you talk about the artifacts that are being destroyed in this part of the world? >> when we talk about syria and iraq, we're talking about the cradle of civilization and the land of some of the first indications of our civilization in our shared culture. we're talking about world heritage sites in syria. we're talking about at risk heritage sites in iraq and the site of ancient ninva itself. so we're talking about a wide range of material in what was a
1:54 pm
very multicultural part of the world, and we're losing it at a really fast rate. >> is there anything to be done? i mean whether inside the country -- the state department has released a red list of syrian cultural objects at risk. that is presumably more for looters who may be taking out objects to sell them on the black market. how effective do you think those efforts will be? >> i think it is very effective. it gives them a way to identify them and report things as possibly being stolen and call law enforcement activities. yeah, i think there are more things that can be done rather than alerting people to the possibility of a list of trafficked antiquities. we need to support our colleagues who are working in these really difficult regions
1:55 pm
of the world. the smithsonian had a project we're working on called saving the heritage of syria and iraq. we're working on it with a connoisseurcon consortium of groups. our colleagues are working in occupied areas in syria, places where isis and other terrorist groups are very active. >> yeah they are doing incredibly brave work in a climate like this. these are the artifacts of our own humanity and civilization. thanks for your time. >> thank you. we'll have more after the break. i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. i mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last. i try not to worry but you worry. what happens when your paychecks stop? because
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huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? we have breaking news with the clock ticking to midnight. a vote on the house floor to fund the department of homeland
1:59 pm
security is down to the wire. joining me now is frank thorpe. frank, is this going to pass? >> it's going to be a nail biter. democrats said they were going to hold out their votes. if democrats don't come to the rescue here this bill is going down which is an interesting situation since speaker boehner doesn't have a plan b. he can either bring up the senate bill that goes all the way until september. he can try another cr or he lets dhs shut down. we're expecting this to pass go over to the senate and pass by unanimously. >> is there any sense -- democrats are united edd in opposition to this, right? i don't know what the vote tally is at the moment. >> they are united but at the same time you have this situation where they don't -- they want the appropriations bill that goes all the way to september.
2:00 pm
this three-week cr takes them to same exact scenario in three weeks. >> a bad episode of "ground hog day." thanks for the time, frank. that's all for "now." good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. tonight, the latest on the dhs funding fight. >> this is not just an inside the beltway political jousting. >> house republican have a plan that's a staggering failure of leadership. >> we have passed a bill to fund the department. >> skip the drama and pass our bill now. >> a failure to fund the department of homeland security fully has real impacts on public safety. later, rising environmental concerns in the arctic. >> melt at


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