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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  January 9, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at vice president joe biden this week spoke on the issue of gun violence. at one of these interviews, the one with wvit in hartford, connecticut, vice president biden made news when the local reporter from hartford keesha grant, asked vice president biden if he regretted his decision this past year that he would not run for president himself. got a whole bunch of headlines there week because the vice president was very blunt in his response. he said he regretted it. he said he regretted that decision not to run every single day. he also said something else that didn't get as much attention.
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i think that might have been one of the patented joe biden spills the beans moments. he says something that's not quite true yet but it is about to be true. >> any regrets to not throwing your hat in the ring? >> sure i regret it every day. it was the right decision for my family and for me. i plan on staying deeply involved. we've got two good candidates. >> two good candidates. which two? i honestly don't think that was vice president biden himself saying only two of these people are real candidates. i don't think it was him conniving to throw some secret shade at one of the three candidates and we have to guess which one he meant to insult. that said, if you're martin o'malley, this was not a good
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week for vice president to have said the democratic party to have two good candidates. however, he meant it. we learned at the beginning of this week that governor o'malley would not have his name printed on the ohio ballot this year. this is not what happened with george pataki. one of the reasons we saw it coming before george pataki dropped out of the race is we noticed and i think we were the only national news service to report that the governor was not even bothering the try to get his name on the ballot. that looked like a sign that governor george pataki wasn't competing anymore and he was about to drop out. he did drop out of the race over the holiday break. that's not what's going on with martin o'malley. o'malley tried to get on the ballot in ohio. he tried really hard. he needed a thousand ballot signatures. he turned in more than a thousands but less than 800 of them were validated by the state in terms of being actual signatures for registered voters in the state of ohio.
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because he didn't make the 1,000 signature threshold, his name will not be on the ballot there. we found out yesterday the second piece of bad news for the governor, which is that his likely plan b in ohio had also fallen through. even though he knows he's not going to have his name on the ballot, he could have run as a write in candidate in ohio had he turned in paper work to the ohio secretary of state asking for that by monday of this week. governor o'malley tried to do it but his campaign did not get the paper work in until tuesday of this week. that's a day late. that means he will not be running in the democratic primary either as a person with his name on the ballot or a write in candidate in the great state of ohio. ohio is not everything, but ohio is ohio. ohio is something important. that seemed like a very bad sign for governor martin o'malley's campaign when we learned that new news as not qualifying as a write in. today, the headlines got even worse. headlines like these running at
3:04 am today and the newspaper of the hill. o'malley could be axed from democratic debate. o'malley in danger of missing democratic debate. part of the reason you know these are bad news headlines, that i ran these very sad pictures of martin o'malley. look at how sad he looks. he's a very handsome man. these pictures make him look like he's 107 years old and recovering from a bad case of the itch. he doesn't look like that. those are terrible pictures. it turns out those are kind of terrible headlines about martin o'malley too. in the sense i don't think the stories are right or the headlines are fair to him. what the headlines are getting at is the fact the next democratic debate, which is next weekend which will be hosted by nbc, the qualifying criteria for that democratic debate were published by nbc. i should tell you, even though nbc and msnbc are connected as news organizations, i want you to know i have no
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access to inside information about these criteria. they wouldn't even give me more of a quote on the record than they would give to any other reporter about the criteria. i don't have any special information because i work in this building. but i can tell you that the new criteria for the democratic debate next weekend are these. they get included if they get 5% in south carolina nationwide. if you need to hit a 5% venues one of the three early states or nationwide. the reason martin o'malley got the downcast pictures and dour headlines today is right now in current polling he only meets that 5% threshold to get into the debate in one of those venues. he doesn't meet it nationally or in south carolina or in new hampshire. he does meet it in iowa, and yes, that means he is close to
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maybe not making it into the next democratic debate. but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. he's in or out and right now he's in. nbc additionally says that it will round its polling average up to the nearest whole number which means that governor o'malley doesn't need really to get 5% in one of the three states or nationwide polls. he only needs to get 3.5% and that's enough to round him up so he can get into the next debate. as the polls stand right now, he makes it. because of iowa. the only scenario where i could see the math working against him is if another iowa poll comes out that's a qualifying poll for this debate, comes out between now and the end of the qualifying period of polls for this debate. and the next iowa poll puts him at 1% or less in iowa. if he takes that badly in a qualifying poll, takes 1% or less in iowa, true, and there's only one more poll in iowa. it's true he wouldn't make it. but that seems unlikely. and right now, he's all right.
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so it's not -- so stop with the doom and gloom for martin o'malley. he'll make it, probably. but the headlines today obviously did not help him. this kind of perception is bad for any campaign. and governor o'malley today in iowa expressed some righteous anger at the prospect and these headlines saying that he might be boxed out. i'm going to play the clip here, but i'll tell you, a little foreshadowing he has this righteous anger. he's mad about this stuff, fired up. his righteous anger is briefly interrupt by a super happy aside when he recognizes somebody he knows in the crowd, but then he goes back to being mad. >> news of the day, news of the day. the news of the day is that some executives at nbc think that the next debate maybe should have only two candidates instead of three. they're treating your presidential selection process as if it's another episode of "the apprentice."
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bad enough that they let -- mr. chairman of scott county, thank you or the being here. bad enough that we would be limited to only four debates and that they would hide them on saturdays behind football games. but now they tell us that they can't really manage perhaps a three-way race. well, i've got news for them. their selection is not up to nbc executives, not up to pollsters. it's up to you the people of iowa. [ applause ] >> it doesn't actually look like martin o'malley is in danger of getting boxed out of the next democratic d democratic debate, but he's fighting back effectively just in case. he is right that there are not very many democratic debates and they're absolutely hidden. the latest democratic debate needle in a hay stake -- hay stack is next weekend, but remember, next weekend is martin luther king weekend and it's going to be on sunday night of martin luther king weekend. so it's sunday in the middle of
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a three-day weekend when people have the following monday off. still though, i'm guessing that despite the democratic party's best efforts to get nobody watching, i think that's a chance that democratic debate will get a pretty good audience. in part because the democratic fight for the nomination is getting to be more heated and more exciting than it has been at any time so far. martin o'malley may not look particularly competitive, but it is looking competitive between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, particularly in some of the early voting. today after president obama announced he would not support or campaign for any democratic candidates who don't embrace common sense gun safety reforms, hillary clinton and her campaign pounced on that and basically effectively claimed that bernie sanders wouldn't qualify for president obama's support then because of his past votes against the brady background check bill and his vote in favor of legislation that basically protects the gun industry from lawsuits. the bernie sanders campaign is pushing back very hard on that saying actually, there is no daylight between bernie sanders and president obama on the issue
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of guns. so it is a legitimate policy fight that's getting very heated between the top two democratic candidates. that's exciting. in addition, a new poll out from fox news tonight says that the democratic race for the nomination could be quite a contest in the early states. yes, hillary clinton is still far ahead in the national democratic polling. and a new fox news poll puts her 15 points ahead nationwide. we vote state by state and look at the new poll, a new new hampshire poll that fox just published tonight. again, this is a poll done by fox news, but don't let that disturb you. it's a real poll, a scientific poll. the last time fox did the poll for the democratic race in new hampshire bernie sanders was leading hillary clinton in new hampshire by one point. as of tonight, bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton in new hampshire by 13 points. look, 50-37. he's "a" at 50%.
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that's an important threshold and "b" he's leading by 13 points in new hampshire. huge margin. fascinating. fox news put out new polling tonight in new hampshire for the republican candidates. that poll is like a bucket of cold whattern in the face for anybody who's been thinking that the overall dynamic of donald trump leading that race might be changing. a month ago, new hampshire donald trump was leading with 27% of the vote. now he's still leading but he's leading with 33% of the vote. last month he was beating marco rubio by 14 points and now he's beating marco rubio in new hampshire by 18 points. more new fox polling out tonight shows mr. trump as a close second behind ted cruz who's leading in iowa. and 15 points margin is down a little bit from where he was in the same national poll last month. but 15 points is still a massive, massive lead.
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again, in terms of new hampshire, these firms belie the common wisdom that chris christie or john kasich might be surging ahead in the place like new hampshire to steal the race. look at where christie is. he's back at 5%. he's tied with old rand paul right now. john kasich is way down at 7%. he's below jeb bush. donald trump, you look at the numbers, whatever the dynamics say when people look at them essoer theically, trump is rumping in new hampshire. honestly if you're looking for a sad faced story in the presidential race right now, despite all of the terrible headlines and sad pictures for martin o'malley about him probably not making it in the next debate when in fact he'll make the next debate, if you're looking for a sad sack story, the man getting thrown out of contention is not one of the democratic candidates. it's one of the name brand republican candidates.
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the next democratic debate is next weekend, but the next republican debate is sooner than that. it's thursday, being hosted by the fox business network. their criteria says they'll take the top six finishers in national polling, the top five finishers from new hampshire and iowa polling and in that polling, right now, the republican candidate who's been on the main stage all along but who is maybe about to not be is rand paul. i mean, you might remember the last republican debate, the one hosted by cnn, rand paul did not qualify to be on the stage. cnn announced what it would take to get on the stage, and paul failed to meet that critericrit. but cnn decided to let him on the stage anyway, which was really weird. it continues to be a very strange decision by cnn. but unless fox business network
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decides to do something similar for and pall he's on track to not make it in the next one. if the polling stays the same as it is now, unless there's some unusual spike or someone else has an unusual implosion, rand paul is relegated to the kid's table. and we can speculate as to what kind of effect that big public demotion would have on rand paul's campaign two weeks out before the iowa caucuses. but in rand paul's case, the speculation will be difficult because the demotion of his campaign will apparently be compounded by the fact he's only invited to the kid's table debate, not the main stage he won't show up at all. and again, this is a real prospect. rand paul really looks like he's not getting into the thursday debate with polling -- if the polling were the deciding factor today, he would not get in. if he doesn't get into the main stage he won't turn up at all. that's a more likely outcome
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than not, which means i guess this time next week effectively rand paul might have withdrawn from the race. you would think that might get sad sack headlines, but no, the beltway saves those for the democrats. lots to come tonight. stay with us. understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. in my business i cbailing me out my i.all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at
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every once in a while, we do something on the show that people find online, print out from their computers, then once they printed it out they clip out what they have printed and they put it up on their refrigerator in the kitchen because it helps them win arguments that they're sick and tired of not winning. we are about to have one of those moments. you may want to check the toner in your printer now. that story is next.
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chart imitates life. this is amazing. it's exactly what you think it is. at our blog the great steve benin has been keeping a running tally as who gets booked as guests on the marquee political talk shows on sunday. this tally is hilarious because basically every year you get the same results. we'll have more on that in a moment. in terms of what he's counting we're not talking journalists or tv hosts. we're talking political figures. policymakers, candidates, elected officials, former public officials. et cetera. among those kinds of guests, the person, the individual person booked more often than anybody else in the past year was, no surprise, donald trump. you could possibly argue his win
3:20 am
should get an asterisk since a lot of of them were on the phone instead of in person. which i never understood. in terms of sheer number of performances audially or visually, donald trump wins. second place is a tie between ben carson and bernie sanders. that's interesting. what is most interesting about this chart is that every year steve codes the guests on the sunday morning shows for political party. red for republican guests, blue for democratic guests. yes, if you feel like sunday morning beltway establishment politics is saturated with republicans, which just a sprinkles of democrats thrown in, that's not just you having an icky feeling. you're mathematically correct in that feeling. even with the democratic administration in its eighth year of power, in the 20 people that appeared on sunday shows the most this past year, 16 of the 20 of them are republicans. once again, pattern holds.
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for the next 20 seconds or so. he said senator jackson claims to be before the people but he's the first one to give it to the people without providing vaseline. when asked if some people may find it offensive, he said good, it ought to because i have been taking it for two years. >> governor lepage is a bit of a fish out of water in his home state of maine. in a state used to republican and independent elected officials like senator susan collins and olympia snow and the democrats angus king, in the midst of politicians like that, paul lepage, on his thoughts of taking it without vaseline and telling the press corps in state that he despises them, saying he wants to blow up the building of the biggest newspaper of the state. telling the state naacp they can kiss his butt and that president obama hates white people. although the governor later
3:26 am
denied saying that. but then this week, this week, paul lepage perhaps topped even himself. >> number one, i have built into the legislature right now to take the traffickers -- now the traffickers, these are people that take drugs. these are guys with the name smoothie, shifty, they come from connecticut and from new york, they come up here, they sell their heroin and go back home. by the way, half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave which is a sad thing because we have another issue to deal with down the road. >> impregnating the young white girls, very sad. this is the governor of the state of maine. that was the news yesterday. today we got the explanation for what he meant. sort of. >> i was going impromptu in my brain -- and my brain didn't catch up to my mouth. instead of saying maine women, i
3:27 am
said white women. if you -- i'm not going to apologize to the maine women for that. because if you go to maine, you will see that we're essentially 95% white. >> we're almost all white anyway. so why should -- it's not like i'm talk about impregnating black women. i'm not! and anyway, it's the press' fault. >> there was many people there, a lot of cameras. i made that comment. it never ever was picked up by any of you. it was picked up by a blogger who's an adversary and he spent a whole day selling it to you. folks, you are in the back pocket of maine bloggers. shame on you. shame, shame, shame. i find that appalling.
3:28 am
having said that, i made a mistake and i'm not perfect. >> but shame on you for listening when somebody told you about a thing i said. it was a mistake, an impromptu remark. >> my passion and my desire is to rid ourselves of domestic violence and to get drug dealers off the street. i had to read a report in my briefing binder of a young woman who got killed christmas eve and she left like a 6-year-old daughter. these are the type of things that while you people look for the sound bite, like rachel maddow who for years has been after me. >> i didn't know you cared.
3:29 am
that was paul lepage earlier this morning. meanwhile a number of lawmakers in maine, democrats and independents, plan to move forward with the motion that could result in his impeachment. the motion concerns abuse of power allegations against the governor which are currently being investigated in the legislature. the impeach lepage notion has been floating around for months and it's up next weeks. in the middle of this, the impregnating white girls stuff. has he made this the new normal in his state or is this trouble for him? joining us is a columnist from the portland press herald who is going to incur the wrath of the governor simply by speaking to me. thank you for being here. >> well, welcome to the club, rachel. >> that was a very strange moment. but i want to kind of leave it there. is governor lepage so known for saying stuff that is offensive
3:30 am
that other people would apologize for, that this essentially is something that will have no recourse for him? >> well, it's hard to tell. this one stood out i thought just of the nature of what he said. you're right, there's a long litany of utterances by the governor over the years and i think to some extent lepage fatigue has set in in the state in what he says flies by people. but there was something about this and the underlying racist nature of this remark that i think touches a very sensitive nerve for a lot of people. it really touches upon one of the real roots of racism in this country, this kind of primal fear that the black men are coming, they're going to take our white women. for him to touch on that, particularly the time when things are so incendiary in the country right now i think is why this has taken off so much. i'm surprised not only at the reaction nationally, but at least in parts of maine. it's typical here in maine there are some people who are aghast
3:31 am
at what he said and there are other people who are saying they're lining up behind him like they always have. here we are. polarized again as usual. >> this comes at a time when of course the governor is in his second term. but he has been making some noises about a next chapter in his political life. he told talk radio host this week he's seriously thinking about trying to challenge angus king for his seat in the united states senate. if he does that, would you expect that the state republican party would get behind him as a u.s. senate candidate? >> that's very hard to tell right now. they have been largely quiet on this one. one day he says he's going to run for a particular office, the next day he says he's not. today he said he's not running for anything. so his future political life remains very much in question. but repeatedly something like this happened it's greeted usually by silence and then little by little, the republican powers that by find a way to
3:32 am
respond without responding. that's what's happening right now. they're going after this one particular blogger, a republican himself who is an outlier in being critical of lepage. they're going after him. rather than going after the governor right now. saying that he's just a disgruntled republican and he should be keeping his mouth shut and leaving the governor alone without addressing what the governor said. >> it would be a devastating critique had the guy not just drawn poem's attention to something the above for actually said. it's -- it's an amazing paul lepage world, we all live in it. bill, nice to see you, bill. i know it's been a hell of a year for you. i really appreciate you being back with us. i'm glad you are. >> sure. good to see you too. all right. we have a lot more tonight including the answer to a question we have been getting over and over by you the viewers about a story we have been covering the heck out of. you asked this question of us, because you're good people. and tonight we're about to answer. that's ahead.
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>> a chilling incident last night. it shows a police car being ambushed late last night. as you can see in the footage do we have the footage, there it is. the gunman approaches the squad car and fires at point blank range. he shoots at the police officer at least 11 times. somehow it's a miracle, but that officer, 33-year-old jesse hartnett, despite being shot at 11 times he was not killed. he was shot three times in the left arm, but officer hartnett managed to give chase to the suspect. got out of his car and chased the suspect. and the suspect was captured shortly after the shooting. tonight, the details surrounding the shooter's motive are still unclear. police say that he did tell investigators he had pledged allegiance to isis. it's worth noting, however, his mother told the "philadelphia inquirer" her son had been hearing voices recently and the family had asked for him to get help. the suspect does have prior
3:37 am
convictions on assaults and firearms charges. police are reportedly looking into trips what made to the -- he made to the middle east in 2011 and 2012. again, the motive is still murky. thankfully and miraculously the officer is expected to make a full recovery. it's a miracle itself he's still alive. ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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this is a water buffalo. not a furry and four legged water buffalo. it's the giant canteen version. of a water buffalo. when the water where you live goes bad, the national guard or fema can send one of these and you can come down with a jug and get safe water for your family. two years ago tomorrow, a chemical spill in west virginia wrecked the local source of drinking water in the community. west virginia's governor declared a state of emergency that same day. he asked the federal government for help that day. the president responded right
3:40 am
away. and in came the water buffalo, in came the big truck of potable water. here is safe water until this mess gets cleaned up. i don't mean to say that dealing with poisoned drinking water is ever an easy thing, but we have some ideas for how you do it. starting on day one. in the currently ongoing infamous case of a whole town's water being poisoned we are on day 24 of it being called a state of emergency. the governor is still considering what to do. governor rick snyder signed a declaration of order for flint, michigan, and his administration managed to poison that up to to's -- town's water with lead a year and a half ago and now they're in emergency response mode, but there's still no government-run program for getting water to residents of flint on any regular basis. nbc news reported on the ground, found that people who can't afford bottled water are getting
3:41 am
it mostly through local charities. soup kitchens and food banks. some of whom are telling us they're getting the water from private donation, not from state. this local pastor said he was flat out of water to distribute. so people are mad. and people are thirsty for clean water. just a couple of hours ago in flint, protesters gathered outside of flint city hall in a cold rain. they called for the governor to be fired. they called for him to be arrested. and they handed out bottled water. because along with the need for accountability and answers, people in flint also need water that's safe to drink and they can't get it out of their taps. we do have some news to report tonight. some breaking news to report tonight from the federal level about this emergency in flint. we have learned today from fema that fema has not received any request for help from governor rick snyder of michigan. fema tells us however they nevertheless have decided to
3:42 am
send two fema staffers to michigan anyway. they have sent fema staffers to the emergency command center that's been set up in the state capital in lansing, to get familiar with what's going on in michigan, just in case rick snyder asks for federal help. unless he asks, fema can't bring in the water buffalo, and they can't provide direct help. at the state level tonight, i -- a spokesperson in the michigan command center told it's too soon to know if michigan should ask for federal help. a spokesperson said she didn't know if the state would decide to start buying bottled water, but the state is going out into flint to find where the bottled water may be in the community if there is any. if they find some they will start moving it around to district points. and here i would like to offer a
3:43 am
clue. there may be water in government stockpiles in flint, but where there's water accessible for human beings in flint is at local charities who have been doing it on their own by themselves with no help from the state. except now maybe the state might think about providing a truck to move that water around. that's their plan for an emergency response. four days in. since we began covering this story a few weeks ago we have received so many requests from our viewers for us to please give you ways to help. we have had so many people tell us they want to do something. that we have decided to put together a list of what we have so far. what we know so far about how you could help if you wanted to. we're usually not in the business of doing this sort of thing, but honestly the requests have been so overwhelming both in number and in passion. so i certainly and we here on the show feel a responsibility to try to help you direct your help to flint if you feel like helping or donating.
3:44 am
we have put together a list, it's at maddow who knows if governor snyder will ever call in the water buffalos for flint. but if you personally want to try to help, boy, has he left you plenty of room to not step on the state's toes while you do it. ight be gearcentric. right now, it's like paying just $9.99 after rewards for this case of paper! office depot officemax. gear up for great. ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies.
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there's a laundry list of rules around gift giving and
3:46 am
receiving for politicians and they're strict when related to lobbyists. apparently though that's no such thing as too strict when it comes to politicians receiving gifts from the lobbyists and the kind of rules that ought to hold sway. meet missouri state legislator bart coreman. he is hoping to close what he sees as a loophole. this is a real bill filed by a real life state government. i'm not making this up. >> well, here it is, house bill 2059. it changes the definition of gift, gift being something that lobbyists often give to lawmakers. now that definition includes sex. >> this new bill in missouri would require lobbyists to report which lawmakers they have shtapped. the term gift shall include sexual relations between a
3:47 am
registered lobbyist and a member of the general assembly or his or her staff. this legislator wants lobbyists in the state to declare their sexual relations as gifts. on their monthly lobbyist disclosure terms. first of all, gift seems to imply it's -- well, the rachel maddow show has no official position on the bill. in the interest of helpfulness if missouri is going to do this they need some updated forms so we went ahead and mocked something up. merely a suggestion. i want to introduce you to the proposed ethics commission sexual rider. there are some differences between this and your run of the mill disclosure form. you have your company and the contact information, home address, telephone number. but also who made contact first. who swiped first or if you're older who texted first or really old, who called first?
3:48 am
because this is a state document and very serious business we need details on who received this gift of love. and also a description, please. height, hair color, maybe a few of the personality traits you liked best about them. this is not the description of the event itself. that would be rude. and besides there's whole separate section for you to draw pictures if you'd like, strictly for ethical purposes. i mean, typically with gifts you have to declare a certain value, some specific dollar amount you would like to assign to your gift. you'll be happy to know that the dollar amount provision by statute would not apply to the new declare which legislator you're with rule. it says that in the bill. quoting from the bill. the reporting of sexual relations for the purposes of this subdivision shall not require a dollar valuation. and thank good for that. in lieu of that section of the form, we've substituted rate your experience. [ laughter ] your government needs to know. all that's left is to list the dates, and sign and it will be
3:49 am
available to the public for their review. this is a real proposal in missouri. hey, lobbyists please declare which members of the legislature you have been with. this is a thing. and if you decide to move forward, missouri, consider this a helpful suggestion. committee meetings are starting next week and you better we'll keep you posted. we promise this story won't be just a one night stand for us. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up
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go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i have been waiting for this since last year. friday night news dump time. wendy mcneil, who is our first news dump player of 2016. >> we have billy demotta from our home state of california, glendale. billy is a casting director. he is originally from san
3:53 am
francisco. he likes to rescue cats. rachel, meet billy. >> billy, it's very nice to meet you. thank you for being here. can you hear me? >> it's great to be here and a pleasure to meet you. >> oh, thank god. >> i can hear you, can you hear me? >> i can hear you. it's working. don't worry. are you -- you are a casting director who rescues cats. we didn't get that backwards. that's the correct alliteration there? >> that's correct. i rescue actors once in a while. >> okay. >> so i'm a casting director who rescues cats. that's correct. >> hard to pronounce, but both worthy endeavors. you're going to get three multiple choice questions all about this week's news. if you get two of them right you'll get this piece of junk. wendy, show everybody. >> this amazing cocktail shaker. >> not so amazing, but it is a cocktail shaker.
3:54 am
yes, it's very small. if you get them all right and you need extra credit or you do poorly, and you need a consolation prize we have something that's been cluttering up our office. tonight's office swag, wendy, is a lot of weird. >> a little weird, but a lot of fun. this happy new year's hat was left behind in our office. someone had a little bit too much fun in our office around new year's. >> just a random happy new year hat. >> yes. >> with a big blue tassel on top. and then we have this from ross' restaurant. you may remember this story. this place in iowa is the place to go on the campaign trail in iowa. it's all of the rage among the candidates. and this hat here, these guys came to the studio. they did our one and only cooking segment with us. >> that's exactly right. if you're a politics nerd and you wear a ross' restaurant hat anytime in the next six weeks around the whole -- leading up to iowa and beyond, people will stop you on the street and laugh out loud because they'll get the joke.
3:55 am
>> nice. i hope i win that hat. >> we also need to bring in the disembodied voice of steve benin. hello, billy. billy, steve. >> good to meet you both. >> hi. >> here's your first question. tuesday's show, we ran a side by side comparison of the presidential campaigns of donald trump in 2016 and alabama governor george wallace in 1968. all but one of the following quotes was said by george wallace in 1968. the other one was said by donald trump. which of these is the trump quote. a, speaking about protesters, there are two four-letter words they don't know. w-o-r-k and s-o-a-p. b, speaking to a protester, you're a little punk. that's all you are. c, again speaking to a protester, you are a loser. you really are a loser. or d, speaking about reporters,
3:56 am
quote, they're more interested in two or three pickets now than thousands of people here, and that's what they show on television. which of those was not said by alabama governor george wallace but was, in fact, said by donald trump? >> i i'm going to say it's the huge number c, you are a loser. >> you are a loser. steve, did billy get that right? >> let's check tuesday's show. >> two four-letter words they don't know. w-o-r-k and s-o-a-p. you're a little punk. they're interested in two or three pickets not the thousands of people here. that's what they show on television. >> you are a loser. you really are a loser. >> billy is not a loser. he's correct. he's 1-1. >> exactly right. a huge winner. got to get two right to win the tiny cocktail shaker. let's go to question two. wednesday show, heart warming story. we reported that the u.s. navy has decided to name a ship after civil rights icon and u.s.
3:57 am
congressman john lewis. not only will there be a ship named after him, they're going to name an entire john lewis class of u.s. navy ships now. what kind of ships is the navy naming for congressman lewis. are they a, hospital ships, b amphibious transport docks, c, replenishment oilers or d, aircraft carriers. >> i know it sounds like a sports team from somewhere, but i think c, replenishment oilers and i hope they win the super bowl this year. >> steve, is that the right answer? >> let's check wednesday's show. >> today the u.s. navy announced a brand-new fleet of these guys, the reflenishment oilers. the next generation of these ships is about to be built. want to know what the first one of them is going to be called? the u.s. naval ship john lewis. >> the correct answer is c, and billy is right again. >> all right, last question.
3:58 am
this is for all the money, or all the hats or whatever. last night's show, we reported on remarks from -- actually again tonight, we reported on remarks from maine's governor paul lepage. remarks that raised some eyebrows. i'm going to play you the first part of his remark ps and then we'll see if you can correctly complete them. here from maine governor paul lepage is the first part. >> now these traffickers, these aren't guys who take the drugs. these have guys named d-money, shifty, they come up from new york, they sell their heroin and then go back home. incidentally, half the time they're -- >> according to governor lepage, half the time these out of state drug traffickers do what? a, they commit an act of gun violence while they're here, b they don't go back home, they set up heroin operations here in maine. c, they get lost on the back roads of our beautiful state.
3:59 am
or d, they impregnate a young white girl before they leave. >> that would be d, impregnate a young, white girl before they leave. >> steve, you got the confirmation for us on that one? >> let's check the cringe-worthy video. >> incidentally, after the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave. >> the correct answer is d, and billy was right once again. >> so disturbing. >> just half the time, by the way. >> only half the time. about half the time, statistics say. wendy, did billy win? >> yes, billy you win the awesome cocktail shaker and the really cool, amazing hat. >> with the weird blue tassel and the ross' restaurant one. >> so i can get drunk and wear the hat. >> yes. although i might recommend putting the hat on first. if you wait until you're drunk, it's awkward. you know how it is. thanks for playing. so nice to meet you. >> thanks for the invitation. it was great to be here.
4:00 am
great meeting you. >> if you want to be a news dumpee, send us an e-mail. we do read our e-mail. tell us who you and why you want to play. 2016 could be your year. "weekends with alex witt" starts right now. >> welcome to "weekends with alex witt." alex is off. i'm todd piro. here's what happening. what lies ahead for the drug lord known as el chapo? and ambushed. surveillance video released of a gunman opening fire on a police officer. the suspect pledged allegiance to isis. the voters have a way of administering a spanking. >> tough talk from ted cruz while donald trump kicks more protesters out of a rally, this while we talk about one of the biggest problems in america


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