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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  January 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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right now, a poll out shows bernie sanders with a lead over hillary clinton. also this morning, the president and vice president are speaking out exclusively to nbc news as we countdown to president obama's final state of the union address and the president attacks gop front runner donald trump. >> can you imagine donald trump standing up one day and delivering a state of the union address? >> well, i can imagine in a saturday night skit. >> we'll have more on what the president said about trump and why our first read team calls tonight's address the president's first campaign speech of the 2016 election
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cycle. plus, joe biden clears up comments he made that some saw as critical of hillary clinton's fight against income inequality. we'll play what mr. biden said. deadly explosion in istanbul in the heart of a busy tourist area. the turkish prime minister said the suicide bomber responsible for the attack was a member of isis. good morning. i'm tamron hall. we begin in iowa where hillary clinton is feeling pressure from a rising bernie sanders. live pictures from iowa state university campus where clinton is locked in a dead heat with senator sanders. she's about to accept endorsement of a major gun control group as she questions sanders' own gun record and clinton is deploying her family on the campaign trail dispatching her daughter to new hampshire for a series of events on her behalf.
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this as i mentioned the new brand new poll out this hour shows bernie sanders is opening up a sizable lead in that state. it all comes amid an escalating war of words between clinton and sanders in iowa yesterday with the first caucus votes if you can believe it now just 20 days away. >> there was a vote in the congress. do we give the gun lobby, the manufacturers and the sellers, absolute immunity from any liability or accountability? president obama and i were both in the senate and we voted no. senator sanders voted yes. >> i think a candidate who was originally thought to be the anointed candidate, to be the inevitable candidate is locked in a difficult race in iowa and in new hampshire.
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obviously in that scenario what people do is start attacking. suddenly bernie sanders is no longer a nice guy and he's wrong on this and wrong on that and wrong on that. that is not surprise ing surpri have a clinton campaign that is now in trouble. >> joe biden this morning reiterated his comment that income inequality is "relatively new issue for hillary clinton." he explained more. >> for the last five years she's been engaged in foreign policy. this is bernie's mantra since he got involved. it was his drum beat. so that's what i met. she's coming up with some very good ideas. bernie is pushing the envelope on this for everyone. >> we kickoff super tuesday
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coverage with kristen welker in ames, iowa, and ron is in new hampshire. you heard bernie sanders say the clinton campaign now in trouble and feels that it's time to attack him. these new numbers out certainly give her supporters some pause. what is bernie sanders doing so right with 20 days out? >> he's appealing to progressives in this state. you heard him talk about the inevitability argument. voters in iowa and new hampshire don't like to think there's an anointed candidate so he's playing into that narrative. it's also worth noting that he has gone up with ads starting in november. over the summer secretary clinton had ad space to herself. that has changed. a number of factors has changed and we see both candidates draw their battle lines more sharply.
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you heard bernie sanders talk about the fact that again she believes that she's the anointed candidate. he's also gone after her on the issue of wall street as you well know. meanwhile, secretary clinton really hammering him on the issue of guns trying to paint him as soft on guns as she did in that sound bite. what's interesting last night she broke with president obama on the issue of those controversial deportation rates. listen to what she had to say. >> i have come out against the raids. i do not think the raids are an appropriate tool to enforce the immigration laws. i think they are divisive. i cannot sit here and tell you hiv a blanket rule about who or won't be let into the country to stay because it has to be done individually by individually. what i don't like are mass roundups and raids that just
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pick people up and send them off in the middle of the night. that should end. >> what you're seeing in those remarks is secretary clinton aligning her selves with democratic challengers who also opposed the deportation raids. we expect that secretary clinton will be endorsed by the brady campaign and that's a significant endorsement as she tries to win and shore up her democratic base here in iowa. a critical state if she wants to win the nomination. >> and it gives her a chance to go after bernie sanders again on his stance regarding the ability to sue gun manufacturers. she has another opening there. thank you. let me bring in ron here. he's in manchester, new hampshire. chelsea clinton will be asecot second event. first time going solo on the election circuit for her mom. >> second event of the day.
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a mix of age groups here. if it's the campaign strategy to dispatch chelsea clinton to the granite state to try to strengthen connection between her mother's campaign and 20 and 30 something voters here in new hampshire, she's got her work cut out for her today because the latest msnbc/"wall street journal" poll shows senator sanders showing a sizable advantage with voters who are likely to come out to the primary four weeks from today who are under 45 years of age. so chelsea being 35, the campaign's hope is she's able to sell her mother's message as effective as her mother. earlier this morning she started the day up in concord talking about early childhood education. a subject now that she's in that arena with a 14-month-old at home and pregnant with her second child due in the summer. she'll end the day with hillary for woman event and if the campaign sees any bump out of her appearance today, i suspect they may send her back here more than once or twice over the next
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28 days. >> thank you very much, ron. let's bring in political correspondent steve kornacki. you have new national numbers. i can't think of any election cycle where every day, steve, the polls are the headlines. every day. >> yeah. welcome to the campaign 2016. more polls out there than ever before including a brand new one out just a few minutes ago. we have some national numbers. the news at this hour is in the state of new hampshire on the democratic side. take a look at this. this is a new poll released two minutes ago. bernie sanders, a double digit lead over hillary clinton in the leadoff primary state of new hampshire in this poll. 53-39. a couple things to keep in mind here. obviously with one poll you always have that outlier risk. a larger margin than you see if you took five more polls. the one thing we can tell you is in the last week there are two polls in new hampshire that show double digit leads for bernie
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sanders. there's also two polls that have this race in single digits including our own nbc poll that has sanders up by four points. you put them all together, we don't know what the margin is but it's fair to say that in new hampshire bernie sanders from the next door state of vermont, always keep that in mind but in new hampshire right now, bernie sanders appears to be ahead of hillary clinton. now, to put that into perspective nationally. we also have out the nbc news online tracking poll where we take this every week. this is a national poll. voters across the country on the democratic side. you see a more comfortable margin for hillary clinton nationally. she leads bernie sanders by 15 points. the story we've been talking about on the democratic side is that sanders is close to clinton in iowa. he appears to be ahead of her by a margin we're not sure by how much he appears to be ahead in new hampshire but when you get beyond those first two states, hillary clinton does enjoy a much larger advantage especially when you get to more diverse states. in new hampshire right now,
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there are some serious warning signs there for the clinton campaign. also, we have the nbc news online tracking poll for the republican side nationally. not a lot of movement here. this is what we've been seeing for a while. donald trump up near 40% nationally. basically doubling up ted cruz. marco rubio the only other republican to break out into double digits right there. so again, that's basically what we've been seeing nationally and when you look at the early state polls on the republican side, it's closer in iowa. >> thank you very much. let's turn now to president obama who is preparing to deliver his final state of the union address this evening. these are exclusive photos the white house provided to nbc news of the president working on that address with top advisers in the oval office over the past couple days. the white house says the president's address will be nontraditional, upbeat and optimistic during an exclusive interview as "today" show was granted unprecedented access at the white house this morning. the president talked about what
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he hopes to accomplish tonight. >> part of what i want to do in this last address is to remind people, you know what? we have a lot of good things going for us. if we can get our politics right, it turns out that we're not as divided on the ideological spectrum as people make us out to be. >> nbc's ron allen joins us live from the white house. what more are we learning beyond the tone of the president's speech? what do we expect to get from him tonight? >> the tone is very important, tamron. the president said we should own the 21st century, america should. it's that sort of lofty message the president will try to convey to what will be his biggest audience left as president. may never speak to a larger group again. he feels he has a very good story to tell despite the numerous polls that show that
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there's widespread disapproval of his performance and that a lot of people think the country is on the wrong track. so he's going to talk about the economy. jobs being created. he's going to talk about the auto industry coming back. he's going to talk about health care being provided to more people now than ever before. on the foreign side, he'll talk about cuba opening and talk about the iran deal and asia pacific trade deal. on that side there are blemishes and the wars in iraq and afghanistan are still going on. guantanamo bay is still open and there are relations with israel which have never been worse and tension with russia. i don't think he'll get into a lot of specifics like that. this is certainly not a list of policy prescriptions that he wants congress to fulfill because he knows they're not going to do anything. he's going to talk about broad themes and optimist and 21st century and the challenges that america faces and about the next generation and of course this is also an effort by the president to remain relevant because after
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this speech we move right into the campaign season, the heart of it,hen second term presidents traditionally disappear into the background and he does not want to. he wants to be out there. that's another objective in this speech to say i'm still here and i have things i want to do. >> you point out presidents of past, the job approval ratings for last four-term presidents before their final state of the union address, president obama right now around 47%. contrast that with george w. bush who was at 34%. and much higher bill clinton at 64%. but president obama's chief of staff was quoted as saying the president's message will be a contrast to the doom and gloom that republicans are "peddling" right now. the white house says it's not a victory lap but it's a reminder as you have donald trump saying he wants to make america great again that there have been great
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successes under this administration. >> reporter: a lot of disapproval has to do with some sectors of the economy. while jobs have been created, people feel insecure about their own personal circumstance and their own finances and their ability to provide for their children. and there's also a lot of insecurity in the country because of the threat of terrorism. the shocking attack in san bernardino and paris and the fact that isis is still out there and there's a lot of disapproval and a lot of doubt about the president's ability to handle the threat that the country faces because of terrorism. so those are just a couple of things that contribute to this feeling. you're right. the president feels like he has a great story to tell. that's what this is about tonight. >> we should note the first lady in her box will leave a seat open for victims of gun violence and she'll also be joined by syrian refugee. certainly part of the conversation and tie into the president's address. thank you so much. joining us live, u.s. air force
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staff sergeant spencer stone. he'll be among first lady michelle obama's guests at tonight's state of the union address. you'll certainly remember he and his friends made worldwide headlines in august when they leaped into action and subdued a gunman on a paris bound train in france preventing a mass shooting. they were honored in president by french president hollande and at the white house by president obama and sergeant stone is with us now. thank you for your time. we greatly appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. let me first get your reaction to being placed in this honorable spot of attending the state of the union and being there with the first lady in the box. >> obviously it's an honor. i'm really excited to be here. i'm glad that i get to be a part of his last address and it's just a great feeling. >> we just heard our reporter there and you know better than anyone else regarding the threat
8:16 am
of isis and threat of terrorism having served this country and also being on that train that fateful day. you've seen it from two perspectives that none of us could ever perhaps imagine there. the president says that there have been times that he perhaps did not recognize the fear that every day americans feel as it relates to terrorism. what would you like to hear from him today? >> you know, i would just like to hear that i agree with him. we've made great accomplishments over the past couple years. and we have nothing to fear. you know, what will happen will happen. we just have to stand strong and united as a country like we have been and keep pushing forward. >> we're looking at the images of you and your friends being honored by the president at the white house. tell me a little bit about the phone call you received or that you got when you got the news that you would be with the first lady. >> i was actually driving into work about 6:00 in the morning. bad weather.
8:17 am
i had them call me back believe it or not. and then so i had about 30 minutes to think about what the white house was calling me for. they called me back when i pulled into work and i had a good day from there. i was pretty excited. >> i love you were driving and had presence of mind to know you didn't need to drive and take a call from the white house. >> i've been too close to death. i know better. >> this is why we love you, sergeant, so much. keeping it real here. also, in that attack you lost a finger. it could have been far worse. do you reflect back on that day often? have you been able to put it in perspective your role in it all and the continued concern that have the threat of isis or any other terror group? >> yeah, well i almost lost my finger. i got to keep it. the surgeons in fans are very good at what they do. professionals. i reflect on it almost every
8:18 am
single day. did not happen that long ago even though it seems like it did. and my role was the spark and as long as when those situation happen, somebody has to create that spark and enable everyone else around them to snap out of it and help out because at the end of the day first responders are there and they're very competent and very good at protecting and doing what they do but there's a gap between when the attack happens and first responders can get there and general public needs to be prepared to step up and take action. >> i know when you return to the u.s. you received a purple heart. the airman's medal. a promotion to staff sergeant and tonight you'll be at the state of the union address. thank you so much for your service and just being an e exemplary person. stay with msnbc for coverage of the state of the union.
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now i want to update you on another breaking story we've been following this morning out of turkey. officials are now blaming a member of isis for a deadly explosion at a popular tourist spot in istanbul. ten people were killed and 15 others hurt in that blast this morning. you see that huge fireball caught on camera erupting at the scene. turkish officials say most of the dead were foreign tourists. nbc news has learned most of them were german. our own richard engel joins me from istanbul with the latest. what else are we learning about this person responsible for the attack or persons? >> reporter: well, first of all, a senior turk official just said that all ten of those who were killed are believed to be german nationals. so as it stands right now, it was ten victims of this suicide attack who died plus the suicide attacker. he's been identified as a syrian national. a man born in 1988 but who was
8:20 am
originally born in saudi arabia. he was a member of isis. another turkish official said he recently entered turkey from syria but that he wasn't on any particular watch list. he walked into this location or drove into this location but he was on foot when the blast went off. there were some reports he was following this turkish tour group and then when they approached the heart of tourist istanbul, the location between the blue mosque and hagia sophia, viewers will know personally if they've been there. the most photographed spot in this entire city. as this turkish tour group was visiting this spot, the suicide bomber detonated his explosive killing ten germans and injuring
8:21 am
15 others. many of them are set to be germans although they were at least one peruvian as well according to officials. >> richard engel with the latest on this attack. thank you for the update. coming up, "rolling stone" releases the full interview with el chapo tied to sean penn as we get a new look inside his safe house and daring raid that led to his capture. and this -- >> our children are in that building breathing this day in and day out. >> a teacher sickout is forces 20 schools to close in detroit for a second day. it's one of the stories we're updating around the "news nation." we'll be right back. . toenail fungus!? whaaat?!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine... ...used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. jublia is workin' it! most common side effects include...
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developing news to report. "rolling stone" released the full 17-minute interview conducted with notorious mexican drug lord el chapo guzman shortly before he was captured. the magazine previously released just two minutes of that interview with guzman answering questions submitted by actor sean penn after their secret meeting. in the full version, el chapo talks in spanish about freedom, life and death. nbc gabe gutierrez joins us now. gabe, you toured the safe house. i understand there was also a tunnel there that he at least
8:26 am
attempted to use but clearly was not successful. >> reporter: hi there, tamron. it was incredible to see the safe house here. it really showed you how bloody of a firefight this was. the heavy firepower involved in this in that early morning raid on friday as you walk in to the house, you can see a window was shattered. there was blood still on the floor as we walked into the kitchen there was utter chaos. items strewn everywhere from mundane, clothes and to-go orders of food but when you walk upstairs there was a wall that was riddled with bullets and there was even what appeared to be an explosion on the floor possibly from a grenade. as we walked into the rooms, these bedrooms where el chapo and his men supposedly lived, one interesting detail in one of the bedrooms there was several dvd copies of a movie starring
8:27 am
mexican soap opera star kate del castillo who was the one that brokered the secret meeting between sean penn and el chapo. there was acknowledgement there in those dvd copies that his men was interested in kate del castillo. when you go downstairs it got really interesting. in the first floor bedroom there was a secret wall of sorts. a secret passageway with a sophisticated locking system. as you opened it, it went downstairs into a tunnel. this was not just some low grade makeshift tunnel. this was obviously professionally done. there were wood panels. there was power in that tunnel. and it led to the city's drainage system and that is where el chapo and his top lieutenant were able to walk down this tunnel into feet full of water and come out the other side about a mile and a half away. they emerged from that tunnel they flagged someone down, stole
8:28 am
that car, that person called in a tip to police but this time the escape was not successful and authorities tracked them down. >> incredible to see that video. thank you very much. just moments ago the mother of a texas teenager known as the affluenza teen was released on bond after it was dropped from $1 million. it's one of the stories that we're updating for you this morning around the "news nation" and hillary clinton is facing tightening polls in iowa. these are live pictures of her in iowa right now speaking. her daughter chelsea is in new hampshire. but also she's facing the attacks on her husband's history. up next, i'll get new reaction from a key member of bill clinton's white house. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson.
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>> we are back with a live look inside the auditorium with hillary clinton is holding a
8:32 am
campaign event in iowa. one of two events she's holding in the hawkeye state today. a moment ago she picked up a big endorsement from the brady campaign. >> i am so deeply touched and incredibly honored to have the brady campaign endorsement in this presidential election. i really thank dan. the many people who work with them and support them. this is as you heard from both of them, incredibly personal. >> again that endorsement from the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. it comes as clinton sees her lead in iowa shrink significantly with less than three weeks to go before the caucuses. it's the same story we see in polling out of new hampshire where chelsea clinton is this morning rallying voters for the first time this year solo. she's set to speak at an organizing event later this hour. let me bring in the former white
8:33 am
house special counsel to president clinton who has endorsed hillary clinton. >> endorse is a strange word since i go back to law school when hillary clinton's last name was rodham. >> we know your history as it relates to bill clinton who donald trump has chosen to start attacking regarding his past. you have seen "the washington post" op-ed saying that bill clinton's history may be fair game in this year's presidential election as hillary clinton deploys him as a surrogate. it also seems that the person who could pay the biggest price for bill clinton's alleged mistreatment of women would be his wife. your ties to the clintons, especially bill clinton as special counsel, what's your reaction to this now? >> it's pretty odd for trump to think he'll gain mileage by two things that are odd.
8:34 am
one, bill clinton went through all of those charges and publicly apologized for his own issues in the '90s. when he left office on his last day, he had a 65% approval rating and he's probably the most popular person on the planet and trump thinks that he's going to get mileage by attacking who? bill clinton? and the second thing is does he really think that women in america will like him attacking the husband when it pertains to the wife? i'm not sure what his connection is. so in either ways, i don't think it's going to work. it's old news. been there, done that. it's not a good idea. >> do you think it's fair game when you hear comments like this from trump and in this op-ed when they say what's the real difference between bill clinton and bill cosby. >> so, again, number one, it's a ridiculous analogy just like mr. trump disparaging john mccain.
8:35 am
why we take anything that man says seriously, that's who you just quoted. hillary clinton is running for president and he's attacking bill clinton and making ridiculous comparisons about bill clinton. what does that have to do with hillary clinton? again, if i'm a woman and i hear trump attacking a husband as a reason for not voting for a wife, bill clinton is popular. he's already been through all of those ridiculous analogies and came out with a 65% approval rating. so those people who were too young to remember will know that bill clinton remains one of the most popular people since he left the presidency as well as when he was president. >> let's talk about some of the polls out and perhaps you can explain what you believe is happening here in new hampshire and iowa. bernie sanders certainly leading at least in one news poll. you have him at 53% in new hampshire. the iowa number also shows a
8:36 am
surging bernie sanders. if you average them in he's within the margin of error or topping her in the polls. right now, senator sanders is saying the clinton campaign is attacking him basically out of fear that things have gone wrong for them. what's your reaction? >> well, first of all, from day one i have a regular column for "the hill." i said it wouldn't surprise me if bernie sanders won both iowa and new hampshire. hillary clinton has tremendous strength in south carolina and nevada and in big states and we're going all of the way to the end as we did in '08 with a competitive primary. i'm not surprised that bernie sanders is in a tight race with hillary clinton. we've all been saying that. the media never believed it. >> we believed it and covered his surge and in new hampshire no one is surprised. what i'm asking at this point, she's been on the campaign trail and talking about income inequality and hitting home the issue of guns right now at the brady event. something that she is different
8:37 am
from bernie sanders on as it relates to being able to sue gun manufacturers. with that said, his proximity to new hampshire is explained but what's going on in iowa here? >> well, iowa has been traditional state that doesn't like media polls to anoint a winner and the front runner gap almost always closes. i go way back to iowa. i expect it to be by an eyelash one way or another. in new hampshire every poll with neighboring state senator almost always winning the new hampshire primary. vermont, massachusetts, neighboring state senators. bernie sanders has been ahead by 10 or 15 points in every poll in new hampshire until recently yet the word surge is used in iowa. somehow you didn't use the word surge about hillary clinton now closing the gap in new hampshire when as recently as a week ago senator sanders was ahead by double digits. >> that's a fair point. let me ask you about senator
8:38 am
sanders now saying the campaign is panicked and that's why he's now being attacked on guns. >> well, that's funny because i have a great deal of respect for senator sanders and i have consistently said he's a great man and i appreciate the kind of campaign he stands for and his progressive record. but when hillary clinton identifies a serious issue difference, that's not what i would call an attack. i don't think neither would senator sanders. he used a word he didn't mean. >> he used the word attack. you can't say he didn't mean it. that's what he said. >> if you ask senator sanders, he would say i am talking about their decision to point out difference on issues. there's no personal attack here by hillary clinton. they respect each other. let me just remind you that it is true that senator sanders has supported immunizing gun manufacturers and has consistently done so and to this day has never said he would
8:39 am
support secretary clinton's position. he also opposed background checks and changed his mind but when hillary clinton voted for the iraq war and subsequently said it's a mistake, he thinks that doesn't do it for him. he's changed his mind about the brady bill. the reason that secretary clinton got this endorsement is a simple fact that senator sanders opposed background checks. now, recently he's changed his mind and i applaud him. that's not an attack on him. i admire the man greatly. it's simply stating a fact that there's been an issue difference on guns and he represented a constituency in vermont that was very pro-gun and that's how he's explained it. i don't blame him for that. >> let me get one more quote in from him directly. senator sanders said it could be the inevitable candidate for the democratic nomination may not be so inevitable today. >> he's absolutely right. the only word inevitable ever used is by the media. you never heard that word out of hillary clinton, out of me, out
8:40 am
of anyone from the campaign. it's the media that describes her as inevitable. there's no inevitable candidate. senator sanders is competitive. he's run a great campaign. senator clinton is the more qualified in my opinion. it will be a tight race. whoever gets the nomination, i hope it will be hillary clinton, will be stronger if there is competition than if there's no competition at all. >> thank you so much for joining me. greatly appreciate it. up next, i'll talk live with dnc chair debbie wasserman-schultz about her special guest at tonight's state of the union. we'll have the latest on her guest and impact show hopes to have. we'll be right back. why blend in with the crowd? why shy away from the extraordinary? why fit in, when you were born to stand out?
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8:44 am
relations. the request was made in a letter sent to house democrats last month from dnc chair debbie wasserman-schultz and congressman keith ellison. deborah wasserman-schultz joins me along with her guest tonight. thank you both for joining us. it's interesting i'm sure for you and amazing to be in this moment. let me start by asking about the invitation and why you chose to accept it. >> it's a great honor and privilege as an american to come to the oldest and greatest democratic institution in the world. this is where it all happened. our founding fathers meat this great document that we revere and honor and this is a monument to our founding fathers with courage and will and foresite to make a great nation against force of superpower like
8:45 am
britain. this is a privilege. i'm so excited to be here. thank you. >> chairwoman, let me ask you about the overall point here. i know we have bring our daughters to work day. bring our children to work today to expose them. on the flip side, you want to remind your colleagues of importance of inclusion in the very building that you're standing in. >> absolutely. let me just correct you, tamron. i invited the doctor as a member of congress. he's a constituent of mine and a friend so in my capacity as a member of the u.s. house i extended the invitation and did so because i've been appalled as so many constituents have been appalled at the hatred and the appalling reaction of some towards muslims and muslim americans and i felt for me as a member of a minority religion
8:46 am
myself, we need to make sure that we can push back hard on that hatred and say absolutely not. not in the united states of america. these are not american values. no better way than to invite muslim american constituents to join us for the most significant speech that is given by the president of the united states all year long and the greatest democratic institution in the world. >> as you mentioned, you sent this letter in your capacity as a member of congress and not as part of the dnc. did you only send it to democrats? no. we sent it to both democrats and republicans in the u.s. house and the senate. unfortunately at least as far as i know, we only got acceptance of our invitation from democrats. >> what would you like to hear the overall message conveyed by
8:47 am
your presence and many other muslim americans tonight? >> this is a testimony to our nation that when this nation was forged, it was with judaism, christianity and muslims together. african-americans were brought to america. they were muslims but had to adopt the religion of their masters and muslims came together. the first country that recognized our nation was m morocco. we have great relationship with faith of islam. and it's not the faith that's bad. it's those doing things in the name of islam and our country should not go on a tangent and vilify people. we can't do that. we have to learn to live together. this is a phenomenal salad bowl of people of different cultures. we are all immigrants even the american indians came 10,000 years ago from asia. so our founding fathers were
8:48 am
british immigrants but they are all settled here and made this home. we have together made home muslims regular americans law abiding citizens and lowest crime rate and hard working and contributing members of society. how can we in any sanity vilify them. doesn't make any sense. >> beautiful words. thank you so much. congratulations on being able to attend the state of the union. congresswoman debris wasserman-schultz, thank you for your time as well. >> thanks for having us. >> coming up, savannah guthrie asks vice president joe biden if he thinks donald trump can be elected president? >> i think it's possible. i hope he doesn't. >> more of the exclusive interview inside the white house. it's part of this morning's first read on politics with our senior political editor mark murray. we'll be right back. ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪.
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developing now, live pictures from ames, iowa. moments ago hillary clinton taking on bernie sanders again regarding his position on guns. let's take a listen. >> i find it kind of interesting, you know, he always whenever i say you know, you voted against the brady bill five times, you voted for what
8:56 am
the nra said was the biggest nra priority, giving them immunity. he says well, i'm from vermont. pat leahy, the other senator from vermont, voted against immunity for the gun lobby so no, that's not an explanation. >> joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray with some perspective on this. we spoke with clinton supporter lannie davis earlier about this line of attacks. bernie sanders says exactly what we are hearing now from hillary clinton is because they see things going wrong in the latest polling out of new hampshire and iowa. >> i think it's a couple reasons. one, we are seeing a very tight competitive contest in iowa and new hampshire. it is crunch time. polls are close. you end up seeing attacks being made. i also think there's one other reason and explanation for what's going on and that is hillary clinton is bernie sanders' making electability argument saying if you can't deflect these type of attacks
8:57 am
from me when it comes to guns, can you denekt tflect the attac coming your way if you are the nominee from the republican party. that does it for this hour of "msnbc live." i'm tamron hall. up next, andrea mitchell speaks with nancy pelosi live from capitol hill. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools.
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attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at there are no existential threats facing us but if we made some good choices now, whoever the president is, whoever is controlling the next congress, there's no reason why we shouldn't own the 21st century. >> right now on a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" live from capitol hill, in nine hours, barack obama will enter the house chambers to deliver his last state of the union address. in the middle of a heated campaign to choose his successor. >> and i'm


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