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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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interest rates in the u.s. and the downdraft seeing in oil is creating dislocations in countries and the united states with boom towns go bust because of low prices and adding up to concern about the current state of the economy. >> all right. ron, thank you for keeping an eye on it for us. let's turn to correspondent olivia sterns. olivia, we have been watching the declines for dais now and you've been saying today that this is not just oil, right? that is variety of factors. >> oil is a big part of it, of course. oil down today alone 6.5%. that's the drop in the price of west texas intermediate trading below $27. this means, kate, you can now buy two gallons of gasoline at the pump for the price of one gallon of milk. the plunge is huge and what's happening is energy is actually a big part of our economy. so when the price of oil comes down, all the big energy companies have to slash their
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budgets, they have to invest less in new products and lay off thousands of workers and has all sorts of knock-on consequences. in 2015, when we saw the price of energy come down there are about 100,000 layoffs in the energy sector. in fact, the only sector in the economy that actually saw job losses because we have all been talking about how happy to have 5% unemployment. guess what. in the energy patch they're laying people off. oil is a big factor. another big factor watching and nervous about is overseas, the selloff we're seeing in chinese equities still pretty wildly valued and worried wondering if that's a reflection of the chinese economy slowing down. that's bad news for big american companies that export into china. we also the csmi global benchmark. it's down 20% or more from the most recent peak and there's a global selloff in equities and u.s. investors biting their
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nails thinking, if everybody's worried about global growth, that's got to be bad for the big american international stocks and the final piece of this ron referencing, the central bank. far couple of years we had an incredible bull run in the stock market. we saw the stock market triple. that doesn't really happen. we had almost 80 straight months without a 10% correction. now we're seeing much bigger swings. much bigger ups and downs in the markets and one reason because until the fed started to raise rates in december you saw the head of the central bank come out and the dow selling off 400 saying, don't worry. we'll be accommodative meaning we'll keep ultra low interest rates and the fed starting to raise rates and a lot of investors say the return of volatility is a normal thing and it's more normal to have a correction every couple of years. >> all right. olivia, thanks so much. if you're watching at home,
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you're probably wondering what it says about the overall economy, maybe your retirement savings and joined by "the new york times" domestic correspondent josh barrow with us. we've been watching, down all day. as an outsider not a business person is that are the fundamentals of the economy still strong. >> i don't think people know, i don't think investors know and why there's been so much volatility. people trying to figure out what olivia was getting at. we have weakness all over the world. i'd add in europe with the political difficulty there is to be enormous economic problems for the continent breaking up the eu. the u.s. looks at this situation where the jobs report looks good. most of the other economic data looks good. a couple of worrying signs like a weak retail sales number but pretty okay here and what people don't know is can we sustain that and have reasonably robust economic growth with the trouble around us in the world? i think investors are worried that, no, that's going to end up
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being a significant problem and strong dmix demand, companies can't export as much and weakens demand. >> nearing retirement, they're looking at the number down more than 300 and thinking about the retirement savings, 401(k). i know once you near retirement you should be in things that aren't as volatile. >> right. >> but still 2009, people took a hit. >> absolutely. >> could this be a resneet. >> yeah, no. as you say, yeah, you're supposed to shift and there are all sorts of reasons people don't fully do that. because of the weird market for a few years bonds barely pay you anything anymore. people are already nervous that they don't have enough wealth for retirement and holding on to stocks hoping for strong retur s s on them. when the market does this, the wealth can evaporate. the right time to derisk before the stock market falls.
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>> too late. >> right. make sure your aloe case is right, make sure you have the right of risk you should have had and if we go through a really bad stock market decline, a lot of people are faced with choices like retiring later or working more years or cutting the consumption so they can save more of the income. none of those are appealing choices but consumers can't directly control how their investments do and only their income and consumption. >> josh, good to have you with us. we'll keep an eye on the markets all hour. going to the closing bell at 4:00 p.m. eastern time, the top of the next hour and see where the dow lands today. i want to turn to the other big story of the day, politics. trump-palin show rolling through oklahoma this afternoon after her big endorsement last night an it's bill clinton to the rescue yet again. the former president returns to new hampshire where new poll finds his wife down 27 points to bernie sanders in that state. also, marco rubio allies talk about a so-called 3-2-1 strategy
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to win the economy. we'll begin with the republican fronter donald trump who a short time ago appeared on stage in oklahoma alongside former oklahoma governor sarah palin. >> are you ready for a commander who will allow us to make america great as he leads the charge for us? are you ready to finally secure our border so that we can secure our homes and our jobs? are you ready to stump for trump? >> after palin's rousing introduction, time for donald trump himself to rally the crowd. >> if i don't win, i'm not talking about winning primaries. i'm talking about winning the presidency for you. for you. it all doesn't matter. okay? it all doesn't matter.
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it -- [ chanting ] thank you. so nice. thank you. you hear from the roar. you say, man, that's a lot of people. okay? but we have a packed house. amazing. wow. amazing. >> nbc's kerry sanders is out there in tulsa, oklahoma, with the trump campaign where it's stale little noisy. kerry, a lot different feel today than last night. >> reporter: absolutely. well, sarah palin came out and was warmly embraced by the crowd here. 10,000 plus people. you can hear them cheering right now as donald trump is speaking. it clearly is a sign that they like the idea of the support that sarah palin has thrown to donald trump. one of the things she said during her speech here is that they don't like it when people go rogue and today talking about the republican party
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establishment. she says she knows something about that and donald trump knows something about that. and that it's time for the republican party to recognize where this is going. now, there are those people here solid trump supporters but not necessarily those who love sarah palin. we spoke to some of them and this is what they had to say. >> i personally like her. but i understand that that -- i mean, it might affect -- it might affect it because there are people that don't like her. >> i think sarah palin coming out speaking sends a strong message that the country's becoming unified behind a candidate and the women are standing behind that candidate, as well. >> if you support her, you're going to back her choices. you believe -- >> reporter: how about you? >> i -- it doesn't affect me either way. >> i'm not a big sarah palin fan so it makes no difference to me. >> reporter: why? what is it about her? >> i have never liked her. i just -- i don't like her a.
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>> reporter: just curious, not a sarah palin fan, do you remain a trump fan? >> i do, yes. >> reporter: there you hear it. some people not necessarily swayed by sarah palin, it's not going to turn them out to donald trump. you're going to hear the music here. just cranked up. the rally here is beginning to wind down now. donald trump has left the podium. no doubt with sarah palin now off to our side. where it's expected they'll be mingling with some of the 10,000 people here doing as they have done in the past or at least donald trump has done signing some autographs. one of the things he needs to do is appeal to evangelicals and what he said here at oral roberts university, a rather conservative university, he said there's an assault on christianity, on guns. we are going to stop the assault. clearly playing to the crowd, sending a message, one that sarah palin clearly said before and one that sarah palin maybe
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has a louder voice with that particular audience. i think what summed it up is she said to the crowd hallelujah and they responded. kate? >> kerry, another headline from the event. palin discussed her son track which is in the news the last couple of days. this is what she had to say about his recent trouble with the law. >> i can talk personally about this. i guess it's kind of an elephant in the room. because my own family going through what we're going through today with my son, a combat vet, having served a striker brigade, fighting for you all, america, in the war zone. but my son like so many others, they come back a bit different. they come back hardened. they come back wondering if there is that respect for what it is that their fellow soldiers and airmen and every other member of the military, so sacrificially, have given to this country. >> kerry, her 26-year-old son
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was arrested and charged on monday night with interfering with the report of domestic violence, possession of a firearm rile intoxicated and assault on his girlfriend. those are all misdemeanor charges. we should just note. that's the first time we heard her address it. she called it the elephant in the room, right? >> reporter: that's what she called it. indeed it is. there's so many shades of gray here. you and i both have spent fair amount of time talking to people who have returned from service in conflict and they do change. some people handle it well. others don't. sarah palin seemed to suggest today that there is a direct link and as any psychologist and post traumatic stress disorder specialist tells you, it takes a long time to get to the answer of whether one affected the other and she addressed the elephant in the room. >> kerry sanders in oklahoma, thanks so much. while trump and palin held court in oklahoma, ted cruz
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continued the bus tour in new hampshire today where among other things he was questioned about his opposition to the renewable fuel standard. that's an unpopular stance in iowa, particularly among farmers and ethanol producers, the issue that caused i with's republican governor yesterday to come out against ted cruz. here's how cruz addressed it today. >> my position has not changed one iota. which is my view on energy, we talked about it just a minute ago, is there should be no mandates, no subsidies whatsoever for any energy source, whether ethanol or oil or gas or anything else. i'm the only major candidate in iowa taking that position. that's like coming up to new hampshire saying, i'm for the broncos. just yesterday, donald trump promised not only to protect the ethanol mandate, but to expand it. every one of us seen politicians that tell one group one thing and tell another group another thing. and we know what happens. >> also in the granite state
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today, three establishment candidates seeking endorsements while addressing the new hampshire house of representatives. among them, florida senator marco rubio who according to rubio allies settled on a so-called 3-2-1 strategy to win the nomination. that's three for coming in third in iowa, two for coming in second in new hampshire and then one winning the first southern primary in south carolina. nbc's hallie jackson standing by in concord, new hampshire. what are people saying about this so-called 3-2-1 strategy and whether that's a real strategy? >> reporter: well, a couple of things about this, kate. it's a catchy way of talking about it. not particularly new and reporting over a few weeks, when you look at the reality on the ground, right? when you look at the poll numbers are, it's clear that trump and cruz doing well in iowa. okay? in new hampshire you have trump with a double digit lead right now and could be affected by iowa and an establishment candidate i think the sense is that you look at that, when's
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opening? so if you are a marco rubio, you cannot lose at any point in those first two states to chris christie, john kasich or jeb bush and naturally put you in third or second, a strong second which would be surprising in iowa. maybe a second in new hampshire. or even third as long as you're beating out the rest of the establishment lane and then potentially after that picking up enough momentum and support, excuse me, from the establishment lane, that you can then continue to do well in places like south carolina and in places like nevada which hold their nominated contests after that. as for whether it's effective, it's more complicated than donald trump if you win iowa and new hampshire, you are in good shape after that. you mentioned the establishment candidates here today. i had a chance to talk with marco rubio about this. here's what the senator had to say. a lot of talk about the strategy, third place in iowa, second in new hampshire s. that enough to say you're fighting for third and second? >> i don't think that's the strategy. the strategy is to do as well as we can.
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our real strategy is to undo the damage barack obama did to america. >> reporter: there you see marco rubio doing something he so often does in the campaign, pivot to the democrats and foift what he hopes will be the general election matchup of himself and hillary clinton. rubio out with new video today taking aim at clinton, a strategy that we have seen him employ in the past. >> as we wait, we have the little box in the corner waiting for president obama to speak in detroit and let me ask you about the others. jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich and ted cruz all in the granite state today. >> reporter: yeah. >> where a es the momentum right now for any of them? >> reporter: yeah. busy day up here in new hampshire, kate. right now it appears as though from folks from on our team on the ground, john kasich is having a moment here in new hampshire. he picked up endorsements from several newspapers. he seems to be doing sort of better on an upswing on some polls and some are an aberration
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and getting more energy from the crowds pulling at the events. i had the chance again across the street at the state house, i cornered governor kasich. >> do you think you can break through and win the state in. >> well, look. i mean, we have risen pretty high here and shocking most people but we are not shocked because we have been plucking away and working and we have a lot of people who are disciples of the darkness and i'm actually the prince of the light. i think that we can lift the country and solve problems and we have a great time in our town halls. we're very positive about things. and so, at the end of the day, you know, the ski's the limit for us. >> reporter: so, kasich explaining the kind of campaign he wants to run, he believes he is running. something that is more optimi optimist optimistic. he hasn't seen quite the onslaught of outside groups issuing attack ads that some
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others have had to fend off in the state. >> hallie jackson, thanks so much. let's talk about the democrats now. bill clinton was back on the campaign trail holding an event on behalf of his wife in concord, new hampshire, this afternoon. first time, he drew some sharp contrasts between hillary clinton and her primary opponent bernie sanders. never quite using his name. >> hillary's opponent said this is called by wall street and billionaires. and if we just break up the big banks and tax them billionaires of millionaires and give you free health care and education all will be well. on health care, hillary thinks we should remember how important the affordable care act is. her opponent says we should scrap that and go to a single payer system. >> that comes as a new poll shows clinton and shows sanders rather with the biggest lead yet in the granite state in new
12:18 pm
hampshire. according to the survey by wmur and cnn, sanders is ahead of clinton in new hampshire by a full 27%. in the nation's first primary. kristen welker is live in new hampshire for us. kristen, sure looks like a direct correlation of the poll we showed and what bill clinton is saying on the trail. >> reporter: there's no doubt that the clinton campaign is feeling the heat. former president clinton starting on the campaign trail was really pretty muted in terms of going after senator sanders and focused on making case for secretary clinton, talking about her escobar appearance. today we saw a bit of a shift. he started to focus more on senator sanders and never mentioned his name and very clear who he was talking about and he focused on this electability argument, making the case that secretary clinton stronger candidate to face off against clins in a general election. he also brought up the issue of flint, michigan. the crisis there over the water.
12:19 pm
that is obviously an issue that's impacting a large minority community. take a listen to what he had to say about that. >> when her opponent asked to comment on it, look, he genuinely cared about it just like she did. his heart was in the right place. he was outraged. who wouldn't be? he said the governor should resign. what she always thinks about first is what can i do to make it better. >> reporter: so there you have the former president trying to draw a sharp distinction between senator sanders and secretary clinton over this issue that is very important to voters, particularly to minority voters and that's an area by the way where senator sanders does struggle and that could hurt him in a state like south carolina or nevada, for example. state that is are bigger and more diverse. interestingly, kate, we saw another shift in strategy. mostly coming from clinton surrogates who today tried to really highlight the socialist
12:20 pm
part of the sanders platform. and argue that that makes him unelectable. i talked to one ar dant clinton supporter who said there's some concern that that tactic could backfi backfire, using labels could alienate sanders voters. >> kristen welker in new hampshire, as well, thanks so much. we're waiting for that event to begin shortly in detroit. that's president obama set to speak at the uaw gm center for human resources and bring it for you and more on the state of the race in new hampshire. just 20 days ahead of the primaries and we continue to watch the markets ahead of the bell. the down dow just under 200 points at the home. rebounding slightly from earlier. stay with us.
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jarks with her poll numbers slipping in new hampshire and iowa? hillary clinton is out with a new ad in the early states touting her experience. >> the senator who helped a city rise again. the secretary of state who stood up for america. and stared down hostile leaders around the world is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job. >> joining me now from man chest, new hampshire, time correspondent phillip eliot, he is a veteran journalist that covered multiple presidential campaigns. good to see you, phil. >> hi, kate. >> hi. we'll talk about republicans, as well. i want to start with the democrats. you've seen the new poll out of new hampshire that doesn't look good at all for hillary clinton. has she lost the state? >> she hasn't. they're fickle. they like to wait until the very end. looking at the exit polls of four years ago half of the voters in the state didn't make up their mind until the end and
12:25 pm
full 1 in 5 of them made the decision in the day. this is the state that goes very late and things are not lost here for hillary clinton or for anyone who's not named donald trump really. >> by the way, dunkin 'donuts and not starbucks, right? >> yes. it's forbidden here. >> hallie jackson reporting how they're courting endorsements up there at the state capitol today. do endorsements matter this much? >> they really do. 400 me believes in the state house here and hard to walk down the street without finding a former member of the state house or legislature. every one of the state rep and senators have a kingdom and the voters take the cue from the neighbor that is are elected officials so lining up these local endorsements matters more
12:26 pm
in the early states than a national party chairman or a committee chairman that really no one has heard of outside of c-span or msnbc. >> i want to play a little bit of john kasich of today. our reporters on the ground up there in new hampshire have been telling us they're seeing a mini surge in terms of interest and people showing up for his events. this is what he had to say about his record in iowa. >> a third year that i was there the republicans won the majority but the democrats still controlled the ohio house. and that's when i learned it's better to get along than to fight. it's better to solve problems than spend your time arguing with one another. what's the point of service if you don't achieve anything? >> better to get along, phil. that could not be more opinion zit from what donald trump and ted cruz are saying. is that going to pay off in new hampshire, though? does that appeal to new hampshire voters? >> it might. more than democrats or
12:27 pm
republicans here, the largest single voting bloc are the independent voters and these independents on election day can decide to vote in the democratic or republican primary. so you've got a huge swath of voters who can really wake up on primary day on february 9th and decide if they're republican or democrat. and if you're john kasich and not going to beat donald trump at his own game, why not make a play for the sensible middle here? there's a pragmatism to the new hampshire voter that might, might work for him. but to keep -- when i spoke with kasich on monday, he was also taking cheap shots at a former ohio democratic party chairman and preaching by bipartisanship calling him out as an obstructionist and john kasich has the sharp elbows. let's not pretend he's a no-labels candidate. >> good to know. that's good context. filip with "time," thanks so
12:28 pm
much for being with us. >> thanks. the refugee debate hits capitol hill. the senate just blocked a house bill that would have frozen all syrian and iraqi refugees from entering this country until the government revamped the screening process. we'll heat to the capital for the details on that next. [ music ]
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defiance is in our bones. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. 3:30 eastern time now and waiting for president obama to speak in detroit following the appearance at the auto show there and waiting for the president we are following a busy day on capitol hill. moments ago, the senate voted not to advance the syrian refugee bill in a key procedural vote. this is called the safe act. it had already passed the house an effectively shut down the refugee program for those coming from iraq and syria until the government could certify that those refugees don't pose a security risk. let's bring in nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert.
12:32 pm
this is a bill that passed the house. senate taking it up today and what happened? >> reporter: well, kate, thank you for having me on. there's life outside of the campaign trail although marco rubio and ted cruz showed up for this vote which shows you that the trail and congress always interconnected and this is a piece of legislation that passed the house back in november. it had a veto proof majority in the house. 289 votes, 47 democrats. what it would do is essentially say that any refugee coming from syria or iraq would essentially have to be signed off on by the head of homeland security jeh johnson. folks in the obama administration said, look, we understand the fear after paris that led to this type of legislation being passed but simply not feasible. we don't have the manpower. it's a defacto shutting down of the ability of folks to come from syria and iraq making it so strenuous. it passed the house. folks thought maybe some votes in the senate and went forward and denied by harry reid. 55 votes in support. 43 against. needed 60 to break filibuster.
12:33 pm
when's interesting is reid did show somewhat of a willingness to debate on this bill with his own amendments. four or five. he didn't work out agreement with mitch mcconnell and those of us liking presidential politics, it's a shame that happened. reid talked about the donald trump call to ban muslims on the floor making senators take a vote on that. mcconnell talked about moving things that bernie sanders said to move. using the arena as a presidential election to move different positions forward. that didn't happen. didn't agree to move forward on that and didn't see it. now they'll go home tomorrow early because of this and pending snowstorm and main story, kate, this bill which was very controversial when it was passed in november even though it had wide support and veto proof majority in the house, didn't get there in the senate. >> the president threatened to
12:34 pm
veto this, right? was this all just political theater? >> reporter: yes. and essentially, what mcconnell was trying to do is get his folks on the record for this bill. it's very popular in republican circles as you have seen on the campaign trail. also, giving a real heads up to allow rubio and cruz to get back. i will say that there was a belief at least amongst some senators that would have been able to move forward on amendment agreement because reid and mcconnell would have liked to play that out. that's a loser for political junkies. >> it's a big day with a foot of snow in washington. stay safe. >> reporter: oh yeah. hunker down. >> we have a weather forecast coming up. don't worry about that. thank you, luke. see you soon. following developing news of detroit, michigan, at this hour. as we mentioned president obama expected to speak any moment now at the united auto workers general motors center for
12:35 pm
service. and earlier in the day, president obama toured the north american international auto show, big auto show there, and there's attention on michigan for other reasons. the water crisis in flint, for one. teacher sickout in detroit today. let's turn to nbc news correspondent kelly o'donnell at the white house. what do we expect? just the auto industry or delving into the other michigan issues? >> reporter: we have been asking that question, kate. so far white house officials have not indicated that the president would make remarks that deal with flint today. he, of course, met with the mayor of flint, had some time to talk about the concerns that she has, his administration has appointed a federal point person who arrives on the ground today to coordinate the federal response. and as you know, one year from today president obama will leave office and this visit is in part one of the ways that he can tell a part of his story.
12:36 pm
it's a legacy visit. it's a good news visit from his perspective showing how detroit with a lot of hard times economically has seen some better days. the car show is one of the jewels of detroit so going there and seeing the new models, he seemed to enjoy getting a look at some of the 2017 models, maybe after office he can see himself driving one of those but he is going to point out how detroit through some of the different federal programs and through a very early call he made to support the failing auto companies and to bail them out and how while that was very politically risky and especially early in his presidency that it payed off and that we have seen gm and chrysler come back and detroit see a return of jobs, the joblessness that had been there has been reduced. a way for the president post state of the union entering the final year to shine light on good news, claiming credit as detroit's sort of renaissance
12:37 pm
beginning as an example of exiting the great recession. kate? >> all right. kelly o'donnell, thanks so much. waiting for that, thousands of school children in detroit at more than 80 of the city's schools home. teachers posing a sickout. more on that when we come back. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky.
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and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. let's turn to detroit now where almost -- excuse me. almost all of the public schools were forced to close today due to a planned teacher sickout to call alense to deplorable working conditions, large class sizes and other problems that teachers say prevent them from doing their jobs most effectively. nbc's blake mccoy in detroit at a school an joins us with me. how many school closures? >> reporter: 88, kate. out of the 97 schools. almost every school in detroit shut down. to understand why, you need to
12:41 pm
look no further than spain elementary middle school. looks run down and old on the outside but on the inside you can see the working conditions and learning conditions for the students. you have feeling tiles falling down. when it rains and snows that comes into the classrooms. and perhaps most startling is the gym where the wood floor boards ripped up and you see mold underneath the wood floor boards causing parents to say it's unsafe for their kids to be there and teachers say they don't want to work in buildings like this, anymore. take a listen. >> i enough is enough. we have to do something. we have to advocate for our children and whatever the consequences are, we're going to have to deal with it. >> reporter: protesters popped up across the city to coincide with president obama's visit. they want as much attention on this sickout as possible. strikes are illegal. that's why we're seeing a sickout here in michigan. you can't strike under michigan
12:42 pm
law. a big things they want is control back in the school district. that's because this school district run out of money. out of money for years and the governor has appointed an emergency manager to oversee the district so everything's being run by the state. and here in the district they say that's unacceptable. think need to take the reins of the district and get it back on track. the governor proposed a series of proposals to do that but the local people say they want to take the reins themselves. kate, in a very odd twist, the emergency manager in charge of the detroit schooltrikt is the same emergency manager that was in charge of flint when they did that big water switch so you can see why there's a lot of distrust with the state government right now. >> yeah. blake, thank you. you can see the protesters today outside of the building where the auto show is going on which is where the president is visiting so all these things interlocking. blake, thank you. for a closer look inside the schools, let's bring in cal
12:43 pm
perry, senior editor of digital and video content. you have been investigating the reports of the school buildings further. >> we should keep in mind the average age is 47 schools. old schools and the conditions abysmal. at teach detroit, the handle that the teachers union taken on on fwiter showing us inside the school. dramatic damage that these schools are enduring right now. they sort of started with the heat. this is what they have just put up recently. another cold day for the public school kids of detroit. and as we go through these, you will really see a lot of the dangerous situations that children are finding themselves in. there's a shot of where there should be a water fountain. there isn't one. going through these, they get worse and worse. a staircase with just mats over it because the stairs are too dangerous. the next one shows you the danger of these pipes that are leaking. we have one of just really unsafe conditions. this is a bathroom in an elementary school. where you see just the metal
12:44 pm
coming just straight out of the ground and the teachers really pushing this online. a very coordinated front that they're putting out. including some of these more salient details like this. bullet hole in a classroom at an elementary school. so the teachers have organized as you said. they have timed their walkout today with president obama who's visiting that auto show bringing more attention to the problem, kate. >> all right. as we look at the bottom of the screen there, waiting for president obama who is about to speak in detroit having just come from the auto show where you see that demonstration earlier. cal, thank you. deadly winter weather gripping the nation now. police say one person was already killed in a weather-related crash in tennessee. they're dealing with major ice today. a second storm system expected to dump upwards of three feet of snow in parts of the northeast. washington, d.c. and baltimore under a blizzard watch. it's what luke was effort was talking about. we'll have the details coming up. staying in rhythm...
12:45 pm
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we're back now with developing news. cities across the east coast preparing for a major winter storm, expected to hit the region this weekend but ahead of that massive front the southeast already getting a dose of old man winter. winter storm warning issued for tennessee and kentucky. schools in nashville are already closed because of ice and the worst is yet to come. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in hopkinsville, kentucky. i see snow. how is it? >> reporter: hi there, kate. good afternoon. we started in nashville and drove here and throughout the morning we saw freezing rain, sleet, we saw snow. you can see several inches of snow fell here in hopkinsville overnight. and authorities here are preparing for more snow. as you mentioned in that storm coming up in a few days although the northeast is expected to get some parts could get as much as two feet. nothing like that here.
12:49 pm
however, many parts of the country are dealing with this clipper that went by overnight and into today. parts of missouri saw the impacts of this. georgia, as well. 15 counties in georgia are under states of emergencies. morning commutes were snarled and many interstates were closed. as you mentioned, winter storm warning in effect in tennessee. many schools in tennessee also closed as are many here in kentucky. also one death reports in knox county, tennessee. a driver was killed in the treacherous road conditions that we saw this morning, kate. so, again, people here in kentucky are digging out from this clipper. nothing like what we're expected to see in the northeast in the next couple of days. kate, back to you. >> all right. gabe gutierrez, thank you. let's go back to detroit now. president obama as we have mentioned speaking at the united auto workers general motors
12:50 pm
center for human resources. let's listen in. >> cold here. but i'm from chicago so i'm used to it. a couple of people i want to start off by introducing. off by introducing. first of all, detroit is coming back and everybody deserves credit for that, but one person who deserves credit for it is your mayor mike duggin. we're very proud of him. four outstanding members of congress, debby dingle, the dean don conyers, brenda lawrence, sandy levin. we've got one of the finest congressmen who ever served and
12:51 pm
a great friend of detroit, john dingle is here. and a dear friend of mine, we drove over together and i was just telling my team, when i was running for the united states senate, not for president, when i was running for the united states senate, and nobody knew who i was, and nobody could pronounce my name, the regional leader of the auw in illinois was a guy named dennis williams. and he was my friend and supporter before just about anybody else out there. and then when i ran for president, by that time, we made some great friends in the uaw. i want to say how proud i am to call him a friend, your uaw president, dennis williams.
12:52 pm
[ applause ] and give it up for cindy for that outstanding introduction. >> that's your mom? >> that's my mom. >> are you proud of your mom? >> i'm very proud of my mom. >> look at, you're like kind of a tv show. like a child actor or something. look out, all handsome, cindy, that's a very impressive young man. i want to pick up briefly on something that cindy said. and that is just to talk for a second about what's happening in flint. you know, i am very proud of what i've done as president, but -- [ applause ] the only job that's more
12:53 pm
important to me is the job of father. and i know that if i was a parent up there, i would be beside myself that my kids' health could be at risk. that's why over the weekend, i declared a federal emergency in flint, to send more resources on top of the assistance that we've already put on the ground. we designated a federal coordinator to make sure the people of flint get what they need from their country. yesterday i met with mayor weaver in the white house, in the oval office, and i told her that we are gonna have her back, and all the people of flint's back, as they work their way through this terrible tragedy. it is a reminder of why you
12:54 pm
can't short change basic services that we provide to our people and that we together provide as a government to make sure that public health and safety is preserved. [ applause ] but i have come to detroit for another reason as well. i already drive in a great american car which we affectionately know as "the beast." next year, i've got to give it up. i'm saying goodbye to the beast. so i figure i need to do a little browsing now at the detroit auto show. [ applause ] i know they have auto shows in paris, and frankfurt and tokyo, but there's only one motor city, there's only one detroit, and if you're looking for the world's
12:55 pm
best cars and the workers who make those cars, you need to be in detroit, michigan! [ cheers and applause ] that's why i'm here. gt 6, ct 6, all right. well, i'm looking at all of them now. [ inaudible ] [ laughter ] >> all right, i got the idea. i'm not gonna tell y'all what i'm buying now. now i will say that cherokee was the first new car i ever bought. somebody was asking me, i didn't get a new car until i was like 32. i always had a old, beat-up, you know, hoopty.
12:56 pm
but my first brand-new car with a brand-new car smell was a jeep cherokee. and i thought i was a bad man -- >> president obama in detroit speaking about the auto industry, he also spoke about flint, michigan, one of the first times we've heard from the president on that, talking about being a father, saying that's the most important job he has, and saying if he lived in flint, i would be beside myself. he said it's a reminder why you can't short change basic services provided by the government. we'll take a quick break here, back with the closing bell on wall street in just a moment. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit wall street just ended a roller coaster day. we have red across the board. the dow had lost more than 550 points at one point, but it's closing down 242 at the moment. the s&p losing around 1%. while the nasdaq ending nearly where it began trading this morning. the markets reacting once
1:00 pm
against to falling oil prices. for more let's turn to cnbc mary thompson right away. a lot of volatility today, wasn't quite as bad as we thought it would be. >> a lot of people were nervous when the dow jones was down 565 points. it was a sell-off in oil that triggered a global sell-off, with oil prices falling to their lowest levels since 2003. west texas intermediate crude closed below $27 a barrel. once that happened, we saw the markets come back a bit, in large part led by some of the small caps and biotech stocks that are members of the nasdaq index. both the nasdaq and the russell 2000 is an index of some of the smaller companies, woth of them staging a strong turnaround and the dow trimming its losses significantly as we came into the close. >> all right, mary, thanks so
1:01 pm
much. let's turn now to olivia sterns. you've been watching this all day long and it's been days of this. talk about some of the factors at play. >> it has been days. but this is what you call a very deep v, like a t-shirt, an incredible bounceback in the market, the dow ending the day down 250 points. the nasdaq actually turning around, ending the day in the green. it was oil that really drove the selling. also concerns about what's happening in global equities, which they themselves may have sold off on oil fears, but that said, let's give you some context. we saw overnight, the global index of equities, that fell in bear territory, meaning it's off 20% or more since its most recent peak. the nikkei is in bear territory. the and ftse, also in bear territory. u.s. investors watching all that happen. there's what happened to the nikkei, and biting their nails,
1:02 pm
thinking, maybe i better get out of risk assets. people pulling their money out and putting it in the treasuries market and also buying safe haven assets like gold. another thing to keep in mind, what's happening in the u.s. economy. the sell-off we've seen in the markets were down almost 7% year to date, 7% lower. it's pricing and a u.s. recession. is that fair? no, unemployment is still at 5%. gdp is still growing at 2.5%. one piece of data that gave traders cause and concern, is this number around housing starts. they fell by 2.5%. that was worse than economists had forecast. and while the housing recovery has been pretty -- housing is resilient through the crisis.
1:03 pm
this one number has been stubbornly anemic. so there's concerns about the u.s. economy now. some people say markets are pricing in a recession in the u.s., but not a lot of people knowing where that's coming from, and oil dragging on the markets all coming together to cause more volatility in the markets. kate? >> when you say pricing in the recession, what are you talking about? >> i'm saying that people are selling off their equities, their stakes in big companies, because they think the u.s. economy is gonna slow down, meaning those companies are going to be making less money and they don't want to own those stocks anymore. got it up. >> i'm joined by josh barrow. let's talk about the international picture. a lot of this is because the japanese market was down, markets in europe. and people talk about how integrated things are now, and how we all respond to each other globally. is that it? or is the u.s. maybe a little
1:04 pm
isolated and we can weather the storm and not be affected by everybody else? >> well, certainly u.s., markets are moving in line with other markets. we've seen world markets moving together in their up days and down days. but i think also when you look inside the stock indexes, we're seeing interesting stuff sector by sector. the dow was down a lot more than the s&p 500 today, they're both indexes of really large companies, they tend to move close together, but the dow is only 30 companies. you have a couple of companies with a really bad day, it can swing the whole index. because it was a bad day for oil, those are way down. tech companies, microsoft and apple were up today. the nasdaq having a flat day. some of those companies like nike had a good day, for example. nike should be very sensitive to worldwide consumers. and to any whiff of a recession
1:05 pm
worldwide and especially in the u.s. so that companies like that can be up today, suggests to me that it's a really mixed picture in the market. oil is going to be very hurt, but i think the jury is still very much out about how bad this is for the united states. >> and weave been talking about the energy sector in the united states and job losses, there have been some already. how does this play out? >> in general, falling energy prices should be good for the u.s. economy. if you do not work in oil production, you are a net consumer of oil, and it's good for you. >> you can buy two gallons of gas for the price of one. >> right. that means you can go out and buy other stuff. the caveat to that is if oil prices are falling because projections of worldwide economic growth are falling all over the place, then that's a bad story. because whatever other industries you might work in, you're going to have fewer people to sell to, because the reason the oil prices are falling is that nobody's going to have money to buy oil. so i think that's the reason
1:06 pm
people are so spooked by the oil price move, it signals weakness in china, weakness in europe, but again, it's an open question about how much that's a signal of worldwide weakness. there's also a supply story on oil. we don't really know how much of the story is about weak global demand and how much of it is about supply. >> lots of supply right now? >> yeah. >> josh barrow, appreciate it. >> sure. >> steve, let's talk about the political angle here. how the turmoil on wall street might affect the political campaigns. how do you play that out? >> i guess there's a near term and a longer question here. the longer-term picture, we still don't know where this is all heading, what it will add up to, but you think back to the president's state of the union address just over a week ago and one of the things he touted in that speech, in his words, the
1:07 pm
country's economy has a solid foundation, at the republican debate, the first question to ted cruz was, how do you respond to that? and ted cruz actually gave an answer about iran. he didn't even want to answer that question. but if you have volatility in the market, if you have uncertainty, a little bit of instability, at the very least, that's something republicans can point to and they can say, when the president talks a good game about where the economy is where it's going, but take a look at where your money's invested, america, do you feel good about the state of the economy based on that? so there's still a longer term question about that. but the much more immediate thing is this. it all comes back to donald trump. we're 12 days away from iowa. donald trump's campaign has been powered by many things, one of those is a sense of uneasiness,
1:08 pm
a sense of frustration that the condition of the country and their lives are getting away from them. on the part of the grassroots supporters he's mobilized in his campaign, does a story like this, a volatility like this in the market, only feed that sense among those voters who are most likely to be with trump? >> i keep thinking back to 2008, when the economy took a turn for the worse. remember, john mccain took time off the trail to go back to washington. he didn't appear on david letterman, because he wanted to work on the economy. it didn't work out so well for mccain. >> i remember that. he said he was suspending his campaign. this was at the height of the mccain-obama campaign in 2008. if you remember the first obama/mccain debate was scheduled just as this was happening. he wanted to cancel, barack obama, it was pretty effective.
1:09 pm
he said this is the first test. are we able to talk about these issues in debate or do we just go into panic mode? that was the response that barack obama had, and of course the rest of that is history. >> thanks so much. this afternoon, donald trump appeared with former alaska governor sarah palin, who rallied the crowd in tulsa, oklahoma. >> is it conservative to hand barack obama a blank check? is it conservative to watch these safety nets turn into hammocks for people, many who choose just not to work? is it conservative to allow again illegal immigration to produce millions of new democrat voters? that's not conservative. >> during trump's remarks, he was interrupted this afternoon several times by protesters, but as trump told the crowd, it's all part of the show. >> what's more fun than a trump
1:10 pm
rally, right? [ cheers and applause ] get them out of here. out, out, thank you. he's not gonna mess around with that guard. you go ahead, get them out, thank you. good, thank you. come on, let's go. see, he wants to be politically correct. this isn't the old days. >> nbc's kerry sanders is there in tulsa with the trump campaign. quiet room now, but it was pretty raucous a little while ago. >> reporter: it was. it was quite a crowd, more than 10,000 people in here. those who spent quite a bit of time in line to come on out of the cold and then waited inside for a long time. these are the people trump inspires. they show up, they're willing to go through what it takes to get
1:11 pm
into the rally. you heard some of the booing there. people trying to voice an opinion contrary to donald trump, somebody threw water on them. but that was minor, they were escorted out. i think what's most interesting, sarah palin, who was also here, who has now endorsed donald trump, spoke to a crowd that seemed to be quite happy to see her here. she got a number much very loud responses and cheers. people standing up, really happy to hear the kind of conservative speak that she was sharing with them. but interestingly, among the trump supporters here, who i spoke to, i wondered whether sarah palin sort of closes the door on that debate about donald trump is a conservative and whether sarah palin actually brings people into the trump tent. this is the reaction of some of the voters that i spoke to, to sarah palin. >> i personally like her, but i understand that that -- i mean,
1:12 pm
it might affect it, because there are people that don't like her. >> i think sarah palin coming out and speaking sends a strong message that the country is becoming unified behind a candidate and the women are standing behind that candidate as well. >> if you support her, you're gonna back her choices, you believe in her. >> how about you? >> it doesn't affect me either way. >> i'm not a big sarah palin fan, so it makes no difference to me. >> why? >> i've never liked her. i don't like her. >> if you're not a sarah palin fan, do you remain a trump fan? >> i do, yes. >> reporter: and so the question is, does sarah palin bring people into the trump tent and that's a calculus that will have to be born out. clearly there's an attempt by trump coming to liberty university, to reach evangelical voters, to try to bring them into his campaign, a
1:13 pm
non-traditional campaign, clearly by the size of the crowd that was here today. now, there was an earlier gathering in iowa, and interesting, there was a statement sent out that sarah palin was going to be joining donald trump there. but then when donald trump showed up in iowa she wasn't there. she later posted on facebook that, well, she said, i -- she posted on facebook, trading in the beautiful snow of iowa for the red dirt of oklahoma as planned. despite what the media is trying to spin up. thank you, iowa, get out and caucus on february 1st. she was suggesting that people were stirring the pot because she doesn't show up. but from what we were told, she would be there. one last thing people are just enjoying. it happens. but there's the media i.d. and if you look at the city i'm in, it should say tulsa. what does it say?
1:14 pm
>> tusla. things happen. >> it does. >> ker kerry sanders, thanks so much. >> today, ted cruz and marco rubio had to temporarily leave the campaign trail in new hampshire and go back to d.c. to vote on a senate bill, aimed at curbing the flow of syrian and iraqi refugees in the united states. that bill failed to get the necessary 60 votes to more forward. prior to that, ted cruz held a campaign event in exeter, new hampshire, where he told the voters about an important milestone and what he would do once he sat down in the oval office. >> so one year from today, barack obama will no longer be president. [ cheers and applause ] the first thing i intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional, executive action taken by this president. the second thing i intend to do on the first thing in office is instruct the u.s. department of
1:15 pm
justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and these horrible videos. >> also in the granite state today, marco rubio, who took a shot at hillary clinton while giving voters a preview of day one of a rubio presidency. >> our next president needs to know exactly what he or she is going to do on their first day in office, and i do. the first thing hillary clinton's gonna do, she's gonna issue a pardon, she's gonna pardon herself. [ laughter ] the first thing i'm gonna do when i take office, i'm gonna take the oath of office. i'm going to place my left hand on the bible and my right hand in the air and swear to uphold the constitution of the united states of america, and unlike barack obama, i will actually mean it. >> hallie jackson is standing by in concord, new hampshire. you've seen multiple candidates today and gotten to talk with some of them. who seems to have the edge, the
1:16 pm
momentum today? >> reporter: today, kate, i would say it's probably governor john kasich. at least if you look at some recent polling. some of it seems to be a little bit of an aberration, but it's clear they're picking up several endorsements of papers, new media attention on kasich. he seems to be feeling good about where he is right now. he said, people are shocked, but we're not shocked. we've been plugging away here in new hampshire. that's true. he's been spending almost all his time in the state at the expense of potentially others like iowa and south carolina. but for kasich and the rest of the establishment field, new hampshire really is a place where they have to do well. all of them, sort of beat the others, if you like at kasich, chris christie, jeb bush, marco rubio, in order to be successful moving forward and hopefully getting the nomination for these guys, at least that's what they
1:17 pm
would hope. >> and bob dole getting into it with ted cruz a little bit today? >> and "the new york times," saying if cruz were the nominee, it would signal wholesale losses for the rest of the party down ballot, questioning cruz's allegiance to the party, according to "the times." we haven't heard ted cruz react to this yet. he went to washington today, coming back to new hampshire tonight to finish campaigning. but you might imagine after a situation like this, the cruz campaign might be gleeful, because bob dole is the quote/unquote washington cartel that ted cruz rails against. in fact, i would expect them to use that to galvanize support around cruz and try to build up his status as this anti-establishment outsider candidate. >> hallie jackson, thanks, again. for analysis of the republican race, i want to turn to mark
1:18 pm
murray. mark, start with trump-palin. we talked about endorsement. obviously it helps trump to a certain degree. hi and team clinton sending out this tweet last night, sarah palin, congrats to the youtube commenter who wrote your remarks. ouch. >> kate, i think this goes to the point that when it comes to a republican primary and a republican electorate, particularly the people donald trump is going after, this is probably a net plus. it's important not to always make too much of endorsements. a lot of people thought in 2004 al gore's endorsement of howard dean was going to clinch the nomination for him, didn't turn out that way. but you end up with trump strengthening his credentials with republicans, and having sarah palin on than stage, i don't think any of the trump
1:19 pm
detractors would say donald trump is a democrat in disguise as you heard from a lot of republicans just a few months ago. the other thing this ends up doing for donald trump, it allows donald trump to dominate the news cycle for 24 hours. >> and here we are. >> and here we are. what is going to be interesting, what does donald trump and the rest of the candidates have up their sleeves over the next 11, 12 days. >> the des moines register will endorse this weekend. that's always watched closely by the political class. does that matter in iowa right now in the moment that we're in? >> yeah, again, endorsements don't always have that much predictive power, particularly when it comes from this newspaper. the des moines register endorsed mitt romney in 2012 while rick santorum barely ended up winning the iowa caucuses, it went for john mccain in 2008. it was mike huckabee who ended up winning. they endorsed hillary clinton over barack obama, and we know
1:20 pm
who won that contest. the most important thing in my eyes, kate, is not who ends up winning the des moines register endorsement, but rather who's ahead in the des moines register poll, they almost always get it right. that's what i'll look for right before the caucuses. >> when does that come out? >> if history is any indication, we'll get it saturday afternoon before the caucuses on monday. >> thanks so much. >> hillary clinton supporters are sharpening their attacks against primary opponent bernie sanders with the self-described democratic socialist leading clinton in new hampshire. missouri senator claire mccaskill told kasie hunt today that a socialist cannot win her state. she's a clinton supporter. here with me now, msnbc political correspondent steve kornacki is with us. steve, we've been seeing a lot of different attacks on sanders all day long, including from bill clinton, although he
1:21 pm
doesn't use sanders' name. >> i think we're starting to see a clinton campaign and its allies that are concerned about some of the signs they're seeing in this democratic race. you mentioned that new hampshire poll, the one that came out yesterday gave bernie sanders, a 27-point lead over hillary clinton. this is a huge development. now, again, the only poll in new hampshire that shows that this lopsided, but there's been seven polls in new hampshire since the new year. six of them have bernie sanders ahead there. so that concern from the clinton side, is this sanders thing getting out of control? can we do something to rein it in? you're starting to see some responses from clinton's world. claire mccaskill talked to kasie hunt, basically saying because of his status as a self-described socialist, bernie sanders is unelectable. we can play a clip of that.
1:22 pm
i thought we had a clip of that. but apparently we don't. claire mccaskill making that argument. she's of course a clinton supporter. you also have jay nixon, the governor of missouri, saying here in the heartland, we like our politicians in the mainstream and he, bernie sanders, is not. he's a socialist. jay nixon, democratic governor in missouri. hillary clinton supporter. he's sounding the alarm about it. so you're hearing comments like that. you also have an interesting back and forth that played out last night, it started with bernie sanders. he was on rachel maddow's show on msnbc last night and she asked him about endorsements that hillary clinton had received from planned parenthood and from the human rights campaign, the large gay rights organization. this is how bernie sanders responded. let's play that. >> i have friends and supporters in the human rights fund, in planned parenthood, but you know what, hillary clinton has been around there for a very, very long time. some of these groups are, in
1:23 pm
fact, part of the establishment. >> so it's that word bernie sanders used at the end, saying planned parenthood, the human rights campaign, are part of the democratic establishment, seeming to dismiss them like that. the clinton campaign jumps all over that, saying he's trying to marginalize these groups. hillary clinton herself put out an h tweet, that means it's from her directly. really, senator sanders? how can you say that groups like planned parenthood and human riths are part of the establishment you're taking on? they looked that hard to find kate to throw in the face of bernie sanders. they weren't doing that a week ago, six months ago. they're doing it now because they are seeing poll numbers they don't like. >> steve, thank you. coming up, we'll take a look at how sarah palin's role eight years ago might shape how she campaigns in the coming weeks. being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual
1:24 pm
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1:27 pm
we need to elect a commander in chief who will respect our troops. our vets deserve a commander in chief who will let them do their job and go kick isis ass! [ cheers and applause ] >> that was sarah palin this afternoon getting some raucous applause for her criticism of president obama alongside donald trump. i want to bring in someone who covered sarah palin extensively during the 2008 election. nbc news correspondent over at the white house now, kelly o'donnell. i can't even believe it's been eight years, first of all. >> it went by so fast. >> we were at opposite networks at the time, but we both covered her. i have flashbacks to this boat that i was on in alaska with
1:28 pm
her, a fishing boat, after she left the governorship up there. do you see parallels right now to what happened back in 2008 in terms of her persona, in terms of the way she's gonna campaign? >> i think one of the things we can see is that she shows both the stars and sort of the joys of her very prominent public life. she, of course was thrust onto the national scene back in 2008, was not well known around the country. and so media scrutiny was very intense. some of her lack of preparation amplified that. there was curiosity about her family. a lot of questions about her family. and then today, i thought it was very notable that she raised the issue of her son who is an army veteran, who had an incident with law enforcement earlier this week. and she raised the issue of ptsd, wounded warrior, saying that many americans understand
1:29 pm
this and her family is experiencing this issue of a soldier who comes back different and hardened. i thought that was interesting, because her family has been scrutinized. she's found it painful in many respects and she brought it up herself in some ways to offer a defense and in other ways to perhaps try to connect to those people out in the audience and more broadly who might be experiencing those things. that's something i don't think we would have seen her do eight years ago, and it's part of the scars and the joys of the prominence she'd had. >> although she did always connect well with the crowd. >> oh, yes. >> and she would often talk about people with disabilities. she has a son with down's syndrome. i've heard people mention in the last 24 hours, she has that issue, she's made that know ash, and meantime donald trump has been criticized for saying things about a reporter who had a disability. how do you see that playing out? does that come into play at all? >> i've had this same thought. because as you remember, she so
1:30 pm
proudly talked about her son with down syndrome and many families with children or adult children, living with their parents, coming to the events in numbers that i had never seen before at any political gathering. she touched a chord in those families' lives, so to have trump mocking a reporter with a disability, for palin to look past that, that does raise a question, because she's been such an advocate for persons with disabilities and families dealing with those challenges and she often talks about the special joys that come with special needs children. so i think that will be one of the questions. it also brings to mind the idea that trump has said some critical thing about mccain. she and mccain remain friendly.
1:31 pm
i think the bigger picture is that sarah palin is bringing whatever star power she has in the conservative wing of the republican party to the same stage that trump is occupying and perhaps they've reached some agreement to smooth out some edges and both share the limelight. >> kelly o'donnell talking about sarah palin, thanks so much. bill clinton back on the trail today in new hampshire and he's taking aim at bernie sanders. be good. text mom. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [siri:] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. keep your family connected. app-connect. on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. for your heart health, you think you're doing all you can ...but 9 out of 10 americans... ...aren't getting enough important omega-3s. bayer pro ultra omega-3 can help, with two times the concentration
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1:34 pm
it's not just republican kpds candidates rolling out their surrogates ahead of iowa. bill clinton was back on the campaign trail today. he just wrapped an event on behalf of his wife in concord, new hampshire, where he adopted a more aggressive stance against his wife's primary opponent, bernie sanders. it all comes as a new poll shows sanders with his biggest lead yet, a full 27% lead in the granite state. nbc's kristin welker is live in new hampshire. and kristin, we also just now got a transcript from npr, national public radio, an
1:35 pm
interview with hillary clinton, in which she says about sanders, in some of the comments that senator sanders has been making, there's room for disagreement, even concern. those are her words. and you heard that reflected with former president bill clinton's comments today too this sort of attack on bernie. >> kate, absolutely right. those comments from secretary clinton that you just read underscore the strategy right now that we're seeing from the clinton campaign. and it centers around this electability argument, making the case essentially that secretary clinton is the stronger candidate to go up against republicans, that she has the more realistic set of policies. former president bill clinton echoed that sentiment today here in concord, when he was campaigning for his wife. the former president sort of steadily increasing his lines of attack against senator sanders. when he first started on the campaign trail, he was really focused on highlighting secretary clinton's long history of service, both in the senate
1:36 pm
and then of course as secretary of state. but today, we saw him slowly start to increase that line of attack against senator sanders on a whole host of issues. wall street reform, health care, and in terms of planned parenthood. take a listen to what he had to say. >> we got people from planned parenthood and the human rights campaign fund who are campaigning for her. that's another area of disagreement in the primary. hillary does not consider planned parenthood a member of the establishment. and i don't see how anybody else could. >> reporter: so the former president making a whole host of arguments, never mentioning senator sanders' name. very interesting. he's choosing his words carefully, being restrained in his line of attacks, still drawing sharp distinctions on various different policy points. and, kate, it's fair to say that president clinton being perhaps
1:37 pm
more careful than he was back in 2008. he had a few missteps on the campaign trail. he's determined to avoid those types of missteps this time around, particularly with so much at stake, secretary clinton locked in a dead heat with senator sanders in iowa and he leads her here in new hampshire. >> kristin, thanks so much. president obama today promising support for the city of flint, michigan, calling the water crisis there a terrible tragedy. we'll get the latest from flint coming up. hey pal? you ready?
1:38 pm
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1:41 pm
this is serious, these teachers are angry about the conditions at their schools and they're posting pictures to prove it. >> they're angry and they're very organized on social media. they've started this campaign ccampaign . we talked about mold, is and some glass falling down. a lot of concerns about the air quality. a moldy leaking ceiling. the next one is actually some food from the public school, which has mold all over it. it's just really tough to look at. we've got another one here of the moldy walls. keep in mind, this is a school district with almost 50,000 kids in it. almost all of them are home today. the tickouts have been going on since january 11th. and let me read for you a statement. this is from the detroit federation of teachers. cities need thriving, safe and welcoming public schools. detroit is no different. educators, parents and the community are fed up with
1:42 pm
lancing abysmal conditions that permeate detroit public schools. these walkouts have been going on since january 11th, and this school district is $3 billion in debt. >> does the school district debate any of this? >> some of the public administrators are tweeting out similar photos. almost 50 years old, $3 billion in debt. this is a national crisis at this point. >> are they gonna be sick tomorrow? >> i think there will be sickouts probably every day. probably not at this level. probably less tomorrow, but there have been these rolling sickouts since january 11th. walkouts are illegal. so that's why they're calling it a sick-out. >> because of union rules. >> yes. >> turning now to flint, michigan, where there are demands for governor rick snyder to resign among his mishandling
1:43 pm
of the city's water crisis. in his state of the state address, an apologetic governor snyder announced a more than $20 million plan to aid the people of flint. joining me now with more, msnbc's tony dokoupil, who has been following the story for us. >> reporter: good afternoon, kate. really dramatic buildings last night, protesters ringing the building, calling for the governor's resignation. he said i'm sorry, i'm going to fix this. he announced a plan for short-term mitigation, including more water filters, more water, more national guardsmen to go door to door and something parents have been looking for, an intervention campaign to help the children here. 27,000 people under the age of 18 who have been exposed to this lead. but the big question that was unanswered in the speech, what did the governor know and when did he know it? he pledged today to release all
1:44 pm
his e-mails related to flint. just moments ago, those e-mails were dumped online and they'll be looking specifically for when the governor was made aware of this crisis and what took so long from that moment of awareness to getting the state of emergency and ultimately the cavalry to come here to help the people of flint. >> and we'll be looking through those and you can come back to us with more about what's in the e-mails. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thanks so much. terrorists strike a co-ed dfrt in pakistan. at least 20 students and teachers gunned down on campus. dozens of others are hurt. a taliban off-shoot is claiming credit for the attack. min d and 10 times more vitamin e. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary
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we're following developing news out of northwest pakistan, where earlier today a team of four gunmen stormed a university, killing 19 people, injuring up to 60 others. officials in pakistan say all of the attackers were killed during an exchange of gunfire with security forces. earlier today our own nbc's waj khan got a look inside the university where the attack happened. >> this morning around 9:00 a.m., four attackers, two from the south side and two from the north side approached this building. this is where most of the students who are male, students and professors live. security officials are telling us attackers knew, probably knew
1:49 pm
where they could inflict the most damage. >> let's turn to nbc news foreign correspondent ayman mow hel dean with me here. you can see evidence of carnage there. a disturbing scene. what do we know about what went down and why? >> seemed like it was an hour-long siege that took place at this university. four individuals using the fog of early morning to sneak into the campus, which actually had beefed up security because they were alerted. because security was alerted that something could have been in the works. they seem to have gone into the campus, making their way to the dormitories and executing some of these students, execution-style according to eyewitnesses. as security forces arrived on the scene, they engaged in a battle that lasted several hours and three of the four attackers were killed in the shoot-out. one managed to detonate his suicide vest. >> what do we know about this
1:50 pm
university? >> it was named after a progressive politician who had died in 1988. a person who believed in non-violence, education, championed women's rights and in fact, they were holding today, there was a large number of students on campus today because they were holding a poetry r recitation event in his honor. so there was more students there today. and it seemed to be the target of those claiming responsibility for it. >> and who is claiming responsibility? >> right now, we have an individual who is claiming responsibility, he's an off-shoot of the pakistani taliban. he was the ringleader of an attack in 2014 that targeted a school 20 miles away, and killed 150 or so. but the mainstream taliban has denounced this attack. seems there are some divisions within the taliban both giving different accounts. one claiming responsibility, and
1:51 pm
the other condemning it. >> i was reading earlier that these sorts of attacks do happen pretty regularly, maybe not on this scale, or at a university, but the taliban is still very active in that area. >> they're been the target of a campaign that's weakened them. there's a lot of sentiment against them since the 2014 attack which killed a lot of children at a school. some say the taliban is being more fractured. we know some of their hardline leaders have pledged allegiance to isis and that has even led to more breaking up of the organization. but they are still capable of carrying out these attacks. just a couple weeks ago, they carried out a deadly attack on a police checkpoint that killed five individuals. >> how do they secure a university like this? are there checkpoints? are there guards on campus? >> it depends on the campus that you're visiting. obviously in this area, it seems the campus was walled off from most of it. there are big parts with a wall around it and there's a main
1:52 pm
entrance and a south side entrance. both have heavily armed guards on the campuses. but somehow, these attackers managed to scale the walls of this university compound and enter unbeknownst to the security guards. >> ayman, thanks so much. now here's jane wells with the cnbc market wrap. jane? >> hey, kate, this was a day if you were busy all day and checked your portfolio at the end, you'd say the do you was only down 249 points, not realizing it was down at 550 points at some point. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. from capital. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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so we've mentioned this powerful winter storm threatening to impact more than 50 million people along the east coast. parts of the east coast could get anywhere from 1 to 3 feet of snow when the storm hits. washington, d.c. could get hit with 18 to 24 inches, potentially breaking a 94-year record. with a look at all this, i'm joined by al roker, tell us what's going on. i'm scared of this one. this looks big. >> it has the potential, kate, for really being a monster. the system itself right now is up through the rockies. it's going to dive to the south and form a low pressure system off the coast. but look at this, the winter storm watches, warnings, we even have a blizzard watch for the washington, d.c., baltimore area. they've not had that since 1993. and this is gonna be very
1:57 pm
interesting. because we're going to be watching this develop over the next several days. now, conditions for blizzard, for three-plus hours, you need sustained winds of 35 miles per hour or greater, blowing snow, dropping visibility to less than a quarter mile. they may see that for a good portion of time. now, tomorrow night, we have the low pressure, that energy over here, we're looking at severe weather through the gulf coast. but a wintry mix from memphis up to roanoke, rain and snow starts in that area. then friday, by around, sometime after the morning rush, snow moves into washington, d.c. severe weather still possible down through florida and southern georgia. tornado can't be ruled out. friday night, heavy snow develops for the mid atlantic. coastal low is off the north carolina coast. as it makes its way up, it's going to intensify. saturday is going to be the big day. snow moves into new york city, philadelphia, just south of boston. this coastal low will modify,
1:58 pm
will start to strengthen. and as it does, the winds start to pick up. so you not only have snow, but you have blowing winds at 60 miles per hour, gusts. full moon raising the high tide risk even greater. so that we're going to see coastal flooding from new jersey into the delmarva peninsula. even southern long island may see problems. saturday night, heavy snow continues for parts of the northeast. strong winds will continue as well. here's what we're looking for, as far as accumulations. by sunday, it starts to taper off. american model showing basically the heaviest snow in and around the washington, d.c. area. 24 to 36 inches. as you move to the north, it starts to taper off. 18 to 24 to the west of philadelphia. new york city, 12 to 18. that's the american model. european model cuts boston off completely from seeing snow. but look to the virginia-west
1:59 pm
virginia border, 36 inches or more. new york city, 12 to 18 inches of snow possible. and boston just about gets cut off. look at the top five snowfalls for washington, we could be flirting with that before it's all over. so this is a very potent storm, flooding, power outages to be expected. it's gonna be a mess. >> you mentioned that 1993 storm in washington, d.c. i was living there at the time. i remember. they get a foot of snow in d.c., it shuts everything down. >> i think they're shut down everything by friday. >> they're headed out of town for the weather, to get out of the way. so the worst spots overall will be? >> the washington, d.c. area, in and around and especially to the west of washington, as you get into the mountains of virginia and west virginia. >> thank you for watching all that for us.
2:00 pm
appreciate you being here so late in the day. >> you bet. that does it for this hour, i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" starts right now. if it's wednesday, it's the democratic establishment's turn to panic. they've been hitting sanders hard with a hammer. now here comes the sickle. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ good evening and welcome to "mtp daily." let's get right to tonight's take. the democratic establishment is now doing what the republican establishment's been doing for months. starting to panic. 12 days before the iowa caucuses, bernie sanders is now viewed as enough of a legitimate threat that democrats and liberals are now piling on. while sanders is probably not ahead in new hampshire by that whopping 27 points, one poll shows, he certainly is getting the bittersweet taste of front-runner status today. the


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