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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  January 22, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart. the storm that promises to be blizzard force winds and fast falling snow is under way in north carolina. the snow total beginning to build. it's the ice, though, proving to be deadly with two fatal crashes already and the forecast calling for more crippling ice. the salt and plow trucks are ready. up to two feet of snow. near zero visibility is expected and snow drifts from 4 to 6
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feet. we have reporters and meteorologists surrounding the story from charlotte to new york city on the road and at weather sen tcenter centers. let's start with meteorologist bill karins in sounds that every minute that passes it will be more and more intense. >> how many people, residents inside the belt way, have seen drifts 4 to 6 feet. we've already had strong thunderstorms moving across florida this morning, we're covered in snow in little rock and texas. it's not just the east coast but that's where the highest impacts are going to be. as we go into this brighter, white are shade, a burst is breaking out in roanoke. in washington, d.c., they have about three hours to get
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everybody home from school. 29 million people under blizzard warning. that doesn't happen very often. i-95 all wrong that blizzard warning. that's where we're expecting your whiteout conditions and heavy snow. here are the snowfall predictions. the bulls eye, it's been amazingly consistent. we're still looking for 26 inchs in baltimore. that's like the all-time biggest snow time in its history. philadelphia about a foot and a half. southern new england a glancing glow for you. and here's the really high totals. this pinker shade, that's two feet. that's a huge mass area of two feet from snow from i-95 all the
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way to -- raleigh, you're only going to get about an inch of snow but it's an ice storm for you. as far as kentucky goes, this is a big deal here, too, bowling green, lexington, kentucky all those areas around 6 to 10 inchs. and this purple shading and dark shading, that's a half an inch to an inch of ice. that's taking down tree limbs and power lines. that's the bulls eye for the ice storm. when we put it together, jose, this is the power outage expected map. usually we get a hurricane. you put the likely on the map for a huge area. like live power outages all through virginia, north carolina, through d.c. and baltimore. it's going to be a sunday of people without power. it will be cold and wind oo ay
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people have to dig out from the snow totals. >> i want to go live to washington, d.c. is the city prepared for that? >> reporter: it's beautiful here now but it's certainly expected to get ugly. the city says they're prepared but earlier this week we got the light dusting of snow, and the city was paralyzed, even the president's motorcade slipping and sliding all the way down to the white house. they say they have the trucks and ground crews ready to deploy in at a moment's notice. the city ef snssentially shutti down and locking down. they're telling people to stay off of the streets if possible.
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they're expecting a myselfive blizzard here, jose, one that hasn't been seen in generations. many of the grocery stores, even the hardware stores, have been stripped of everything on their store shelves. folks are digging in and just three hours from now we could be seeing our first snowfall here in. >> -- d. krrchts -- d.c. >> this has been a very dangerous morning commute. that car with the flashers, that one spun out earlier this morning. just a few minutes ago, we heard of another small wreck, just heard it not too far from here. i want you to take a look at some drone video from the charlotte area that we just got. you can see snowy rooftops.
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officials expect a inch of are ice. officials are trying to prevent what happened two years ago, a massive ice storm paralyzed this city. here about a half an inch of ice is expected. to our west they're expecting more than a foot of snow. schools here are closed. american airlines has can escel all of its flights into and out of charlotte. a major pep rally for the carolina panthers has been cancelled, though the game is still scheduled to go on. it's scheduled for sunday. the carolina panthers just tweeted that we'll be readready. the major concern will be this threat of ice.
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>> what's the word online? 80 million people are prepared to get slammed bip this storm. >> yeah. authorities and the power company are using social media to get the word out. pep co is also making robo calls letting people know they are likely going to lose power in that area. especially if we're talking 30 inchs in d.c., it should wreak havoc in d.c. you see shelves completely em y empty. this is becoming a problem for people who weren't able to get out early to get the necessities. the other thing that's going on is massive flight cancellations. i have for you a misery map from flight you can go city by city and see
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where the main problems are. right now charlotte is completely shut down for obvious reasons, the ice. as we lk at. >> did. >> -- d.c., you can see you should give up and stay home. the misery level will go up all day. >> olivia stern is looking at the economic impact of this storm. how much will this storm cost u.s.? >> according to a weather intelligence firm, the storm will cost about half a billion dollars. $500 million sounds like a lot of money. if you compare that to the polar vortex that took away $15 billion because it lasted a long time.
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the duration of the storm is expected to be a lot of snow butch it, but it's going to be a relatively quick storm. the ebig thing is how quickly can businesses reon? the economic impact of a majorstorm with impassable roads will cost about $700 million in new york, $370 million in pennsylvania. the bad news is two-thirds of direct economic losses from snow-related snowstorms come from hour live workers. it you've got a full-time job, you're still going to get paid. if you're an hour live woly wors on you. >> and the clean-up could cost more than the storm. >> some people say cities lose
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money because they jofoverprepa. butin new york city it costs about $1.8 million to clean up a single inch of snow. >> you're kidding me. >> no. but it depends how long the snow falls for. hopefully we're only paying for one shift of drivers. >> so if i don't clean up the snow and take it off the roof, et cetera -- >> i would love to see you with a shovel out there. that should be a weekend today segment. i'd like to see you on the plaza with a shovel. you'll get fined. in d.c. who don't shovel in the first 24 hours face a $25 fine and businesses face a $100 fine. >> new jersey governor chris christie not suspending his
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presidential campaign to come home for the storm. any political repercussions around that? >> his consistentituents are no going to be very happy. we're expecting the home to hit new jersey probably tonight into tomorrow. he's taking a big calculated gamble that he is more needed there a week and a half, two weeks before the new hampshire primary thean he is back in his home state. had in a previous storm he was at disney world with his family. he performed well with hurricane isabelle and hurricane sandy in 2012 where he did that big hug with president obama where he still had to sort of live that one down. he was very much credited with
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being very roo responsibli p -- getting right on it. if this is a big storm and the governor is not there, he could face blowback at home. >> talk about the state of emergency declaration, ari. what do these declarations mean? why do some governors declare a stit of emergency before the emergency arrives? >> legally there are extra pouchers apouc powers and others do it closer to their assessment and what's going on. virginia, it gives you access to the national guard. we think of them for specific law enforcement but thech also can come and help out in a snowstorm like this, helps with
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repair costs and liability issues. >> so muchif you do it early en, it does free up some money? >> yes, and it gives money to deal with an active emergency. >> thank you very much. live from new york updating weather forecasts as we got them here. mean while, a new storm erupts on the 2016 trail. and a reality check on the democratic side. hillary clinton unleashing a new attack line on rival bernie
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this is humira at work
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we're in the home stretch to iowa, just ten days before the presidential caucuses and the attacks are heating up. >> i'm not interested in ideas that sound good on paper but will never make it in the real world. >> one of the things that my opponent, secretary clinton, is saying is that bernie sanders is unelectable. he just cannot defeat a republican candidate in a general election. here is my favorite. because it deals with my good,
6:18 am
good friend donald trump. "secretary defeats mr. trump by 9 points. we beat him by 23 points "i. >> cruz is going down. he's going down. no, he's having a hardtime. he looks like a nervous wreck. he had his moment and he blew it. >> if as a viewer you think what we need are more republicans in washington to cut a deal with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, then donald trump is your guy. >> there's no doubt the polls are getting much tieghter in
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iowa. both sides have questioned that poll, they think the sample size is too small. bernie sanders leading secretary clinton in new hampshire. that's why we're seeing secretary clinton step up her attacks and she's borrowing from her 2008 play book, saying she's more electable. she's hitting him for comments that he made on iran, suggesting that iran should get more engaged in terms of dealing with the crisis in syria. secretary clinton arguing that underscores the fact that he doesn't have experience when it comes to that type of complicated foreign policy issue. the question is will that work? it didn't work in 2008. could it work this time around? bernie sanders obviously a very different candidate than president obama but still he is exciting the younger vote are. we're also seeing secretary clinton trying to reach out the younger votes are. last night she held a campaign
6:20 am
event with demi lovato. senator sanders trying to rally the base. for him he's making sure he can actually expand his support if he wants to win in aiowa, new hampshire and beyond. >> the sanders campaign has relast a new ad featuring america from simon and garfunkel and the clinton campaign has a enough ad touting her experience. how important is iowa for mrs. clinton? >> iowa was a huge debacle f ffo for secretary clinton. president obama was a running to be the first black president
6:21 am
hereby this incredible support among african-americans ultimately and younger people. bernie sanders, that ad you mentioned was very much in the obama mold, all about hopes and dreams. the beautiful song "america "was playing, youjust saw happy people. it was very light and fluffy. hillary clinton is saying she can deal with everything that's going to come her way and foreign affairs.e in same argum 2008. she was coming out with all of these statements about how great and credible she was going to be in office but that's not what people wanted then and it's
6:22 am
unclear whether that's when people want now. >> is this a story that has two chapte chapters, the iowa/new hampshire chapter and turning the page after new hampshire, are things a lot different and you leave those two states in. >> if she loses iowa and new hampshire, she can come back and win. she has broad support and she's much more popular among african-americans than senator sander sanders. but it's still going to be a blow if she loses those two states. >> let me play ads from the trump and cruz campaigns for you. >> i want immigration reform to pass and that april loufs those who are here illegally to come in out of the shadows. >> that amendment would have
6:23 am
april loud undocumented immigrants to remain in the u.s. how do you square that circle? >> actually, it wouldn't have. >> eminent domain, seizing private property tone rich the fat cats, like trump. >> i think eminent domain is wonderful. >> so one is soft on immigration and the other targets elderly widows. >> it's so fascinating because you have these two outside candidates and donald trump saying i'm still an outside candidate but i can work with the establishment. that's his new line of attack right now, jose. so it's this fascinating line of attack we're seeing from donald trump. his argument was i'm the outs e
6:24 am
outsidoutsid outsideer, i'm the person who can work with washington. who. >> thank up both for being with me this morning. great to see you. >> you, too. >> two feet of snow and snow drifts up to four feet. and dealing with coastal flooding. a lot more for you on this friday on msnbc. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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and feeling good, sort of.n and real, and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. more than 80 people are preparing for a blockbuster storm. i'm going to check in with meteorologist bill karins. the situation looks pretty nasty, man. >> kentucky is not fun right now either. just got our first report of thunder snow. you're going to hear a lot of
6:28 am
about that and i'm sure on youtube you'll see pictures of it. you can even see lightning, it has an ear oo glow to it. you hear the clap of the thunder. that's happening in areas of are kentucky. we're watching the snow really beginning to expand in areas of north carolina and virginia, especially from raleigh north wards. that's the heavier snow. the lighter great is light are amounts. it you look outside your window, it won't be along before you see your first snowflake in front of you. everyone has their eyes on washington, d.c. and interstate 81. still looks like about two and a half hours before much of the snow will arrive there. i don't want to forget our friends in west virginia. there's some of that heavylexin.
6:29 am
that's bright a white. the blue shade, that's the hef oof snow. the pink, that's when you don't want to be in. that's the freezing rain, the sleet. the all green is the thunderstorms to the south. that's at 6 p.m. this is 6 p.m. heavier snow arriving in washington, d.c. heavier bands in cincinnati and west virginia. by the time we got to the overnight hours, this is when we get the blizzard conditions. right around 2 a.m. in d.c., that's when the plows may not be able to keep up with the rate of snow and blowing and drifting of the snow. and earlier time frame for philadelphia snow should be over the top of you. we've increased the forward speed a little bit. philadelphia and new york city, you may be stuck inside for most of your saturday. you may not have your morning like we thought you would
6:30 am
yesterday. 8 a.m. saturday, that snow makes it into new york city, the heavy band conditions, snow ending in areas of tennessee, west virginia, north carolina and the storm really peaks saturday afternoon. you can look at the cold air filtering in all the way down to north carolina. we're not really going to kick this storm out completely until we wake up sunday morning. that's when it should be all over with and we'll have a long clean-up ahead. a difficult 38 hours. there's the blizzard of '96, everyone remembers the superstorm of 92 -- excuse me, i have to remember what year it was in march. >> let's say the mid 90s. there you go. >> i remember i was in college. >> dates are hard to remember when you're in college. >> millions could lose power.
6:31 am
>> 80 million people affected. >> first responders, emergency rooms have to be stacked during these times. >> we're going to be watching this story very claesosclosely. let's go to rehema ellis. how are they preparing in new jersey? >> they are building up the sand along the coast. what they're hoping is with the forecast for blizzard conditions, that means there will be hef oof winds. with the wind, they suspect offer on the other side of this sand you see is the atlantic ocean and that's what they're worried about most of all is that water coming over with storm surging and blowing the water on to the streets of this community, which was devastated by hurricane sandy back in 2012. they say it's not so much a
6:32 am
question of how much snow falls, it's how much wind and rain they will get. some folks talking about how they were almost looking forward to some of the snow and they're prepared. take a listen. >> do i look forward to seeing it? yes. just because we all like seeing nature at its fury. >> i got my snow solves so my kids can help moo. weather stripping so i can get the extension cords in for the generator. batteries. you know. >> reporter: so those are some rest didn't prepare. you see the town trying to make certain it is prepared with these bulldozers pushing the stand up, trying to create a sand wall, a birrier, if you will, from what could come from that ocean and could devastate the town. >> rehema ellis, thank you very
6:33 am
much. >> steve patterson is at the national weather service forecast sen tr. good morning. >> good morning. if you've been paying attention to the news at all are in the last 24 hours, you're probably well aware there is a big east coast storm and it's going to affect the area soon but what does it mean for the rest of the year? for that welcome it sunny california where i have to tell you it's about to be 70 degrees today and quite sunny. that is not affecting the goold people here at the weather service at noaa. it's late january. is that at all typical for a storm of this kind? >> typically in the northeast we do see large storms in january, february and even back in december. some of the largest storms on record in d. krrchts have been
6:34 am
in january. >> we've had these strong storms without the factor of el neen i don't. this storm began in the pacific and moved all the way across the country through the southeast. now it's making its way up the east coast. it's a small factor, not the whole picture. >> so the map on here shors warm temperatures across the pacific, which can have dramatic impacts on the weather going all the way back to last summer. typically the el nino effects are again all the way across the southeast states, it can have an impact. >> a study from noaa just came out, warmest year on record. does climate change play into this? >> we were about 98% certain
6:35 am
back in september this would break the record for the warmest year. it's possible we could break it againyear. >> this isn't a climate change storm, just like there's no such thing as an el nino storm. butch we do see a trend for these storms is inacrossing throughout tloou the years. >> just long range questions. do we spkt to see they continue. >> the good thing is it does provide us after 1982 '83. it was very warm through most of the southwest. it's probable we will see warm temperatures this summer. >> a limb west coast analysis of that east coast storm. >> up next, embattled governor rick schneider on the famier to contain the toxic water crisis
6:36 am
in his home. >> there were major failures here. so there a number of failures there.
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there's only one egg that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. this morning michigan governor rick snyder apologetic about the flint water crisis. >> this was a violation of the trust of the people of flint and the people of the state of michigan. that's a terrible thing. people have been harmed. so this is something that we don't consider just, you know, what one person did. let's look at the entire cultural background of how people have been operating. let's get in there and rebuild the culture. >> the regional director of the environmental pro telecommunication agency has resigned. the epa has issued an emergency
6:40 am
order and will do its on testing of flint's water. we have several angles on this story. to tony is in flint this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. >> what's the issue with the residue and community exposure they'll be facing for a long time in. >> reporter: the government ran under the slogan of "one tough nerd." he's not really accepting the blame. over and over again in his state of the state speech here, deflkting responsibility on to ice underlings, and that seems to be working. he's already had one guy fired here in the state and the epa regional administrator stepped
6:41 am
down yesterday under tremendous pressure. i don't know that governor snyder is going to escape this just yet. legionnaires disease could be another beat in this story. the water switch might have led to a huge inacross. researchs are are looking into a definitive connection there and if they find it, it means not only 9,000 children exposed to led hoar but 9 or 1 dead bodies on top of that, jose. >> thank you very much. michigan governor rick snyder was invited to testify before a congressional committee but that may not exactly be the case. >> reporter: first of all, nobody's being told to testify, nobody's be subpoenaed. rick snide are was one of several people congress or at least a prt of congress with like to hear from on this topic. so this headline quickly got revised.
6:42 am
ricksnyder is being invited to testify. but the person inviting is a democrat. when you're a democrat in a republican-controlled congress, you're not allowed to call hearings. only the republicans in charge can do that. so this is that one democrat say we go would love to hold a hearing on that subject but nobody has been invited so far. >> congresswoman lawrence, good to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> how likely is it that the governor will appear before congress? >> first of all, i want to thank my ranking member, mr. cummings, and the chair of the oversight government reform committee, congressman chafis for expediting my request. i represent michigan, the detroit water, but i am the ranking member on the subcommit of the interior clean water act.
6:43 am
our responsibility is to ensure that government is working, that they have the resources and they're in compliance with their rules and regulations put out o for our country. clearly there has been a fill why ar -- failure. th there is no reason today that we are having this conversation about water. i call for this hearing because i don't want this to ever happen again in america. clearly there has been some failures, some breakdowns and we need to fix this. >> you know, i couldn't agree with you more and i have to ask you, it can't be all about one person and one person's
6:44 am
responsibility or lack of it. there have to be, i don't know how many dozens of people that knew, should have known, should have been on lookout so that something like this couldn't happen. we're talking about hundreds of kids whose lives have probably been changed forever. and this is happening in the united states of america! what is it that you in congress should be doing to see who was responsible for this and how to avoid something like this from occurring again? >> the one thing i want to be very clear on, this is not about politics. this is about our fundamental role at government to pro tkt and ensure the safety of our citizens. i want a full hearing. that means from the governor, from the epa, from the former mayor. i want to bring that pediatrician, god bless her, who would not give up and kept ringing the bell that there is a
6:45 am
problem. we have some scientists that have really engaged from virginia tech, mr. edwards, professor edwards, that can give us the fundamental background of what lead poisoning, the impact it has. i can't tell you all of my members of congress on both sides of the aisle are enraged over this. the citizens in michigan are just enraged because this was a financial decision. this is what's so criminal about this. the decision to switch from clean water, water that was not con tam nilted, was based on a financial decision to save money. >> and congresswoman, if it had been in a vacuum where no one knew about it, no one talked about it, but as you say, there were people raising the red flag saying, hello, this thing is going to be problematic and no one did anything, i don't care if it's state, i don't care if it's local or federal, how could this happen today in the united states of america?
6:46 am
i hope you guys do something about it and i hope it is bipartisan because this has nothing do with politics. it has do about the health of our children and it's an embarrassment that it's happening in this country. congresswoman, thank you very much. >> and it's a fundamental role of government do there job. that's why i called for this hearing. >> thank you. >> and i'm going to make sure it's a full hearing. >> i want to go to msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber. let's go to the possibility that local officials could face charges. >> that's the question everyone is asking. there is a total government failure. the government officials in michigan aren't denying it, they're just saying we're going to fix it. we had discussions about e-mails. those are just released because the governor decided you wanted to release some. you don't need to be an investigator or lawyer or deeply
6:47 am
skeptical that he may release the documents favorable to him. the epa also has its ongoing inquiry. that's a little different. we would expect potentially more juice to come out of the federal inquiry. they have the most power and experience going after corrupt officials in other cases. i want to be clear what they have open as an inquiry. they do not have open a statement or direct taerrgetingf any individual official. >> and i've got to tell you, the governor is aware now that the light, the flashlight is on him and when he did or didn't know. butch i got to tell you something, i think that we should be looking at everybody. i think. we should be looking at city officials. you elect people in your city to represent you and to look ult
6:48 am
for you and to provide basic services for why are city as well as the state government. everybodyi's like, oh, i'm just finding out. >> the. >> d. orch j. says they don't care what party you're in, they go through and gather all the evidence first, not just e-mails from 2014 or 2013, they will do a full review bhap they have to find is more than examine tense. they need to find recklessness with regard to the safety of people. it's a high standard but one the. >> did o.j. is looking at. >> and we have a possible cyber threat to flint.
6:49 am
what is this about? >> we're talking about the group anonymous. they've announced #opflint. they're saying they'll ait can governor snooyder. they will speculating about e-mails and that's apparently what they'll be going after. just as a point of reference, there are more than a dozen, quote, operations that anonymous is undertaking right now and they're reflected in anger that you hear about. there's an operation trump, operation paris and operation kkk and an operation targeting "charlie hebdo." >> an american student from the university of virginia has been detained in north korea. and take a look at the mess already in western virginia. we're on blizzard watch on the
6:50 am
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these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. now to breaking news overnight out of north korea, where a university of virginia student arrested and detained for what the regime there in north korea calls "committing acts against the state." nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely has been following the story for us. bill, what happened? >> good morning, jose. well, the north koreans are accusing this student of a hostile act, though they don't say what that was. they named him as otto frederick warmbi warmbier, who's been identified as a 21-year-old junior at the university of virginia majoring in economics. he's from cincinnati. he was, in fact, arrested nearly three weeks ago, january 2nd. his family was aware, but the news has just been made public now. the north koreans allege that he entered the country in the guise of a tourist, as they put it, but in fact, "plotted to
6:54 am
undermine the country's unity," and they say he was manipulated by the u.s. government. well, otto warmbier was quite a traveler. he had been to cuba, israel, all over europe. he studied here in london. he went to north korea with a tour group based in china, who's released this statement -- "we can confirm that the reports that one of our clients has been detained in pyongyang are true. their family have been informed and we are in contact with the swedish embassy and also assisting the u.s. department of state closely with regards to the situation." we haven't heard from the student himself, and of course, we don't know his side of the story. jose? >> and i mean, we don't -- when was he detained? do we know that? >> yeah, detained nearly three weeks ago. and you know, the whole thing has been silent until today. >> right. >> u.s. diplomats in south korea, we're told, are working on this. and john kasich, the ohio governor, in the last few minutes has demanded the student's release, saying it's inexcusable and he should be
6:55 am
returned immediately. >> bill neely in london, thank you very much. back here in the united states, we're on blizzard watch. check out this drone video shot earlier over the streets of charlotte, north carolina. not a lot of sun there this morning. the first major nor'easter already being felt here, heading for other cities like richmond, virginia. and here's a look outside rockefeller center. no snow yet, but you know the guys that are doing a little ice skating in the rink? i think they're going to have a lot more ice to play with come monday. let's go to washington, d.c. the mayor of washington, d.c., holding a news conference. >> -- tell you about where we are. we're located at the district's homeland security and emergency management agency. and this is the location of the district's emergency operations center. we stood up our center at 6:00 a.m. this morning, and we have begun to fully deploy our resources. we've staffed up, so all essential and emergency
6:56 am
personnel are in place. for the next several days, the district's snow operation and response will be led out of this office under the direction of our director chris gelhart, who's going to provide an update in a few minutes. we have just been briefed by the national weather service about the blizzard that is coming in. we believe the snow could start coming a little bit earlier than reported yesterday, between 1:00 and 3:00, snow all day, all night and all day saturday into late-night saturday. and the forecast does not show any evidence of lightening up. we are anticipating 2 to 2 1/2 feet of snow over a 36-hour period with some parts of the district of columbia on that upper end.
6:57 am
the snow, we anticipate, is wet and heavy, which means we can expect to see downed trees and power lines. the winds are expected to be 30 miles an hour up to 50 miles an hour through saturday evening, and we believe that we are going to see wind pick up throughout the day. in fact, our forecasters call this event having thundersnow at parts of the storm. so, i want to be very clear with everybody, we see this as a major storm. it has life-and-death implications, and all of the residents of the district of columbia should treat it that way. we need the city's full cooperation, and we need the media's help, too, to send a clear message that we want people to hunker down, shelter in place and stay off the roads. 6 we need people to be in a safe
6:58 am
place today just as soon as they can for their own safety and for the safety of our public safety personnel and our first responders. we also need you to look in on your neighbors, and especially think about them now. if anybody you know is outside, we need to get them inside as soon as possible. at 9:30, the district snow emergency went into effect, which means that all snow emergency routes on our major arteries should be clear at this time. if they are not clear, we will move the vehicles. we have to have the snow emergency routes clear so that we can begin to clear the streets so that our first responding vehicles can have access to neighbors in the event of an emergency. these are blizzard conditions,
6:59 am
and even passing through streets will be difficult for our first responders, and we want everybody to look out for them. so, what we are going to do now is talk to you now about the immediate snow operations and take questions. so, let me invite director gelda geldart. >> thank you, madam mayor. i just want to echo what the mayor said and say that this is a bad storm. folks need to understand that this is a life-threatening type of storm. so, if you do not need to be out, and what we're asking folks is by 3:00 today you need to be where you're going to be throughout this storm. we need to keep folks off the ro road. what we're going to be doing over the next 24 hours or so, depending on the storm and how the snow comes down, we are going to be utilizing our snow equipment to keep the main
7:00 am
arterials, our emergency routes and our side streets as passable as possible for the emergency services. those should be the only folks on the road over at least the next 24 to 36 hours. this is a major storm. this is not an inch of snow that happens some part during the day. this is not an 8-inch storm that we've seen here in the past that's taken a couple days to clean up. we're talking about in excess of 2 1/2 feet of snow, heavy snow. and as the mayor mentioned, we're looking at the potential for power outages, the potential for roof collapses. those are the types of things that we need to be able to respond to for the residents that are out there. what we're asking the residents to do is make sure you're prepared for 72 hours, which is what we always say for our preparedness message. make sure you're prepared for 72 hours for food and water in your home. make sure you have the ability to have a battery-operated
7:01 am
radio, flashlight, so that you can have some means to keep yourself comforted if you have an outage of power. things we need folks to make sure they don't do. please, do not use candles if your power goes out. that can cause a very dangerous situation with fire. we want folks to get flashlights, if at all possible. if you're using an alternative heating source -- >> and that is the news conference going on right now in washington, d.c. officials there giving the residents all of the warnings that you need to have and what you need to have at home for at least 72 hours, which is the period that they're expecting the storm could have a direct effect on people in washington, d.c. and no doubt, around millions and millions of people in the east of the united states. good morning, once again. i'm jose diaz-balart. and first up this morning, the predictions seem to be going from bad to worse. forecasters get a clear picture of the storm barreling towards the northeast. as we speak, we're monitoring a
7:02 am
press conference, as you were just seeing, in washington, d.c. a storm the mayor says could be hitting ahead of schedule. she has already warned it will be a storm unlike the city has seen in her lifetime -- snow, thick ice, sleet already came down in north carolina this morning. take a look at these drone pictures. but when the system hits d.c. in a few hours, it could be lights out for a lot of people. power outages are expected, up to, well, 3 inches of snowfall per hour, that coupled with high wind gusts will bring blizzard conditions and snow drifts of up to 6 feet. farther north in new jersey, this storm could cause flooding that rivals what we saw during hurricane sandy. crews are doing what they can to hold back the ocean. there you see them working on it. but we've got reporters and meteorologists surrounding the story from every angle. let's start in the weather center with bill karins. bill, the next 24 hours are going to be really intense. >> it already is in a few spots. we just heard a report of thundersnow in nashville, tennessee. that's where it's literally snowing so hard, it's almost
7:03 am
like there's a thunderstorm overhead, producing already 4 inches on the ground north of the city, in tennessee of all places. heavy snow band setting up along the north carolina/virginia border, inching up towards richmond. should be snowing now if you look out your window. and charleston, snowing pretty good there, too, and kentucky already a couple reports of thundersnow. the mess to the south is from the charlotte area almost to i-95. a lot of freezing rain reports there. that's not pretty stuff. and as we go further to the north, we will be seeing the snow breaking out in d.c. the timing looks like some time between noon and 2:00. back in kentucky, heavy snow. paducah's had heavy snow. memphis is just about done, just a little bit of snow, especially to the east side of town. nashville, you're in the midst of it now, so you could get up to 6 inches of snow, especially on the north side of town. warnings go from arkansas all the way across. these are millions of people already in the warnings. blizzard warnings, this is where we expect visibility to go down to zero, winds gusting as high as 50, 60 miles per hour, including long island,
7:04 am
philadelphia, baltimore, down to washington, d.c. they will see the brunt of the storm later tonight and tomorrow morning especially. our latest snowfall projections. we're still pinpointing this bull's eye area of virginia to west virginia. now, we've upped the totals. new york city is now at 13 inches of snow. that's nothing to sneeze at all of a sudden. same for long island. strong winds, you could even get significant snow drifts in those areas. philadelphia, 16 inches of snow. so, we're still watching southern new england to see how far north the heavy snow bands get, but it does appear saturday afternoon, saturday evening, some of the heavy snow bands will be right through new york city. philadelphia, you're guaranteed to get a big blow from this storm. and then the historic portion of this storm should be areas of washington, d.c. that's where we could get the crazy snow drifts, a huge area of 2 foot. and someone is going to get 30 inches of snow out of this, who knows, maybe 36 inches. it will be hard to measure anyway with the wind blowing every which way. further south, we're worried about a ice storm. the snow totals are lower, charlotte, raleigh, fayetteville, but we could see half an inch, maybe an inch of ice. there's the snow total around
7:05 am
nashville. they've already picked up most of that, and that's impressive by your standards. here's the ice map. actually, this is just updated. it's even worse now. this green color is a quarter inch to half an inch. that's when you start to get limbs breaking and the power lines sagging. once you get higher than that, up to half an inch, there's a couple spots in that, that's where you'll actually see trees going down and the power going out widespread. the area of greatest concern, charlotte to just north of the columbia, south carolina, area, jose. so, it's starting. we're starting to see really significant impacts. i'm glad everyone is, you know, everything's going to be at a standstill. then the way the story will progress is the storm's going to be bad. that's guaranteed. we know that. then the story's going to be how long does it take the plows to clear the roads, because the power crews can't even get out there until the plows are done. >> right. >> so, if the power goes out saturday, sunday it's very doubtful you get your power back on because the plows will be trying to clear the roads sunday. so, you may be talking monday, tuesday, wednesday in some cases? >> and the size of where it potentially could have power outages, this is huge! >> this is the map you were
7:06 am
talking about. this is the map where we kind of pinpoint where we probably will get power out versus likely. it's very rare to have a likely this huge. >> that big. >> i mean, that's like, you know when a hurricane's coming into the southeast or florida, we cover it up like that because of high winds. this is from -- i don't know how many millions of people are in that, but it's pretty much north carolina, virginia and almost all of maryland. >> and i think it's important, as you say, bill, the people that are in that area should know that if things do go -- power does go out, it may be 48 hours before you get it back or even more. >> and you know with hurricanes, sometimes the case, more people die after these storms than they do before them. >> that's right, absolutely. >> because they're trying to -- you know, the carbon monoxide poisoning, the candles, fires in the houses. >> walking on a hot power line and you don't see it on the ground. >> yeah. so, it's a word of caution right through the next four or five days. >> bill, thanks so much. nbc's gabe gutierrez is live in charlotte, north carolina, where the storm has already started. gabe, how are the roads and things there? >> reporter: hi there, jose. good morning. well, we've seen it all this morning. we've seen snow, we've seen
7:07 am
sleet, we've seen freezing rain. right now we're getting a bit of a wintry mix with some sleet. as you can see behind me, the road conditions have deteriorated, especially within the past hour or so. that car back there with the flashing lights, that car spun out earlier this morning. we've heard other reports of wrecks since then. and dozens of salt trucks have been out treating the roads. but as you can see, the roads are starting to get icier. you can see that, you know, there's a very slow morning commute. now, we do have some drone video that we shot just a short time ago over the charlotte area. a very snowy morning here. officials are expecting about a half inch of ice or so. you were talking about earlier, and bill was talking about how the northeast, washington, d.c., expecting all this snow. the major concern here is ice. thankfully, many people decided to stay home this morning. schools are closed. bus routes were just canceled. american airlines has canceled all of its flights into and out of charlotte, which is a major hub.
7:08 am
also canceled today is the major pep rally that was scheduled for the carolina panthers. that had been scheduled for later in the day. that's been postponed. however, the panthers are still scheduled for that huge nfc championship game here in charlotte on sunday. just to our west in the carolina mountains, they're expecting a lot of snow, more than a foot or so in boone, north carolina. but again, the major concern here is ice. two years ago there was a major ice storm that paralyzed the city. local officials here want people to be prepared, to stay home. as you can see, though, very slow morning commute so far, and the icy conditions have already impacted this area, even as this massive storm system moves towards the northeast. charlotte is right in the middle right there. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. nbc's luke russert is in washington, d.c., where even the mayor says this storm will be like nothing they've seen before. luke, is the city prepared? when it was a small dusting of snow just two days ago, all hell broke loose.
7:09 am
>> reporter: well, that's a good question, jose, because i've lived here all my life and i can tell you, we do a lot well in washington, d.c., but snow is not one of them. so, the mayor will have a real serious test on her hands. what's interesting is over the course of about the last 24 hours, from conversations i've had with people, it's gone from, oh, gosh, we're going to have a big snowstorm, sort of tongue in cheek laughing and joking to, oh, my goodness, this is very serious, serious because of what you mentioned before, the power outages that could really have a negative impact on so many people in this area. a lot of houses and apartment buildings are built around trees. the trees are older, they fall on the lines, that's a huge issue. as to what precautions have been taken so far by the mayor. well, today the d.c. government was closed at noon, schools were closed, the federal government was closed early. the train system here, metro, they're done by 11:00 tonight all the way until monday. heavily reduced bus service. the idea is they want citizens to stay home, do not go out for any reason.
7:10 am
they need access to the roads. today where i am in freedom plaza, this is about a fourth of the traffic you'd ordinarily have. it would be a busy friday, people going to work and such. a lot of people stayed home. as for events, the march for life, the pro-life rally that happens every year, that is still going on. the mayor left it up to organizers as to how that will proceed. i saw a few of them moving forward from their hotel. we'll see how long that goes on. national hockey league game, washington capitals originally for 7:00 p.m. tonight, they moved that up to 5:00 p.m., but the snow's going to start earlier. we'll see what happens there because you don't want 20,000 people in an arena in downtown d.c. if, in fact, this is that bad that early. so, there's a lot of monitoring going on, but i can tell you that come tomorrow, when this thing keeps hitting, when the power goes out, that's the real serious concern, because the way this city is built with all these parks, with all these trees, that is what they've got to keep their eye on. and this city does not have a good track record of getting power restored or roads plowed
7:11 am
when it is this serious of a storm, jose. >> luke russert in d.c. thank you very much. nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer is on the road now in virginia where a state of emergency was declared earlier. dylan, good morning. what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, jose, i'm seeing a lot of white. we're in the thick of it right now. we're in roanoke, virginia, traveling along i-81 with the intention of getting back to d.c., hopefully before the heaviest of the snow gets there. but the roads have been just covered in snow. the snow started, i'd say around 5:00 in the morning, then it's just been steady ever since. we've had several inches of snowfall. not that many plows. the roads certainly not in good shape. so, for all those major cities, washington, d.c., baltimore, philly, up into new york, now is your chance to finish those last-minute plans, make sure you're totally prepared, because we are going to see conditions deteriorate rapidly. what i'm in right now is heading that way. jose? >> dylan, thank you very much. cal perry, senior editor of
7:12 am
digital and video, good morning. you've got new pictures coming in. >> yeah, and i've got new information on power outages, which have already started in the d.c. area, which is like a cosmic joke, i know. but take a look at here the map. we have got power outages near rockville, near cleverly, just in washington, d.c. this is only a few hundred people, but this gives you an idea of what pepco is dealing with as a company. the blackouts have already started. the other thing we've got for you is the now becoming infamous weathers map. this is showing us flight delays around the country. charlotte is hardest hit. d.c. is creeping up on the misery meter and new york city, as always, is not great. add to that the run on the stores. we have got fresh pictures in from stores in northern virginia. this is actually taken by my wife about an hour ago as she searches for another bottle of milk. i understand that that search has been unsuccessful. a bit of good news, though. we want to show you where this football game is going to be on sunday, the field in charlotte.
7:13 am
one of the things that people are asking online, jose, and i don't have a good answer for this -- if you can't watch the game because you don't have any power, will the nfl consider moving the time? i have no idea if they would consider that, but they can't be happy about the possibility that 50 million people won't be watching that game on sunday. >> absolutely, cal. thank you very much. msnbc business correspondent olivia sterns joins me. nice to see you. talk to me about how technology's being used to fight this winter storm. >> there are some very cool, new apps that could be life-savers over this weekend, if you can actually download them before the storm. one of them is called survival guide. it is based on -- >> survival guide. >> survival guide. you can find it on the app store. there it is on the itunes app store. chapter 15 is dedicated to cold weather. it has some great tips, including things you might not expect. wear your clothing loose because tight clothing actually restricts blood flow and that could cause cold injury. tips on avoiding frostbite. wrinkle your face a lot, keep the circulation moving, things like that, essential things to know.
7:14 am
there is also another essential app, winter survival guide. this will help you find your location and, critically, send your location to emergency responders if they're trying to find you. >> do you know if these are free? >> these are both free. >> important. >> very important if you're going to be without power for 48 hours. >> and now is the time to download these things, because if you do lose power -- by the way, another important thing is have battery packs. >> yes. >> if you have them, charge them up now in case you have a couple days without power. talk about how technology is -- like, how people plow, the snow plows. >> some of these areas are not used to a lot of snowfall, so there have been some innovations in how you're training the snowplow drivers to actually get out there. so, one town in pennsylvania is actually using a new video game simulator, where the drivers sort of go into a pod and learn how to drive the snow plows because they're very expensive machines and the conditions are really tough. they're there for 12-hour shifts. it could be blinding snow and light. so, they're using technology to actually train the plow drivers. plus, this is the best thing. where luke just was in washington, d.c., you can go to
7:15 am
snowmap. it's a federal website that really works. there it is on the screen. if you click on one of those clicks, you can see which part of the city -- you click where you live on that camera icon, and you can say, oh, there, look at my corner, it's already been plowed. >> that's really interesting. >> it tells you where the plows are and if the streets around you are clean. i'll have to send it to luke. >> i'm sure he's aware of that. thanks, olivia. and chief legal correspondent ari melber is with me now to talk about the official state of emergency declared from north carolina to pennsylvania. how does that help states? >> well, jose, when you have a blizzard moving towards us like this, people say wait a minute, is the kbleed overdoing it? we want to cover it and give people valuable information, but are we overhyping it? well, the answer is look beyond the press and local media. look at what local governments are doing. their word, not ours, declaring states of emergency in several of the hard-hit states, expected to be hard hit on the northeast,
7:16 am
including maryland, where they have a state of emergency, potential national guard deployment and telling people to avoid nonessential travel, do not be out, maryland telling folks, unless you have to. then you look at virginia, access to the national guard as well, help with repair costs as well as liability coverage. so, legally and from a government perspective, emergencies being declared as states brace for this blizzard. >> and so, ari, is there an advantage? i mean, why do some governors wait until the thing's hitting before they do it and some don't wait? >> i think it's a basic cry wolf kind of thing. they obviously want to be prepared and get going any time they think there's an emergency. you and i were discussing flint earlier in the hour. governor snyder declared an emergency there, which authorizes certain powers, but many people felt, of course, he came late to that. i think he'd acknowledge that himself. so, it's always that balance of you want to do it when it's merited, you want to be ready, but you don't want to do it too much when it's not warranted. >> ari, thank you very much and thanks to my team on the ground, bill, gabe, luke, dylan, cal,
7:17 am
olivia, and ari. we'll continue to bring you the latest on the blizzard as it moves through, but first, check this out. more evidence that ice is covering major southern cities. cars sliding. look at that. this is in nashville. locals say it's the biggest storm in ten years. there's ice in the south, blizzard warnings in the north, and more than a quarter of the country's population could be affected. also coming up, a different kind of storm, this one on the 2016 trail as the candidates begin dialing up the heat on their opponents. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and move, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curve. lift, shift, ride, glide, hit your stride. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leak guard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most and a discreet fit that hugs your curves, you barely feel it. always discreet underwear so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always
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7:21 am
pass and that allows those who are here illegally to come in out of the shadows. >> that amendment would have allowed undocumented immigrants to remain in the u.s. permanently and obtain legal status, so how do you square that circle? >> actually, brett, it wouldn't have. >> eminent domain, fancy term for politicians seizing private property to enrich the fat cats who bank-roll them, like trump. >> i think eminent domain is wonderful. >> joined now by nbc's kristen welker and senior editor beth phauey. ted cruz soft on immigration and they're using video of him talking about that. he would probably say it's out of context. and then the eminent domain issue, which plays big in places like iowa. >> yeah, on immigration, jose, it's remarkable how that is the toxic issue of 2016. you have two candidates, two leaders -- >> for the republicans. >> exactly, ted cruz, donald trump, neither who could be
7:22 am
considered soft on illegal immigration at all, and yet, they're both finding moments in the past where they've even hinted at allowing some folks to stay here legally and are exploiting that into attack ads in the crucial last week. it's a huge issue that divides republicans so deeply, and it's going to be probably the thash decid the issue that decides the campaign. >> and the eminent domain issue. a lot of people saying why is that a big deal? >> fancy term. it's about the government taking away people's homes or property in order to build a road. certainly, someone like donald trump, who is a builder, a real estate guy, has said favorable things about eminent domain and again tweeted his support for it this morning. so, he's not backing away from it, despite what cruz is saying. >> then there is the latest issue of national review, which is pretty much a group of conservatives saying no trump. >> that was pretty remarkable. "the national review" is not a museum piece, started by william f. buckley.
7:23 am
it is a robust publication with reporting that is influential. we had something like 22 very influential conservatives in that magazine outlining their reasons to oppose trump. it could be considered a hail mary pass by the establishment, but nonetheless it was cleared last night that trump was deflated by it. he sort of dismissed it as yesterday's news, not a very influential publication, but you could tell it had affected him. >> and kristen, on the democratic side, a new cnn poll finds bernie sanders surging in iowa. according to that poll, he has an eight-point lead over clinton. is that why we're hearing new attacks against him? >> reporter: jose, look, there's no doubt that the polls are tightening in iowa. bernie sanders has a lead in new hampshire, so you're absolutely right. that's why we're seeing secretary clinton really sharpen her attacks against senator sanders on a whole host of issues, everything from health care to foreign policy and planned parenthood. why planned parenthood? well, she was endorsed by that organization. and earlier this week during an interview with rachel maddow, senator sanders seemed to suggest that planned parenthood was a part of the establishment.
7:24 am
that's why they had endorsed her. kasie hunt asked him about that last night. he seemed to walk back his comments a bit. take a listen. >> what i said in response to a question about endorsements is i think, what i meant to say, anyhow, is that sometimes the grassroots are asking, how does it happen, if somebody has a 100% voting record in support of your issue and doesn't get endorsed, and that sometimes the leadership of an organization may look at the world a little bit different than the grassroots. but in terms of those organizations, i know we're a week out in an election and the clinton people will try to spin these things. i am a fierce supporter of planned parenthood and gay rights in this country. >> reporter: and they're not part of the establishment? >> no, they are, they are, standing up and fighting the important fights that have to be fought, okay? >> reporter: so, a couple points there, jose. the term establishment, a dirty word for democrats and republicans this election cycle. you can expect secretary clinton to continue to use the issue, though, to try to rally her
7:25 am
base. and we're really seeing two lines of closing arguments from secretary clinton, one about electability, and the second about experience, very similar to the argue maement she made bn 2008. that, of course, didn't work. but bernie sanders, as our "first read" team points out, doesn't have the broad support barack obama had in 2008 from some establishment figures within the democratic party. so, the big question, will it work with ten days until the iowa caucuses? >> kristen welker and beth phau haey, we will see. thank you so much for being with us. next, we are tracking a dangerous blizzard, the first big snowstorm to hit the east coast this year. these are pictures, live pictures from nashville. that's not an lp record spinning in nashville. that's a car going around and around. it's not going anywhere. we'll tell you what kind of impact this blizzard is going to have on big cities across much of the northeast of the united states of america.
7:26 am
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7:29 am
a massive blizzard unleashing its fury along the east coast and impacting more than 80 million people. we have the story covered from all angles. let's first go to the weather channel's severe weather expert, dr. greg forbes. dr. forbes, thank you for being with me. what kind of an impact could a major storm like this have on cities and metro areas along the east coast? >> thkd certainly have crippling effects in locations with large accumulations of snowfall. some places west of washington, d.c., may get 2 to 3 feet of snow. and of course, there will be some strong winds that will cause drifting, blizzard conditions, whiteout type of conditions. this will be all the way from, say the tennessee valley to the carolinas, especially north carolina, up into the mid-atlantic, maybe new york city. the coastal areas, the onshore winds there causing water to pile up. could be storm surge problems. then down in florida, a squall line with damaging winds, maybe a tornado marching across on the warm side of winter storm jonas. >> and dr. forbes, talk to me about how a blizzard is
7:30 am
classified. what does that mean specifically? >> officially to be a blizzard, a storm has to have blowing snow or snow that reduces the visibility a quarter mile or less and have winds 35 miles per hour or more for a three-hour period. so, it's a drifting snow kind of situation as well as a whiteout type of situation that officially makes a blizzard. it's not just every snowstorm becomes a blizzard. >> dr. forbes, thank you very much for being with me. i so appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. >> nbc's rehema ellis is live in belmar, new jersey, where residents are preparing for a risk of storm surge and coastal flooding. and rehema, they're trying to do their best to avoid just that. >> reporter: well, jose, what you see behind me, this wall of sand is what the town is doing to try to prepare for this blizzard that's coming. and what you just heard from the meteorologist was the note about a blizzard with winds that could be up to 50 miles an hour. that's what's got this town worried, because on the other side of this wall is the atlantic ocean, and they're concerned that in this community
7:31 am
of some 3,000, 40% of the communities and the homes were devastated by hurricane sandy in 20 2012, and so, there's a lot of nervousness about that happening again with the wind creating the ocean to come -- causing the ocean to come into the community. listen to what the mayor says is one of the big concerns. >> we still have families that suffer some type of post-traumatic stress from going through sandy, families that were displaced for months, some for years. so, when they hear about these type of storms coming, they naturally get agitated, rightfully so. >> reporter: and so, people say in they have put all of their furniture from the porches away, they have moved garbage cans in anticipation of high winds, and they're just bracing themselves for the storm. we should mention to you also that new jersey's governor, chris christie, who's campaigning for president, says he is not planning to return to new jersey at this point. that could change. at the moment, he says the
7:32 am
lieutenant governor seems to be handling things just fine. we we asked residents in this community about that and one person said they think the governor should be back here, that this is his primary concern, not running for president. >> rehema ellis, thank you so much. i want to widen out a little bit and look at how the winter storms will impact the country's weather this year. steve patterson is at the national weather service's office. good morning. >> good morning, jose. look, we have some smart viewers. they've been paying attention to this, so they know by now if there is a big winter storm about to impact the east coast, but we do want to look at how this is affecting the dynamics of the weather system we're seeing now and what's ahead for the future of 2016. and to do that, we're joining you from the west coast here in california, where it's expected to be about 70 degrees. hate to say it, but it is. we're here at the national
7:33 am
weather service, and looking at how the weather's impacting the storm. mark jackson is the meteorologist in charge. tell us, how unusual this storm that we're monitoring right now? >> well, we do get storms this large on the east coast. we've had them for many, many decades. what's unusual about this, of course, is that the impacts are very great. we have vulnerable parts of our infrastructure right now. even though we can be prepared, we're very vulnerable to these kind of storms. >> reporter: so, we see a temperature map above you here. that's tracking el nino. how much does this historic el nino we have, how much is that playing into the storm we're seeing on the east coast? >> it might be playing part of a factor. we've had storms this large before without el nino, but what's showing up on the graphic are the very warm waters across the pacific where you see the red colors, and that's having impacts on weather and the season all around the world. this storm started out in the pacific. as it moved across the u.s. into the mid-atlantic states.
7:34 am
so, it plays one role, even though it's not the whole picture. >> reporter: sure. let's talk long term now. do we expect more of this moving forward into 2016? what can we expect in the future? >> what we typically see after these strong el ninos is that we slip back into a la nina, where the ocean temperatures become cold. many times after we have situations like this in the winter, we actually become very warm in the summer. and we are seeing an increase in the number of heat waves and in long droughts. and so, it wouldn't be a surprise at all if we now start to warm up again, especially in the southwest as we head into the summer. >> reporter: and then the controversial question. you know, we've seen the warmest year for heat or warmest year on reco record. what does that play into as far as climate change, and is that affecting this at all? >> we are warming, unequivocal warming. even in september, scientists were fairly certain we would break the record for 2015. what it does mean is that in longer term, as we move through this century, we could have more heat waves, more droughts, heavier precipitation
7:35 am
occurrences, such as what we're seeing here. there is no such thing as a climate change storm, just like there's no such thing as an el nino storm. however, what we are seeing is we're seeing a trend in an increase in a number of these storms and heat waves and droughts. >> reporter: all right. mark jackson, meteorologist in charge from el nino to la nina, a little west coast analysis of that east coast storm. back to you, jose. >> steve patterson and mark jackson, thank you very much. the flint water crisis continues to grow with federal officials jumping in, and in some cases, taking blame. stay with us. this is how banks used to see me. ever since i had a pretty bad accident three years ago. the medical bills - the credit card debt all piled up. i knew i had to get serious my credit. so i signed up for experian. they have real, live credit experts i can talk to. they helped educate me on how debt affected my fico score. so i could finally start managing my credit. now my credit and i - are both healing nicely. get serious about your credit. get experian. go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ and a news conference being held right now by governor pat mccrory of north carolina with some of the staff talking about some of the preparations that are under way in his state. >> fortunately, with technology, and hopefully, with no power outages, a lot of these people can do work from home, but i want everyone to take their public safety first at this point in time.
7:39 am
our state highway patrol is doing an outstanding job, and colonel gray will give a further report on the number of accidents that have come, but we are working on the quick clearance law that enables them to move or tow vehicles that may impede traffic or block shoulders and preventing the transportation crews from treating our roads. again, most of the road issues right now are on i-95 and also on i-40 up in the mountains between winston-salem and asheville, where i think it's gone down to one lane on each side and we have some issues there which secretary tennyson will be reviewing those details. i'm very pleased with our policy, as i mentioned yesterday, about checking abandoned vehicles. this is something we take very seriously. we do not want any individual stranded out on the roads, so our highway patrol officers are checking every vehicle that's stranded to make sure there's no one in it. if there's someone in it, we want to do everything we can to help them. then we're marking those cars to
7:40 am
notify other future people traveling by that those cars have been checked for possible occupants. and i think that's been an outstanding policy that was initiated in the past two years. i would like to thank colonel gray and his team for that effort. the national guard under general lusk has done an outstanding job. >> governor mccrory of north carolina talking about the preparations and some of the realities that they're already facing, especially in the northern part of the state, has seen some pretty intense snow already, and the governor was talking about the big concern being ice, not only on the roads but almoso could affect power outages throughout the state. meanwhile, michigan governor rick snyder on "morning joe" discussed the flint contaminated water crisis. take a listen to some of what he had to say. >> this was a violation of the trust of the people of flint and the people of the state of michigan. that's a terrible thing. people have been harmed. so, this is something that we don't consider just, you know, what one person did.
7:41 am
let's look at the entire cultural background of how people have been operating. let's get in there and rebuild a culture. >> regional director of the environmental protection agency has resigned and the epa has issued an emergency order, will do its own testing of flint's water. msnbc's tony decoupil is live in flint. what other toxic issues is this flint water causing? >> reporter: good morning, jose. we are tracking a new front in the flint water crisis. late yesterday, the state released figures on legionnaires' disease, a water-borne bacteria that's deadly. over the last few years, there were 87 cases, 10 fatal. that's a massive increase for this county and throughout the country, really. the question is, is that disease related to the water switch? the governor's office says they're not sure but can't rule out t out. i talked with five researchers yesterday who are as sure as they can be there is a connection. virginia tech researchers were
7:42 am
so sure, they wrote a grant for it, went to a hospital and found the bacteria. but what's troubling is researchers are willing to go back in and find the definitive link so they can warn the citizens of flint if the threat still remains, but the governor's office has assembled a team but yet to give it the green light to go ahead. we reached out to the governor's office to find out more on why this link isn't being investigated further and are awaiting comment. >> tony dokoupil, thank you very much. dylan dreyer is back with us this morning. she is driving along i-81 in western virginia. and dylan, here we go. talk to me about what you're seeing. >> reporter: well, i am still seeing nothing but white. that has been the case since earlier this morning. the snow started in christiansburg, virginia, where we started off this morning at 5:00 a.m. and since then, the snow has not stopped. we are in and out of near whiteout conditions. we're not dealing with a lot of the wind yet that we'll see as this storm inches closer to washington, d.c. the storm will strengthen off the mid-atlantic coast. that's why we're going to see
7:43 am
more wind, up to 60-mile-per-hour gusts possible. so, luckily, we're not seeing that blowing, drifting snow right now, but you can see that the roads are certainly snow covered. a few plows have gone through. so, people are moving along fine. there have not been a lot of cars on the roads. so, that's made our travel a lot easier. we are just going slow and steady. want to point out that the bluemobile that we're in is a very heavy vehicle. i've had some tweets, people wondering, you know, if you're telling people to stay off the road, why are you on the road? you know, we are in a very heavy vehicle that, you know, was built to get through some pretty awful conditions. so, we are just going slow and steady. so far, so good on the roads here, jose. >> dylan dreyer, thank you very much. the presidential campaign is heating up between democrats. i've got the latest for you on that next, right here on msnbc. the biggest challenge for business today is not competition, it's protecting customer trust. every day you read headlines about governments and businesses
7:44 am
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pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are on the campaign trail in new hampshire today,
7:47 am
and they're sharpening their attacks with just ten days now until iowa. >> i'll tell you, i'm not interested in ideas that sound good on paper but will never make it in the real world. i care about -- [ applause ] >> one of the things that my opponent, secretary clinton, is saying is that bernie sanders is unelectable, he just cannot defeat a republican candidate in a general election. here is my favorite. [ laughter ] because it deals with my good, good friend, donald trump. secretary clinton defeats mr. trump by nine points. we beat him by 23 points. >> i want to bring in msnbc senior political editor mark murray. mark, good to see you. >> reporter: hey, good to see you, jose. >> let's talk about what's happening on the democratic side, candidates making their closing arguments.
7:48 am
>> reporter: yeah, this has been a fascinating development in the last couple of weeks. this had been a pretty stable contest, jose, for a really long time. the gloves had been remaining on. everyone had been polite. but all of a sudden, you are now seeing a real battle for the heart and souflt democratic party. and i'm glad you played the clips you did, because the point hillary clinton is making is really one directed at democrats' heads about electability but also about experience, about practicality and pragmatism. where bernie sanders is going is appealing to democrats' hearts, saying this is where you want to go, you need to go big, you need to really affect big, big change, and we are going to find out ten days from now where iowa democrats go. do they end up -- do they go to the head argument or do they end up going for the heart? >> and mark, i mean, how important is iowa for sanders and for clinton? >> reporter: it's really important for both of them. i don't see a scenario that bernie sanders is able to win
7:49 am
the democratic nomination without winning iowa. and for hillary clinton, she still can win the democratic nomination without winning iowa or new hampshire, but it would end up being a long slog to be able to get there. really, when iowa comes down to it, jose, it's either that hillary clinton ends up kind of wrapping up the democratic nomination in march or so, or if bernie sanders ends up winning iowa, then we are in a contest that's going to last through probably may, if not into june. >> and on the republican side, you say the race has turned into a quintin tarantino flick. >> reporter: exactly, almost kind of like "reservoir dogs" or "true romance" in which all the characters are pointing their guns at each other, and they're probably going to fire their weapons and we're going to see which candidate ends up remaining alive to be able to walk out of the scene. and jose, i mention this because all of a sudden you have trump with the attack ad on cruz and being pro amnesty, the cruz campaign firing back on eminent
7:50 am
domain. the "national review" going after donald trump. marco rubio being attacked and on the offensive. everybody is firing their weapons right now, jose. and again, the question is who's that one person who might be able to walk away at the end of the scene. >> mark murray, good question. we'll be looking out for that. thanks so much. >> reporter: thank you. turning now back to the blizzard expected to affect more than 80 million people, the south and carolinas are already feeling the frigid effects. check out these cars in nashville, just slipping away. we're joined now by a reporter from wcnc in north carolina, richard devane in boone. richard, good morning. what are the conditions there like for you? >> reporter: jose, the conditions -- now, let me explain, first of all, in boone, folks are used to snow. they'd be scared if they got up to 2 feet of snow, they say, but anything under that, there's expected to be about 20 inches of snow. they say they'll be able to handle that. the one concern they had was freezing ice and freezing rain, because that would be bad on the highways. i'll step out of the way and let you take a look. this is highway 421, right near this campus of appalachian state
7:51 am
university where the snow plows have been coming through here routinely every so often. it's actually up to about every ten minutes or so now, clearing the major roadways. the secondary roads are going to be a problem for folks here. they do understand that, but they say driving is okay in the snow. this is a ski resort type area, so folks welcome the snow. it's good for commerce. they are concerned, of course, as i said, about ice on the ground, ice forming. we want to tell you, just up the road, another highway, 105. someone out this morning driving slid on a patch of ice, went into a creek. the person's okay, but the car a total loss. that's just some of the things they're dealing with. we've been speaking with emergency management who says so far, things are okay. they had a few minor wrecks, but they say things are looking good. they're warning folks, if you don't have to be out in it this morning, wait a little while until conditions get better and then go out in it. now, we are expecting snow for the most part up through saturday, so that is going to cause some concerns. hopefully, it will be snow and
7:52 am
not that freezing ice. >> and richard, the other concern has to be power outages, if this ice continues to be, you know, to grow. >> reporter: absolutely correct. a quarter of an inch of ice on power lines will bring power lines down. so far, there have been no power outages reported here. now, we have had some further down in the charlotte area in gastonia. we've had thousands of people without electricity, where there have been trees falling over into power lines, putting them out. but luckily, in the county where boone is, they have had no power outages, so that's good news. that's another reason why they'll be monitoring the ice. and if the snow got really heavy, that would be another concern, to fell a tree into power lines or branches. so far, so good. we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> thank you very much for being with me. i have breaking news on joaquin "el chapo" guzman. i'll have it for you in just seconds. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30?
7:53 am
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and some news coming out of davos, switzerland.
7:56 am
mexican president enrique peña na nieto says he wants the government to do everything possible to fast track the expedition of joaquin "el chapo" guzman to america. there have been extradition requests in the past and the mexican government had not wanted to go through with that, but that was before july 11th of last year when the king of tunnels tunneled his way out of a maximum security prison in mexico. he was recaptured the eighth of january. el chapo's lawyers say they're going to fight any extradition, but the president of mexico says he's ordering the attorney general to fast track all possible ways of getting this guy out of mexico and into the united states. that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." thank you for the privilege of your time. craig melvin is in for tamron hall. i'll see you tomorrow. it's time for the "your business entrepreneur of the week." mark coman, owner of california-based paul's photo,
7:57 am
has totally reshaped his father's business. after digital killed film, lots of camera stores went bust, but not paul's. he rebuilt the business with hands-on workshops that the camera geek community cannot resist. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. >> announcer: brought to you by american express open. visit the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades,
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8:00 am
hall. we start with that massive blizzard that is already wreaking havoc as it sweeps east across the eastern third of this country. these are some live pictures right now. this is nashville, tennessee, where as you can see, heavy snow falling right now. the national weather service warning that this could be one of the ten worst winter storms of all time with up to 3 feet of snow in some areas along with hurricane-force winds. already more than a half a foot of snow has fallen here in little rock, arkansas. this was the scene this morning. five states and the district of columbia have all declared states of emergency. many schools are closed today. airlines have canceled more than 5,000 flights for today and tomorrow. this is the scene above charlotte, north carolina, right now. the same storm system also produced a possible tornado that touched down near hattiesburg, mississippi, last night,


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