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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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there. luke russert joins me now live from washington, d.c. with more. luke, it's coming down. >> reporter: it is, kate. coming down, indeed. the most severe snow supposed to hit about 1:00 a.m. tonight and that is a blessing because it gives people a chance to get off the roads. this could be the most serious storm to hit washington, d.c., kate, since the 1920s. because of how big it is, possibility of two and a half feet, the mayor said everyone needs to be very cautious. take a listen. >> i want to be very clear with everybody. we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications and the residents of the district of columbia should treat it that way. we need the city's full cooperation. >> reporter: so you hear that, kate. the mayor wants everybody off the roads by 3:00 p.m. well, it's 3:00 p.m. right now.
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you see there are a few people still on the roads but not as many as there were earlier. a lot of folks took advantage of the early closing of the federal government today and got out of town. what is the big worry, though, for d.c. officials? more than anything else, it is the threat of a long-term power outage. a lot of this city is built around old trees and the residential neighborhoods as well as the apartment complexes. the big worry is power could go out and the snow drifts so high the plows will not do their job and the power workers not do the job. the mayor pulling out the stops. state of emergency declared. the national guard has been deployed. they're ready to go. so now it's a wait and see to see how exactly difficult this -- and what the snow amounts are. how bad it will get. you spent a lot of time here, kate. we do things well in the city. politics, food, some sports. snow is not one of them. that's why a lot of residents i
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spoke to today and i'll consider myself as a lifelong resident confident that the streets will be plowed and everything will go smoothly. not on the highest number of a scale of 1 to 10 if you will. we'll see but folk press pairing for the worst. i went to a grocery store. people said we're ready to monday, tuesday, wednesday if we have to be. this could be a bad one. a quick note. the hockey game to be at 5:00 p.m., capitals, came to their senses and canceled that. didn't want 10,000, 15,000 people in the middle of downtown d.c. stay home. watch us on television. don't come out. >> that's a good, sound advice. we've both been there in storms. best to hunker down. i'm sorry for my voice. thank you so much. i want to bring you the latest forecast. bonnie schneider is monitoring the storm for us. what do we know? >> kate, that is widespread storm impacking not only the areas with the snow but
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thunderstorms to the south. i want to get to the snow because it's interesting that when the snow started in washington, d.c. it wasn't just a light snow. i mean, it started to come down heavy and hard and visibility is 3/4 of a mile and dropped from 10 miles an hour ago and quite a difference. snowing heavy into raleigh, into norfolk, virginia. some heaviest snow in the western part of virginia, west virginia. look at the timing as we wrap things up for the storm closer to the end of it. at 11:00 saturday night looking at the worst of it. really, you can see this white band here, some real heavy snow in and around new jersey, pennsylvania. this is going to be a very, very powerful system. by the time it's noon on sunday, the blizzard warning for new york city will have expired but you can still see some tapering effects along cape cod and likely to see a little bit of precipitation in terms of a wintry mix. here's the latest numbers. people are wondering why are we seeing a spread in the models? that happens a lot when you have
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a storm system as complex as this one, especially in a region like new england and the mid-atlantic where you have the water temperatures influencing how much snow, how much rain we get and how much ice we get. this is the latest to keep in mind. looking at much more snow for new york city than we thought a couple of days ago and be prepared for a foot of snow, possibly more or less. some of the most substantial snow still in the pink zone right here heading to virginia and heavy snow still in the forecast for washington, d.c. and into baltimore. here's a better look at those numbers. 24 inches. obviously two feet right on the money. that's what we have been saying and the models have been pretty consistent that this is going to be a blockbuster event for the mid-atlantic. hea heavy, heavy amounts in the region. the ice, how dangerous and serious of a problem it is for areas not getting the high snowfall amounts. look at charlotte. 3/4 of an inch of ice and described as crippling because they cannot stand and sustain
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it. so with that said, a very widespread area of power outages anticipated so plan now. make sure you have your supplies at home. and you have your flashlights. you don't want to use candles if the power goes out. a widespread area anticipated to likely see power outages from d.c. through roanoke and charlotte and some of the strongest snow likely to fall. aside from the mid-atlantic further inland, it is the coastal areas so concerned with because of flooding. looking at really strong winds and see the scale here, once you start getting above 45 miles per hour, likely to see downed trees and power lines and something to keep in mind at the time of high tide, this is when we're likely to see some of the worst flooding and possible for the delmarva area, likely to see flooding to rival sandy in some cases and if you're in an area prone to flooding, pay close attention to high tide and that's the worst of it occurring. kate? >> thank you for that. you just mentioned charlotte,
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north carolina. state of emergency there. freezing rain and sleet. sarah dallof is there for us. they called in the national guard, as well. >> reporter: they activated about 100 guardsmen, kate. they have a specific mission right now and that is to go to car tons side of the road and to see if anybody is inside of them. we want to show you an aerial view from the drone right now of the situation here. a city just covered right now of snow and ice. government offices, 90% of schools shut down. charlotte douglas airport, the mass cancellations. american airlines canceled all flights into and out of the airport. back here on the ground you can see we're getting a few more cars here on the roadway as the day goes on. but officials are cautioning people to slow down. that a lot of their preparations, the brining and the salting of the roads actually washed away during
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overnight rains and that black ice is a very real and a very scary possibility right now. a lot of people just optioning to stay indoors. that wasn't the case and wasn't an option for the carolina panthers. they had a snow day practice today playing outside in the elements. their coach hoping it gives them an edge on sunday against the warm weather arizona cardinals. kate, the field an open air stadium is covered with a harp and waiting closer to kickoff to pull that harp back. back to you. >> all right. sarah dallof in north carolina, sarah, thank you. now virginia where snow is falling throughout the day. dylan dreyer is on the road. conditions out your window? >> reporter: kate, you know, it's been probably the best part of the drive. keep in mind we have been on the road since about 8:30 this morning. we just saw the 50 miles left to washington, d.c. sign. so -- stretch we're on 66 right now in the plains, virginia.
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and the snowflakes are really small. they're not really reducing visibility. not accumulating in the area we are but you will notice based on elevation, in the higher elevations that's when we saw thicker snowflakes that really covered everything in a sheet of just whiteness so that's the type of snow that is eventually going to move into the washington, d.c., baltimore, philadelphia and new york city area. when you have the snow fall very heavily and very intense, it can drag down some colder air from the higher levels of the scenario and not the lighter flakes we are seeing and we are going to notice conditions deteriorate. we have been following this storm and have been driving along with it so we're kind of getting to washington, d.c. once the heavier snow does, as well. but from my experience, once the heavy snow starts, get off the roads and let the plows do everything they need to do to keep everything up and running. safer to stay home and off the
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roads and accumulates very quickly. also want to point out once the storm makes the way to the mid-atlantic off the washington, d.c. area, winds will start to gust up near 60 miles per hour. that's also going to reduce visibility and possibly be the reason to see so many power outages along with the gusty winds. >> okay. dylan dryer. new jersey expected to be blanketed by snow on saturday. that's not the only fear there. potential flooding could bring the highest storm surge since hurricane sandy. we'll take you to new jersey next. or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing,
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we continue to follow today's breaking news along the east coast where record setting
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storm is moving in, this storm not just producing snow, residents bracing for potential flooding. rehema ellis is in belmar watching it all. the people there hit hard by hurricane sandy. >> reporter: they were. the mayor says 40% experienced major flood damage. this is the line they're building in the sand hoping to prevent any kind of storm surge of the atlantic ocean water flooding into their town this time and said that people to hunker down where they are once the storm begins. move everything off the porches, get the cars secured to ride through the storm as best as possible. the governor of new jersey will be here watching it all. you know, earlier in the day, even campaigning for the presidency up in new hampshire and he had said that he wasn't going to come back and didn't think he needed to. we talked so some people about
12:14 pm
that this morning. hear what they had to say. >> i think fact that governor christie is not here is a real problem because i don't think he's going to win the election for president so he should be here taking care of the state. >> yeah, i don't think the governor has much to do with this. just poiwintertime. >> reporter: so at this point, we should be very clear the governor is making his way here to new jersey. the point of him not being here kicked up sand, if you will. we don't know if that had anything to did with him changing his mind to ride out the storm with the residents of new jersey. kate? >> rehema ellis, thanks. we'll have more on the political impact of the storm when we return, talking about politics and the latest divide within the gop. more than 20 well-known republicans taking on donald trump in the "national review. " to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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. former ben carson campaign manager barry bennett who parted ways with the campaign three weeksing a is assisting the donald trump as an unpaid add vier. joining me now is barry bennett. barry, let's start by apologizing for the voice. it's a cold. not as bad as it sounds. you are not being paid by the trump campaign, correct? what exactly are you doing? >> i'm an informal adviser, i guess. value priced at that my critics might say. i'm helping them think about what happens next. you know? as the nominee, what are the things you have to do? i mean, all of your success ends up being rewarded with bigger problems. so i'm kind of a little down field for them trying to think about those big things. >> have you met with donald trump personally yet? >> i have not. >> okay. do you plan to? >> i'll do whatever.
12:19 pm
>> politico story today, barry, titled "inside the carson campaign meltdown" has you saying that the smartest move for ben carson is to drop out immediately and endorse donald trump helping him win iowa. the quote is, i don't think he'll do that. i think he'll wait too long, you said. >> yeah. >> you're telling him drop out now? >> well, no. the quote was from a speech i gave at georgetown university the other night and a student asked me, how does he get the most leverage? >> carson? >> yeah. i suggested to alter the outcome in iowa, generate the most leverage doing that. >> when did you decide he could not win? >> well, you know, i mean, we were doing -- we were winning mid-november and then some things that we couldn't control just, you know, took the campaign in a direction that we couldn't stop. and it became clear that i
12:20 pm
couldn't convince him that some of the people around him were hurting the campaign. i thought the best thing for me to do is allow somebody else to come in who maybe could and that's why i left. >> let me ask you about loyalty. we were with you new year's eve packing up your stuff, left the campaign. >> yeah. >> you met afterwards with jeb bush, ted cruz's campaigns, you chose donald trump's. you said you love ben carson. >> yeah. >> is this the way to show you love dr. carson going to work for donald trump? >> well, i'm not working for donald trump. i'm not getting paid by donald trump. >> you're strategizing for him. >> yeah. i'm helping my party. i want to win in november. at the end, i wasn't an mccaini >> are you saying it's time for all republicans to join forces behind the front-runner donald trump? >> everybody can have an opinion but when we have a nominee, it's time to ckcoalesce around that ,
12:21 pm
ma'am knee? >> in a few weeks. >> "national review" say donald trump is wrong for the party. >> i won't debate the talking points but i mean, everybody's allowed to have an opinion in the primary. you know? the same article could have been written about mitt romney and john mccain. it was written about ronald reagan. but in the end, everybody coalesces around the nominee. that's fine. >> they're saying he's a light weight, essentially. >> people said the same thing about ronald reagan, that he was going to, you know, drive the country into war. he had no idea what he was doing. he was just an actor. turned out to be one of the best presidents we ever had. >> you once called ben carson
12:22 pm
the smartest man i have ever met. do you feel the same way about donald trump? >> i haven't met him but ben carson is a very smart man. >> and you don't have any judgment yet on donald trump? >> yeah. not yet. he seems like he's a pretty smart guy. >> what does he need to do when you say you're looking down the road and helping them map things out in terms of mechanics, right, of winning the nomination, can you give us a clue about what you're advising them? what are some of the stumble blocks that trump may have ahead? >> everything is so come pat with the conventions earlier so we have a convention to put together. we have a party apparatus to put together. he has to select a vice president. there's tons of things that he's going to have to do not in a period of, you know, many months but in, you know, 90 days, 120 days a lot of work to do very fast. >> thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. get better. >> thank you. it's just the voice. with ten days until the iowa
12:23 pm
caucuses, new divisions within the gop, the conservative "national review" magazine with a special issue and it's called "against trump" with essays of 22 prominent conservatives opposing the candidacy. in it, the editors accuse trump of being unmoored political opportunist whose politics are of an averagely well informed businessman and shifted positions on everything from abortion to guns and health care an attack by the way ofl rival ted cruz just this morning. >> look. first 60 years of his life he supported partial-birth abortion, big bank cronyism and his health care plan was as far as i call, bernie sanders'. when donald trump announced as a republican candidate he says now he doesn't support it. but, you know, voter ace cross the country are tired of being
12:24 pm
burned. >> joining us now, writer for "national review," charles cook is with us. good to see you. the editors accused donald trump of shifting his positions, as we said, on many different issues. here's some of the terms that the editorial used of donald trump. menace to american conservatism. a nationalist at sea. often makes no sense and can't be relied upon. like a man with no credit history applying for a mortgage. these are a few of the nuggets in there. for you, personally, what is the most salient reason why donald trump should not be our next president? >> because he's a charlatan. you said earlier that there are new divisions on the right. there are divisions on the right but if you look at the number of people who contributed to this issue, not just the editors of "national review" and difference within that group. it's conservatism. a libertarian, not an
12:25 pm
neo-conservative. bill kristol, thomas sole. there are a bunch of people here standing up together and saying, sometimes for the same reasons, sometimes for different reasons, this man is not a conservative. and moreover, he should not be trusted with the presidency. i would go one step further and saying he's playing on legitimate unrest within the electorate on the right and he's playing a game for his own advanceme advancement. >> you think that you have the weight of most of the party thinkingers in your camp versus the bob dole who is are now saying maybe it's okay to go with donald trump? barry bennets and hearing from? >> who hasn't met donald trump i noticed. i would say that the fact that donald trump is winning if you look at the polls is indisputable. it doesn't mean 50%. the vast majority of republican primary voters seem to want someone different. unfortunately, there are 9,000 people running in this election. but yeah.
12:26 pm
i think we have the majority on our side. i think we have a wide range of people within the party who are beginning to worry about this man. >> donald trump slammed "national review" last night. you wrote back on twitter, establishment darling hits out at conservative insurgents. obviously a. >> yes. >> a reference of the establishment of the gop. in this moment we're in. >> i think two points here. the establishment has become a meaningless term. it's a bit like rino. this is a charge that's thrown at anyone that disagrees with you. i don't know what it's supposed to mean. the second thing is, donald trump's attitude toward "national review" or anything else is entirely contingent upon how he feels in that given moment. >> by the way, the tweet is that you're a dying magazine, influence at an all-time low. >> think we're most widely read
12:27 pm
in the country. donald trump has loved "national review" and been nice to him and when it's not he doesn't. i wouldn't take it serely. >> he did in april really important to save "national review" from going out of business. >> of course he did. he changed the party registration five times since 1987. he is not moored to anything. >> there's something known as the buckley rule, right? refers to the founder of your magazine. "national review" will support the most right and viable candidate. do you know who that is? >> no. i think it's very unlikely to be donald trump. one of the odd things of this morning in reaction to the editorial is people say, why can't you get behind it? there's no evidence for that. he's disaliked across the elect rat. he does terribly with women and hispanics. personally, i think that marco rubio would do best of all of
12:28 pm
those running. i also think that ted cruz is probably the most palatable to someone like me politically at least. i'm not sure who would do the best in a general election. we'll have to see. there's no evidence to suggest it would be donald trump. why take the risk? >> do you think "national review" will endorse? they did not in '92 or '97 and did george w. bush in both 2000 and '04. romney in '08 and not '12. >> i don't know. that's a group decision. >> okay. >> but we certainly won't be endorsing donald trump. >> that much i think we know at this point. charles cooke, thank you for being here. >> thank you. up next, back to blizzard. al roker with where the storm is, heading and what the 85 million people in the path can expect. but before we go, take a look at the picture. too good to pass up. that's the blizzard from outer space from nasa. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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back now with al roker coming in to tell us more about this potentially dangerous blizzard all up and down the east coast. sorry for my terrible voice, al. >> that's quite all right. >> we feel like we're in control with you here. tell us what we need to know. >> this is probably the last time to show the radar down stretching this far south because we had severe weather into this morning and now we are watching, of course, all eyes moved up to i-95. raleigh, charlotte. still getting the freezing precipitation and look at this. we have already got the snow into washington. earlier we thought 4:00 and picked up speed and now the snow shield is extending all the way into southern pennsylvania. so, what are we seeing as far as our accumulations are concerned? we haven't changed things much yet. in fact, washington, baltimore
12:33 pm
area, folks to the west will see 18 to 26 inches when all is said and done. winds tomorrow will start gusting up to 50 miles per hour. rates at the height of the storm 2 to 4 inches of snow. now, we move into philadelphia. including much of new jersey, talking about 12 to 18 inches of snow. snow will start in the next few hours. wi wind gusts about 40 miles per hour and then making way to new york we look for overnight the snow to get going. the wind gusts in the day, especially by late in the day tomorrow, 55 miles per hour. we think still 6 to 12 inches. we may tweak that when the latest models come in and we feel pretty certain about that. as you get into connecticut and providence, 2 to 5 inches of snow. now, the other issue, of course, is going to be ice. and we are still looking at a significant amount of ice along the north carolina-south carolina border. we are talking about upwards of almost an inch of ice.
12:34 pm
that will bring down tree limbs, power lines and so we have a wide swath of possible power outages from new england all the way to memphis. but the likely power outages will be somewhere from washington, d.c. out to kentucky and fayetteville and charlotte, as well. ironically, they're sending crews from boston down south to help. just the opposite of what we had last winter. the winds will also be a big issue as we get on through the day. wind gusts of over 40 to 50 miles per hour and add to that very strong high tides. astronomical high tides first tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon. we expect to see coastal flood warnings, coastal flood watches and advisories as well. by sunday, a memory. but those memories will linger. >> yeah. i'm sure. al roker, thanks so much. michigan now, where the epa
12:35 pm
issued an emergency order for flint in the wake of the city and state's, quote, inadequate response to the water crisis in flint. tony dokoupil joins me now. i understand you have news about the governor. >> reporter: that's right, kate. that is health crisis but it is also a political crisis for the governor and he's been maneuvering in an attempt to save his job and calls for his resignation. he retained a high-powered public relations company and mercury. there's lead in the water. mercury in the politics. mercury l lc, they describe themselves as experts in, quote, high-stakes public strategy and confirmed they're working with the governor's office on the political messaging on this subject of flint and i want to give you an example of that messaging. here's a bite from his interview with "morning joe" this morning. >> what is so frustrating and makes you so angry about the situation is you have a handful
12:36 pm
of quote/unquote experts career civil service people that made terrible decisions in my view and we have to live with the consequences with that. they work for me so i accept that responsibility and we're going to fix this problem. >> reporter: so you have there, kate, the governor saying he accepts responsibility but deflecting the blame on to people beneath him. one of the big questions here is america the public affair company paid by taxpayers. they said they are not. issued this statement, due to the severity we have assisting so they can help the people of flint. we are not being paid by state funds. kate? >> tony, we mentioned that epa emergency order. what does that day? i feel like every day you tell me about a declaration or order. >> reporter: this story keeps moving. the epa also facing a political problem. their regional director resigned
12:37 pm
facing criticism for the situation here in michigan and the national office is issuing an emergency order in an attempt to get on top of it saying, look, governor, your people messed it up once. one of the order -- the order stipulates that theiaisoning wi team. >> we showed a picture there of an epa official who resigned today, right? >> reporter: yesterday. and the resignation was accepted by the epa administrator in washington setting this order. the governor has a day to respond and the sun is setting as you can see me and no word yet from the office. >> tony dokoupil in flint, thanks. i want to turn to chief legal correspondent ari melber. ari, so much finger pointing today back and forth. there's a justice department investigation ongoing. will that help us figure out who was to blame? >> well, i think it should, kate. the eastern district there in michigan is going to have the
12:38 pm
u.s. attorney do a full inquiry and not happened yet. the e-mails that have shown already some problems for the governor, of course, were only released you should his own personal decision, not through any law which means that he released what he wanted. rachel maddow who as we have noted has been leading a lot of national coverage on this pointed out that 2013 when she and others viewed a critical period not covered by the e-mail release. a doj inquiry gets the documents and other documentation and a lot of science and going to go further. going to take longer. we want to play governor snyder here talking about the harm, so critical in civil suits as you know, kate. one of the first things you have to prove is that you were actually injured to sue the government or company. here's the governor on "morning joe" essentially acknowledging that hurdle, acknowledging it already happened. >> people have been harmed. so this is something that we don't consider just, you know, what one person did. let's look at the entire cultural background of how
12:39 pm
people have been operating, let's get in there and rebuild a culture that understands common sense is part of it, taking care of the citizens is part of it. >> from the perspective of a governor trying to make the case, you can hear his defense there, kate. legally saying people have been harmed, this civil suit filed just this week class action 50 plaintiffs and growing, the attorneys said they expect many other people to join and they say that harm means the case is not tossed and it is another hook for what they call accountability. >> all right. ari melber on that story, thanks so much. we want to take you to chicago getting pictures of a united flight rolled off the runway at o'hare airport. it happened earlier this morning. i think we have some new pictures in. there we go. good news, none of the 185 people on board were hurt. but causing some attention, obviously, that united airline going off the runway at o'hare.
12:40 pm
0 initial thes back east working overtime as the winter storm bears down on the east coast. up next, a look at what's being done to keep people safe. >> it has life and death implications and all the residents of the district of columbia should treat it that way. we want people to hunker down, shelter in place and stay off the roads. we were born 100 yearo into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ but cigna is there for you. health isn't easy. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches
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12:44 pm
state of emergency. meanwhile, new jersey governor chris christie abruptly canceled campaign events in new hampshire this afternoon in order to head home and deal with the storm. that decision comes a day after he said he would stay in new hampshire to campaign for president and joining me now to break down the political response to the storm, senior editor beth fouhy there's a political element unfortunately or fortunately. there's politics coming to weather. >> he is running for president as we know. he's been spending the time in early state to plausibly win and going to stay up there. he had a robust campaign schedule and four events today and tomorrow and started to come under criticism for that decision and let's face it. he made the name as a problem solver, particularly in big emergencies like hurricane sandy in 2012. for him to stay away from the home state, not good for anybody. only going to get questions about that invoters and the pre.
12:45 pm
he needs to be where he's the leader and he said as much in some of the tweets. you're a governor all the time if you're a governor and a candidate. >> governor mcauliffe was on and what he had to say about governor christie. >> everybody has their own style leadership. mine is very hands on. i was supposed to be away this weekend. i canceled my travel to be here. i need to be here. people elected me to get things done, to be a problem solver and protect them. i don't that on the telephone. i need to be here. >> little bit of salt in the wound there? >> yeah. little bit of trolling, too. thes governor of virginia and a hillary clinton close friend, a former dnc chairman. going to enjoy putting a dig to a republican governor and a competitor for the presidency. >> let's talk about new york city and weather politics. remember last year, governor cuomo shut down -- new yorkers remember he shut down the city
12:46 pm
subways in new york city. mayor deblasio seemed later to say i didn't know we were going to shut down the subways and a back and forth and people weren't -- politicians not coordinating. have they learned from that? >> seems like a stage of politicians being just absolutely cautious in every single we around the big storms and people complain no matter what, if the subways are shut down, if they're kept open and then there's danger. really, a politician can't make a good decision here and they have to go with their instinct and right now the instinct is to be extremely cautious. >> listen to the washington, d.c. mayor had to say to her city earlier. >> we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications. and all the residents of the district of columbia should treat it that way. we have to act as if we have an emergency and that's what's coming our way. >> so if you had to rate the response from the individual local leaders doing pretty well
12:47 pm
so far? >> so far. we haven't seen much snow yet. we have to see what happens when the snow starts to fall. >> all right. beth fouhy, thank you. appreciate it. may be the biggest winter storm in years and technology could make it easier to deal with the blizzard. i'll head to this side of the newsroom. olivia sterns is here with that side of things. and the sort of use of apps, right? technology to get ahead of the storm. >> kate, there are some fabulous new apps this year to really help you weather the storm. the first one is something called survival guide, free, available for down load right now on the apple itunes store and the android store and basically based off the u.s. military survival guide. i would point viewers to chapter 15 how to survive the very coldest climates and full of great tips. for example, wear loose clothes and not too tight because that could restrict blood supply and thus invite cold injury.
12:48 pm
>> i wear tight layers. >> actually you need a little air and shower. that's a tip. winter survival guide is another one which is great and that has some gps technology. which will actually help you locate where you are on a map so say you're hiking or driving and you're lost in a snowstorm and helps you figure out where you are and even more importantly send a signal to emergency responders to help find you. >> all right. good advice. olivia, thank you so much. this blizzard not only creating a big mess out on the roads, thousands of flights already canceled or delayed. latest from the airlines and airports up next. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount.
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12:51 pm
it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". thousands of flights already grounded, many more delayed, all because of this massive east coast blizzard. kristin, i flew into laguardia
12:52 pm
about three hours ago, it wasn't so bad, but there was a lot of red starting to appear on american's board in particular. >> reporter: you're right, kate. it's quieter than a normal day, because the airlines made the kacancellations early. the lines aren't that bad, for people trying to rebook flights. they've been getting e-mails and texts, so a lot of people didn't show up today. the reason why they made the cancellations early, one, they expected the weather to get bad and they knew it was going to be bad in some other hub airports and that the entire system would get the chinks in the system and have a trickle-down effect. they also don't want the airplanes to be here overnight. so they're careful about bringing too many in that could get snowed in.
12:53 pm
they want the aircraft in places where they can get back into action quickly on sunday. so they made the decision early to make those flight cancellations. throughout the day today, we've seen a lot receive other airports having problems. charlotte was the worst day. american canceled all of its operations into and out of charlotte. that's an american hub, and so that caused some problems. as we go through the day tomorrow, we'll see the airports, not seeing any flights into or out of new york, also philadelphia and washington, d.c. so it's a shutdown in the northeast corridor and that's going to have a day's long effect getting people back. so you're lucky you got in here kate, because if you were trying to get in here tomorrow, don't think it would have worked. >> yeah, my timing was good, my voice is not. but my timing was good. let's bring in cal perry, can i be honest with you, i'm supposed
12:54 pm
to fly again later tonight? >> where are you going? >> new mexico. >> not looking very good. here's the misery map. every time i refresh this thing, more misery appears. >> no. >> everything in red is not good. new york is starting to become a bad situation. charlotte's awful. shut down for a while. d.c. is on its way. we had that flight, that united airlines flight, 734, which went off the runway in chicago, nobody injured, everything is all good. i want to show you a picture from inside the airplane. >> how old is that? >> this is a few hours old. but you can see the knock-on effect it has, from chicago to cities in the west coast. that's one of the major issues we're having. virginia state police are saying 380 crashes today so far they're dealing with. and power outages in north
12:55 pm
carolina, more than 18,000 people without power. you can see it on the map. it's spreading quickly. this is the concern for washington and the ice storms. because the branches get heavy. >> and the power lines in d.c. are still above ground. a little bit of weight, they come right down. that's it. >> and cal, can you go back to the big map one more time? >> yes. >> so those have been shifting more red all day long? >> absolutely. they start out looking here, salt lake city, which has just arrived on the map, which is almost all green, as this storm moves north, we're seeing that red takeover. and it has this domino effect. >> there's not even weather in salt lake city, but they've got red. >> partly because chicago's backing jammed up, it's jamming up denver. it's the domino effect. >> flight >> flight map. >> i hate that it's called that. >> i know. >> thanks so much. at the top of the hour, our teams all standing by with the
12:56 pm
latest. and as we head to break, a live look at arlington, virginia, where you can see the roads, not getting any better.
12:57 pm
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that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. >> 4:00 hour begins here in new york. brian williams along with kate snow here, as our special coverage continues of what is going to be really a 36-hour weather event for the largest population centers in the northeast. 80 million people give or take in the path of severe weather, and look at it this way. about a quarter of the country is under a weather watch or warning right now. al roker is in the weather center, start off this hour with the position of the storm and what we can look for. >> hey, brian, good afternoon. this system making its way up the coast, snow already in
1:00 pm
washington, d.c. what's kind of interesting, we're starting to see it making its way into southern new jersey. so we are starting to this perhaps speeding up just a little bit. in this one area of southern new jersey, it may be not quite reaching the ground, but we are getting snow from washington, d.c. all the way down south. and look at this swath of winter warnings, winter advisories and blizzard warnings. we have extended the blizzard warnings to block island and nantucket as well. we'll continue to see this push forward. as it does during the afternoon and into the overnight hours. our snowfall amounts, again, we're staying pretty much with what we've been talking about. the washington and baltimore area. generally speaking, anywhere from 18 to 26 inches, could be upwards of three feet in some of the mountains. snowfall as this continues, about two to four inches per hour. wind gusts of about 50 miles per hour. later today, we'll see the snow
1:01 pm
moving into the city of brotherly love. temperatures will start to hang right around the freezing mark. but wind gusts about 40 miles per hour and the forecast is 12 to 18 inches of snow. central and southern new jersey will see that as well. new york city, within the 12 to -- 6 to 12-inch range. snow will be starting early tomorrow morning, wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour. then as we make our way into new england, we also have to worry about a significant ice event continuing right smack dab, you can see from raleigh, down to columbia, charlotte will be in that 3/4 inch to an inch of ice. that's when power lines start coming down. so we've got a pretty good chunk of the northeast into the south where we have possible power outages. but the most likely areas are from washington, d.c., fayetteville, charlotte, out as far west as hazard, kentucky.
1:02 pm
winds will be a big problem too. as the system intensifies and makes its way up the coast, you can see winds from the east and northeast. wind gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour, and that's when we start to see power lines and trees coming down. for example, here in new york city, central park, a lot of those trees can come down with the weight of the snow and the wind. high tides also meaning we have coastal flood warnings and watches and advisories right through tomorrow. as you can see, the high tides, one in the morning and in the evening and another one on sunday. as we continue to watch this, we'll see this system continually strengthen and as it does, the snow comes down, and we'll be dealing with this for the next 48 hours, brian. but the results of it may linger into early next weeks. >> our thoughts especially with the folks in north carolina, that ice is not fun. as the storm moves north, it's going to shut down the nation's capital, and to that end, the
1:03 pm
mayor of washington today took steps to shut the city down in advance. an hour ago, people were asked to get off the streets of washington. you can hardly make it out, but that's the white house from just across pennsylvania avenue. luke russert's been reporting there all day for us. luke? >> reporter: brian, believe it or not, right behind me, down pennsylvania avenue, that would be the capital dome, coming towards the tourists and folks who would be populating this area right now, around the rush hour on friday, usually pretty busy. a lot of folks have taken the mayor's advice, and gotten off the roads. she wanted everyone sheltering in place by 3:00 p.m. why is that? because it's a historic blizzard on pace to hit washington, the largest one since the 1920s. and this area is not accustomed
1:04 pm
to these conditions. the president's own motorcade was incapacitated because of a half inch of snow. thankfully the storm is hitting on the weekend. the metro is closed, the local train system, closed through sunday, as well as the bus service tomorrow and sunday. but the real issue, brian, is power. there are still a lot of above-ground lines here in washington and the surrounding areas, maryland and virginia. if the storm is so severe with high winds later tonight, if that power is out, we heard from officials until the plows get there, expect the power to be out for a number of days. that is what officials fear the most, because it's a real safety hazard. people are approaching this with a grain of salt. i saw folks who said we're going to stock up at the liquor store, ride it out. we have food to last until monday, tuesday.
1:05 pm
some of the neighborhood bars are doing specials. but people are taking it more seriously than most. this is a panic level i've not seen simply because of what is being referenced. it's the knickerbocker storm of the 1920s, killed over a hundred people. that's the closest historical analogy, so people are taking this one for real, brian. >> luke russert in washington, d.c., where, luke, i'm told we have a picture of the washington monument, at least a camera aimed at the washington monument from the mall. complete and total whiteout. you just can't see a thing as this storm now descends on washington. as we said, once the snow starts, it's a 24 to 36-hour event, all along the east coast. of particular concern along the east coast is what this storm is going to do to the coastline. right now the weather effects are very diverse.
1:06 pm
kill devil hills, north carolina, reporting a thunderstorm within the past hour. we're also worried about storm surge, churning surf, high seas and those two high tide cycles al roker was talking about. parts of the jersey shore just can't take any more erosion. rehema ellis is standing by in belmar, a town that's had some punishing weather brought its way. >> reporter: brian, you know it all too well. this town took a big hit when sandy came through, when it blasted the community, the mayor tells us something like 40% of the homes in this area were flooded and some of the homes were destroyed, devastated. they've literally build a wall in the sand on this beach, for as far as you can see in either direction, they have been pushing sand up onto the beach. because it's a narrow strip of land. they're hoping this will be their first line of defense for what they are worried about in
1:07 pm
the storm, that's the potential for water from the atlantic ocean, just on the other side of this wall, coming and surging into the streets and communities. but since sandy, the mayor says they think that they know how to protect themselves a little bit more. just listen. >> since sandy, we've had a tremendous amount of beach replenishment by the army corps of engineers. that allows us to build the sand dunes that you see here today. from the lessons we've learned and the resources we have, we're in a much better position to defend our town against whatever mother nature brings, than we did before sandy. >> reporter: one of the things that a lot of people have done, they've elevated their homes above the sea level, and they hope that is going to protect them. another thing that's happening here that the communities where they're really in the flood-prone areas and sea level areas, some of them have been told, they think it should be a mandatory evacuation. others are being told, if you want to evacuate, they have
1:08 pm
community centers in what they are certain are going to be dry areas for people to evacuate to and to ride out the storm here. more than anything, they're hoping this wall will hold. >> we join you in that. we talk about these various models. there's one forecast model that calls for 24 to 25 inches of snow right where you're standing in a band through central new jersey, across the jersey shore, across to new york's long island. kind of a deep red blizzard band on the computer. i know they'd rather have 25 inches of snow than high seas there. >> you are absolutely correct. residents i talked to say they almost would welcome the snow. they've got kids who are ready to come out and build a snowman with all that snow. what they are worried about is the fact that we've got a full moon and we're expecting at least two, maybe three high tides. and winds that could gust up to
1:09 pm
50 miles an hour. that could blow a lot of the atlantic ocean over this sand and over this beach and into the communities where people live. that's what they're fearing most about this storm. >> rehema, we join them in hoping for the best along the jersey shore and the entire atlantic coastline. we've been covering all week what's been going on with the markets, globally and in this country. and it's about time we checked in on what has to be a half snow day on wall street. olivia sterns covers business for us among other things. she's a hopeful ticket holder on a flight out of here at laguardia. that's an office pool riding on whether or not you will become air born. >> the story of 2016, the price of oil spiked. a huge move in crude. west texas shot up 9% today.
1:10 pm
closing above $32 a barrel. that means it's a bull market in oil, something i didn't think we'd say because the price had come down so far so fast. this is actually great news for natural gas producers. it's happening because everybody's realizing, oh, my gosh, it's gonna get cold this winter, there's a cold snap coming, there's going to be a storm, and they're betting there will be rising demand for fuel to heat people's homes. >> so that's all that did it? there was nothing in the oil industry, oil technology? >> correlation. not causation. one piece of good news was existing home sales came in much better than economists had forecast. they came in at a rate north of five million units for the month of december. they rose a record amount and that is actually reassuring a lot of investors. because the story of 2016, people have been biting their nails and worrying that the u.s. economy isn't on such sound footing as we thought, and this is a nice way to give investors
1:11 pm
confidence as we head into a snowy weekend. >> the exodus is already under way to get up and out of new york city. before that happened, the dow at the closing bell, up just over 200 points. that's all things storm and economy-related for now. kate snow is talking transportation in the newsroom. >> sorry for my voice. we're going to talk about 3,000 flights canceled, head to one of the busiest airports in the nation right after a quick break. w business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at i tabut with my back paines,
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
1:14 pm
>> we're still following breaking news on the massive
1:15 pm
blizzard that is makes its way up the east coast. dylan dryer riding through the storm. last we checked you were in virginia right outside d.c. we might have lost her. it comes in and out. is she back, or have we lost her for good? she's back now. >> hey, kate, yes, we're in the blue mobile right now, and for those of you who don't know how this thing works, we have a rotating satellite dish built into this truck. so when we go under an overpass or run into high trees, we tend to lose the signal. we are about 15 miles outside of washington, d.c. if you look outside, you can see that there are not that many cars on the road. this area -- 4:00 in the afternoon on a friday of all things.
1:16 pm
so it's a very good sign that people are staying off the roads. we are just getting into this storm right now. we have been driving since 8:30 this morning, starting in roanoke and it's been a long, slow drive. but we've been driving out of the heaviest of the snow. so we are just starting to get things started here, it's almost like we're bringing the storm with us to washington, d.c. and we'll start to see conditions deteriorate as the heavy snow will continue to work in. near whiteout conditions at times when the snow comes down very hard. and we're also looking at the fact that we're going to see 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts with this storm once it strengthens and that will also reduce visibility. there are some cars on the road. we're getting to the point where everybody should get off the road and stay home. ride it out, tomorrow's a saturday and then let the crews do what they need to do so maybe things can get back up and running possibly on monday. >> is it slick out there?
1:17 pm
>> it's slow, it's slushy. but there's a lot of sand and salt on the roads. so traction's okay. i'm just gonna tell you i'm gonna lose you right now. >> we say, thank you. thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed as the blizzard continues to make its way up the east coast. kristen dahlgren is at laguardia airport in new york and they've already started cancelling flights. >> i know you're hoping to get on a flight later tonight. so people are asking, are we going to get out? tonight, it is still possible. we're seeing flights leave here. they've canceled about 79 flights for the day at laguardia, about 13% of the flight operations. so still flights going out. they do want flights to go out because they want to get the aircraft out of here. they don't want it to get snowed in here, so that they're not able to resume operations as quickly as possible once the snow passes. but the problem is, we're also
1:18 pm
seeing this trickle-down effect, when you talk air travel, it depends on how things are looking in the rest of the country. so places like charlotte today, that already saw the snow and ice, american airlines canceled all of its flights into and out of charlotte. and that's an american hub, so it threw a wrench into the entire siystem. all three d.c. airports say they're not having any flights coming into or out of d.c. through the day tomorrow. philadelphia, same thing. they're hoping they're able to get flights up and running by, say, noon on sunday, but it's going to be a difficult task, because you have to get everything then back in place, where it's supposed to be, to carry all of these travelers and of course with all the canceled flights, you're going to see very full flights and some people not able to get out until monday or tuesday. so really, it's going to be a long, long couple days ahead for anyone trying to get anywhere. the good news is that airlines did make these cancellations
1:19 pm
early. you can see, not really that many lines behind me. a lot of people got texts and e-mai e-mails, so they didn't even come out to the airport. so we don't see people camped out waiting for flights. they'll wait to come to the airport until the snow stops. >> kristin, thanks. she mentioned charlotte, north carolina. folks are dealing with sleet and freezing rain. also anticipating that big nfl game on sunday, and that's where we find sarah dallof. sarah? >> hey, kate. kristin mentioned some closures in laguardia. here, mass cancellations in charlotte. american airlines canceled all flights into and out of the airport today. let's give you a live picture from our drone and show you what the situation is. you can understand immediately why none of these flights are coming in or going out. this is a city like you see, covered in snow and ice.
1:20 pm
prompting closures of government offices, schools, prompting warnings from officials to stay off the road. so they can get the necessary snow and ice removal equipment out here. there is some traffic out here. we have an intersection with some cars, if we could zoom in on that. something to keep in mind here, we had rain last night. and that rain washed away a lot of the materials that crews laid down in preparation for the storm, the salt and the brine. so the risk of black ice is very high as we head into the evening. you mentioned the big nfl game on sunday. the carolina panthers held practice today. they had a snow day practice. their coach is hoping that the experience, playing in these extreme conditions will give them an edge come sunday against the cardinals who are practicing in much warmer weather right
1:21 pm
now. >> i'll say. okay, thanks so much. let's turn now to msnbc's senior editor cal perry. he's been watching all the power outages already affecting parts of the country. how's it looking? >> not great. especially in north carolina, in charlotte, still dealing with more than 18,000 people without power. we'll take a look at and we've been doing it all day, our misery map. it's getting worse every time i refresh it. d.c. is starting to look really, really bad. charlotte is still shut down. and we've got some new photos in from the charlotte airport. this is from somebody who works in operations at the airport, just to give you an idea of what the airport looks like. there you go. so they're trying to clear those runways. as you heard in the report previous to mine, it's that rain that laid down that layer that's now become ice and that is really difficult to get off of those runways. a little tip for people who are looking for their flights.
1:22 pm
if you can find the flight that came in to new york or d.c., or these airports, they want to get these aircraft out. so if your flight comes into new york or d.c., that's the aircraft to take you back to your destination, you have a pretty good chance of getting out. >> that means i have a chance tonight? >> you have a chance. >> thanks so much. several governors have already declared a state of emergency with the storm. coming up, what are the rules, and can you get in trouble if you break them? "beth" by kiss ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪. ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. ♪ ... all nig♪t text beth, what can i do... [siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. men, stay fit. yet 68% don't know ...
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as a winter storm bears down on the east coast, at least six states and 21 counties in georgia have all declared states of emergency. more could follow. joining me now on the rules and the consequences of declarations of states of emergency, ari melb melber. so, i'm curious, if you live in one of those places and you do decide to go out on the road, are you in trouble?
1:26 pm
>> well, what you are is violating what they've asked you to do. but no, in most of the cases, because people do have jobs and some people work monday through friday weekdays, weekends, restaurants, hospitals. we're hearing from a lot of public officials, a, a state of emergency, which triggers the national guard and other resources, and b, stay off the roads if you can, recognizing that a lot of people have to be on the road for various reasons. let's hear what we've been hearing the governor about how to handle this. take a listen. >> told the state government we'd be shutting down today. our schools are closed. we are prepared for this. we have equipment. stay off the roads. >> i've declared a state of emergency in the district of columbia, which would give us tremendous authority to get ready for this storm. >> the national guard has done an outstanding job, mobilized a hundred soldiers and catch teams
1:27 pm
to help locate stranded motorists. >> so you see it from public officials. sometimes people say, hey, on tv and the media, it feels like the storm is gonna be the worst ever, are we overdoing it? fair question. one of the answers is, looking to governors and executives here, leading the cities that are bearing the brunt of this. according to them, not overdoing it. they want people to be safe, to be ready, not to be caught by surprise. >> they'd rather err on the side of caution always. we were hearing that earlier that new york officials were doing worst case scenario in terms of how much snow, because they want to be ready. >> you got it. >> thank you. straight ahead, ten days on the iowa caucuses, where the races stand up next. 72% of women say they often
1:28 pm
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or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. pay no more than $15 per prescription for 12 months. eligibility restrictions apply. learn more at or call 800-580-3421. also, 9 out of 10 medicare part d patients can get toujeo® at the lowest branded copay. ask your doctor about the proven full 24-hour blood sugar control of toujeo®. with ten days to go until the iowa caucus, republicans
1:31 pm
seem split on whether donald trump or ted cruz poses the graver threat to the party's electoral prospects, after bob dole said a cruz nomination would lead the party to kaz cliz mick losses. the national review out today said trump is the worst choice, calling him a menace to conservativism and a philosophically unmoored political oper tunist. >> if you nominate trump and cruz, i think you get the same result. i don't think the outcome will be substantially different. dishonest, which is hillary clinton in the eyes of the american people, beats crazy. >> joining me now, nbc news senior political editor, mark murray. the national review and 20-plus
1:32 pm
op-ed pieces basically written against donald trump. how much weight does that carry? >> it carries some weight, but not a whole lot. as i've remarked this entire election season, this race has defied all times of political gravity. you got to throw out all the endorsements, all the validators, all the normal rules and the person who was dominating, it's been donald trump. and of course when we get to the voting in iowa and new hampshire, they could end up breaking ways, which we haven't seen before. but i'm not sure that the national review piling on donald trump ends up hurting donald trump at all. but what i do think is fascinating, in the quote from lindsey graham, do you end up, if you're republicans, do you end up having poison, or you get shot? there's probably a 33% chance that donald trump is your republican nominee, a 33% chance that ted cruz is your nominee, or 33% chance you end up having
1:33 pm
rubio or an establishment person. according to that math, 2/3 chance that death is coming either by poison or by shooting. >> mark, there's also this debate seems to be going on about what the establishment, quote/unquote even means. we had the national review writer on last hour and here's what he had to say. >> establishment has become a completely meaningless term. like rhino. this is a charge thrown at anyone who disagrees with you. i don't know what it supposed to mean. >> it might be an insult to call people establishment? >> i think that's true. the establishment versus outsider debate, what establishment ends up meaning are people who are willing to make deals. and people who end up having to compromise getting a quarter of what you want or half, or 3/4,
1:34 pm
versus the outsider insurgents, i'm not compromising at all. and to me, that's probably the best definition, where all of a sudden people like paul ryan, who is seen as a tea party person, but who is now house speaker, a lot of people believe he's part of the establishment, because now he has to cut some of the deals just to make the government function and keep it open. >> mark murray, breaking that all down for us. mark, thanks so much. >> meanwhile, donald trump and ted cruz released duelling negative ads today. trump's first attack ad of the 2016 campaign. it comes as rubio is scaling back his advertising in iowa to the tune of $500,000, according to a new piece in politico. i'm joined now by olivia sterns and also beth freeney here with me in the newsroom. olivia, ad spending, you've been tracking the numbers. >> yes, we got some new numbers here. what they show, marco rubio is
1:35 pm
the second biggest spender on the campaign, trailing only -- >> jeb bush. >> it's incredible. the two of them have spent about $91 million in advertising via their campaigns and outside groups. mr. bush and his allies have spent almost $59 million. and rubio, about $33 million. by comparison, this is what's incredible. donald trump and ted cruz, the two front-runners in the republican primary have spent just about $8 million on ads. that's obviously a ratio of more than 11-1. so the take-away from all this, kate, is that the big spending, even if it's from super pacs, just isn't translating into support at the polls. >> and beth, let me turn to you about the duelling ads. we'll start with ted cruz. >> i think eminent domain is wonderful. >> it made him rich. like when trump colluded with atlantic city insiders to bulldoze the home of an elderly widow for a limousine parking
1:36 pm
lot at his casino. >> i want immigration reform to pass and that allows those who are here illegally to come in out of the shadows. >> that amendment would have allowed undocumented immigrants to remain in the u.s. and obtain legal status. how do you square that circle? >> actually, brett, it wouldn't have. >> well, you can tell we're only about a week out from iowa, can't you? >> negative. >> yes. >> and there's a couple things going on. the charge about illegal immigration. this has become the seminal issue on the republican side. two people, ted cruz and donald trump, of course, neither one of them would ever be considered soft on immigration. and here they are looking for past pieces of tape where they might sort of kind of say that some of those immigrants should be here legally and using it to slam the other. so that tells you how salient that issue is for republicans right now. the other one, eminent domain,
1:37 pm
that's a funny concept. not everyone knows what that is. that's the government taking private property sometimes to build a road or some kind of development project. donald trump, being a developer, that's what made him the mogul that he is, is going to favor that. and today he tweeted -- >> and why is cruz playing that up so much, though? >> because there's this notion that certain types of eminent domain land grabs takes homes away from people, particularly elderly people, and that's a way to scare the voters. elderly voters typically likely to go out and vote more than young people. >> and we were talking about the spending, how cruz and trump at the very top of the gop field, have barely spent any money compared to their rivals. is that because traditional ads aren't really what's working this time around? >> right. the trump situation, there's nothing like it. he's gotten so much free press, and he was so well known to begin with. he doesn't need to spend ad dollars the way some of the other traditional candidates do.
1:38 pm
ted cruz, why he's been able to get away with spending so little, that's more of a puzzle. he's got lots of super pacs who are there to help him. the big southern states require a lot of money to spend. it's the jeb bush story which is just so sad. he and his connected super pac, they've spent more of the money and he just keeps going down in the polls, not up. >> beth fuohy, thanks so much. as we switch over to the democratic race for president, hillary clinton, bernie sanders both in new hampshire today, a state where sanders leads clinton. earlier today, sanders delivered a stark contrast between himself and secretary clinton on wall street reform. >> i want to say a word on an issue that secretary clinton and i disagree on, and that is kind of the elephant in the room
1:39 pm
regarding the american economy. and that is the incredible power of wall street. we're trying to say that wall street and their big money friends should not be dictating public policy in america. >> for more on the democratic side in that race, i want to bring in harry saf ug an, former senior spokesman for obama for america. nice to see you here in the studio. >> thanks for having me. >> you're a veteran of the obama campaign, fair to say. does bernie sanders remind you of the insurgent barack obama campaign, or is there not a good analogy there? >> well, it remains to be seen, i think. what president obama was able to do is build a very broad coalition. i think senator sanders has engendered a lot of support amongst a section of the democratic electorate, young people, bold progressives. it's to be seen whether he can expand that base, especially after we get out of iowa, new
1:40 pm
hampshire, and into south carolina and nevada. >> "the new york times" reporting that the clintons earned $125 million in speaking fees since they've left the white house. $125 million. a fifth of it in the last two years alone. should that be the way that bernie sanders goes after them? >> well, it wouldn't be surprising that's what they would look to. secretary clinton has put out a plan to reform wall street. in favor of dodd-frank. and sanders has been in favor of it as well. it's not surprising they're going after some of the other ties. what is most telling is america rising, a republican super pac has copied the same exact attack. >> on hillary clinton? >> correct. >> let's listen to a little bit of hillary clinton today. she was talking about foreign policy out on the trail. >> senator sanders doesn't talk very much about foreign policy, but when he does, it raises
1:41 pm
concerns because sometimes it can sound like he hasn't really thought it through. for example, he suggested we invite iranian troops into syria. that is like asking the arsonist to be the firefighter. as bad as things are in syria, and they are, more iranian troops are only going to make it worse. >> sorry, that was actually yesterday hillary clinton. but it does sound a little bit like the same attack that she leveled on president obama back in 2008. can that work? >> here's the difference. secretary clinton has now had six or seven years as secretary of state. she's shown that she's got incredible experience in this area and i think the area where the type of contrast that she's able to provide versus senator sanders is very different than she was able to show versus senator obama, who in the senate, took the lead on issues around nuclear proliferation and other foreign policy issues where he was an expert.
1:42 pm
the contrast wasn't as strong there. it's much stronger this time around. >> and what about on the bernie sanders' side of the equation? he has a new ad out, it ends with the slogan, a future to believe in. sounds a little bit like hope and change. >> sure. what's interesting about that ad, that's all there is in that ad, other than images of iowans. it will play well in iowa, i think it's a nice emotional, tug at your heart strings, a little bit. but it remains to be seen whether that is going to play outside of iowa. and frankly whether senator sanders can turn some of that emotion into passion and turn it into caucus goers, which is a very different animal in iowa. >> you sound like you're being careful not to handicap too much. >> given how much the sanders campaign has touted their momentum, anything sort of a victory in iowa and new hampshire would be a failure for them. but in the end, it's gonna be a delegate fight, and this is going to go into nevada and people are going to come out of
1:43 pm
iowa and new hampshire, both campaigns with delegates and they're going to go into nevada and south carolina into march 1st. i think we'll have a better sense after that. >> thank you very much. a top administrator resigns amid the water crisis in michigan. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
1:46 pm
michigan governor rick snyder is hiring a public
1:47 pm
relations crisis team, amid the turmoil surrounding his handling of the flint water crisis, this after the head of the epa in the midwest announced her resignation, and the epa announced an emergency order for that city. citing resistance on both the state and local levels to his recommendations that the water be properly treated for lead toxicity. tony dokoupil has been following this story in flint for us for a long time and joins me again. what can you tell us about the governor's announcement today? >> reporter: we learned this afternoon, governor snyder has obtained a high-power, new york to help him with political messaging and strategy. mercury bills itself as a high stakes and they boast knowing how to win in difficult situations. we reached out to ask who was paying the bill, and this is what they told us. they told us, due to the intense
1:48 pm
media demand and severity of this issue, we are assisting the governor's team so that they are able to dedicate their focus and resources to helping the people of flint. we are not being paid by state funds. so according to mercury, this is coming out of the governor's own pocket. we've seen some of the spin doctoring on display so far this week. earlier today, i got a message from one of mercury's vice presidents, touting coverage that was favorable to the governor, making him look like a good spokesperson for his recovery effort. and highlighting negative coverage of the epa. so a bit of scapegoating going on. when the governor makes an appearance, he tends to say it's my responsibility to oversee these things, but ultimately the fault remains with the administrators underneath him and also the epa. kate? >> tony, we talked about the impact on the residents, on the people. you've talked to so many moms and families, what about businesses? how are they coping with the state of the water right now? >> well, something people some know about flint, we hear a lot
1:49 pm
about how it's a shrinking city, and there's some boarded up shops and there's a poverty problem here, but there are beautiful restaurants and shops. not far from where we are, a gorgeous coffee shop, an amazing deli. they have sob stories to tell as well. 45, 50%, 60% reductions in business. people don't want to go in and risk it. they don't trust the businesses have clean water. what are they cooking with, what are they serving to the customers? that's so incredibly damaging. this is also an economic problem for the city of flint. >> tony dokoupil, continuing to follow all of it for us. tony, thanks so much. >> now here's jane wells with the cnbc market wrap. jane? >> kate, this is how crazy it's been. this week was so nutty on the market, and yet we ended the week positive. the first positive week of 2016. and the dow gaining 211 points, the s&p up 38 almost, and the nasdaq jumped just over 119.
1:50 pm
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keep your family connected. app-connect. on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. back with our breaking news coverage of the huge storm set to wallop the east coast, already wreaking havoc on the mid atlantic region, inches north. for the latest, let's check in with bonnie schneider. have we seen any change in the forecast? >> not really. we're still looking at a very impactful event that's happening right now in washington, d.c. where the snow is coming down. moving into baltimore and philadelphia tonight. let's take a closer look. you can see, we're getting heavy
1:54 pm
rain and thunderstorms in coastal north carolina. that's a state that's really getting just about every type of precipitation right now, with a wintry mix and some sleep and even freezing rain. roanoke, this is an area that's going to see really heavy snow. some of those bands are coming in at this hour. knoxville, you have the heavy rain that will change back over to snow. let's take a look at some of the snowfall totals that we're expecting through sunday. because this storm is not going to be over on saturday night. washington and baltimore with the snow already coming down, gusts right now, the wind is not as fierce as it's going to be. right now, it's out of the northeast at about 8 miles per hour. but the snow forecast is still quite high, up to 26. there's a range here, depending on where you are. we are going to see some fluctuation, but be prepared for very heavy snow. when it gets intense, the visibility has already gone down quite a bit. but two to four inches per hour, you can't see, that's whiteout situation. let's look at philadelphia.
1:55 pm
as the snow works its way in, still substantial snow amounts, a foot, maybe a foot and a half, with the winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. also under a blizzard warning and new york city, we've seen some fluctuation in the forecast. we'll probably see more on the higher end of the range that you see here. that's what the latest models are indicating. be prepared for heavier snow than maybe you thought earlier in the week. the snow into the overnight period tonight, the gusts will get even more fierce at 55 miles per hour. the closer you are to the coast, that's the case. the cutoff into new england, for those hoping for a big windfall of snow in boston, you had that last year, you're not going to get it. hartford, you'll get several inches of snow. another huge problem is ice. if you've been through an ice storm, it's one of the worst things, because you can lose power for a long time. this is a crippling potentially situation where we are likely to see widespread power outages for
1:56 pm
a very populated area. all the way from charlotte to d.c. where we have the wind and the snow. and speaking of the wind, another place we could see power outages as well as flooding problems is right along the coast. particularly in the delmarva region. this is where we'll see really fierce wind. and this legend shows you the damage scale of how intense these winds can get. once you get over 45 miles per hour, you're looking at downed trees, power lines and damage. new york, montauk, east end of long island, fierce wind, coastal flooding a huge concern. we're like lely to really see t wind raise the water. it will be at its worst at high tide. high tide times vary, but this is when we're likely to see the most intense flooding. a fairly long duration of a storm that we'll be talking about likely into next week, even though the snow will stop, the power outages are likely to
1:57 pm
persist. >> bonnie, thanks so much. before we go, we want to go back to the capital one more time. we've been looking at those whiteout conditions on the lower side of your screen. there's luke russert at freedom plaza, pennsylvania avenue. we can barely tell where you are. >> reporter: yeah, usually you'd be able to see the u.s. capitol behind me, unfortunately it's a total whiteout here, kate. if you're trying to look at the white house, the washington monument, they're all very difficult to make out in these conditions now. we expect to hear from washington mayor mariel bowser at the top of the hour with the latest in regards to how the city is coping with this storm. the mayor tweeting out, asking for all cars to please get off the road. she wants those cars off the roads, so the plows can begin to do their work. we've seen a few of them come by here, putting some salt on the roads, and i got to say, usually friday, 5:00, this would be bumper to bumper, rush hour
1:58 pm
traffic. if you look at the roads right now, there's nothing much going on. a few buses and suvs over there by my left shoulder. so the city seems to be hunkered down now for the storm, taking the mayor's advice to shelter in place. the worst of it is going to come around 1:00 a.m. saturday morning. it's going to continue all the way through tomorrow. the biggest worry, though, is what you mentioned just now, the power outages. a lot of washington is built around old trees. above-ground power lines. the worry is, if the power goes out, it could take a long time to be turned back on. because the power utility workers ontario won't be able t there. we have a not very decent history when it comes to d.c. and snowstorms and plowing. but the mayor has vowed to do better this time around. one last thing, she's pulling out all the stops. every truck is supposedly on the road, tons of salt, the national guard has been mobilized.
1:59 pm
a state of emergency has been declared. so they're doing everything they possibly can be out in front of this. but at the end of the day, if this takes a whack at washington the way the meteorologists have predicted it will, being a life-long resident, i can tell you it's going to be a long, long dig-out, because it's not something this area is used to. >> look out for your elderly neighbors, and people who might have trouble in the snow. we have a shot from speaker ryan's balcony. it's just a whiteout there too. congress went home early. the government, i think, shut down earlier today. how long does this impact the u.s. government? >> they shut down today. they were originally going to be back on monday. the house postponed their vote to monday, as did the senate. they're looking now at a tuesday to go back into session and start doing the business of the people. we'll see. all the flights canceled. we'll see if they pull that off.
2:00 pm
they do better plowing around the capital building, i'll give them that. >> i'm remembering the last big storm when i lived on capitol hill and i couldn't get out of my house for days. luke, thanks so much. >> thank you. that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" starts right now. if it's friday, it's just ten days before the voting starts for the race to the white house. and here in washington, we'll have to escape to iowa to dodge the snow. it's a winter storm wallop on the east coast that's impacting more than 85 million americans. this is a hunkered-down "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ good evening, everyone, welcome to "mtp daily." some major developments on both sides of the 201


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