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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  January 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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world headquarters in new york. we are continuing to watch this weekend's massive blizzard that has really crippled the eastern seaboard. stalled everybody in place in certain areas. we've got all aboveground subway and regional train services in and around new york suspended, nonemergency vehicles they're still allowed on the roadways. that's it. so nonemergency vehicles you are allowed on the road in new york city -- excuse me, only nonemergency vehicles. we got the full traffic ban for new york into nassau county. broadway shows canceled and movie theaters closed as well and more than 14 inches of snow has already fallen in central park with upwards of two feet expected for the city today. so the situation is dangerous. people are definitely paying attention to this. and we can now confirm that there have been 13 storm related fatalities. joining me now on the telephone is the deputy commissioner of
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operations for new york city's emergency management. it's good to have you with me. so let's begin with any rising crises that have been faced for city management so far, or is everything pretty much handled because of the way the mayor has taken command? >> i think the mayor's decisions we have gone through have helped us a lot. people coming off the roadways now will be able to sit -- assist the department -- i should say the department of sanitation greatly. because that will be able to create a better flow of removing the roadways from snow starting with the main roads and then looking at the small roadways. but we still do have a lot of snow being falling, so that's going to be hard for us to keep up with. in the sense of crises, i got to tell you, it's been really uneventful at this point. there's been some minor power outages, isolated throughout the
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city. but not anything large scale. no flooding reports from this storm. we got through the first storm cycle, the first tidal cycle we did very well and we don't expect that to be a problem on the second tidal cycle. >> when it comes to the travel ban, is there a grace period for folks? what have you heard about how strict it's going to be? >> it needs to be common sense, right. i understand people several hours ago were given this particular travel ban. people need to use common sense. get to where they got to go and stay where they got to be. and that's really what it is. and as we go throughout the night i think use really firm judgment about how to proceed as we go out. >> so is this going to be hour by hour? or what are you hearing, frank, about how long the city will keep this ban instituted? >> i don't know. it depends on current weather conditions as we go throughout the evening.
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and then what our roadways look like tomorrow at this point. >> so would you feel comfortable saying that it really could be back to normal by monday morning's commute, that tomorrow is really going to be the telltale day? >> well, if the forecasters are on course, and we feel that this is going to start to taper off on the overnight, that will give a good 24 hours for the department of sanitation to do their job, which they do a phenomenal job at it to remove the snow. and then we should have a normal commute on monday morning, yeah. >> we're looking right now, frank, just so everybody at home knows a live image of times square. and we can see one emergency vehicle trying to get through -- two actually. and times square is a crush of pedestrian traffic right now. is that a worry for you? >> no, i mean, i think people are staying in new york city. they want to get out and see the snow. i mean, i think it's a wonderful time to be out in the snow. but remember, people walking and going about need to be careful.
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it still is dangerous out there. we're going to feel blizzard like conditions throughout the city. so people need to be very cautious if they're going to venture out tonight or even now. >> frank mccarton, we're going to let you get back to work. frank being the deputy commissioner of operations for new york city's emergency management. no small task, frank, so thanks to you and your entire team. we appreciate your time. the other big question at this hour is when is the snow going to let up? for that we're going to check in now with msnbc meteorologist bonnie snyder. she's been monitoring and tracking this system from the very beginning. bonnie, what are we seeing? >> we're seeing a lot of snow that's already accumulated. i know maybe you're ready for it to stop, but we have to get through the night. by tomorrow morning i think eventually the storm will pull away, but we have a ways to go. looking at totals incredible, redhouse, maryland, 38 inches of snow. philadelphia at 18. new york just about 15, depends on where you are. there was a report of 14.5 at central park.
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washington, d.c. at 15. so we're going to keep tallying these numbers as they come in, but the main thing to note is we're still looking at really heavy snow bans working their way across long island, nassau county, northern new jersey and into connecticut. as we take a look further to the north, boston, you're getting your share of snow. nowhere near looking at heavy amounts we're seeing in d.c., the cape and islands, look at that. it's all snow. we're not even getting rain and the mixing that was potential in the forecast earlier days ago. let's take a look at the time line as we kind of zoom in on the region. by the time we get to later tonight the storm does work its way further to the east. keep in mind we're still in those snow bans from long island and into rhode island as well as eastern mass. so it's really fascinating that we're going into midnight and by the time we get to tomorrow morning that we're not looking at this storm shutting down just yet. eventually it will. now this is 7:00 a.m. on sunday. there you have it, martha's vineyard, cape and island still getting the snow bands. but keep in mind another huge
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part of the storm is the wind. as we take a look at some of the winds we've been seeing, 30 miles per hour in new york, cape may even stronger than that at 60. that is fierce. so these strong winds will continue throughout the day and into the evening hours. but if you open up the scope and take a look at the damage scale right here, what we're looking at is really, really strong winds that are likely to continue to cause the potential for power outages as well as the trees coming down. and keep in mind when the trees are already compromised from hours and hours of wind and snow, it could just be that they're dangling and we could see more downed trees. i know everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the snow, please do it with caution especially if you're near large trees. here's a look at high tides for saturday night, coastal flood warnings continue from chesapeake up towards new york, especially the south shore and look at cape cod. so that threat of fierce wind only enhanced with flooding along the areas where we're likely to see high tides with
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the pull of the moon. i wish i could say this is all over, but it's not. we have to get through tonight and spoo tomorrow morning. eventually though by sunday we should be shoveling out. it's just the problem is, thomas, is that the flood threat will linger because it takes a while for water to eventually recede. >> one thing we're learning now, bonn bonnie, is some of the first flakes are starting to fall in boston. we have a shot of that. we expect though the tracking of this storm system to move out into the atlantic. bonnie, just real quickly, boston could get one to three inches from this, correct? >> it's possible. but i wouldn't be surprised in some areas you may see more than that. this isn't going to be a blockbuster storm for boston. we know they had that last year many times over with over 100 inches of snow. but travel is going to be difficult in and around the boston area, even if you're a snow veteran. that snow will continue to fall throughout much of the day. >> all right. >> like i said, thomas, this is a long lasting event for a nor'easter. >> it really is when we think about it touching boston all the way down to washington, d.c. it's an amazing section of the
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northeast that is being affected by this. bonnie, thanks so much. we'll talk fwen here shortly. we have every angle of this story covered from different points. our correspondents have fanned out across the country on this in the northeast, adam reese is live for us here in new york in central park. rehema ellis is in point pleasant, new jersey. and jacob rascon is in philadelphia. adam, let me start with you. it looks like we're seeing more of a whiteout condition there in central park than we've seen before. >> reporter: it has not let up, thomas. it continues to come down just as hard as it was when i arrived here at 6:00 a.m. just to give you a sense, i wanted you to see how high it is. already about 15 inches. by tomorrow afternoon when the blizzard warning is over we'll be as high as two feet. as you mentioned earlier, the snow ban, the travel ban in place. all cars off the streets starting at 2:30 today. bus service also canceled. train service, long island railroad and metro north also canceled as well as laguardia and kennedy airports essentially shut down today.
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so many people here in new york city coming to central park to take advantage of what they consider beautiful weather, beautiful picturesque scenes here in central park. dr. hyatt and dr. hyatt. he is a neonatal surgeon and you are a psychologist. >> yes. >> the two of you came out. you came from the east side. you live all the way in rumson, new jersey. what do you make of this beautiful scene here? >> well, it's magical. it's beautiful and the people are all seem to be joyous and having a wonderful time. and we wanted to come to the park and share in that. >> reporter: you're a doctor. tell me concerns about frostbite. i mean, it's very cold. and a lot of people are out here, some of them this guy's in a t-shirt. tell me about your concerns about keeping warm, keeping your extremities protected in weather like this. >> well, you know, as you know the best thing is to dress in layers. and to make sure that your head
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is protected. that's why we have these beautiful hats on. and your gloves and make sure you have boots. and if you're feeling cold, you should go inside and warm up. and the man that's wearing a t-shirt, i don't think that's very wise. at least his child is well-dressed. >> i actually saw a guy in shorts running this afternoon. a lot of people taking advantage, i've seen a lot of runners today. you are a psychologist. there's a lot of beauty out here. and people enjoying this weather. it's not an opportunity you get often here in new york city. you to get snow, but nothing like this. >> yeah. i think that that's really true. that usually the hype is much greater than the reality of the snow. today i think it exceeded all expectations. i think everybody's out enjoying it. i can't believe it. >> reporter: and you guys enjoying it. what have you been able to do? i mean, you were taking pictures earlier. >> we walked from our apartment on the east side. we walked across the park and
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actually went to the museum of natural history. >> you can't do that right now. the the museums are closed. >> they threw us out. >> they did. >> at 2:30 they shut down because it's an emergency. >> reporter: okay. well, thank you both. enjoy the rest of the day. i'm going to come on over here, thomas, so you can see me. obviously -- take care, guys. so you can see that even though there's a travel ban in place, all the roads are essentially shut down, people have come out here to enjoy it. we've seen people snow shoes, skis, bikes, running, people taking advantage of this what they consider beautiful weather, thomas. >> running into some really nice folks out there and we hope they stay safe. adam reese, thank you so much. appreciate that. the blizzard continues to bring coastal flooding to parts of new jersey and delaware. this is sea isle, new jersey, where high tide brought the frigid water into the store fronts. horrible situation there. nbc's rehema ellis has been covering this. she is watching the flood threat from her location in point
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pleasant, new jersey. you've been dealing with intensity from the winds all throughout your reporting. >> reporter: we really have, thomas. and i have to say what adam was saying at the top of his live hit with you in terms of the continuation of the storm, we really haven't seen the winds abate with any significance. there's been a steady, steady high winds here. at times gusting they've got to be upwards of 50 miles an hour. it makes it very uncomfortable here along the beach front. you talked about the flooding. there's also been some very serious flooding in the atlantic city area that's causing quite a headache for people there. this particular area where they were concerned about a lot of coastal flooding because it was devastated during hurricane sandy, we have not seen anywhere near the degree of flooding back then. people say along this area they learned a lot of lessons from sandy. i talked with governor chris christie who has declared a state of emergency in this state
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about how the state is fairing up under the storm. just listen. so many people were worried that they're still struggling to recover from hurricane sandy in 2012 and that this might devastate them even further. do you think it's going to push the state back to where it was in 2012? >> oh, no chance. no chance. we are so much better off than we were three years ago that we'll be able to survive something like this and won't have anywhere near the property damage or the loss of life we had three years ago. >> reporter: they have learned a lot of lessons from that devastating storm. one of them is manifested here in the property where we're standing right now. this was wiped out by sandy. it has now been rebuilt under hurricane code conditions. so we feel very safe here. but there are some other things that they just can't weather against as long as you've got power lines that line the streets of any community. the governor told us that at one point there were 94,000 people without power in the state of new jersey. getting that power up becomes
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difficult because you've got to get the linemen, those crews to work on the lines. with fierce winds blowing like this, it's dangerous to even think about doing that work. so it means that it's slow, it's very painstaking and it means that more people are going to be without power longer than they ever hoped that they possibly would be. tonight there's the concern about another high tide. and with that the concern that they'll be more of this wind coming off of the ocean. in fact, phil, if you can pan over here just a little bit. i want you to see how fierce these waters are. as bad as they are now, it was even worse a little bit earlier. and when that high tide comes in, thomas, it may bring these tides up to four feet and beyond. the big thing they're concerned about too is the beach erosion. they won't know exactly how bad it is until the storm settles and it's out of here and they start to assess the damage. tomorrow and the days to come,
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thomas. >> rehema ellis reporting there in point pleasant and high tide also coincides with the full moon tonight. i know that's going to keep everybody a little more worried than they would be about high tide in coordination with this storm. we want to go down to philadelphia right now. 18 impnches of snow already faln there, 30 inches expected. all flights in and out of philly are grounded for now. nbc's jacob rascon is live in philadelphia watching it all in front of the delaware river. jacob, have things calmed down for you or the same status as before? >> reporter: you know, rehema talked about the wind. the wind really hasn't stopped here. sometimes it's been 10, 15, 20-mile-per-hour gusts. sometimes it's over 40 or 50-mile-an-hour. but the wind just persists. it doesn't go away. the snow in fact is still coming down. the snowflakes are very light, probably very difficult to see with the camera. but the snow hasn't stopped either since yesterday afternoon. we are expecting another band of snow this afternoon into the evening. and it won't stop, we're told
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until midnight or so. that's why we're going to see the snow totals go up. and then as you mention we're at a standstill as far as transportation. no flights in or out of philadelphia airport. and also the buses and trains are not operating. and everyone else is told to stay in their homes but they're able to drive if they want to. we took a little drive around and found that most people are listening. there were some that we met who were not listening, a couple from out of town who were stuck. we had to help them get out. and then another thing that i'll talk about, we've been able to confirm we've been working on this all day is that the pennsylvania turnpike very far from here but still of course in pennsylvan pennsylvania, we have hundreds of cars that have been stuck on an 85-mile stretch since last night. officials are bringing them supplies like fuel so they can run their heaters and other supplies, medical supplies they might need like insulin and as well water. what happened is that last night
1:18 pm
you had accidents. a jackknifed truck and others stopped the freeway there. and they just haven't been able to clear it. the national guard is there now working on clearing up the road. they've been there for many, many hours. and still as i said you have hundreds of cars that are stuck there on the turnpike since last night. a very dangerous situation as i said because the snow and the wind not expected to let up until tomorrow morning, thomas. >> jacob rascon reporting for us in philadelphia. coming up later this hour for everybody, we've got new york governor andrew cuomo, he's going to discuss his state's response to the storm. also the mid-atlantic taking a beating from the blizzard. thousands of motorists stranded overnight near the kentucky-tennessee line. we're also going to take you to washington, d.c. where some are utilizing this snow for a little fun on capitol hill. dangerous, but they think fun. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns
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take a look at this. want to show you the conditions in boston. you know, we took you there closer to the top of the hour. and the first issue of snowfall was coming down for these folks. and now it's gotten a little bit worse. we can see the almost whiteout conditions. as this really ominous storm system continues to move and churn up and down the eastern seaboard. one of the worst hit areas is washington, d.c., a city not very well known for accepting and welcoming snow and having to deal with it. this new video of the whiteout conditions on the roads really a threat to the residents. and the winter storm there hasn't let up just yet. also, this is fresh video from washington, d.c. dull es international airport. and it shows the issue with visibility and the issue of grounded flights. also the national guard is on patrol in washington, d.c. this is inside one of their humvees. nbc's luke russert has been out
1:23 pm
on this story for us for several days now. and he is dealing with the conditions as they haven't let up for you, luke. so i don't want to say that they're worse, but they're pretty much status quo. >> reporter: status quo for about the last hour or two, thomas, especially since i last spoke to you. a real pickup here in the snowfall. and also the wind. and that was one of the big worries with this storm was the intense wind gusts. it's averaging about 30 miles per hour right now where i'm standing. that's kind of surprising because we're blocked by some buildings on either side of us, assume it's more out towards the burbs and coast itself. this has potential to be historic snowfall for washington, d.c. as in terms of biggest of all time, biggest since the 1920s. we're definitely going to cross the 20-inch mark. depends to see how high that goes. the mayor has implored for everybody please to get off of the streets. you are at risk of being hit because a lot of plows are going down, it's getting darker now. no one should be driving on the
1:24 pm
streets unless you're an emergency vehicle or performing a medical emergency. i got to tell you, thomas, you don't see as many pedestrians as there were a few hours ago but there are still some. that's very dangerous. please get off the streets. good news since i spoke with you last, checked in with the power municipality here, only one power outage they say in d.c. proper. about 500 or so montgomery county. that's a little bit north of here in maryland. a lot less than they were expecting so far and that's because this snow is light and fluffy, it's not heavy and wet. that has been beneficial part of this storm if you can say any of it is. as far as what's going to happen next, well, public transit is still closed in washington through tomorrow. this snow is supposed to let up finally at about midnight tonight. two things we have to look for, the snow drifts as they pile up. it makes the plowing that much harder to do. and it also will completely trap any cars left on the side of the street. we'll see what happens come
1:25 pm
monday but i think safe to say all this snow probably not going to see a lot of school openings or government or business open on monday just because there's so much and they have a heck of a lot of work to do tomorrow. but thankfully this came on the weekend because if it had come during the week, i can't imagine what would have happened. >> the cleanup issue we'll see tomorrow we'll all be working through that one tomorrow. luke russert, thank you. appreciate it. just about an hour away from where luke is in washington, d.c. snow is also creating a real mess in baltimore, maryland. with the situation from there straight ahead for you. and social media playing a big role in entertaining folks who are working to clear their porches or just stay entertained inside their house. cal perry will join me next with some of the unique views we're seeing online today. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months?
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attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at so a lot of people are stuck inside their homes. we wanted to give you a look at what it feels to be on the streets of new york. this is a live look through the windshield of the beautiful shot of seeing folks walk through the
1:29 pm
drizzly manhattan streets. yeah, it's getting a little more wet, little more wild. you know the travel ban went into effect at 2:30 here in manhattan. that means that all vehicles, the ones that are not emergency vehicles, have to be off the roads. seeing more and more pedestrians fill times square there. and we are not hearing much about how police are trying to enforce this ban. potentially people can be fined if you are caught out. but this is just a unique look at what a mess it is here in manhattan right now and what a mess it's been all up and down the eastern seaboard. from charlotte all the way up north. one thing though that's been entertaining people social media playing a huge role with this storm still bearing down on the east coast. now, since the storm began we've got picture, we've got videos and clogged social media especially with your facebook and your twitter timelines,
1:30 pm
msnbc's cal perry monitoring it all for us. and, cal, you've curated some of the best. >> the last thing put up -- this is important. if you live in new york, d.c., philadelphia, get out there and shovel around those fire hydrants. it's important that the fire departments are able to get to those fire hydrants. they're stressing that on social media. they're also saying if for any reason you're sick and need to go to the hospital, stay home. they will come and get you. they don't want people to get stuck. the stuff coming from space is fantastic. this is from noaa. this will show you the power of the storm and we've been listening to bill karins all day and how it's going to back over new york city again. this is why it's going to git a little worse than better.
1:31 pm
thunder snow shot from space. and now the fun stuff, big talk of the day of course is panda, pandemonium, this is the one that's broken the internet. this is your big internet winter. this is the panda at the national zoo. people are actually asking me about this online. the naked cowboy is still in times square. i don't know why. i don't know what the reason for that is. but he is there. >> it's just not right. that's just not right. >> not at all right. but there it is. people are wondering if it's there. >> as you've said. if you find it, you'll show it a lot of pedestrian traffic there so god bless him. an update now on the conditions in new york and cleanup. we are joined by the governor of new york andrew cuomo. sir, good to have you with me. explain where we stand right now with the situation for new york
1:32 pm
residents. >> thanks. good to be with you. well, the storm got actually worse during the day. the forecast increase i declared a state of emergency this morning. and put into effect a travel ban in the downtown area. you don't like to do that, disrupt travel plans, commerce, et cetera, but in a situation like this public safety is a number one concern. and this much snow really is a dangerous situation. so the travel ban went into effect. all roads, all tunnels coming from new jersey, all bridges from new jersey into new york all throughout long island that ban went into effect 2:30. railroads will be getting stuck
1:33 pm
so those will be taken out of service as of 4:00. the underground subway is still running. and that's the mass transportation that gets the highest volume. and we're going to watch it as we go through this evening and into tomorrow. the travel ban not only keeps people off the roads, and we were having significant number of accidents, et cetera, but it also allows the emergency vehicles to do their work. allows plows to function, et cetera. we'll see how the snowfall continues. we're trying to get ahead of it with the cleanup crew. and then we'll see what mother nature has in store for us as we go on. but number one concern is public safety, as you've been reporting, this storm has cost about nine lives already. luckily we haven't lost any in new york. and my number one goal is to keep it that way. >> so, governor cuomo, we have images of you earlier today
1:34 pm
helping a motorist that got stuck on the cross island parkway. i know that this is quite a mess. for folks trying to deal with getting in and out of the city. the travel ban is a good thing for dealing with public safety issues. but what's the calculation that goes into when you may lift this? how soon are you going to evaluate whether or not people can get back on the roads? >> well, it's a good question. it was very dangerous. and there were cars that were stranded all across the highway. the individual who you mentioned that person was in a particularly dangerous area because he was in an exit ramp that was very popular and people were trying to get around him and causing all sorts of mayhem. but the balance is this. you want people to be able to travel and get back to normal as quickly as possible. you want to keep people safe on the other hand, and you want to
1:35 pm
be ready for monday when commerce resumes and schools open, et cetera. and that means you want the roads free so the plows can actually do their work. and that's the trade-off where saturday evening, tomorrow's sunday. when does the snow slow so the plows can get ahead of it? the snow is falling in excess of 3 inches per hour which is too fast for the plows to catch up. but we'd like to have the roads clean ideally for monday morning. and if that means keeping the travel ban in effect somewhat longer so we can clean the roads, i would be in favor of that. but much of this is going to be determined by mother nature. i haven't been governor that long but i've had enough experience with these storms. we plan and mother nature laughs. and we'll wait to see what she actually has left for new york.
1:36 pm
>> governor cuomo, mother nature has aligned three very powerful men to get along through this situation with you, governor christie and mayor de blasio. how effectively have the three of you worked together for the situation of the folks that you guys govern? >> well, you know, new york they love to report drama in new york. we have gotten along extraordinarily well. in the situation like this you need bistate coordination and coordination within the state. this is a down state issue, so it's suffolk county, nassau county, new york city. we have what's called the port authority which runs the tunnels and the bridges between new york and new jersey. and that's a bistate authority, and it's run by governor christie and myself. i called the governor, we had a
1:37 pm
conversation. and i asked him if he would go along with me and close the bridges and tunnels. he was 100% cooperative. it was a very pleasant conversation. mayor de blasio same. he had the same concerns about public safety, et cetera, nassau county executive, suffolk county executive, democrats, republicans, it doesn't matter. at the end of the day we work together very well in new york because we have the attitude that when new york is first and that comes ahead of politics. governor christie and i have worked together for a number of years. and we get along very well. we've been great allies frankly in situations like this where both states have worked to help
1:38 pm
one another when they need it. >> governor andrew cuomo, thank you, sir. we're going to let you get back to work. we know you have a long night ahead of you until we see what tomorrow brings. thank you. >> thanks. thanks for having me. >> absolutely. so this blizzard is not just dumping snow, it's also triggering issues with coastal flooding along the new jersey shoreline. atlantic city's mayor is going to join me live with the very latest from their area and also check in at new york's laguardia airport. flights have been grounded for now. virtual ghost town at one of the nation's busier airports. when that could possibly change we'll update you after this. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
1:39 pm
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welcome back everybody. i want to show you the conditions this boston. this is as the winter storm continues to track north. we've been watching this over the last 40 minutes or so. and we could see through our camera lens before some of the city skyline and vehicles on the road. and now it's a complete whiteout
1:42 pm
from the vantage point that we have from this camera in boston. again, this is just in the last 41 minutes that we've been watching conditions get worse there as snow continues all the way down to washington, d.c. and now as far north reaching to boston. for the very latest on the storm and the track of it i want to check in now with co-host of "today" show al roker. he's been working all day doing the roker-a-thon. al, this is amazing to think of it all the way down in d.c. and now starting to reach the folks in boston. >> that's right, thomas. that's why we had to up our accumulation amounts because the storm has moved a little further north. and so that's allowed us to see this develop. look at snow developing up in boston. it was staying to the south, but it's filled in rather nicely now. and with that we're going to see more and more snow coming down. in fact, our accumulation amounts for boston we're going to be calling now for two to four inches. but what's also interesting is we're seeing some dry air
1:43 pm
working its way in. and so we're seeing a little bit of break between atlantic city, ballmer, down to salisbury and up to philadelphia. but then you move over into washington and it keeps coming down where you can see the snow has not let up there. and it's just going to keep going. so let's in fact actually come in and drill down a little bit, look for some numbers see if we can pick up some amounts around new york. right here heavy snow in williamsburg, brooklyn, 16 inches our weather producer, this is staten island, first time our weather producer says this is the first time that from a single storm both washington, d.c. and new york city have developed 18 inches of snow in a storm. so that's pretty impressive for a storm. and as you look right now washington, d.c. 24 inches plus. wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. the heavy snow continues today.
1:44 pm
here's the impressive thing. top three snowstorms, 28 inches january 27th through 29th, 1922. 1899 in february, january 7th, 1996. these are all three-day events. this will be a little bit more than a one day event. and it's generating snow that rivals that. so that's pretty impressive. new york city we're looking for heavy snow into this evening with gusty winds, blizzard like conditions and the same thing, top three snowstorms all three-day events. however -- well, this is a two-day, but those are three-day events. and we're seeing in 24 hour ths kind of snow being generated, thomas, it's pretty impressive and we're not done yet. and we haven't talked about coastal flooding and beach erosion that will happen again around high tide at 7:00. >> is that going to be the crest point where we'll start to come down off of the accumulation after we see that high tide with the full moon tonight? >> well, i think we'll start to see accumulations finally start to trickle down, but i think it will still be the high tides
1:45 pm
will be about 7:00 and 8:00. i still think we'll be in some pretty good snow certainly in washington and new york city, and boston probably will be seeing more. so it will be probably not until after midnight that we see an appreciable dem ein addition of that snowfall. >> al roker, thank you, sir. appreciate that. all your hard work with the roker-a-thon as well. we're going to go to new jersey now because that's also been taking a beating from this storm especially along the coastline because they've been dealing with some major coastal flooding. joining me now on the telephone is the atlantic city mayor don guardian. mayor, good to have you with me. explain to me what you're seeing front and center in atlantic city. >> sure. snow was the easiest part. the crews from midnight to 6:00 a.m. were able to clear all of our roads. but it's really the flooding, the ocean flooding started about
1:46 pm
7:00 this morning. it was really the back plbay flooding at 8:30 and low lying areas. and a lot of the streets we normally don't consider low lying were flooded because of the freezing conditions and the snow, the waters that normally would have dissipated, would have returned back to the bay, did not for three hours or so. so we had two of the three entrances to the city closed. and we had several of our main arteries closed until about two hours ago. and now we're going to have another high tide on the ocean at about 7:00, which means about 8:30 or 9:00 it's going to be in the back bay. we're anticipating the same amount of flooding. and it's going to be a little bit more difficult because of the freezing weather and the snow that's going to start within the next hour. so, you know, this is the time to be safe, to stay home and to stay warm. this isn't the time to be out on the streets. we do have warming stations
1:47 pm
open. so far we've been able to make about 120 rescues during this storm. almost all of them were people that must have thought their suvs were boats and got caught in the roads. but no fatalities, no accidents so far. we did have a series of fires. again, no mayal a-- fatalities accidents. all of those people have been relocated. at this point it's warm stations opened around our city because we have electric outages all up and down the boardwalk and the back bay. >> so that's amazing, mr. mayor, that there were 120 different rescues for folks in atlantic city. when it comes to issues tonight worrying about high tide with this full moon, were there points where the back bay actually met up with the ocean in sections of atlantic city? >> yeah, no, nothing close to that. this was no hurricane. i mean, we had sustained winds of 60 miles an hour and gusts of
1:48 pm
71. so not quite hurricane proportions, but this wasn't just a regular rain. it was an icy, windy rain. so it was really tough for everyone. and that's what the real concern was. now, luckily you know 100,000 people are in casino hotels and were smart enough to just stay there. so this isn't the time to be enjoying -- this is the time to be enjoying the spa and nightclub and restaurant and staying in and being safe. >> a lot to keep an eye on. thank you so much. let you get back to work. a lot on your plate. meantime, all through the northeast we have the massive winter storm. it continues to cripple air travel. and really making a mess for folks trying to get from point a to point b. just take a peek at laguardia airport. it looks like a ghost town. nbc's kristen dahlgren has been reporting from lagaruardia join us now. i know a lot of the staff have already been sent home, what
1:49 pm
does that mean for travelers left behind? >> reporter: well, port authority is keeping the airport open for the people that are stuck here, but it's really on an airline by airline basis of whether or not they're going to staff it and whether or not they're going to fly and when they're going to resume flights. we actually just got some news from united airlines and it's really not looking good. they said they're not going to resume operations in the washington, d.c. area now until monday. so no flights at all for united out of dulles, out of d.c. reagan and out of bwi tomorrow. and here in the new york area united says it hopes to have what it's calling limited service by tomorrow afternoon. so really not what a lot of people here are hoping for. and take a look over here you can see these people who are stuck here. it's kind of nap time for a lot of them. they've been here all day. gets a little bit boring. luckily there are some food services open so they've been able to eat. and the power is still on. but some of them have said they're going to stay here for days because the airlines say they just can't get them out.
1:50 pm
even if the airlines, thomas, resume operations say tomorrow afternoon, not everybody can get onto those flights because those flights are booked with passengers who originally booked sunday afternoon. so it really is just going to be this trickle down effect trying to get everybody to fill those seats to get them ultimately to their destination. so when the runways are clear, when the planes get back, when they start flying, it's still going to be a few days before people can get where they're going. >> you know your hearts just go out to these folks. has to be so frustrating to be away from home and to be stuck in the airport with not many options in front of them. kristen dahlgren reporting from laguardia for us. great to see you. thank you very much. straight ahead we'll talk about the road issue coming up along the eastern coastline. we know here in new york city there's the ban in place for the city and also in nassau county. but there have been thousands of accidents all around the mid-atlantic and north. coming up next, dylan dreyer is going to join us from the road with a look at what conditions
1:51 pm
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snow and ice conditions have caused havoc on the highways and roads in the storm's path. new york city and long island are under this travel ban that was instituted at 2:30 this afternoon. he's a look at what is happening in times square. we can see pedestrians flooding the street and only emergency vehicles on the road. nbc's meteorologist dylan dreyer is now back in new york. this is after dylan and her crew drove up in the blue mobile from washington, d.c. starting this morning. and, dylan, what are you seeing along the roads in new york city? because those look like regular vehicles to me. >> you know, surprisingly,
1:55 pm
thomas, we have seen some regular vehicles and driving very fast at that. it's a surreal feeling here in new york city because, yes, there are some vehicles but normally there would be a lot more vehicles on a saturday night in new york city. and instead we're just seeing a lot of pedestrians. people walking around braving not only the snow but the really gusty winds. it's like that kind of view if you can see out front just people, you know, head down, hood up and just walking anywhere they can find a place to walk. because not all the sidewalks are cleared off yet. but that also means they're walking across the road. that's why this travel ban is in effect so that the crews can get the snow off the road. and other people in the cars don't hit the people who are walking because there are a lot of pedestrians just walking around. >> now, what part of the city are you in right now? >> it's a very bizarre thing. we're right near columbus circle. we just -- we're right near columbus circle and we just turned down seventh avenue.
1:56 pm
you can see ahead of us you see more vehicles than cars. don't worry, there's a taxi. so if anyone needs to get anywhere, there's one lone cab running around new york although his tires seem to be spinning out a bit. we have seen a stuck police car. so, i mean, a lot of people are getting stuck, especially any vehicles that don't have four wheel drive. that's why they just want everyone off the road right now. >> yeah. that's the biggest concern. we can also see a green light right here and there are pedestrians on your left hand side that were just kind of meandering out through the crosswalk not paying attention to the light signals. but i did want to ask you, have you noticed for any of those vehicles that could be on the road issues of getting stuck? that's the big problem because then first responders might not be able to get through. >> and that's the thing. you know, it's not just -- the straightaways are fine. once you're rolling you can keep moving. but it's the turn. and we've seen one stuck taxi actually about 20 minutes ago. he was trying to make that turn.
1:57 pm
and it was funny to see people actually help push him out. not everybody's always ready to go help a taxi cab, but they pushed him out. and there was a big cheer afterwards. there are people getting stuck. and they also don't want just cars stuck on the side of the road either. that's just not safe. >> dylan, you guys stay safe out there. thank you for your excellent reporting. we are going to have mayor bill de blasio is going to be holding a press conference coming up for 5:00 p.m. when that happens we'll bring it to you. straight up next my colleague richard lui, stay tuned. i was a smoker. hands down, it was... that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures.
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weinto a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ and a good day to you. i'm richard lui at msnbc headquarters in new york with continuing coverage of the east coast blizzard this hour. a fifth of the country's states from georgia to new york under states of emergency as the storm continues to pummel the east. this hour a new high, now 13 fatalities reported as a result of this storm. 200,000 residents and 13 states are without power with many


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