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tv   Up  MSNBC  January 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love helping little ones get off on the right foot. ask your doctor about lyrica. >> very good sunday morning you. i'm richard lui at msnbc world headquarters in new york. a part of the country that has now seen a very different
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morning. new fall records every where. also records at other places of snow falling. new this 2340r7k dead as a result of the blizzard of 2016 that's up from 17 last we spoke with you last night. travel bans like those in new york city now being lifted. also this morning, many major airports on the east coast still effectively closed. almost 4,000 flights also cancelled and people without power. for the latest on some of the snow totals and a look what's in store next for the east coast let's go to nbc meteorologist bill karins. the number that we're looking at this morning, bill, here is 26.8 because it was a somewhat of a surprise to see it being so close in new york city when a lot of the focus was on washington, d.c. >> yeah. i mean it was the event, you know -- this storm was very well predicted. five days in advance. all our long time computer said
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a big huge snowstorm coming. a lot of lead. >> i'm. new york city we knew the whole time even two days in advance. i sent a note out to our staff tough forecast for new york, the low end could be like nothing to two inches, high end could be 20 inches. i never said 26. i don't usually predict record breaking snows of any storm. it wasn't until about 24 hours in advance we went oh, oh, new york is in trouble. trending north. it happened right up to the point where it started. new york got hit the hardest. baltimore had more snow than new york. baltimore was the bull's eye. let me take you through. the snow ended. cape cod ended up in a blizzard warning. one spot that verified to call that blizzard was nantucket island. there they had the consecutive wind gusts. classified as a blizzard. all the other big cities didn't quite get there. let me take you through what we're looking at here. this is the new york state totals. second all time. s
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new york city now seven of the ten greatest snowfalls happened in the last 20 years. there you go. that will lead you into your climate change discussion. forecast for the next seven days no snow. new york city, this is the five day forecast for new york and mid-atlantic all the same. no storms. daytime highs above freezing. so we'll be in a nice slow snow melt. i took this picture yesterday, right as i got off my shift towards dark and you can see this was central park in the background. the guy had his skis in his hand. i couldn't see central park from two blocks away from 6th avenue. i would love to see your pictures. i'm starting to get them here. lisa from northern virginia sent me a picture of their deck. they had fun in the snow and had two to three feet on the deck. what's important to me in this picture, notice trees in the back ground. no snow on the trees. we ended up with 200,000 to 300,000 people without power. it was a light fluffy snow. did not stick on the trees. when we had those 30 to 40
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mile-per-hour wind gusts didn't blow anything off or cause power outages. there's also humor that could be needed. thanks in the baltimore area with the sign out front with the sign saying help wanted. >> different in the carolinas where we did see heavier snow. >> that was ice. that's different. ice doesn't blow off. >> we saw six deaths out of north carolina specifically and that's out of the 20 here, bill. what about ice today? there were warnings yesterday about black ice. >> that will be the problem through the next week. that's the case after these big storms. dig out. push the snow to the side. sun will be out. make the black top dry or clear by the end of the today. tonight refreeze. we'll be in that pattern all week long. there will be a lot of people spreading salt every single morning for the kids and businesses, everyone trying to get to work. that's the pattern we're in. it could be worse. we could be extremely cold and
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not melting. one of the things we have to deal with. >> i was looking at pictures in new jersey as well as out in long island, pictures of a lot of water and so how is that looking this morning. it's only 9:00. a lot of people looking at a foot or more of water. >> the high tide, i was looking at some here. a little small on the image. this was the chesapeake bay area. we watch these tide gauges go up and down. the blue line shows where we were yesterday at this time. every high tide cycle is a little bit lower in the forecast. so that's why rear not overly concerned. yes there was water. but we're not going to be looking at things that are worse than what's already occurred. yes still water in the streets in some places but we're not going to see pictures like this. this was yesterday morning, sea isle city where we easily had a foot to feet of water into the doorways and businesses. we won't see pictures as bad as yesterday but there's water. as far as monetary damage we shouldn't be doing any more.
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>> hopefully we get another report from sea isle city. bill karins thank you so much. we'll talk about the travel bans that have been instituted in many of the cities on the east coast. new york city specifically that one of lifted at 7:00 a.m. getting around the city, tough. but that's what is to be expected. msnbc adam reese was at central park yesterday. and adam how does it took today as people start to get going. 7:00 a.m. was when the travel ban was lifted. it immediately turned from zero to one. did people immediately get back on to the street? >> reporter: yeah. we're slowly seeing the city come back to life. right now we saw the cars come out first then trains and you about slowly but for the airport not so much. jfk and laguardia will be very slow to be able to get back on their feet, equipment coming back here into new york city. it will certainly take some time. hundred of delays and cancelations at the airports here in the new york area.
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snow totals again i know bill mentioned it a little while ago. i have to reiterate, 26.8 inches in central park, .1 away from the record. last night it was a virtual ghost town here in new york city. many people taking advantage of this once in a lifetime experience, walking around the city streets. other people stayed inside heeded the warning. i got a group here from israel. you all wanted to be out and take advantage because you don't see this kind of snow in israel. tell me what it was like. >> this is the first time we saw this much of snow. we came from israel just for the weekend. our flight was cancelled. we went out yesterday to buy some food but everything almost was, nothing inside. outside last night we went and it was amazing so many people in times square looking up to the sky. it was such amazing view for us.
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>> what was the experience like for you to see new york city without any cars? it's really -- >> it's crazy. i've been here before. i never saw this kind of weather in the city. it was pretty crazy. >> how about you, just to see this. it really is a once in a lifetime without any cars on the street. i saw a few people walking around. what did you make of it? >> we talk about it before, first time we saw the city like that. i went and tried to go to central park yesterday. but it was snow. >> too much for you. you don't have the proper footwear. >> we don't get snow like that in a israel. >> caught you by surprise. >> we didn't expect for such a storm. in israel we call it yom kippur. >> when did they tell you when your flight will be. >> we don't know. maybe tomorrow. maybe tuesday or wednesday.
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>> good luck. >> reporter: richard i want to mention just once again there were five weather related deaths, three of them people shoveling. so be very careful us a get out there today on sunday trying to clear your walk, clear your driveway. this is wet and heavy snow. you got to be careful with it. >> a cubic foot can weigh 15, 20 pounds. adam reese in new york. take to you washington, d.c. reagan, dallas-ft. worth airport closed, clean up begins on a massive storm dumping nearly two feet of snow or more. records falling around the nation's capital. white out conditions blanketed the region. baltimore 29 inches. doubling their previous record. even after the storm ended. danger remains as there's been several reports of roof collapses from the snow. this one in manassas, virginia. 67 residents had to be evacuated. city officials warning residents to clean up from this massive storm could take days. for more on that is luke russert. luke, what are you hearing about the clean up?
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>> reporter: it's being called the d.c. dig out by the mayor and it's starting today. it's going to be a long arduous process because this was a storm for the record books the most snow to hit washington, d.c. really since the 1920s as well as the surrounding areas as you mentioned. there's a few things i have to do. number one is making a concerted effort to plow the main roadways. so in maryland and virginia the main highway, some were shut down this morning so plows could get out there and in washington the main thoroughfares are the first course of action for the plows and then they move to the side streets. i have friends sending me pictures that live around capitol hill, georgetown, capital heights, cars trapped, streets not plowed i can make it extraordinarily difficult to start moving tomorrow morning why i think tomorrow will also be a lost day in terms of business and closings. i want to show a picture i
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believe we have of the metro escalator at the van nuys stop. look at the snow that fell on the escalator protect by a canopy. you get an idea how difficult this process will to be get everything back to normal. the city can't function unless metro is up and running. until that's going at full speed, the city won't really be at full speed either. now in terms much good news that we can report our municipality pepco in the past would knock out power. they made an investment in the infrastructure the last few years. it showed. they did not that have large scale power outages that ordinarily would affect d.c. and the surrounding area in a storm like this. that's where we are. the mayor asking information stay off the streets. it's sunny. people want to go out. i've seen dog walkers and
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joggers but we need to get out of the way so the plows can do their job. your car is stuck leave it for another day because it's not going anywhere. >> it happened on a weekend. and on a saturday and sunday. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> reporter: absolutely. that was a huge blessing. >> thank you so much, sir. much more on the blizzard of 2016 in just a bit but next eight days before the iowa caucus "the des moines register" just announcing who they are endorsing the democratic and republican real estates. we'll be joined by the paper's opinion editor about what went into that decision. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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>> i'm here because we americans are struggling. so many of us have lost our jobs at the factory or reality shows
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about alaska and we've seen our own children targeted by the police for no reason other than they committed some crimes. [ laughter ] we turn on the news every morning and are shocked to see we're not even on i want because we've been replaced by immigrants like geraldo rivera. >> i think tina fey having way too much fun last night on "saturday night live." we enjoyed again as they played sarah palin giving a hint there to palin's endorsement of donald trump. another big endorsement or two really to talk about in the presidential race coming up overnight "the des moines register" endorsing marco rubio and hillary clinton, just eight days before the iowa caucuses. that also happened yesterday. joining us now "des moines register" opinion editor lin hicks and here at the table attorney and nbc news contributor and "new york post" editorial writer. lynn, starting with you.
6:17 am
i want to go straight to the comments that were made on "the des moines register" about how you picked your endorsements and let's start with marco rubio. some of the wording is, and i'll read straight from it here, senator marco rubio has the potential to chart a new direction for the party. republicans have the opportunity to define their party's future in this election, they could choose anger, pessimism and atmosphere or take a different path. describe the pragmaticism that was here. >> we endorsed marco rubio and endorsed a different direction for the party. we've seen a party engaged in a lot of pessimistic rhetoric and we met with senator rubio twice, april and in january. i think we saw a shift in the rhetoric.
6:18 am
and he's taken a darker turn and what we were saying there we liked the marco rubio we saw before. we do think that he has an opportunity with that, with that new direction to take the republican party to attract some independents as well as appeal to the base. >> in the editorial about why you saw marco rubio it was described as him being whip smart and that he displayed an impressive grasp of public policy. you felt he had control and an understanding of the important issues. >> yeah. that's right. i think we spoke a lot of the issues. not only the big issues that the country is facing, but, you know, he's also talking about things that maybe other republican candidates aren't whether it's talking about uber the broadband spectrum as well as to, you know as he mention, the party, it's bean while since
6:19 am
the party spoke to students and spoke to the minimum wage worker. >> so, in that and i go back to the pragmatism that was articulated by your paper you said long resumes don't resonate this year except when i want seems, comes to hillary clinton, who is the democratic endorsement your paper has made. why did the long resume work well for hillary clinton when you made that choice? >> well, we just felt we had to go with an experienced hand. we did say that the presidency is not an entry level position. i think it's her experience, skills are unrivalled as well as her knowledge. she impressed us. we spent more than three hours with her over the course two of meetings. >> right. >> and, you know, it was pretty clear that she was our choice. >> however, you say she is not a
6:20 am
perfect candidate. you picked her last cycle. she did not win, obviously. but you did pick the nominee since 1996 on the republican side correctly. this time you're going back to the same choice on the democratic side. why do you believe that she may make it through this time? >> well, we think she's best qualified. i think we talked about the other two candidates. we talked about senator sanders and our concern, our skepticism for his ability to carry out the revolution he needs to enact his agenda. we gave him credit for the way he ran his campaign and the way he's shifted some of the debate, and, you know, ultimately we said we have to go with our head over our hearts and that's what we called on the iowa democrats to do. >> so, you liked his spirit, you don't think that will actually get through. i want to play what republican
6:21 am
senator chuck grassley said at donald trump's rally in iowa last night. >> i'm happy to be here with such an enthusiastic group to be with this candidate and i want mr. trump to know that i appreciate his support for me and most importantly for iowa being first in the nation, our all-important iowa caucus. >> to our panel now and i'll start with you here, raul. we have republican senator chuck grassley well-respected coming out for trump. this on the back grope of the "des moines register" in iowa saying hold on a second, we're going with marco rubio he's our man. >> right. well maybe we are at the point now we're starting now that trump is looking more and more likely as a potential, actually becoming the nominee we're starting to see some candidates, who he associate, some that associate with the establishment
6:22 am
starting to line up with trump. whereas with "the des moines register" going with rubio they are giving him a leg up in terms of being the establishment candidate. think about the gop race you have trump and cruz and then everyone else and all the other people are basically fighting for that mantel of the safer choice the establishment choice and this may allow marco rubio to lame that if and when some people hope the party could right itself marco rubio could be an attractive alternative to trump and rubio i mean trump and cruz. >> picking rub jobs i don't know about you. i'm looking at the real clear politics average here and i'm not seeing his name in the right column here. >> no. most of the oxygen -- the oxygen over the last couple of weeks in iowa basically has been sucked out by trump and cruz who seem to be in a steel cage death match. "the des moines register," though, definitely is influential. it can cause a number of iowans
6:23 am
to start thinking oh, let's take another look at rubio because it's possible that trump and cruz may have like turned a lot of people off. by the way, i don't know if chuck grassly formally endorsed trump because he also did appearances with both cruz and rubio yesterday. it sounded like he was being mr. he woulder statesman and saying nice things about them all. designee likes them all. he wants any of them to actually win the nomination and take the white house. back to you lynn on this i'll shut off the microphones between your two endorsements who do you think will make it? >> between our two endorsements? >> yeah. >> well, everybody has got questions about what's coming next with the emails, but we believe that as far as the iowa caucus goes, clinton will do it but our polling comes out so we'll see. marco rubio -- we're not making
6:24 am
predictions on who will win the iowa caucuses. that's not the purpose of the endorsements were but to give people something to think about and to consider and that's why we went with senator rubio. we'll see if he has third place and has enough momentum coming out of iowa to go into new hampshire. >> like i said, lynn. nobody heard your statement there. i can't thank you enough for taking the time on this sunday to talk about these very important endorsements coming from "the des moines register." appreciate it. we're expecting to hear from new york governor andrew cuomo. the travel ban that was imposed has been lifted. thousands of flights all throughout the country have already been cancelled just today, about 3700. we'll go live to laguardia after this. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing.
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watching at this hour at 9:27 a.m. in the northeast and that's because almost 12,000 flights have been cancelled. many airports effectively closed because of the storm. those 12,000 flights since friday, big numbers. kristen dahlgren at laguardia airport. big numbers. i know it's quiet behind you as the airport effectively is closed. have the airlines come forward to let you know or any of the passengers know via what they've told you about how they are and when they can get where they are going. >> reporter: we've been hearing throughout the morning from all the different airlines and so it's kind of a good news bad news situation. take a look behind me you can see they are now staffed again. we got the american agents there. bad news is though those people there still aren't getting out today because we heard from american that no flights are going out of the new york area
6:29 am
from any of the three new york airports today. united airlines also not flying out of laguardia, though they are hopeful maybe out of newark they can get some flights out later on today and we heard from spirit and southwest they are not flying out of laguardia. jetblue hopeful they can get some flights out. so a little bit, a glimmer of hope for some passengers. i'll show you some here that have been sitting here for the past few days. glimmer of hope, some that were on jetblue, scheduled for a 10:30, now scheduled for 12:40. they are hoping it does go. it's bean really, really long wait for these people, many of them having to sleep here for the past few days. one problem we're seeing today, those as you moe the airport a little bit busier some people are coming thinking they will get out and now they are in the same situation as all of these folks where they are probably not flying out today and now
6:30 am
they are stuck and having to figure out do we go back to the hotel or wherever we stay do, we stay here and wait. it's a difficult situation. best advice i can give anyone is please call or go online, check with your carrier because it is really a carrier by carrier basis that they are making these decisions. >> different at this hour. all those agents that are sitting at the desks right now and helping folks that good to see progress. kristen dahlgren at laguardia airport again giving us the latest on those almost 12,000 flights that have been cancelled since friday. stale head we'll go the jersey show community where homeowners are not digging out but bailing out because of all that water. massive coastal flooding is what the concern is. pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast.
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just joining us this hour, what we know at 33 minutes after 9:00. it is now about two and a half hours since the travel ban was lifted in this city. folks can get to this building to get the news. 20 people, that's the number are confirmed dead and that is up from three the day before. we're seeing thousands of flight cancelations just today. about 3600 last i checked from and then there are the people up and down the coast that just don't have power. it was in the tens of thousands when we were checking justin carolinas yesterday. so still a very tough day for people as they are getting up on the east coast and, of course, this affects a lot of cities across the country. new jersey shore is where we're keeping an eye there because of flooding. power outages too. nbc's rehema ellis is live in point pleasant, new jersey. how does the flooding and what
6:35 am
have you heard about the flooding there in that area? >> reporter: richard, in this particular area they didn't experience as much flooding but i should tell you that the high tide advisories and warnings remain in effect but as you can see take a look out here, this is a very different day from what we had yesterday. during the height of the storm conditions on this beach and all along this coastline they were very dangerous. overnight fierce winds continued on jersey's south shore. streets were decertain. crews were checking for damaged power lines. at one point during the massive storm tens of thousands had no electricity. and there was historic coastal flooding in some places. water rushed through neighborhoods like slea isle ciy and wildwood areas hard hit three years ago by hurricane
6:36 am
sandy. but officials said many residents were prepared this time. some complying with voluntary v evacations. >> on haven't slept since thursday. i've been buying salt and all kinds of things. i'm just running on adrenaline. >> some people will still be running on adrenaline today because the clean up in some areas is intense. places like stone harbor, the mayor of that community said the flooding there was worse than during sandy in 2012. and not what they were hoping for this time. but, again, when you look out here, richard, it's a much different picture. it may give people that sense that things are all well and good but there's still remains an advisory out here because of the high tide that there still could be some moderate flooding today. >> nbc tease rehema ellis there in new jersey. thank you so much for that report. let's get over to bill karins,
6:37 am
nbc meteorologist. bill, you go to the national weather service, the longest alert list is about high water concerns. what are your seeing? >> we skill have coastal flood warnings. we just got this video from the police department. you can see along the beaches no dow jones. they were washed out yesterday. high tide cycle this morning the water has been rushing in. these hows are up and elevated but you can't get in there to assess damage and clean up. that was southeast problems we're looking at. you can see the high tides were about an hour ago the jersey shore almost two hours ago. so we're past that. this evening's high tide cycle 7:00 to 8:00, couple inches lower than what we just did. that's also good. the storm itself is now south of nova scotia. sunny, clear. no problems whatsoever on the coast. winds are starting to die off. we're at 26 on block island. martha's vineyard has some gusty
6:38 am
winds. wind chill values are starting to come up a little bit but still a cold morning for everyone out there. shovel is on, big dig is on. as far as d.c. went we ended up officially at 19.4. some people said around reagan national they had more than that. that put us third place. a lot of these records goes back over 100 years. these are impressive. baltimore 29.2. largest snowfall total of any big city. that's very impressive. you crushed your old record by 2.5 inches. in philadelphia you didn't crack the top three. 22.4. that's impressive. philadelphia, in the last 20 years all of your biggest snow storms occurred in the last 20 years. in new york city we didn't quite get there. just a little sliver before. i took some pictures. central park in the background, 6th avenue. this guy was headed skiing. this is the snow pile this morning in front of radio city.
6:39 am
they have to bring in big trucks to get rid of snow piles. and this was one of the decks on one of the outdoor restaurants and you can see how high the snow was at 0 rock. i asked viewers to send me pictures. this was from lisa in northern virginia. notice the trees in the background. no snow at all everything was blowing off. here's a picture from kyle in brooklyn. these cars parked on streets often. imagine trying to plow this. this right here is a vehicle. it's hard to tell. look how the drift piled some cars and not others. this is ann, a toyota she said is out in her road. you can barely see that. also last picture here, our five day forecast. this is finally richard what i want to see. no new storms are in sight, temperatures will warm up for everyone on the east coast. good shoveling weather the next couple of days and hopefully get the roads cleared out for schools and work on monday. but it's going to be tough. >> talking about those waters we
6:40 am
hope to get another report after the break. thank you. we'll be talking about that and the east coast storms. next more fall out from the report that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg may be running for president. who that could hurt most. ...reinvented. sophistication... ...redefined. introducing the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. agile handling. available 12.3-inch navigation screen and panorama glass roof. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials.
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if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? right now in new york and that's because the governor, andrew cuomo is expected to come to these microphones to give us the latest about what's happening in his state. you might remember yesterday when he announced that travel ban, also talk of another new yorker who also might be entering the presidential race and that is not andrew come jobs just eight days before iowa's new york former three term mayor michael bloomberg considering an independent bid for president, a source close to bloomberg saying he would only like try to run if either donald trump or ted cruz is the republican nominee and on
6:44 am
the other side if bernie sanders is the democratic nominee. the "new york times" reporting bloomberg is willing to spend a stunning $1 billion on the campaign. and he'll decide whether to throw his hat in the ring by early march. back at t now back to the table. robert we'll start with you. michael bloomberg, okay, it has been said that this mayor, three term mayor has talked about wanting to run for president for many, many years. >> almost as long as donald trump. >> almost as long as donald trump. perhaps a little bit less explosive. however, will he be known outside of the east coast? that's the question. >> that's it. first of all, billion dollars can bring you a lot of notoriety. >> the report say he's willing to spend. >> as somebody that works for a new york tabloid we would say run, mike, run because we would love michael bloomberg and
6:45 am
hillary clinton in the race at the same time and also bernie sanders also from new york. but the fact is, a, bloomberg has to get himself known around the country. b, if he did run it would be the best news that republicans have had for quite some time because even though he served as an independent leading republican mayor his take on the cultural issues match up more closely with democrats. just looking at the electoral map i could see five or six states if bloomberg is on the ticket would draw votes away from the democratic nominee and give it to whoever is on the republican side. >> we're watching some live pictures right now. so gentlemen if you can stand by, new york's governor about to come to the microphone. there he is giving some updates on the aftermath of the storm. let's listen. >> to my right, the commissioner of the public service
6:46 am
commission. the director of state operations. and the president of the metro-north railroad. and major general patrick murphy running the national guard. immediately to my right, the president of the mta new york city transit department. to my left the executive director of the port authority. the first deputy superintendent new york state police. and commissioner of new york state d.o.t. secretary to the governor and commissioner of department of homeland security. happy sunday to all. we survived and then some i think it's fair to say. the update is as we said, the travel ban was lifted at 7:00 a.m. and traffic has resumed and has
6:47 am
resumed without issue, thus far. and we hope i want stays that way. the buses are up and running. as of 7:00 a.m. they are on the normal weekend schedule, but they are running without incident. the metro-north, the 12:30 trains should be the first trains inbound. and 3:00 the first trains that are outbound for metro-north. and we'll get more detail on that. the problem we're still having is with the long island railroad. which sustained significant damage in the yards through the storm. there's a lot of work to do to get the trains moving in the yards as well as getting the stations ready for passengers. the cruise have been working all night. they will work all day today. and we are hoping to have the
6:48 am
lirr up by tomorrow. mta will be giving updates throughout the day and hopefully 6:00 tonight there will be an update that will advise people on what's going to happen with thrilled to long island railroad tomorrow. port authority all crossings open. all bridges and tunnels. and are operating well. the airports are open. and the port authority did an extraordinary job of cleaning the airports. it's not up to the flight airlines what flights will be operating and we'll get a briefing on that. the travel ban has been lifted. that does not mean people should go out and take a ride and see the sights. the roads are clear for the most part. there are still entrance ramps and exit ramps that are not
6:49 am
clear. there are still situations where cars are getting stuck on highways. so let's not misinterpret the travel ban. if it is essential travel, necessary travel, that's one thing. but if you do not need to be on the roads you shouldn't be on the roads because there still are dangerous spots, there are still spots with black ice, and this is still about getting the emergency crews out there and letting them do their job. and every time a car gets stuck that actually hurts that. i would like to take this opportunity to thank new yorkers for their cooperation. and their consideration. i know they were inconvenienced yesterday when i put the travel ban in place. new yorkers are not accustomed to being constricted. i understand that. i understand that the travel ban
6:50 am
was an imposition and it's not something i have done often. but the travel ban had two purposes. one was to protect people, just to protect public safety. i was on the roads yesterday morning. the roads were extraordinarily dangerous. people were getting stuck all over the place. so it was literally to protect people. second, the main goal is to clear the roads and let the emergency crews do their work. when you have traffic on the roads, the plows literally can't do their work. so what the ban did for us was, it protected the public, and it allowed the crews to actually clean the roads. i think in retrospect when you look back, it was the right decision because we have had success in both areas. this storm was very dangerous. the current estimates are about 19 lives were lost along the eastern seaboard by this storm.
6:51 am
luckily, there are no fatalities that we know of in new york due to the storm. no accident fatalities, et cetera. and that is really saying something since our area was probably the most populous area that was hit by this storm and no deaths attributed to the storm. we did, unfortunately, lose five new yorkers from heart attack related deaths from shoveling snow, which is something i caution people today. if you are old, like me, you want to think twice before you go out there and start shoveling. at least that's the excuse i use not to shovel any snow today. but, the number of deaths protecting public safety work -- and we just went through a
6:52 am
review of the roads in the metropolitan area -- you have many roads that are down to black top that are that clean. long eye land expressway, van wick expressway, the crews really did do their job and the reason they were able to do their job as well as they did, as quickly as they did, was because you did not have the normal traffic on the roads. that was the purpose of the ban and i think the ban served its purpose. but i know new yorkers were inconvenienced. but in true new yorker spirit, they rose to the occasion. it was also heart warming to see yesterday how new yorkers were there and rallied one for the other. i can't tell you how many circumstances i came across where people were out shoveling other people's driveways and walkways. people were out pushing cars. people were helping people across the street. it was just great to see how new
6:53 am
yorkers come together in a beautiful spirit of community. you know, sometimes when things are at their worst, it brings out the best, and i believe that's true about new yorkers. it's also true about our public servants who have done amazing work all across the board. this was hard. you have crews out there who have been literally working around the clock under very difficult conditions. you have department of sanitation crews, clean-up crews, the police departments in the entire down state area. the nypd. nassau police. suffolk police. really have done a great job. the mta, the port authority has done a phenomenal job. and they all cooperated. one vignette that i'll keep with me, last year we had seven feet of snow in buffalo. just to put in, for new yorkers
6:54 am
down state, we had a lot of snow. seven feet of snow is a lot of snow. seven feet of snow in buffalo. and i called mayor de blasio and he had sent up nypd and fire department personnel and i met the fire department personnel in buffalo and i said, you know, i want to thank you very much for being here. it is a long ride in a fire truck from new york city to buffalo. and they said, without hesitation, you know, everybody was there for us after 9/11, and we'll never forget that. and when anybody in the state needs help we're going to be there. on this occasion, we had crews from up state who were down in new york city. we brought crews from all across up state to come down with machinery, et cetera. and i saw them yesterday.
6:55 am
and they said the exact reciprocal. they said the new york fdny was there for us when we needed help, and whatever they need, we're going to be there for them. and that's new york. that's one helping the other. that's at the end of the day we're one state, up state helping down state. we're one community. so it was good to see. we made a lot of progress but i don't want people to get complacent. we're not out of the woods yet. it is not done. it's cold out there. it's going to be cold tonight and there is still the possibility for black ice through the day, and tonight, and a refreeze tonight. so far, so good, but we have more work to do. with that, let me turn it over first to ronnie who will give us an updaten ot train situation, both the subway system and the
6:56 am
above-ground trains. >> thank you, governor. as you have noted, we were forced to suspend some service yesterday in our above-ground subway system. that enabled us to come back online, men and women worked through the night to clear the tracks and provide the train service so that subways were up and running, the majority of our service, as of 9:00 a.m. this morning. there are areas in -- some areas in brooklyn and staten island where we continue to work during the day and will be posting on mm tchm m mt.bus service is up and running. literally thousands of men and women at new york city transit have been working through the storm, through the night, continue to work today in order to assure a full and orderly and safe restoration of service. and i thank them and appreciate the opportunity to do so.
6:57 am
governor, we are up, we are running, we are going to restore as much service as we can during the course of the day and will keep people posted. >> great. thank you very much, ronnie. joseph will give us an update on metro north and the long island railroad. >> thank you. the mta has been working throughout the night and will continue to work throughout the day until we get all of our service restored. we, with a lot of dedicated people that we are indebted to you, and we are indebted to the governor, and the d.o.t. who has truck headed down there helping on the long island. we have great coordination as well was pat foy. in terms of metro north we will, and are, restoring our service as of 12:30 coming in, 3:00 going out. our issues were in the bronx. we suffered in the bronx as the long island did with over 24 inches of snow that had to be removed. it is still being removed manually and we will continue
6:58 am
working that and will continue with our forces all the way through the day and into tomorrow night until we have our railroad back to the safe railroad that it is supposed to be. long island is going at the same direction. they are doing everything they can as safely as possible. they did get the same types of snow that you're going to hear about that happened at kennedy and laguardia with well over 24 inches of snow throughout their entire system. they are digging out. they are digging out with the support from the d.o.t. they had over 2,000 personnel that have been working to go and get this railroad back and they will continue to work until we have that railroad fully restored and we will be reporting on that. so i urge the public to stay in touch with the mta info and you will get your updates as it is going through. we look forward to, governor, delivering you back to the service the region deserves. >> thank you, joseph. we'll hear from patrick foy, executive director ever the port authority. >> governor, thank you. let's start with the airports. the airlines acted responsibly and proactively and canceled a
6:59 am
great deal of flights today. about 85% of laguardia, well over 50% of jfk. having said that, despite 30 1/2 inches at jfk and 28 -- over 28 inches at laguardia, the airports remained open. first arrival at jfk was this morning at 7:10 a.m., air india flight. the first departure about be at 10:00, a jetblue flight to nassau. for travelers traveling to jfk and planning to use the air train, please leave extra time. the air train is not operating this morning as a result of the -- >> you're watching officials from new york state there giving an update on the situation here in new york city. we're now going to cross over to listen to new jersey governor chris christie on an update from new jersey officials. >> -- did an extraordinary job in clearing the roads. can you travel all across new jersey today. it is all clear. you can do that because the hard work of the men and women standing behind me and the folks who are still out on the roads doing work right now. we're really happy to be able to say that there was only about
7:00 am
100 or so people that were sheltered last night in public shelters. atlantic, cape may, camden counties. ocean county as well. and we're very happy about that. we also are happy to report that our new jersey transit system will be back up and running around noon today. bus, light rail and rail. we had fewer than 300 accidents across the entire state which is a very, very small number. that's again a testimony to the folks staying off the roadways. we had a high yesterday of about 94,000 power outages across the state. we're down to about 25,000 this morning. the bulk of those are in cape may county. 18,000 in the len tak city electr atlantic city electric area. 90% will be restored by end he of the day today. we have about 3,000 up in bergen county. we have 4,000 in central new jersey. the 4,000 folks in central new jers


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