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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 29, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PST

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falseness. that's an authenticity problem. >> i noticed the last few questions were rand, please attack ted. jeb, please attack ted. >> it's a debate. >> no, but if you ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. >> i need a washington dictionary converter. you can't hide behind the parliamentary tricks. stop the washington bull and let's get things done! >> tensions bubbling over in des moines even without donald trump on the debate stage but no denying last night will be remembered as the split screen debate. elbows flying between democrats. when is an attack ad not an attack ad? why bernie sanders is on defense about going on offense. and global concern over the
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mosquito transmitted zika virus. u.s. officials are trying to reassure weary americans. 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." good morning. it is friday morning. happy friday, january 29th. i'm erica hill. there was little question that last night's debate lacked the act riry mowny of the previous ones. sound found it substantive and boring. and fox's moderators prompted the feud by rolling archival clips of previous statements they made. >> this is the lie that ted's campaign has built on and rand
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touched upon it. that he's the most conservative guy and everyone else is a rhino. the truth is, ted, throughout this campaign you have been willing to say or do anything to get votes. ted, you worked for george w. bush's campaigns. you helped to design bush's immigration policy. and then when you got to the senate you did an interview with cbs news, i wasn't even part of the video where you said on the issue of people that are here illegally we can reach a compromise. then in the committee you said, i want to bring people out of the shadows. now, you want to trump trump on immigration. but you can't -- we're not going to beat hillary clinton with someone who is willing to say or do anything to win an election. >> go ahead, senator cruz. >> you know, i like marco, he's very charming he's very smooth. but the facts are simple. when he election in the state of florida, he said if you elect me, i will lead the fight against amnesty. when i ran in texas, i told the people of texas if you elect me, i will lead the fight against amnesty. we both made the identical
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promises. but when we came to washington we made a different choice. marco made the choice to go the direction of the major donors to support amnesty because he thought it was politically advantageous. i honored my commitments and as president, i will honor every commitment that i make to the men and women of this country. >> all right. >> marco rubio isn't the only one seeing an opening. other candidates further back in the polls went after both cruz and rubio as well. >> so all the debate, i saw ted cruz say we'll take citizenship off the table. and then the bill will pass. i'm for the bill. the bill would involve legalization. he can't have it both ways. but what is particularly insulting though is that he is the king of saying oh, you're for amnesty, but it's a falseness. that's an authenticity problem. everybody he knows is not all as perfect for him. if you have border security, you
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can have legalization. so is ted, but now he says it's not true and that wasn't so. >> when you led the charge of the gang of eight i supported it, and you asked people to support. you shouldn't cut and run. stick with it. that's exactly what happened. he cut and run and that's a tragedy. i wrote a book about it called immigration wars, you can get it for $2.99 on amazon. it's affordable for everybody. we should have a path to legal status for the 12 million people that are here illegally. >> interesting that jeb mentions the book. that's the book you changed your position on immigration because you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. so did you, marco. >> a short drive away, donald trump raised money for the veterans groups. trump launched donald trump for and channeled the donations through the donald j. trump organization. it promises 100% of the funds
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raised will go directly to the veterans' needs. it's not clear who will be receiving that money. and contenderss rick santorum ad mike huckabee. >> i heard they did very well. i said, how did they do? if you did poorly you wouldn't be here right now. you'd go back be depressed. >> i want to say, thank you, donald trump for asking me and you have let the other candidates for and for reasons that maybe i don't understand, they're not here. some of them because they had a slot at 8:00. i had nothing to do at 8:00 tonight. this worked great for me. >> the night however clearly belonged to the front-runner. he spent some time listing the names and donation of wealthy friends. letting veterans talk to life adjusting back home and he talked politics. >> you look at a guy like jeb bush, he's taking -- he's low
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energy. he's taking -- extremely low. he's debating right now. maybe he's doing great. he's probably looking for me. has anyone has trump? where is trump? where is he? this is a special night for me. i had no idea this was going to happen. we started out literally 24 hours ago, maybe less. we had no idea. we went out. we set up the website. i called some friends. and we just cracked -- the sign was given, we cracked $6 million, right? $6 million. >> and an update on that challenge by ted cruz to debate donald trump one-on-one tomorrow night in iowa, trump's campaign manager said trump would agree only once he get a federal ruling on the texas senator's eligibility to run and is also the last republican left standing. carly fiorina talked about the last debate when she said
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unlike clinton she actually loves spending time with her husband. >> it wasn't a person attack. i was pointing out the fact that hillary clinton will do anything to gain and hang on to power. anything. listen, if my husband did what bill clinton did i would have left him long ago. here's the deem. hillary clinton has been climbing the ladder to try and get power and here now she is trying for the white house. she's probably more qualified for the big house. honestly. she's escaped prosecution more times than el chapo. perhaps sean penn should interview her. the woman should be prosecuted. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton and former president bill clinton held a flurry of events all over iowa. the former president scoffed at comments from her main opponent labelling her as part of the establishment. >> everything she ever touched she made better. and so next time you hear somebody say she's part of the establishment and at planned
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parenthood and human rights campaign fund her too because they support her, because of what she's done, you taught think about that. you ought to think about how she was the only candidate running who went to wall street before the crash. >> we have work to do. we don't need another gridlocked political debate that divides us and avoids getting something done. so i intend to tell you exactly what i want to do and how i will pay for it. because i want you to know that. those of you who are already going to caucus for me i thank you. for others who are still making up their mind, go on my website. hillary look at what i want to do and how i will pay for it. because i want to have an election on that agenda. >> senator bernie sanders was also in iowa yesterday. cleared by his doctor with a good bill of health. he continued to rail against what he calls clinton's
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inconsistency on certain issues. >> great to be against the war after you vote for the war. it is great to be for gay rights after you insult the gay community by supporting doma. it is great to finally kicking and screaming come out against the tpp, but where were you on all of the other trade agreements? so what all of this is about, what it's about, is that what leadership means is not simply following the majority. >> sanders went on to call his record over the years boringly consistent. comments that come as his campaign announces he'll cosponsor legislation to repeal immunity for gun manufacturers. he supported that a decade ago.
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the shifting tone of the democratic raise on the radar this morning after the sanders campaign released an ad yesterday that critics say violates his pledge to avoid negative attacks. >> they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown. goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put 7 million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. >> why isn't that a negative ad? >> does it mention hillary clinton? >> nope. >> does it have any image of hillary clinton? >> nope. >> is it true that in american society wall street spends huge amounts of money on dozens and dozens and dozens of politicians? it is true. >> in other news on this friday, there's growing concern this morning over the zika virus. the world health organization is
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warning the virus is spreading explosively in the americas. predicting up to 4 million people could be infected in the region over the next year. the mosquito borne virus is suspected of causing a birth defect where the baby's brain is underdeveloped. the virus is now in more nan 20 countries around the world. the mosquitos carrying the disease is not in the u.s. yet. at least 31 cases have been reported in 11 states and washington, d.c. experts expect some mosquitos to show up in southern states but do not expect a massive outbreak. >> there's always the slight possibility that we might see a major outbreak. we don't think that's going to occur. but we'll be prepared for it. >> the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting on monday to determine whether the zika outbreak should be classified as an international health emergency. turning to business, where the bank of japan unexpectedly
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cut benchmark interest rates to below zero for first time ever. it's a bid to revive the weakening economy. cnbc's louisa boyce has more. what are the implications here? >> well, basically it means that to have your money parked with the bank of japan you have to pay money. that's what negative rates means. so it was a huge surprise to market participants. you saw a massive rally taking place overnight. that's continued into europe here today. and it's anticipated that wall street will see more of this once we see the open on wall street. there was that immediate reaction and also the surprise coming from many thinking that the bank of japan will be too cautious to take the measures. it doesn't go hand in hand with the quantitative easing strategy so we have to see how it plays of n-- plays out in the longer terms. and xerox is possibly splitting in two. they expect the earnings to come
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through later today. which should show weakness. they're forecast to report sales and profits down. splitting in two could be a big deal for the company. >> as you mentioned it's earnings season. little disappointment from apple. but beyond xerox, who else are you looking at today in terms of reports? >> we have tons of reports out. i mean amazon is one of the big ones that will really feed through. we have been focusing on here. down some 12% in after hours trade yesterday after profits missed expectations by a very wide margin. you saw profits missing, saw earnings dipping. sales dipping as well. microsoft seeing a boost with the cloud services. but it's a mixed bag so far. >> thank you. still ahead, while some nfl teams look to move to los angeles, another is considering leaving california. we'll explain. plus, we're used to seeing michael phelps in a swimsuit,
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time now for sports. we have another city that could be landing an nfl team and oakland has no plans to subsidize the new stadium. mark davis is turning to the city of las vegas, scheduled to meet with the sands ceo sheldon adelson to discuss a proposal that the team can share with unlv. now, nfl has been historically citing moving to las vegas citing the sports gambling there. >> people gamble on football? >> apparently they do. i don't know of any who do. turning to tennis, not as much gambling in tennis, we told you djokovic and federerer were battling it out yesterday. well, this morning djokovic is headed to the finals after
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jumping out to an early lead. holding off federer for the win. he will face murray or rannic who is playing this morning. dennis wiedman will attend a hearing in response to his hit on the official during calgary's loss to nashville. remember that? there it is again. wiedman is suspended indefinitely for what looks like a vicious cross check on the referee from behind. after the game, wiedman said, quote, it was completely unintentional. bill karins believes every word. in big hoops, third ranked iowa and number eight maryland, happened in college park last night. clinging to the two-point lead with under 1:30 to play, the terrapins rallied late at home. beating the hawkeyes, 74-68. and finally perhaps the only thing more exciting than college hoops action on the court is the action on the sidelines. especially when there's an olympian involved. >> in a speedo.
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>> keep your speedos to yourself, bill karins. michael phelps joined the arizona's students of distraction and he emerged wearing a speedo, medals. all in an effort to distract the oregon players during the free throws. it appeared to work. thompson missed both shots from the foul line. >> if we looked like that, we'd walk around in speedos too. >> michael phelps is allowed to wear one. most of us in the studio, probably not. bill karins, your weather i can totally get behind. >> but not the weather in a speedo. >> i would pass on that. >> so would everyone else. a big storm off the coast. remember four or five days ago we mentioned the possibility of a nor'easter, it happened but it's off the coast. snow showers in pennsylvania,
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new york, through new england. the west coast the worst weather. you're getting soaked. another prolific rain event, some snow in that. we'll track that. and that's the one that could be a blizzard in the middle of the country come tuesday. right now for today, not bad. 40s in the big cities, snow showers in the great lakes and new england and how about texas, 76 in dallas. that's great. 75 on saturday in dallas. denver is bun of the crazy places to live and to forecast the weather. 59 on saturday, sunday not too bad, but on monday you have a snowstorm to deal with. denver seesaws faster than anywhere else in the country. so let's track the big storm for next week. this is as we go into monday. notice obviously we have a lot of concerns and we have a lot of interest in des moines and other areas of iowa for the caucus. you look fine. the snowstorm will head in iowa tuesday morning and be with you on tuesday. and unfortunately this storm could be one that produces
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severe weather. maybe even tornadoes too. it could be one of the days from indianapolis, nashville, down through alabama and mississippi and new orleans. we have to watch you carefully. it could be a nasty event. we're fine on monday for the iowa caw ku, and then on tuesday, near blizzard conditions. we have a lot of our friends that are going to be there that are going to be there to cover on monday. "morning joe" and all of our friends are there tuesday morning. then there will be snow reporters come tuesday afternoon. >> i was having that conversation, i was on a shoot yesterday. we were talking with the crew about who was going to get stuck in iowa and who would be available to cover everything else after that storm on tuesday. we're watching that intently. and one candidate, it seemed more like his introduction. the unexpected return of jim gilmore when "way too early" comes back.
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♪ ♪ don't you want somebody to love ♪ >> let's get a check of the other morning headlines. for that, we head to louis burgdorf in the studio. >> another classic rock trail blazer has passed way, paul kantner, the founding member of jefferson airplane has died. kantner helped to pioneer the psychedelic rock scene, defining what is known as the san francisco sound. the group scored hits with "somebody to love" and "white rabbit."
2:55 am
five of the seven albums went gold. kantner was the founding member of the group's spinoff band, jefferson starship. he had been in ill health in recent years and died of multiple organ failure and septic shock yesterday following a heart attack earlier in the week. he was 74 years old. now, let's go to some news you have to see to believe. oscar nominated actor leonardo dicaprio met with pope francis at the vatican yesterday. the two reportedly discussed their shared concern about the environment and even exchanged gifts. he offered francis a book of paintings by the 16th century dutch painter and a check for his charity work. the pontiff gave dicaprio a copy of his encyclical. and the guardian reports earlier this month a 300 foot yacht owned by microsoft cofounder paul allen tore up coral reef in the cayman
2:56 am
islands. he'll have to pay a $600,000 fine. he's reportedly not on the yacht at the time and his company is working with local authorities to figure out what happened there. now finally this morning, if you blinked at all during this campaign season, you may have missed the candidacy of former virginia governor jim gilmore. his low poll numbers have kept him from every debate since the first one back in august. but last night he had his moment. if twitter was any indication, it was his biggest one yet. >> governor huckabee, nikki haley, republican governor from south carolina recently said -- >> did you miss me? did you skip me? >> i did not, but -- >> i have something to say. keep going. >> you bet, governor. we have a couple more in the hopper for you in a moment. >> i'll be there. >> after that performance gilmore started trending on twitter. according to google, search for his name increased 700%. most people trying to figure out
2:57 am
who the candidate was. erica, i guess it's just better later that never for gilmore there. >> that's right. louis, thanks. that's going to do it for us on "way too early." the split screen debate on "morning joe" and donald trump and everyone else. did the frontrunner's move to skip the event pay off? and presidential candidates chris christie and mike huckabee will be in in studio. "morning joe" is moments away. cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding wildfire raged through elk horn ranch. nt hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. chase for business.
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donald trump has chosen not to attend this evening's presidential debate. what message do you think that sends to the voters of iowa? >> iowa in 2017 will not be flyover country, it will be fly-to country. i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and, ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- [ laughter ] >> chris, let's begin by being year this campaign is about. it's not about donald trump. he's an entertaining gu


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