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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  January 29, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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and clean and real and nowhere to be,o, and warmth it's crunch time. the republican front-runner is and looking good, not in iowa but in new and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, hampshire. he spoke about the big bold move and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. ditching the debate for the iowa caucuses. >> when somebody doesn't treat the clean pairings menu. you properly, you can't let them 500 calories or less. push you around. at panera. i wasn't treated right. food as it should be. i did something that was very risky and i think it turned out great because i'm on the front to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns page of every paper and more its way into your day, i hear you. publicity than if i -- you know? it tells you a little bit about to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks risk. because risk is interesting. extraordinarily painful, you know, in theory, i would i hear you. have rather have done the debate because you are leading, you make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered don't want to change the wheels, with diabetic nerve pain. right? >> the donald also taking another dig at the birthplace of if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain his closest republican in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! competitor, ted cruz. step on up >> ted cruz may not be a u.s. and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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citizen, right? but he's an anchor baby. ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. but canada doesn't accept anchor ♪ (cell phone rings) babies. nay ju they just waited a long time. where are you? >> a smaller field of republican well the squirrels are back in the attic. rivals on that debate stage last mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... night. some talking today about what it can i call you back, mom? was like without the donald's he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. dominating presence. >> i wish he was there. if you want to save fifteen percent or more i think people in iowa wish he on car insurance, was there as well. you switch to geico. i don't know how he thinks he it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. was doing the right thing by not being there, but that's his are you taking a zumba class? decision. >> it was a bigger opportunity. because when he's there, he tends to be the focus. gets the plurality of questions. >> on full throttle as are we with the 2016 race from all corners. reporters on the trail and here at msnbc headquarters in new york but we start off with kerry sanders in nashua, new hampshire, where donald trump is campaigning today and trump
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confident in the rally. certainly said something that the campaign decided not to even be in iowa now. >> donald trump never lacks for confidence and that was the case here earlier today. about 1200 people packed into this conference room here at the radisson hotel in nashua, new hampshi hampshire, where donald trump said his decision not to participate in the debate worked extremely well for him. and those who were here supporting him seem to agree at times, getting up, clapping, applauding and those i spoke to say it was a smart and shrewd move. stephen, the co-chair of the trump campaign here said if you read donald trump's book, the art of the deal, sometimes you have to know when to step away from the negotiating table and that's exactly what donald trump did when he got into this spat with fox news. interestingly, he told the crowd he was not being respected and that's why he stepped away. not being respected by fox and
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president bill clinton is he said if he becomes president, stopping in fairfield before the he will make sure that people break. we'll bring you any news as it happens. last hour hillary clinton respect the united states, sorlt reacted to last night's gop taking that to his political arguments and among the things debate. >> but if you were watching last he said here today was, while he night, you heard the same wasn't participating in that old-same old, you know. debate and he didn't watch it, he certainly knows a little bit repeal the affordable care act, about what took place, at least defund planned parenthood, from his perspective. >> cruz is in second place. trickle-down economics. it just is a never-ending litany he got really pummelled last night. of what is wrong with the actually, i'm glad i wasn't there because he got pummelled. republican candidates' ideas about the future and the wow. direction we need to be headed. and they didn't even mention he >> let's get right to our team was born in canada. of reporters here on the right? you're not supposed to be democratic field for president, running for president of the united states. prime minister of canada, no starting with nbc's kristen problem. >> and of course, the crowd walker covering the campaign in chuckled at that and used that line before. interestingly, we're so close to des moines. the iowa caucuses and then we go good to hear hillary clinton straight into the new hampshire take those jabs at the primaries here. one of the things that they're going to have to deal with, of republicans today. we know bill clinton will be course, is voters who have not with her later. can we expect the same from him? participated. again, the co-chair here saying
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>> reporter: i think you absolutely can. former president bill clinton that he believes there are going to be a whole rash of voters who has been the attack dog, that's have not gone to the polls for sure. before. he's also defending his wife's voters who are apathetic, maybe experience, arguing she has the most experience, that for sure for two decades or their entire she is the best person to take lives, they didn't think either side was doing them favors, over republicans in the fall. republican or democrat. so they're aware that come bernie sanders has been drawing actual primary day, there could sharp contrast to hillary clinton, he vowed not to go be long lines of people doing negative in this campaign, but he certainly has walked up to same-day registrations before the line. he released a new ad slamming they even get a chance to participate in casting their secretary clinton for her ties vote in the primary. to wall street and he's trying to flip-flop her on a whole host francis? >> kerry. last night's debate, taking a of things from iraq to tpp. secretary clinton, meanwhile, live look now in fenton, ohio. taking a slightly different this is ted cruz holding his tactic today. she's trying to reach out to meet and greet there. voters on an emotional level, this, of course, after his also reminding them to caucus on debate performance last night. being criticized as one of his monday. of course, that all-important poorest in this cycle. ground game is going to let's take a quick listen. determine who wins this state. >> in south america, they have take a listen to what she had to them but they don't sell them in say to the crowd here just america because it's illegal to moments ago. >> you are truly the first buy the fuel to put in those people in the world who get to cars. now, how big a consequence is it decide what our next president for the ethanol industry?
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we were doing a bus tour a will be doing, what that couple of weeks ago. one of the people who joined us president will be working for, was a fella named dave and what that president can accomplish to make a real difference in your lives. so, please, between now and vandergrvandergr monday night, think hard because vandergrime. built more than half of the ethanol plants in the state of the stakes are high. iowa and his entire livelihood from it. dave is enthusiastically >> reporter: secretary clinton and the whole family is going to supporting my campaign and part be here throughout the weekend. of the reason why he has studied tonight she is going to hold an what an impact would be on event with president clinton, lifting the blend wall and and then over the weekend, she allowing mid level ethanol to be will hold events with chelsea clinton, so it's going to be a sold and he estimated it would family affair as they try to get allow ethanol to expand its out those votes. market share by up to 60%. i just talked to two first-time caucus goers. a massive increase, right now, there's undecided currently, as you know, we're banging up frances. they say they're not going to into the rfs. make their decision until sunday and it's the blend wall that's night when they hear bernie effectively a cap. sanders. one of the caucus goers says she's definitely going to have you all noticed? caucus, the other one not sure >> there, a captive audience at she's going to be able to make it out to caucus. the restaurant as he's making it underscores the challenge of campaign stops following last getting those young, first-time night's debates. we've seen from the des moines caucus goers actually out to register, one they called a have their voices weigh in, and
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really tough one. they could be the key to this. a rough night for ted cruz. because if you look at the po s we want to check in, on the polls, bernie sanders leads phone from that event. substantially in those larger is he making any mention of last night's debate in the performance or moving on? voters. that could make a big difference here in iowa, frances. >> the younger voters as we're >> his campaign is certainly talking about it, francis. we're here in iowa, of course, seeing now, the bottom of your screen there, one of the events tiny town of 420 people. where bernie sanders is speaking we stepped outside of the venue. in washington, iowa, as we take i can see you're taking a live a quick listen to see and hear shot of senator cruz speaking. from senator sanders. disruptive outside of the campaign field and cruz was able >> we want to make sure that to fend off some of the attacks. seniors in this country are not he had a couple of strong living on 10, $12,000 a year in moments early on when he talked about donald trump and had jabs, but he got a bit testy later on social security. in the debate. you saw with the moderators and some of the rivals. it was interesting. elderhe would because his wife, heidi cruz, is that elderly people are not is with him today and she really cutting their prescription drugs hit how senator cruz is likable. in half because they can't afford the medicine they need. if we were a poorer country, we she said, he is likable for the would have one type of people who he's trying to get conversation. we are not a poorer country. work done for. so what we have got to do and he's not liked by the people in washington cutting deals that what we are focusing on in this don't help voters. campaign, and we will continue and it was interesting to hear to focus on, is a rigged the senator's wife trying to
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push the issue and talking about economy, and the economy for ethanol, that was brought up at last night's debate and which the average person is working longer hours for lower something that the senator, his position on the renewable fuel wages. we will continue to fight against a corrupt campaign standard has been a potential finance system in which billi vulnerability for him for months here in iowa. billionaires are buying you hear him talk about it in elections -- northern iowa, this rural small town, francis. [ cheers and applause ] and the senator continuing the try to hit these stops, do some of the retail politics and shake >> and we will win major reform off what, as you mentioned in the des moines register, the through a broken criminal campaign points out in the paper whose editorial board. justice system and those whose illegal behavior impacted terribly the lives of millions of americans who lost their jobs, their lives, their homes, their savings. that's what illegal behavior on wall street did when they drove this country into the worst recession since the great depression, and yet not one of we know the target was on his those wall street executives has back. but at the same time, see the falter there. a police record. even without donald trump. not one. >> they should have. >> and a time you can't afford >> they should have.
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it. already going into the debate last night, ted cruz's position so we've got a lot of work in in iowa was starting to slip. front of us. again, i cannot do it alone. a month ago in politics, if you we have got to stand together. were to ask, the answer is ted if anyone tells you that the ideas that i'm talking about, cruz. the question would be, what is raising the minimum wage to $15 the margin? before the debate, and fall into an hour, rebuilding our second place, he was losing some of his traction and momentum. there was an opportunity there, infrastructure, creating 13 at least in theory with no million jobs, pay equity for donald trump on stage to maybe dominate or maybe really stand out from the rest of the field, women, making public colleges but like you said, he ends and universities' tuitions free, up taking so much heat. changing our trade policies so he's now in a war of words with that corporations invest in america rather than in china, if terry brandstad. any of you think this is such a radical idea, it is not. these are the ideas that the vast majority of the american people support. the problem for ted cruz is not and yes -- just chasing donald trump for [ cheers and applause ] >> the message we've been the lead but marco rubio is hearing from bernie sanders over creeping up on him for second wall street, and as he put it, place. >> but everyone is saying, donald trump, is he having billionaires are buying elections there. speaking at that live event in washington, iowa. i want to turn to casey hunt who anything to lose by not being there? did he come out on top? is traveling on the bus with
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him, and interesting to see is >> i think he did. how he's doubling down, knowing he was wanting to appear bigger how popular he is with those than the debate and all of those younger voters and knowing how essential those voters are on candidates on stage combined. getting out on monday that may bigger than the process. make the difference on whether and i do feel he almost pulled bernie sanders takes it. that off last night because if you look at, take the issue of >> reporter: frances, you're looking at a little slice of the immigration. you had bush attacking rubio attacking cruz. glamorous life of covering a cruz being attacked or presidential campaign. questioned harshly by the this is the press bus that is trailing behind bernie sanders. moderators. everybody is under fire. trump is not getting the heat. he's got a small press pool with him at that main live event. >> not there in iowa or the we're going to meet up with him at another event that's a couple hours down the road. debate. steve kornake, thank you. typically the hours are very, microsoft poll. very long. did donald trump's decision to we spend a lot of time driving skip the debate actually pay off? trying to get from one place to the pulse is live. cast your vote now at another. but earlier today in mt. we'll share the rest of the pleasant, iowa, we heard a results with you a little bit little bit from bernie sanders later on. want to join in now with chief as he makes his closing legal correspondent ari melber. argument. >> you judge a great nation not by the number of millionaires and billionaires it has. you judge a great nation by how
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it treats the weakest and most what's the policy now as far as vulnerable people in the where these guys stand? >> it was a policy-driven society. debate. >> reporter: so bernie sanders' donald trump being gone allowed people to discuss it. main challenge over the course of the next couple of days is maybe if it was less going to be to decide just how entertaining, maybe, but it drilled down more. negative to go. it was a benefit for voters. his political identity is very rooted in this idea that he's do you want him entertaining or never run a negative campaign ad, and i was at a breakfast with him a couple of days ago give you the details? this big issue of immigration where there was a little bit of extended discussion about just and jeb bush putting marco rubio what constitutes a negative campaign ad. on the defense. obviously his campaign is now let's take a look. >> when you led the charge with out with one that attacks the the gang of eight, i supported billionaires and wall street, it because you asked me too. talking about speaking fees from you asked people to support. you shouldn't cut and run. you stick wit. goldman sachs, of course, that's exactly what happened. alluding to hillary clinton who he cut and run, and that's a took those speaking fees, but tragedy. >> i wrote a book about this not naming her, so walking that careful line and sanders telling called "immigration wars." our andrea mitchell yesterday that it did not constitute a negative ad because he didn't mention hillary clinton's name. it's $2.99. but on the trail he started to it's affordable for everybody. be a little bit sharper. last night he talked at some we should have a path for the 2 length about the political million people that are here changes, he talked about
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defensive marriage, ttp, the illegally. >> you used to support a path to trade deal, clearly suggesting citizenship. >> so did you. that secretary clinton has changed her positions for political gain. >> i know you are, but what am frances? >> as you hang on tight, i? >> let's put up on the screen hopefully no bumps there on the road as you continue on the road that jeb bush did say ultimately he supported that karmize bill in iowa. >> sorry if it's a little bumpy out here. >> no worries. you need to catch up with the that passed by 68 votes and ted senator as we see him in this cruz voted no. live event in washington, iowa. while they got into a lot of the he just wrapped up his comments, details, where there were distinctions about amnesty and but now greeting supporters legal path, the fact is there is there, signing autographs as he a distinction on the voting is finishing up this event in record which people can assess and we briefly showed, washington, iowa. also, as we continue to hear immigration, a top three issue from him and him sharpening among republicans. >> yes, and let's talk about those attacks against hillary that from the beginning, donald clinton, an important report for trump. you. absence, not a chance for donald be sure to catch "hillary trump to speak about it. >> here's the thing about that. clinton executive" tonight on if you listen to big daddy trump, he would tell you he discovered, engineered and greatgrea msnbc news. the caucus just a little created it shathe issue of over three days away. and later, how did ted cruz immigration. it was a senate bill before handle the pressure? donald trump hit this race. we lost the head of an iowa so they would argue they've been on these issues for a long time.
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donald trump, of course, saying political action group he's loudest even when he's not supporting the senator. in the room. , >> always that. thank you very much. take a look at your screen right but i didn't think it was going to really happen. now. could you see that box? after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. that's hillary clinton in iowa, along with support, one of three stops she's making chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. today. there she is and we understand chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. that she will be joined by her some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, husband, bill clinton later this evening. but for now, let's take a quick hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts listen. >> denial. got to get beyond the special or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. interests. we can do this. we have a plan. we work on it. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. it's like what president kennedy tell your doctor about any history said, we're going to send a man of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. to the moon and bring him back within the decade? don't take chantix if you've had can't do that. a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. russia got to space first. sent this little sputnik thing if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away up there. folks were like, that's a as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, stretch. kennedy said, no, we're going to or develop new or worse symptoms. do it. and we did it. get medical help right away if you have symptoms we did it ahead of time, even. of a heart attack or stroke. that's what i want us to start decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. doing again. set some big goals. use caution when driving or operating machinery. work to achieve them. bring the country together most common side effect is nausea. around that. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. and we also have to do more to
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support small business, because that creates most of the jobs. ♪ beth, i hear u calling...♪ss i want to be a small business ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ president to help folks. ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. >> that's hillary clinton in des moines, iowa. at grand view university. ♪ ... all nig♪t the crucial younger vote that she is targeting, so of course, we'll continue to follow that, text beth, what can i do... she's that event and bernie sanders at another event close [siri:] message. pick up milk. by a little bit later on in the oh, right. milk. hour. taking a look now. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. continuing to follow this now, msnbc contribute for josh with more ahead of iowa. three days to go but talking about beyond that. how these candidates can sustain themselves with the money they have and still need to rally around that? >> exactly. so the fund raising reports are due january 31st. we know in a few days but the campaigns that do really well reduce early.
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>> hillary clinton raised $37 million and bernie sanders with $33 million on the republican side and $23 million, a p predigous fun raiser but how much money they have. if you spent all the money, you don't have it anymore. we do know the numbers from clinton and sanders. the clinton campaign said they came into the year with $30 million and sanders with $28 million. that's an advantage for clinton but not as large as you might expect given all the establishment support hillary clinton has. bernie sanders has done well with small donors. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. >> small donors, online, versus with creative new business incentives, the bigger donations. and the lowest taxes in decades, we'll watch as it comes into attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. play. thank you very much. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. still to come here as we're watching this big day leading up to iowa, next, the democratic and on long island, where great universities are creating duel for iowa. next generation technologies. these are live pictures of hillary clinton and bernie let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today sanders both speaking right now. duelling events at it is crunch at time now leading up to iowa. we have live team coverage from
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there next. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, candidates are holding attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. events all over the states like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. making a final pitch. while the two leading democrats are making a case to caucus and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. goers, it's a role they're used to playing every four years. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today nbc's chris jansing is in des at moines, iowa where the streets are buzzing with a whole lot of these are the hands, politics, bernie sanders the hands that drive commerce, supporters just driving by a that build business across borders. second ago. obviously revving up, knowing how important a turnout will be, these are the hands of pitney bowes, especially this time around, the craftsmen of commerce. chris. >> it's krurchl ticrunch time, these are the hands that sew about turnout here, but u a the seeds of business growth, couple candidates who have that weave the data, broken the mold. and find the perfect spot to thrive. on the republican side it's donald trump. on the democrat side, it's these are the hands of pitney bowes, bernie sanders, both weighing the craftsmen of commerce. heavily on first time caucus
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goers. usually the numbers don't spike to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns significantly. i spent a lot of time talking to its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks people in the republican campaigns. extraordinarily painful, they're all over the map in i hear you. terms of what turnout will be on make sure your doctor hears you too! monday, weather being one big i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered factor. but it's about enthusiasm. with diabetic nerve pain. so it's their last big chance to if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain make their case after being on in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! television last night. step on up they are really hitting the and ask your doctor road, spanning out across iowa. about diabetic nerve pain. three, four, five events in a tell 'em cedric sent you. single day over the next several our cosmetics line was a hit. days. but they also have -- and people the orders were rushing in. honk, people have been rolling i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. down their windows and yelling, we didn't need a loan. hillary, bernie, yelling out we needed short-term funding fast. their candidates. but it's about people getting building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? out this weekend, trying to that was a leap. convince their neighbors to go but i knew i could rely on american express to the caucuses. some of them are out-of-staters to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. whov our amex helped us fill the orders. who have been brought in by just like that. organizations to support their another step on the journey. candidates. i talked to some of the people will you be ready when growth presents itself? about this phenomenon that they realize your buying power at believe could bring bernie
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sanders to a shocking victory in iowa. take a listen. >> let me just give you a show of hands. are you surprised that bernie sanders is doing as well as he is? >> no. >> nobody? >> not surprised. >> he comes out with what he believes in, even before it's popul popular. and that attracted us to him. and it attracts young people. >> reporter: so in a way, they see him as the democratic side of trump. in other words, this is the year of the outsider, and bernie holds that. but it's also very well known that it's about organization here. ted cruz on the republican side has an amazing organization. certainly hillary clinton learned some lessons from 2008, but ultimately it's really convincing iowans to get out and go to these caucuses. very different from what most of the people in the country are used to in primaries, and so this intensity is really ramping up and will continue to over the weekend as we wait and see whether or not there are those
10:18 am
who will be able to defy expectations. for bernie sanders that certainly, frances, would be a win. on the republican side, i think a lot of people are looking to see if marco rubio can possibly surpass ted cruz. but this has been a year that whatever you predict, the opposite happens, so we'll see right now to a hillary clinton if that holds true on monday. >> especially if what we're campaign event in des moines, iowa. expecting turns out a tie, if you can see that on the left side of your screen. bernie sanders is low or and on the right side, bernie average. sanders just wrapped up a rally good to see the sun. although you're bundled up, it's in mt. pleasant, iowa, and another in the town of cold. ted cruz now trailing down washington. when that happens, we'll bring it to you live. trump in the most recent polls for now, here's what he said in iowa. moments ago. next we'll ask a leading cruz >> there are those people who supporter what the texas senator think that what america is about must do to win on monday. is that everybody should be in it for themselves, that life is about is you doing anything that you can to advance yourself but you don't have to pay any attention or have any compassion for anybody else.
10:19 am
i don't agree with that definition of what america is supposed to be. >> hillary clinton makes three stops before the caucus and joined by president bill clinton e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. in davenport and bernie sanders so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. making four stops of his own in iowa today. following the candidates throughout the day. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, nbc's kristen welker is covering what's it to you? the clinton campaign in des moines, iowa. or i'm a scottish mason with it being neck and neck, we whose assets are made of stone like me heart. understand how crucial this is for both of them here. papa! you're no son of mine! how important is it for the or perhaps it's time to seize the day. clinton campaign to do it today and see chelsea clinton over the don't just see opportunity, weekend? seize it! >> reporter: it is extremely (applause) critical, francis. it's a family affair as they make the final push. bill clinton is incredibly popular among democrats. there's no one better at rallying the democratic base. we saw that back in 2012 when he campaigned for president barack obama. they're hoping to repeat that and as you point out, this is a
10:20 am
race that is neck and neck here in iowa. that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. senator sanders has been surging in the polls and he's also been now i can download my dvr recordings ramping up his attacks against and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! secretary clinton trying to paint her as a flip-flopper on a (whispers) now hide-and-seek time whole host of issues. can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. everything from the iraq war to tpp and it is former president here i come! bill clinton really been the can't find you anywhere! attack dog defending his wife's credibility on those issues and trying to make the argument that don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way she has the most experience and she's the best prepared to take you experience tv. on republicans. meanwhile, for her part, secretary clinton coming out swinging as well just moments ago taking a sharp jab at republicans in the wake of their debate last night. take a listen. >> but if you were watching last night, you heard the same old, same old. you know, repeal the affordable care act. defund planned parenthood. trickle down economics. it just is a never-ending litany of what is wrong with the republican candidates' ideas about the future, and the direction we need to be headed.
10:21 am
>> secretary clinton picking up a key endorsement from lilly ledbetter in the fair pay act, the first bill president obama signed into legislation and the seven year anniversary of that. so the clinton campaign touting that today, trying to use that to rally their base. father, why can't we have directv like the macgregors do? rally her female supporters. we're settlers, son. we settle for things. but also critical, rallying the young voters. like having cable instead of directv. they prefer bernie sanders. hey, jebediah, how's it going? working the land. hoping for a fertile spring. if you look at the polls by a wide margin. she's here at the university all right. trying to rally the younger so we have to live with lower customer satisfaction? caucus goers. i'm afraid so. now go churn us some butter, boy, i spoke to one of the aides. it's about the ground game and and then make your own clothes. they feel their ground game is yes, sir. strong heading into these final (vo) don't be a settler. get rid of cable and upgrade to directv. days. >> especially with so much hinging on the turnout in monday call 1-800-directv. in iowa. following the clinton campaign in des moines iowa there. be sure to catch lester holt on marco rubio is in iowa today "nbc nightly news." i want to turn to msnbc news trying to build off the momentum his campaign believes he built up last night, partly on his
10:22 am
traveling with the bernie sanders campaign questioning whether he'll go negative. attack to the man just ahead of him in the polls, ted cruz. with the attacks against hillary >> the truth is you've been willing to say or do anything to clinton. >> reporter: he has ramped them win votes. up, francis. he's talking more about listing you worked for george w. bush's a series of positions where he campaigns. you helped design george w. suggests she has changed only bush's immigration policy. now you want to trump trump on immigration, but we're not going politically convenient. many positions very important to to beat hillary clinton with someone who is willing to say or do anything to win an election. the progressive democratic base he's trying to turn out in this >> bob van der plats is a election, including trade president and ceo of family policy, for example. gay rights. he was asked about gay rights here at this event today at this leader, an evangelical group, and also a ted cruz supporter. college in mt. pleasant where he i appreciate your time. spent as much time letting the as we dive into this, i want to crowd talk, telling their stories. bring your attention to this. why things are a struggle for they reported that your them as middle class working candidate is training all his class americans as he did negative ads on marco rubio. speaking himself from the podium. but of course, sanders has come consider ted cruz's performance last night. marco rubio is the momentum under increasing criticism from there. what is your view of the race hillary clinton. now three days out? most notably on whether or not >> we feel very good about it. his policies are realistic. we have a great ground game. a harsh "washington post" i've never seen a campaign quite editorial yesterday essentially run like this before. saying that the proposals he has it has a strategic, intentional
10:23 am
are not able to pass the purpose to get people out to the congress. votes -- out to the caucuses on jane sanders, his wife and one of his closest con iffif i, con february 1, on monday. i think his debate performance chs so was solid, i think it was exactly what he needed to do to put him over the top. i think trump skipping the debate is going to hurt trump. i. confidants and advisors. it's trump and cruz. >> we can only do the status quo as people unite around cruz, i think he'll have a very good with a little bit of cherry on night monday night. >> specifically ted cruz didn't top. but nothing significant. anything that is bold, bold go more after donald trump, vision is not doable. people are surprised. let's talk about that with we just disagree. donald trump gaining strength >> so there you have the sanders and support with evangelicals. as an evangelical leader, why do argument. this has been their response you think donald trump is doing every time. so well with that? sanders is pushed on whether his >> what trump has done, he's proposals are possible with the tapped into the emotion of the reality being that most of them american people, saying washington is broke, it needs would never be able to pass through a congress controlled by republicans. leadership. that includes evangelicals who they simply say, you know, we have to make wholesale change to believe washington is seriously broke. the political system and that's that's the emotional side, and what this campaign is all about. now they're going to the logical side of the argument and they're it's clearly striking a note seeing ted cruz the logical one
10:24 am
particularly with young voters. to take on d.c. because he has a the question, of course, as history of taking on d.c. kristen touched on whether they trump does not have a history of can get them to show up on taking on d.c. monday and caucus. he's done very well in this francis? campaign that we need to take >> that will be the case and on, but his history doesn't message with his next event. prove that out. in the next hour, you're at the i think evangelicals are going one he just wrapped up, but we'll dip into that later on to break late, i think they're when that happens. going to unite around ted cruz kasie hunt following the bernie and the numbers will bear on sanders campaign in iowa. appreciate it. still to come, the debate without donald. that monday night. what would the republican race >> listen to what mike huckabee look like minus trump? said. >> donald trump and i may be >> i'm a maniac. competitors when it comes to and everyone on this stage is politics, particularly in the stupid, fat, and ugly. caucuses, but we are colleagues when it comes to standing up for and ben, you're a terrible veterans. surgeon. it wasn't about donald trump, i wasn't endorsing him, but i now that we've gotten the donald thought it was pretty gracious trump portion out of the way -- of him to invite me to come and here in the city, parking is hard to find. show my support for veterans. seems like everyone drives. i was happy to do it. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. >> many eyes were on that rally ah, perfect. and others on the debate. valet parking. did you pay any attention to your feelings on last night's evening, sir. hello! here's the keys. rally? >> well, what it is, here's a and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... guy running for commander in chief, but yet he goes absent to see how much you could save on car insurance,
10:25 am
without leave at his post in the go to debate. iowans will hold him accountable that you skipped the last ah! (car alarm sounds) it's ok! interview before this guy would be hired. i'm glad he's doing something for veterans, i'm glad he's giving money to veterans, but the words he used early on saying i like veterans who weren't captured. not just prisoners of war but all veterans. and i think he should have been on that stage to say why he's suitable to be commander in chief. he shouldn't be running away from fox news, and if you can't stand up to fox and meghan kelly, how are you going to stand up to putin? how are you going to stand up to iran? he should have been there taking the tough questions monday night, and i think iowans will penalize him for not showing up. >> you certainly heard the headlines in the des moines register, a rough night for ted cruz, certainly a missed opportunity for him. your thoughts on that and how he can turn that back around in the next couple days, crucial days, especially knowing that, again, marco rubio, some seeing that as
10:26 am
a strong showing last night on the debate stage. >> you know, i'm not going to go with the des moines register and what their narrative is, because their narrative will be they don't want ted cruz to win. but i can tell you ted cruz raised more money during that debate performance last night than any previous debate performance. the people are doubling down on ted cruz. they like what he said. he won on obamacare, he won on illegal immigration, he won on being able to stand up against washington, d.c., he won on even putting the renewable fuels in the marketplace instead of the mandates and why that's better for iowa in general. i think ted cruz had a great night and i think marco rubio had a rough night. when you have your own governor taking you on and there's a jeb bush-marco rubio spat, and then marco rubio got exposed on illegal immigration, and he tried to push ted cruz, you heard the audience boo him. i think ted cruz had an awesome night and that's what it's going to take in order to win these
10:27 am
caucuses. >> you'll be watching bob van der plaats. thank you for your time. they're coming off a tru trumpless debate. that just tastes better. did donald trump's decision to fresher. more flavorful. skip the debate pay off? delicious. only one egg with better nutrition... here we go with our scoreboard. like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. 76% of you say yes, 24% of you and 25% less saturated fat. say no. there's been a fluctuation of the yes. that's gotten as high as in the only one egg good enough for my family. 80s but now 76 saying yes. because why have ordinary keep the votes coming. when you can have the best. eggland's best. donald trump's no-show in the only egg that gives you so much more: last night's debate may have better taste. better nutrition. been good news for two candidates we're talking about better eggs. here, jeb bush and rand paul. as the team points out, bush had his strongest debate of the >> turning to back to politics cycle. now. if there was one thing last while paul wasn't that are night's debate showed, the race behind each of them, they had strong moments. >> when you're elected, you need what it looked like donald trump and the person who benefitted to do things. he led the charge to finally fix most, jeb bush. this immigration problem na has it was the strongest debate of
10:28 am
the cycle. existed now, as marco says, for leading to favorable reviews and 30 years. then he cut and run because it wasn't popular amongst some going so far to question conservatives, i guess. whether he was the outright >> you used to support a path to winner. citizenship. senior political editor mark >> so did you. >> but you changed the path. >> so did you, marco. murray from des moines. >> what's particularly we delve into this with a lot of insulting, though, is he is the policy covered last night. but when you see jeb bush and king of saying, oh, you're for kind of surging out there and kind of making his own, why did amnesty. everybody is for amnesty except for ted cruz. it take trump not being on the >> joining me now, senior stage for us to see this kind of political editor mark murray. confidence in him and this late post debate as we look into this, and you look at trump's in the game? >> yeah, you are right. candidacy and overall leading up this was jeb bush's best debate to monday. performance by far this entire does that hurt paul and bush's cycle. one of the reasons donald trump has been a thorn in jeb bush's campaign more than others? >> i think you could make a case that it has ended up hurting jeb side is everything is anti-th bush and rand paul more than anything el anti-thetical, he's the anyone else, but i make the argument, too, that jeb bush is reasonable measured establishment republican and of course, donald trump is anything one of the latecomers. but. and that's not jeb bush off his it wasn't too long ago that jeb bush was ahead in the iowa game, particularly at these debates but once you remove polls, and then rand paul took donald trump from the debate, jeb bush was able to shine. carson down. now we're seeing the same thing
10:29 am
the question is whether it's a with ted cruz when donald trump launched his birther attacks on little bit too late or not. we'll end up seeing how the results come on monday but i cruz. will say in iowa, new hampshire, and nationwide, jeb bush and his donald trump in the equation has hurt almost all the republican candidates in the field. jeb bush, what struck me last super pac have doled out more night, was that he was much than $60 million in tv ads and stronger there on immigration than he was back in october at hasn't made a dent so far. the cnbc debate, remember, when there's doubt whether last night's debate changes anything. jeb bush really tried to take on >> and we are launching an event marco rubio on the issue of there in iowa where jeb bush is rubio's senator voting record. i think donald trump had a lot expected, right there, to take to do with it. -- you see him sitting down. jeb bush's problem, however, is there's just three days left so he'll take to the mike. until iowa. i want to ask you as far as the >> right, there's a timing in all of this. others, a lot of people say when when you look at that and you it comes to ted cruz, missed look at what's to come, and for opportunity there, and how many him to still be viable or whenever they really need to take a serious look to reassess, are really missing this chance. as far as those who may have what is that threshold for jeb bush to meet in iowa and new benefitted from trump's absence, is this marco rubio's chance to hampshire? >> iowa, the bush campaign say, wait a minute, with ted really hasn't made much of a cruz, can i not really take it play. new hampshire i'm keeping a as his own and running with it, closer eye on. when you talk to bush world, is this his chance? they realize that they have to >> we saw marco rubio stand out finish ahead of marco rubio. on the first hour of the debate. marco rubio is a very bill
10:30 am
he was the marco rubio we had challenge for them not only in the remaining states but also in seen perform well and well and well at these kind of debate florida. and success for team jeb, and i contests. but it was that second hour know it's a high threshold right particular when the conversation now, is to be ahead of marco turned to immigration that marco rubio in new hampshire. rubio was knocked off his game a the polls show marco rubio is in little bit. and ted cruz as well. the low single digits there, jeb but the immigration issue which bush not too far behind. plays so big here in iowa, so jeb overperforming would be able to be in the double digits particularly among the of new hampshire and to best conservatives, whether or not that that is given them pause about marco rubio. fellow floridan marco rubio for instance, one person i thought stood out in donald trump's absence was rand paul, there. >> political senior editor, also seems to be one knocked off his game a bit when donald trump thank you. donald trump skipped the has been front and center of debate but the debate didn't these debates and he had several good moments for him and his skip him. the role he played even though campaign. he wasn't there. >> all right, nbc's mark murray. could ever cat. thank you. i'll check later on. up next, donald trump's rally for vernlts. she sat down with vets as they watched the event. they share their reactions and former governor mike huckabee from the undercard debate to the trump rally last night with trump and rick santorum.
10:31 am
his decision to go and attend there next.
10:32 am
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10:35 am
>> whatever the result is, i did the right thing. chance before? >> it was good and bad. i did the right thing because i donald trump still dominated did something great for veterans things. and when you think of it, these moore google searches for donald trump than any other candidate politicians on that debate, most even during the debate. don't know what they're doing. on the other hand, it gave each they're talking, talking, and of the candidates on that stage we're raising money for a real opportunity to be able to incredible people. show what they can do, what they >> let's begin with katie tur at can say to explain their last night's event in iowa where positions. so for undecided voters, i think mike huckabee and rick santorum, not having donald trump there what struck me is how little presented a great opportunity for them to see the candidates. donald trump spoke compared to the veterans there and huckabee >> do you think they would have been a little bit more and santorum. productive in getting that done >> that was unusual. less about donald trump last in they would have gone after donald trump instead of the night than the guests on stage. first part of the debate where they gave their one-liners about donald trump? if they kept that in his presence, but by attacking him it was interesting, they like donald trump because they think with him not there. he is taking action whereas >> i think they did the right thing in not overly everyone else is on stage just concentrating on donald trump. fighting. but when you go to a trump people vote for candidates because they present a positive rally, excuse me, oftentimes, it message, because they can is very much about how great articulate issues, not because he's doing in the polls. so when he talks about all no they can be negative on somebody else. that's why the superpacs are talk and action, he doesn't go starting to crop up to take on into policy specifics. donald trump, but for the
10:36 am
still, his supporters don't seem to mind that. candidates who were there on the stage, much better for them to they think by skipping out on be able to show their positions last night's debate, he showed and their visions for the strong leadership. he showed himself to be somebody future. >> how could these candidates in this crucial time the next who is above the system, throw couple of days here before monday capitalize on that? out that fixing. you have steve kornacki saying, they're tired of the politicians that have been running our jeb bush, this may have been his country and don't think they've done a good job and that's why they like this odder candidate who's never been in politics strongest debate pfr answer yer coming in and being not yet, he may even come out the politically correct and making winner. people angry left, right, and how can they keep that momentum going? center. >> all right, we'll see how he >> at this time the candidates need to be out there to does it as he'll be in new articulate their message, to be able to get voters to look at hampshire but of course, a lot of people will see who turns out them. but much of the work is being for him on monday. done by their campaigns to make sure their voters, their caucus day. katy tur, appreciate it. supporters turn out to the caucuses. so it's very much a two-track and kelly o'donnell, on jim process where you'll see the candidates presenting, really, gilmore, safe to say was their positive vision of what they want to do with an awful offended by trump's efforts. lot of really intense groundwork by the campaigns to motivate the also, another former read on air. how did veterans react to his voters, which is what we're all going to be reporting on monday
10:37 am
night. >> especially when it comes to, eve you know, the all-important event? >>. >> reporter: we had a small turnout and who will come out to sampling of veterans who were willing to sit with us and talk caucus. i want to ask you and marco about the situation. rubio just speaking moments ago so it's a slice of the veterans community. we're here in washington, dc, not far from the vietnam and basically coming out and veterans memorial. saying, you know what? if donald trump -- he doesn't the snow has begun to kick up. necessarily think it can happen. a wintry day for sure and the >> well, that's exactly the veteran wes talked to pointed out a couple of things that right attitude for any candidate stood out to me. to have at this point. you need to show positive as much as there's controversy energy. you need to be able to convince surrounding donald trump, they appreciated the fact he's people who want to vote for you talking about veterans. they do acknowledge that that there is a real reason to vote for you, so he was saying exactly the right thing and was there'll have to be proof down the line the money he raised on message, and i think that's reaches veterans, that sort of what the other candidates will be doing as well. thing but appreciated the >> since it is crunch time. attention. i spoke with rain gilbert and msnbc political analyst ben said more candidates should be ginsberg, thank you. talking about veterans concerns. >> i think he sees the double the overma'malley campaign is a family affair. he'll join us live telling us talk in a lot of politicians about veterans. what we don't know about his i think he feels somebody needs dad, after this. this is joanne.
10:38 am
to stand up and speak for them from the heart. >> any attention to veterans is good. i certainly agree with that. as a political stunt, probably, yeah. >> reporter: and so you get a sense that they will be willing to say, yes, it might be for his own political gain, but in the conversation, donald trump has brought attention and they welcome that. this is just a small group of veterans. there will be different political views but this was a way to get a sense with how it resonates with a place veterans come together on a cold evening and watch tv together and talk and that's the sort of window we her long day as a hair stylist starts peeked in on. with shoulder pain when... francis? >> we'll see where that $6 hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief million that donald trump claims of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? to have raised for these organizations and where that no thanks. goes. kelly o'donnell, thank you very for me... it's aleve. much from the vietnam memorial there in washington, dc. these are the hands that plow the data, dig up clues, with donald trump off the debate to take the stage, we asked you. create opportunity, did donald trump's decision to and weave messages that lead to sales.
10:39 am
skip the debate pay off? let's look at your results so these are the hands of pitney bowes, far. 73% say yes, that is the case. the craftsmen of commerce. 27% say no, continue to vote at these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, well, after iowa, comes new that build business across borders. hampshire. how do two candidates from florida fare in the fight for these are the hands of pitney bowes, that state? steve kornake to break that the craftsmen of commerce. down. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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it's three days until the iowa caucuses and the polls show bernie sanders and hillary clinton narrowing to a near tie in iowa. the governor is trailing together o'malley supporters. joining us, someone who knows him best, son martin o'malley. we appreciate your time as we ask you about this. we know bernie sanders, hillary clinton neck and neck here with those numbers, and the latest poll shows your dad at 3% in iowa. i know you've been campaigning there for him. how is it you can stay are feeling all across the optimistic ahead of iow monday' country. despite our many challenges, this is a special country. we don't want to be like the caucuses? >> i'm seeing a lot of movement rest of the world. here and things that i don't we want to be the united states of america. think pollsters have been able and it seems like no one in to pick up. washington is doing anything to i think the caucuses have stop it. this is why, by the way, i ran surprised folks year after year, and the momentum we've seen the for the senate in 2009. past few days is undeniable. they told me not to run. they told me i needed to wait. we've seen a windfall of
10:42 am
they had picked a candidate supporters from people who were undecided. already. i even talked to people who the sitting governor of florida committed for other candidates back in june and july who came and 2000, i ignored them and we up to me and said, you know what? what i want in a candidate is won. someone who will bring this and again now last year when i run for president, the same people said, it's not your turn. country together and a democrat who can get through a general you need to wait in line. i said, wait for what? election. that's why i'm going to caucus after seven years of barack for your dad on february 1st. obama, after seven years of the so i think the speculation right damage he's done to this now is all about where our country, this is not a time to supporters might go. wait. this is not a time for patience. but i think our supporters are really fired up to make my dad this is a time for action. not only viable in precincts and that's why this election is across iowa butorac rack up as so critical. not just choosing between political parties. the choice is about our identity. 2016 will be a turning point in supporters as we can by february american history. 1st. >> you're also talking about it will either be the year we general election. if donald trump is the nominee -- in fact, he actually did what needed to be done, to be greater than we ever have mentioned your dad in his rally today. take a listen to what he said. been or it will be the year we >> why is o'malley running? doom our children to inherit a what's that all about? o'malley. you know what his claim to fame diminished country. and that's why i'm here. is? >> it's 7:00 a.m. he was the mayor of baltimore, 7:00 p.m., excuse me. okay? he left them a great, great blueprint for the future. 7:00 on monday, i will let you o'malley. and every time he gets up, he down. i'm running for president
10:43 am
because i believe we're on the talks about trump. i don't know. >> that's donald trump's take on verge of the greatest time to be your dad. what's your take on donald trump alive and i want to fulfill what every generation is to fulfill, on your dad? >> i cannot wait for my dad to to provide opportunities that are greater than what they had. we're on the verge of doing run against donald trump in a this, but we've got to change general election. because time and time again, my direction of this country and i dad has called out donald trump think i can do it with you and i for his disgusting, racist, hope you'll join me. thank you all very much. fascist language against new american immigrants, against >> jeb bush, saying he can american muslims. change the direction of this we've seen a lot of support in iowa from the latino community. country, speaking at that meet we were just endorsed by the and greet in iowa with three head of dream iowa the other days to go. day, and we're seeing a lot of again, after a strong performance last night's debate. movement here especially with latinos. i think we're going to really as you just mentioned earlier, hit the road by storm come mike huckabee was one of the february 1st and we're going to hit donald trump by a freight presidential candidates who attended trump's rally thursday train come november. i'm looking forward to this. night. nbc's katy tur caught up with i mean -- him and said if donald trump is >> we know how important that the nominee, the party needs to is, especially when it comes to support him fully. younger voters, first time >> if donald trump is the nominee, i hope it's me. caucus goers. but if it's him, i expect the what is your message here in letting everybody know, the entire party to unite behind him martin o'malley that you know, and gone so far to say this is that some of us may not? very quickly. very important. >> i think the thing about my
10:44 am
that if we're asked as dad is he's a uniter, not a candidates to support the party, the party needs to support us. divider. he's the best of both worlds. he's young, he's bringing a lot >> joining me now is former of fresh energy to this race. governor huckabee. i appreciate your time, at the same time he's a proven, governor. spending it with us here. accomplished governor. that's what's getting him on the before we do that, immaterial wk board in the last couple days and what will shock people on caucus night. you about the comment with katy >> son of martin o'malley, i tur. who conservatives that think appreciate your voice and donald trump may be the worst candidate to take on hillary sharing it with us. thank you so much. >> thank you. have a good one. clinton in the general election? >> you, too. >> well, if they think that, that wraps up things for they need to come out to the caucus and vote for me. today's show. because i think i'd be the best next kate snow in for thomas candidate against hillary. that's why we have an election and plenty of choices in the republican party. roberts. it's the democrats who don't. and i think that the strong message we have been sending to america is fairly consistent. rob birchy created the we won't lower taxes. we want to make sure we bring jobs back, especially middle class jobs. we have a plan to do that. surfer. quite frankly, i think that he thought skate shops and surf shops would be along for the whoever the republican is, and ride, but he realized the ones again, i hope it's me, i just think it's going to be a
10:45 am
who really wanted it were stronger message to working specialty toy stores. can a business have a mind? americans than what we hear from the democrats which is a lot more government, more taxes, which means fewer jobs. >> with that hope, let's talk a subconscious. about your going about it in a knack for predicting the future. achieving that, especially when it comes to last night's event reflexes faster than the speed of thought. with donald trump. and of course, we're going to put in your relationship and can a business have a spirit? consider with fox news, once had a show with them. you say, you know what? can a business have a soul? you admit you've gotten some criticism from your own supporters from attending that can a business be...alive? night and even said, you've got nothing out of it. just want to go. had nothing else to do. so given that, why do it? why stand at that podium as you were joking about it with trump's name up there on the stage? >> because it was about veterans. they're the most underappreciated people we have in our country today. they've gotten the rawest deal. they've done their part and kept their promise to america. but francis, america has not kept its promise to these veterans. these guys are coming home with severe physical and emotional
10:46 am
kind of injuries that aren't being taken care of promptly. and as a result, 22 veterans a day are committing suicide. that's a national disgrace. and if i can be there and show my support for the veterans, as i said last night, donald trump and i may be competitors when it comes to politics, particularly in the caucuses, but we are colleagues when it comes to standing up for veterans. so it wasn't about donald trump. i wasn't endorsing him. but i thought it was gracious of him to invite me to come and show my support for veterans. i was happy to do it. >> did you hear, have you heard from any veterans who said, you know what? i wasn't really into supporting you before but now i will or text mom. i'll be right back. be good. boys have been really good today. even your other current send. supporters said, i appreciate let's get mark his own cell phone. what you did. >> oh, sure. nice. send. i mean, there have been a lot of brad could use a new bike. send. people who are glad that i went. and the veterans that i talked [siri:] message. you decide. to last night, and by the way, they're your kids. that auditorium was packed to the gills. mostly with veterans. why are you guys texting grandma? and every single one i spoke with, and their families were it was him. it was him. keep your family connected.
10:47 am
grateful that i had come to app-connect. on the newly redesigned passat. stand up for them. and i put politics aside to do from volkswagen. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. it. and there may have been some so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. criticisms but i think overwhelmingly, people appreciate a person will put the so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, interests of veterans above himself and his political what's it to you? interests. or i'm a scottish mason so, you know, i didn't go whose assets are made of stone like me heart. anticipating this as good or bad for me. i went because i said, if this papa! you're no son of mine! is good for veterans, then i want to be there. or perhaps it's time to seize the day. and turns out, there was like $6 million raised just last night. don't just see opportunity, i think that's pretty significant. >> given that, and the money, seize it! (applause) not too many specifics as far as who that will go to. the trump campaign said there's 22 organizations that will eventually see it but not too much specifics. good afternoon, everybody, >> well, last night, what donald i'm kate snow, and we are three days away from the iowa trump said was that they would caucuses, and nearly every make an evaluation of the candidate is on the ground in various groups to see to whom it iowa today. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, would be given. i think one thing we can be sure martin o'malley all in the of, donald trump isn't going to hawkeye state today, as are ted pocket the money. he's one man in america who doesn't need it. cruz, marco lub rubio, jesh bus
10:48 am
that's not a worry to me. chris christie, john kasich, i'm making sure the veterans get the help they need and quite carly fiorina and rand paul. frankly the fact we have to have veterans groups, isn't that there is one candidate not in indictment upon the failure of iowa. that would be donald trump who wrapped up a rally in nashua, the u.s. government to keep its promise to take care of these new hampshire just an hour ago where he discussed his absence veterans? i mean, the very reason we have from last night's republican debate and took some more jabs at ted cruz. to raise private money to fill in the huge gaps that veterans >> i did something that was very are feeling for what they need risky, and i think it turned out great because the front page of to recover and reintegrate to every paper i'm getting more publicity than if i -- you know? their families and jobs in their communities is a real shame. cruz is in second place. he got really pum memelpummelle. ought not to happen. >> we appreciate it. mike huckabee, thank you. i'm glad i wasn't there, he got >> thank you, francis. up next, the volunteers will really pummelled. go behind the scenes with men and they didn't even mention that he was bor i and women going door to door for their candidates. >> i'm jacob from msnbc. what are you doing? >> right now, we are making loc. >> so what happens, you take these out and put them on people's doors, or somebody does? >> yes.
10:49 am
>> are you going to do that? >> probably. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. for my frequent heartburnmorning because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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10:52 am
. with the iowa caucuses less than three days away, hillary clinton is hot on the trail to get iowans out to vote. hillary clinton just wrapped up a get out the caucus event at grand university in des moines. meanwhile we're just moments away from a bernie sanders campaign rally in washington, iowa. no candidate can do it alone. clinton is famous for the saying, it takes a village, and in this case it takes an army of volunteers. jacob has more on that from des moines. >> reporter: frances, you're absolutely right, it takes a village of volunteers to turn out all the supporters hillary clinton is speaking to at grand university here in northeast des moines. whether an old-fashioned door knock or phone call from campaigners, not just with her supporters but bernie sanders' supporters across town, find out
10:53 am
what i dpoufound out over there. i'm jacob from msnbc. what are you doing? >> right now we're making placards so people know where their voting locations are. >> are you going to do that? >> probably. >> how many stickers do you think you've done tonight? >> 10,000. >> reporter: come on. >> probable. >> reporter: me, probably just a thousand. >> reporter: how are your fingers? >> sticky. >> reporter: >> reportewhat's your name? >> dustin. >> where did you come from? >> we flew into chicago and took a bus eight hours into des moines. >> reporter: you flew into chicago and went eight hours into des moines. who did more stickers, you or jonathan? >> jp, i think. >> he definitely took a break to eat. >> reporter: are you hungry right now? >> no, i'm definitely ready to
10:54 am
go. >> reporter: you're sacrificing food? >> all i need is -- >> a little juice. >> reporter: sanders' and hillary clinton's supporters are involved in trying to get people to show up for the caucus at 7:00 p.m. monday night. they have to be there in person, they have through what is sort of an unorthodox process. it's up to the volunteers to see who is going to be the winner of this thing. frances, back to you. >> a lot of work on both fronts. jacob, thank you very much. donald trump dropping another word bomb on his main rival ted cruz this morning. how that played out on the trail today three days before the iowa caucuses. and on the other side of the aisle, any moment now bernie sanders holding an event in the hawkeye state as bill clinton gets ready to campaign for his wife. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics.
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roberts. one last weekend of campaigning before the iowa caucuses. you can see some campaigning in the hawkeye state trying to pick up votes before monday's big event. jeb bush and marco rubio, those live events to the right. donald trump, however, was in los angeles today, poking fun at tom cruz and his rival in the runup to the all-important caucuses. >> in second place, he got really pummelled last night. when you're born in canada, you're not supposed to be running for president of the united states. prime minister of canada, no problem. he's an anchor baby in canada. i do wonder why, i see some of the guys, including the republicans, they have zero. if i knew i was getting close to the zero vel, i would go like this. i would bail out so fast. >> well, trump skipped out on thursday night's debate. he held a competing event just a few miles away to benefit veterans. today he said the group raised $6 million.
10:59 am
we'll have more on that in a moment, because even though he missed the debate, his presence was certainly still felt. >> let me say i'm a maniac, and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> let's begin by being clear what this campaign is about. it's not about donald trump. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a little teddy bear to me. we always had such a loving relationship in these debates and in between and the tweets. i kind of miss him. i wish he was here. >> let's start with msnbc's kerry sanders who covered the event this morning. trump and his campaign riding high there following that veterans' event. what are they doing to sustain that into the weekend through monday? >> it's amazing in that there is just a tremendous amount of energy following the fact that he did duck out of that debate, deciding not to participate. the crowd here seemed to cheer
11:00 am
it on even more. donald trump has surprised folks, especially those who followed him all this time, admitted he is tired. but he couldn't stand the voters up. he made a commitment so he was here. i heard there were several hundred turned away in the cold who wanted to hear him speak. donald trump is leading in the polls here in new hampshire 31% to ted cruz's 12%, and while we don't know how he's going to do -- because they actually haven't had the caucuses yet in iowa -- they have a cute saying here in new hampshire, that in iowa they pick corn, in new hampshire they pick presidents. they genuinely believe here that donald trump is going to do extremely well february 9 when they actually have the primary right here in new hampshire. >> for more perspective on what
11:01 am
he said and msnbc's katie, we were all talking about how big of a gamble it's going to be. cnbc says r said they're glad he did it, they raised all this money, and they're hoping to make it a surge to get people out. >> i think the trump campaign knew very much what they were going to accomplish with this, and that is getting all the attention, looking like the strong man in the situation, being able to stand up to the establishment much, you're not treating me fairly. if you want i'm going to raise money for veterans. he got his friends from new york donating quite a bit of money, some as many as a million dollars. they raised about $6 million for veterans, two different groups, including the green berets and
11:02 am
the trump game for warriors. they can say we are doorpz. the one who will not be able to look at what that republican party would have. it was a little less interesting but a lot more comprehensive when it came to what was going on on that stage. it also benefited the trump campaign in one way in particular. ted cruz became much more the target on that stage than. so any chance that has the opportunity that they're want going to miss. all is said and done. i think that ultimately he wasn't necessarily missed on that stage. i think that even though they got a lot more viewers than he did in his appearance last night
11:03 am
and his fundraiser, he is still getting all the attention. and when i speak to voters, they tell me the one thing they like about donald trump is that he seems like he is a man of action, whereas all the politicians they voted for in the past and they see not doing anything right now in congress are all just talk. >> all right, we'll see those voters take action themselves and head out to the caucus. did donald trump's decision to pass on the debate pay off? 73% voted yes, while 27% voted no. look at the yeses. you've bumped that up higher by throwing in your voices. now 82% say no, at 18. one way to tell whether that strategy paid off when it comes to the ratings, who was watching? joining me now with more did he tails on that road r. quick question for you, a gamble
11:04 am
for donald trump not to show up at the debate rating. >> wii got the initial. here's what nielsen has put out so far today. in the 259 major markets mannered, 7.1 million people watched the fox debate last night. if we can pair that to the average number of viewers from the previous six debates, they averaged 9.6 million, so again, that's about 26% less than the average viewers who have watched the previous f., if you figure that out mathematically, that's roughly 8 million fox viewers. that makes it the lowest rated debate of this season.
11:05 am
if donald trump's goal was to do a victory dance of fox news not having as many viewers as actually flipped from fox to some of the events live to see how much he actually polled, but this fox debate did not do nearly as well as it would have if he had been there. >> msnbc's kyle perry, thank you. a lot of focuses before thursday night's debate was ted cruz. >> you had to stick up for your rights. when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. you have to do it. i have to go a little step further and say that fox has been extremely nice, and the la last number of hours, actually. they wanted me there and they said, how about now? they called a few minutes ago.
11:06 am
how about now? i said, hasn't it already started? they wanted me to go and apologize, and they did apologize. but once this started -- it's for our vets -- there was nothing i could do. >> talking about ted cruz's performance, because leading up to it we said, this is his time. trump is not there to suck up all that oxygen, but when you read some of these headlines saying it was rough, he really struggled at times. >> donald trump is down in first place at 1st place. that's what happened to ted cruz in the debate last night, and he finds himself in a tough position in the home stretch of iowa. not only is he facing donald trump, he's also facing heat from marco rubio. marco rubio climbing up in the polls behind ted cruz right now,
11:07 am
so much so that this is worrying the cruz campaign. they launched a negative ad against marco rubio yesterday. we can show you a clip of that. >> i never have and never will support any efforts of blanket immigration. >> so they're attacking him there over the issue of immigration. we've heard so much about that. but this issue is the real. now it would be an tup selt. but what would be catastrophic for ted cruz's campaign is if marco yo comes up from behind. >> when you see the other candidates on this stage? was there a mixed opportunity there where they could have gone without trump to kind of catapult themselves a little
11:08 am
higher. >> i wonder, is there a way to take down donald trump and actually gain traction. some say jeb bush had his best debate as a candidate last night. there might be something to that, and one of the reasons is donald trump was not up there. when jeb bush has started to stand out in debates. >> well, donald trump is flmd. there's that log jam up there with chris christie, r. we're tacking that and it helps trump. >> what they're going to do in three more days. i want to take you to the bottom of your screen. a live look at fairfield, iowa
11:09 am
where bill clinton is talking about his wife. take a quick listen to the man they're calling their campaigner in chief. >> one says we should pay for everybody's tuition. hillary said, no, i think we should pay for the tuition, books and other basic expenses of middle class people and below. i think everybody that's got any college debt should be able to refinance just like we do every home. that ought to be done. but -- [ applause ] >> for people like us who can afford to send our kids to college and whose tax money is needed to build infrastructure and to build clean energy products and to put america back to work, there is no point in cycling our money through the government. we should pay for our kids to go to college. it's a 50-year asset and we should do it. >> there we have former
11:10 am
president bill clinton speaking in fairfield, iowa campaigning for his wife. he is expected to join her. the culmination today should be in davenport, iowa. also bernie sanders in. they're traveling both. >> if you will go to the caucus for me on monday, i promise you, if you stand up for me monday night, i will stand up and fight for you as hard as i can for the next four years. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
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