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tv   Citizen Trump With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 31, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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ow, today at iand quit a lot,t but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. this sunday, the iowa caucuses. the candidates have had their this sunday, the iowa caucuses, the candidates have had their say, now it's time for iowa voters to have theirs. can donald trump win here and just simply start to roll? >> i don't even think i have to campaign anymore. why am i even wasting my time? >> it ted cruz beat trump and turn this into a two-man race. >> this is your time. >> what about marco rubio?
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does he finish second? and become the chief challenger to trump? >> you see deceitful things going on in the last minute. >> ted cruz, marco rubio and rand paul are here with me live. what will the latest female story do to hillary clinton's chances? >> i never sent or received any e-mail marked classified. >> can bernie sanders pull the upset and end the idea that her nomination is inevitable? >> they'll throw everything they have at us. >> sanders joins us this morning. >> i'm chuck todd in des moines, iowa, joining me for inside analysis are tom brokaw, nbc news. jennifer jacobs of the des moines register. joy ann reed, and david brody, the christian broadcasting network. the candidates are all here. we're going to do our own caucus. welcome to sunday, and a special edition of "meet the press." >> announcer: from des moines iowa, this is a special edition
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of "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> good sunday morning. they're here. the iowa caucuses that happen tomorrow night, we're here in des moines at the west end architectural salvage. a coffee shop that also sells custom and vintage furniture. of course, the candidates are here, all here, all over iowa, selling themselves. the 13 candidates campaigning in iowa are holding 38 events making their last-minute pitches, hoping iowa becomes their first step on the road to the nomination. stay with us for the next hour on our version of christmas eve of american politics. we start with the latest des moines register bloomberg poll. on the republican side, trump has a five-point lead over ted cruz. marco rubio in third at 15. ben carson still in double digits. hillary clinton continuing to hold a narrow three-point lead over bernie sanders, 45-42. we've got a lot to get to this morning. the latest developments in the
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hillary clinton e-mail story. bernie sanders will join us later. marco rubio and rand paul also standing by. but we begin with ted cruz of texas. by his own admission needs a win here to keep the trump campaign from being unstoppable. thank you for being here. >> good to be with you. >> your campaign doesn't believe "the des moines register" poll. if you add up the other candidates that are gk after evangelical voters, ben carson, mike huckabee, rick santorum, they're 14%. if you add it to the 23, you would be the runaway winner here. is ben carson going to cost you iowa? >> at the end of the day, this race was always going to come down to do conservatives unite. ten months ago we visited right at the outset. if you would have told me ten months ago that the day before the iowa caucuses we would be in a statistical tie for first place, i would be thrilled and
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astoni astonished. do conservatives come together. in past cycles, what washington has always wanted is to splinter and divide conservatives. >> you're worried about that a little bit? >> the only way i know how to run, the old joke, there are two ways to run, scared and a posed. all i know is how to run scared. tomorrow, we're going to complete the full grasp. we'll have been to all 99 counties in iowa. campaigning, asking for the votes of the men and women of iowa and focusing on the grass roots and ground game. >> you do believe if trump wins here, he's unstoppable? you said it. our friend mr. brody caught you on tape there. >> what i said is that he could be. that iowa, his winning here would give him momentum, no doubt about it. he's in a strong position in new hampshire. the people of iowa, if they want a strong principled conservative, the people of iowa can impact that powerfully 36 hours from now.
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monday night at 7:00 p.m. i think the stakes are too high to get this wrong. the strong common sentiment with people is they say politicians say one thing and do another. we can't get burned again. and that frustration, the reason that i see conservatives uniting behind our campaign is they're looking for a consistent conservative. someone they can trust to be a fiscal conservative, a social conservative, and national security conservative. >> at the beginning of this month, you led in the polls. donald trump went after you, sometimes viciously, okay? on various things. it seemed to work. the reason trump's ahead is his attack on you. are you tough enough to take a punch? >> listen, anyone who has tens of millions of attack ads run against them, it's going to have an impact. >> will you be able to survive a race with hillary clinton? it will be tough. two weeks -- >> listen, the fact that they're all shooting at me. six weeks ago everyone is shooting at trump.
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now all the republican candidates are shooting at me. i'll note, donald, you're right, six weeks ago, donald thought i was terrific, i was his friend, he was singing my praises. then his poll numbers started dropping, our numbers started surging, and suddenly he started blasting me, on personal insults and attacks. chuck, my approach consistently, both before and after he started doing that, is not to respond in kind. i think the people of iowa deserve better than insults. mine is policy and substance and records and who will be a consistent proven conservative. >> why did you suddenly stop going after trump on paid ads and attacking marco rubio? how concerned are you about rubio catching you here in iowa? >> both trump and marco are attacking me, attacking me with all their might. we're drawing contrast. the contrasts are clear. the contrasts are substantive and policy based. a vote for marco rubio is a vote for amnesty. and a vote for donald trump is a vote for obamacare.
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if you look at their positions, marco rubio as a presidential candidate is advocating am necessary si for 12 million people here illegally. donald trump right now as a candidate is advocating full-on to make obamacare socialized medicine. donald trump, hillary clinton and bernie sanders want to put the government in charge of you and your doctors. my views are polar opposites of both of those. if i'm elected there will be no amnesty, and secure the borders and appeal every word of the obamacare. >> talk about two issues that seem to be potentially tripping you up here in iowa. one is ethanol. you have come out against the subsidies. you called it a gravy train. a lot of iowans don't like it. isn't it understandable why iowans like these subsidies?
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generated $2.5 billion in income for these households. this is an important part of their economy. >> absolutely. and listen, my view on energy, we should pursue all of the above. we should be pursuing -- >> you'll be hurting with their economy. >> you know what, the people who are attacking me on this are lobbyists and democrats. the reason they're -- >> he's a democrat? >> his son lobbies on ethanol. his family makes a ton of money. the lobbyists very much want to keep iowa focused on the ethanol mandate because it keeps iowa dependent on washington. every year they've got to go back to washington and maintain the lobbyists, the politicians get paid. no subsidies for oil and gas, no subsidies for anybody. the other piece that is important and resonating is i will also tear down the epa's ethanol blend wall. which means make it legal to sell mid-level blends of
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ethanol, and that in turn can expand ethanol share of the marketplace by 60%. but not based on mandates or subsidies, based on the free market. >> you spent a lot of time in iowa. you're talking about mid-level fuel cells, all these combinations. at the end of the day, how does this not hurt the iowa economy? that's what the governor is saying. >> the point i made, this actually would expand the iowa economy. right now ethanol -- >> all right. richard louie at new york city. msnbc headquarters. 30 rockefeller center. we're watching just less than 24 hours before we see the caucuses in iowa. we take you to a live event here. hillary clinton in sioux city, iowa, not too long ago, now moving on to des moines, iowa. you will see her shortly come to the front there. she is speaking right now. let's go straight to hillary clinton. >> the stories you've told me, your hopes, your worries.
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i am a better candidate. and thanks to you, i will be a better president. and i want you to know that! i am so thrilled to have my daughter and my husband here with me tonight. and of course, i'm really over the moon that my granddaughter's back at the hotel. so that makes it extra special. it also reminds me in a very real way what this election truly is about. because it is, as every election must be, about the future. it's about whether we will continue to move forward, united in our country, on behalf of the kind of opportunities that should be available for every child. not just our grandchild, every single child in our country! i am proud to have the support
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of so many iowans. also, as bill was saying, friends, former colleagues who have come here this last weekend, because they know what's at stake in this election. and that's what i want to spend a few minutes going over with you, because i know that many of you here are already committed to caucus for me, and i thank you you from the bottom of my heart! but i also know that in the last days, as i've crisscrossed the state, i've had people come to hear me who still haven't made up their minds. i've had them listen, and then tell me that they would support. i've had them ask another question, and then tell me they would support me. and i want to keep making this case until the caucuses are over. because i feel so strongly, we can't afford to make a mistake.
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i want you to think for a minute about what the republican candidates are talki ining abous they make their final appeal. they want to rip away the progress that we've made. they want to rip back rights that have been extended. they want to go back to trickle-down economics that wrecked our economy, and they would do it again. so between now and tomorrow night, as you talk to friends, colleagues, family members, i hope you'll make a couple of points. number one, the economy really is at the core of what we have to achieve together. and i know, as convenient as it may be for our republican friends to hear it, that the american economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. this is one of those
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inconvenient facts, because all you have to do is look back at the last two democratic presidents we had. i know both of them. and i know they both inherited economic problems from their republican predecessors. in my husband's case, it was a recession. the quadrupling of the national debt. an increasing deficit. when he got to washington, somebody said to him, well, what do you uniquely bring to washington? and he stopped and he said, well, i guess arithmetic. we're going to make it add up for the american people again, and at the end of eight years, it did. we had 23 million new jobs, but more importantly, incomes went up for everybody. not just those at the top. middle class families, working families, more people were lifted out of poverty than at any time in recent american history.
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this is not in the far past. we can do this again, my friends! but what happened? well, back came the republicans. back came trickle-down economics. back came cutting taxes on the wealthy, getting out of the way of corporations. the single best photo of what happened on wall street later is the picture taken of the man president bush put in charge of wall street, the fcc commissioner. he's standing there grinning with a chain saw in his hands, and a big stack of regulations. well, they did a heck of a job. they turned away from what was happening in the financial markets, and the mortgage markets, and we know what happened to us. after the 2008 elections, president obama called, asked me to come to chicago.
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i didn't know why. turned out he wanted to ask me to be secretary of state. but before we got to that, he just looked at me and said, it is so much worse than they told us. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. 9 million americans lost their jobs. 5 million lost their homes. and $13 trillion in family wealth was wiped out. i don't think president obama gets the credit he deserves for making sure we didn't fall into a great depression! but let's face it, another one of those inconvenient facts, america's four times more likely to have a recession when you have a republican in the white house. so we had to dig ourselves out of that hole. we're standing, but we're not yet running. and what i think the next president must do is to work to help create more good paying jobs and rising incomes again.
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so america can feel like we can get ahead and stay ahead. and i have very specific ideas about how to do that. you know, sometimes people who comment on the campaign, they say, well, you know, hillary clinton shows up with her plans. she tells you what she wants to do. well, this is a job interview. i'm supposed to tell you why i want to do. and then i expect you to hold me accountable for actually getting it done and producing results! so here are some of the ideas i have. we're going to have more investment infrastructure spending, our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, our airports, our rail systems. we can put millions of people to work, and we can grow our economy by making it more competitive. i also believe, and i know this
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is not agreed to everywhere, but i believe we can bring back advanced manufacturing to america. if we take the tax breaks and instead of -- instead of sending jobs overseas and use them to get jobs back and get production started here. you know how i know this? i have seen the future right here in iowa. i have been to your community colleges. i was up at black hawk community college where i saw the biggest 3d printer in north america. where young people and returning workers are getting trained to be able to do the kind of jobs that we can attract and keep here. at des moines area community college, i visited with former governor tom bilsack and we went into the computer labs that they're teaching machining, and tool and die making.
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they have so many job requests, they can't fill them. this is possible, my friends. we just have to have the will to make sure that we continue to build and make things in america and put people to work doing it! and one of the best ways we're going to create jobs is by combating climate change and creating clean renewable jobs! now, you know, you've heard them, you know what the republicans say when they're asked about climate change. you know, they're all asked, what do you think? they all say, i don't know. i'm not a scientist. i've been traveling across the state and i've been suggesting, maybe they go talk to a scientist. you've got a lot of really good ones here in the colleges, universities. you can probably come to lincoln
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high school and talko a science teacher, and get help and understanding of climate change. but here's what i've concluded after watching this charade among the republicans. they're not all that ill-informed. they just won't cross the koch brothers. the koch brothers have said, can't talk about climate change, so they don't talk about climate change. now, that's bad enough. especially when we finally have an international agreement that the united states and president obama helped to forge, so we can begin to work together around the world. but what's really so sad about this is, they're turning their backs on all these jobs. all these opportunities for new businesses, new technology that we can generate together. i happen to think we should set some big goals. i want us to deploy a half a billion more solar panels by the end of my first term, and enough clean energy to power every home by the end of my second term!
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that will put us in a leadership position! because here's what i know. i know some country's going to be the clean energy superpower. i think it's going to be china, or us. there's no reason it can't be us. and when i tell people this, and i look out into crowds like all of you, i see some skepticism on some people's faces. here's what i tell them. i know we can do this, because look at what iowa's doing. you already are getting one-third of your
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i was with gabby gird and her wonderful husband, who was an astronaut on the space shuttle. we just have to get our act together and begin behaving like
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americans. where we can solve problems, we can set the goals and we can achieve them. now, in addition to that work, i think we have to do more to help small business. i want to be a small business president, because that's where most of the new jobs come from. my dad was a small businessman. so i'm going to work relent leslie to clear away all the brush so the people can get the help they need to get a business started and grow it. but the two fastest ways to raise income are raise the minimum wage. nobody working full-time should end up below poverty at the end of the year. that is wrong. and the other fast way is to finally guarantee equal pay for women's work, which is long overdue!
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you know, the republicans deny it's a problem. i was just endorsed by lily ledbetter. she was a factory worker in alabama, worked in the same factory, worked her way up, became a supervisor, was the only woman supervisor, learned by accident, she had never been paid the same as the male supervisors. now she sued, but it was too late. but the story is what's important. this is not only unfair to women. this is unfair to families, and it's unfair to our economy. if you work at a job, you do the job, you should get paid equally. now, for me, all of this is important. but the main point i want to make is everything i've just said to you, the republicans don't agree with. they don't believe in more infrastructure. they don't believe we can do anything in manufacturing. they don't want to go after clean renewable energy the way we must. they sure don't want to raise
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the minimum wage and they're not going to do anything about equal pay. they keep telling you that they're going to go back to what failed us before. the only way they can be successful is if the american people develop a case of collective amnesia. and we don't remind each other, we've been down this road, it did not turn out well. but i do want to make investments in clean energy, in affordable college, in early childhood education, in moving toward paid family leave. i want to make investments, so i want to go where the money is. i'm the only candidate on either side who has said, i will raise your incomes. i will not raise middle class taxes. absolutely off the table. because i'going to follow the money. and the money is all at the top. and we've got to get the tax
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code to operate fairly. people need to pay their fair share. you know, i was endorsed by warren buffet the other day in omaha. and i was proud to have his endorsement, because he agrees with me. and he said that. he said he agreed with my priorities, he agreed that we could get the economy producing more jobs, providing broad-based prosperity. and he had a very specific idea which i've adopted that's called the buffet rule. anybody making $1 million a year should pay a 30% effective tax rate. because as warren buffet points out, that's not what happens today. people who make that kind of money, they often have all the advantages to try to fa nag will the taxes where they make more than firefighters or a lot of other hard working people. i want to go further. i've said that i want to impose
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a 4% fair share surcharge on incomes $5 million and more. and here's why. because at that level of income, a lot of these people take advantage of every gimmick they can possibly use. they root money through bermuda, through the bahamas, all to avoid paying taxes. at some point they have to pay for supporting the country that has made their wealth and success possible. and now is the time for that! now, there are a lot of examples, a lot of examples about what's wrong. but i just want to give you one. this kind of sums it up for me. there is a very successful american company called johnson controls, headquartered in wisconsin. among the things it makes are auto parts. back in '08, you'll recall, the auto industry was on the brink much collapse. the republicans said, let it fail. who cares about the jobs. let it go.
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president obama, a democrat, said that's millions of jobs. you go up and down the supply chain, you go to the auto dealers, that will have devastating effects on families and communities. so the auto industry, their suppliers and others asked for bailouts and they got it. it turned out to be a good deal for us, because we taxpayers bailed them out, but they actually paid us back ahead of time. so the treasury didn't lose any money. but here's my point. among the companies asking for the bailouts was johnson controls. so they participated. they benefited. this past week, they announced that they were pretending to move their headquarters to europe, pretending to buy a company in europe, all to avoid paying taxes to the united states government. all to avoid paying taxes to the government and the people who had kept their business going. now, under the tax law, this little maneuver is called an inversion.
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i call it a perversion. and we're going to go right at it and remove these kind of gimmicks out of the tax code. and i think we can have a very big political base of support for that. we also have to keep our eye on wall street. we can't ever let it wreck main street again. i agree with my esteemed opponents, the senator and the governor. we've got to take tough action. and i've said, look, no bank is too big to fail. no executive too powerful to jail. if a bank poses a systemic risk to our economy, they should be broken up. but here's what i want you to know. we already have that authority in the law. the law named dodd/frank. i'm so proud to have barney frank's support in this campaign. because that law -- that law
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which bears his name, and that of chris dodd, gives the government the authority to break up those banks if they pose that kind of threat. >> we're having technical difficulties right now. we're in des moines, iowa, that is hillary clinton live at -- we have another source now. we'll go straight to that and continue to listen. >> we don't need to be fighting the last war, we need to be able to take on the culprits and the others who abuse our economy and hurt us in the future. the shadow banking sector! that's what i have proposed! and i am very proud, i'm very proud to have the support of people like barney frank, paul krugman, the nobel-prizing person who said i have the most comprehensive plan to make sure it never happens to us. but i'll give you the best evidence. i'll tell you who really
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understands what i'm saying, and what i will do, and that is the financial industry itself. that's why they are running ads against me right here in iowa, and in new hampshire. started with two hedge fund billionaires who formed their own superpac. they're trying to convince democrats not to support me. along came karl rove, and he weighed in. then came another billionaire, $6 billion. i find it perversely flattering. because they know i say what i mean. i will do what i say. and i know how to stop them. and i will do whatever it takes to make sure their agenda does not go forward in the future if i have anything to say about it! i am very proud of the campaign we've run on the democratic side. because it's been about issues. we may have differences, and we do.
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but issues is a lot better way to inform the electorate than insults, which is what you're hearing from the republicans. but one of our differences between senator sanders and myself was health care. before it was called obamacare, it was called hillary care. i worked very hard to get us the universal coverage, a goal that both senator sanders and i share. and i was thrilled when president obama succeeded in passing the affordable care act. and it finally became the law. because i know how hard the democratic party fought for that. talk harkin knows. he was one of the leaders. i'm proud to have tom and ruth here for me. he knows how hard it was. we've been trying since truman. we finally got it done. and there's a difference between me and the republicans
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certainly, and me and senator sanders. the republicans want to repeal it. they never tell you what they'll put in the place of it, because it's real clear, they'll just turn it back to the insurance companies. you couldn't get insurance because of preexisting condition. you'll be out of luck again. if you're a woman, you'll pay more than men, again. if you're a young person, you won't be guaranteed to be on your parents' policy until the age of 26. you won't have a removal of lifetime caps. all of these good elements that have helped everybody. not just people who get their insurance through the exchange, they've helped everybody. they voted 62 times to repeal it. they finally send it to the president. the republican walks into that white house, in january of 2017, the affordable care act will be gone, as fast as they can get the bill there. i have a different approach. i want to build on it. and i sure will protect it. i know the good that it's doing.
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but we have to improve it. we have to get out-of-pocket costs down, co-pays, deductibles. we've got to go after skyrocketing prescription drug costs. we are at 90% coverage, and i know we can get from 90% to 100%. senator sanders wants to start over. to plunge us into a contentious national debate. nancy pelosi said this week, we are not going back there. this has been too hard-fought. this is too important to risk. and besides, it's a lot harder getting from 0% to 100% than 90% to 100%. stick with the affordable care act, stick with making it better. and particularly help me rein in those prescription drug costs. because that's what's really increasing the prices for health care right now. and i've met people across this state who have terrible stories to tell about drugs they've
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taken for years, all of a sudden being increased dramatically. a woman i met in clinton showed me that she's been taking the same drug since 1988. $20 a shot. that's the way it stayed for years. and then all of a sudden she goes to the pharmacist last december, and she's told it's going to cost more than $14,000 a year. i said, show me your paperwork here, which she was holding. i looked at it and said, oh, okay, i understand. here's what happened. this drug company that made the drug she needs, just a small company making not very many drugs. this was one of them. along came a company that was basically a hedge fund speculative company, bought up that company, and then increased the price as high as they could. where i come from, that's predatory pricing, and i'm going to use every single tool at my
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disposal to end this kind of horrible preying on sick people, and people who need help. we're also going to make sure that medicare has the authority to negotiate for lower prices. it's outrageous that the drug companies get to charge whatever they want. they go to canada, europe, australia, they've got to negotiate, we're going to make sure they have to negotiate here. we've got to get drug prices under control. and we've got to make sure that we continue to support research. but we're not going to pay the amount of money for all drugs that are being charged when there's nothing new going into it. this is the kind of problem that you've got to deal with at the presidenal level. it's the only way to try to get a solution. and it's something that i feel passionate about. i also am absolutely committed to improving education. i want to thank all the teachers, the retired teachers who are here with us tonight.
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i think it's time we support teachers. give them the tools that they need to do the job that they signed up to do. and it would sure help them if we could have some early childhood education, wouldn't it? universal pre-k, so kids are better prepared to go to school. and let's make college affordable again. and i've got a plan for get-free tuition. if you go to my website, you can read about it. i think it's a better way to actually get the costs down and make sure everybody who needs help gets it. go to college and graduate. we've got to deal with the debt that already exists. how many of you have or have had student debt? well, that's a pretty big number. so did i. that's why my hand's up. i had student debt that i could pay back. i didn't have some of the situations you all are facing.
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i was in coumet a young woman w spent $14,000 to get her bachelor's degree. now she owes $25,000 because she has an 11% interest rate. that is outrageous. we haven't even had interest rates to speak of. and so many of our students are paying them. at rates that are way too high. i want you to be able to refinance, takehousands of dollars, go into an income repayment program so you don't have an interest rate hanging over you. you pay it back, with a percentage of your income, so you can take the jobs you want. you can move out of your parents' basements. you can get married. you can have a future. there is so much to do in our country, and i'm so excited about it. and one thing -- >> hillary! hillary! hilla hillary! >> thank you. i've got to tell you.
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one thing i just want to refresh for you, because this is important. i want you to know that the republicans will go after every single right that's important to a lot of the people in this room. they'll go after a woman's right to make her health care decisions. i will defend it, and i will defend planned parenthood. i will defend equality and end discrimination against the lgbt community! i will protect voting rights! against the assaults they are under across america! and i will do everything i can to reverse citizens united, including a constitutional amendment if that's what it takes! i will continue to fight for
7:39 pm
comprehensive immigration reform with a pass to citizenship! and for criminal justice reform so every single american is truly equal under the law! i will fight against the private social security, another bad idea they keep resurrecting on the republican side. i will fix the problems with the va, but i not let the republicans take away the rights that the veterans have earned. and i will continue to fight for common-sense gun safety measures against the gun lobbies! i wish all of you could have been there in ames with us yesterday, when gabby and mark endorsed me, and we heard a story of courage and
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determination from that amazing woman, admirable words, doing her job in a supermarket parking lot, talking to her constituents, and having somebody come up and shoot her in the head. shoot others, killing others, including a 9-year-old girl who was brought there to meet her hero, the congresswoman. and mark kelly, who has served our country with distinction in the military, served up in sp e space, he said i was never political, i just loved my country, i served my country. we've got to do something about this. we have an average of 90 people a day dying from gun violence. 33,000 people a year. everything i propose, everything the president has proposed, which i fully endorse, all of it is common sense. all of it is supported by 92% of americans, and 85% of gun
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owners. let's take on the gun lobbyists! let's vote for common sense and the constitution! and finally, you know, when you go to caucus tomorrow night, you're not only selecting a president, you are selecting a commander in chief. and i feel very fortunate to have had the experience of serving as your secretary of state for four years. i know the hard choices that face a president. if they're not hard, they don't end up on the president's desk. they don't end up in the situation room where i've spent many, many hours trying to figure out what was the best and smartest path forward. i know that we're going to have a really robust, bold, ambitious agenda for what we need to do here at home. but we also need to protect ourselves here and around the world. we need to take care of our men and women in uniform and their families, which i pledge to you
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i will do. and yes, we do need to defeat the terrorist threat from isis. i just came from sioux city and i was interviewed by a young journalist there. and she said they had run mock caucuses in the elementary schools in sioux city. i was pleased to hear that i had won. that made me happy. but here's what i want to tell you. they asked the 5th graders what are they worried about, in western iowa, they said they were worried about isis coming, they were worried about terrorism. what would i say? i would understand why they're worried but i want them to know that as president i will do everything i can to protect them, and keep them and every other american safe. that's why i've laid out a plan, i've laid out a plan about how i would defeat isis. take away their territory overseas. have an air-led coalition by the
7:43 pm
americans to go after their assets and their leadership on the ground. help support the arabs and kurds who have to do the fighting. i will not send american combat troops either to syria or iraq. that is off the table. but we also have to stop their foreign fighters and take them on online. because they're good. they are radicalizing people, they are directing violence. we've got to take them on. where they live in virtual reality as well as on the ground. but here's what i want to tell you, too. in order to keep us safe, we have to be united as a country. you know, you saw in the video after 9/11, i was deeply involved in making sure we weren't attacked again, in helping people who had been affected, the families, the survivors, the first responders, others who were getting sick because of the work they were doing.
7:44 pm
we did a lot of important work there to make sure we were protected. but here's one of the best things we did. there was a public information campaign, pretty simple, it said, you hear something suspicious, you see something suspicious, report it. call the police. call the fbi. call 911. report it. and we got information. law enforcement did. to be able to stop and foil attacks. we need everybody in this country feeling like they're part of protecting us. and when i hear these republican candidates say what they say about american muslims, it's not only shameful and offensive, it's dangerous. it's dangerous, because it sends a message to people right here in our country that maybe they're on the outside. they're not part of our common defense, when in fact, they're on the front lines. they're more likely to know or hear something that they can report. for the rest of us, it's also
7:45 pm
dangerous, because we have to put together a coalition of muslim nations to defeat isis. i put together the coalition that imposed the sanctions on iran, that drove them to the negotiating table, in order for us to get an agreement that put a lid on their nuclear weapons program. and i can tell you this, from direct experience, you don't go around forming coalitions with nations whose religion is insulted by people who are running for the united states republican party! so i want you to think about this. i want you to think of the hours i've spent in the situation room, advising the president about whether or not to go after bin laden. it was a tough, hard choice. i was on the se that said, yes. we could do it. but ultimately it was the president who got up from that chair, said, i'll give you my decision tomorrow morning. had to go and just really think
7:46 pm
hard about what he was going to order. he made the right decision. but you need somebody who understands how to get to that right decision. you need somebody who knows that there are a lot of hard choices out there, and who knows the people who can advise and help make those hard choices. that's my request to you. think about this, because it's a solemn responsibility. so as you go to caucus tomorrow night, i want to thank you again, and i want to tell you this, i don't think america can wait. i don't think we can wait for ideas to sound good on paper that can't get through the gridlock. i don't think we can wait to get prescription drug costs for the families i'm leading down. i don't think we can wait too many more years for young people to be burdened by debt and have
7:47 pm
their futures constricted. i don't think we can wait for incomes to rise and new jobs to be created. i don't think we can wait for the united states to lead the world and for the president to keep us safe here at home. if you agree with me, that we need to build up the progress we have made, we need to prevent it from being ripped away and undermined by the other party w whose values are opposed to what i believe. i hope you will go caucus for me tomorrow night. i hope you will go -- i hope you will stand up for me. i hope you will fight for me! and i promise you this, i will stand up and fight for you every single day of this campaign! and then when we win, i will fight for you in the white house! thank you and god bless you!
7:48 pm
>> and so finishes what is the last scheduled event on this last day before iowa voters go to caucus tomorrow. she, hillary clinton, hoping to gather the support to gain 44 delegates on the democratic side. 8 super delegates, also involved for the democrats tomorrow. she finishing what has been a series of months of messaging, and the message that she came out with today, very consistent with the speeches that she gave earlier today, as i may have mentioned, four at least events there in iowa, des moines was her final event there. she was also in sioux city earlier today. and it has been a family affair, as has been said. bill clinton, the former president was introduced her earlier before she came to the stage there. and spoke for about 40 minutes. and the messages that she had brought up in this latest get out the caucus event as they are calling it from the hillary clinton campaign, touching on
7:49 pm
jobs, climate change, as well as those themes that are echoing over to the republican side. and then finishing with bernie sanders, and then her record as secretary of state. let's now go to nbc's kristen welker, white house correspondent with the clinton campaign today. the tenor, if that is any indication here, kristen, certainly energetic and hoping for all of her voters to get out tomorrow to caucus there in iowa. kristen, can you hear me? nbc's kristen welker with us on the phone. kristen, can you hear me? sounds like we're having some technical difficulty with crist p right now. kristen welker has been with hillary clinton and the clinton campaign. there were four events. bill clinton also speaking at an event earlier today. this part of an event that begins tomorrow at about 22
7:50 pm
hours, at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, 7:00 p.m. local time. kristen welker i believe is with us now on the phone and can hear us. kristen, you were there at this event. how was this get out the caucus today? how is it different from the other events today? >> reporter: good evening, richard. hillary clinton wrapping up her final campaign event before tomorrow's big caucuses. again, she was joined by former president bill clinton, her daughter chelsea clinton. we know that charlotte is here in iowa. this is a family affair, as they head into the final hours. richar richard -- [ inaudible ] -- the largest iowa crowd she has had yet. she talked about a range of her proposals, from wall street, to health care, the economy,
7:51 pm
education. but the crowd really responded, erupted into cheers and applause. she talked about supporting planned parenthood, marriage equality and voting rights. talking about donald trump -- [ inaudible ] -- i've been talking to her campaign officials all day. they say it's all going to come down to the ground game. >> kristen welker there with the hillary clinton campaign. final event there in des moines, iowa, hitting about 10:00 p.m. 22 hours until they begin caucusing in iowa. stay with us here on msnbc, as we follow the caucusing starting tomorrow. special programming all day. for now, back to "meet the press" after a short break right here on msnbc, the place for politics. i think it landed last tuesday.
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one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson.
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[dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ end game time. joining our panel, rand paul of kentucky. also running for the republican nomination. senator, thanks for having us. well, what happened? i feel line your libertarian support was strong when you started. >> i still think it is. we have 1,000 precinct chairs out of 1,600. i think that's more than any other candidate has announced. the young people in our des moines office, there are 100 or more making phone calls. i think we've called so much we
7:55 pm
know them by name by now. we think we're a lot stronger than the polls represent. our strength we think is with the younger voter. i've yet to meet a college kid or a kid out of college that's done a presidential poll. >> do you think sanders are fighting the same -- >> in some ways. we think the biggest bank in the country, the federal reserve, really is a culprit for a lot of our woes for economic disparity. >> what's been disappointing to me on the republican side is there's almost no discussion about how we're going to deal with the war in the middle east. a lot of talk about the veterans. that's after they've served. they've come home badly wounded in many cases, psychologically and physically. but there's been no discussion in a sophisticated about how we'll deal with what the consequences are, and no call for sacrifice for the people at home. we have less than 1% of our population in uniform and in harm's way. >> i think the most important
7:56 pm
thing, if you want to try to get to a point where we do defeat isis, you have to have a cease-fire in syria. for those who are saying let's bomb both sides, just call them john mccain, wants to bomb both sides of that war, so does rubio, they want to bomb assad and isis at the same time, i think that's a real solution and not lead to a solution. like hillary clinton and rubio and others who want to shoot down russian jets. christie is bragging about shooting down russian jets. >> i think you could say the party is represented by the rubio candidacy, chris christie, does it surprise you they have so much residence in a party that is war exhausted? >> what's interesting, des moines did a -- the register did a poll about a year ago. they said do you support more foreign war like john mccain or less intervention like rand paul? it was pretty evenly split. we think there are voters out
7:57 pm
there who are war weary. i think toppling hussein made iran stronger. i think toppling gadhafi made syria stronger. it's not made us safer. it's actually made it more dangerous for us. >> your father got third place in iowa, 20%. do you think you can get anywhere close to that? >> if you ask in one of the last polls who did you vote for in 2012, i think you got 9% or 10% for my dad and 22%. you're finding half of his voters. i don't think it's on purpose, but i don't think your poll's finding them. the poll is not finding young people or independent voters who come and go in the republican primary. i think we're going to surprise a lot of people on monday. >> i'm curious about the libertarian aspect of all this. when i go to trump rallies, i see a lot of libertarians there. i wonder about the cross-over appeal and if that's hurt you at
7:58 pm
all? >> i think libertarians don't want to carpet bomb the middle east. we understand that if you have indiscriminate bombing over there, you may create more terrorists than you actually kill. i think our voters are consolidating. i think auditing the fed, rubio not showing up for that vote is going to hurt him. ted sort of wanting to have it both ways. particularly in the nsa. you saw his response in the debate to rubio. rubio said you're voting to weaken the nsa. he said, no, i want the nsa to collect 100% of your phone records. we don't want the government in the business of collecting our phone records. >> what have you got to do monday night that says i'm going to new hampshire? >> i think we have to be above expectations, and we have to do very, very well. i said that from the very beginning. we've been sort of pushed out of the news cycle, if you haven't
7:59 pm
noticed. >> it happens. >> a lot of candidates out there. we have to exceed expectations, and we have to do very well in iowa. but we're already moving up. we're fifth in "the des moines register" poll consistently. we think we might get twice as much as what's in there, or three times as much. we think we can do much better than expected, and even have a chance of winning. >> what happens to the people who don't survive if you're in iowa? where does their vote go when you get to new hampshire in your judgment? >> i'm not sure exactly what happens. there will be four or five people that are not going to do very well here. i don't think christie, kasich, fiorina, i don't think they'll do very well in iowa. i think they'll move on because they think they'll do better in new hampshire. but i think after iowa and new hampshire, there's areshuffling of the deck. >> reagan was popular with a lot of campaign slogans. this is the most popular ones coming out of iowa. i support the crazy guy. whoever it is.
8:00 pm
>> all right. thank you all. senator paul, thank you. we'll be back next week from new hampshire. but we've got coverage all day long, today, tomorrow, don't miss it. because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." good evening. happy iowa eve. you're looking at a beautiful shot of the iowa state capital the. i'm rachel maddow. alongside brn


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