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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it. i guess your attorney general is investigating it and it just came out. but i said that is really terrible. it's a fraud as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: now, the cruz campaign released a statement saying these mailers are common practice to increase voter turnout. our mailer was modeled after the very successful 2014 mailers that the republican party of iowa distributed to motivate republican voters to vote and which helped elect numerous republican candidates during that cycle.
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some voters who received them have posted them online and said that they are quite offended because it looked so official, it came in an envelope, even though it was marked it was from the reelection campaign, finally the secretary of state here in iowa issued a statement saying that this was a piece of literature from the cruz presidential campaign and that it mist represents the role of my office and worse mist represents iowa election law and he said that because it suggested if you read it sort of briefly and you are not a regular political participant and looking at this that somehow you might be in trouble if you didn't go to a caucus. of course, it is a right, it is a privilege, but it is not an obligation to participate in the caucuses. todd. >> of course. kerry sanders, you've got to give the trump campaign credit for making what is a routine political mailer something -- trying to make it a story on this last day. we'll see if it has that much of an impact. kerry, thanks very much. as i said, with me now our initial panel here, jose
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diaz-balart, andrea mitchell and i've got the rest of our campaign team here, kristen welker and hallie jackson. andrea, let me start with you. let's big picture here, it's been probably 30 years since we have had a caucus monday like this where we go into it and there are so many scenarios that will totally blow up this race and alter how things are perceived in less than 12 hours. we think we know who might win, but we are not sure. >> we are not sure. anyone who says that they are sure of who is actually going to turn out -- when you're talking about the quinnipiac poll, that's because they have a different model of how many people are going to show up and that is the key factor. we don't know who is going to show up, how many will show up and there can be switches. when you have half the republican voters saying that they haven't made up their minds people famously make up their minds in the last 24 hours anyhow. on the democratic side we've talked to -- i've talked to students who have shown up at
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hillary clinton rallies, they are not sure whether they are going to be for her or bernie sanders. you have passion and enthusiasm on the trump and sanders side, the outsider candidates, but we don't really know which organization is going to work, is it hillary clinton's organization modeled after the way barack obama defeated her, you know, eight years ago going to happen? i was with the clinton team, you know, covering their head quarters, they were shocked when they came in third and that's the thing about iowa, there can be shockers. >> you don't know. >> you don't know. >> what have you been shocked at coming outs here? i've been covering the caucus here since 1988 and there were similarities but it's a different iowa and it's a different time. i think that tonight we're expecting this storm that could play an impact on whether people come out. >> the cruz campaign wants the storm sooner. >> please. >> trump is going, please, come later. >> come tuesday. >> the enthusiasm i'm seeing that yesterday i spent time with, for example, they were a group of daka kids that came
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from other states to canvas for bernie sanders in iowa. you know, it's the enthuse yachl that i see for people like sanders, for people like trump is really different. i don't think we can throw that in the mix and think that the polls are going to be so accurate. >> my point is i think the polls have all been accurate and i give them credit meaning everybody has a different -- it's who shows up. i think we know the type of trump voter, the type of cruz voter, the type of sanders, type of clinton. what's the mix. >> what do you see when you see this new poll today? >> they are assuming a much larger turnout and we haven't seen that evidence. hallie, i want to go to you're covering the cruz campaign. their confidence is shocking in the face of it's been six polls, public polls, straight that have had trump ahead of cruz, i think, and yet they believe they've got this thing. >> let me share why, something that might illuminate why they feel that way, we say it again and again it's all about turnout.
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the first part of that is nothing where you go to caucus, the cruz campaign's kpernl data i'm told shows their supporters who know where to actually go on caucus night, the percentage far exceeds the supporters of rubio or trump who know where to go on caucus night. they are feeling like their people know where they're going, they know that they are going to turn out and they're feeling very, very good about their chances tonight. >> speaking of confidence, hillary clinton this weekend was the best i've seen her as a candidate, the best close i've seen her have as a candidate and does it match what they think inside? >> chuck, it's so interesting you say that, i was at her event last night, she was there with her husband, her daughter chelsea and she was the most fired up i have seen her since she started this campaign and it was almost like they saved the best for last. they had a huge crowd last night and their largest crowd yet by the way here in iowa.
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interestingly though, chuck, i spoke to the clinton campaign officials who said, look, we're feeling really confident, measured confidence, heading into caucus day, but they say this is how we felt back in 2008 and that's what's making them very nervous. >> of course. >> andrea, i want to talk a bigger picture. if donald trump wins tonight mark murray and i, donald trump winning is the biggest story in the world and i don't think that's hyperbole. >> by the way, breaking news, savannah guthrie showed up. >> i just barged right in. >> pause. that's right. now smart point. go. >> so, you know, internationally this is the biggest story if trump wins and if trump wins according to republican party leaders and former presidential candidates whom i spoke to over the weekend, he is not stopable, period. they don't know how anyone can derail him from getting the
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nomination because he's so far ahead in new hampshire and so then he goes south and there is no one who can come up against him in south carolina, alabama. cruz just cannot -- the tea party cannot compete with what trump and that kind of populism -- the magic that -- that's what they think. now, conversely, if sanders wins here and then of course is so far ahead, 30 points ahead now in new hampshire according to one poll, he then goes out first to nevada where he has some strength and south carolina where he's going to try to get strength, there's going to be so much nervousness in the democratic party and frankly elected democrats are really worried about sanders. >> on trump i would make the point there are candidates in this race, marco rubio is one of them who is betting that there will be an anti-trump candidate to emerges, that's where all the marbles are. >> people thought in october, that's what people taught in november, in december. i'm sorry, i'm still trying to figure out -- >> the data doesn't show that.
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>> i think it's -- the sense i'm getting is it's when trump does start to potentially win in places like iowa and new hampshire and essentially the establishment freaks out. but that's maybe a risky bet. >> it all requires one of the other establishment lane republicans to say, okay, i will get out, let me make room and nobody wants to be that guy. >> everybody has got money. >> a lot of support for hillary clinton in iowa can change the trajectory of this race. >> steve kornacki has a deeper dive into why hillary clinton does not want to lose today. >> you were starting to talk about it a second ago, what happens if hillary clinton loses tonight? we remember eight years ago, iowa was the beginning of the end for her. going to see if we can get this board up and running, if not i will take you through it. if hillary clinton loses tonight as andrea was saying you look ahead to new hampshire eight days from now, she's already behind in new hampshire as well to bernie sanders by big margins. if she loses tonight, sanders would be the overwhelming
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favorite in new hampshire and bernie sanders would have done something that has only been done twice in the modern history of the democratic primary process and that is you get the one-two punch, you win iowa and new hampshire. that was done twice before by al gore over bill bradley, by john kerry in 2004. i will show you the grid i wanted to show you. this is the history of it right here. twice candidates have put together the one-two punch, both went on to win the nomination easily. that is the company that bernie sanders will be in if he wins iowa tonight and turns around and wins new hampshire the next week. i should quickly point out here i mentioned this yesterday, got a lot of feedback on twitter, people say bill clinton didn't win either of the first two contests in 1992. you can basically cancel iowa out in '92, nobody contested it, it was tom harkin the favorite son. when both states have been contested, if you win those first two, history says you go on to win the nomination, that doesn't mean bernie sanders will
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win the nomination, it does mean if hillary clinton does not put a win on the board in these first two states she will be in an unprecedented situation for a potential nominee. no nominee has lost those first two states and won the nomination. >> i'm sure the clinton family is going to wonder will they ever win the state of iowa. steve kornacki, thanks. think about that. they can never win iowa here. >> i was thinking hillary clinton wakes up in iowa, it's like 2008 all over again and not in a good way. you have this kind of up start campaign that came from nowhere and suddenly she's in a real race here. >> by the way, a loss, the morale, the staff angst, you and i both know the bill clinton team back seat driving. i mean, the amount of repercussions that come with a loss, it's not just, okay, let's move on, it's ugly. >> especially when there is not a new hampshire come back story awaiting her as there was for her husband. >> much more ahead on this
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caucus morning. we have decided to do this together. we are at java joes. >> here i am. we will take a look at the final push from the trump and cruz campaigns this morning. katrina pearson from the trump pain and rick tyler from the cruz campaign and they will join us live next. jay knows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts, dad... they don't make 'em in adult sizes? this is what the pros wear. look at the lines... -uhhh... look at the other line... -mm-mhh.. that's why he starts his day with those two scoops in deliciously heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. by taking steps towards a healthy heart, jay knows he'll be ready for the turns ahead. hey, don't forget to put up your kickstand. (bike bell) (sighs) kellogg's raisin bran. and try tart and sweet kellogg's raisin bran with cranberries.
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tonight we find out whether donald trump's supporters can deliver a win in the iowa caucuses. >> or whether ted cruz's exte extensive time on the ground can translate into a victory. joining us now katrina pearson and rick tyler. this is like a dmz, it is a
6:20 am
peaceful zone. >> chuck's idea. >> until 8:00 tonight. >> rick, let's talk. i mean, big expectations for your candidate tonight. everybody seems to be jealous of your get out the vote, get out the caucus machine. >> we have a tremendous get out the vote effort. donald trump still in first place according to the "des moines register" poll but we have to make up the difference there, it's 5 points. i do believe in our get out the vote effort, we have 12,000 people on the ground, on saturday we made 27,000 phone calls from our headquarters, knocked on over 2000 doors every day. ted cruz has been all around the state this week meeting with voters individually. last night we had a great rally in des moines and over 1,000 people came out. i'm encouraged. >> katrina, the biggest mystery a lot of iowa republicans is trump's get out the caucus machine. people are aware there's something happening. >> yes. >> but there are some supporters that are a little nervous. what do you tell hem? >> we've been doing the exact
6:21 am
same thing, tens of thousands of phone calls, knocking on doors. on msnbc this morning there were a couple motion who said all my neighbors heard from donald trump. all of a sudden now people are saying there is a donald trump ground game, they haven't been talking about it and the cruz campaign has an amazing ground game, but at the end of the day the donald trump supporters are definitely going to be out there caucusing for mr. trump. we are really excited and expect to win. >> rick, do you have any regrets about this mailer that the campaign sent over the weekend? it had this label said voter violation, and the secretary of state here did not mins words, did not think this was an above board kind of mailer. >> secretary of state benefited from the exact same mailer that this mailer was modeled on which was an iowa gop mailer in the last -- in the last cycle. >> said voting violation? >> what it does -- marco rubio had one yesterday.
6:22 am
they work. look, we want to encourage -- we have lots of vehicles to persuade people to get out the vote. the driver told me he wasn't going to caucus i said who would you caucus for. i spent the entire ride guilting him into going to the caucus and by the time i was done he said i will did. >> steve king, he is arguably your most important supporter in iowa, he was disappointed by the mailer. he said, do you know what, i don't want to win in a negative way. he didn't like it. >> it went out to a limited group of people who haven't participated in the iowa caucus. the news media is about getting people to participate and this is another way of getting people to participate. >> we should do more to scare? scare people into voting. >> this is a big difference between the donald trump campaign and the rest of the campaigns because we are not doing that. we're not spending tens of thousands of dollars on pr firms to smear people individually, we're not -- we're not -- >> wow.
6:23 am
>> i was just going to say your candidate -- >> let's add up the earned media. >> we're talking about voters. >> i gotcha. >> he's not spending tons of e-mails beg for money five, ten times a day and not shaming voters. this was a big deal to a lot of voters, we heard from many of them, there were disabled voters who can't get out to caucus a lot and that was insulting to them. >> this is the same donald trump who insulted a disabled reporter. look, donald trump says anything and everything, donald trump has a contradictory statement seemingly for everything he has said in this entire campaign. >> i think that's the marco rubio attack on ted cruz. >> no, that's what i observed since the beginning. >> this is exactly the -- exactly the tv show that we wanted. is there a path to the nomination for ted cruz without winning iowa. >> absolutely. >> what does that look like? >> well, it looks like a two-person race between donald trump and ted cruz and i think we would win that, which is why we -- >> if you can't beat him here,
6:24 am
the best republican electorate you could create for ted cruz, if you couldn't win here why should -- why should -- >> first of all, we are going to win here, we are currently in second in new hampshire, no one would have predicted that. once the people who are here in our lane either get out of the race or are effectively out of the race we will have more of the establishment in new hampshire, too, and you will have a two-person race. we've raised $50 million in this campaign, $19 million cash on hand, we've organized all through the south and are ready to go the distance. we do not have a single state strategy, we are built to go the distance. if it's a two-person race we will beat donald trump one-on-one. >> katrina, donald trump has thrown everything he's got at ted cruz these last few weeks and we have seen that dip in the polls but he hasn't been able to hand a decisive blow. cruz is hanging in there and it's going to be a tight race tonight. did trump fail to finish him off? >> no, i don't think so. if that were the case then you
6:25 am
wouldn't see senator cruz going after marco rubio because marco rubio is rising. essentially it is a two-man race but it's for second place. donald trump has been ahead in the polls throughout the broad spectrum of the republican party and even some democrats. we feel confident moving forward. we have a nationally built out strategy and a lot of voters are supporting the message that donald trump has put out there. i think the race tonight is going to be for number two. >> but if cruz wins haven't you made his win worth more? >> not at all. >> he will take the first guy to take a trump punch and if you are vief. >> not at all. mr. trump wasn't expected to do well in this state at all and he has been leading in the polls, ben carson truss passed him, mr. trump came back. i think we will see that win tonight. >> all right. thank you so much. >> pretty good team for the show here. >> didn't even come to blows. >> maybe by south carolina. after the break we will turn to the democratic side. we will talk to the iowa
6:26 am
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i'm a progressive who actually likes to get things done, not just talk about it, but deliver results for people. that's how i judge myself. if i've done something that got 8 million kids health insurance like i did when i was first lady or got national guard members healthcare, that's how i look at what you're supposed to do as a leader and i think i have the record, the experience, the know-how to get it done. >> that was hillary clinton a little earlier this morning on the "today" show making her final pitch to iowa democrats and drawing that distinction between herself and bernie sanders. >> and on "meet the press" bernie sanders swung back
6:30 am
particularly a hard on clinton especially about the issue on healthcare. >> what secretary clinton has implied throughout the campaign or the last month or two that somehow i who have spent my life fighting for universal healthcare, how i'm going to dismantle the healthcare system and leave millions of children without healthcare or elderly people without healthcare. that is absolutely an outrageous and incorrect statement. of course that will never happen. i think our vision is to move forward to guarantee healthcare to every man, woman and child in a cost effective way. >> we are joined by lily adams, she's the iowa communications director for the clinton campaign. >> happy caucus day to you guys. >> happy caucus day. all right. what is this -- is there a way that you guys win tonight even if more people show up to caucus for bernie sanders than hillary clinton? >> i think we will win tonight but i think more people will show up and caucus for hillary clinton tonight than any other candidate on the democratic side. for the last weekend we have
6:31 am
been 186,000 doors knocked on so we feel very good going into tonight. obviously it's going to be a close race, the polls show it close. >> do you think there is a single door on iowa that hasn't been knocked on? >> if you are an iowa you are extremely popular. >> you probably want to hang a do not disturb sign on your door. >> it gets harder and harder to make phone calls, now folks are getting called by pollsters or campaigns. >> all of the energy seems to be on the sanders side. how does hillary clinton make up -- i mean, she will acknowledge herself i have avenue been around for years, people know me, they're used to me. how does she turn that into energy that gets people out to caucus for her? >> last night we had. [ inaudible ] here in des moines four our final rally. you've seen the "des moines register" poll that her supporters are enthusiastic. i think there are conventional wisdom that is not what i see on
6:32 am
the ground. i see [ inaudible ] >> people may not understand the way this caucus process works on the democratic side it is raw votes and there are different strategies to win a caucus, you can decide to have clinton people help martin o'malley make thresholds to deny bernie sanders a delegate. how much will we see things like this throughout the vast? ? >> the have a majority of the 1,681 precincts the best strategy is to get more supporters for hillary clinton. certainly, you know, we have trained our precinct captains and precinct team leaders of which there are 2,400 of them to use the math and use the delegate math in the way that is most add taj ous nor hillary clinton. that -- any responsible campaign would do that but it's about getting our supporters there. >> i'm sure the bernie sanders campaign isn't going to like some of that stuff. >> i'm sure they have done the
6:33 am
same. >> why do the democrats make it to difficult in this state? you have people standing in different parts of the room. i mean, doesn't that make your job harder in terms of getting people out to caucus and there's so many rules they have to learn? >> certainly the caucus is the super bowl of organizing, we knew that going in, that's why we put 28 organizers on the ground in april, it's why we built a strategy. we have thousands of volunteers, we are excited about this campaign who have gone through those trainings and know the rules. >> all right. >> all right. >> john kerry won with 140,000, barack obama won with 240,000, is it going to be somewhere in the middle. closer to the '08 turnout or '04. >> last time we had this scenario where we had a three-person race was in 2000. 2008, 24,000, i think it will be somewhere in the middle there.
6:34 am
>> i think that, you know, i think what our job is tonight it just to turn out as many hillary clinton supporters as possible and i will let you guys decide what the turnout -- is a lower turnout good for you? >> no, i think we will see high turnout and high turnout for hillary. next the importance of iowa and today's caucus, the first step in nominating our next president. andy mcguire chairwoman of the iowa democratic party joins us next. >> have you ever caucused before? >> no. >> but you will for trump this time? >> i will. >> why? >> because because he speaks like we do. >> i go with people who have experience in government. i would not hire a dog catcher to do my teeth. so i'm not going to hire somebody who doesn't know how to govern govern. >> you're not necessarily a trump supporter, why is it important to see him in the flesh? >> just to see what it is that
6:35 am
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iowa has been holding the first presidential nomination contest basically since 1972, often with some surprising results. >> you were here in '72, right? >> well, that was the year i was -- >> yeah, that's what i thought. the question is why was iowa so important? how does this caucus system work? we're joined by andy mcguire, chairwoman of the iowa democratic party. good morning. >> good morning. >> big day for you. happy caucus day. >> happy caucus day. >> let's talk about the caucus, the democratic side of the a caucus. it is incredibly complicated. tell me there is some great awesome history as to why democrats do it this way. >> there is. you know, sort of a political accident is why it happened. really what i like about it is this is a conversation we have. the conversation with our friends and our neighbors, people we know and we've seen at the grocery store and we talk about the issues like college
6:39 am
affordability, healthcare, we talk about, you know, our incomes and how we wish they were more and the kind of things that are bothering us and that's how we decide should be president. >> then in some caucuses one candidate might talk about all those great things and say, do you know what, no you, we're going to pretend to support another candidate where we can gain the system. that's the part of it that makes it feel a tad undemocratic, that you can gain the system that way. >> team talk about that a lot and i wouldn't tell you it doesn't happen, the 1,of 81 i have been in lots of caucuses in my life i have never seen that happen. i know it does but mostly what happens -- you are talking about viability. >> right. >> we get into our corners, come in, hear speeches from the candidates and get into your corners and talk with your people you are for this person, with this candidate, if one of the candidates doesn't have 15% that candidate needs to go to another candidate, but really
6:40 am
what that sparks is a great conversation about the differences between the candidates, the similarities, who really that person would have gone on the line with, sometimes there are some difference in that, but that's typically what happens. this is your friends and neighbors. typically it goes pretty iowa nice. >> okay. iowa nice. what about turnout, do you have any predictions? we just had the ceiling and the floor. what do you think? >> i like the ceiling and the floor. i do think it's going to be a great turnout. i don't know that it will get up to 2008 because that was a unique year but i do think it's going to be a great turn out. i have been all over iowa and people are enthusiastic and excited. people are bringing in chairs and tables almost anywhere i go because there's more democrats there than they thought would be there. that's a great sign. >> tell me friends in california or florida who sit there and go, why does iowa get to do this? why does this extremely homogenous state that has unique issues that only matter to iowa,
6:41 am
they get to decide this and i get no say. by the time they get to my state you've left me a choice and a half. >> it's a unique state for this. we take this very seriously. the priorities run it, but our volunteers and activists go see many of the candidates, ask them good questions, look them in the eye like i am with you and see where their vision is and what they're truly about. the other thing is iowa is about the right geography for this. you can drive all around iowa, you don't have to have a lot of money, you don't have to have a lot of name id. what we say here is you can't buy iowa. citizens united that's a strong statement, you have to come and look the voter in the eye and we're looking in the eye for the californias and new yorks, too. >> thank you so much, andy mcguire. happy caucus day. >> happy caucus day. it's going to be great. earlier on "today" former alaska governor sarah palin was our guest for her first tv interview since enforcing donald trump for president. we will play some of that
6:42 am
interview coming up next. but first a blast from the daily rundown path, yes, it's today's soup of the day not at the white house but at java joes. now, i know you have some color commentary loaded baked potato. >> i've really got nothing. i think we will have some candidates get loaded tonight after they see the results come in. >> exactly. with the blizzard coming what else is there to do? >> there's not one soup of the day, apparently we have two. stay tuned in the next hour for the other soup that they're serving up right here on caucus say da i in da moon. >> it's so riveting. >> camp bells, move over. >> back after this.
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♪ [screaming] ♪ ♪ the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all wheel drive. because winter needs a hero. now get a $199 per month lease on the 2016 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites. are you ready to stump for trump? i'm here to support the next president of the united states,
6:46 am
donald trump. >> it feels like it happened two months ago. i think it only happened ten days ago. that was former alaska governor sarah palin. she threw her support behind donald trump it was a little less than two weeks ago. >> feels like dog years during the campaign. every week is a day. today she's here in iowa making a final push to get caucus goers out and voting for donald trump. earlier on the "today" show i asked her if iowa evangelical voters would rally behind him? >> i hope voters aren't trying to find the most christiany, godlyest candidate out there. who are we to judge one or another's level of faith or christian quotient. hopefully people are looking for he who has that record of success that proves he will be able to get that job done for us. >> is he a true conservative? he has admitted in the past he has donated to democratic candidates, republican
6:47 am
candidates, he has donated to hillary clinton. how do you square that to a true conservative? >> compare to someone like ronald reagan who, too, at one point was a registered democrat and then he saw the light. i think wonderful. i am so glad that donald trump is on our side when it comes to the political spectrum, understanding that free markets and capitalism and restoration of our freedom is the way for america to be restored. good. we should celebrate that he has come over on the right side. >> well, let's bring in our panel, msnbc host and anchor at telemundo, jose diaz-balart, chris jansing and robert costa, national political reporter for "the washington post" and an msnbc political -- >> and fan of the soup of the day i might add. >> i love the soup of the day. >> he's just butt erring up. >> i love the daily rundown. >> thank you. >> the significance of sarah
6:48 am
palin wasn't for donald trump, was it? what was the significance? >> cruz's whole argument is he is the candidate of the right, he is the movement conservative who will unite the party, when you have jerry fall we will, jr. and sarah palin that cuts against his core argument. >> ted cruz does enjoy a lot of evangelical support her. he has bob vander plaats and a lot of big names, evangelicals here. >> i think one of the things that i'm going to be watching for tonight is the supporters of ben carson because when you talk to them they will tell you their second choice is ted cruz. will they go that way? how strong will that be? and could that move -- >> he may the sing he will most important player in the republican party for the next 12 hours. >> because he -- some of those people -- first of all, just have a fervor about him that they believe -- they will say to you he can't win -- >> how many best selling books does he have? >> and how many facebook followers and people are committed to them when you look at the homeschoolers, when you go to his events and people stand in line and they are in
6:49 am
tears. so there is a core of his support that won't move, but there is another part that could move and their second choice almost always is ted cruz. how many of those might go that way? critical way. >> cruz is so christiany to use sarah palin's words, right? christiany, in his rallies and he is very christiany and trump really doesn't mention that. so it's different and yet here is palin saying, you don't need that whole christiany thing, that isn't that important anymore. >> what's also interesting about it you don't see that the evangelical vote is as monolithic as so many people believe. it's i think because a lot of people don't understand the evangelical voter. you hair jerry fall we will, jr. saying at a trump rally i'm not looking for the guy who is the most pure or best christian, i'm looking for a good leader who also has the values of a leader but not looking for a pastor. >> there is a boarder evangelical vote in iowa.
6:50 am
the cruz test is whether the evangelical professionals in iowa, the bob vander plaats of the world, this whole network of conservative elites in iowa that have network that have gotten behind cruz, they're on the line because they're the ones who put huckabee through in '08, rick santorum through in 2012. now can their people overwhelm these new voters. >> christian brody said, look, you can really split the evangelical community into two. they're cultural evangelicals, and look, in my faith with jews, there are cultural jews and very religious jews. culturally yes, there's a connection, but they think of it different ways, and the cultural evangelicals are more tea party. that's where trump has tapped into it. >> os, you see marco rubio is trying to appeal to that, right? if you went to his rallies a month or two ago, they had very different in terms of mention of his faith, mention of the bible,
6:51 am
than they are now. these last couple of days, he's really been pushing that a lot more because of that exact reason. he thinks there are people, again, who are not so strictly conservative in the way that i think a lot of people consider evangelicals. >> you know marco probably better than any of us here. miami to miami guy. how devout is he? how important is his faith? >> his faith is important, and he takes it seriously. what i haven't seen in the past is him come forward and talk about it so, you know, as such an important part of his -- but when he first started running for office, faith was important. it's been important in his family. his father and his mother inculcated in him the importance of faith. but the fact that he's bringing it forward now is different. >> real quick, to robert. i have to say when i said to sarah palin this morning, must have been a tough decision between cruz and trump, she corrected me. she said it wasn't. it wasn't a tough decision at all. >> ouch. >> that would sound like a diss
6:52 am
to the cruz campaign. >> it's somewhat stunning. she and cruz flew around the country together campaigning for tea party candidates. this is one of cruz's vulnerabilities. he has trouble establishing close relationships with republicans. >> boy, i had a republican congressman say to me in the last 24 hours, i don't care if cruz it's not about trump, not about anything. it's because of that issue. he goes, that's what you guys need to point to if cruz loses. he goes, he's a jerk, to us. that's what this member of congress said. that's what he pointed to. he said don't point to anything else. i thought it was rather harsh. >> more cruz should lose. >> it's amazing. washington republicans are a little nervous about trump, but boy, are they rooting for cruz to lose. >> it helps him. >> the first impression is to hurt cruz in the senate. when he did the shutdown in the senate, he turned people off. he's trying to be softer on the
6:53 am
campaign trail, but the first impressions hurt him still. >> thank you, guys. >> i learned the word christiany. >> in my house, when it's christiany, we're talking about my lovely wife. i hear that and i'm like -- >> we're about ten hours to the caucuses here in iowa. and a storm is approaching. >> next, we're going to look at how the weather could be a factor when people head out tonight. stay with us. you're watching msnbc. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history
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cards here tonight is going to be the weather, a major winter storm is bearing down on the central plains today. and will hit us here in iowa, but what time is it going to hit us in iowa? >> why aren't you standing by the weather map? you can do your whole al roker routine. the snow is expected to move in by midnight. some clocker goers may see light
6:57 am
snow or rain. not heavy enough to cause travel concerns. heavy snow is going to start overnight. winds will pick up by morning. >> the real issue is candidates getting to new hampshire. >> exactly. we're just getting started this morning at java joes. >> ben carson is with us. once a front-runner. we'll talk to him about why he might be the single most important candidate on the ballot tonight. stay with us. ahh... yeah! ahh... you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way.
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