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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  February 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> i hope you will fight for me. >> by the people. >> i will stand up and fight for you, every single day. >> and for the people. >> thank you and god bless you. >> will republicans choose the billionaire front-runner over the senate antagonist? >> stand with us, caucus for us. >> we have to win this election and in iowa. >> if we stand together, we will win. >> i really want to win. >> and we can restore that last best hope for mankind. >> if we do, we run the table, folks. >> that shining city on a hill. >> and now, it's all about turnout. with a snowstorm baring down on iowa, whose supporters are actually going to show up? >> are you going to caucus? >> yes. >> i'm for ted cruz? >> senator sanders, why? >> i like his ideals. >> carly fiorina.
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>> are you going to caucus. >> as long as the snow doesn't. >> it's election day. i'm andrea mitchell. after the rallies, thousands of miles chris crossing the state, caucus date has come to iowa. it's like christmas in february, races too close to predict in both parties, not seen since 1988. hours from now, the first voters of 2016 will show up at caucuses and start having their say. nbc's kerry sanders at the trump rally in waterloo and kristen welker in des moines. first, kerry, talking about donald trump. a rally and then another county event.
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county gop event. i think he's going to bring sarah palin with him. a lot of, a lot of confidence in trump territory. >> a lot of confidence and quite frankly, a bit of a surprise here. donald trump just moments ago stepped up, we're in waterloo in a rather large auditorium here at the radisson hotel. i want to show you something i haven't seen at a donald trump rally before. as we take a look out here, you see a tremendous number of empty seats. this is not something donald trump is used to having. empty seats at any of his rallies. usually, it's standing room only. now it is a monday. people do have to work. and also, don't forget, outside here, we have a weather event beginning to take place and before the snow comes, there's a lot of fog. so a lot of that may have impacted it but billed as more than a political rally but a pep rally. while the crowd is standing on their feet, thus far, it's been rather subdued and rather
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unusual for the normal donald trump rallies that i've attended. andrea? >> certainly doesn't have that kind of energy. in the last bloomberg politics poll, he was up by five over ted cruz. cruz had taken a real 15 point shift since the last poll when cruz was ahead. so his attacks on ted cruz had been getting to take hold and don't know where the evangelicals go to too. and on the democratic side, the largest rally to date last night, hillary clinton's final event with of course, bill clinton introducing her, she had -- she's been very energized, clearly. and the crowds have been bigger. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, andrea. she was as fired up as i had ever seen her last night. it's almost like she and the
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campaign were saving the best for last. 2600 people at the event last night joined by her husband, president bill clinton and chelsea clinton, her daughter. there was a lot of energy and she spoke and got just a resounding reaction from the audience. they were cheering ashouting. her events tend to be more subdued. last night seemed like a trump rally, frankly. i've been talking to campaign officials who say they are feeling unmeasured confidence through tonight. they like the des moines register poll that shows her with a clim slim lead. it's modelled after then senator barack obama's ground game, the fact they have some of the folks working with him helping them out this time around and she's run such a different campaign here than she did in 2008 when she lost to barack obama and actually wound upcomie coming i third.
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thls whethis is where she had h first event, connect with iowians on a personal level but the wild card, the younger voters, a lot of momentum for bernie sanders as well and if they turn out in force, they could hand victory to bernie sanders tonight if they decide to choose revolution, one of the campaign officials said we've done all of the hard work. it's out of our hands now. at this point, everyone is just waiting and seeing what happens tonight. we can't wait. andrea? >> indeed, kristen welker, kerry sanders. let's listen to donald trump speak in waterloo. >> they've been treat so horribly and badly. we raised in one hour, listen to this one, $6 million, okay? and i'm not going to talk about polls today, because the polls today, we have our ultimate
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poll, so i don't have to talk about polls but the one that just came out in new hampshire has us way, way up because of the debate. because of what i did. people respected that we don't take this stuff from people that shouldn't be treating us that way and they respected it. i think they like the fact that we didn't just not do it. we did something that benefits so many people and in this case, the great veterans. and veterans causes. so we've given away, i raised $6 million. i have some friends, you don't know, a great businessman, he put up half a million dollars. phil ruft put up a million dollars. marvel entertainment what, they did is incredible. marvel, they make the great movies. i think he's got five of the top ten grossing movies of all time. one of the great people and they are an amazing couple. they put up a million dollars. and i put up a million dollars. the bottom line is, one hour, $6
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million and that evening was so beautiful. we had a veteran that came in, lost his leg and gave a speech to talk about coming back and coming back, how tough it was to come back from the middle east and all of the associate's degree degree, sudden, how difficult it is to be and difficult for veterans generally. we have today, one of our first recipients, americans for independent living. we have arnold and tim, they're here now to pick up a check for $100,000. >> donald trump handing out the money he raised during that event when he boycotted the republic republican debate. let's see how that plays out tonight. john podesta, chair of the clinton campaign, joining me here in des moines. >> excited. it's a great day. >> there's a new quinnipiac poll
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today that shows bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton. she had a 40, 50 point lead when this started months ago and would you believe the bloomberg des moines register poll, you guys were up by three but here in this poll, he is actually ahead. >> i stopped paying attention to polls a couple of weeks ago and concentrating on getting our organization, which we built from scratch starting last spring. it's an impressive group of people with their neighbors and we feel like we're in good shape to win this. >> bernie sanders has seemingly modified what he originally said in october when he said, i don't give a damn about your e-mails or nobody cares about your damn e-mails in the october debate. this is what he said on abc, to george stephanopoulos.
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>> look at the front pages in terms of when secretary clinton is getting slapped with, but here's the point. you know as well as i do, it has to do with e-mails. >> is the sanders campaign, do you think, while he said i'm not going to make a political issue out of the e-mails, is he going there? >> he's gotten increaseingly personal as the campaigns close. one example. dick cheney the other day -- >> when he compared it. >> his campaign has gotten more negative. maybe this is just another step in that direction. but what we're concentrating on is what the voters are talking about to us which is how are you going to extend health care to make sure that everyone is covered? how do you control the prescription drugs and get wages growing and equal pay for equal work? that's what hillary's done. you've been out with her, you've seen the energy she brings to
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the argument about the future she can build for the country and the fact she can get the job done. she's got the experience, the know how, the toughness to get it done. we feel good about this campaign and if he wants to go personal, that's his choice. >> people tell us, when we talk to people at your rallies, still ambivalent, it's a choice between their heads and heart. his passion, his call for change. her experience. her pragmatism. >> i think she's had a big heart during her whole life and that's what she's brought to this campaign. how do i make people's lives better? that's what she started off doing when she went to law school and the children's defense club. that's what she's done, to think about ways that she can get the big things done for people to really improve their lives, the problems that keep people up at night. and you see them embracing
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people across the state and the conversation she's had here. >> one of your big arguments is electability. certainly, the implication is that in a general election, being a democratic socialist or a social ils ist is popular. it's popular in iowa with voters. 68% say they have no problem wiwi with it, but does she have an electability problem or worry because of this e-mail thing to trail her on and on and on? >> she's been knocked for 20 years by the right. the republicans are already running. >> this is the fbi. >> right. they've used it. there have been leaks to republicans on capitol hill that have thrown this into the political regime. i'm a little bit suspicious of the timing of all this, but at this point, nothing has really changed. she asked her e-mails be released. there's a bureaucratic process going on and fighting with each other. the intelligence community has
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asked that some e-mail chains, none of which origin naltated w her, be withheld in total. we think that's an exercise in overclassification, but look, we've been through this. we were through it with benghazi. she stood up to them for 11 hours and i think she still beats trump. she's the person who has been tested. she can take a punch and give one right back. >> and, you know, finally, if bernie sanders wins here, way ahead in new hampshire. his backyard. is she then really damaged as a candidate? this is a guy who raised $20 million in january alone. >> come on, andrea. you don't expect me to speculate hypotheticals. we do everything we can to win here tonight and take the victory in iowa and bring it forward to the other states and in nevada, in south carolina, we've been working for since last spring to build strong
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organizations in the early states in the super tuesday states. we compete for every vote in new hampshire and think we're in striking distance there to get a victory tonight. we're going to be out of here tonight, right into new hampshire and fight for victory there as well. >> you're in it to win it but would be disappointed if i didn't ask. john podesta, thank you so much. we have complete coverage, of course, of the iowa caucuses at 6:00 eastern. anchored by rachel maddow and chris matthews and brian williams. rachel and brian at headquarters in msnbc in new york. coming up, donald trump kee keeping on the pressure in waterloo, iowa. more coming up. republicans and democrats going to the caucuses. this is a special edition of andrea mitchell live from java joe's live in des moines on msnbc. ♪
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i hope people see that average everyday voters, no m n people who live normal lives, there is a chance for politics to be about them. they can meet presidential candidates and ask hard questions. they can demand answers. there's something just truly special and unique about what happens here. >> it is truly special. special correspondent tom broka, he's been here since 1980 for every caucus. with msnbc contributor and strategist steve schmidt.
9:18 am
well, the voice of wisdom. >> i'll do it until i get it right. >> and we love every minute of it. but the thing that's so special about the iowa caucuses are that its people that you've been talking to, it's americans getting involved so directly and it takes effort. you have to go to the caucus on the democratic side. you've got to stay for a couple of hours. listen to your neighbors, argue, go back and forth, maybe change your mind. >> and same thing about new hampshire. john mccain, they get used to it. they get to vote and leave. the downside for iowa, i think it will change this year is the voter turnout is generally low. you get 16% of the vote an that's a big deal in iowa. this year, i think the trump factor will drive the number way, way up.
9:19 am
>> the registration has not shown that surge but it could happen tonight. they could walk in and register as they walk in. steve, what do you see happening on the republican side? i'm frankly mystified whether the trump thing really happens. we saw in waterloo, had an empty crowd but people at work today. it's a monday. >> they are. look what, we're seeing in both parties play out is the end result of a prolonged period of americans believing that the direction of the country is headed in the wrong way. collapse of trust in institutions across the board with the exception of the u.s. military. across administrations of both parties, war, the great recession, housing collapse, episodes of fraud and malfeasance and corruption from government to politics to sports to business, across the woboard. when institutions fail, all the
9:20 am
old rules are out. what you see in both parties is really a pop ewe lipopulist upr saying they've had enough of both sides. that's channelled into, on the democratic side, bernie sanders' candidacy but whether ted cruz wins or donald trump wins tonight, when you aggregate together the number of cruz, trump, ben carson, the overwhelming majority of the republican party in open rebellion against the republican establishment, leaders of the republican congress. believing that they have fundamentally failed. >> and in fact, when you talk to republican leaders, from john mccain to others in the house, they realize what they're facing now. this donald trump phenomenal. phenomenon. they don't see the empire strike back. how does it stop from getting
9:21 am
the nomination? >> there's a thin hope that the field will be a lot smaller after hn honnew hampshire and wo the votes go to? trump. they hope the establishment does. they can take the votes of the people who have been bounced out and put together another coalition maybe around marco rub rubio. maybe we can give him a bump with all of this. you cannot, any of us, understate the trump phenomenon. there isn't anybody in this panel or you talk to who six months ago thought he could go this far and with this kind of strength and come into iowa which was everybody believed was going to be ted cruz to walk out of here with it, that began to change. so we'll see. >> and it is a global phenomenon because just this morning, chuck todd was saying, the world is watching. and then i saw a column on the german television network, you know germany so well absolutely stunned by the trump phenomenon.
9:22 am
because they are taking literally what he says and they are not conceding the possibility that some people, he doesn't mean what he says. let's look quickly at the democratic side. bernie sanders coming from almost nothing, someone who had no endorsements from home state of vermont, one or two endorsements from congress, been there for 27 years. so he hasn't done much legislation. he has caught fire though with the popular vote. >> i think a lot has to do with the financial stretch of the country know. top 1% getting richer every year and middle stuck in the middle. a lot of the government programs are not working. affordable care is mix, mix. it's hard to look. bernie sanders comes along and says, i'm going to change all that. and that's all he has to say. no foreign policy of any kind. >> and the details don't matter. >> details don't matter. people just want somebody who's
9:23 am
going to come in and blow the place up. that's what i've said recently, doing work in new york on a house that we have and the local regulations, where diametrically opposed by the state regulations. so a ton of money to do a simple little fix-up. that goes on all the time every day. >> steve schmidt, tom brokaw. caucus day, call kist kucus nig. iowa's favorite democrat, and he's not even on the ticket. live from java joe's live in des moines, iowa. only on msnbc. i drive a golf ball.
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hillary truthful or honest? people ask me about that, and i said, what the hell do you expect? 20 years, the right wing have been insulting with fabrications, i'm not surprised the people don't know. because that's what they've heard. >> former senator tom harkin campaigning at the clinton rally last night in cedar rapids. served iowa for 30 years in the senate and ten years in the house. he joins me now. as always. it's great to see you. thank you very much. how do you feel? how does it feel? you've been watching this for years. >> well, as you know, i'm a hillary supporter, obviously. and i feel good about it. i mean, i think bernie has surged a lot, but i sense something interesting happening. remember the old sod about kerry. i think people got energized by
9:28 am
bernie, great message, great delivery but now caucus time is here and they have to go and cast a vote, i sense some movement. some people saying, who can really win? who can really get the job done and they're coming over to hillary. that's what i think hillary is going to do very well in the caucuses tonight. >> you did, you were quoted in the new york times saying bernie speaks forcefully to the anxiety both young people and the middle class have. hillary too but not as unique as bernie sanders and every election, some people want the unique, the new, the untried. >> it's true. that's obviously true. but i think when it comes down to it, and they have to go to the caucuses and take it seriously, i think people will say, wait a minute, bernie is enerizi izgizin energizing, he has a strong message, he speaks the things i want to hear, but i want someone
9:29 am
who can actually win and move the ball forward. and that could be hillary clinton. >> now, she has a lot more experience at getting stuff done. and more experience on foreign policy. but in the hypothetical match-ups, people see him beating trump, beating cruz and the other candidates rather than she. why do you think that is? >> again, i think that's kind of a momentary snapshot, as all polls are. just a snapshot in time. and i think that, again, if you look at hillary's abilities and what she's been able to do in the past, that is going to come to the forefront in the national election. people want a president and they're going to want someone who can be president from day one. but they want someone who can, you know, pull people together. i saw hillary in the senate and saw how she was able to work with republicans and actually move the ball forward.
9:30 am
again, i believe that's what people want in a president. >> how much of a blow will it be if she were to lose iowa again, especially going into new hampshire where he's way ahead? >> any campaign is a long-term process. win one, lose one, lose this. i mean, yeah. obviously, we don't tend on losing in iowa. but she's going to go on. and there's a lot other states in play in the future. but i think the most important thing is, as i say, andrea, she has this great organization in iowa. i sense this movement towards her at the last minute of people who want to really take their votes seriously and that's why we're going to win the delegates, the most delegates tonight. >> tom harkin, thank you, senator. and now for even something donald trump can't control. the weather. a major winter storm is heading this way but our friends at the weather channel said most can at least get before it hits with full force. some caucus goers could see
9:31 am
light snow or rain as they begin to head home, but not heavy enough to cause travel concerns. the heavy snow will hit overnight. winds pick up by morning. up next, more from java joe's here in des moines on this special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. weinto a new american century.
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they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. thank you so much, iowa. by standing up and being bold and leading. leading with that burden and responsibility you have to be first. you have taken the first step of taking back this country. >> well, he was the winner in 2012 of the republican caucuses and here with me now. presidential candidate, former
9:35 am
senator rick santorum. got the shirt back. you'red rea ready. >> we went to a school four years ago on caucus day. revving up a few caucus captains for this morning. >> the des moines register numbers for this morning are already outdated because they had you at 293 separate appearances, now it's got to be -- >> we're over 300. they missed a few, but that's okay. we knew we'd do around 300 appearances here. that was our goal. we've done about 700 appearances here in the last five and a half years. we worked really hard. we've run the old fashioned campaign. not the big rallies, it's the coffee shops and meeting with people, giving them a chance to know who we are and i believe retail politics pays off in iowa. people will go to the caucuses tonight and i believe half of them are not real sure who they vote for on the republican side. if you have folks you met with, talked to and can go speak on your behalf, that will have an
9:36 am
impact. >> those who have decided or leaning towards trump or cruz, what's going on with trump and cruz? you had so much support among the evangelical jovoters. what is the appeal among evangelicals with donald trump? >> people are really angry and they want someone who's going to, they feel like folks have gone to washington. promised to do things and haven't followed through. and they just want someone to pull the pin, drop the grenade and blow it up. problem is, what are you going to do the next day? do it again. at some point, you've got to build a consensus and try to bring this country together and i don't think either of the two top candidates have a strong track record or either what they said they'll do has a likelihood of success. one said i'll be the ceo and force everybody to do this. as the united states senator,
9:37 am
you don't work for the president and if someone said i'm going to do this and do that, that's pretty much what president obama tried to do. it didn't work very well and for ted cruz to say, i'm going to do go there and shake things up because everybody in washington hates me, he didn't say folks. he said everybody hates him. i don't know if you'll get anything done with everybody hating you. i shook things up. i was someone who had sharp elbows, but andrea, we've got a lot of things done. i worked with people i fought with on one issue but work on another with the other side of the aisle. welfare reform, iran sanctions bill, health savings accounts. a lot of good conservative policies that we were able to do because we fought, but we were willing to compromise and get things done. >> why is compromise a dirty word to many republicans? >> because republicans have participated in horrible compromises. there are good compromises and bad compromises. and i always say a good compromise is getting less of a
9:38 am
good thing. but it's still a good thing, so you do it. a bad compromise and republicans have entered into too many of these is getting less of a bad thing. it's still a bad thing, you don't do it. and i think republicans sort of lost their way on that. and that's why caucus goers here are so upset and want someone new. and i just say this. and i know there's a lot of iowa state fans in iowa, they haven't had a very good football program for a while and i say that as a penn state grad, we've had a horrible basketball team. i say, clean out everyone. you don't replace the football team with a guy who's a nuclear physicist. you hire irvin meyer and proven to be a winner. not someone who knows something about coaching football. because if you hire someone whose job is knowing nothing about coaching football, guess who they have to hire? a bunch of people who know how to coach football and that's the
9:39 am
establishment of washington. these outsiders have to hire insiders in order to get anything done and now you've lost the whole point of hiring an outsider. hiring someone who's a fighter, but has a track record of winning and understands how to get things done, that's what you want to do. i'm the nick saban in this race. >> i've never met nick saban, always admired him. >> he wins football games. come on, you want to win championships? do it. >> you heard it here. a closing argument. senator, great to see you again. >> thank you, thank you so much. and coming up, cash in the bank. tons of it. millions of it. sanders and clinton. release some big numbers and we'll follow the money next on a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" live at java joe's only on msnbc.
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well, no matter which democrat wins tonight, the race is going to go on because of hillary clinton and bernie sanders have plenty of cash on hand for the long haul ahead. joining me now, the political report amy, abbi filip and ann gearan both. women power, i love it. amy, first you. let's talk about this money. because january's figures for bernie sanders. $20 million raised online for small donors. i have hillary clinton people telling me it's really impressive. >> it is really impressive. and after tonight, it's going to be what that money is going to be able to get him. he's been up on tv more than she has in terms of a number of ads that's been up there. if that breaks through, if it wasn't enough to do it, what is the cash advantage going to mean as we move into the other states.
9:44 am
is it as important as we think or momentum the bigger piece? but to your point, it does mean march 1st, there's no reason for him to stop before we get to that. >> and he's got advantages in nevada. he can leverage something in south carolina, and he's got a 30 point plus lead in new hampshire now according to the latest polling. >> absolutely. presuming that he's going to spring board out of new hampshire, he'll have money, support, and organization to carry him for a long time. and then the momentum question as amy raised really becomes important. what can he do with the power that he will have? whatever happens here tonight, what will they be able to do with a good showing here, whatever it is, a very good showing in new hampshire and then whatever he can leverage with union support in nevada and beyond? >> abby, do you think we'll be surprised tonight? what are you picking up from talking to both camps? >> i think both camps are sort
9:45 am
of tempering expectations but the hillary camp is feeling a lot calmer now than a week ago and the bernie camp said we could win this if turnout is really high, i think that's still true but an acknowledgment the numbers seem to be in hillary clinton's favor right now. i think both camps acknowledge that. but the turnout piece of it isn't just puff and spin. i think there is an element of this and the caucus, the nature of it that makes turnout such an unpredictable factor here. if bernie can get the college kids to go home for bernie and get out of these big cities and into some of the suburbs and the rural areas, and caucus for him, you know, we could see it be a little bit closer than either camp expects. >> amy, hillary clinton has some surrogates here including barney frank. and the fact is, barney frank's criticism of bernie sanders is
9:46 am
right to the heart of the bernie sanders message which is wall street, the business system is rigged. barney frank is pretty much a rattle rouser and said it's not perfect, we've got to do something to take first steps but where was bernie sanders when we were fighting for every last senate vote and trying to save the world from collapse? so what they're saying is that we all have not done a good enough job of going into the specifics of the bernie sanders message and costing it out and asking the tough questions. >> it's interesting, because when you talk to on the republican side, they will say, you know, look at ted cruz and the fact he doesn't have support from his colleagues. the fact that they adamantly dislike him, nonetheless they won't support him. and they'll look at bernie sanders, the fact is, he's not getting a ground swelling of support from those who know him best. he's been in congress for a long
9:47 am
time and yet, you don't have the slight of accomplishments. you don't have the deep well of support behind him from his colleagues. that, they say, tells you something. that he's been there. he's been effective to a point, but been really most effective in pushing a message as opposed to actually getting something substantive done on a broad array of issues. >> of course, he would say that is to his favor because he has been against the establishment, he hasn't been part of the washington game. and now, hints from him in his comments on the sunday shows that he's no longer saying nobody cares about your damn e-mails as he did in october and he's saying, it's a serious matter. let's let the process go forward. is he trying to have it go both ways? >> they take credit for kind of stirring the pot here a bit and getting a more fulsome
9:48 am
examination of senator sanders and his positions. he's coming back from that heavier consideration with exactly as you said, sort of a -- it's not a full-on attack but it's a strong person. it's a way of trying to get clinton rattled a tiny bit, but kind of make it, make the comparison more head to head. >> abby, finally, turnout, we just -- it's impossible to predict. you've seen the rallies. you finally had a large crowd last night but excitement is with bernie and the huge crowds. >> i think hillary clinton's rallies are nowhere near the size and scope of the events but at the same time, this is also about organization. it's about boots on the ground, driving people to caucus locations. calling them on the phone, people knowing exactly who's going to vote for you and who's not going to vote for you.
9:49 am
and i think that there's no question that the clinton campaign has been working on that for many, many months. they're hoping that it pulls through for them tonight. the enthusiasm is a hard thing to measure in the campaign and i think it is even harder now if you look at some of the polls. the enthusiasm numbers don't match the kind of rhetoric. hillary clinton supporters say they're enthusiastic about her, but it's about who's going to actually show up that day, whose campaign going to do the best job of being there for their supporters. >> amy, can she count on women? at least older women have been her base. >> that's right. that's what we've come back to. are we going to see an electorate this year like it did in 2004 where only 17% was 17 to 29 or more like 2008 where it's 25% or 22% or 17% to 29%? if it's anywhere near the 20s, that's bernie sanders.
9:50 am
>> amy walter, and it's great to see you all. thank you. and coming up, decision time. last week, first time caucus goer gabe told us he was still undecided between voting for hillary clinton or bernie sanders. he's back today to tell us what he has decided. he just made up his mind and will join me live here on "andrea mitchell reports" at java joe's in des moines. marie callender knows that a homemade turkey dinner can make anyone slow down and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and roast it until it's just right. and she makes stuffing from scratch, topping it with a healthy helping of delicious gravy. ♪ marie callender spends time on the little things, so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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bernie struck a chord with me. hillary, she's specific on policy she's actually going to do with past experience. that's the conflict for me. >> caucus goers on the fence in iowa have to decide by tonight. for some, it's not been easy.
9:54 am
gabe shabellion, he's a first time caucus goer and he was wrestling with the choice. i'm told he finally made up his mind and i don't know what you decided, gabe. thank you for coming back. how do you tell us what you've decided? >> how i made my final decision was and what i really wanted from my candidate. >> and what is it? >> well, i'll be caucusing for hillary. so. >> so what made you decide hillary. i know you were wrestling with this. this was not an easy vote for me at all. it was hard earned by hillary and like i said, it was a risk analysis. because i think what we really need in the long-term is a democratic candidate to win. we can't afford to have a republican to win this election. we need somebody who's going to
9:55 am
nominate a liberal supreme court justice to overturn citizens united, and i think bernie sanders might be an unnecessary risk for the presidential seat just because i think his campaign is very comparable to ralph new year's dader's and it tragic to not get a democrat this cycle. >> too pragmatic? >> yeah, definitely. me saying i'm going to caucus for it isn't an endorsement for everything she stands for. i disagree with her on foreign policy. i'm worried about her ties to wall street and big money. but that doesn't mean that i still won't support her as president. she'll have to earn my support definitely. i'll hold her accountable for the decisions she does make as president, but i think all that being said, she's probably our best bet at actually getting a
9:56 am
supreme court justice that will actually overturn citizens united. >> gabe schabilion. thank you for letting us participate in your decision-making and good luck at the caucus tonight. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> follow up with you. stay in touch. and that does it for us for this packed edition of "msnbc live." tomorrow, we'll have the results live from new hampshire ahead of thursday's democratic debate there. and then next week's first in the nation primary. remember, follow us throughout the day on nightly news and then on facebook and twitter at @mitchellreports and then chris matthews. pick up the coverage after this. watch on msnbc, the place for politics. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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a lot of people say, just do well in iowa. i say, i can't do that. i really want to win. >> i gathered here, literally millions of americans are counting on me. >> i think it's dangerous to vote for anybody else. ted cruz, donald trump. >> trump is doing what politicians do. politicians do what is politically expedient. >> we feel good about our campaign. we know it's an uphill climb but we're working hard. >> i've had a lot of experience in looking and learning about what it takes to get things done in washington. >> you are asking the people of iowa here to start you off on nothing short of a political revolution. >> it's all right! >> good


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