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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  February 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d. good day from iowa. chris matthews out of java joes in the great city of des moines which is the political capital of iowa. we are just minutes away from the iowa caucuses. this hour msnbc the final push for the top two republicans in the field. ted cruz is about to hold a rally in jefferson, his 99th county visit. later this hour, sarah palin joins donald trump at a rally in
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cedar rapids. but first the new poll out today from quinnipiac puts trump in the lead by a 31% margin, 31 to 24%. here's part of what trump had to say at the event. >> i've been in iowa now for a long time. we've made many, many trips here, many stops, and i've gotten to know many people. theie v evangelicals have been unbelievable to donald trump. boy, do they understand me. they understand me better than anybody. >> on the democratic side, all three candidates are centered around des moines. hillary clinton will be joined by bill and chelsea clinton. clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck in today's new poll. sanders is leading but only by three points. 49-46. clinton talked about the close race early today on the "today"
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show. >> we're going to keep working as hard as we can until the caucuses are finally over this evening, and we hope that even though it's a tight race, a lot of the people who are committed to caucusing for me will be there and staff will be there for me and i will do the same for them in the campaign and in the presidency. >> let's start with the republican field. nbc's cakerry sanders. tell me about donald trump. >> he's the negotiator, he's the one who knows how to close. to use the term he uses, today was kind of low energy. he walked in here today, and he had a half-filled room, so it's sort of cavernous, so maybe it was a little hard to get that energetic kind of crowd growing.
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he didn't really have them jumping out of their seats today. his voice was a little subdued as well. but he also did use the moment to make sure he spoke to the crowd that was here. it's monday, so there are a lot of people who were at work that couldn't come here. you also have the fact there are some icy roads, it's kind of foggy outside, so many of those who are here are farmers and retired farmers. when it came to talking to them, he knew the proper topic to hit them on, and that is ethanol. >> i'm looking at the money being put up by ted cruz for ted cruz. it's incredible, the people there. it's control. your ethanol business if ted cruz comes in will be wiped out in six months to a year. it's going to be gone. it's going to be gone. >> reporter: so that's a direct attack on ted cruz, ted cruz who, he says, wants to eliminate the support over a five-year period, and ted cruz saying he feels it violates the principles of the republican party to have that sort of ethanol mandate. now, donald trump has, in
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addition to the event he had here in waterloo today, he'll also be going to cedar rapids and later in the day to west des moines. so a busy day, but for a man who knows how to do the art of the deal, for somebody who knows how to close, at least today it didn't feel like he was up to his normal par from what i've seen from here across iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. it was just a little bit off. >> yeah, maybe an advance man is about to be fired. thank you, kerry sanders. too big a room, too small a crowd. that's advance's problem. let's go to des moines covering the democrats. what are you hearing from the clinton and sanders campaign? by the way, alex, we got two different polls. one closed friday, one closed last night. the one that closed last night said sanders. what do you read in that sequence? >> reporter: i think all the polls now, we have to essentially treat them as tied, everything is within the margin of error.
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the des moines register poll, the gold standard, has clinton up a little bit but that's narrow. that said, having both been at their final rallies last night, having come back to the bernie sanders headquarters where bernie came and gave a pump-up to his troops, very much alone. last night senator tom harkin, one of the big supporters in the state, said he smelled victory in the air. the sanders campaign is about how far they've come, how nobody gave them a chance, nobody thought they would come this far, and a victory just to be tied with her going into caucus night. if i had to pick a team, i would rather be on the clinton team heading into tonight. >> let's talk about what voters think. can you tell whether they're thinking november or thinking february 1st? there is an old phrase from the '60s, november doesn't count in d.c. do you think november counts with sanders, or do they really think he can win a general election for president? >> reporter: yeah, because they're really conflicted, and
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this is something i've encountered a lot talking to voters. it's not that unusual to find somebody who says, my heart is really with sanders, i love his message, i lover h his inspirational policy ideas, but i don't think he can win against the republicans in november. that's hillary clinton's message, talking about how terrible it would be for ted cruz or donald trump to be president and saying she's the only one you can trust to go up against them. >> that's not a bad argument if it looks like trump is going to win tonight. alex, thank you for joining us from des moines somewhere. there you are, right in front of the state capitol. we're gathered tonight with three journalists covering this campaign tonight. we have three all with the post. great opening, by the way, the other day, at your headquarters. do you like it? >> it's really pretty. we missed the opening because we were here, but it's a beautiful building. >> i was very impressed with it
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myself. i want you to tell me something i don't know, and gary first. give me some news. >> that's hard. so one of the things about tonight's voting that no one knows is exactly how many people who have committed to caucus will actually caucus. and that is going to be the thing that the hillary clinton people are most focused on today. that's my main area of responsibility. they won't say how many people they've got who have signed commit to caucus cards -- >> is more the better for them or more the better for bernie? >> the conventional wisdom is a high turnout is better for bernie because it's more what happened for barack obama in 2008 where there was a flood of people who never caucused before. >> that helps bernie. >> that helps bernie. but the clinton people have hinted they have a strong caucus plan, they have a large number of people who they are certain are going to show up. they are calling them every day to make sure that actually happens. that will be the key for her.
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if the people who have said they will show up show up, they think they can win. >> how good a sampling is iowa for the country, the democrats? 42 says they're happy with the word socialist. i don't think that's representative of the country. what do you think? >> there is a progressive feeling among iowa democrats, and you see it in the same kind of democrats in vermont and new hampshire. that's why senator sanders does have a base in these early contests. whether that's reflective in the other 48 contests that are still a part of this race, that's yet to be seen, and he'll have to prove it state after state that that's the new democratic party. >> but hillary clinton's argument is that it's not. >> i don't think she's making a total counterargument. >> let me correct myself. she says she would be a better general election candidate with all the voters voting. >> she's leaned a little left in this iowa race. she's saying i'm a mainstream democrat, i'm electable in november, but she also says, i'm
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one of you, i've been in the trenches with you, and she's tried to remind them each and every day. >> does that work? >> i think it's worked in that she has organizational strength here and she has leaned left. she learned a lot in 2008. if you talk to clinton people, they say, we've learned a lot since 2008. we're not flying a lot in the air, we're doing it on the ground. >> but what hurt her was iraq. >> in 2008 she was running a general election campaign when she first needed the nomination, and i think that's the lesson she learned. she knows she's got to beat bernie sanders. by the way, the one thing that might be unexpected tonight is that martin o'malley may actually get some more delegates in his percentage because both clinton and sanders increasingly are overwhelmingly ahead and get votes this way to cut out their main opponent. i think it's going to be fun to watch this game that democrats can play if they try to
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strengthen o'malley. in clinton's case, sanders, in sanders' case, clinton. >> how about this mailer on the republican side, the mailer that came out for the cruz people that was meant to intimidate, giving them a report cord that was official and criminal. >> the voting violation mailer. it's really the first time we've seen that kind of politics in this race so far, and i mean, i think the other republicans did a pretty good job of calling him out on it. >> i wasn't surprised. this is the cruz campaign, and the campaign manager jeff roe is known by one word, aggressive. they are all about turning out the vote whatever way they have to here in iowa because this is the launching pad. if cruz doesn't win here or it's really narrow, he doesn't get the lift he needs going into south carolina and super tuesday. >> in fact, i think iowa has become more important over the last three weeks, because if
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trump had laid back and said, i'll give this one to cruz and i'll crush them elsewhere, we wouldn't be paying this attention. he went out to beat cruz, so he's got to beat cruz. and i think the other test -- >> i like that thought, because i'm thinking the gut punches he hit him with in the last week. candidate, candidate, candidate, over and over again. the big loan he got from goldman sachs. he's nasty, nobody likes him, and what's the latest? oh, this mailer. so he's now doing a mailer. he's a bad guy calling him a lying guy yesterday in my interview. a lying guy. >> i think it's important that it's instructive about what trump is willing to do and able to do. he was behind here two weeks ago, three weeks ago and he made sure that he could pull ahead and he pulled ahead. >> all you guys know this political system. how do you have that hoodspa and
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say, he's my compadre, my partner, we agree on everything, and then in one moment he's illegal, he's constitutional, and just turn on the guy. like, frightening! >> if we do it on abortion and a host of other issues, why not do it on ted cruz? >> having said he was eligible, to say he's ineligible -- >> i don't buy that the relationship was ever that warm. it was cruz who was courting trump, cruz who was going to trump tower. trump never really needed cruz. it was cruz who was looking for the trump voters. >> it's at both ends. >> cruz said, i'm tired of you drafting me. i'm tired of you cruising behind me in the bike race here. i'm breaking the wind and you're just getting all the advantage. let me ask you about this rubio. what's this 3-2-1 strategy? is he going to be able to brag about coming in third tonight?
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>> it's not about bragging about coming in third. the republican establishment -- >> because i think he will. i think he'll hold a press conference and say, we won. >> he'll pull a clinton. the party establishment needs a candidate. >> he's a tea partyer. >> i think he's a little cozier to the establishment. coming out of iowa, if trump and cruz are surging ahead, those establishment guys and donors, they need a horse. he's going to ride him. >> he seems to be unapologetic about the iraq war. certainly the others, they're all at it. he says i'm going to accuse terrorists, take them down in guantanamo and get the truth out of them. it says torture to me. he's going all the way back to dick cheney, this guy. is there enough republican party that believes in the old ways? torture, iraq and the whole
11:14 am
routine? >> i mean, so much of this entire republican debate has been about returning to the themes and the practices and the organizing principles of that time and of the early bush administration. >> everybody else says not iraq, they say turn the sand to glow, but nobody said we ought to go to iraq. >> someone has to be that candidate. he wants to be it. >> because it is really striking that trump says iraq was a mistake and cruz wants to carpet bomb them but doesn't want to send troops. so you've got these sort of two loud and try to sound strong non-interventionists, and then you have rubio who has totally embraced the bush policy. >> if cruz wins tonight it's because of that. cruz has been reaching out to the rand paul voters. it includes libertarians, and if he wins tonight, it's because he brought them in. >> i agree. that intramural battle between
11:15 am
cruz and rubio doesn't always make sense because they're both battling for what's left after trump. but all the way with the fundraising is one of them, and the other one doesn't like the iraq war but tries to get the hawkish glint out of the voter. >> they could be dividing and conquering and they're not. >> republicans are going back to the '50s as an alternative. >> so is hillary clinton. >> this is a test also tonight of the religious rite. if cruz pulls this out, it will show the continuing power of the evangelical conservative organizations. if trump meets them, we got a new ball game on the religious side. >> by the way, from the other side of the world, the east, they always said the west covers its retreat with artillery. if you say air power, they know exactly what you mean. you're not coming in.
11:16 am
white flag. thank you, guys. so with a futhe governor we counties and said, i'm going to talk to cruz supporter about doing the full grassley and whether it works anymore. he was the governor of virginia. will iowa be a springboard or a setback for clinton? she looks pretty good. everybody was talking about she looks like she just might pull it off tonight. >> for those of you still thinking about this, weighing your options, i hope i'll be able to persuade you. because the stakes in this election couldn't be higher. >> i'll be very honest and straightforward with you. if there is a large voter turnout, we will win. [ cheers and applause ] the microsoft cloud allows us to
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stoo we're hours away now from the iowa caucuses. getting butterflies now. let's turn to the democratic race. on "meet the press" this week, bernie sanders said hillary clinton could hurt the democrats getting the house. >> and you don't think you'll be an issue for house democrats not wanting to raise taxes? >> no, i think, in fact, hillary clinton will be the problem. i think our campaign is the campaign that is generating excitement and energy that will result in a high voter turnout. republicans win when voter
11:21 am
turnout is low, democrats win when voter turnout is high. >> joining me right now is joe bennett, senior strategist for the hillary clinton campaign. i've been hearing that all my life, that there is a huge amount of voters just waiting to be radicalized with action to the right coat of arms. is he right? is there a huge number of voters that would change the course of history waiting to vote but have never voted before? >> we've increased voter turnout in the last two presidential elections. democrats have done very well with that. president obama led that charge in 2008. we had a very energized campaign with voters turning out in all 50 states. that helped us. we increased turnout again in 2012 notwithstanding a storm on the last weekend, sandy, that depressed areas like new york, connecticut and new jersey, very high democratic turnout states. we bring in voters when there is
11:22 am
a candidate who will change their life, and they're bent on holding them back economically, holding them back when it comes to civil rights, voting rights, women's rights. i'm confident we can come out in this campaign with a strong candidate with hillary clinton running for president, and getting voters out to the polls. >> donald trump, i think, has a very compelling motto, "make america great again." what's hillary's? >> hillary has been saying, "make a difference in people's lives." >> is that it? "make a difference in people's lives"? is that a call to arms? >> for working people in america who have come back from a devastating economic crisis, they know there are no magic bullets after what happened in 2008-2009, chris, and they know they don't have the economic security back that they want. what they want is someone as president who can get things done and help them get ahead and
11:23 am
stay ahead. they don't want another bubble economy. they want to know they're on stable footing, their kids can be on stable footing, and they have the future that middle class people had a few years back and want to recapture again. >> where would you put hillary clinton in the democratic category? give me some names she would sort of fit with in the last few elections? is she a hubert humphrey, is she a walter mondale? is she a barack obama? >> in some ways, yes. barack obama always believed politics is the heart of the possible. you have to get things done. someone i worked for early on called themselves a progressive pragmatic was mario cuomo. hillary clinton is a progressive who likes to get things done. you can't make an enemy of the good. you can't make a promise that sounds good on paper. >> you said don't make the perfect enemy. >> many times.
11:24 am
my wife would vouch for that, chris. >> let me ask you about hillary clinton. is she a notch to the right of the president on foreign policy? she's indicated in many, many ways over the years, back in iraq authorization. if you vote for her, would you be more comfortable with her a bit to the right of the spit bi the right of the presidency a bit to the left of foreign policy? >> i think if they're not aligned in foreign policy, if they disagree in certain areas -- >> do you think obama won on that issue? >> he didn't just win on that issue. >> don't say "just." he won on that issue. >> he won on the broken politics of america. i believe they're fairly aligned on foreign policy issues, they both believe that you have to build coalition smartly, that you have to use your power smartly, that we have to use our allies around the world, and the
11:25 am
last thing we should do is put troops on the ground in conflict when we can solve them in other ways. i think if she wasn't the same on foreign policy, he never would have made her secretary of state. >> what about the no-fly zones? is that a little dangerous? >> hillary clinton would say it's more dangerous to have your planes in the air because you already have air space congested. that's where her policy sits. >> what's your foreign policy? >> you know i'm not a foreign policy expert. i don't mind going with you on foreign policy. >> thank you, joe. i think you're going to win tonight. >> i think so. i feel good about where we are. >> i think secretary clinton is goi going to have a spine there of her supporters. coming up, and i don't think the democratic party is ready for a radical, big risk.
11:26 am
i think they're going to win this one. coming up, in iowa, the candidate who won the caucuses four years ago but faces an uphill battle tonight. my one on one with rick santorum. just think, four years ago rick was here, four years before that, mike huckabee. right after the break, we'll be right back. stick with us tonight, by the way. i'll be joining rachel maddow and brian williams for our caucus at 6:00 eastern. or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait.
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ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. evening, sir. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to ah! (car alarm sounds) it's ok! in iowa four years ago, it was a photo finish on the republican side with rick santorum ultimately beating mitt romney here by 34 votes. that's 34 votes. a anyway, it's a different story today. santorum is at the bottom of the
11:30 am
pack right now pulling in single digits, but he says we should expect a surprise tonight. i spoke with him late last night how the game has changed this year. you know, you won this baby last time around. >> i did. >> right now it looks like a casino operator is going to win it. what do you make of the cultural shift out here? >> as you know, i think it just reflects the overall national frustration that republicans have i think with their own party as it is with the president. inc. i think a lot of folks just feel like the republican party in washington has betrayed them. one of the actors here in this play, if you will, has been one of the lead orchestrators saying they haven't done well. >> if you look at the issue of trade and the issue of the iraq war, it seems like trump is running against all three. he hits what people are mad about on all three bases.
11:31 am
>> he does. trade, immigration, war. look, they're issues that affect the people in america that feel like neither political party is looking out for their interests. and, you know, the democratic party, as you know, on the issue of immigration, the more the merrier. why? because they'll vote for us. the republican party, why? because they're cheap labor. >> peggy wrote a column this week in the wall street journal. she said, the republican party in its corporate mentality never thought about the cultural economics and the way people look at your issues. >> yeah, i'm the guy who voted against nafta because i knew it would destroy western pennsylvania, which is where i'm from, and it did. i also have been probably the most consistent on the issue of immigration. i look at the issue of immigration very simply. how does it impact the folks most impacted by immigration and that's the american wage earner. and the fact of the matter is 35 million people coming into this country over the last 25 years,
11:32 am
primarily wage earners, are keeping wages down in this country. >> why don't the wage earners do something about that? it's not like they're working here illegally. >> that's a great question. i don't know why, but i'm sort of the odd duck in this situation because the leader in both parties wants to do this comprehensive immigration reform, which means bringing more people in this country, let them stay in this country -- >> people think the good jobs are going to china and the bad jobs are going to illegal immigrants. >> that's exactly right. that's why you got 95 million people sitting on the sidelines right now not working. the reality is working men and women in this country don't think anybody is out there working for them. that's why i talked about a manufacturing-based economy, that's why i talk about trade and the importance of making sure we enforce our trade laws, that we enforce our immigration laws, that we actually reduce the number of immigrants coming in that will be competing against low wage workers. and i also talk about vocational
11:33 am
education and skills training and trying to get people -- the 74% of americans, this was fact-checked, 74% of americans aged 25 to 65 don't have a college degree. bernie sanders says, give college away. if i'm that guy without a college degree that's 50 years old, they're going to give someone free college, and who is going to pay for it? me who has no college. at some point people are going to say, wait a minute. quit giving stuff away to people who are doing well. >> that's the thing, with free tuition, you don't take school too seriously. you were running as a very religious guy on cultural issues and you won out here because of it. now all of a sudden marco rubio is jumping that claim and cruz is jumping that claim. they're all running talking about going to church and all these pious comments. i never heard such paiety as i have in this election. >> i am who i am -- >> you're a conservative
11:34 am
catholic. >> i'm a conservative catholic, i go to church, i believe in it. >> i was judidn't see you over . >> i was in sioux city. >> i don't doubt your paiety. if you don't do well tomorrow, what are you going snto do? >> like i do with everything, i'll reassess and see if there's a path forward. i feel really good we're going to surprise people tomorrow -- i guess today, we're filming this for tomorrow. >> you went to that rally for the veterans with donald trump. >> i did. >> are you guys going to join that team if it comes to that? >> my plan is to support another candidate for president, me, and that's what i'm going to do. >> a fighting pennsylvanian. thank you, sir. we have much more coverage here from java joes here in des moines. all eyes are on cedar rapids where donald trump is set to meet there with sarah palin at
11:35 am
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more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. in five and a half hours or so, iowa voters will decide which candidate they believe has the best shot at winning the white house. that's one way of looking at it. sometimes people just follow their heart. let's get a sense of how voters are weighing their options from nbc's kevin tibbles who joins us from a soda fountain. there is still one in indianola just outside des moines. >> chris, you know, this soda fountain is 102 years old, if you can believe that, and -- at least this building has been here 102 years. i can tell you they still make
11:39 am
it the old-fashioned way. i can also tell you a lot of voters in this town do it the old-fashioned way. they're playing their cards very close to their chest, although a lot of people say they're still trying to make up their minds. they're suggesting that this particular vote tonight is different from all the ones that they've done in years past. they think that this country is facing a very critical challenge with regards to its own security and its economy. and they are taking this very seriously. as a matter of fact, some of the people we spoke to are going to be caucusing for the first time tonight. here's what they had to say, chris. is your mind made up? >> pretty much, yes. >> reporter: who has caught your eye this time around? >> i started out with trump and everybody keeps -- see! but then i went with marco. >> reporter: marco rubio.
11:40 am
>> uh-huh. there are a lot that are qualified, but i haven't made up my mind specifically. >> reporter: did you make up your mind? did you make it up very early on in the game? >> no, no. there are too many out there. too much to sift through. >> reporter: now, perhaps the funniest exchange that i had during all that, chris, is that one of the women at that table, she wanted to know when we were getting out of town, to which i was a little taken aback, and she said, it's not really that i want you to get out of town, it's more a matter of did you know there is a big blizzard coming tonight? so, of course, there was a little example of iowa nice right there here in the soda fountain, corner sundry in indianola. >> nice assignment, kevin. thanks so much for the reporting there from old america. now the gop fight. right now ted cruz is holding a rally in jefferson, iowa. today on "morning joe," trump said if cruz doesn't win iowa,
11:41 am
it could spell trouble for him. >> i don't know if he'll be finished but he'll be hurt because he put everything he can into iowa. he put every single person, he put all of his money, and he put a lot of effort, and as you know, he's doing terribly in new hampshire. he's not doing well after iowa. >> joining me right now is the attorney general of the state and a ted cruz supporter. general, let me ask you about cruz's appeal. trump has a great motto which is "make america great again." what's cruz's? does he have a motto? >> vote for a constituent conservative. at this stage of the election, that's what people are looking for in the elective primary. donald trump came out again about doubling down on the sa single payer. >> he came out for single payer?
11:42 am
>> he came out for a single payer government-run health insurance? >> yeah. >> i'll have to check that out. one thing about cruz, he said, there's going to be a contest for this nomination, and i'm going to be on the far right rail. nobody is getting to my right. is that fair? is there anybody to his right? >> i wouldn't say not at this point in the race, and he's been consistently there. i mean, other people get there on one issue or another, but they've left that lane. marco rubio is the classic example, the gang of 8 bill. but it's one after the other with the other candidates. his appeal is whether you agree with ted or not, you'll know where he stands. and it's been very consistent. he's done what he said he would do when he ran for the senate, and his conservative track record reaches back past that. >> where is he on immigration and illegal status? i've seen tape from him where he comes out on legal status. now he says he's against any kind of amnesty of any sort, no
11:43 am
chance to stay here if you come here illegally? >> most recently when he was hit with the video montage in the debate, he was her first interview afterward. she conceded, your explanation of this is right, and it was simply that ted put forward this alternative amendment knowing that democrats wouldn't accept it, because by then it was about voters -- >> he said he would have supported the bill that included illegal immigrants. >> and i imagine he would have been stuck doing that if the democrats had committed a miracle and actually supported something for illegals. >> so he was contingentl for illegals. i know you're a social conservative and you paid the price. it's a tough position to take. do you think it would be smart if you were a strategist to re-engage in a national campaign on issues like same-sex and
11:44 am
abortion rights? is that something a party can win on? your guy is very strong on this. he's been saying it lately. >> the thing about being a candidate that's effective is you talk to voters about what they care about. and in iowa, there is an awful lot concerned about those issues. so ted is addressing them very forthrightly, and again, he hasn't changed position here over the years. he's been in the same place and he's fought for those positions in washington, even against his own leadership. >> we have our own religion, i think it's the same as mine, but to come out and say in a political discussion that same-sex marriage is a sin, what's the point? in a political conversation. >> well, if nothing else, the point is tell people what you think about it. and whether it kwerconverts to policy or not is another question and that's what this debate is about. >> you're a man of your word. you never change. we'll be right back.
11:45 am
much ahead in the iowa caucuses today. stay with us.
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i think the best part about the iowa caucus is you get a chance to see all the candidates. >> have you ever caucused before? >> nope. >> but you will for trump this time. >> i will. >> why? >> because he thinks like we do. >> wow, nobody sees a lot of the candidates like the people in iowa. if you want to see more, there's tv ads. >> she'll build on obamacare, not start over. break through the gridlock, not add to it. >> ever wonder how hillary clinton can afford so many ads? chances are they were paid for with wall street cash. what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of
11:49 am
iowa. >> donald trump, new york values. >> marco rubio is different. the republican obama. >> anyway, let's bring in republican strategist marg schlap. also elise jordan. of course, we've got national correspondent joyce reed and my colleague as well from "all in." politico has a story -- i guess i was going to tell a story. let me go with this. elise, you're far away. are you still for paul? >> no, i left the campaign, though i really hope senator paul does well today in iowa. >> let me ask you about that. what's rattling around in your head right now? my head is going crazy. i'm blowing up here with butterflies and everything else. >> the big thing for me is turnout. i'm just so curious.
11:50 am
are people really going to turn out tonight? it would help trump with a huge turnout -- >> the answer is yes. they will show up. i just talked to the governor out here, and he's absolutely convinced it's going to be explosive turnout tonight and he's run about four times out here. >> then it's a trump night. >> so it's a trump night. >> i think there will be turnout on both sides. >> it helps bernie, too. it also will help rand paul among young voters. >> that's true. quickly, what's rattling around in your head? what's bugging you? >> there's nothing that's bugging me. i spent a lot of time today talking with young voters, the youngest voters of all. these are voters that it's their first time eligible to caucus. so i talked to a group of local iowans, about half a dozen students, and they were between 18 and 21 years old. what was interesting was, number one, practicigmatism. they were very anti-trump, by the way. they didn't like the fact he was negative toward people of color,
11:51 am
negative toward women. that really did not resonate with these young voters. they were all bernie people. >> i'm not sure the pro-trump people are as vocal as -- >> it was fascinating, they had a flyer that trump was handing out to his people that were training, and one of the things was it's a secret ballot. they were advertising this on trump literature for trump supporters because they're basically saying you don't even have to go, you can go, ba da bing, ba da boom, and you can go. >> there's a reason we're supposed to be politically correct. for a person to say i like trump is to say i prescribe to his li lingo, the way he talks about ethnic groups. you're not supposed to talk about that in the 21st century. >> he could actually be doing better in these polls because some people don't want to say they're for trump because then they get all the baggage of the
11:52 am
former mayor who polled and ended up losing. >> here's what i think coming into tonight. if you look at the negatives for donald trump, he's got the highest on favorabilities of any candidate. they've also been getting worse. to me what it represents is a missed opportunity with all that money floating around to hammer the guy. >> what does jeb spend $15 million on? here. >> ted cruz is not the guy to do it because i've not seen somebody create more polarized feelings of dislike than ted cruz. >> citizens united have raised the most money. good luck tonight, joy. i'm sure you're still rooting for somebody. joy reed, chris hayes. thank you, all. we'll be right back.
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we're back live with iowa right now. we're going to go to jacob summeroff at the university of iowa. take it away, jacob. >> we're at the university of iowa summer house. there is some history here. most recently president obama has spoken here. it's a democratic office location. they expect about 160 to 230 people to show up tonight. six precinct legal delegates in johnson county where we are are going to be about 91 state delegates. back to you, chris. >> thank you, jacob, who is at university of iowa. that will do it for me this hour. i'll see you live tonight in prime time coverage. this is msnbc, the place for
11:57 am
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