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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:36pm PST

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competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. [ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning. welcome to java joes. it's 5:00 a.m. central time. >> they're all drunk. >> how do you guys get drunk this early in the morning? >> what's going on here? >> what's wrong with you people?
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>> i think there's something in the air. we're back at java joes, we're back in downtown des moines, just a few hours away from the caucuses. >> they wake us up at 3:00 a.m., we do an afternoon show, it's like potpourri. you never know what you're going to get here. i just won a car! >> vroom, vroom. you know it. >> so there's this bet, everybody, just between us -- >> no, it's a real bet. >> there is this bet between mike barnacle and me. six months ago mike said trump is going to win a nomination. i said, nope, i will buy you a truck if he does. >> budded didy, you better be p
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for cruz tonight. because if trump wins here, you better bar the door. >> you can buy it straight out. we have the managing editors of bloomberg politics, mike halpern and john. >> only one of them sober. >> really. >> i'm just making things up. here's the big question. does anybody have any smelling salts? i've been hearing this all day. i didn't hear it yesterday, i didn't hear it the day before. republicans are going to have record turnouts. this is going to be the biggest turnout in american history. i'm hearing it all day today. that's just like saying donald trump is going to run away with it. where is that coming from and do you have any evidence that there is going to be record turnout tonight? why a republican establishment in iowa saying that? >> because i think there are a lot of candidates in the race, and you've got at least two very
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serious turnout operations, and you've got in the case of rubio and ben carson a fair amount of excitement amongst the people who like them. >> is there still excitement for ben carson? >> among his supporters, there sure is. >> so people are saying the cruz people will be able to switch tonight over to cruz? >> there may be a bank shot for cruz. those people may turn out to be for carson but get convinced in the room in some of these caucuses to switch over to cruz. not all of them. >> i find it hard to believe that true believers would do that. >> remember, the republicans never had a year like the democrats had in 2008. so their record is nowhere near what the democrats' record is. >> if there's a record turnout, it's great news for trump, right? >> that's the conventional wisdom for sure, and part of the reason this narrative has taken hold is because terry branstad and others are saying -- they have a better feel for what's going on in the state than
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others will, and there's been so much attention on the republican side. it's so different than it's ever been here. there's a huge turnout. there is no one they favor more than donald trump. >> it's got to be cool to live in iowa and know how much this matters to an extent. this would be an exciting way to participate. >> it means more now than it has in a very long time. mike barnacle, let's just be clear. if bernie sanders wins here tonight, the democratic outlook completely changes because the guy is up 25 points from the latest poll out of new hampshire. if trump wins tonight, you could say the same thing. for cruz, a devastating setback, because this is cruz's state. this is his home field territory. so iowa matters in a big way. >> i think the more interesting aspect is on the republican side. if, indeed, trump does win tonight, he will win in new hampshire. he will beat cruz back to back, two states -- >> and in south carolina, yeah. >> you can make a strong case
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that after new hampshire, having won two, ted cruz walks around like a wounded soldier, buckshot, gushing blood from his wound. >> that's a graphic way to put it but i guess he has a point. >> he does, and the number one thing is turnout. nobody outside this room knows what's going to happen tonight because they don't know how many people are going to show up in the polls. the campaigns don't know how many people will show up in the polls. you have donald trump among republicans, bernie sanders with democrats that if they get a big number, they're not going to approach historic numbers on the democratic side because obama set a bar in 2008 that will probably never be met, but if they get big numbers of new voters to turn out, bernie sanders wins with democratic voters. >> trump and clinton much better to win and lose, but they can survive easily. >> actually, both of them can. >> if they lose tonight, even if
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they lose badly, they're still the frontrunners. >> all losses are not created equal. you would much rather be donald trump losing tonight than hillary clinton. because if hillary clinton loses tonight, it's going to be the biggest difference between them is democrats. >> he's way behind in new hampshire and she's way ahead. >> for clinton you're immediately looking down the barrel of two losses if you lose tonight. trump has a firewall, in some sense, in new hampshire. hillary clinton right now does not have a firewall in new hampshire. she's going to have to wait until south carolina to get to a state where she's favored. it matters a lot for her to win. >> isn't her longer gain more realistic? >> i don't know if that's the case. if she loses these two -- i've said a thousand times, i have no idea what the world looks like. yes, on static analysis today, she's stronger than trump is in
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the field. >> if she loses iowa, new hampshire and loses new hampshire big, it's not about beating bernie sanders, it starts beating joe biden, john kerry or al gore. >> if trump leaves here wounded somehow, but trump has unlimited money. if sanders wins tonight, he will raise tens of millions of dollars, and she's going around at fundraisers begging people for checks. all bernie is doing is checking the website to see how much has come in. >> this past week, she is forced to go to a fundraiser as an investment banker's firm, where bernie, all he has to do is go to his computer and say, oh, okay, another $10 million. >> and again, it's the $27
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million average. you can go back again and again. if he's competitive here and has a deep well of donors -- >> it's bt that she had to raise money in -- sanders can go campaign. i'm not saying she'll lose tonight but the compensation of losing is dire. >> trump is on his way to another rally, he's holding rallies all day. the last one is where carrie is right now. carrie, how was it? >> i'm in waterloo. i believe we have a picture of sarah palin that you can just kind of -- the interesting thing here. he's the art of the deal, he knows how to be the closer, the
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big negotiator, and he says he's so involved in everything he does. he came into a room here in waterloo, which was a really big room. i've not seen this before, but it was cavernous because there wasn't a lot of people here. in fact, we can show you a video of the empty seats. that translated into sort of a low energy speech by donald trump. clearly, like a lot of speakers, he feeds off the crowd. when he was speaking he wasn't necessarily with the crowd. you can see now in cedar rapids he's getting -- it's a lot more enthusiasm as donald trump is making his way to the podium and, of course, trying to appeal to all iowa voters and specifically trying to get that evangelical vote, joe, as you know, '06 and '10 the last time
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they were identified. >> let's dip in and listen to donald trump in a much bigger crowd. >> she really does love this country, so having your endorsement means so much, sarah. thank you very much. and to have a crowd like this on our final day, can you believe it? this is the day. this is the day we take our country back. remember that. this is the day we take our country back. we have wonderful security guys. they said, mr. so if you see somebody getting ready to throw a at some time. i promise you i will pay for the legal fees. i promise. there won't.
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period of time, who would have known it would turn out to be what it's turned out to be? i've gotten to know so many people. we have a movement, and sarah alluded to it, but we have a movement coming. whether we go to dallas, we had 21,000 people in the mavericks arena. 35,000 people in mobile, alabama, 12,000 people. >> we have incredible, incredible crowds that truly love america, and we have a theme, "make america great again." it's very simple. we are going to make america great again. you have to stick up for your rights in life. we were talking about this before with a group. i wanted to debate so badly the other night. i wanted to go back. but when people don't treat you
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properly, just like when they don't treat our country properly, when iran, after all we did with the $150 billion -- can you believe that -- and they made people sit in a begging position with their hands up, and the only reason they released them is because they wanted their 150 billion. let's not kid ourselves. we have to develop and get respect back for this country. we are not respected anymore. we've had leadership that's grossly incompetent. this is why, on june 16, you're going to have something so amazing and we are going to be our country again.
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. 25 million. we would have broken the record that night, but we did the right thing, and frank, but i said, i'm not going into that debate. we held something in lieu of the debate. i said, let's hold a rally for our veterans. in that rally we raised in one hour $600 million. is that good? our veterans are not properly taken care of. >> very interesting. here we are the day of the election, and he declares at fox, i'm at peace with fox. this is a guy who can change positions not only on issues, he also turns the other cheek and
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he does here as far as fox goes. >> there are no enemies in trump's world, there are no allies, trk. >> i think we got to assume he knows what he's doing. he's a very mindful guy. he puts guys in the penalty box. >> look at this. >> you know what is fascinating, though, about trump, mike barnacle, and we've all seen it before. you're right, no friends, no enemies, there are alliances and he's always in the friend-making business now. >> is the ting.
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. it's -- it's allowed him to arrive with twists and turns in this campaign. >> the other evening he responded to a ted cruz ad, i forget what cruz said in the ad but it was rather harsh, an attack on trump, his lack of conservative credentials. and trump, in his response, based basically that if i see someone in trouble, i will help that person. you can sense him. >> totally agree. totally agree. >> again, just as i said before, we have to assume his instincts
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are good until he does something that shows us they're not. you saw him with a giant check. he's taking money from the fundraiser ed mcmann. >> whenever you see. >> to make trump the nominee, they think that eventually if he became the nominee, he would radically run back toward the middle or mainstream stremme. would you have said that a couple days ago? >> yeah. >> and i've been asked.
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>> what do positively igs do oral oral has darted so far l t left. >> it is a day to note one of the thousands of incredible aspects of what trump has done. the positions he had recently about hillary clinton, about health care, about a bunch of issues in these ads, you would say could anyone think about being a republican nominee? no, impossible. and yet it's one of the things he's easily doing, right here. >> if you sit in a hotel room or bar in iowa right now, it plays in a loop, basically, and the
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guy can droem droem many. >> and toept for the people in iowa, maybe it does not matter. >> this is not doing his bidd g bidding. >> knowing him and knowing how effective tekd with this frng. if he wins the caucuses, this argument between trump -- trump basically has gotten away with being on the map about a lot of issues because he's projected strength. cruz cruz cruz is all about impurity. if cruz ends up winning this caucus, we'll have a different conversation. coming up on this afternoon
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. 22 minutes past the hour. former candidate mike huckabee joins us. good to have you on board this afternoon? >> thank you, mika. good to see you. >> governor, you won this thing. you won it before.
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how are you feeling today in. >> you know, no headaches, no major blood pressure problems. i'm still optimistic. people of iowa can't be predicted like everybody thinks there can, and every four years there is a big surprise. i understand where the polls are, i get all that. but i also understand every time people think they have iowa figured out, they probably haven't. >> 44% of people said they haven't made up their mind yet. >> yeah. we were doing events yesterday and people would come up and say, i don't know, i'm thinking of voting for you, but i'm not sure, i may vote for bernie sanders or something like that. it's not settled until they come tonight and put their names on a piece of paper. >> 45% in the bloomberg poll said they haven't made up their mind. it comes down to the end. >> it comes down to the end. but governor, according to the
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campaign events that were filed yesterday, uyou have 140,000 candidatned voters at the moment. if things don't go exactly as you hope in iowa, where does that leave you? how much longer do you go on? >> that's why we wait until tonight before we make any decision. but let's let voters vote. nobody in america has voted yet. so far all we have is a whole string of opinion polls and that's it. and most of those are two or three hundred people for the margin of error at 5 or 6 or 7%. i still think let's just wait and maybe wait tonight. tomorrow morning i'll give you a much better handle on where things head for me. >> governor huckabee, last week you headed to donald trump's event. should we view that, perhaps, as an endorsement of his campaign and a candidacy down the road, a guy you could get behind eventually?
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>> no, you should view that as an endorsement for veterans and what they've done for the country, the fact that the government has screwed the veterans royally. we owe them not just an apology, we owe them the benefits they went out to shed their blood to earn. they should be getting first royal treatment, not the leftovers. and if you think about it, why do we have to have separate veterans organizations? isn't that what we're supposed to do as a government is to take care of these guys? why did 22 a day commit suicide? because their needs aren't being met. that is a disgrace to this country. so if being over there would give attention to them, and it happened at 8:00 when the other debate was starting, i had nothing going on, i wasn't involved. i offered to take his podium, fox didn't take me up on that. >> did you really offer to take his place? >> i did. >> what did you say? >> i talked to anyone at fox and
12:26 pm
said, hey, you got an empty podium. >> why wouldn't they give it to you? >> i think they thought it might have felt a little bit awkward just to put me up there. >> what do you think about donald trump skipping the debate? >> it was his decision. it wasn't mine. the only decision i made was to be part of the veterans' event, and i was glad i did. >> so a lot of people are suggesting that if trump wins the nomination, washington republicans can't support him. could you support donald trump? >> sure, i could. >> is there any republican in the field you couldn't support right now? >> i will support the nominee of our party. we've all committed to that. every single one of us on that stage, we did it publicly. now it's a matter of integrity. i would be very quick to tell you if we're going to support the republican nominee, i expect the republican party to support the republican nominee, because all of us had to sign a loyalty oath that we would support the nominee. and previously they made a big presentation of going to trump's
12:27 pm
office and getting him to sign it in public. fair enough. if you're going to run as a republican, by golly, be a republican. if you're going to get the benefit of the party, then you have to -- >> you mean the party opposed if trump wins -- >> anybody. >> so the circus moves on to new hampshire tomorrow? >> circus? i thought it was a normal thing i was running on. >> you've run before and know the political process. what are two things we as a civic society could do better so the caucus and the race is more like you think it should be? >> three words: follow the money. if people understood that most of the money for candidates came from the same corporatist and the same money managers, and they funnel it to democrats and they funnel it to republicans, it's the same donors shelling
12:28 pm
out the dough. therefore, the analysts are always going to answer -- >> what were some of those on the republican side? marco rubio, ted cruz, jeb bush? >> not mike huckabee. and there aren't many others who aren't completely indebted and endiedre endeared to that. >> i think it's important that if people come to iowa and make these big promises, i will fight the washington establishment. heck, you are the washington establishment, and you can't deny it unless you are a wholly own owned. he's getting his money from the same spigot that everybody else gets their money. >> you would be good with
12:29 pm
tightening the whole structure frr. prohibit nothing, disclose skpvrg do it immediately. make all contributions go through the candidate, not the superpacs. if you're going to say anything about a candidate t has to go through the campaign and the candidate. that way everyone has to own up to what's said. maybe there's something about. mike huckabee, thank you very much. >> we are just getting started here on afternoon joe. you're going to be here for quite a while, so sit tight. get a cup of coffee. coming up -- you love it, billy. >> coming up, we'll head to one of the 1700 precincts to caucus. stay right here. we'll be right back.
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this is joanne.
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three hours just isn't enough. >> let's do five. we're gearing up for full coverage here on msnbc. it all starts at 6:00 eastern time, just two hours before the caucuses begin. then tomorrow, "morning joe" will be a little longer. we're going to break down all the results and look ahead at the next contest up in new hampshire. a special edition of "morning joe." right now we want to welcome with us on set here -- oh, no, alex, we're going to break. we'll be right back. live from java joes in des
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