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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  February 1, 2016 2:00pm-2:49pm PST

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republicans. i think we can be successful to win the nomination, but we have a big challenge -- >> but a loss here means you've got a long sclog ahead of you. is that fair to say? look, i think that -- i'm not going to speculate, because i think we're going to win here. but we built and knew that we would have a competitive race. we always took senator sanders seriously. the one thing i disagree with andrea is we did see this coming. we knew he had a base of support, particularly in states like -- caucus states like iowa. but we've got a strong organization in the other early states, nevada and south carolina. we're very much looking forward to super tuesday, where we have a broader spectrum of the people voting in democratic primaries and the democratic base of vote. so, you know, we're building this to last and we think we're going to be successful. >> it's going to be an interesting night. john podesta, good luck. we'll be watching. thank you, sir. let's check the other side of the democratic fight here.
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kasie hunt has been on the trail with sanders. she's live right now at java joes here in des moines. kasie, does the sanders campaign feel as if they wish these caucus es were a week ago? >> reporter: just a little bit, chuck. i think a week ago, they were riding high in a way that, you know, was a little bit different than the tone they're taking now. but, they still feel legitimately like this is a real, true jump ball. and that's the sense you get when you go out and canvass with these folks on the streets. i think one thing to look for, as we head into caucus time, they think that older voters tend to head to these caucuses earlier. so some of those early entrance numbers might seem to tilt in hillary clinton's favor, but they're hoping that those younger people who might be a little closer to the deadline will show up a little bit later and ultimately push them over the edge. they've got a war room built out at their headquarters. they're going to be using their own app that they've built to try to connect with the people that they've identified, who are their supporters. so that they can try to get a
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jump on knowing whether or not the people that they've identified have actually showed up to these caucuses. >> i can tell you this. the idea that anybody can understand who shows up verse an entrance poll, i can tell you, our guys in the boiler room says any of that projection is bunk. so, let's -- i will put that out there to let people know, don't try to game what the first wave means -- >> i will let my source know that. >> fair enough. kasie hunt, thanks very much. i want to check in with the sanders campaign. i've got nina turner here, a former ohio state senator and a very active surrogate for senator sanders. nice to see you. >> you too, chuck. >> well, it's here. is this one of those feelings, are you excited? are you nervous that you might come up just short? the difference between victory and defeat could be the nomination. >> it's game day. yeah, you feel all the human emotions. >> right. so what -- a narrow loss, three months ago it would have been
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great. now when so many polls have had it -- would it feel disappointing? >> not really, chuck, we've got to remember how far the senator has come. nobody believed that he would be this far and now he and the secretary are in a dead heat. >> what does -- what does his candidacy mean for the future of the democratic party? because i think it's one of those things, a victory here, combined with a victory in new hampshire, that's just not about, you know, who's up or who's down. this is somebody who's not even technically a member of the democratic party, you know -- >> chuck -- >> but i mean that in that it's almost, this would confirm what he's been trying to do, a revolution, no? >> right, that people are looking for something different. but we know that the senator has caucused with the democrats, over 97% of the time, he votes that way. but people are looking for a difference. they're looking for a political revolution. i've been hearing that everywhere that i go, all across this country, from both seasoned folks and young folks. and as we can see by those 20-somethings, who are really feeling the burn, they are looking for something new,
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different, and exciting. >> were you concerned when you saw "the des moines register" poll? because the anecdotal has always said, oh, sanders folks are more excited than the clinton focuses. "the register" said, no, the clinton folks are more enthusiastic. did that surprise you? >> this is about turnout. i don't know what the paper is looking at, but when we look at everywhere the senator goes across this country, people are excited and they are feeling the burn. but it is about getting your voters out to the caucus. it's going to be about who votes tonight, but we should underestimate young folks. on the one hand, we bemoan the fact they they don't come out enough. e we can't have it both ways. >> you started off as a hillary clinton supporter, and it was a very high-professional switch when it happened, but that also tells me, does that tell me that, look, if bernie sanders comes out short, you're going to be comfortable if hillary clinton is going to be the nominee? >> i want a democrat to go into the white house, but i'm not willing to -- i'm not counting
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senator sander out. this is the beginning of the process, not theened. and to me, he has heart/soul agreement. when he talks about free college and university for every child, i'm a first generation college graduate. that speaks to me. when he talks about a rigged economy, a rigged system, in many ways, he sounds just like fdr. >> and that's what you're looking for? >> that's what i'm looking for. >> you think hillary clinton is learning from senator sanders? do you think that he has moved her to a more progressive focus? >> there's no doubt about that. senator sanders was progressive before progressive was cool, in bold, popular. so there's no doubt he's doing that. but he's not just running to move the secretary to the left. he is running to become the next president of the united states of america. >> all right, nina turner, i will leave it there. enjoy caucus night. >> you too, chuck. >> good luck, stay safe, and we'll see you in new hampshire, i bet. >> yes, sir. >> thanks very much. we've got a lot more ahead. keep it right here on msnbc, the best free caucus coverage you're going to find anywhere. we'll have more big coverage starting at 6:00 p.m. i'll be handing it off to my pals, chris matthews, brian williams, and rachel maddow.
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remember, republicans' side is almost like a primary, when i say almost, anybody who shows up, their vote, one person, one vote. so guess what that means. we get to analyze things, county by county, kornacki and i are going to be doing that coming up. that will be good and fun. we'll be checking in on the rubio campaign. the trump campaign, the cruz campaign. the big three. is it going to be the one, two, three finish that all the polls have been saying or could that order change? just a little less than two hours before caucus doors open. we'll be back in a minute. this is a body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation
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completing the very last stop of the full grassley. we have now been to all 99 counties in the great state of iowa. >> well, that was ted cruz, bragging about his full grassley, of course, named for longtime iowa senator, chuck grassley, who likes to talk about how it's important for him to visit all 99 counties every year or so. cruz is not the only republican candidate to pull off the so-called full grassley. rick santorum and mike huckabee have also hit all 99 counties. santorum did it four years ago as well. we're counting down the minutes, maybe even get into the seconds until the doors are both opened and closed at precincts and the community centers around the state as the caucuses actually begin. i'm now joined by vaughn hilliard, one of our nbc news embeds, who has been in iowa for months. he's seen a lot of cruz during his full grassley and will be traveling with cruz after he leaves the state of iowa. so, vaughn, let's assess the iowa campaigns and the
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organizations. because one of the things that you've been sounding the alarm on to us and new york and washington has been stop underestimated donald trump organizationally. explain. >> -- he's had five, six, seven stops over one day, in the course of a five to six-day stretch, hitting 25 stops over six days. but what donald trump's team has tried to do is make up for his lack of presence when he sometimes goes for a week without being here. one thing is they've been slighted unfairly to a certain degree. they have about 15 staffers here on the ground. one thing you have to give them credit for is they're the most hard-charging staffers you will find in this state. somebody, one of those examples is danna gurts, the iowa co-chair. to be frank, she's been mopped widely across the state as being, she was on "the apprentice" with donald trump, she was a runner-up in one of the seasons. but what she has done has figured out a 60-second pitch,
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elevator pitch, to get people to come out, saying it's easy. all you've got to do is show up. you don't even have to be registered yet. show up to the polls. i pick out people at different donald trump events. another guy i talked to, i've gotten to know chris. he's reached out to me. and his wife chimed in at this particular event in ft. dodge. and chris showed up and came out to visit him at the hospital. one of the things, they have this personal connection. sure, they brought in people from out of state to call in. there's a personal connection to the trump team that has really worked hard to do. >> vaughn, very quickly, the one, two, three in the polls, is that how you would also rank the organizations as you've been following it over the last three months? >> the marco rubio campaign is the one that has been questioned, from the summer, through the fall, and they finally hired a state director as late as september. they picked it up over the course of the last two months. look for ben carson to do pretty well here. >> all right. vaughn hilliard, we'll be watching. a man who has become, i think, they're going to start charging
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you state income tax. we shall see. vaughn, thanks very much. joining me now at the big board in 30 rock is my pal, steve kornacki. and the good news tonight is we're going to be able to do some county-by-county business. the bad news is only on one-half of the occasion. but because it's basically a firehouse primary on the republican side, we do have some patterns to follow. talk to me about romney v. santorum and what that could tell us about trump v. cruz. >> exactly. let's take a look back at the last republican caucuses in iowa in 2012. so the key here is, the blue, the purple, however that looks on your screen, that's rick santorum. and mitt romney is the green. remember, santorum and romney, it was basically a title in the total number of votes in '12, but very different coalitions. so using that sort of as the backdrop here, i want to take a look at the keys for three of the candidates tonight on the republican side. we start with ted cruz, and basically, everywhere you see a santorum county here, that is key, that is the backbone of what cruz is trying to pull off.
2:14 pm
basically look up here. this is sioux county in the northwest part of the state. this is one of the most conservative, most republican counties in the state. it has the highest concentration of evangelical christians in the stays. it is rural and religious. rick santorum got his best numbers out of this county in 2012. so what we're looking for tonight is ted cruz replicating that. is he driving a big number in a county like that? at the same time, donald trump has been making surprising inroads in these areas. and one thing to keep in mind is that trump's chairman, one of his chairman in iowa, sam clovis, a prominent conservative, this is his part of the state. is he going to help trump there do surprisingly well? another area of the state to keep in mind, right here around the capital, des moines, the des moines suburbs, this is -- if there's going to be a surprise tonight from marco rubio, this is where it's going to be. there's a very different type of republican here, more white-collar, suburban, residential, rubio's been
2:15 pm
targeting. can he do well? the final area is between dubuque and davenport, this is the type of republican you might expect to see go to donald trump. >> and remember what happened four years ago, we always had an urban/rural split essentially between santorum and soromney. the question is going to be, if it's a three-person race, is it all urban for rubio and what happens in the different ways that the rural splits up? anyway, steve kornacki, good work. going to be fun to follow tonight. be sure, by the way, to stay with msnbc, all night long, as we'll be doing that. still to come, we will check in with the rubio campaign and what tonight could mean for them. a strong showing, what is a strong showing. maybe we'll get them to define that tonight. >> this election is not just an election. it's not just a choice between two political parties. it is a referendum on our identity as a nation and as a people. that is what you are participating in. a referendum on what kind of country america is going to be
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as we've talked to people here in iowa about who they're backing, we haven't heard a lot about jobs. the issue that dominated the past two election cycles. that may be in part because iowa's unemployment rate, ready for this, 3.4%. that makes it the sixth lowest in the entire country. that's not just full employment, but almost over-employment. we'll talk about what's motivating iowans to caucus tonight, but one thing it may not be, after the break. but first, hampton pearson has our cnbc market wrap. >> we had stocks ending the day mixed, but little changed. the dow falling about 17 points. the s&p off by a traction. the nasdaq adding six points. shares of alphabet, the parent company of google to you and me, are surging after-hours. earnings came in much better than expected. revenue also beat estimates.
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(crow cawing) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". i think, ultimately, for people, what they want to see is that your campaign is growing and it's showing real strength. and that's what i think you're going to see here tonight in iowa, real strength. the campaign that continued to grow throughout the summer, fall, winter. >> even if it's a third-place finish? >> you know, again, these things -- ultimately, people will perceive it however they want. i feel very confident about how we're going to do tonight and what the perception is going to be. i can just tell you, i feel very optimistic, not just about iowa, but the states to come.
2:24 pm
>> that was my colleague, hallie jackson, with a quick pull-aside there with marco rubio, just a few hours ago. she's now, however, in cruz country, as he gets ready for his election night rally there. so, hallie, boy, it's interesting, the ted cruz campaign, they will tell you, they're going to win. they're fully confident, marco rubio's campaign is being very careful about defining success. >> reporter: and then you've got donald trump, who today says he think it's going to be a tremendous victory. you've got them all playing the expectations game in a little bit of a different way. but i think you're right, i think the cruz campaign does feel very confident, particularly in its organization. they feel like the work that they've put in here in iowa over the last several months is really going to pay off. and in fact, they're getting ready for a party tonight. they've got the bar set up. they're still putting all the pieces together here where the after-party is going to be. but you can see, look, this is a sign, look at all the media here, of how much ted cruz
2:25 pm
expects to be part of tonight's story line. really part of one of the big story lines for tonight. the campaign has basically disseminated headquarters. they took everybody out of headquarters about 1:00 this afternoon and spread them all across the state to try to make sure they are able to get people out to caucus sites. they've got people working the phones, they've got some 1,500 precinct captains in place. thousands of volunteers. more than 10,000, as we've been talking about. so that's the reason why they're feeling confident. they believe their supporters and their people know exactly where they need to go and also comfortable with where supporters are of other candidates, as far as ted cruz being the second choice. >> well, i get it and i know what they've been trying to do over last 24 hours. but, if they don't win, that's a big black eye on that campaign. hallie jackson, thanks very much. let's check in with the rubio campaign. go ahead, go ahead, hallie. >> reporter: well, i was just going to say, chuck, i think it's interesting, i think this is something that you and i have talked about, that if he doesn't come out on top here in iowa, this is a state that is really good for him. this is a state where he could
2:26 pm
succeed and do very well, very easily. so if you look into some other states, he does have a lot of strengths, at least in the campaigns, going into those s.e.c. primary states, but iowa is a good place for ted cruz. and maybe that's why his campaign feels so good about it. >> well, absolutely. this is tailor-made for him. so we shall see. thank you, hallie. i'm now joined by alex cohen, the director for the rubio campaign. so happy caucus day. is this your first caucus, on a campaign? >> this is my first time my candidate has made it to the caucuses. >> fair enough. that's right, that's right, we had a man north of the iowa border back in the day, mr. pawlenty. so, look, you guys have been a bit cagey about defining what success is. look, as a journalist, i get it. but at some point, you've got to have something in your head. obviously, you're hoping you're part of the story tonight. your part of the story, you're a pretty strong third or surprise second. >> yeah, i don't think a surprise second is going to
2:27 pm
happen. if we can be a strong third, we'll be really happy with that. there's traditionally three tickets out of iowa, if marco's got one of those three, i think we can go into new hampshire with some momentum. we'll feel really good about that, especially when you consider everything that was thrown at us here in the last couple of weeks. a million dollars worth of ads per day from jeb bush's campaign. ted cruz going 100% negative on marco in the last week, as he's seen marco gain momentum. if we can finish strong and gain some momentum, that's a good omen for what's going to come into new hampshire or south carolina down the road. >> you know, you've seen some of the criticism from people who are rubio fans. i look at a guy, ross stowpat, columnist for "the new york times," who's questioned from rubio has underperformed a little bit because he won't go directly after trump. i know you take issue with that. >> we would rather spend our time going after hillary clinton. at the end of the day, the only way we can beat hillary clinton if we can unite the republican party. >> but until you can get to hillary clinton, you have to get
2:28 pm
over donald trump. >> but we do that by uniting the republican party. >> is this a party that wants to be united yet? >> it's going to be a party that needs to be united. i think marco is the only candidate in the race that has the potential to do that. to unite the republican party. if he's our nominee, he's going to beat hillary clinton. and i think voters in iowa increasingly recognize that, which is why you've seen us move up in the last couple of weeks. >> obviously, this little battle that's taken place between ted cruz and rubio, obviously, it must make you feel good that they came and through ads at you, it sort of confirms what you've been trying to tell the rest of us, hey, we're on the move. look, see, he would be attacking us if we were on the move. do you view him as your greatest threat to the nomination? >> well, it's a good question. we view -- obviously, he's the front-runner here in iowa. he's got the greatest ground game that's ever been -- >> -- first in the polls. why do you view cruz as the -- >> he's got the great ground game. >> look at you, puffing him up. >> he was. and just today when i say campaign chair was predicting a double-digit margin victory
2:29 pm
here. he's got the greatest ground game, something like 12,000 volunteers around the country working for him. if he can't win here, he's got huge problems. but we fully expect he will win here, because of everything aforementioned. >> how important is new hampshire to getting your campaign? if iowa is one booster rocket, new hampshire, i assume, has to be another step? >> obviously new hampshire is very important. it's why we're getting on a plane as soon as the caucuses are over here and waking up in new hampshire tomorrow and we'll spend the next week campaigning hard on the ground like we did here. but we also recognize this is going to be a long campaign. no one's going to seal up the notion after new hampshire, after south carolina, even after nevada. we'll go into march, potentially even april. we're designed for the long haul. we have campaign chairman in all 50 states. we have the resources thanks to some really strong donations in the last quarter to go the distance. >> what does it mean for the republican party if donald trump, a guy that hasn't even voted in a republican primary, according to one -- one report, since 1989, any republican party, what does that mean? what does that say about the
2:30 pm
state of the republican party? >> i think there's a lot of frustration out there and people are understandably upset about the direction of the country. they're sick of washington, d.c. they want change. and i understand that donald trump has done a very good job of capturing that frustration. it's why he's doing well here. why i expect he'll come in second tonight, close to -- potentially close to ted cruz. you know, at the end of the day, though, we need solutions. if we're going to beat hillary clinton, we need some optimism, some solutions, and as i said before, the ability to unite the republican party, which only marco rubio can do in this race. >> are you aware the republicans maybe aren't focused on a general election message. they want a primary message? >> yeah -- if you have a general election message, i get it. >> and i think all the sniping and silliness we've seen between the donald trump campaign and the ted cruz campaign is not good for the republican party long-term. that's why marco's tried so hard to stay focused on hillary clinton, because ultimately, she's the opponent. >> all right. this is the beginning of what will be a lot of sleepness nights pip promise you. >> it's going to be fun, it's going to be a fun ride. and we're coming into the caucuses tonight with some momentum and feel really good about where we're at.
2:31 pm
>> good luck and remember to enjoy it at some point. >> thanks. >> all right. up a ahead, it's all about turnout. the cliche is true. that means we also have a look at how weather in iowa could sway the caucuses. >> the more people that go out, the better we're going to do. and i don't say "me," i say, "we," because it is we. it's a movement. it's we. so you've got to go out. i kid when i say, if you're in bed, if you're sick, if you can't walk, if the doctor says you cannot leave, i don't care. get out of bed and caucus -- you got to do it. welcome to opportunity's knocking, where self-proclaimed financial superstars pitch you investment opportunities. i've got a fantastic deal for you- gold! with the right pool of investors, there's a lot of money to be made. but first, investors must ask the right questions and use the smartcheck challenge to make the right decisions. you're not even registered; i'm done with you! i can...i can... savvy investors check their financial pro's background by visiting
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well, will the weather be a factor tonight? it is something we're looking at. light snow or rain could start soon here in iowa. but the heavy stuff isn't supposed to fall until overnight. that means the weather could cause trouble for candidates flying to new hampshire for tomorrow, but shouldn't hurt the caucuses. but by the way, if candidates from iowa don't get there, that's good news for john kasich, jeb bush, and chris christie, because they don't have to worry about traveling. right now, from iowa to new hampshire, because of the snow, they're already going to watch tonight's iowa results from new hampshire. fact.
2:34 pm
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get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. i want to win iowa. it's going to send such a great message that we're not going to take it anymore. >> i love you all. make sure you caucus tonight. make sure you all caucus tonight. we're going to have a tremendous victory. we love you, thank you very much. >> that, of course, was donald trump. it was his last campaign rally before the caucuses. he also took a shot at bernie sanders. >> we have the biggest crowds there are, bernie sanders has -- by the way, he's second, in all fairness, oh, i'd love to run against him. oh! oh! can you believe it? to run against a communist in this country. i just -- no, no. >> wow, he went from -- he went
2:37 pm
right to communist on that one. he is not a communist. we probably ought to go ahead and correct that on behalf of senator sanders. joining me now from west des moines is our intrepid trump correspondent, katy tur. katy, was a different kind of rally. i have to say, though, i want to start with what i found fascinating today and what the trump campaign is doing in using the trump family as get-out-the-caucus surrogates. explain it. >> reporter: i think that donald trump realizes that ivanka just as much of a celebrity in some ways as he is. there's been a lot of anticipation with her being on the trail. she hasn't come out until the last few weeks, generally and now every rally that we've been at here in iowa, she's come out and waved her hand and donald trump has bragged about how she's pregnant, due any day now, he hopes, crosses his fingers that she'll have the baby in iowa, because he says it will guarantee him a win here in iowa. she's going to be out caucusing.
2:38 pm
the sons that were on "morning joe" during the afternoon a little bit earlier, they're going to be out as well. i think what he's using, he's pulling out all the stops, this family. he realizes the entire family is a big draw for a lot of these voters. almost a first family, royal family, kind of thing. and so donald trump is doing, is he's taking all of the tricks he has up his sleeve, and that has a lot to do with his celebrity, and trying to convince those voters, get get them excited to come out and caucus. they're excited to come out and see him at rallies, they wait for hours. >> he's going to be relying on people that some of whom he's probably never met, making the case on his behalf in that room. and that's something i think, an intangible we don't all understand. katy tur, it will be an interesting night. thanks very much. right now, speaking of the republican side of things, ted cruz is holding a rally.
2:39 pm
at a baptist church in marion, iowa. i'll tell you, he has been going more nonstop as well as trump, the two of them, today. a lot of caucus day campaigning, more than you normally see. we'll be right back. this is a body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for 10 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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2:43 pm
the clock on screen, because, hey, that's what cable news channels do. we're just minutes away from the first balloting in 2016. and this presidential election. everything's been said, everyone has said it, but not everyone has said it right here on this set in this last six minutes. okay? in this combination. i want to go with how i started the show. you didn't hear me on this. are we underestimating the earth-shattering aspect of a donald trump victory tonight? >> if he does triumph during the iowa caucuses, it's probably all over. it's tough to envision where he loses tonight. he's up big in new hampshire. the establishment brings in the cavalry. in south carolina it won't work there. you go to the fcc primary. not a lot of places on the map that you could see him getting stopped. he has been saying he's going to run the table.
2:44 pm
his opponents say he could potentially run the table. i don't think that's spin. >> mark, this is a guy whose campaign is covered every night by acce"access hollywood" and "entertainment tonight." this is going to be a worldwide phenomenon. if he actually accomplishes the feat of just winning once -- >> first of all, it is a worldwide phenomenon. i think bernie sanders should be covered by "access hollywood." that would be covered immediately. >> in all truth, it's just as earth shattering. >> the fact that this thing has the staying power it's had for five, six months now is earth-shattering. i think there will be a trump corrective in new hampshire. i think if he doesn't win tonight, he will be in a position to correct that in new hampshire next week. on the other hand, if he wins tonight, i think there will be a la
2:45 pm
last-ditch effort to get another candidate. >> even though we always say that, you know, it's not going to happen anymore, my gosh, it happened for hillary clinton. it was a corrective against barack obama. it happened with gary hart, a corrective against walter mondale. it happened with pat buchanan. john mccain with george w. bush. >> it does happen. but how far up in new hampshire is trump already is. it's hard to tell people in a primary, where the shape of the electorate is not as important in a caucus, mobilization is not as important, turnout's not as important. to have that giant reversal, you have to have a whole bunch of people who all like trump to pick one other person. last i checked, ted cruz was in second place in new hampshire. all of these so-called establishment candidates, they're all basically tied for third and they're all getting high single digits, low double digits. that is not a mass movement. >> that's true.
2:46 pm
but there is a precedence for a huge swing in iowa. i think bush came out of iowa with a slight lead. >> right. >> there's precedent for over 20, you know, coming quickly. >> both political parties, there's part of me that wonders, are they facing a near-death experience tonight. two victories tonight. that is a way to just -- one is not a registered member of the democratic party in sanders. and donald trump's never even voted in a republican primary in at least 30 years. or almost 30 years. that's how much these two political parties are re jesting their leadership. >> that's how much the voters in these two political parties feel their establishment are not listening to them. that's how much the people who belong to the democratic party and the republican party feel like the people who run the party are not hearing what they're saying. and the ideas that they want the parties to represent.
2:47 pm
instead, there's this sort of beltway consensus for the status quo, and that's what the base of both parties is rejecting. >> it's funny, i went to this jeb bush event across town around lunchtime today, and it was almost like a support group for the establishment. at one point jeb sort of said, i am part of the establishment. almost like an aa meeting. my mother is barbara bush, my father is george bush. but it was very polite. he had great command of the issues, as he pretty much has throughout. there was almost this sort of melancholy sense that, look, this is who i am, it's who i'm saddled with, and it's probably not going to be enough in iowa, but i'm getting out of town. >> savannah and i were talking earlier, and we finally said we heard something that was a new piece of information that we had and we were like, wow, a new piece of wisdom that we can dine out on all day. the weird part of tonight, the intangibles of tonight, the campaign that your people stand
2:48 pm
up to, what if it was the guy who didn't pick up the dog poop off of your yard. >> it's granular -- is that the word? >> granular. >> not glandular. >> yes. you probably talked to these people. >> all right. i hope you enjoy it. that's it for us. but don't move, the special iowa caucus coverage continues. my mam, brian williams, chris matthews and rachel maddow will be picking things up right now. take it away, guys. it all starts in iowa. a very tight race on both sides. >> wow! god bless the great state of iowa. >> iowa may be rural and it may be land-locked, but iowans are
2:49 pm
not rubes. be prepared for anything. >> it's going to be a contest. >> the eyes of america will be on the state of wa


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