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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 2, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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liar when she came out onto the stage. >> she needs to have vote for her. >> a number of young people and single women who are the coalition, people who elected obama. she needs them. >> stop there, thank you all, we'll be back tomorrow. with more on "mtp daily," "with all due respect" starts right now. i'm mark halperin. >> i'm john helemann. whose line is it? >> i can't remember whose turn it is. let's flip for it. >> heads. >> it is. >> "with all due respect" to iowa, we don't do coin flips here in new hampshire. >> happy caucus, and my greated east to our new blom berg
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politics, mission control, rad son hotel downtown manchester. countdown to the race. hillary clinton eeqed out a win. bernie sanders camp still analyzing the results, refusing to concede. last night, i was at sanders' caucus night and i talked to bernie and jane immediately after he gave his speech. take a look from the circus, mark and mind you, show time. >> just a little bit of the ex i will ration. >> it's extraordinary night. you think we were 40 or 50 points behind and it appears we've won about half of the delegates, and we don't know who is going to, you know, it's in a tie. >> they had the big mow and they had the big mow for a while.
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it took five weeks for hw to lose the big mow to ronald reagan. it took barack obama to lose the big mow in 2008. we have a couple of people on the republican side with small mow, maybe cruz. >> mini mow. >> that works better. >> and certainly marco rubio, i would rather be him than chris christie. democrat side, no mow at all. >> mowless. >> i'm looking for -- that new hampshire that always takes place between iowa and new hampshire, there is always this one thing that really changes. maybe createds that big swing, and i thought that rubio had a big night last night and i'm looking to see what he can do in the next three days. can you tirn that into the big mow. can he keep this headline up, and can he start stripping away from the rest of the field. >> doesn't it usually a moment occurs here, campaign can plan the big moments that certainly comes through in new hampshire. it just sort of happens, it
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often happens to somebody that is not riding the big mow, somebody that is struggling and catches fire. >> front page again. think about it. so many candidates both sides of the aisle. so much media. there is so little oxygen for all of these candidates. who is going to get the attention in the next seven days? >> on this point, i talked to a number of senior staffers on these four major establishment lane campaigns, right. >> on the republican side. >> on the republican side. so many of them just openly, obviously off the record, admitted, we don't know what's going to happen. we're waiting for a moment to arrive and hopefully it's us. >> i get a lot around the granite state, illegal poker, do people seem engaged, does it seem like a statewide event, or just for exodus. >> we're having the most amazing primaries. the 100th year, people are going
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out to town meetings. some criticism, but even think of donald trump, someone with national name recognition who has for two years been campaigning, taken every question from every voter that comes to him, and he's working hard here. a testament that what is going on here, and we're looking forward to next week. >> we saw a high turn out in iowa. >> john kasich and a number of other endorsements, are those important in this state still? >> probably not, no. i think what the most important was union leader, and what he did was not tell people where to vote. what they did with chris christy around thanksgiving, here's a second chance, take a second look at this guy, which they did, and he survived for about a month and now he has to scrap it out with everyone else. >> how would you rate the school community, the students involved, but more broadly, how would you rank the participation of civic groups as compared to
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the past. >> at least four to five times what it was four to five times ago. i've never seen anything like it. it's none st it's nonstop. with a candidate at 10:00 in the morning and it's filled. it films up early. it's a greatest mentto what is happening here. >> i want to talk about the democratic side a little bit. there is no momentum there. hillary clinton claiming a victory, bernie sanders claiming a victory. they have some ground to claim victory in iowa. tell me what you think is going to play out here. sanders has had a big lead, sun stan shall and really large according to various polls. is it fair for the clinton campaign to say home field advantage, we can't really win here, or is it more what i think this has been clinton central for decades. how can you say that? >> two point ossen that. it is totally amazing that we're having this conversation. >> right. >> in clinton country. i think we do need to take the
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long view and say ha is just incredible. she is their reigning campaign. i don't understand the notion that he's just from very monmon has the advantage here. that's not necessarily true. he can be here when he travels, but two elements going on here. we're really white. that's huge. that's one reason why he's doing well. >> you know something about being really white. >> the way i dance, thank you. >> you could be the president of c caucasian. >> independent voters, where he is definitely leading her. you don't see that my ddynamic out in other sides. it's much more interesting to vote on, i want to see what happens in the sanders lead. >> you're an older man than james, vermont versus new hampshire, they're not really that similar. >> people in new hampshire
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traditionally do not like people from vermont. we saw howard dean didn't win, he was beat by a massachusetts person. this is another example of brand loyalty and politics, not being there. and personality trumps. everything else in politics and there is this movement that people are latching on to with bernie sanders. i can't explain it. but it's happening, and i -- >> to be clear, this isn't brand loyalty we're talking about. it's her. she won the primary years ago. >> it's her, but i am getting the feeling, i ma'm reminded of 2000 with kane and bush, and when they took on mccain, whether or not that's what they're planning. >> which of the establishment candidates, bush, kasich, might break out and have a strong night. >> i think rubio in the next three days can show momentum from iowa, he's going to be it. kasich has done a lot of groundwork. christie, he keeps fighting and
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fighting. bush is working as hard as ever, and you know, here we go again. it's the split of all four. i just did it. a traditional voter in new hampshire is doing. >> such high level of people who have no idea who they're voting for, even with just seven days to go before this primary. i think he's right. in marco rubio can get so sort of momentum. the thing with him, did he not do the spade work you saw lamar alexander to ride expectations here, but he didn't do the spade work in iowa and made it happen with late deciders. same thing can happen here too. >> coming up what we call a primary tourist to come up and see the state, what's one place they should go. >> a trump rally. i've never seen anything like it. people normally wouldn't participate in politics. it's good for politics. it's very interesting. they've taken on as you have said, this persona of the candidate. >> all right, apparently a
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so hillary clinton, we were both at that event. she's now here, bstz way ahead in most polling. do you get a sense that over the next week, she's planning to win in new hampshire or doing something else? >> some of her advisors are saying she can't win here. stump speech was the same as in iowa. her husband's introduction was pretty much the same, telling the same stories about her. i don't suspect there will be any negative athds put on television. they have three events. she's here today. she has to be here wednesday for a town hall type thing. thursday for debate, friday for a party dippenner. side by side, one-on-one, she can somehow do what the clintons
3:12 pm
have done here twice before. >> we talk'll talk to billy lat the show. this has been very, but if the clintons can't win here, stronger state than iowa for sure, and you know, you have said you suspect, talking to some clinton aids, bill clon ton thinks they can win here. it was south carolina, everyone said let's not play there, obama will win there with the african-american vote. bill clinton said we can go down there and win. tonight, bill clinton is saying to hillary, we can win here, we can do it, make it happen and he will prevail over all her voice soars. >> bernie sanders's lead is big, but we don't know how big. second place into first, overcame huge polling, and people who are new to covering politics and talking about politics, you can have huge poll swings. >> in this state.
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>> in a two person race, hillary clinton, who has an incredibly deep organization if he she can bernie sanders three nights in a row, but that's why bill clinton will prevail. but don't go negative. save it for south carolina. >> they feel they have such strength in nevada, her strength with the hispanic voters, south carolina, it would be a sign in a way of weakness for her to cheap new hampshire and fly, start doing events in south carolina, starting on sunday and monday. is she going to do it a couple of days before the new hampshire leave here and go off to later states. i don't think she can afford to do that. she right now is claiming the winner's momentum. she says saying i won iowa. if you won iowa, you should be able to come in here, a state that they know like the back of their hand and make the case, and try to take sanders off. >> here's a practical variable. we both agree if bernie sanders
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won iowa, he would raise tens of millions of dollars. having tied, how much does he raise? does he raise enough that they feel in a panic, we need more money, how do we will deal with that, and that he has more money and he can start spend anything march. >> the sanders campaign, as much as she feels great, on the plane on the way out here, they feel like they won last night in iowa too, and they're high in sanders land. >> the big story on the republican race, ted cruz defied expectations, he trumped trump in the hawkeye state. cruz holds the title, won the most ever, blew past by 10,000 votes. after his victory, morning tv interviews taped last night, he was defiantly conservative and why he would be the -- >> you look at the past two
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winners, very good men, people of principle, but when they came out of iowa, they were broke. when they came out, they didn't have the national infrastructure to be able to compete to win the nomination. we're in a very different position. you know, the finance reports that were filed last night showed that at the end of december 31st, that we had almost as much money in the bank, our campaign, as the campaigns of jeb bush, marco rubio, john kasich and chris christie combined. that's an incredible testament. usually the conservative is broke. >> undeniable huge victory. how does it set him up in new hampshire. >> it should set him up well. we've said for months now no reason why he could not come in second, a strong second. this a state more moderate state. certainly less auto evangelical than iowa, but pat buchanan won the state in 1996. ted cruz shows a big block of that vote that's out there for him and with the momentum out of
3:16 pm
iowa, he is set up well. we don't know yet. we'll talk about trump in a second. we don't know what the effect will be. ted cruz's momentum the money and the part of new hampshire that will be attracted to his message, i think there is no reason why he can't finish second and maybe, maybe even win this primary. >> sanders' strong position in iowa allows him to raise internet money. cruz all kinds of money, better than anyone in the cycle. super pac p money, bundling and small contributions. i'll be curious to see, ted cruz has more money in the bank than his rivals, not counting donald trump's personal checking account. could have much more going into march. i think what ted cruz's win does is people were taking for granted or discounting rather. he's a finalist now. would he have tried to go on had he lost yesterday. >> flat out. >> i think the campaign was overstating the definitiveness, a finalist, a well-funded, and
3:17 pm
mike huckabee, rand paul, lane is clear, while the sustain mentlane remains clogged. >> again, i think, you know, one of the things we learned last night, and again, the polling is accurate, right, iowa is a hard state to poll. new hampshire is easier. historically they've been given huge swings in both parties as we pointed out in the previous topic. donald trump's lead does not seem to me utterly secure by any means. >> another thing about the cruz campaign. extraordinarily good campaign staff, close-knit staff and the heart and soul of a staffer, which he used to be. go back to a breakfast we had, bloomberg hosted by al hunt. listen to jeff row in advance of the caucuses what was going to happen last night. >> what do you think will happen monday night? >> i think we'll win. >> close, you know, a healthy
3:18 pm
margin. >> outside the margin of error. a record turnout and 121,900 is the record. i think it will be defeated. 10% over that, 15% over there. >> jeff row and his colleagues and data and analytics and voter contact, you have to say they understand what they're doing. some questioning will it be applicable outside of iowa. it will outside of sec states. >> it's just about smarts and analytics. that's applicable to any given state. he was striking that day. we both commented on it. he was way out more than any election, what was going to happen, turnout, where the vote would come. we were like wow, man, that guy is confident and it all came true last night. >> all right, when we come back, that's a compliment for sure. some non-winner winners of the caucus last night and later, new
3:19 pm
hampshire native son, talk about john kasich's last stand in the granite state. i'm elizabeth ray berger. first event in the new hampshire, surprise finish in iowa. let's listen in. >> leader in either party have not done enough to stop it. that's the anger people face. so this started building early in 2009. i was a private citizen. i had been speaker of the florida house, kicked in, i was happy to go home and be a private citizen and a vacancy created for the u.s. senate. i said i want my next senator to stand up to the agenda that barack obama is putting in place and offer a clear alternative. the republican establishment said our candidate is going to be the sitting governor of florida, his name is charlie kris. i said i know him. he was governor when i was speaker. he is not a republican, much less a conservative. and i said well it doesn't
3:20 pm
matter, that's who we're going with. i said well, then i'm going to run. they said if you run, we're going to come against you. and they did. but we won. in fact, we won. before that race had even ended, he had proven me right. when switched to become an independent. then he became a democrat two yas later. now he's a vegetarian. he keeps moving. all right, nothing wrong with being a vegetarian. i'm not saying. i don't get it, but nothing wrong with it. and now, when i decided to run for president, some of the same people came forward and said you can't run for president. so, i said why, because you have to wait your turn. there is a line. i said i didn't know there was a line. for what. what are we waiting for. after seven years of barack obama, this is not a time for patience. this a time for urgent action, because if we get this election wrong, there may be no turning
3:21 pm
around for america. >> let's get the job done! >> absolutely. absolutely. so what will it take to get the job done. well, first what it will take is we must at the end of the process to bring the party and movement together. we cannot win if we are not together. that doesn't mean we're going to agree on everything. it does not. but we have to be unified. we must come together. when i'm our nominee, i will bring the party and conservative movement together. i will unify us so we can win. but that alone will not be enough. we need to go out and convince more people to become conservatives than we have right now. we're going to do that when i'm our nominee. we're going to go to the people who are living the way i grew up. my father was a bartender, my mother was a cashier, a made, a stockbroker. >> that was marco rubio speaking in new hampshire. there is more with "with all due
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3:25 pm
saying i couldn't do well there, and ended up in second place. he lashed out, as i said. he warned he'll take some shots at the media during event tonight in milford, new hampshire, where he's getting the endorsement of former massachusetts governor scott brown. he has done no interviews since the returns. he stayed off twitter and then got on twitter. his event last night showed a different side and helped himself. so where does donald trump stand now after his second place showing? >> i think one needs to answer this question in two different ways. there is politically where he stands and psychologically where he stands. politically, he is still in great shape. this was his weakest state. >> iowa. >> iowa was. he has been stronger in all the other states in terms of public polling. he has a large lead here. he should be fine coming in second in iowa, winning a whole bunch of states. psychologically is the other matter. i have no prediction where this will be. he wants to win, win, win,
3:26 pm
polls, polls, polls for years. he has faced the voters. he came in second, but a pretty distant second and got almost overtaken by rubio. what happens. >> we'll talk about it all week, beyond new hampshire, assuming he wins or does well. his problem is ted cruz. as far as we know, pretty ever attack he had on ted cruz, and ted cruz is being attacked by other people at the same time and yet he didn't beat them. so i think he has to wonder, maybe one or two others, how does he take down ted cruz, it's not clear from his time in iowa. our polls showed that iowa republicans cared about cruz's bank loans than he could be the prime minister of canada. >> trump discombobulated cruz. it was the first time he was. he gathered his composure and
3:27 pm
closed strong in iowa, despite the fact a lot of people think he wouldn't. a one-to-one race, donald trump has to spend some money. we're now going to come back to that question. how much does donald trump really want to spend to compete across the south. >> i'm not sure cruz is so discombobulated. >> he seemed to be. >> disagree. >> we'll talk about that later this week, then. all right, a stronger than expected third place in iowa, rubio used the airwaves that he and he alone stands the best chance of defeating a democratic in november. same message is super pac push anything a new ad. >> ted cruz sas donald trump has boat loads of liberal position. donald trump says ted cruz can't beats the democrats. they're both right. marco rubio can win and the clinton machine knows it. rubio beat the establishment. he will unite republicans and
3:28 pm
restore the american dream. if you're not with marco, you're electing the democrats. >> as rubio attempts to consolidate establishment support, his campaign announced the endorsement of tim scott, a popular after can american republican. new hampshire, rubio's three mainstream rivals are working hard already for his momentum. chris christie at his town hall today in bedford. >> you know me, i'm the the boy in the bubble, okay. you know who the boy in the bubble is up here, he never answers your questions, scripted and controlled, so as soon as the boy in the bubble gets here, i hope you guys ask him some questions. it's time for him to man up and fess up and stop having his speech writers. but that's what he has to do. >> so variation of the question
3:29 pm
all morning or all afternoon, where does marco rubio finish in iowa leave him relative to the race. >> very strong with media elites, strong with congress, strong with the chattering class, strong with donors. i don't know where it leaves him with the voters of new hampshire. he's going to face, as everybody is during the stretch here, every four years between iowa and new hampshire, he's going to face a battering, even more than he did in iowa. >> way more. >> and media, but he's going to have to figure out a way to get over and break away from the pac as he did in iowa when you've got christie, bush and kasich who have devoted a lot of time here and to get past cruz and trump. so i'm not sure how he's going to fair with that group, but he has a lot going for him. >> two days when it looked like rubio stalled in iowa, i wondered, well, if he ends up with 15, 16, how is he going to claim momentum. he got a nice boost yesterday. let's give him some credit.
3:30 pm
he's the guy, it was a very strong third place finish. i agree. questions about whether there is oppo that could take him down. this concentrated period where these voters are focused free and paid media are going to be filled with assaults from jeb bush, chris christie and john kasich. >> chris christie must beat rubio here. >> same with kasich and bush, all three of them. >> they'll rip rubio's face off, and i don't i think mean literally, but i might. up next, we'll hear from the trump campaig-- cruz campaign. the national spokesman joins us right after this. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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like tyler is the communications director for ted cruz's campaign so we asked him back on the show to direct some communications our way about his boss' victory. thanks for coming on kbl glad to be here. >> we opened the show of asking the question where does ted cruz's very impressive first place victory in iowa leave him with respect to this state, the granite state. tell us what, set some expectations here. >> we exceeded the expectations in the polls. the "des moines register" had him down five points and we finished with 6,000 vote margin. a good ground game, we can do it again. i don't know, i'm not bpredictig victory, but i think we'll do better than expected. we're going to have five candidates that are going to beat each other up. we have ted cruz conservative left in the. >> i'm not going to ask you to predict victory, but what would
3:35 pm
keep you from winning here. >> donald trump has that 35%, that's like a 20 point margin, that seems fairly inn surmountable. >> is it possible that ted cruz could wrap the nomination up by march 15th? >> i don't want to speculate. it's way too early for that. >> is it possible. >> it could be possible, it could depend on a lot of things i couldn't possibly predict. >> what we said earlier, why you candidate is going to be a finalist, resources and calendar, regardless of what happens. >> ted cruz has raised $50 million, from 700,000 different donors and most of those donors are $100, $50. >> you i think he's a finalist. >> absolutely. >> he's playing in march. do you think donald trump is playing in march, or not necessarily? >> i don't -- he'll have the resources. i mean, he could write a check. i think we'll have the resources because we can go back and ask our donors for checks. >> right. >> and we finish cash on him
3:36 pm
$19 million, more than governor christie, kasich, rubio combined. so it's -- we didn't leave iowa with no money. we left iowa with money and an organization, and we have thousands of volunteers already here in new hampshire. we have a new cruz camp that has opened up. housing volunteers, just like we did in texas, and we'll do that here and then again in south carolina. >> let me come back to the question i was asking you about new hampshire, ask it a different way. >> sure. >> if anybody is going to surmount donald trump's lead, who would it be, if not you? if not ted cruz, who is more likely to finish ahead of him in first place than ted cruz. >> well, very interesting way of asking it. it probably would be ted cruz. >> so the most person most likely to finish first in new hampshire other than donald trump is your candidate? is that correct? >> it depends. look, there is a lot -- new hampshire is a different animal than -- >> is the republican too strong --
3:37 pm
>> no. >> is there anybody stronger than your boss. >> the politics are different in new hampshire. we're the under dogs in the race. >> politics in the -- >> we've focused on the evangelical vote. ted cruz brings religious measures to secular new hampshire. it's working. he doesn't change his message. conservatives working with pro-life groups, 603 alliance, they want to get behind one candidate and they got behind ted cruz. he won it by 72%. if those people can chose the conservative, i think we'll do well here. >> any change in the strategy tactics. >> almost the say, because evangelicals what we focused on, don't burden your kids with debt, protect the country, protect the borders defeat the
3:38 pm
enemy, create jobs, a lot of co they may not be the sec primary on march 1st. >> your boss hates getting up early and doing work. what happens if the russians attack in the early morning. >> it is true that he stays up later than most people. >> not at all surprised by the candidate lost in iowa. new hampshire john edwards here to talk about the granite state gamble when we come back. ♪ [impact thud] ♪ the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all-wheel drive. because winter needs a hero. nissan. innovation that excites.
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3:41 pm
our next guest is one of at least two. the former united states senator from new hampshire, the chair of john kasich's chair, and former senator joins us now. you and your father weigh in on donald trump frequently, your father former governor, not supporting any candidate in this race, but pretty opposed to trump. what do you think the granite state and independents will be of trump's finish. >> i think nationally, what we saw in iowa was that the polls were wrong. trump dramatically under performed the polls. it's not what polls are showing now. it's progress go to fade and i think john kasich is in a great position to pick up the votes. >> your basic posture is donald
3:42 pm
trump is a big fat loser. >> no, that he did lose. he was a big loser. >> he has a history of losing his whole life. >> that may be. i'm worried about the campaign. >> i'm quoting you. quoted in the new york times today reminding people of donald trump has done that he has failed at. >> how can you accuse me with my father. that was my dad. i'm sure he was right. >> that's your dad. >> unless it was my son. my son probably wouldn't be talking to the new york times. >> i was misinformed. >> don't fire anyone over that. they don't deserve it. >> do you want to distant yourself from the father, then. >> no, but i don't know what he said. i'm sure it was true and tough. the fact of the matter is, the united states has never chose a president with the background of donald trump because it doesn't work. on the job training doesn't work. changing your positions wildly on immigration and on health care doesn't work. and i think that's why the people of iowa ultimately turned away from him and that's why the people in new hampshire are going to do the same.
3:43 pm
>> what has caused john kasich to a lot of polls rise up and create distance between himself between bush and rubio? >> he's a guy who will do the job. he'll balance the budget. he'll cut taxes. he has done it before. he is a very effective leader. those people who worked around him have seen the way he can motivate people, bring him to a tough problem and solve that problem. reforming entitlements and turning around the economy of ohio. they have an incredible record both of tax credits and job incentives in ohio. people that will do the job and doesn't need on the job training. >> trump is ahead, significantly ahead and then a bunch of four establishment candidates and ted cruz all around low teens or high single digits. besides the debate what, opportunities do those five candidates have to differentiate before tuesday? >> well, hopefully they've already done their campaigning in new hampshire or a lot of it.
3:44 pm
some -- >> that doesn't differentiate in terms of support. >> it certainly will build kasich's support nobody knew him in july and august, and running on average in second place, the rcp averages. how do you do it, town to town, person to person. 100 town halls, you listen to people, answer the questions, even the tough questions. you stand up and answer them. people remember that. they talk to their neighbors, their friends, build that base of support. that's one of the reasons, john has moved up in the polls. he has held most of that support. it hasn't been transient. it's not built on a snappy line. it's based on someone that can get the job done and -- >> he has does have a lot of snappy lines. >> he does. >> not in a debate. he's not attacking people in a debate or coming in with a canned line that he tries to deliver. people respect that
3:45 pm
authenticity. >> making the elect ability, what does he need to get rubio owes momentum? what does he have to do? >> i've said all along, it is a mistake. how are you going to blunt ben carson's rise. you make your case you're the best and most effective leader. when christie was moving in the polls, same question, carly fiorina. focusing on one candidate who had one good night is a mistake. we've never done it in john kasich's campaign. because you're talking to new hampshire, about balancing budgets, turning around the state of ohio and someone who won't need to be trained on the job. that's very important. last thing, though, electability, i don't think you sell a candidacy on electability, we haven't talked about it in john kasich's campaign much at all. but the fact of the matter is,
3:46 pm
he is by far the toughest general election candidate running against hillary clinton and the democrats, because he will win ohio. he will win michigan. he'll run tough. the midwestern states that have been the linchpin. >> less than to 20 seconds, the less republican nominees. >> john kasich. >> and. >> the field. i don't know. >> kasich versus the field. >> kasich versus the field. >> hillary clinton in new hampshire and the man who knows both those well. we'll be right back after this. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car.
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when you're on hold, your business is on hold. that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there. when you call, a small business expert will answer you in about 30 seconds. no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. joining us now is billy
3:50 pm
shaheen, one time supporter of the clintons. billy, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> totally understand why hillary clinton would and is claiming that her performance last night in iowa is a win. >> right. >> one of them. >> that's right. >> easy to understand, certainly better than the third place finish eight years ago. >> exactly. >> in what way was last night's performance not also a win for bernie sanders? any win which bernie sanders does not have the right to also say given everything that he was a winner last night too? >> i think bernie could say that, yeah. >> straight forward. >> yeah, no problem. >> two winners in the iowa caucus. >> a win is a win. we won. he lost. if you win by a field goal, you win. >> i came from 40 points behind, no political organization in iowa, i took on the most political powerful in politics and i took her to a tie. anything wrorng with him saying that? >> he can say it, but in
3:51 pm
reality, hillary is running against 17 republicans that tack her everyday. putting hillary in all their commercials, running against billionaires spending millions of dollars, running against two what i consider fraudulent republican committees in washington, attacking her. so she has a lot of people attacking her. none of these people have a tacked bernie yet. she won the election. he can say what he wants to say. the score is, we won. he lost. we're going to end up i think with 37 delegates, he'll end up with 23. >> is he too liberal? >> i don't know that. i think bernie has a message. i think the message is important. i remember when i was on the hillary team in 2008, when hillary gave it up and said okay, we have to support barack
3:52 pm
obama, i took my hillary badge off and i put my obama badge on because i knew as a democratic, it was important for obama versus john mccain and sarah palin. that was in my dna okay. i feel the same way about this. bernie has a message. i expect that all of the people that he is getting riled up and refd up will be over on our team. >> effective president than he would be, and more electsable? >> i think americans like to v govern from the middle. they don't like the boat rocking. they like to be able to compromise on both sides. >> in what way is he extreme. >> i think the idea of revolution is extreme. i mean, whef you have revolution, you have winners and losers and two people on -- >> mother breaking news. donald trump speaking to reporters in new hampshire after his second place finish in iowa. there with senator scott brown. >> i've had a great relationship
3:53 pm
with iowa. i don't really think, look, what happened is we had 17 candidates originally. i was expected to come in like any where maybe 10, 11, 12, 13. i ended upcoming in second. didn't devote tremendous time to it, tremendous money to it. i guess money per vote, i'm at the bottom. i came in second. i came in a strong second. third was quite a bit away, i think 200,500, close to 3,000 votes away. that's a big difference between second and third. i think that we did really well. i mean, you know, as far as that's concerned. i think the press, some of the press said i did fantastically well. the press doesn't want to give it credit. i think we did very well. i didn't expect to do so well. what did happen, one poll came out that said i'm four or five points ahead, and that maybe built up a false expectation for people. if you would have taken me back
3:54 pm
to june 16th, i was told don't even go to iowa, start in new hampshire. just don't waist yoste your timg to iowa. i bonded with evangelicals, i did fantastic. we came close to winning. we came in second place. so i am very happy with what happened in iowa. you know, we had 17 people, and i was second. if you break it down, i guess you have 11 people, and i was second. and i think we did a very good job. tom? >> no, he don't i think feel any pressure. we're going to do what i have to do. if it works out, tom, that's great. if it doesn't, that's okay too. i'm here to do one thing. the theme, make america great again. i'm going to do it. we did well. i think we did really well in just about everything we've done running for office.
3:55 pm
i think we had a very good result yesterday. could have been a little better. could have been one notch better. but it's interesting, all of these governors and senators that you have way down the list, 1%, 2% in terms of what happened, what just happened, they're 1%, 2%, 3%, nobody ever talks about them. i'm at 24, 25%. they say oh, couldn't you have done better. i think the result was quite good. especially for the amount of time i spent and the amount of money i spent. >> your campaign manager knows this state inside and out? >> i think it fit please better, probably suits me better. i've done very well in new hampshire. i've been here a lot more. i have very good relationships with the people of new hampshire. but i've had very good relationships with pretty much everybody. [ inaudible question ] >> i really don't.
3:56 pm
i don't see that happening. nobody does. we'll see what you have -- you have many, many people not doing very well. i am doing very well. you have many, many people that are here that are well-known politicians, governors and senators, but not doing very well. they just came back from, you know, a very major defeat yesterday. and mine wasn't. mine was, you know -- it's very interesting. if you look at the numbers from yesterday, i got the highest number in history outside of the one number. in the history of the primary. i brought in, also, i guess they had 185,000 people, which is 45 or 50,000 peopmore than they'ver had. i think we will. [ inaudible question ] >> no, i mean, i think we'll get a lot of sanders voters, and you know, they're very much into the trade world, i'm the best on trade. he mentions it, but i don't
3:57 pm
think he does -- i don't think he'll be capable of doing anything about it. we'll do well here. i look forward to it. [ inaudible question ] >> say it. >> six, seven eight events. >> we have a lot of events. >> do you have enough event as soon as. >> we do. we have one long-term commitment for arkansas, but we'll be back and forth quickly. we have a lot of events scheduled. >> famous quotes about success and flavor. [ inaudible question ] >> well, i just think, you no know, i'm happy with what we're doing. we've bonded with the people, whether here or there. if you look at south carolina, same thing. we're doing really well there. but we've devoted much more time here and south carolina. it's not a question of learning. i just want to continue to do
3:58 pm
well. our theme is important. make america great again. that's what we're going to do. not really a question of learning. >> mr. trump, your entire campaign and entire career, you've branlded yourself a winner. career and campaign. how do you think you can go forward and maintain that brand with your supporters who see you as a winner after suffering a defeat? >> if you look at the second place, people didn't talk about my second place. they didn't talk about it as positively as they should have, and yet with marco, who was more than 2,000 votes behind me, that's a lot of votes by the way, they said oh, he is surging, he's surging. i don't know why is the third place person doing well and the second place person, who by the way, has never run, scott was mentioning before you've never run for office before. >> what about your brand? >> i think my brand is doing great. >> what will you do to maintain the lead and will you do anything differently? >> no, just work hard and we
3:59 pm
have a lot of meetings, a lot of talks, a lot of speeches. we're going to be meeting with a lot of people and i think we're going to do very well. we'll be doing some of that, but we also have big events. tonight, they have 4 or 5,000 people, and other people were here yesterday and they had 200 people. same venue, same everything. they had 200 people. so we have -- is there is a good bonding going on. >> mr. trump -- >> what was your first election night like? you've never done this before? >> i enjoyed it. [ inaudible question ] >> i have unlimited. i have unlimit itted. when i look at the various people. so-and-so has 20 million. i have unlimited. that's not thing. the only -- you know, i'm a business person, i want to spend wisely, and i'm probably $40 million under budget because of the fact that frankly, i haven't had to spend very much. although i guess we just did a recent filing, and i would be
4:00 pm
probably having spent now maybe 14, $15 million. but i'm self-funding, and i must tell you, i don't know that enough people appreciate i'm self-funding any way, whether they appreciate it or not. so i won't be influenced by the lobbie lobbies, et cetera. i don't know that it's appreciated by the voters. i'm the only one on both sides. i'm putting up my own money. i don't know that the voters appreciate it. when they go into vote, i don't think they say i am going to vote for trump and he won't be influenced by lobbies and special interests. >> are you going to do more to tell them in. >> i'm going to tell them, but i don't think it's something they vote for, which is a shame, because it's a very big thing. understand that? it's a very big thing. a big element if you can have somebody that can actually self-fund and not be influenced by bad decisions, by people that are l


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