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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  February 2, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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color and young. i spoke with passionate african-american supporters of bernie sanders. the vast majority of the base is pro-obama. they want to continue obama. >> this will be played out over time. >> bernie sanders needs to introduce himself. i think he will find hearing in states. >> we'll see. thank you. that is "all in" for this evening. rachel maddow show starts now. >> thank you. you did amazing work in iowa. it was so much fun to watch you. when you found the santorum guy in the sweater vest. >> i was watched that about 15 times today. it cracks me up. it's the perfect moment of the absurdity of this election. >> you found that guy and told that story. it was perfection. thanks to you at home for joining us. in 1980, the front-runner for the republican nomination was
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ronald reagan. he challenged gerald in 1976. ford did win in 1976 and he went onto lose the general election to jimmy carter. the republican party by 1980 was of the general opinion that ronald reagan was due. ronald reagan was next the line. he was the front-runner. in 1980, things did not start well for governor reagan. the night before the iowa caucuses the republican candidates held an iowa debate. ronald reagan decided to not show up for it. it was not just the last debate before iowa voted in 1980. it was the night before the caucuses. front-runner ronald reagan blew it off. on the following day ronald reagan stayed in california. he didn't show up in iowa. maybe he was just taking it for granted. he was the front-runner and expected to win.
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on the ground, in iowa, that year, something went wrong. something really specific went wrong. iowa public television went back to it recently. they did an autopsy of what happened there. a moment by moment reconstruction of what went so wrong and had such dramatic consequences for the country. on the ground, at the iowa caucuses in 1980. >> republican party of iowa reporting system was built on brand new computers technology designed to compile data phoned in from rural and urban corners of the iowa. >> we did it in an effort to get a fast response to the many people who wanted to know what happened in 2500 and 3500 different meetings or what the strength was. a day or two later wasn't fast enough. this was the fastest way we could come up with. >> despite the best intentions of reliability, the system ultimately failed on caucus night. >> we haven't been able to get much out of western part of the
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state. we expect to be quite strong. >> bush took on an early lead as the late vote started to come in. the computers crashed. no real hope of getting them started again. reporters, i got to write a lead. bush won. >> without them stopping the counting in some of these rural counties in 1980, we wouldn't have -- he would have been vice president. he wouldn't have been president. w would likely now be president. >> think our different american history would be that reagan won the iowa caucuses in 1980. we hold bush dynasty never would have started. >> did george bush senior actually win iowa in 1980? who knows. after the caucuses wrapped up that year and everybody moved onto cover the races. cbs stuck around afterwards and did an analysis of the iowa caucuses from that year and as far as they could tell ronald
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reagan won that year, not poppy bush. factually who knows. politically, it went down in the books as a win for george h.w. bush. that was huge. it was huge for him. i spent the day watching news packages from the time about how george bush campaign got the wind in their sails and this new fund-raiser and media for him after his supposed win in iowa. in the end, in the republican presidential contest that year, george bush senior didn't end up winning. he didn't beat ronald reagan for the nomination. reagan ended up becoming the party's nominee and ultimately becoming president, but thanks to that big surprise win that george bush pulled off in iowa, that supposed win, thanks to the huge boost that gave to the bush campaign that year, george bush did accomplish himself in 1980 because of iowa as the primary challenger, the main challenger to ronald reagan.
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the next best guy in the field. it's a matter of historic record that is why ronald reagan chose george h.w. bush to be his running mate. that did make his the vice president and that did start the bush legacy in presidential politics, and the rest is history or it's a computer glitch depending on you are in the matrix. small ripples in the state of iowa can create very big waves in the whole world that last for a very, very long time. last night in iowa, the winner on the republican side was texas senator ted cruz. senator cruz winning the iowa caucuses would have not been a shock had the vote happened in december when he was consistently leading in the iowa polls. because they were not in december, it was last night. it was a surprise result because ted cruz stopped leading in the iowa polls around the holidays . donald trump had been beating
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him soundly in the iowa polls. it was a surprise that ted cruz won last night. we'll talk about whether ted cruz is a real contender for the nomination given iowa's recent track record in republican politics. there's reason to ask whether or not ted cruz's just another mike huckabee, rick santorum, pat robinson type. he has no real chance at the big prize. iowa's track record of picking far right religious conservative republicans who don't have much appeal to the rest of the republican electorate that is part of why lots of republicans question year after year the wisdom of having iowa go first. as this year's iowa winner, we don't know yet if ted cruz will follow that same pattern. honestly, personally, i think there's some signs he's not a candidate like a huckabee or a santorum or pat.
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i think he has a much better chance of going further than your iowa winner. we'll see. we'll be talking about that evidence ahead tonight. second place on the republican side went to donald trump, who i think is suffering today from the let down of high expectations. i mean, step back from the results here. donald trump came in second out of 12 candidates in iowa, which is great. second out of 12 is great until people expected you to be first in which case all you did was lose. mr. trump has been whining today. sorry to call it that. he's not getting enough credit for his good second place finish in iowa. you can't whine about that. that's how these things go. you raise expectations that you're going to win, and you don't, you get bad press and bad momentum for a long time. the candidate who is claiming the biggest mandate out of iowa is a guy who lost not only to ted cruz but he also lost to donald trump. florida senator marco rubio is
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the candidate last night who was first on the stage before anybody else delivering a combination toothpaste ad and glee full victory speech celebrating his third place win in iowa. big picture, third out of 12 is a nice thing. marco rubio had been in third place in the iowa polls for weeks and weeks and weeks. then he got third place in iowa. he had been in third place in every iowa poll for weeks and weeks. he was expected to get third place in iowa and he got third place in iowa. whoo! by the magic of top dollar a game political spin doctoring marco rubio doing exactly as well as he was supposed to is something we should regard as huge news. it's now the near unanimous view in the beltway that marco rubio is the candidate to beat in new
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hampshire. it's not just the pundit class and the beltway that sees it that way. it's a view shared by his fellow republican candidate. it's a belief that is shared by one of those republican candidates named chris christie. we can tell because we have evidence for it. the evidence is chris christie basically losing his mind today in such an extended, unprompted, anti-marco rubio repetitious that i expected the reporter who covered it to reach out and maybe rub his head a bit. >> i'm going to work. you can follow me around. you know me, i'm not the boy in the bubble. you know who the boy in the bubble is up here who never answers your questions and constantly scripted and controlled because he can't answer your questions. when the boy in the bubble
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getting here, i hop -- hope you ask him some questions. seems to me he should have to sit across from you to answer your questions and you and you, and he hasn't. it's time for him to man up and step up and stop letting all his handlers write his speeches. that's what they do. that's what you have to do for somebody who has never done anything in their life. let's get him up here. let's get the boy in the bubble out of bubble. let's see if he will answer your questions. let's see if he will gaggle with you every day like i do when you're here. i don't think he will. you know why, i don't think he can. i'd be happy every day, i'll have as many gaggles as marco rubio does every day. he wants to answer your tough questions about immigration and answer your tough questions about the lack of experience, he
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wants to answer your questions about why he ran away from his own immigration bill when it got too hot, i'm fascinated to hear the answers. i'm sure you will be too. maybe he'll answer more than two or three questions and do more than 40 minutes on a little stage telling everybody these speeches that he's memorized. this isn't the student council election. this is the election for the president of the united states. let's get the boy in the bubble out of the bubble. i'm ready to play. i hope he is. i'll be ready to see him on saturday night. >> tell us what you really think. governor chris christie telling reporters just how much he doesn't care about marco rubio. never thinks about him. he's of no consequence. not a substantive guy. nothing to say. you can tell he doesn't think about marco rubio or care about marco rubio because he's physically unable to stop himself from talking about marco rubio. governor christi, john kasich
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and jeb bush watched iowa election results last night not from iowa but new hampshire. they all did various degrees of terrible in the iowa results last night. one of the things chris christie bragged to reporters about today was he spent less money to do terribly in iowa than jeb bush spent to do terribly in iowa. he'd be beater manager of your money. i lose cheaper. vote for me. we're going to be talking later this hour about which republican candidates are dropping out of race and which ones are not. at least on the republican side one thing we got last night was a clear result. on the democratic side, i was on the air for a long time last night. we were here live until 2:00 a.m. eastern and you could see it on our faces. it was not until well after we left that anybody even tried to call the democratic race other than the clinton campaign that
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declared victory as soon as caucuses closed. the iowa democratic party did declare that hillary clinton was the winner of the iowa caucus by an exceedingly close margin. they're holding off any more declarative statement until it's clear whether there's going to be any sort of challenge to the iowa result. if you want to know how close the race was on the democratic side in iowa last night, it's so close it's hard to show the difference between the candidates. here, for example, is a correct to scale graph. show it. is that the bar graph? these are the inset. the inset bar graph there. that's to scale map.
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a to scale graph showing the difference between hillary clinton and bernie sanders last night. no difference between the two bars to the naked eye. you have to use math to show the difference. the tally announced by the iowa democratic party is that hillary clinton was awarded this number of state delegate equivalents. 700.59. senator sanders was awarded this number, 696.82. that's a difference of 3.77 delegate equivalents out of roughly 1400 to be awarded. former maryland governor dropped out of race. he got a minuscule 7.61 state delegate equivalents in last night caucus. that's a really, really tiny number for him. you know what, the contest between hillary clinton and bernie sanders got the numbers were so tight it would persuade them twice over. it's just astonishingly close, which led to a very late night, which ultimately turned into a very early morning. >> do you anticipate contesting this vote count at all? >> honestly, we just got off the plane. we don't know enough to stay anything about it. >> thank you very much, sir. >> casey hunt with bernie sanders in the pre-dawn moment
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he stepped off the plane in new hampshire this morning. one of the kind of amaze things that happened with senator sanders is when we got to new hampshire at freaking 5:00 in the morning, there was a huge crowd of supporters to greet him. he ended up having an impromptu rally in the back of the pickup truck at 5:00 in the morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is bernie sanders getting into new hampshire this morning before dawn. we're told by our nbc producer there were about 350 people there. this is in bow, new hampshire. he had just arrived in state. this was 5:00 in the morning.
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he seemed as bewildered by the crowd as anybody was. >> i cannot believe -- what time is this? it's amazing. cannot believe that you're here at the 5:00 in the morning. something is wrong with you guys. thank you. we thank you so much. >> we love your bernie. >> the man is 74 years old. i am not 74 years old, but i could not have done that at 5:00 this morning. by later in day, after the iowa democratic party announced that secretary clinton officially won the iowa caucuses, this closest race in iowa history, that put a spring in secretary clinton's step for her event and the interviews she did today with chris matthews.
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>> thank you for joining us. it was quite a night last night. >> thanks. >> it's taken with your moment of candor there before the cameras when you said you had a sigh of relief. tell us about that sigh of relief. >> right. right. >> and what it meant to you. >> oh, chris, it meant the world to me. we all remember i was not successful in iowa last time. i know how hard that caucus process is. so proud of our organization, our volunteers, all my supporters. everybody said if there were a big turn out that would advantage senator sanders. there was a big turn out. we won. >> there was a big turn out last night on the democratic side in iowa. it was not a historically big turn out. 2008 was bigger on the democratic side. it was a larger turn out last night than people expected. hillary clinton did better that are bernie sanders did with women voters. she did better with democratic voters who call themselves moderate. she did well with non-white voters.
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non-white voters don't make up a huge portion of the electorate in iowa. bernie sanders did well with democratic voters who consider themselves to be very liberal. he did well with voters who do not consider themselves to be democrats at all. the group with whom bernie sanders hit it out of the park was the youngest voters at iowa democratic caucuses last night. voters between the ages of 17 and 29. he won them by a 70-point margin. a 70-point margin, which is a bigger gap than any other demographic group. the reason that huge gap with young voters didn't translate into a win is because not that many of those young voters who like him so much turned out. compared to 2008, the portion of the democratic electorte that turned out that young was only 18% of the overall turn out. that was down from 2008.
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that young proportion was down about four points. maybe that is what made the difference. bernie sanders, bottom line, absolutely lucked up the young vote by an astonishing large particular gin. not enough young people turned out and voted to have him win iowa. what does that mean for for what comes next? what does that mean for new hampshire? who knows. the poll numbers have looked very strong for quite a long time. one of the things that's fun about politics is you never know how far to widen the lens. you never know how big and distant of a horizon you should be focusing on. those poll numbers where he's so far ahead, that's new hampshire 2016 as best we can tell now from the most recent polling. the polling may change after iowa. we don't know in what direction,
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and new hampshire, as a democratic battleground also has to take into account this recent history. this was hillary clinton at her victory party in new hampshire in 2008. the last time she ran for president in '08, remember what happened to her in new hampshire. she had been leading in the polls until the 2008 democratic primary race was shocked by what happened in iowa that year when barack obama won in iowa. what that did to the polls in new hampshire is that hillary clinton's lead in new hampshire got shaky. she had been steadily leading in new hampshire but once iowa happened, that was a earthquake. she started trading the lead back and forth with obama. they even tied in one new hampshire poll shortly after iowa. ultimately before new hampshire voted the, barack obama just took over in the polls. before the new hampshire primary in 16 straight polls, barack obama was on top.
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he was going to win. he was going to beat hillary clinton in new hampshire. she didn't have a chance. the voters went to the poll in 2008 and barack obama did not win. hillary clinton pulled it out. when the polls said she had no chance of it. what's going to happen? on the republican side in new hampshire and beyond, i have no idea. on the democratic side in new hampshire and beyond, i have no idea, and neither do you. particularly, after this tie. this de facto tie which is the smallest of all wins ever for the clinton campaign. the clinton-sanders contest here sort of has to be seen as resetting, i think. after this down to the wire, unbelievely close result in iowa. after something as weird as this, this does feel like a new day one. this is the day to start asking what are the differences between
9:22 pm
these candidates? who's better on the stump? who has a better organizational structure? who's got a better chance at beating a republican if they are the nominee? you know we need right now between these two candidate s a freaking debate in new hampshire. maybe the day after tomorrow. thursday night at university of new hampshire is really nice. maybe at 9:00 eastern. are we on? that debate, that possible debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is turning into a point of contention between the campaigns like you wouldn't believe. i think it's on. is it on? i'm not sure. if it is on, i'm one of the moderators. chuck todd will be the other one. he joins us in a moment. stay with us. americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients
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we will be back many, many times. i think i might come buy a farm. thank you. thank you, everybody. >> two days before the iowa caucuses, the final poll from the de facto paper in iowa predicted donald trump winning iowa. showed him leading marco rubio by 13. when it came to actual caucusing he finished one point ahead of marco rubio. why is that? did the people not actually turn out to caucus or did the expected number of of trump folks show up but they were swamped by unexpectedly high number of ted cruz and marco rubio supporters. donald trump remains the front-runner in new hampshire now and by significant margins. is the unpredicted weakness that he showed in iowa, is that likely to be replicated in new
9:28 pm
hampshire? should we see him as paper tiger or are his poll numbers realistic in new hampshire even though they turned out not to be in new hampshire? joining us is chuck todd. the most overworked man in the building now. >> i don't know. i think we're having a contest. >> the most basic questions are always the hardest to answer. does the way that donald trump underperformed last night predict anything about what happens next to him? >> it would. he didn't have an organization. if you look at the polling and to defend the des moines register polling and our own polling, people that made their decision in the last three or four days, they basically swamped to cruz and rubio. trump led with people who had made their decision before the last week by the same margins we showed in our polling. i think that sounds defensive of
9:29 pm
polling. those are the facts. i think donald trump campaign was sort of the akin to the kid that crams for the final when he realizes he hadn't prepared for the final exam. the caucuses are hard. organizing for the caucuses are hard work. some time in january they realized we have work to do. i think had me not put in this last minute effort that he did, he stormed the state, tried the sarah palin lynn, i think he would have finished third or fourth. i think he salvaged second by putting together this shoe string organization that he did just to get where he is. it was hard work. he didn't dofully of the work. cruz and rubio had done a will the of hard work. >> he probably would have been better suited, in terms of national attention to have come in third or fourth with no apparent effort than to been seen to try and fall short. >> he went for the win.
9:30 pm
he knew he was right strategically but he didn't back it up with hiring the right people. cruz loses iowa, cruz has no path after that. he knew it was a way to knock cruz out. that's why he went for the kill. it was smart strategic mover. he just -- he just sort of thought about it. did back of the envelope stuff and rushed in and crammed for the final exam. >> what happened with the close race between clinton and sanders last night when it got called by nbc and when iowa democratic party called it, when the clinton campaign called it. do you have anymore clarity on that? >> i think they were worried that somehow sanders was going claim victory. that he was going to do it. they panicked but the way they went about and all of a sudden the correction came. that was the thing i think that threw them. they did look at the numbers and
9:31 pm
thought he can't overtake us. then they had the error in dallas county that shrank the margin to the margin we followed the rest of the night. they created a story that wasn't necessary. they could have got more credit for the narrow win. >> then because today she could have given the same speech having not made the claim. >> all this gamesmanship, sanders made a strategic error in waiting. he could have declared that virtual. he could have given that same speech at 10:30. he could have talked at the time marco rubio talked. >> he knew from third place. the only shot was he could have gotten to second. we'll see. i think this, to go back to your first question, i think what we learned last night is trump may
9:32 pm
be this emperor, the campaign emperor may not have any close. he loses new hampshire and i don't know what he does. the whole thing comes falling down. >> you watch to see if he collapses everywhere. chuck todd and maybe the guy i'm moderating a debate with. >> we're showing up. i've already got some friends that plan oncoming. >> okay. >> we can bring them on stage and let them debate. susan is coming. i have questions for you. >> it will be great. >> we'll at least be there. we'll be right back. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp. [ scanner beeping ]
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2016, presidential election year. also election year for every single member of the united states house and more than a third of the seats in the u.s. senate. one of the weirdest and shortest senate campaigns we covered two years ago in the mid terms is when former vice president dick cheney's daughter packed up and headed west to wyoming to try to primary republican senator out of his seat. turns out wyoming kind of like him and if they didn't, they weren't receptive to someone who spent their life in the d.c. beltway and moved to wyoming specifically for that election acting like she had been there. the news was out that she bought
9:37 pm
a wyoming fishing license that listed her as a ten-year resident even though she lived in virginia. she blamed that on the clerk who sold her the license. lest you think all the excitement is on the presidential side of politics this year. the good news i have for you right now is that old liz cheney is back again. she will try to run again from wyoming. this time she will run from the house and not the senate. her original announcement, her announcement that she's running was published on facebook with a location tag. location tag from the charming backwoods wyoming town of alexandria, virginia. the cheney has taken it down and
9:38 pm
call it a campaign glitch. despite appearing to launch her campaign, they say they are really based in gillette, which is definitely in wyoming. they checked twice. maybe three times. americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies.
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>> that's the head of the epa in flint, michigan delivering a review of the rick schneider administration and the state of michigan's responsibility for poisoning all the kids in flint, michigan. she said her agency is there for the long haul. we're not leaving until the water system is back on track. in addition to the head of the epa personally going to flint today, two big things just happened in flint. the first involves flint's mayor. when she was elected last year, mayor karen weaver had almost no authority because the city had been taken over by the state. that's the whole emergency manager thing in michigan. flint had been under state control for years. newly elected mayor didn't have much power to do anything to try to get her city out of this lead poisoning disaster they were well into by that point. she decided she would fake it until she made it. she made this bold, arguably, outside her lane of authority and declared a city wide state
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of emergency. we don't know if she had the authority to do that and because she took that leap, that started a ball rolling in terms of accountability that resulted in michigan governor finally issuing an actual emergency declaration for flint and president obama signing a federal emergency declaration for flint and that's how you get the ahead of the epa in flint today promising to fix the water and be there until it's fixed. it started because mayor weaver made that bold move. in terms of government action, that's the thing that changed the course of how the government was responding. today, mayor weaver had done something like that again. she convened a press conference this afternoon and said she is calling for all of flint's lead water pipes to be removed and replaced. she's convening team of people headed by a retired brigadier general who will head it up.
9:44 pm
she proposed faster, cheaper method for replacing pipes. she said lansing did this to remove thousands of lines and she thinks they could do that in flint too. what karen weaver does not have is the ability to order something like this to happen. flint doesn't have the money to do it. governor snyder is in no hurry to replace the pipes. he says he wants a lot more studying done. karen weaver looks like she will get those pipes dug up by sheer force of her will. >> this must happen immediately. that's what i'm asking for. i am morally obligated to use every bit of the power and authority my office has to make flint's water safe and the city successful for the people who live and work here.
9:45 pm
that's what i intend to do. >> we don't necessarily know ha power and authority she has but she is doing everything she can, including this bold gambit today laying down that gauntlet. that's one big thing that happened in flint today. the other thing that happened in flint today is even bigger. that's next. there's a more enjoo get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'. parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. evening, sir. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to ah! (car alarm sounds)
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9:48 pm
investigating it for a while. now everybody is wanting to investigate, including something a little sketchy in terms of investigative overture from congress. congress will hear from some of the people involved, but they will not hear from the main people involved in it. the republican committee leaders didn't invite rick schneider to testify and epa whistle employeer will not be there. in terms of this hearing, here is how the ranking democrat is describing it. we won't hear from the governor, any of the emergency managers he appointed in flint or from anyone else in the state who is involved this making decisions that led to this crisis.
9:49 pm
he went onto call the hearing a partisan effort to protect the governor and others who brought about this crisis. joining us now is one man who will be testifying at tomorrow's hearing, congressman dan of flint, michigan. i know you've been working like you can't believe on this story. thank you so much for being with us again. >> thank you. >> i want to start by asking you, there might be some breaking news about this congressional hearing tonight. we have seen it reported this hour that the flint emergency manager, one of the people directly involved in this decision that did poison the water is being subpoenaed now to testify tomorrow on capitol hill. do you know anything about that? do you know what's likely to happen there? >> no. i did talk to the chairman on the floor of the house and he did indicate that he would be subpoenaing mr. early. i think he was embarrassed. they invited him and he accepted and think the committee chair was irritated by that so they issued a subpoena. whether or not he'll appear is
9:50 pm
doubtful. >> we have been hearing that he and his lawyer are refusing to be served with that subpoena tonight. obviously anybody has the right to plead the fifth for example in a case like this, but there's questions that have been raised particularly by ranking member that the committee isn't trying to get to the bottom of this, that they want to make this an obama administration scandal instead of figuring out what happened. does this issue with the subpoena change your mind about the overall direction of the committee and what congress is trying to learn? >> not really because if they wanted to get answers they would ask the governor to come. he's the one person who is in a position to know exactly what happened, to answer the questions. he pledged as you know complete transparency. this doesn't look like it. but the committee hearing i'll testify because i asked to tell flint' story before the committee hears from other witnesses, but i think everything communicates and i
9:51 pm
think the hearing is important because the congress and those watching will see exactly how transparent the administration is being about this. not at all. and they'll also see members of congress who should be discharging your duties protecting children in flint. some of them may be more interested in the career of the governor. the kids. >> we got word today that the fbi is part of the investigation into why this happened and how this happened in flint. we heard last month that the u.s. attorney is looking into it and it looks now like it's a broader investigation with the fbi on the case. is that heartening to you? >> i'm very happy that it's happening because the individuals who did this to the people i represent, to people in my hometown, need to be held accountable and i hope and believe that the facts will lead the investigation wherever it goes and those people who did
9:52 pm
wrong to the people of flint will have to stand for that and explain what they did and will be judged accordingly. i am concerned however that with all the attention on individual accountability that we will somehow lose the responsibility, the moral obligation, that the state of michigan has to make it right for the people of flint. as you showed the mayor is asking for those lead service lines to be replaced. the state of michigan should write a check to the city of flint to get that done and they should do it tomorrow. we're working to get federal help, but frankly the governor is out of excuses. he's sitting on a billion dollars. big tax cuts for the wealthiest people in the state of michigan and flint has water they can't drink and he's not doing anything about it. that's just wrong. >> congressman has been aggressive on this issue in every possible way for the folks in his district. congressmen, i know we'll have you back soon. thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you. >> stay with us.
9:53 pm
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so it was a surprise that ted cruz won in iowa last night. now nobody knows what new hampshire will think of him. it was also a surprise that hillary clinton won by that slimmest sliver last night in iowa and nobody knows what that will do to her prospects in new hampshire. there were surprises last night at the top and the bottom of the ticket, but there is no more surprising event that happened last night to any one candidate than what happened to the only
9:55 pm
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as we age, certain nutrients longer than ever. become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d. you have been waiting for this. it's been a long time since we got to do this. former ark governor mick huckabee quit the presidential race after the iowa caucuses so we get to puff him off the list of candidates. here goes. mike huckabee going bye bye in three, two, one. puff. i thought i would get to do a lot more of this today, but so far i only get to do it to that one guy. there are still 11 republicans running for president.
9:59 pm
all the rest of them are apparently staying in, even the ones who just tanked in iowa and iowa was the only place they had a chance to do well anywhere. i'm looking at you rick santorum. you know who else isn't quitting, jim gillmore. at least he went on talk radio before the iowa caucuses to say publicly exactly what would constitute a victory in iowa this year. >> if i get one vote frankly in iowa i'll consider it a victory, a single vote i'll consider it a victory. >> he announced in advance of the iowa caucuses that if he got just one vote in iowa, it would be a victory. he outperformed expectations last night by a factor of more than ten. he got 12 votes in the state of iowa. he's not getting puffed off the list any time. he's exceeding expectations and he's in it for the long haul.
10:00 pm
the field on the republican side is a strange thing this far into the race, but it persists. they all persist. 11 of these people are still running. it's never going to end. this is our life now forever. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow from new hampshire. now it's time for the last word. >> this week is going to be maybe the cheapest week in the campaign. new hampshire is so small they can walk from one event to the other in new hampshire. it doesn't cost them much to stay alive in new hampshire. >> snow tires, but other than that you're right. tonight, we will award the last word medal of honor for political bravery in iowa. take your time and think about it, i don't care how long you think about it you will not


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