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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 3, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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exam and got a c plus in iowa. let's see if they can improve their grades there. more "mtp daily" tomorrow. "with all due respect" starts right now. i'm mark halperin. >> and i'm john helemann. neither dropped out of the race, and also rand. hello from our granite states studio here at the rad son hotel in manchester, with a week to go before the new hampshire primary. presidential races erupted into an epic war of wards on twitter and out on the campaign trail on the democratic side, bernie sanders blasted hillary clinton in a series of tweets. challenging her progressive credentials more forcefully than
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he ever has. we'll get to this that later. over the last 24 hours, the big explosion people going after ted cruz, sarah palin, ben carson and donald trump, especially donald trump. have all gained up on cruz, he used deceitful tactics, which he won the iowa caucus. some of the harsh against him were donald trump twitter account, ted cruz didn't win iowa, he illegally stole it. he later deleted that tweet butt put out a similar one without using the word illegally. ted cruz struck back. >> i think they're very funny. i think donald, wake up everyday and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted, because he's losing it. we need a commander in chief. not a twitterer in chief. we need someone with judgment and the temperament to keep the
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country safe. i don't know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who behaves this way, having his finger on the button. >> john, what is the likely fallout between this back and forth between the first and second place? >> it looks like ted cruz yesterday enjoying a day in which he had kind of flew without much. ted cruz, he's going to have an event, he's going to resume the pummeling. we'll see how he withstands it. ted crews is basically suggesting that donald trump is losing his mind. >> after donald trump accused cruz of trying to basically steal iowa, not just based on the mailer that he got a lot of attention over the weekend, but other accusations about going after ben carson, suggesting he was dropping out of the race. i think that the four establishment candidates are delighting in this, because trump's numbers, according to
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the campaign whose are doing private polling, they all believe trump has come down from the 30s into the 20s. some even have him in the low 20s. that means if they can bring trump down to earth, if trump can get off message by going after cruz that doesn't help him, that means someone else could finish first second or first. >> we did not say it enough yesterday. people with big leads, bernie sanders or donald trump, you can say they're ahead in new hampshire by a lot. this state loves to take people in that position and twirl them to the earth. >> an enormous amount of undecided. >> independent voter whose have been waiting and waiting to put their thumb on the scale. donald trump could be in third place on tuesday night. not the likeliest out come, but it would not surprise me. >> if they're thinking through the strategy that this fits into. because tactically, they might think it's good, but str--
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>> you have situation where all four of the establishment candidates, we'll talk about them in a minute, any one of them is still in the zone where they're posed could leap into second place or even first, that's just how crazy the state can be over the eight days. i think if those two guys beat each other enough, they can create enough room for one or more of the establishment guys to rise up. >> it doesn't take a great memory to remember when cruz and trump said they were friends, and cruz said he didn't go after anybody personally. >> he losing it. nuke denmark okay. >> establishment candidates not named, rubio, worried that cruz is running a waive. no surprise, today they started attempting as they did yesterday to knock him off his surfboard. today, john ellis, bush's
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campaign, ran a full page ad featuring an open letter from the florida house who have not chosen to not edge dors their fellow former house speaker, that's marco rubio and instead are backing jeb. chris christie uncorked his bubble boy, the new jersey governor was at it again today where he attacked both rubio and cruz by calling them first term u.s. senators, which is both true and essentially totally useful. for you, can marco rubio's momentum be stopped? >> rubio has more momentum than any of the other three establishment candidates. they're all word whether they can stop it, because we're not that far from the primary. he clearly has momentum. they're doing a combination of hoping it dissipates as iowa gets further inert rear view
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mirror, boy in the bubble yesterday, advertising going up against him, but rubio proved in iowa when he was pummeled that he can float above it. there is a possibility that there is nothing they can do to stop him from being the strongest establishment candidate. >> christie's boy in the bubble thing, his response was pitch perfect. chris had a bad day yesterday. let's move along. nothing to see here. very composed. didn't lose it at all. let those guys yell at me, i'm on the rise. i thought there was a lot of composure there. that's something we question about him. we know he's scripted. so far at least we haven't seen him buckle even a little bit. >> rubio is the only one who is not a governor. the party thinks, well, we should nominate a governor, he's the other brand. the other three guys are governors, executive experience. rubio is making the case, new generation, foreign policy expertise, you know, personal story. i believe that at this point,
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all four of them could be the stop establishment finisher, but big mo matters. bush, case sikasich, christie, don't need organization if you're doing it rubio style. >> it is the new world. new world of campaigning and a world in which donald trump, you know, campaigns in a totally different way in iowa and new hampshire. rubio is trumping that respect, not worrying about ground game. all three of those guys, bush, case si kasich have spent a lot of time here. they could climb up into rubio's orbit. it seems like you'll end up with two establishment candidates rather than them knocking rubio off. >> he may have a 3-3 because cruz could finish second too. he's on schedule to do what he might need to do maybe. >> all right, 48 hours later, the iowa caucuses claimed the lives of four presidential
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campaigns. martin o'malley got out on kaurks night. mike huckabee and then two more today. rand paul and as he was suspending his campaign and tonight, it appears rick santorum in joining that club. not a huge surprise. john, what political effect will these dropouts have on both side as soon as. >> well, look the rand paul is the most significant. you have the democratic side, the missing o'malley, now missing o'malley will obviously change the nature of the back and forth between clinton and -- >> we have three straight nights of d shall zsh that's a big deal. it changed the optics of the race. >> the dynamics of those three events. a party dinner. >> that's a big thing, how it changed the dynamics. >> rand vote is a real thing, libertarians vote out there, ted cruz who is trying to play that lane, that makes some actual votes available. especially here in new hampshire. a strong libtarian streak.
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>> extraordinary operation that cruz has seen from the beginning. normally what happens in the party is a crowded social conservative lane and those people cancel each other out. now you've got a crowded establishment lane with the big four establishment guys. ted cruz is able to now say doesn't have to compete with huckabee, doesn't have to compete with paul for that wing, that libertarians wing, doesn't have to compete with santorum. we could go into south carolina with no one of any significance in the social conservative lane except for ted cruz and a crowded establishment lane. >> a big advantage for cruz. it always struck me as odd that someone could compete in both the social conservative lane and the libertarians lane, because that's usually not compatible. somehow cruz has been able to pull that off. it will be tested here. i'm not sure some of those rand paul voters will have -- >> so for trump some for bernie sanders. it is good for ted cruz. it allows him to have a better
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chance than he did before. he could get second here. >> he could. no doubt about that. when we come back, bill clinton's testy rope line. classic. bernie sanders secret service might change his campaign. fallon will be here on this set with these co-hosts, and weeb'l be right back after this. bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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new york times reported today that hillary clinton and her campaign are digging in here in new hampshire where bernie sanders has long held a healthy lead in the polls. instead of shifting their focus, that is the clinton focus, to the states where hillary is stronger like nevada and south carolina. that decision is a triumph for one key advisor, her husband bill. he has been increasingly felt in the 48 hours we've been here in new hampshire. andrea mitchell asked 42 about bernie sanders's campaign and barack obama campaign in 2008.
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and not surprisingly, the big dog barked. >> do you feel this could be a repeat of history? >> this is very different. he was new, different. there was almost no difference between among the issues. there are dramatic differences. >> you don't think bernie sanders is barack obama. >> no, no, don't get me there. there is -- no, i don't. but barack obama is not bernie sanders. let's don't play cheap games here. she and president obama had enormous overlap on what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it. and there are big differences in their positions on the issues. and now we are free to talk about them. >> all right, buba is in columbia, south carolina, but no doubt that he's going to play a big roll in the closing days of
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the new hampshire primary. one of the time memorial questions, perp pet wall question, that big roll will be -- >> there ain't nothing more classic than andrea mitchell talking to him. >> provoking it. >> you don't need the biggest clinton-tologist to see what's going on there. he believes hillary clinton has a chance to do well enough to not suffer a big defeat in new hampshire, whether she closes the gap completely or not. if i were a clinton person and i watched that, i would be a little bit concerned that he is headed in a direction which might be successful, but might as happened in 2008, backfire. >> it really did backfire. they're lucky in this case that they have an opponent who is white. let's just say it. because bill clinton can trash him without being accused of racism. that was a bill clinton, where a lot was going on there, calculation, irritation, provocation, tactical,
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strategic, meta, everything can happen. he can cause a lot of trouble. zt clintons are correct when they say that they're held to a thigher standard and tougher standard by the media, and bernie sanders does thing all the time if hillary clinton did them, she would be savaged. absolutely correct. they're not going to change that between now and tuesday. >> he's a former president of the united states. that instance, he -- up and down is up is down. >> two two candidates, but watch one of the spouses closely. hillary clinton is also making news. she fired back today at suggestions by senator sanders that she is only a progressive, quote, some days. here is how she responded to that at a town hall. >> i was a little disappointed to be honest yesterday. it was kind of a low blow when senator sanders said in response to a question, well, you know, maybe she's a progressive on, you know, some days.
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so i hope we keep it on the issues. because if it's about our records, hey, i'm going to win by a landslide on tuesday. >> battle between the two democratic candidates didn't end there. senator sanders went on twitter, or at least someone went on for him and saying, quote, most progressives don't raise millions from wall street and keystone pipeline. he had a big running theme, without using her name, that hillary clinton is fought a progressive. so john, what about this breakout of words after a day of calm between the two democrats? >> if bernie sanders is waging a very important fight here. it's not just that there are substantive difficu substantive differences. the democratic party of this century is not the democratic party of the 1990s. hillary clinton they could argue about what it means all day long. bernie sanders would say he is a liberal. hillary clinton will never
3:17 pm
publicly say she's a liberal and liberal is what the democratic party is now. >> i believe that part of secretary clinton's message is that she takes lots of his positions, wall street, just, i'm just as liberal on health care, and then she says he's not electable. >> correct. >> i think it works to sanders advantage. those tweets, even though he didn't name her. >> he's ready to fight. >> ready to fight. told you the other day, gestation period was nine months, fascinating over the next three nights here to see if he is in this game, not the way she has been or -- >> i'll go further and say this. the things that people want to tack him for for being a social list, all he has to do is what are the policies you want to call socialist. >> we're going over the bell a lot because we're sume super
3:18 pm
excited. >> fourth presidential candidate to receive protection. a mixed blessing. one hand, it signifies you're officially a serious candidate. but it also imposes constraints that can be annoying, especially for an inn sure gent and notably cranky candidate like bernie sanders. for every candidate, it is certainly going to be an adjustment. mark, my question for you, knowing him as you do, how do you think he'll handle his secret service lifestyle. >> i think he'll adjust. i can't remember the last time a socialist had secret service. his whole way of operating, you know. >> free wheeling. >> free wheeling, not just the campaign trail, but your hotel room, going to the super market, but my point, is he will have a big adjustment. but i don't think it will hurt his campaign in terms of symbolism. it helps with crowd control. >> it does. but look, we have followed him
3:19 pm
around for our camera for the other show, and sanders is like after a little while of cameras being too close, he's like get them out of here. the service is going to be up in his kitchen all the time, and for a candidate like bernie, you know, there is a temperament issue. trying to get him to smile more often, the service and proximity is going to be harder to bring out the soft smiley side, because he'll be crankier, because they'll be on him all the time. >> he's not a wealthy man. >> no. >> he's going to appreciate how professional they are. here's the other implication. the sanders campaign normally puts their schedule later than everyone else. they'll have to make decisions because they won't stand for last minute scheduling. up next, breakfast chat with john kasich, his thoughts before the election.
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3:23 pm
to our show. we'll make a hard choice. but i think we're going to do very well. we're not going to drag this out. i mean, i'm the governor of ohio, i'm not about to -- look, i've run a campaign where we've lifted the bar. i mean, there isn't any question. we've given people -- there are people that come to our town hall s that leave and say i'm hopeful. i won't hopeful coming in. i'm more hopeful. i'm proud of what we've been able to do. i've said all along, if we get smoked here, i'm going home, never to see you all again, i hope. >> we got only five days to go, right, i'm not changing anything. no hail mary passes, no manic behavior. just going to finish it. i'm having a ball. 4, 500 volunteers in new hampshire. you know why? because they sense a movement. they sense that this -- there is something different here.
3:24 pm
something more hopeful here. something more idealistic here. you know, people want to attach themselves to something bigger than themselves. it's not that i'm that great a guy. it's just a sense, why the sanders people looking at me, why are the college students look, because they sense that there is something bigger here. something they can believe in. >> contrary to what people think, i think hillary will be a strong candidate and if our party under estimates her, they're making a terrible mistake. i am a conservative. notion by care about, my tone is good, i care about the mentally ill, the drug addicted and developmentally disabled that somehow disqualifies me as a conservative, i will come to what you asked. if the conservative republican party does not care about people who live in the shadows, we will fail. >> all right, joining us now to
3:25 pm
talk more about this morning the bloomberg and friend and host of the show, albert hunt, junior. >> john kasich, it got testy, tense, breakfast. how do you think he did. >> i think he did well. i think that the exchanges help him a little bit. it kind of shows, he is, he can be a testy guy sometimes. >> a little bit. >> he showed that today. he was pretty candid about who he is. he didn't get to the bait. we tried to get him to criticize rubio. he didn't go there. although there were subtle messages. i think john kasich, i'm not sure what will happen next tuesday. if you look at the independent mind new hampshire voters, he fits the profile pretty well. >> if he looks back on tuesday, do you think he felt like he got to be himself and present himself to voters and they
3:26 pm
weren't in the mood for him or fallen short how he wanted to come across. >> i think it's the former, mark. he has been himself. >> and had his chance. >> had his chance. you know, something, this is only for policy walks and nobody up here really cares. what has the republican party talked about for the past four or five years, how they're going to wreck america, he put out a tax proposal and also a balanced budget proposal. i don't think it will all add up, but it's serious. even jeb bush. >> christie has a little bit. >> christie has, he has talked about what he would do, but the kasich numbers actually add up. >> i'll tell you what i like about kasich, he has grasped the fundamental truth. the year in which they have grievance and anger on the rise, he's trying to be optimistic and sunny. if the party is up for that, they'll come with me, that's okay, the party is not ready for me. >> the thing as an old guy, when you were a kid, i was covering ronald reagan, what was
3:27 pm
remarkable, weighs very conservative, at least he talked very conservative. can do. that's what he was all about. that's what john kasich is, can do. >> give him a chance. >> exactly. >> our thank you to al hunt and john kasich. don't forget, you're watching us in washington, you can listen to us at 99.1 fm. we'll be right back with brian fallon. it will be great. so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve,
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the names for primaries tuesday, but already looking beyond that at something we think is quite interesting. take a look at what's coming up for both parties and why it's making -- it means doing well here is so important. starting with the democrats, big if, but let's say for the sake of arcment that hillary clinton loses here in the new hampshire primary on tuesday. that means she'll have to wait a long time before she gets another chance to have a victory and turn the page.
3:31 pm
there is the democratic debate two days after this primary, that's on the 11th. that would be on a thursday. you have to wait all the way until the 20th, though, for the next democratic contest in nevada. and that is a long time. if hillary clinton does poorly here or if bernie sanders loses here, whoever loses in the expectations or the absolute number has to wait a long time to get a w on the board whachlt are the implications on of that? >> much bigger deal for clinton than sanders. if he is expected to lose here, it will be hard for him to be a democratic nominee. hillary clinton you keep hearing from her people, we're strong in nevada, strong in south carolina. that overlooks this. look at the calendar again. you have new hampshire on the 9th and debate on the 11th. a lot of national attention. >> nine days. >> then there is nine days after that, before you get to the oasis. i don't know if she'll win it,
3:32 pm
but they're confident, because she is strong with hispanics. nine days where bernie, if he wins here, is going to be on a roll. fundraising, positive media attention, all that stuff for nine more days. >> big part of the reason that even though somebody in clinton's camp doesn't think she can win here, if she gets blown out. >> it will be eternity. >> the 11 days from new hampshire through south carolina, through nevada, will be an eternity. he'll be raising money, getting attention for david having beaten goliath. a big difference between losing the primary by seven and 17. >> yes, like i say, i think they've not fully, you know, the real fire wall for her, if you really look at the calendar, the nevada caucus will never get as much attention as the primary. it's a little weird. she might put a w on the board, she won it in 20 oh 8, the popular vote, she lost to barack obama in 2008.
3:33 pm
but the one people focus on is the south carolina primary. that's a full 18 days after the new hampshire primary. tomorrow to fully make up for a big loss here. she has to wait 18 days to get to south carolina. that's a long time. >> i want to say one thing. put up the republican schedule. i want to say one thing about that. the democratic thing on the 20th. the south carolina republican primary is also on the 20th. that's going to get more attention. >> nevada. >> not an oasis. >> she has to keep this closer. wait for a long time for a meaningful w. >> this also plays with the republican, same dynamics in play. four days later in greenville, south carolina, saturday the 13th and then a full week. that week right there in the republican contest is going to be -- everyone will be in south carolina, single, just everyone will be focused on that with a lot of republican candidates in that race. it is the most important state in the whole republican nominated calendar. the whole that has produced
3:34 pm
accurately forecasts, certainly iowa. that's going to be an ugly, down and dirty. >> interval would be good for marco rubio. if he finishes strong here, presumably he'll do well in the debates. it gives him a cans to raise money and get from the establishments folks. south carolina is usually an establishment race. rubio can get lots of money. if he's the top person here, he can get endorsements, build up in south carolina. for trump, even if he does well here, it's a potentially a bad period. >> bob dole beat pat buchanan there. in a race here where people are starting to call each other crazy, imagine what it will be like in south carolina. >> coming up next, talking to brian fallon from the clinton cam pan after campaign after a word from our sponsors.
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3:38 pm
town hall forum. talking about that is national press secretary, brian fallon, not jimmy. >> i'm much funnier. >> that's tre true. let me ask you a question. a lot of back and forth between secretary clinton and sanders over progressism. sanders says he is a progressive. she says she's a progressive and gets things done. would she call herself a liberal. >> i think in the last few years, you've seen democrats really rally around progressive between working class -- >> what's the difference between being a progressive and liberal? >> i'm not sure. but republicans have tried to turn liberal into a dirty word. progressive is something democrats proudly wear. is secretary clinton a liberal or not. >> a progressive that gets results. >> okay. >> i think that you're asking me because you want the rnc to clip this. >> no or i don't want the nrn to
3:39 pm
do anything. i'm asking you because sanders would call himself a liberal. he would say a lot of the policies he advances are liberal policies. i'm wondering if she would call herself a liberal too. >> we like the term progressive. >> what is something senator sanders is doing that you think should be getting more scrutiny and be held more accountable for. >> i'm actually, i think it's appropriate and fair that in the last two to three weeks we've seen the scrutiny on him increase, and that's appropriate given that he's on pace right now to win the new hampshire. he's a viable contenders. >> the press should be -- >> i was surprised for some months, there were so few news organizations that traveled with him regularly. we've had a beat with a travel president core since april, and i i do this there is a level of scrutiny of having a pack of journalists. >> i think he'll get more
3:40 pm
scrutiny, but anything he has said or done in the last week that you think he should be held core accountable. >> i think so. i think his health care plan, he put it out on the eve of the debate, two hours before the debate and it's starting to get scrutiny, but a lot of populations that would do worst under his plan. >> like what groups. >> working seniors, you would not improve your health care coverage, but you will end up paying more taxes. an independent study that came out that proves that. true for other populations as well. you have folks fully subsidized in the exchanges. they would not gain much under his union vertical health care plan, because they have pretty good coverage under the aca, but they would pay 9% more in taxes. >> but no premiums. >> but right now they don't -- right now their health care costs are almost fully subsidized, for the low income folks and they get the exchanges. they would get socked with the tax increase. that's true for a bunch of different populations.
3:41 pm
the reason is because the affordable act was nothing to sneeze at. it delivered healthcare for millions of people who didn't have it. he side steps that issue when he touts his bernie care proposal. >> new hampshire as a hos pit tal state. >> a neighborly state. >> new york almost borders new hampshire. >> it's been good to the clintons. >> that's true. >> 1982, good to big clinton. 2008 really good to hillary clinton. she did well here. how is it plausible that we should not basically consider this an even contest, given the clintons history in the state, sanders is a neighboring state, the clintons have a lot of allies here, deep roots here, why shouldn't they be evenly matched. >> senator sanders' lead has
3:42 pm
been consistent in new hampshire. there was a period in october and the benghazi hearing where you saw hillary clinton jump in front. but then the summer, bernie sanders his lead has been consistent. >> what other factors besides the f factors. >> that's not a small factor. >> is that the only reason. >> not just because geographically. he is a known quantity here. the burlington media market, there are a lot of labor breakfast. >> why else is he leading in the state? >> people have warm feelings about him here. they know him. >> that's because -- does it have anything to do with his issue positions? >> maybe it does. >> maybe it does? >> you would acknowledge -- >> i would also say, mark, that as with -- as is the case in the democratic primary in general, hillary clinton has been the subject of attacks from republicans who have been campaigning in new hampshire for the last several months.
3:43 pm
what is the stump they give that's generating headlines from the union leaders. >> south carolina and other states too. >> it's attacking hillary clinton and -- >> leak wheeike we were just sa bernie sanders has not come under the same scrutiny. the negatives on him have not been explored. >> are you trying to suggest that hillary clinton is not a known kbquantity in new hampshi. >> over the course of 20 years, a lot of good feelings and goodwill by coming over the border. >> and winning the new hampshire in 2008, a lot of good feelings by that too. >> a great deal of affection for hillary clinton, but warm feelings toward senator sanders, in the final week, they should not be surprised if he pull it is out. >> expectations for next tuesday? last time in 2008 when she ran and won the new hampshire, she got 112404 votes.
3:44 pm
on tuesday night, should we expect that? >> i don't have a turnout projection. i saw the state party chairman, who knows his state pretty well, is projecting a high turnout, but we'll just have to wait and see. >> who has more momentum, bernie sanders or hillary clinton. >> i think we have a lot of momentum. >> you have more. >> us. >> how? >> i think he really needed to win both of these two states to change the fundamental tra je trajectory of the race. it will be hard to see if he couldn't win in iowa how he's going to win the caucus states in march to the need he -- >> is there a difference for her candidacy if she loses this by a little versus a lot. >> i'll leave that up to you to decide. we're going to mount a competitive fight here over the last seven days. i've seen some of the polls that
3:45 pm
have us down by 30. we have a chance to eat into that margin. >> maybe less than 30. >> a huge victory. there you go. >> have a good showing. >> has senator sanders become a better debater. >> sure. that's to be expected. >> how do you think the dynamic will be different as they appear at the same event without martin o'malley on the stage. >> what we'll probably see what has been true on the trail. senator sanders will be more honed in his lines of criticism against her, and unfortunately if you're more into the territory of personal attacks. >> they're still close friends, right. >> they have a good working relationship, mutual respect. we don't want to see that eroded that. as senator sanders fared better, they're getting into the back and forth that he said they
3:46 pm
wouldn't do. he suggested hillary clinton is progressive some days. you know what it reminded me of. it reminded me of the comment or his leadership made to you guys, they would consider her for vice-president. it was a demeaning comment. it speaks -- >> i thought he what was paying her a comment. >> it speaks to condescending that i don't think it will wear well if he continues to mouth it. >> just yes or no, does hillary clinton being a socialist is disqualifying? >> a lot of democrats do. >> does hillary clinton? >> we'll see. >> we'll see? she doesn't know the answer to that. >> republicans are certainly rooting to him, so they must be wise to something. >> that was a really awesome non-answer. we go around the table with our bloomberg politics round table.
3:47 pm
3:48 pm
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3:50 pm
have you made up your mind? >> no. >> no. >> not yet. >> i haven't made up my mind yet. >> just trying to meet everyone at the moment. >> i'm looking at christie, trump, rubio, christie and trump. >> i'm looking at mr. christie and i'm also looking at cruz and rubio. >> everyday i change my mind. >> this is why hope strinprings eternal. in new hampshire, chris christie event, typical, lots of people still making up their minds. here to talk about the republican and democratic races, boe both exciting, margaret, and emily. so margaret, big undecided in the republican race.
3:51 pm
the democratic race, people now down to a choice of two. what are you finding out there as you talk to voters on either side. >> i was at a hillary clinton in dover today where her husband 24 years ago gave his famous until the last dog dies speech. i wanted to see if she would try out a line, but no dead dogs with hillary today. the audience was interesting for a couple of reasons. most of the people hadn't made up her minds. the young people were most entirely bernie sanders fans hiding in the back, hoping get to press her on a question. but a couple of the voters that i talked to said that they really felt the the hillary fans they thought the results would be tighter than the polls suggested. they thought if anything, how close it was in iowa will kind of scare the people who wanted to make a point with bernie into coming around what they must do. i don't know if that's true. >> talking to clinton and sanders supporters, they're different groups. any friends bernie sanders. i can't anybody who is for him.
3:52 pm
fascinating. >> you'll spot them in the crowd. what is she doing here. she was a bernie fan, right. >> they live in totally different towns and cities. some weird geographic thing going on. your sense of who has more at stake in this race in new hampshire, hillary clinton or bernie sanders? >> in new hampshire, i would say hillary clinton has more at stake. she won of course last time she was here and unless she manages to stage an upset, i think that, you know, this is sort of sen r sendesende sanders is expected to win. people know him. the voters i've spoken to him they adore him. so that will be a pretty obvious situation, unless hillary manages to come out and then it will be up to what happens in nevada and south carolina to see if senator sanders manages to get the african-american and hispanic voters there.
3:53 pm
>> john kasich is, he seems like somewhat confident that the establishment candidates, he's going to, the effort he has put in here will pay off. >> his sort of theory of the case, america has not really heard or considered john kasich and if he can rise and be the story as he says, that will give him the attention that he has lacked and become the alternative to trump. the question in new hampshire, i think, is he is counting on really a superior ground game and the support of legends here. it's unclear if that's going to be enough. particularly with marco rubio coming out of iowa with so much momentum in that crowded field. is it going to be enough. >> you just -- you covered kasich for a long time. you've seen him. there is a little bit of new john kasich quality. i've seen him campaigning up here saying those are the angels of darkness and i'm the angel of light. that's not the john kasich i've
3:54 pm
seen. is this a genuinely new john kasich or the cranky john kasich. >> you saw it at the breakfast this morning when he got challenged on a position he didn't like. he has tried to sort of tone that down and he was weary of that, you know, perception that this narrative would be out there, he's an angry guy and he wanted to come across more positive. particularly in the last few weeks here, that's been hmantra he's the adult in the room and you can count on him. >> intense days between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. every night this week, they've got some event. tonight, town hall, not appearing together, but back-to-back at a dinner, debate on msnbc. do you get the sense this will stay intense all the way through? >> if this is as intense as it gets, it will be pretty polite. his digs at her for not being a
3:55 pm
real progressive are completely getting under her skin. she's trying to carve out her niche, what's the right spot she can be at sort of progressive or radical or leader of a movement as he is realistically within her resume. that's the challenge she's facing this week in new hampshire. >> do you think emily, hillary clinton she seems to vacillate with building the first female president, first woman to win the caucuses. do you think we'll a hear that over the next several days or be muted. >> i think that we're going to increasingly hear that talk. when you see the turnout that sanders got in iowa, he did extremely well with younger voters. when it is framed to young women in this historical light, i think millennials will see that the kind of identity politics that some younger people, my generation, look toward. i think that will really enner jies a lot of young women. >> thank you much, you could see
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
mark, it is the end of another day, so i have to ask you my question, who won it? >> marco rubio, trump and cruz fight something good for rubio and none of the establishment candidates slowed him down, at least to my eye. >> i didn't see any presidential candidate have an inn correspondence banl day so my winning of the day to barack obama, who today visited for the first time in his presidency a mosque. any time you get to see the president go with his heart, kind of grow up here and do something like that, sends a very positive signal of inclusion in this country. take his cap off and give him credit. we're always on bloomberg
4:00 pm the $100 million worth of political ads, flooding the airwaves. >> coming up, "hardball with chris matthews". win here, or die. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews, up in new hampshire right now. tomorrow night, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will meet in their one and only debate before the new hampshire primary on tuesday. clinton and sanders come here out of her narrow win to take the debate stage one-on-one at the university of new hampshire in durham. you'll see it here on msnbc, and i'll have pregame coverage starting with a special edition at


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