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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  February 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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set their sights on each other. and adding to the pressure, it's also the last debate for the democrats before the first in the nation primary here in new hampshire. we already have developing news at this hour. new polls to show you. the latest tracking poll from umass lowell, clinton closing the lead by sanders. she's up six points in the state since monday. sanders down three. what does that mean? the two are arguing over clinton's closeness to wall street and who is the real progressive. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. >> i find it amusing that senator sanders is the
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gatekeeper on who is progressive. barack obama would not be a progressive. >> at the same time, the republican candidates are bombarding the state with more than 20 events on their schedules today alone. and it's getting nasty between donald trump and ted cruz. trump calling cruz a cheater and cruz saying, quote, trump is losing it. and let's begin with clinton and sanders. msnbc's kasie hunt is in the spin room, not far from where i am right now. this is ground zero for the democrats and you've spoke with the sanders about the progressive versus liberal debate. we also have alex sites-wall who has covered the debates every
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season. we've not seen anything like this, though. kasie, last night there was a town hall. hillary clinton defending her progressive badge and some of the criticism that she's received. let me get your insight compared to what you've heard already on the campaign trail. >> look, i've made speeches to lots of groups. i told them what i thought. i answered questions. >> but did you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. so -- to be honest, i wasn't -- i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether i would or not. >> you didn't think you would run for president? >> i didn't. when i was secretary of state, several times i said, you know, i think i'm done. and, you know, so many people came to me, started talking to me. anybody who knows me who thinks that they can influence me, name anything they've infunsed me on. just name one thing. i'm here every day saying i'm going to shut them down, i'm going after them. >> so kasie, what is the campaign saying about that
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answer? >> reporter: well, that was a difficult moment for hillary clinton, tamron. i spoke to her campaign manager and other senior staff earlier today. they said that their defense is that he needs to square the argument and prove that there's an example or an instance where her ties to wall street influenced her policy positions. they argue that that never happened, which is, of course, the back half of what you heard secretary clinton saying there. but to pull out the lens a little bit, we're seeing this broader debate about moderate versus progressive and hillary clinton saying again, even after this forum on twitter, we can dream big and fight for progressive values and make a real difference in american's lives. that's the way she's approaching this, saying that she can -- using words like real, realistic, i'm a progressive who gets things done, she's arguing that she's been fighting for all
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of this for her whole life and actually has a record of results whereas the contrast that they are trying to set up with senator sanders is this idea that his ideas are not feasible, things like single payer health care. hillary clinton, of course, a veteran of wars in washington over health care. they will argue that the clinton campaign is thinking too small and getting sanders points done is going to take a revolution of the entire political system but that's the debate we'll see play out here on the stage tonight. >> and alex, let me bring you in. set the stage for tonight. the dnc has agreed to four more debates. this one lingered in the air for a long time. it's quite incredible when you think about the timing, the heated argument over moderate, liberal, progressive, that this debate is coming right before new hampshire, goes into primary. the timing of it all certainly adds to the energy, the activity and the heat of what might go
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down behind me here tonight. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. and one thing that i think is so important to keep in mind here, new hampshire voters tend to make up their minds very late. 38% of democratic primary voters decided in the final three days. so this debate could have enormous impact on helping those people make up their final minds and swaying the election one way or another. and the web ad you mentioned, very tough new approach for hillary clinton approaching bernie sanders of, quote, knowingly misleading voters, unquote, in a new ad that he ran last week saying that newspapers that endorsed him that ended up not being true, they had not endorsed him and this morning the sanders campaign changed that ad. they pulled it from their youtube ad and changed the word endorse. the clinton campaign wants to say this a larger pattern
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despite sanders saying he's a different politician, he's an honest politician. they point to things like culinary workers union to try to influence voters there and other things, which they want to say points to a larger narrative that sanders is just a regular politician like anybody else. even though he tries to play the game as an anti establishment outsider. >> alex and kasie, thank you very much. i'll check in with you later. meanwhile, let me bring in clinton supporter a co-choir of barack obama's 2008 campaign. thank you for joining me, jim. >> good to be with you. >> let's talk about something that happened last night. clinton noticed under the rules set by bernie sanders and how you define a progressive, as she put it, barack obama, vice president joe biden and many
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others would not fit the bill. what do you make of this big debate over progressive moderate liberal and how it might factor into the debate here tonight? >> well, i can tell you, having been a supporter of barack obama in 2008, part of why i'm supporting hillary clinton is because she is a progressive. and if you look at her record, which is a record of fighting for health care for all, fighting for women's rights, she's had a very progressive record and that's quite a contrast to bernie sanders. let's just take a look at the gun violence issue alone and bernie sanders has a record of voting five times against the brady bill. he voted against the liability for gun manufacturers and if we want to get into a debate about who is more progressive, a lot of issues can be thrown out there. but i will tell you this, if the argument is that hillary clinton is not progressive because she's been effective in reaching across the aisle and working with republicans and that's a
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really unfair charge to level, because the voters in new hampshire and all across the country are fed up with gridlock in washington. so we're looking for a president here who can reach across the aisle, get things done the democrats don't control congress. so we're going to have to have a leader who is willing to work with republicans as well. and so this discussion about who is progressive, who is not progressive makes no sense whatsoever. >> well, let me tell you -- and i know you saw that senator sanders has a chart which he shows clinton progressive on some days, links to past comments on her voting record, on issues like the death penalty, the u.s. invasion of iraq. i highlight that one because that's the very topic, one of them, that barack obama used to defeat hillary clinton when you supported him, the issue of the war in iraq and i realized that secretary clinton brings up her time as secretary of state, being on the front lines of the
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health care debate. but when you look at the young people in attendance, some of them, they don't necessarily know her history. they don't see the black and white pictures of a young hillary clinton fighting in the same way that many of them are right now for equality. what they see is a person who took $600,000 from wall street and said, it's because they've offered it. they also remember that barack obama voted against or was not at the time in the senate but did not support the war in iraq but hillary clinton was in a position to assert authority chose to support that war. >> yeah. well, i've got to tell you, first of all, it's a real credit to president barack obama and a real credit to hillary clinton that when the election was over in 2008, she was willing to serve as secretary of state because she could have stayed on the sidelines but she knew it was the right thing to do for the country. her job was to go out and rebuild the relationships with our allies that were in the gutter. it wasn't just our economy that
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was in the gutter but our relationships were at an all-time low. she rolled up her sleeves, she did what was right for the people of this country. i think, you know, if you look at her record, it really is a record of progress. so we're having a debate about something that really is irrelevant. quite frankly, we could pick apart bernie sanders' record and hillary clinton's record. both of them are progressives. but i think hillary clinton's demonstrated that she's the kind of progressive that can get things done and i know there's a lot of young people interested in bernie sanders but the question people have to ask themselves is, how realistic is bernie sanders' agenda. i don't think america wants to go through another debate about socialized medicine. i don't think america wants to go through a debate about increasing taxes on the middle class. those are the differentiating positions that makes hillary clinton the more pragmatic progressive than the race. >> jim, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it.
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i'm sure like the rest of us your eyes will be pointed to msnbc and this debate stage tonight. thank you. developing now, senator ted cruz is holding a town haul in portsmouth, new hampshire. john kasich is holding a rally right now as well. we'll take a break. and coming up -- clinton and sanders. as we mentioned, they are trading charges over who is more progressive but what's the difference between a progressive and a liberal? we'll take this all the way back to the early 1900s, believe it or not? plus, ted cruz swings back at donald trump and says that he's, quote, having a trumper tantrum. that's actually a hash tag, ladies and gentlemen, right now. and while this fight actually helps marco rubio, some say. we're coming to you live from the university of new hampshire ahead of the last democratic debate before the first in the nation primary tonight, 9:00 eastern, only on
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i was looking for an alternative to trump, quite frankly. i just can't imagine someone in the white house negotiating with our enemies as opposed to being in the situation where he's going to get something done in the treaty. >> now, you said an alternative to trump. does that mean you're looking at republican candidates only? >> yeah. >> that was a nice man we met on the streets of manchester. a republican voter. i caught up with him this morning. meanwhile, we're right now in durham, new hampshire. behind me, the debate stage is
8:16 am
getting set. all the prep and the big showdown between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, the first one-on-one without martin o'malley will take place right here later this evening. meanwhile, this morning, republican candidates are continuing their full-court press through new hampshire ahead of next week's primary. marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich and jeb bush all holding town halls across the state this morning with more planned this afternoon and jeb bush jeb bush is joined by his mother, first lady barbara bush, at a rally in derry. ted cruz and donald trump battling back and forth as donald trump accuses him of committing voter fraud. some suggest that the fighting could give marco rubio the boost that he's been banking on in new hampshire. we've got it all covered with our team on the ground all
8:17 am
around the state. katy tur and hallie jackson is joining me and kelly o'donnell, who has covered the race for presidents since early last year is on the trail with bush in derry. gabe gutierrez has been following marco rubio throughout new hampshire. let's begin with hallie jackson in new hampshire. it's interesting, this morning our colleague joe scarborough said that it's a mistake, in his opinion, as a republican for ted cruz and donald trump to continue this fight because, as he sees it, this is all about in the end, marco rubio. >> reporter: and what this fight is doing, tamron, when you look at donald trump and ted cruz going at each other, it's allowing all of the establishment candidates to sit back and watch this unfold. so it is a benefit potentially to people like marco rubio, to people like chris christie, john
8:18 am
kasich, jeb bush. i'll tell you, here in new hampshire, there's a lot at stake for these four candidates, particularly maybe not marco rubio but the christie's, kasiches and bushes. these guys have gone all in. they have poured money in here. this is where you're seeing a lot of their attack ads and they all know that they need to be each other. they all have different ways of going about it. jeb bush differentiates himself a little bit from the rest of the establishment pack. rubio has tried to stay above the fray. john kasich says he's the prince of light, as he told me recently, not one of the disciples of dark. chris christie is hammering marco rubio very hard, tamron. they've all got different strategies to may but what we'll see on february 9th will be a major factor in where this race goes from here for these establishment guys. >> all right.
8:19 am
thank you very much. let's go to kelly o'donnell. she's on the ground for us as well. kelly, you are about 40 minutes north of manchester, which is where we are all based, other than this debate here. you spoke to jeb bush a short while ago. what is he saying about his strategy and also every time you talk about his mother coming out on the campaign trail, who could forget what happened on the "today" show when she questioned whether or not the nation would get behind another bush, another clinton. those are many days behind us but he's also behind in the polls. >> reporter: well, tamron, we're in pittsfield. jeb bush was taking questions here and we spent some time with him on his campaign bus. we talked about the state of this race, the rise of marco rubio and, yes, his mother barbara bush who will join him tonight. regarding his mother, and i did bring that up, the issue in
8:20 am
2012, she said we've had enough bushes. there are other families that conserve. he got on the phone with his mother and that he marked her down as neutral and today she's passing out, bumper stickers that say jeb in houston where he lives and she's the best grassroots supporter. clearly it was an awkward moment them and it's followed him, as those things do, but he's excited to have her here tonight. she's 90 years old now. he said she's an extraordinary woman with good humor and she is very well loved. that was the sweet and loving son portion of the interview. the fierce competitor is when i asked about marco rubio who, jeb bush, of course, has known for a long time, a protege in florida. coming out of iowa, jeb bush says here in new hampshire he in fact is polling well and believes that he can make his
8:21 am
case. here's what jeb bush had to say about how they should look at marco rubio. >> every candidate has to have their record examined and every candidate has to examine it. there should be no coronations here. i'm a conservative and i prove it by doing it by being a governor of the state where i apply conservative principles. marco rubio is a gifted politician but his whole life has been around his ambitions. and he's gifted. he can turn a phrase really well. but what has he done? >> although john kasich isn't talking about it in this way, it's the message of look at his record, can you show that you've done thing in elective office? that may not be something that voters are looking for in this unusual season. i asked jeb bush that and he said voters still want to know that someone can make a difference when they get to the white house. so we had a conversation and
8:22 am
we'll be playing parts of it throughout the day but jeb bush is willing to take marco rubio on. tamron? katy tur is live. let's talk about his ground game and appearances here in this state. >> reporter: he's got five stops here today. that's by far the most stops he's done in one day anywhere. he's starting here and moving on throughout a number of places throughout the day. if he's going to look forward against marco rubio, he seems to be the one that has a momentum. let's give credit where credit is due. he kept bragging about his polls
8:23 am
and people expected him to win and, instead, he came in second and that's why he is finding it so difficult to move forward and said looking back on ted cruz, now trying to claim voter fraud and trying to get those election results overturned. take a listen to what he was talking about last night in arkansas. >> actually, i think i came in first because if you take a look, you know, oh, that voter fraud. you know, these politicians are brutal. >> reporter: so, ted cruz is going down in the polls and marco rubio is going up and donald trump is leading by a ton here in new hampshire. but he needs to keep that momentum going. and there are 40% independent undecided voters and those voters could go to ted cruz, donald trump, bernie sanders even. they need to understand what the best strategy is in this state
8:24 am
and how to keep the people supporting him in the voting booth next week. >> and katy, by the numbers, for example, chris christie has held more events than any of his gop rivals so far in new hampshire and it's been made the point that donald trump, as you pointed out, has gone back to arkansas. what's the ground game like which was criticized in iowa? >> reporter: so far the ground game for the donald trump campaign has been name recognition, his celebrity, giant town halls that he has, people coming to him. right now the campaign tells us that they have seven phone banks around the state and tell us that they have made thousands of phone calls, that they have knocked on thousands of doors. they tell us people are coming in from as far away as missouri and people coming in from australia and should be voting for donald trump in this state but we have not seen that because the campaign has yet to give us access to any of that.
8:25 am
we can't confirm how much they have actually done on the ground here. >> katy, thank you. let's talk about the rubio campaign now. the senator is continuing to surge here in new hampshire. we'll use the word "surge" carefully. rubio is now in second place. that's according to a new tracking poll out this morning. let's go to nbc's gabe gutierrez. when ted cruz saw a bounce in iowa, he brought out a win for his team how is senator rubio preparing for all of these attacks, particularly chris christie? chris christie was on "morning joe" this morning. every question he was asked, he found a way to incorporate senator rubio and attack him in the answers. >> reporter: yeah, tamron. good morning. there's a target on marco rubio's back right now. chris christie, as you mentioned, attacking him on "morning joe."
8:26 am
jeb bush has also been on the offensive. now, right here, the doors are just opening for what will be the third town hall event of the day. marco rubio trying to stay on message and arguing that his best position to take on the democrats. as you said, they were hoping to gain a lot from the endorsement of rick santorum and had a tough time with an accomplishment and here, take a listen, chris christie pounced. >> rick santorum can't name one thing that marco rubio has done. i will tell you one thing marco rubio has done. he's made it very clear that on the issue of pro life, marco rubio is not for an exception for rape, incest or life of the mother. >> reporter: now, that was chris christie on "morning joe." other establishment candidates say marco rubio has experience in the senate, does have
8:27 am
experience in politics in florida and among his accomplishments is va accountability reform, his work on appealing obamacare, although some critics say that has been overblowned and also his work on sanctions against hezbollah and venezuela. so this is something that the marco rubio campaign will have to deal with throughout the day. his detractors are trying to seize on this and make sure that the voters know that he has some questions about his experience and his campaign, though, is really trying to stay on message at this point. tamron? >> gabe, thank you very much. we're just hours away from the first one-on-one democratic debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. coming up, i'll talk to key members from both teams, including a new inside look to bernie sanders' strategy going into tonight's debate. again, that airs tonight at 9:00 eastern only on msnbc. we'll be right back. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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we're live in durham, new hampshire, the site of the first faceoff between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. set your alarm, call your friends, whatever you need to do. tonight is going to be a good one. we heard from a supporter of hillary clinton's campaign heading into the debate and joining me now, congressman keith ellison of the great state of minnesota, a bernie sanders supporter. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to talk about the battle over the title progressive. hillary clinton has said that anyone who knows her who thinks that she's been influenced by donations by wall street can't name one thing and she challenged the moderator to name one thing. i ask you, where have you seen
8:32 am
influence infiltrate hillary clinton's decisions? >> i'm not going to come on this show and start bashing the contestants -- >> that's not what i'm asking you. i can play to you the question that hillary clinton posed. she said, anyone who knows me who thinks that they can influence me, name anything that influenced me on. to be clear, i'm not asking you to bash her. i'm asking you what she posed as a question last night. >> well, look, i'm going to leave other people to answer that rhetorical question. there's no better progressive than bernie sanders. bernie sanders has been consistent on trade. he's always said trade deals have to put the worker first. he's been great on xl pipeline. he's been awesome on all of the issues for a long time.
8:33 am
and these issues he's been very consistent on over time. he voted against the iraq war. that's what i can tell you. look, i think that hillary clinton has served our country well and deserves respect. but my candidate is the strongest progressive in the race. that's not to say that hillary clinton hasn't done impressive things. the question is, who should be the president and i think it should be bernie sanders. >> i'm looking at "the boston globe" endorsement. "the globe" put it this way. senator bernie sanders of vermont voted against the brady background check bill and claims notwithstanding is not a convincing champion of gun control." does this concern you, his history, regarding gun safety
8:34 am
and gun legislation? >> well, he's not very good in terms of the national rifle association. they gave him a d-minus rating. he has said that the executive orders that president obama has put forward, he will support. i think bernie sanders will be excellent on commonsense gun safety but the fact is, you know, we all do come from different districts. we have to be sensitive to our constituents. as president of the united states, he will help us get rid of all of these guns on the street, which have taken enormous, devastating toll on people all over, whether it's individual shootings, like in chicago or even in my own minneapolis or these mass shootings. bernie will be there and i'm very confident of that. >> i want to get your thoughts on yesterday's visit by president obama to a u.s. mosque. the first time he's visited a mosque here in the united states. gop candidate marco rubio had some interesting comments
8:35 am
regarding that visit. let me play it and get your response, please. >> sure. >> i'm tired of being divided like this president has done. always pitting people against each other. he gave a speech at a mosque, basically inferring that america is discriminating against muslims. of course there's discrimination in america of every kind. but radical islam poses a threat to muslims themselves. they will argue that. they will tell you that. but it's this constant pitting of people against each other. >> congressman, you were with the president that the mosque. what's your reaction to those comments? >> well, marco rubio is certainly nobody who should be president of the united states. even george w. bush went to a mosque. even george w. bush said that muslims are an important part of the american scene in the american family. even republicans in the past have said the same thing. so for him to attack president
8:36 am
obama because he is aware that the muslim community has had a spike against it in terms of hate crimes and wants to say, look, we're going to affirm your belonging in our society, that just proves why marco rubio -- he doesn't show up for senate votes. he's not going to be a very good president other than just talking and good rhetoric. actually, bad rhetoric delivered in a slick style. the man's just not a good public servant and i'm sorry about that. >> congressman keith ellison, thank you so much for your time. i greatly appreciate it. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> of course. coming up, a flashpoint from last night but how are voters defining progressive versus liberal when it comes to hillary clinton and bernie sanders? well, our first team says the differences are stark as the party appears more divided than
8:37 am
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[dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ i don't know the context of it. secretary clinton said some people call me -- i'm paraphasing. some people call me a moderate and i proudly say that i am a moderate. that's what she said. so all i say is, you can't go and say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on another day in i know where i stand. i know what i've done. but i don't think it helps for the senator to be making those kinds of comparisons because, clearly, we all share a lot of the same hopes and aspirations
8:41 am
for our country that we want to see achieved. >> that was more from hillary clinton and bernie sanders over who is the real progressive. it's an issue that is certainly likely and that will come up tonight in the big debate taking place behind me here in new hampshire. it's the first time that clinton and sanders will go head to head. joining me is msnbc eric cameron. this has to come up. it's interesting, "the new york times" has a pretty exhaustive history of what it means to be progressive, dating back from the 1900s. if you look on social media, some of the comments, you erase the more ludicrous one, bernie sanders says how can you have a
8:42 am
super pac bringing in billions of dollars and be a progressive. >> reporter: tamron, one of the things that's so interesting that i think we need to stop and say what is sea change, when bill clinton was president, being a moderate was something to brag about. there was a fear beginning in the 1970s about the backlash to liberalism and now you have two democratic candidates trying to vie for which one is further to the left and that shows that the movements that have been fighting to reclaim the left of center mantel have been really effective, whether it's black lives matter or occupy wall street, the women's rights movement. they are pushing candidates to show that they are not what they might call liberal sellouts. you heard this whole debate over establishment. now the establishment is considered some kind of an insult. you have this real push from people to show that they have purity and they are representing the entrance of the left in a
8:43 am
proper way. >> and it's interesting, irin, as well, before what took place in iowa bernie sanders, having tremendous success against hillary clinton, being relatively unknown when you look at her legacy and her name recognition at this point alone, it was always predicted that bernie sanders would pull hillary clinton to the left, he would challenge her and bring her to that side of the debate that elizabeth warren has wanted, which we'll talk more about her presence or lack thereof so far but he's doing exactly what progressives wanted to see in this race and that may not very well be what the dnc or moderates in the party want to see. >> reporter: well, i think that it's an interesting moment for hillary clinton because for decades she was told that she was too liberal, she was kind of rug-burning too left wing for the country, punished for the fact that she didn't change her name when her husband ran for
8:44 am
governor in arkansas. when she was first lady, she was termed as a crazy lefty. now that she's had to make she's compromises, she would argue that to get things done or to be taken seriously, particularly as a woman candidate, she's now in this catch 22 where she's being told, you're too much part of the establishment, you're not liberal enough and you're too hawkish. >> i guess the question is, can both be true? and is there a litmus test here? >> reporter: yeah. i think bernie has tapped into something. the question is, in a general election is there going to be enough broad-base dissatisfaction that it won't alienate our very divided country. polls show that americans are pretty open to them, particularly things like paid leave and economic policy that goes up against corporations in wall street. >> and it feels like so much in the past we've talked about the republican candidate having to
8:45 am
shift from the far right as the nominee moved closer to a general election but we're seeing this hot topic right now during this democratic debate tonight. thank you very much, irin. we'll talk more about what you'll see on that stage. meanwhile, ted cruz has a town hall in portsmouth, new hampshire, where he's been taking on and focusing a lot on donald trump. we'll see more of his strategy. but the big story tonight in the political world truly is going to take place live right here in new hampshire at the university of new hampshire ahead of the last democratic debate before the first in the nation primary. so a lot of what you saw in that town hall last night, the candidates were separate. tonight they will be together to face off against each other over this debate of progressive, liberal and much more foreign policy. of course, very important. and tonight it all goes down,
8:46 am
9:00 eastern and you can only see it on msnbc. frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working?
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with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted. my concerns are foreign policy, economics because there's a great disparity in this country between the rich and the poor. so i think i'll make my decision after the debates. >> that is ken close, a man i met on the streets of manchester a. lo , a long-time resident. he's one of thousands of voters in new hampshire who are undecided about who they want to eventually see perhaps even go on to the white house. but they will have a chance to hear from them tonight before they go to vote on tuesday. right now, ken, he says he's
8:50 am
leaning towar leaning towards john kasich or bernie sanders. joining me now, someone who knows the mind of the new hampshire voter, joins me now from manchester. he's endorsed jeb bush. thank you so much for your time. >> thanks for having me on. >> absolutely. right now, we have jeb bush still in the single digits at 8% in some of the latest polling out there. what do you see as the wave forward for your candidate here? >> well, i think there are tremendous number of undecided in new hampshire. in new hampshire, it's unpredictable. my view is that one of what i call the rational conservative group will break out in the pack in the state and come out fast on the outside and beat donald trump in new hampshire. wouldn't surprise me at all. i think they're 65% and 70% of the vote. look at who they want to support. the great record and story and
8:51 am
is doing very well in the town meetings. they're going too and tracking a significant amount of support and moving up there fast. >> what's interesting to reporting now, you don't think the polls are that relevant? let's talk about endorsements since you decided to back jeb bush. senator rubio has overtaken bush and congressional endorsements, when you look at the outcome of iowa, not a poll, but fact, he spends $52 for some every vote he got in iowa. why isn't his message connecting? why isn't he resonating and set aside the polls. just look at iowa. some suggested he skipped but decided to go in anyway. >> well, i don't think people in new hampshire listen to iowa. the old saying here iowa picks iowa and new hampshire picks presidents. iowa is a caucus and inherently marginalized itself. they can disproportionately influence itself as they do in iowa.
8:52 am
the evangelical vote. new hampshire is almost a general election, in fact, where we allow them to vote in either side. 30% or 40% of the republican vote will be independent votes and not voting for donald trump. they're mostly educated women who have decided to lead the party because they think the national party is too harsh but we come back into the primary and i think vote aggressively for jeb bush and others rational. >> some comics this morning and jeb is toast, his words, if he loses badly to reub yubio. he has to tie or beat him in new hampshire. do you agree with the statement? >> i think marco is a good guy.
8:53 am
and will do better than either and certainly hope he does. i don't have a great deal of lindsey but that's an opinion. i don't happen to agree with her! as y . >> not everyone with kcconfiden in the polls. we'll see you, i hope, again soon. thank you. we are nine hours from the debate. bernie sanders and hillary clinton, who's the real progressive and what does that mean to the rotors e voters in hampshire, host of all in. and chris joins me now from manchester. so chris, i know you like to certainly look at social media and some of the debates that are happening. this morning, and it seems the number one topic is this debate over progressives versus comments hillary clinton made not long ago saying she's a moderate. what's your take here? >> i think that it comes down to
8:54 am
progressive and on sanders side, i think, the sanders campaign has a stronger part of the argument to the left of hillary clinton and various political scientist scoring meths ods tha determine that. he's to the left on everything except for guns which she's pointed out but that's a different question. in terms of the broadness of the label, i think most democrats consider president obama a progressive and appear to meet the task laid out by bernie sanders yesterday in some of the big tweet storm he said. and i think the clinton campaign is pressing the point to say, well, are you saying the president of the united states is not a progressive? if so, what exactly does it
8:55 am
mean? >> what is the electorate craving? this was not a media debate. it was a question by kasey hunt to bernie sanders who chose to use this as not an attack. he likes to pride himself on not attacking hillary clinton, but a distinction he says between the two here. i think this is not super complicated in the sense that you've got it. he's got a lot of votes there. it's an intense debate about how many votes there are to the left of the image of hillary clinton whether that's true about who
8:56 am
hillary clinton is but whether there's enough votes there and why they're jostling in the roadway now to sort of find the right trajectory. >> i know you will be here with us all evening long. we have a watch party set up and we'll have reaction before and after the debate and you'll be here and thank you so much for making time. i mentioned now a thousand times but let's make it 1,001. we're at new hampshire at the site of the debate. it's kind of remarkable because the vacuum cleaner was on for the entire hour of the show and guess what? the vacuum cleaner stopped but the shows have not stopped live from new hampshire. the debate was hosted by rachel maddow, chuck todd 9:00 eastern time. andrea mitchell though continues our live coverage from this great state. we're right back after a quick break.
8:57 am
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live from the campus. the democrats candidates go one on one. will a different hillary clinton show up? i've had to be in. >> i did not know a progress who had to be in a superpac and take $15 million from wall street. >> trumper tantrum. ted coins a


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