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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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live from the campus. the democrats candidates go one on one. will a different hillary clinton show up? i've had to be in. >> i did not know a progress who had to be in a superpac and take $15 million from wall street. >> trumper tantrum. ted coins a new phrase.
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>> it's no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or a trumpertantrum. >> calling in the family to boost jeb bush's campaign performance. >> i think the next president needs to be quieter but send a signal we're prepared to act in the national security interests of the country and get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap.
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>> please take a listen. >> i have had to come to grips with how much more difficult it is to talk about myself than what i want to do for other people. >> constantly trying to balance, how do i assume the mantle of a position essentially agust as president of the united states and the last 25 years. i had to be in public dealing with personal issues, political public issues. regardless of how hard the days are, how difficult the decisions are, be grateful. >> it was moment explaining her speaking fees that made the headlines.
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joining me now. covering the sanders campaign. the unofficial historian of the clinton campaign having been there from the beginning. it was extraordinary. she was more authentic seeming, if i could put it that way, more personal. she talked about prayer and faith. she talked about the jesuit parable through a series of crises and then asked about taking 675,000 from the wall street investment bank and asked why she took that money. and paid speeches after she left the stage and she said, well, that's what they offered. in this sort of glib way. the reaction? >> the people always ask me, who is the real hillary clinton? you've been covering her for a long time. the first or second? it's multitudes. the first bit you played, opened
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up. but we've seen that way before she ran for president and a tiny team around her. she didn't have to worry about polls and doing things by committee. she could be much more direct and personal. and for somebody who has a hard time connecting with voters, that's a great look and we should be seeing more of that on the trail than less of it. >> in fact, i've spoken to close associates of hers who are up here now in new hampshire in what some might call an intervention because they thought that the hillary clinton they saw in iowa was not authentic and strident trying to be aggressive against bernie sanders and didn't come off as the person they knew and the person who came from behind and won in new hampshire. cas casey, what's bernie sanders likely to do tonight with that gaffe, the only way you could describe it on wall street? >> i think this plays right into this message that they have, right? they will insist they have not gone negative on hillary
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clinton. as you shadow boxed with bernie sanders whether or not the ad they put out late in the iowa caucus season was a negative ad or not. the reality, they will say they believe that sanders. and pree-mail. everything. >> they still don't have an answer on it. and this is exactly something she should be prepared for but
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it's not a great issue for them to talk about, but there are better answers than the ones she gave last night. but what they say is, look, they can't -- bernie sanders cannot establish she did anything for wall street. she's been aggressive. >> she's got an open field tonight. would be asked by my colleagues.
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if you listen to what bernie sanders is messaging on if you listen to what donald trump is messaging on these issues of wall street or being beholden to special interests in the case of donald trump, they're both saying the same thing. and it's resonating on both sides. people are simply fed up with this. i think, yes, it's bernie sanders focusing on an issue, but there's a reason why it's resonate and i think it has the potential to cause additional issues for her. >> we'll be here and watching. james carville, a long time political advisor to bill and hillary clinton, joining me from new orleans. james, what do you make of the performance last night? you know both hillarys or all the hillarys going back all the way into the early '90s in the first big campaign. >> she was much more relaxed and glad to see that. it's a long campaign. it's moving into a different stage. pretty pleased with the way she
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came across and she'll do fine. >> you were quoted memorably saying that iowa was tighter than an alligator wearing a tutu. wonderful image. also delta new orleans resonance there for the alligator. >> new hampshire. if you look at it, the most favorable state. i think most of the polls consistently have her down. i think she's campaigning hard and hopefully, she'll surprise folks on the other side. i think she continues to campaign like that, she'll surprise on the upside in 2008 and i think you'll fight to the end for every vote you can get and, you know, out to new
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hampshire, we move on to a different place. >> she's torn between advisors telling her to be tough, strong, take him apart and those saying show that other side of you which is deeply rooted in her faith and scripture from a close, personal friend, a minister and starting the day that way and having gone through the tough white house years, which hillary should show up tonight? >> i tell you, i hope the one i know and people know. i think she'll be relaxed. she's got a detailed plan out there. relaxed with problems but, you
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know, the real clinton showing up, i think that's endorsed to her benefit because that's the one people know and love. >> and her answer on wall street. i have never understood that she was not thinking about running for president. that really defies. that said, why would the possibility of running for president after she left the state department, why she would go out and make paid speeches to all sorts of groups, not just wall street? >> i'm unique lly qualified to t criticize people. but if you look at her wall street plan, none other than people like paul krug said it's superior to bernie sanders' plan. it cracks at leverage and goes right at it. if she gave a speech, she gave the speech. but there's no evidence whatsoever that her stance and things she's proposing are anything but good solid reform.
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>> and what do you think of this whole semantic debate, who's the real progressive? >> you know, the one thing, and i like the debate with a negative spot or not a negative spot. you're running for president. if you have a difference with somebody, don't sit and say, you're not going to draw a distinction. this is what this is about. you can't be. i don't know what a progressive is, but he's a socialist. i consider myself a progressive, a democrat, anything else. but i think which candidate has the best plan for wall street? which candidate has the best
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plan for manufacturing? the best plan for higher ed. on those measures, i'm excited and comfortable where she is. but can't be more progressive than bernie sanders. pretty hard. >> james carrville. thank you so much. a long time ago. >> absolutely. we've got a great primary up here. >> thank you, you bet. appreciate it. >> donald trump is speaking now. let's take a listen. >> the whole world is focused on this area and honestly, if our count country and we don't have the
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right people negotiating for us. we'll have some questions an answers similar. we are being decimated on trade. we're being decimated every country we do business with. it's not going to change. we have politicians in charge of our country. we're taken care of by special interests. example. medicaid. so we're the biggest drug buyer in the world. to make people better. all of that is fine. but we don't negotiate the price of the druggindrugs. and perhaps spend $350 billion for drugs buying from our drug companies. how's that possible? it's not possible, people say. but drug companies have probably the sec or third most powerful
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lobby in this country. they get the politicians and every one of them is getting money from the drug companies. every single one. you know who's not? me. i'm getting money from nobody except for the small donor. >> we had it up. we're going to talk about the relationship. it used to be cozy. not so much anymore. the trump ted cruz relationship is gone south. you're watching a special edition of andrea mitchell live from the campus of the university of new hampshire where our big debate takes place 9:00 p.m. tonight. hillary clinton versus bernie sanders, facing off in the only one on one debate before the new hampshire primary. you're watching msnbc. join rachel maddow and chuck todd tonight. this is the place for politics. welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes
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he engages insult after insult because of the substance. i wake up every day and last at the latest thing donald has tweeted. because he's losing it. but we need a commander in chief, not a twitter. >> the words continue between donald trump and ted cruz after accused of cheating of getting the win in iowa. now calling for a do-over there. halle jackson on the road coming
9:19 am
to concord new hampshire where john kasich is holding his rally and gabe gutierrez is at the marco rubio event. first to you because i don't want to lose the connection. trump versus cruz. really going after him and cruz firing back. >> reporter: and even today, andrea, ted cruz held an event in which he talked about donald trump in what he called nasty attacks his way. cruz insisting he will not respond in kind, but remember the kind of language we've heard from cruz over the last 24 hours. he said this kind of what he called temper tantrums or in a hashtag, #trumpertantrums and not wanting someone like that, if i thinker on the button. they could nuke denmark and compared it to his daughter's. saying that trump is less well behaved than caroline and catherine, 7 and 5. we are seeing this sort of really sharp attack line of
9:20 am
defense from cruz to trump and something that won't go away. what we need to emphasize, andrea, as cruz and trump battle it with the circular firing squad. they understand the campaign is beat the other one. out of new hampshire, one of the thing guys. maybe two, will emerge to be a strong contender down in south carolina. >> what's the message now that she's suffered a loss? >> this is a less bombastic donald trump than we've seen on stage. he didn't start talking about his poll numbers, which is significant for donald trump. started talking about the u.s.
9:21 am
getting killed and controversy, a couple of months ago. and seem to be focusing more on policy not going into depth on policy detail but does seem to be going to talk about it more. we're in a packed town hall, 450 people in here. the majority of them, frankly, college age students from the neighboring schools around here, so not entirely clear how drug medication negotiations is going over with them, but the trump campaign is trying to hold on to momentum in this state and leading significantly according to the latest poll bug also numbers out there that suggest he could have major weaknesses and undecided right now and those votes could go for democrats and republicans. there is a crossover, believe it or not, with bernie sanders and donald trump in this stage. not only fighting off marco
9:22 am
rubio, ted cruz and the other establishment people in the republican lane but also, potentially, bernie sanders and as you know, andrea, and here in new hampshire, you can walk into a voting booth and decide then and there who you're affiliated with, which party and change. and then cast your votes. the trump campaign is trying to hold on to the momentum and manage expectations though. it is interesting for him not to open up this speech by talking about polls and got five stops all today. tomorrow, he is leaving the state again. going to south carolina. many people are calling that a mistake considering how people like chris christie basically lived in this state, considered it a mistake over in iowa too and the trump campaign is forging ahead with their original plan banking on the plan he has 100% name recognition an bankid the fact been very popular so far in this state. >> indeed, he has. but at this point decemb, how me
9:23 am
is marco rubio devoting to new hampshire? >> reporter: good afternoon. this town hall meeting is set to get a start in a little bit. we are at capacity here in this room here at st. hanson college and expect within the next few minutes and marco rubio, it's been a series of town halls today. this will be the third of the day and he's really trying to get this message across that he's best positioned on the republican fields to take on either bernie sanders or hillary clinton in the general election. now, a lot of analysts and supporters of marco rubio had said it's a three, two, one campaign. third in iowa and second in new hampshire and first in south carolina. and essentially saying this is a
9:24 am
three person race between himself, donald trump, and ted cruz. and again, he is best positioned to take on the democrats. that the democrats do not want to run against him, they would prefer to run against ted cruzzcruz or donald trump. but he's now the target of these republican candidates. so-called is establishment candidates. yesterday, rick santorum, as you know, suspended his campaign and endorsed marco rubio. this morning, the rubio campaign put out a list of all of these endorsements. however his appearance o"mornin joe," he was unable to say anything he accomplished in the senate. they pounced and something repeated over and over again by marco rubio's critics. he's been coddled. he's scripted and say some claim, his critics in the republican field and amounts to the equivalent of a republican obama because of his lack of
9:25 am
experience and lack of accomplishments. the rubio campaign, however, fights back. they say he does have accomplishments. when it comes to repealing obamacare, or his efforts to repeal obamacare. some critics say that's been overblown and v.a. reform and accountability reform as well as sanctions against hezbollah. so the campaign is best for the message and do paint the picture that marco rubio is best suited to take on the democrats in the general election. general, he's set to come here for the third town hall of the day and move on to a fort trying to take the message to the voters directly. andrea? >> thank you so much, gabe gutierrez. that's the new hampshire way. expected to see you up close and personal. thanks to halle and katy tur as well. coming up, the pregame. campaign manager is joining me with the play book ahead of tonight's main event and you can hear they're preparing for the debate. here are the cameras rolling in
9:26 am
to position. that's all the noise in the back room below me. the first time hillary clinton and bernie sanders are meeting one on one. and it's tonight right here on msnbc exclusively at 9:00 eastern moderated by chuck todd and rachel maddow. and right here on msnbc, the place for politics. be good.
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lifelock memberships start at $9.99 a month. join now and get lifelock risk-free for 60 days, using promo code "bank". protection begins immediately. call 1800 lifelock or visit just hours from now, when hillary clinton and bernie sanders debate on the stage face to face. come as these new numbers came out today from new hampshire in a new u-mass tracking poll. among likely democratic voter here, two-thirds side with bernie sanders, a third leaning towards hillary clinton. but she has been closing the gap. narrowing the gap since the last
9:30 am
poll. among the closest rivals. donald -- >> as you can see, donald trump is speaking right now. >> we're going to save social security. we're going to make our country rich again. we're going to take back the billions and billions and actually trillions of dollars that's being sucked out of us by all the other countries throughout the world that are ripping us off, and by the way, ripping us off and don't respect us and like us and mock us. when you look at the stupidity of the deal, where we give $150 billion, we get nothing and frankly, the sailors caught in a begging position.
9:31 am
if that money wasn't due in two days, we wouldn't have the sailors back here either. we are going to be respected as a country and bring our jobs back and we're saving social security and medicare. medicare works. now we're going to get rid of the abuse and the fraud and the things going with it. >> donald trump's stump speech. donald trump in exidor today. and jeb bush calling his mom to help out with the debate. live from new hampshire, 9:00 tonight, rachel maddow and chuck todd are moderating the first and only one on one debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the only one before the new hampshire primary next tuesday. so it's all happening right here on msnbc, the place for politics. the microsoft cloud allows us to access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically.
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>> jeb bush talking about barbara bush with kelly o'donnell a day ahead of the campaign trail ending tonight with a town hall featuring the former first lady. join meganow for the lay d now and chris cilliza. what's up with the state that's good to the bushes?
9:36 am
>> reporter: i definitely think from talking with him and we had quite a bit of time today and he stopped for a bit of lunch here now after talking with voters and getting good feedback from people he's interacting with. in our conversation, he talked about the fact his mother is beloved as you heard there. there is the rooted sense of the bush family having had success he here. he said in new hampshire, he will perform here and a few polls show him doing better and try to make the case to voters that at this time when especially marco rubio is having a moment and showing some strength coming out of iowa, i asked him specifically about what and he was more than ready to go after marco rubio to complement some of his strengths but say to voters what, has he done? here's part of our conversation.
9:37 am
>> every has to earn it. marco rubio has had a life around his own ambitions. he's gifted, he can turn a phrase well but what has he done? we've had seven years with a guy who could give a great speech but he's divided the country. >> reporter: and i asked governor bush about the fact he's raised so much money. it was early on thought of as the clear the field kind of candidate and there is some discomfort within the republican party. is there a time to maybe co coalesce and move toward. in south carolina, the governor is getting ready to board on the bus and headed to the next place after shaking hands here. candidates eat fast on the road. and the diner is one of the classic places that candidates visit as a part of their tour and their time in new hampshire.
9:38 am
so from our conversation, jeb bush, willing to criticize marco rubio saying on donald trump that the media has been played like a stratavarious. jeb bush saying he's in it for the long haul. and ye? >> and i should point out that the bushes have had their ups and downs in new hampshire and ronald reagan defeating george w.h bush and upsetting george w. bush in twouchlt good full-times and bad times in new hampshire. you can't explain what happened today after rick santorum endorsing marco rubio talking about his new candidate and joe
9:39 am
scarborough really took him through his places. name that. >> can you name his top accomplishment in the senate actually working in the senate doing something that tilted your decision to marco rubio? >> you know, here's what i would say about that. my feeling on marco is someone who has tremendous potential, tremendous gifts. >> republicans have been in the majority of the past two years. can you name one thing he's had? >> okay, first off -- >> okay, in the last two years. >> the republicans have been a majority for one year and one month of which as, you know, he was running for president primarily. >> so chris cilliz how does it help marco rubio? >> it doesn't. that was an easy answer, andrea. you heard jeb bush in the interview with kelly and chris with the post which he outlines the same things. good guy, talented guy.
9:40 am
not ready yet. the one thing i would say is there is real danger, both chris christie and jeb bush said they'll continue on no matter the results of new hampshire. they will continue to south carolina. now, of course, they can revise that. but ill say if they do not finish above rubio and this goes for john kasich too, the established party has to pull out. if they don't get ahead of rubio, is the day they are helping ted cruz and donald trump get closer to the nomination. >> and what do you make of the latest tracking poll, the channel 7 still at 36, still elevated an marco rubio is second. but within the margin of error an ted krusz had 14. jeb bush, the rest far behind. chris cilliza? >> chris, i'm not sure you can hear me, we're talking about the
9:41 am
tracking poll. kelly, you want to jump in? >> reporter: sure. well --here in new hampshire, i've been talking to voters. and one of the things i saw is there is a different set of voters with iowa and look at different things and we see that marco rubio has certainly moved up and in some ways, the governors have a bunched up lane where they're trying to see another breakout moment. will it happen? and i think over the next several days where some of these other candidates are coming to the same conclusion about marco rubio in terms of a tactical move in the campaign to try to chip away at his resume and to say to voters, no, don't go with him. look at the kind of experience record and when i asked governor bush about maybe this isn't a year for experience, maybe that's not what some of the voters want, he came back with marco rubio's been a politician since he was 26 and been a
9:42 am
career politician. that was the response from jeb bush hearing the same kind of thing from chris andrea. >> sorry, we lost the awe owe on chris cilliza. up next, jeff weaver joining me hours before the debate. tune in at 9:00 p.m. eastern. watch hillary clinton and bernie sanders in the only face to face debate and you're watching a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" live from the university of new hampshire. this is msnbc, the place for politics. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that.
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by the campaign, barack obama would not be a progressive. joe biden would not be a progressive. jean shaheen and even paul well stone would not be a progressive. so i'm not going to let that bother me. >> and that's a preview of the argument you can expect to hear from secretary clinton tonight this whole semantic argument, who's a progressive? who's not a progressive? does it really matter? is that really the issue we should be talk about? >> the only point was back in september, secretary clinton at one of her events said, some people say that i'm a moderate or in the center. i plead guilty. so she pled guilty to it. it's not something we made up or some kind of litmus test we create. i plead guilty to being a
9:47 am
moderate. you can't be a moderate and a progressive. you're both. nothing wrong, but moderate is moderate. >> well, last night, asked about one of the issues that bernie sanders was raising on the campaign trail, the paid speeches after she left the states and she was asked by anderson cooper about receiving $675,000 from goldman sacks and she said, well, and took the money. she said, that's what they offered. >> you know, and obviously those are just three speeches of many speeches secretary has given. if you look at deutsche bank and ebay, one in ebay understood she made $15,000 a minute on e bay. i guess there's a lot of companies offering these big things. >> her point is there is no proof she did anything for any of the companies that she's in fact been tough on the same companies so there was no quid
9:48 am
pro quo. >> i'm not saying -- we are not saying that. no one has ever said that. that would obviously be illegal. nobody is suggesting that. but you have a system of campaign finance and speeches and cozinesiens in which candid become cozy with the powerful special interests. they receive lob fwrig them. campaign contributions, i mean, you saw on the newspaper today, there was the clinton campaigners received over $20 million in donations from wall street with the practicing of $40 million. not so much whether hillary clinton did or did not but is it a good investment? >> what is the play book tonight? >> to, you know, for him to articulate his vision for america. people afford to send the kid to
9:49 am
college and held up by a corrupt system of campaign finance. until we deal with that problem, you see on issue after after, you try to solve whether it's climate change where you have the fossil fuel industry coming in and exerting enormous influence and then the drug companies coming in with enormous influence. wall street reform you have the big banks coming in with enormous influence. until we deal with this problem of money in politics, it's very difficult to deal with the other problems. and i think that's the whole wall street thing, financing and funding. that's what it demonstrates, goes to the core of that problem. >> the u--mass tracking poll shows she's narrowed his lead down to 20 points perhaps. >> secretary wanted new
9:50 am
hampshire eight years ago. this is the fourth clinton presidential run in new hampshire by president clinton 6. well known here. political contributions and spending money too. this is a hotly contested race here in new hampshire. >> he is the next door neighbor. he does have family. >> i think that overstates it. it isn't in the much less populated areas of new hampshire. as i point out, she won here eight years ago. >> a prominent african-american endorsement today? >> i don't want to spill the beans early but we've been working hard. senator sanders working to reach leaders in the african-american voters and i think that that is
9:51 am
paying off in a sense people are getting to know more about him, his agenda, record of fighting injustice, economic injustice, other forms of injustice his entire career. i think that will resonate with people. >> we take that as confirmation. i say it, you did. >> you're going to get me in trouble, andrea. >> hillary clinton gets personal. a special edition of andrea mitchell live from the site of tonight's msnbc debate. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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hillary clinton is admitting inability of connect with young voters. >> you know, i was very fortunate to have a great team
9:55 am
of young people and men and women supporting me but i accept the fact that i have work to do to convey what i stand for, what i've accomplished. what i want to do for young people in our country. they don't have to be for me. i'm going to be for them. it doesn't matter. if they are not supporting me, i will be their president. >> and with me is monica alba. been following clinton every step of the way. she's been doing a couple of things today but basically doing preparation for the debate. it was stunning last night, she was faced with over 70% of the young voters in iowa went. >> that's very stark. there's a lot of things the campaign is trying to do to appeal to youth voters but doesn't seem to be working. she said back in the leenam dunham, even if you can't be excited, be pragmatic.
9:56 am
basically tell the voters, even if you're not for me, i'll be for you. and i'm not sure the message is going to work. the sanders campaign is doing a lot of things to reach youth voters in iowa. they took out a whole geotag buy on snapchat. that's something the clinton campaign did not necessarily do but they try to get the younger folks and chelsea clinton out to get younger audiences. but it's something even she the candidate admits is struggling with. >> monika alba. tha thank you, live from new hampshire. back tonight at 9:00, rachel maddow and chuck todd are moderating and remember, follow the show on facebook and on twitter at @mitchellreports. coming up, msnbc's kate snow interviews carly fiorina.
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hello, there. i'm kate snow and we are live in manchester, new hampshire. we are covering every race for the white house. a unique and potentially game-changing dbebate. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off here on msnbc. it is more of a free-for-all on the republican side and heavyweights ted cruz trading hay makers and ben carson's team making cuts and the big one on msnbc, bad news for marco rubio as one of his biggest endorsers couldn't name a specific accomplishment for the florida senator! e


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