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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  February 4, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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hello, there. i'm kate snow and we are live in manchester, new hampshire. we are covering every race for the white house. a unique and potentially game-changing dbebate. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off here on msnbc. it is more of a free-for-all on the republican side and heavyweights ted cruz trading hay makers and ben carson's team making cuts and the big one on msnbc, bad news for marco rubio as one of his biggest endorsers couldn't name a specific accomplishment for the florida senator! the bottom line is, there isn't
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a whole lot of accomplishments. and i just don't think it's a fair question. where nothing has happened and then blame one person because he didn't get accomplishments done. look at president obama. >> we look at much more on the gop side of the race coming up including my interview with republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. she'll join me in a few moments but first, head 35 miles to the east in dur haham, new hampshir. it is where our political team coverage begins this hour. let's start with alex seitz-wald, our official msnbc guru of all things clinton campaign. alex, what does she need to do and say tonight? >>. >> she really wants to prove she's a progressive in the race when her own kasey hunt asked
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bernie sanders if he thought she was progressive and said only on some days. they've been having a big back and forth about it. she's saying she is yes a progressive but also someone who can work inside and get progressive accomplishments done. take a look and see what she said last this last night. >> i said i'm a proifg wgressiv likes to get things done. i was amused that senator sanders set himself to be the gate keeper on who's a progressive because under the definition on twitter and statements by the campaign, barack obama would not be a progress or joe biden, and jeanne shaheen would not be and wellstone would not be. >> one thing to keep in mind. even though sanders is way ahead in the polls, new hampshire is a very unpredictable state. polling is very difficult. she came in from 2008 to win
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after obama was a little more vubl and in that race and year, 38% of the democratic voters said they made up their mind in the last three days of this race. this debate could be critical at changing some hearts and minds. >> that diner, there was a little bit of her showing her personal side. letting down her guard a little bit. talk about that. >> yeah, this was a very surprising moment for a lot of people. i think even some people who worked for her had not seen this side of hillary clinton because it's not something that we've seen since she fouannounced her presidential run. it is something we saw before she announced to give more private speeches. she didn't have a huge team of people around with the polls and policy, all of that. she could be more unguarded and
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i think it is a really good look for hillary clinton. a bit of a parallel with 2008 where she got more personal and a new story by joe clooikline a going into the same issues. how hard it is to be in the public eye. that's something that's worked for her in the past. people are sympathetic with how she's treated by the media and her opponents. it's very difficult to run for president, so i think the more hillary clinton can remind people of that, get past the talking points and the policy positions, that's good for her. >> she was at a moment asked about her faith as well. and that too seemed to be something to resonate with the crowd, at least last night. >> reporter: absolutely. it's not gotten a lot of attention but a devout methodist. she got into politics actually in park ridge, illinois, where she grew up thanks to a youth pastor. she was a goldwater republican
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thanks to her dad. so this has been a thread that's come in and out of the public eye. it's been constant for her but we'll see if she brings it up publicly now. >> all right. alex seitz-wald. get over to kasey hunt? she's chris crossed the country covering every candidate in this rate rays and spent a lot of time with bernie sanders. maybe we got a bit of a preview from alex in terms of this debate over who's more progressive. >> reporter: that's right, kate. i think you did. the and we have seen bernie sanders not back away from this at all and the clinton campaign saying his criticism of her along these lines amounts to a personal negative attack and they, you know, say that bernie sanders of course pledged not to campaign that way and they think he should be held accountable for this but look at what he said at the cnn forum last ni t
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night. >> i don't know any progressive candidate that takes $50 million from wall street. thals not progressive. as i mentioned earlier, the key foreign policy vote of modern american history was the wall in iraq. the progressive community was pretty united in saying don't listen to bush. don't go to war. secretary clinton voted to go to war. >> reporter: this all, of course, echoing the attacks that bernie sanders began on the campaign trail as the days closed before the iowa caucuses to suggest that hillary clinton had made some of these changes or adjustments to her positions, as it became more politically convenient. some other issues including the defense of marriage act, for example. and trained policy, kate?
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>> will sanders ask to go in a different direction? a woman who needs no introduction. andrea mitchell. the last time we were at a debate you were up on the stage and you've been on the stage many, many times. if you were moderating tonight, if you were controlling things, what would you start with? where would you start the conversation? . >> reporter: oh, it's hard to say. tonight's game plan has been done in utter secrecy but i think you have to pick up with both of these candidates where they left off and that'll that was a big opening that hillary clinton created for herself by saying when asked about why she took that speaking fees, she
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said, well, that's what they offered. i apologize, they're testing the microphone and i hear the feedback. it's not clear why she went and took the fees and said she didn't know she was going to run for president but really, that's not terribly credible given how many signals there were that she was preparing for possible entry into the presidential contest. so that does create issues. she's got to try to appeal to her campaign manager and acknowledge to the young people and who really rejected her for bernie sanders in iowa and got to change the demographic and young women voters not answering the call. one woman last night asking her, she's got five daughters. all in the 20s. she said that all of them are
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feeling the bern. and hillary clinton said, well, i'm sorry to hear that, but i hope they'll listen and i'm glad they're following politics and i hope they'll change their minds. >> andrea mitchell over at the debate site. i know how hard it is when you can hear yourself coming back. thanks. everyone is hearing you. excellent. that's all right. good to see you here, following the president. if you had to debate what the headlines might be tomorrow morning, project yourself forward, what do you think we're going to see? >> i think a headline that says the gloves are off. this is the first time the candidates are meeting solo on the debate stage. they are locked in a tight race. they essentially came out at all but a tie in iowa. so i think i'll see them
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escalate the contrast they try to draw with each other and how personal do they go? i mean, both candidates have a real incentive to attack with a smile. bernie sanders, of course, doesn't want to undermine the outsider brand, someone who doesn't do the negative attacks someone has come to expect in politics and clinton's advisors worried, should she win the nomination, they have to bring it back in the fold. that's the kind of enthusiasm they would need to win a general election. so the question is whether the gloves are off or if they're velvet gloves. we have to see. >> i think they've been coming off for the last coupling of e . a completely different political story. "the wall street journal," the most read article is from a coaster for michael bloomberg who argues that bloomberg could win the presidency. he could become an independent candidate in the race, and independents won't be satisfied with the nominees, so they'll go for mike bloomberg. do you buy that? are independents that dissatisfied they might embrace
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a michael bloomberg? >> i think it would be a tough path for mayor bloomberg. i think one of the big issues has been hillary clinton's ties to wall street. the paid speaking fees, we heard about that last night in a forum sponsored by cnn. people wonder, this is a populous moment in the democratic primary and people question those lengths. michael bloomberg, of course, made his money on wall street. has a company that works closely to wall street. i think it would be a tough sell and even his own advisors told me that they wouldn't really pursue this necessarily, should hillary clinton capture the nomination. >> so it only happens if and when bernie sanders becomes the nominee and then sort of becomes a discussion? >> yeah and what does the democratic party do? they line up behind hillary clinton. if she doesn't get this, do they line up behind bernie sanders? he said he thinks they will in interviews and press conferences. he expects the democratic party
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to rally behind him. i think it's an open question. go to the convention, capture the nomination? what does the party do and does that provide a pathway? >> when he met with the president, made it clear, any dog in the fight yet. supporting both of them equally. but that will be an interesting thing to see if we even get to that point. >> thank you so much for being here. we appreciate it. our msnbc democratic debate set to get under way a few hours from now. just a reminder, it's at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the latest polls showing hillary clinton gaining some ground here in new hampshire, but still trailing bernie sanders in the granite state. and we're asking as part of today's microsoft pulse question, can a strong debate performance by clinton help her chances in new hampshire? the pulse is live right now. you can vote now at >> there's a lot of talk in this campaign.
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we're back with carly fiorina. >> i had lunch here. >> you have three more stops today. i want to start by asking you about the debate on saturday night. this is the next gop debate. you've been talking about it a
10:17 am
lot. abc is expected to start the final line-up. and mitt romney, put them on the debate stage. she got more iowa votes than john and chris kasich and christie, don't exclude only woman. why do you want to be on the debate stage saturday? >> debate stages are an opportunity to talk to voters three or four days before a primary. but in this case, we, the media, was using polls originally was there were so many candidates and polls were all they had. and now, there aren't so many candidates. we know the polls are deeply flawed as we saw in iowa but now we have actual votes and delegate counts and results. and i'm tied with jeb bush for delegates and i beat christie
10:18 am
and kasich as well as huckabee, who's polling way above me in iowa and a bunch of other votes and i have a ground game in 12 states, leadership in 25 states and more cash on hand than several people on the stage. in other words, i'm a more viable candidate than a lot of the guys on that stage. they need to put me on that. >> one of the conservative writers say you're playing the gender card. you mentioned, i'm the only woman and i should be on the stage. mitt romney mentioned as well. your gender. is it fair to say you're playing the race -- sorry -- >> not at all. let's start with the facts. i'm a viable candidate and there's room for eight people on a stage. the truth is, i am a more viable candidate than several people on that stage. i have more cash on hand. i have a bigger team. i have a greater ground game. i'm a more viable candidate. i just happen to be a woman, sorry, i can't help that. i'm a woman. >> you mention this. you tie for seventh place in
10:19 am
iowa. if you look at it, you did better than chris christie. just as many delegates as jeb bush and john kasich. >> that's right. and more votes than john kasich. >> here in new hampshire though, you're at 3%. the bottom of the list in our daily tracking poll. well, rick santorum is still in there too but how do you come back from that and create enough momentum? you say you're viable. >> i think the polls we're figuring out are wrong. the polls were wrong in iowa. mike huckabee was polling way above me. and yet, i beat him by a mile. why are we putting so much faith in these polls? but let me just give you context. i started this campaign 17 out of 16. the pollsters wouldn't ask my name. less than 4% of the voters had heard of my name and now here we are and we have harry, walker,
10:20 am
jindal, santorum, huckabee, graham, patalkie. i have leadership stam tamteam states. in other words, i have come further from further behind than any other candidate running. >> what is resonating? as you go around, and you have a few more events today. you have 149 campaign stops just in new hampshire. >> that's right. >> what's resonating with people? what do you think they come to you for? >> 80% of the american people believe the federal government is corrupt. it is. 80% of the people believe we have a professional political class, on both parties, that cares more about its power, position, and getting anything done. our problems have festered forever. politicians roll out promises, and nothing changes.
10:21 am
and by the way, donald trump is the ultimate insider. he's a crony capitalist. >> donald trump is an insider? >> yes, of course. he's made his billions buying off people on the inside. in other words, everyone running but me is part of this corrupt privileged system that no longer works for the citizens of this nation. >> he would say he's never held political office. >> that's a different -- >> yes, he hasn't held political office but what he's done and freely admits he's made billions buying off politicians like hillary clinton. that's called crony capitalism. it exists. republicans and democrats alike have made it worse. and it's one of the examples that this government and our politicians don't work for us anymore. >> as you've watched what's happening on your side of this field in the gop field today, with, you've got donald trump saying nasty things about ted cruz. ted cruz calling it
10:22 am
trumpertantrums, everyone firing shots at marco rubio tea and chris christie calling him the boy in the bubble. when you look at the noise, what do you think? where do we land eventually in the republican party? >> you know what i say? all of that noise has nothing to do with the american people. it's why they're tired of it. all of that noise is jostling for position between a bunch of candidates. what i talk about is what we need to do to take our country back. what i talk about is what we need to do to beat hillary clinton or the socialist, if bernie sanders wins. what i talk about is the very specific things that we must do, i call it my blueprint to take our country back, i've written it down, and i've written it down because i want the american people to hold me accountable. because that's where i come from. i'm used to being held accountable. >> we talk about opiate addiction a lot on my program on msnbc.
10:23 am
you've talked about it. you've talked about it personally with your daughter. what do you hear here in new hampshire as you talk to voters and what would you do to make things better for people with addiction? >> you know, one of the things that i had the courage to talk about our personal experience with our daughter is because i met so many people here who have gone through something similar and going through something similar. our daughter died from her addictions. and i think the first thing i can do, and i am doing, is remove the stigma from it because it touches so many families. the second thing i can do as president is undertake criminal justice reform. when we criminalize addiction, we're not treating it. the third thing i can do is push money out of the federal government where it's being wasted into community prevention and treatment programs that work. there are a lot of them. i visited a lot of them. but they don't have the resources. it's one of the reasons we've
10:24 am
got to take money out of washington and put it where it can do good and the last thing i can do is encourage a change in the hipa regulations because while well intended, what they do now is isolate people from those who care for them. and that's a huge problem particularly, when you're battling addictions. >> i know it comes up a lot here on the trail. thank you for coming in and having a little lunch and stuff. glad to talk with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, what the people of new hampshire want to hear at tonight's democratic debate. now a little more than seven hours away. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation,
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nc tamron hall at the debate site tonight. how are you doing? >> great, good to see you. as you pointed out, you have these undecideds but what's unique is you have 44% of the voters here who are undeclared. we're looking at open primaries. and so i had a chance to really just go out on the street, one of the average kind of mornings and you're looking for truly the heart of new hampshire. and we found a wide range of people, but what was interesting, a lot of the young people like we're seeing around the country, very focused in on college debt, and some of the message coming in from the bernie sanders campaign. take a listen. >> i am looking at a lot of competitions lately and hearing many views, what they could bring to middle class people like myself. probably go more bernie's way because he's for the people and knows what's affecting people. i myself is affected by colleges
10:29 am
is student loans and the rates are like ugh, atrocious. so it's a big factor. but if he could help out to make the way for middle class and college educations, then i'm all for it. >> not to make your head swirl with numbers but about 44% are those undeclared of those people. according to research, only 3% to 5% are truly independent. and we often put these folks in the same category, but it's very different and you have some of hillary clinton's supporters trying to remind young people like the young voter we saw there that bernie sanders didn't identify with a democrat until he ran for president. that's some of the nuanced conversation that's happening, but the heart of new hampshire, when you walk out on the corner, you hear con voes like this. i'm debating between bernie sanders and donald trump. i'm debating between john kasich and hillary clinton. those are the combos that you probably won't hear anywhere else in this country but new hampshire.
10:30 am
because of it being an open primary and i should note behind me, this is, as you know, the big stage tonight. where that debate will take place. they're doing some finishing touches but for the first time, we'll see just two people who matter at this point. bernie sanders and hillary clinton on that stage together. no martin o'malley for the first time. >> i'll see you in a bit. ahead, donald trump looking to regain his momentum holding a rally that ended 30 miles east of here. we talk to kelly o'donnell too who had a chance to sit down with jeb bush, his rival, years ago. >> donald trump has not been challenged. he plays you like a violin. he can change the conversation and everybody just falls in line.
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marco rubio has a busy day and rick santorum ended his presidential bid and endorsed marco rubio but there's a moment from earlier today getting some attention when rick santorum seemed to struggle to list one of rubio's accomplishments. >> republicans have actually been in the majority for the past two years. can you name one thing that he's passed? >> okay, first off.
10:35 am
joe, look. the republicans have been in the majority for one year and one month, of which, as you know, he was running for president, primarily. the first four years in the minority and nothing got done. what happened this year under the republicans he got done? >> i can list some things that happened, but i'm not defending the congressman or being difficult. just just asking you to name one accomplishment! the problem is -- >> just one. just one that marco achieved, maybe a bill he wrote. maybe a moment in a committee. >> jeb bush ran florida. donald trump built a company. marco rubio, finish the sentence. >> he was the number one speaker of the florida house, not something that's a minor deal. he was elected by his colleagues to be the speaker of the house and number two, yeah, he spent four years in the united states senate being frustrated like everyone else that nothing got done. >> the latest tracking poll has rubio trailing trump by 21 point
10:36 am
bus up in new hampshire, we've got teams covering the action around new hampshire. let me start with nbc's katy tur, covering every move of donald trump and in exeter right now. it sounds like he didn't after go anybody the way he has been the last couple of days. >> reporter: no, it was really interesting. he didn't go after ted cruz. he made a passing reference to anchor babies and didn't mention his poll numbers except for a passing reference to a very old nevada poll which is different for donald trump. he usually starts out with his polls and started out today with prescription drug costs and how in his words, the u.s. is getting hammered on trade deals for prescription drug costs. i think donald trump is trying to move forward with the campaign so far, trying to look forward to the new hampshire vote rather than backwards towards the iowa vote but he has four more stops today. so we'll wait and see whether or not he decides to go out on the attack with ted cruz and again,
10:37 am
a lot of criticism coming towards the trump campaign right now about their ground game. exactly, what are they going to get out the vote or just relying on donald trump's name recognition, celebrity, leaving again tomorrow to go to south carolina, he's allowing his sons perhaps, to surrogate this place. we talk about a lot of big names that have endorsed him. maybe not substantial names though. we had sarah palin. scott brown, jerry falwell jr. and more on celebrity and headlines than door knocks but specifically they said they have done thousands of door knocks in this state. they have made thousands of calls. they said they have seven phone banks. they said they have people coming up from missouri to phone bank from them to connecticut to new hampshire. to massachusetts, from pennsylvania, even a gentleman as far as australia. we've asked to see these people. we've asked to see the phone banks and door knocks. we're still waiting for the
10:38 am
campaign to get back to us on that. as for the little green flyers we saw in the last new hampshire event, we did not see those today. it seemed like it was a much smaller event. the vast majority of the people in this crowd or about half of them, at least, were college students from phillips ex-foete and here for the irony of it. there was a contentious moment when a young girl asked about a illegal immigrant and sent back home in southern california, take a listen to that exchange chlgt. >> i don't think so. they're not the backbone. you know what? i'll tell you what. that's okay. no, we don't need help with these folks. let me just tell you something. let me just tell you something. you know what the backbone of our country? people that came here and they came here legally. people that came to this country legally and they work their as off and made the country great. that's it. >> reporter: giant cheers for that. remember, the other people in the room for veterans and he did
10:39 am
get a lot of support when he started talking about those who are here legally being the backbone of this country but donald trump may be ahead in the polls, but it does seem like he is the one that's got to do the most work. to keep himself there at the moment. kate? >> katy tur reporting from donald trump's latest event. thank you so much. let's go over now to nbc's gabe gutierrez with the manchester campaign. >> reporter: hi there, kate. in the past minute or two, you can see behind me, marco rubio shaking hands with supporters. this town hall meeting, his third of the day just wrapped up. he's to focus his attacks on them.
10:40 am
>> top democrats do not want to run against me. consistently, they do not want to face me in an election but i can't wait to face her or bernie for that matter. >> reporter: they questioned whether he was experienced enough to be president and said, look, i was a leader in the florida state house. he worked on eminent domain legislation, is what he said and worked to get rid of the obamacare bailout fund. some critics say that he exaggerates his role in doing that, but his campaign has also said he's worked on sanctions against hezbollah and has the experience to be president. right now, all the so-called establishment candidates in new hampshire are taking aim. chris christie pouncing on this as well as jeb bush.
10:41 am
kate, back to you. >> great segue because we talk about jeb bush now. kelly o'donnell is the capitol hill correspondent. she is in tillton, new hampshire, and spoke with jeb bush earlier today. and kelly? >> reporter: marco rubio, great personal story but not yet done enough. covering capitol hill, i know it can be difficult sometimes for lawmakers to sort of outline their accomplishments in a very gridlock centric world and i think gabe tipped off the things that would be in the plus col n
10:42 am
column. he said marco rubio was his mentor in florida and took off the gloves today. not in a way to try to attack marco rubio as a person, perhaps, although i guess that's open to dispute, but really trying to go after his accomplishments or jeb bush's view, a lack thereof. >> every candidate has to have their reference examined. no coordinations here. marco rubio is a gifted politician but his life has been around his own ambitions and he's gifted, he can turn a phrase really well but what has he done? what has he done? we've had seven years with a guy who gives a great speech but divided the country. >> reporter: and so in a season when outsiders have been popular, at least in polling for many voters, i asked about that. is it maybe just the time when experience is not the resume item that voters are looking for? and jeb bush really dismissed
10:43 am
that and said voters ultimately will get to a point they recognize whoever is sent to washington to be the next president will have to be able to grapple with very complicated issues and that voters will want to know that. it is kind of the nature of the new hampshire interaction between voters and candidates to really talk about those issues. we were here at this diner because jeb bush pulled the bus in, talked to voters. we were with him as he went in and shook hands, and there were questions about foreign policy and social security he answered with voters here, asking them for the vote. taking some shots at marco rubio is important, as he's on the rise. jeb bush trying to defend his place, as having a chance to make a statement in new hampshire that would undo some of what he heard about in his campaign over these many months, losing steam. not getting traction. he's saying he has the resources, the background and will to keep fighting. >> all right, kelly o'donnell
10:44 am
with the jeb bush campaign. thanks so much. any moment now, ted cruz to participate in a round table discussion at talking about drug addiction. he was in rare form in nash wua hammering against trump and those new york values came back. >> we have never skipped and walked out. we paid it back. the number of islams, he simply discloses at 50 million or above. so we have no idea what it means. it could literally mean billions of dollars. it is, forget the name of the attacks to use the new york term. he is the height of clinton. >> and i got a chance to talk to some of the voters there and i
10:45 am
asked them why they came out last night. >> what is it that he said that resonated with you? >> i like the fact he's a constitutionalist. i like the fact he's not afraid to mention god. i like the fact that he cares about what we think of the people. and i'm interested in someone wanting to get back to basics, smaller government. >> what are it shalssues in the debates saying ted cruz is the candidate? >> first thing is to make us safe and keep us free. i mean, that's basically it. and then i'm really concerned about all the illegal immigrants coming in and not having a handle on what's going on after they get here. >> what do you think about ted cruz? >> he's good. >> reporter: >> that was my favorite moment of the night. steve kor naan knacki with the f
10:46 am
new hampshire voters. tell us what you found. >> i don't know if i can get in their minds too much but i can look at their voting history. you look at ted cruz and the challenge he's facing. basically, ted cruz has no expectations of winning new hampshire but what he's trying to do is take a path to the nomination. it starts in iowa. survives new hampshire and comes to life in south carolina and beyond. you think back to the precede e precedence. the last couple of iowa winners who did what ted cruz just did earlier this week. if you look at rick santorum in 2012 and mike huckabee in 2008, they immediately, in a big road block when they came to new hampshire, the states are just so different when you're out in iowa, the republican side is filled with evangelical christian voters. well over half of the electorate, 60%, in fact. in new hampshire, you talk about one of the most secular republican electorates in the nation. barely 20% of all republican voters in that primary next week are going to call themselves evangelicals. for ted cruz, he wants to do
10:47 am
credibly, better than santorum did, to do better than huckabee did. to have people look at this and say he can't win in new hampshire but he can broaden the coalition. we have seen past iowa winners put it together. and by the way, this is a cliche to say but i guess the most volatile eight days in politics because so much can change in new hampshire. when you look at the polls, you see donald trump way ahead and the mishmash of kpds behind them. can cruz survive this sort of volatile week and get about 20% of the vote there? i think that would be a good total. 20% second place and i think this campaign would be happy about it. that's something huckabee couldn't do and probably the goal here. >> steve kornacki following that in new york. up next -- details on how much cash hillary clinton raked in during the month of january. the microsoft cloud allows us to
10:48 am
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at . in iowa, women under 30, senator sanders beat you by 70 points. >> that's amazing. here's what i want young people to know. they don't have to be for me, i'm going to be for them. it doesn't really matter. if they are not supporting me, i will be their president. i will do everything i can to give them the opportunities they deserve. >> that was hillary clinton last night talking about her lack of support from younger voters and how she's going to win them over. clinton is off the campaign trail today preparing for tonight's democratic debate with senator bernie sanders right here on msnbc. with a preview of what we can expect from hillary clinton, i'm joined now by brian fallon, national press secretary for the clinton campaign. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> let's start with breaking news just coming in. nbc news learned that classified
10:52 am
information was sent to the personal e-mail accounts of collin powell, former secretary of state, and also to senior staff of the former secretary of state condoleezza rice. colin powell said that he is disputing that. he said he challenges that conclusion. this is something that the state department is saying about e-mails that they are looking at now retroactively. this of course plays into everything that has been going on with hillary clinton's e-mail answers the analysis of those last week state department announcing they would not reveal certain e-mails because they call them now top secret. so your response to all of this new reporting? >> kate, this is a major development. p in fact i would say it is a game-changer. because we have gone out there in the last several months and tried to explain that what's happening here with hillary clinton's e-mails, as you have a government bureaucracy, that has excessive treatment of what should be considered classified information. and now we're finding that the same agency that has been
10:53 am
looking into hillary clinton's e-mails and having that excessive definition of what should be treated as classified, is making the same judgment about hillary clinton's predecessors. they are finding material that they think is classified in e-mails that belong to condoleezza rice's aides and to collin powell himself. colin powell has had the same reaction that hillary clinton had the last several months saying this is bogus. this is too low a standard for what should be considered sensitive information. he is calling for the e-mails to be released. we are joining him today in that call. we are siding with him, that his e-mails should be released. we think they are being overclassified, if you will. >> you said before -- >> just like her e-mails should be released, so should his. >> i should say voters might wonder, isn't it a case where all three of the administrations were doing the wrong thing. that maybe hillary clinton was doing the same thing colin powell was doing and aides to
10:54 am
condoleezza rice. >> colin powell said that if the e-mails were released and any living breathing mammal would come to the conclusion that there is nothing harmful. everything that is in those e-mail says innocuous. we attend to agree that that's the case. that's why we call for our own e-mailes to be released, hillary clinton's e-mails to be released, because anyone would see it is overreach. this is the government having too sensitive a standard for what they think the public should be able to see. we want our e-mails released and we think colin powell's e-mails should be released too, as he is asking for today. >> this is a big night. first time it is just bernie sanders and hillary clinton up on stage. new poll shows her up in new hampshire. gaining on him but still far behind. what has to happen tonight for your candidate? >> she has to do tonight what she has done the last few days that she's been here in new hampshire post iowa. which is to continue to talk to
10:55 am
voters where they are. talk about how she would have real plans to build on the gains we've seen on president obama, protect the gains against republicans that want to repeal things like the affordable care act and how she would go further to build on the gains. in particular, there's been a lot of discussion about gun safety issues. she's been campaigning with gabby giffords, and her husband, former astronaut. we have seen a huge outpouring of support forher based on her very staunch record in support of common sense gun safety measures. where as on the other hand with bernie sanders, you see an otherwise pretty progressive record, have a pretty notable blemish on it with respect to his career of voting with the nra. >> let me ask you about a moment from last night, where she was asked about wall street and receiving speaking fees that were very, very large amounts of money. >> sure. >> a lot of people today judge
10:56 am
that as not a very good answer when she said, well they offered that money, so i took it. will this be the same answer tonight? >> this isn't the first time she's had to answer that question. bernie sanders had it on the stump and before that karl rove used it in an ad against her on tv. what she will point to is that there is no evidence whatsoever that any monies she received in her campaign has compromised her campaign with wall street. this is judged to be the toughest and the most far-reaching of any of the proposals out there, including senator sanders. >> well see you later on stage. will you be in durham? >> i'll be there. >> you looked shock for a moment. >> well, i want to stay here a while. i'm going to have a burger, watch the show, then get over there. >> brian fallon, thank you. appreciate it.
10:57 am
we are seven hours away from the main event. hillary sanders and bernie sanders. cluck todd rachel maddow behind closed doors getting ready as we speak. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? that just tastes better.
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11:00 am
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ i'm chris jansing in new hampshire. just hours before hillary clinton and bernie sanders debate on the stage. the first debate in 2016. there it is right there. one on one. first time in this election season. senator sanders expected to do a walk-through of that site any minute now. and our cameras are there. also, new numbers just out moments ago that shows the senator outraised the secretary $20 million in january to clinton's $15 million. tonight's debate is happening at 9:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. only debate before the first in the nation primary.
11:01 am
now just five days away, next tuesday in the granite state. we will give awful preview. we have ted divine from the sanders campaign. let's not forget about the republicans. clinton and sanders busy preparing for tonight. they've been busy doing their debate prep. the gop is canvassing the state. >> the american story is a miracle. there is nothing like it in the history of mankind. over two centuries in which each generation left the next better off in a country that served as an example and inspiration to the world. but something is wrong. and you feel it. you feel it in your lives. you see it in the news. you good out everyday and you sense it. there is something wrong in america. what's wrong is that a lot of the things that made us special are slipping away. >> i believe the central issue in the 2016 election will be reignited with the promise of america. getting back to that fundamental idea that our kids will have a better life than we did and their kids will have a better
11:02 am
life than they did. >> it's been a wild morning already. we will get to the republicans in just a moment. but first we want to head out to the debate site. the university of new hampshire in durham. little less than an hour's drive from here. msnbc political reporter alex is there. alex, let's start with the breaking news. we have new numbers about who outraised who and what a great month january was for bernie sanders. >> right, chris. almost $21 hillon for bernie sanders, fueled by the huge small dollar on-line grass roots money machine he has. and just now, moments ago, we are learning that hillary clinton only $15 million. now one important thing to keep in mind here, nobody has to release these numbers. the federal government does not require you to release a monthly finance report. the clinton campaign wanted to put these numbers out there. they want you to know that sanders outraised them $5 million in new hampshire right before this debate. it reflects their larger
11:03 am
strategy of trying to lower expectations before the new hampshire primary on tuesday. something like 20 points behind in the polls, if you look at her campaign is saying it is very difficult for them to win new hampshire. they are really trying to lower your expectations as much as possible. so that say she closes the gap and finishes 10 points behind. they can spin that as having bernie sanders. you think you will see a lot of that tonight on the debate stage. clinton playing the very modest game. playing the underdog while bernie sanders is in the awkward position of having to be the front-runner. an place he is used to being, chris. >> yeah. like almost never. certainly in this situation. in addition to the expectations game, though, i can almost see that campaign appeal writes itself. suddenly you get an e-mail from the clinton campaign saying we need money, please send us another $20. >> this is a huge piece of it. complacency has been a huge
11:04 am
problem for the clinton campaign. getting people to the polls and to the caucuses. i heard a little bit of that from clinton aides around the iowa caucuses saying they talked to people saying, i will vote for her in november but she doesn't need my support now. that's part of the reason it was so close and they eeked out that narrow win in iowa. but on the fund-raising piece, she is kept afloat by the large donations, $2700 donations from people. and eventually those will run out. there is onlisome wealthy donors out there. she will need the small dollar donations. those people haven't kicked in yet. they will put off support until the november election. i can tell you we should countdown the minutes until the fund-raising e-mail goes out from the hillary clinton campaign. saying, the sky is falling. give us the small dollars, we need is desperately. >> yes, they are writing it as we're talking. i feel confident about that. let's look ahead to tonight, when you look at the big
11:05 am
landscape, you see how consequential this suddenly is. even with bernie sanders being from a neighboring state. even with his huge lead. what are you expecting on that stage tonight, alex? >> that's such a good point, chris. it's easy to look the the polls and think this is sewn up. but remember, that in 2008, the polls showed something similar. maybe not quite as big for barack obama but he was way ahead of hillary clinton. she surprised everyone and wouldn't new hampshire primary. 38% of democratic primary voters in 2008 say they made up their mind in the last three days. this can be critical. i think we will see a lot of sparks flying tonight. this very intense exchange all week about who is a real progressive. whether you should be a progressive or moderate or as hillary clinton likes to say progressive who likes to get things done. last night she really handed bernie sanders fodder when she talked about speaking fees she took from goldman sachs. i'm sure he will bring that up
11:06 am
tonight. and you will see the expectations game we have been talking about all night long. we will see unbridged taking about the campaign the other size has run and a lot of false modesty about how poorly their own campaign is doing. should be a great debate, chris. >> it has been wild. you are so right about that last point. alex seitz-wald, thank you. now to former head of the white house media department. good to see you, louis, how are you today? >> good to see you, chris. thanks for having me on. >> who would know this late in the campaign things would take on outsized importance. there is a lot of tension, certainly in both campaigns, tonight and what will happen. what are are you looking for? what do you think will happen on that stage? >> we think it will be an exciting debate. you saw last night they have a lot of energy. this is what we expect to happen at this stage of an election. voters pay attention and they start to get engaged. i want you to focus in on just one number that i think is
11:07 am
interesting. two democrats, bernie sanders and hillary clinton drove out almost as much turnout, 171,000 people in iowa, as 11 republicans. so to us that speaks to the fact that there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm and a lot of people are getting involved. we want to see that. we want this to be a tight race. we want it to be exciting. >> i think another indication of that are these new numbers. have you 20 million to 15 million. and in that the number of individual donors. but what does it tell you that at this stage of bernie sanders is outperforming hillary clinton and does it talk to the discontent in the democratic party about what's happened in washington? >> i think one of the things it speaks to is that people will follow this election closely. they want to hear answers. the great thing we heard at last night's town hall and what we see in the debate is candidates
11:08 am
answering questions. you can't have a bigger contrast than you've had the last couple of days between sanders and clinton, going out and talking to voters about their health care, economy and the contrast that you have with the republican side where the argument is about election fraud between three of the top four. between trump, carson and cruz and on the rube why side, endorsements that i think will threaten him here in new hampshire. such an independent streak. and the far right denying agreeing with him, with abortion, even during rape. and the more we see debates like tonight and engaging with voters and talking about issues, the better it is for us because republicans are just not doing that. >> let me talk about the intraparty clash. hillary clinton's ties to wall street have been a big theme of
11:09 am
attack this election cycle and to go along with that the amount of money she made from speeches. let me play her defense last night. >> one of the things senator sanders points to and critics points to you is you made three speeches for goldman sachs and paid $675,000 for three speeches. is that an error? >> i gave speeches, and gave answers -- >> did have you to be paid $675,000? >> i don't know. that's what they offered. every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> i'm guessing this might come up again tonight. how consequential might this attack from sanders and others be? >> i think there's a broader issue we need to talk about which is just you know, the revolving door in politics. i think it's an important issue and one we will focus in on with the republicans.
11:10 am
senator marco rubio, also a lobbyist in florida, and the conflict of interest that arise from that are serious. well be looking that on the republican side. on the democratic side, bottom line is that our elected officials are going to be able to talk about their campaigns and defend their own positions. once they zero in on the difference of the two parties and what either senator sanders or clinton would do as president they will see a very real contrast and see that these are people who are serious about taking on the problem of money and politics. they are serious about increasing minimum wage and building on the last several years of progress. only economic plan is let's go back to 2008 and remind people that what that meant is 800,000 jobs lost. for closure signs all over. every street in america. people having to clooz bankruptcy or health care. it resonates that look we have two serious candidates ready it address those issues or republicans who want to take us right back to where we were
11:11 am
seven years ago. it'll be a good choice from our perspective. that's why we are excited to see tonight's debate. >> luis miranda, thanks for coming on. as part of today's microsoft pulse question, we are asking this, can a strong debate performance by clinton help her clanses in new hampshire? keep your votes coming. you want to know how crazy things are here? almost 80 events, town halls, rallies, meet and greets since tuesday's iowa caucus. fair to say candidates have the granite state covered. north to southeast to west. enjoying me to talk strategy, paul steinhauser, nh 1 news. you just interviewed a couple of the candidates, right? >> this is the beauty of new hampshire. jeb bush last night. and -- no, who today? ted cruz and marco rubio. they were a half mile from each other. >> do you feel an intensity? >> oh, yeah. listen, we've got the national
11:12 am
media here, all of the candidates here, campaigns, volunteers, everything but snow. we'll get snow in a couple days, promise. >> so this is incredibly important what's your sense? who is relaxed? who is confident? >> they are all confident. they all say their ground game is strong. >> is it. >> three governors who have been spending a lot of time here, bush, case and christie, they are cranking it up. doing the calls, door knocks, making sure supports get to the polls. but momentum does matter and rubio got some of the momentum coming out of iowa, even cruz. he's not doing bad for a small operation. >> there's a fight for who will be the establishment alternative. how is that sort of looking to you right now? >> that is a crucial flight. let's be honest, between kasich, bush and christie, maybe one survives. i don't think more than that.
11:13 am
that's why you saw those three governors spending time in new hampshire and iowa. kasich was here. christie and bush came that night. and this state is crucial for them. rubio's campaign, i was just talking to his top guys in new hampshire about an hour ago, they are confident. they are doing their door-knocks. they are feeling good. the trump campaign, maybe they called it in iowa. this has been donald trump country for quite sometime. >> what happened to rubio? a better-than-expected finish. he has a target on his back. listen to what jeb bush had to say. >> he is gifted from beyond belief. but he has been a career politician. there is nothing in his record that would suggest he could make a tough decision. i don't think we need people cutting and running any more. we need to have someone that z
11:14 am
goes to the fire, challenges things that are broken. brings people together to forth consensus. my experience is one of a disrupter in the largest swing state of the country. that's the story i tell and it seems to resonate as you begin to see more and more people moving my way. >> i'm curious about your take in election year in particular. forget about the past. but how much are new hampshire voters open to going after the other guy. are they looking for these fights to break out? is there a place where people cross the line and lose the vote? >> i was at jeb bush town hall and you don't hear that much negativity in the town halls. they safe attacks for the rivals. for interviews with you and me and others. at town halls, people are asking questions about policy. crazy as it sounds. that's what they want to hear about. health care. keeping america safe.
11:15 am
but you were just talking about how the democratic race is getting nasty. republican race here in new hampshire has been nasty for a while. a circular firing spot. >> thanks for coming in. you're busy for next three, four, five dayes. let's go to kelly o'donnell, our capitol hill correspondent. after covering campaigns chris christie, kasich, bush, i think you also spoke with jeb bush earlier today. what did he tell you? >> we add good conversation on his campaign bus. we talked about a wide range of topics. on the issue for donald trump for example, he expressed the frustration that trump, he said, has been playing the media like a stratovarious, that very fine violin. he is glad cruz is stepping up criticism of trump. bush felt he was one of the only
11:16 am
voices doing that for a while. but we spoke a lot about marco rubio. i asked about the bounce he's gotten from his third place showing in iowa and jeb bush who has known marco rubio for a very long time raised real doubts about the depth of marco rubio's experience. and hopes voters will consider that. here is what he had to say. >> every candidate has to have their record examined. every candidate has to answer to that. rubio's whole life has been around his own ambitions. he can turn a phrase well. but what has he done? we had seven years with a guy who was gifted with giving a great speech but he has divide the country. >> and much of the attention chris, today, is also about the fact that for the very first time barbara bush, former first lady, jeb bush's mother, is joining him on the campaign trail. in part because she's been a
11:17 am
part of american life and in part because in 2013 she made a very widely publicized comment about maybe there had been enough bushes and it was time for another family to serve. i talked to government nor about that and he said he and his mother have come to peace over that issue and at age 90 she wanted to come to new hampshire. he was concerned about taxing her too much. she is not going to do a barn storming tour. but she is going to appear tonight. here is what he said about his mother, barbara. >> she wanted to come. and i love her dearly. and america loves her. so i'm looking forward to it tonight. it's going to be a lot of fun. she is a person with extraordinary good humor and people love her. and i do too. and by the way, i'm her favorite, so that makes it more special. >> and chris, when i was here in the diner behind us, when jeb bush rolled the campaign bus here, stopped for lunch.
11:18 am
he also shook hands. many of the people that he met who were simply here for lunch. they did not know he was coming. did ask about his parents. how is his mother. how is his father. they also asked about policy issues which is that streak in the new hampshire voter where they are on the issues they know they want questioned answered. so everything from social secure it to foreign policy. he was peppered with that before he got to sit down and have a sandwich. so jeb bush has a big really big goal here over the next few days and that is to prove that he is a viable candidate going forward. and when i told him about, you know, whispers we hear that donors are upset that the sort of establishment is thinking he underperformed and should reconsider his future we pushed back hard and said if those donors have any issues, they need to call him. chris? >> all right, kelly o'donnell on the road. thank you so much. tonight's democratic debate gets started at 9:00 eastern here on msnbc.
11:19 am
last time clinton and sanders will meet face-to-face before tuesday's primaries. stage is set. candidates have done their walk-throughs and the excitement is growing. lots more on final preps coming up. but first, i spoke with undecided voter, former new hampshire state senator jim rubens about what he expects from his party's primary. >> do you think there are a lot of people like you who maybe narrowed it to two or three but haven't made up their mind yet? >> look at eye wiowa, two or th days before the polls, a lot of shifting. you have seen the polls, you have seen the status, you will see people walking into the voting booth deciding if you see first or sec heaviest turn out inform a presidential -- >> what's the turnout? >> serious unaddressed problems of this country. >> are we going to see a surprise here? >> i think surprises for the number two slot. sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
11:20 am
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11:23 am
five days until the new hampshire primary and republicans are packing their schedules with events today. donald trump holding three events and wrapped up a town hall in exeter. senator marco rubio, four event in the granite state. already three town halls. he will hold another event in salem tonight. the latest tracking poll shows trum wp 21-point lead over mark why rubio. let's bring in nbc's katie toure. busy day for him with what's going on on the trail? >> reporter: so far five events today or five stops today, most on my day frankly on the campaign trail so far. he started here for his
11:24 am
jam-packed day at jam-packed town hall in exeter. packed with about 50% high school students. 50% locals. lot of veterans in the crowd. some contentious moments with high school student whoe they started to press him on illegal immigration saying they have friends who are illegal immigrants and that he should -- doesn't he realize that illegal immigrants are the backbone of this country. he shot back a pretty harshly saying that it's not illegal immigrants that are the backbone of this country but legal immigrants who are here legally, who have worked their blank off and he got rousing cheers from the crowds out here. he did not talk about ted cruz really. he didn't really talk about his polls. this is a sign of donald trump moving forward, looking ahead instead of going back to iowa and harping on this voter fraud and ted cruz. also him trying to manage expectations. what he did under iowa was claim he was going to win. saying he was doing so well in the polls for seven months to have donald trump come on stage
11:25 am
and not talk about poll number says pretty anything. it showes he as a candidate realizes if he wins new hampshire, if he keeps saying he will win by a long shot, he will not have just a big mountain to climb with voters but a big mountain to climb in headlines if he loses. so trump trying to manage those expectationes. we will see if he ends up taking shots at ted cruz or talking about poll numbers later. going after ted rubio who is starting to shoot up in the polls. >> he moves so fast, so this morning we were talking about the fact that he was talking about taking some sort of action against ted cruz for what he considered to be dirty tricks. so nothing on that so far? >> reporter: nothing on that so far today. this is what we typically see with donald trump. we will drop a bomb in the water, then step back and watch the ripple. i think the idea he will sue ted cruz for voter fraud or sue him
11:26 am
for his canadian birth didn't land the way he wanted it to in the headlines. you can't go back. you can't be a sore loser. you have to move forward. that's why we are seeing him move forward. he likes to read a room. see how they play. if they don't play well he immediate when drops it. this could be a sign he won't bring it up again. of course i could be wrong. it is donald trump. he is unpredictable and often shoots from the gut. but so far today no talking about ted cruz and no talking about that voter fraud he was harping on yesterday. >> so interesting. thanks so much, katy. meantime, marco rubio right now taking question freom the press. he is just down the road. in new hampshire, being asked about his accomplishments. going off rick santorum's interview on morning joe. where rick santorum backs him but has a problem talking about
11:27 am
why he is endorsing him. he will keep our eye on rubio and candidates as they are busy across new hampshire today. and in durham our teams are preparing for tonight's democratic debate which of course will be live on nbc. chuck todd and rachel maddow will moderate. if you can't be in front after tv, you can stream it live on the big fight tonight, both clinton and sanders camps weighing in. here is what one undecided democrat told me about the race. >> my dream will be a candidate who commits to the kind of system change and who can get elected and hillary clinton is ahead in national polls. i think she's got the plan. i just need to see that passion from here. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. companies must adapt.changing environment,
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11:31 am
debate before the primary tonight on msnbc, 9:00 p.m. eastern. latest polling out of new hampshire, sanders leads clinton 58% to 36%. four-point increase for clinton. three-point decrease for sanders since yesterday's poll results. joining me now, ted divine, from the sanders campaign. you just came out of debate prep. >> yes. >> do we call it debate prep? he is a laid back debate prep guy. >> he t is more of a discussion with bernie. >> you don't have anybody playing hillary clinton? >> we have someone -- you know, michael, his chief of staff, has played hillary in the past. but i don't know if he well do that today. i think he just wants to talk about issues. >> he feels that confident? >> well he has done it a few times. in las vegas was his first debate ever as presidential candidate. her 26th. since then he has had experience and i think he comfortable with
11:32 am
the issues. >> if there is a common criticism, he doesn't have the depth she has that when you watch the two of them you see that difference. he doesn't come in and say okay this time let's really prep on foreign policy. >> no. i think that people think that about bernie because when bernie talks, people actually understand what he's saying. he is not looking to get into some in-depth foreign policy discussion -- >> you're not subjecting that's bad. >> no. but i think that's an appropriate forum for it. to say i'm going to debate an talk about the nuances of foreign policy instead of telling people where you stand is just a different approach. i think his approach is very good. >> you guys raised $20 million. >> $21 million. >> $21 million. impressive. >> in january. >> hillary clinton didn't have to put her numbers up. she did. maybe some analysts would say she wants to, a, have the underdog card to play. get people motivated to come out for her. maybe get people motivated to sign a few more checks or give a
11:33 am
few more on-line donations. where do you read all of that and what does it mean for your campaign? >> i think what it means is is that we will have resources to compete the next few months. >> where do you put that money? >> a lot of it into the on the ground organization in the states in february and march. we have people h on the ground in every march state and beyond. we put it in communication. advertising. contact with voters. digital where we spend a lot of money -- i think a big part of our add van staj with young people is we made an investment in communicating with them. we have five-second ads on social media and it reaches people. >> secretary and the senator went to it back and forth about who is a progressive. progressive versus moderate. let me play a little bit for you about the senator last night. >> okay. >> been endorsed for real change. bernie sanders, national telegraph declares, valley view news says --
11:34 am
>> i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> so they actually played something else. that's interesting. this is the ad that her campaign put out going after him for claiming that he's gotten endorsements that he hasn't. is the campaign being misleading? is your campaign being misleading? >> no, it's not. that is being broadcast, it does not say we've been endorsed. and unfortunately, it was my fault. i'm the judge of that. there is an on-line ad that said endorsed. it was an on-line ad. that was my mistake. now they want to take that and grab it and that's my fault, i take responsibility for it. >> okay, we have that now. here is what hillary clinton had to say.
11:35 am
>> i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders set himself up to be the gate keeper on who is progressive. under the definition flying around on twitter and statements by the campaign, barack obama would not be a progressive. joe biden would not be a progressive. even the late great senator paul wellstone would not be a progressive. so i'm not going to let that bother me. >> and there are a list of things that are progressive causes that she's not only been involved with since this campaign but even when she was u.s. senator, secretary of state. >> is that a fair comparison? >> i'll tell you why this came up and why i think it is a fair comparison. hillary was in ohio in september. she said some people say, you know, i'm a moderate and centerist, i plead guilty. if you say that in ohio and come to and say i'm a centerist, you
11:36 am
have an obligation to say which one i am. >> you have to sometimes moderate your views to reach across the aisle and get things done which is what frankly voters on both sides are fed up with, not getting things done. >> i agree. voters want someone to get things done. bernie has gotten a lot done in washington. enormous record in achievement and a great record as mayor of burlington. we have talk about effectiveness. but the way it get things done is not to go fot middle and try to pull people together. the '90s way doesn't work any more. we have to build a coalition of people. first-time voters who come an know he is speaking to them, bring them in. that's what bernie wants to do. >> ted divine, good to see you. i will let you go back it your exhaustive debate. >> thanks, chris. >> thanks very much. >> we will see how it plays out, 6 1/2 hours when the debate kicks off. i'll be in the audience taking
11:37 am
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11:40 am
looking ahead to tonight's democratic debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. recent polling shows senator up by 20 plus points but he has some hurdles to overcome. political correspondent steve kornacki joins us with more. let's take a lay of the land of both where this looks here and going forward, steve. >> chris, it looks good for bernie sanders in new hampshire. in one sense his campaign is in great position. in position no one ever expected. virtual tie coming out of iowa. in position from this vantage point to win new hampshire, potentially next week. the problem for him is what happens next. we have talked a lot about one of his hurdles. that is that when the electorate broadens out, he is not fairing well with african-american
11:41 am
voters and african-american vote rs are a huge part of the electorate in south carolina. he has been trying to address that problem for his campaign. so far he doesn't have much to show for it. but the other hurdle is ideology. when you look at two electorates very liberal. the exit polls found that nearly 70% of voters consider themselves political liberal. sanders clobbered clinton winning by 20 points. we expect numbers close to that in new hampshire. when you get outside new hampshire, basically less than half of the democratic electorate nationally calls itself liberal. at least in 2008 primaries. less liberal audience he will face outside new hampshire. that's going to be a big challenge for him. >> let's look at the side that hillary has in an expectations game, steve. i want to get your take on this. because we talked about the fact you have 20 million versus 15
11:42 am
million she looks at maybe a perception of underdog as being to her advantage right now. how do you see that playing out? >> the clinton campaign is trying to manage expectations i a head of next week. you've heard bill say it, hear hillary say it, hear people in the campaign say this over and over. they want this to be a reflex for reporters. a reflex for people in the media that if bernie sanders wins tuesday night the immediate next thing out of any reporter or anchor's mouth is of course bernie sanders is from next door vermont. they want it hammer home that he has this unfair advantage because he comes from the state next door. i took a look into that idea after next door neighbor advantage and i have to say there is not that much of an advantage when you talk about vermont. that's not that much between burlington vermont television market and big populations centers in new hampshire.
11:43 am
the advantage in new hampshire is candidates from massachusetts. like dukakis, romney. at least half of new hampshire gets its news from boston outlets. so candidate from massachusetts comes up, they are already known by the majority of the state. just not the case for somebody from vermont like bernie sanders. and not a significant number of people from boston who come home to call this home at night. 2 1/2 weeks since clinton and sanderson went face-to-face on stage. now night a different dynamic because only two candidates are there. 9:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. also a republican debate scheduled for this weekend. carly fiorina is making her case as to why she should be on the main stage and she has the support of mitt romney who tweeted she should be there because quote she got more iowa votes than john and chris. don't exclude only woman.
11:44 am
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back live in new hampshire. let's give you a lay of the land among republicans. tight race for second here in new hampshire. donald trump leads the latest poll and he has 36% of the vote. look at this, marco rubio 15%. ted cruz right behind, 14%. here with the closer look at how the republican race is shaping up. i'm joined by zeek miller and anna miller. good to have you both here. since he is leading, let's start with donald trump. this is the new video he just put on facebook. watch. >> so important is our second amendment, the politicians are chipping away at it day by day, night by night. it gets weaker and weaker. we're not going to let it happen. we're going to protect our second amendment. if i'm president, you can count
11:48 am
on it. 100%. >> then we were talking to katy tur earlier, who has been with him today. no mention of ted cruz. leaving other folks alone. you see that on the face. what's going on here? this is a guy who loved to go after competition. suddenly, mr. nice guy? >> yeah, this is the state where he is doing really well. we have seen him go on the attack mostly when he is threatened and he is not feeling threatened here just yet. certainly after iowa he feels like he has to redeem himself with a victory here. some of that will come in the debate which he now says he will participate in on saturday night. but he usually goes on the offensive when he is under attack and no one is going after him right now or pushing up against him in the polls. as long as he feels comfortable he will try to seem presidential. we saw that just before in iowa too. he tried the same play. >> the other guy getting a little bit of a target on his back, marco rubio. he managed to sort of defy expectations there. and somehow turned third place into a win. when you hear him talking about
11:49 am
it. what's going on with marco rubio? >> he has excitement and confidence he is bringing to the table. but they are still trying to manage the expectations. yesterday on the trail he was saying, you know, he is just going to try to get as many votes as he can. not trying to put himself up there to compete with trump or even talk about whether he could get second. i also think this is also part of him trying to make that electability. he is not really targeting any other candidates unless he is directly asked by the press. he is not trying to name names or call people out on different things. he is just are trying to be that kind of you know general candidate republican nominee. >> they are all gearing up for their next debate. carly fiorina, there is buzz about why she isn't on the debate stage. listen to what she had to say when she talked about being on the undercard when she talked to kate. >> we have votes and delegate counts and results. and so, i'm tied with jeb bush
11:50 am
for delegates. and i beat christie and kasich as well as huckabee who is polling way above me in iowa and a bunch of other folks. i have a ground game in 12 states and leadership teams in 25 states and more cash on hand than several people on that stage. in other words, i'm a more viable candidate than a lot of guys on that stage. so they need to put me on it. >> what do you think, you think she can put pressure on and now mitt romney is tweeting about it? >> if nothing else, it is getting a lot of media attention in terms of her candidacy that we hadn't seen that talk about her she is pushing that forward, that narrative. >> let's talk about the cover story on time. i know what it is like to be knocked down, a conversation with hillary clinton, when asked about the passion we saw in her when she was stumping in iowa. she said this is a quote, i don't think i would have won in iowa if i hadn't spent a lot of time in small groups answering questions listening to people. at many points in politics it is
11:51 am
the story that drivers your passion, the people you met along the way, their worries, hopes, troubles that get you up in the morning. it does seem somehow in new hampshire we're once again seeing a, for lack of a better phrase, softer side of hillary clinton. >> certainly this is something that she deployed here really well eight years ago. when she came from behind and won the primary. after losing in iowa to barack obama. something that worked well for her in iowa she is trying to make at center of her campaign. one thing i took away is what she took in 1972. working for governor sanders now. >> this will be a fun five days, thanks for coming on the show. we are in the final hours before the big debate on msnbc between bernie and hillary. can clinton use in debate it connect with young voters that right now she doesn't seem to have? we'll be right back.
11:52 am
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11:55 am
. republican presidential candidate ted cruz looking to ride the wave of his success in iowa to ride the wave of success here in new hampshire. raising $3 million since monday's caucuses. chief white house correspondent for the associated press has been following the senator today. she joins me on the phone from portsmouth. hey, good to hear from you. tell me a little bit about what you're seeing and feeling obt ground as you go around the state today. >> caller: hey, chris. good to talk with you too. like you said, senator cruz is really trying to build up momentum from his iowa win. talking a lot about the fund-raising numbers. the money he brought in after iowa. new hampshire is a little bit after different state for him. impacts of evangelical says less here. more about independent voters in t
11:56 am
the state. it is resonating when he talks about smaller government for people, smaller government programs. that resonates with new hampshire voters. he is certainly trying to target these voters who are a little different than where he has been spending his time the last several months. >> you've also been writing about hillary clinton's voters and her trouble, frankly, comparative to bernie sanders with young voters. what are you finding out? >> caller: it is really striking. if you look at the polls we got out of iowa, the number that stands out, hillary supporters makes them the most nervous because of despairity with young voters. bernie sanders won 8 of 10 young voters in iowa. yes, this is a primary issue. it would be better for her if she was performing better with young voters in primaries. but this is a general election issue. young voters make up a big part of the coalition that helped elect barack obama twice. they don't have a history of voting in presidential
11:57 am
elections. so if they are not enthusiastic, if they are not voting, they simply might not show up. >> yes, it's going to be so interesting to see and hear if she makes appeals to them at the debate tonight. one of the many interesting things about tonight, i'll see you there, julie. thank you so much. that does it for us this hour. my colleague, chris matthews, takes over coverage live here in manchester, new hampshire, as finishing touches are being done at the debate site. take a look live at the stage at university of new hampshire. don't go away. >> time for your business of the week. rob bircher created a swing you could stand on. he thought skating and surf shops would be along for the ride but found out pemt who really wanted it no were at specialty toy stores.
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the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay! hello, i'm chris matthews live from new hampshire right now where it is debate night for the democrats. the stage is set, of course. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, one on one right here on msnbc. six


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