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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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will we hear donald trump's name. >> i think you'll hear his name. it's a democrat debate. >> thank you for being with me this hour. thank you for watching. of course, "mtp daily" will be back tomorrow with chuck todd. but meanwhile, keep it here on msnbc, full coverage of the big debate, moderated by chuck and rachel, 9:00 p.m. eastern time "with all due respect" starts right now. i'm mark halperin. >> and i'm john helemann. >> "with all due respect" this ain't no way to protect your neck. >> why you tang, is that the name of the group? >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment respectfully decline to answer your question.
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>> happy democratic debate day. mission control at the radisson hotel in manchester, new hampshire. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off on stage at unh in durham, new hampshire. the first time they've done so one-on-one and the last time they'll do so before the primary on tuesday. we'll have operatives from both campaigns later. recap of the republican/republican action. despite rubio's clear momentum coming out of iowa, donald trump has continued to train his fire on ted cruz, claiming that cruz used dirty tricks to win the caucuses. punching back by quoting jimmy carter of all people, saying he didn't have any fixed opinions, he would really go to the white house and fight for, end quote. all this is occurring against a backdrop of inn tim mations and whispers against rival campaigns in the granite stay may be slipping. as of now, that is only chatter, with no public polling to back it up and online survey by u
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mass local that shows him with a double digit lead. exiter, i gave trump to address the whispers by the campaign's prospects. >> i want to tell you one of the things we've observed in the last 24 hours is that basically every republican candidate, every republican campaign is whispering to reporters about a trump collapse. what do you think about that? >> it doesn't happen. have a good time. >> mark, whatever is going on with donald trump's numbers, questions still remains. why is he hitting cruz instead of rubio. >> clear record. he hits the people who hit him. rubio continues to go out of his way to avoid hitting anybody unless he feels he must. he is rarely hitting donald trump. long-term, assuming trump holds on in new hampshire, i think he sees cruz as a threat that needs to be addressed. >> this is mostly a thing about, he sort of can't let go of what happened in iowa.
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this is all by psyche, not about strategy. the strong strategy move right now, the person who is taking votes away from donald trump in this state is not ted cruz. by all indications, cruz is basically where he has been for a long time here. not moving up. no republican candidate claims including anybody close to cruz that cruz is rock connects up in new hampshire. trump may be falling and rubio is rising, strategically go after rubio. this is trump being trump. exact some reverge for iowa. >> today is thursday, the debate is saturday. the mot ra moderators have extraordinary power, because they will determine whether we see an attempt to make rubio and trump to go at it. if they ask rubio a request about trump and rubio hits him, then trump in the debate and i think through the primary will start to him rubio. >> interesting to me is that we've not seen rubio going after trump very much. >> he avoids it.
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>> every opportunity. so it's like a strange, again, we have many strange thing in this campaign. front-runner who people didn't want to take on for nine months. now we have two guys battling maybe for first place. neither of them want to hit each other. >> cruz went from being disciplined to attacking trump. he's hitting trump. >> for no reason. he's quoting jimmy carter. >> harder and more often than he has to. here in new hampshire, eventually, i think we'll have to see some rubio/trump action. the dynamic playing out in the establishment lane of the republican race, currently pretty simple. two camps, jeb bush and chris christie who are teaming up to do what they think is essential is to take rubio down. boy in the bubble line, jeb bush is also questioning his p protegee's record. above the fray, put out a new
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ad, sailing all the other establishment candidates for slinging mud, there by of course slinging some mud on kasich's behalf. the central question, though, here in this the establishment lane is still, can anyone stop rubio's rise. so today, at a press conference after a town hall, a number of reporters, including myself asked rubio about his current attacks on him and how he's handling it. >> senator, the other candidates seem to think you have momentum in this race. do you agree, and if so, do you need to do more to defend yourself or just keep talking about what you're talking about? >> well, i hope we have momentum. we're working hard at it. we feel good at the progress we've made in iowa, the progress now. i know about politics, if everyone is tacking you, you're doing something right. >> just keep doing what you're doing. >> stay on our may e message. i feel good about our message. >> i think it's silly. that's how i respond.
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look, when people are in a tough time in a campaign, especially near the end, you see desperation set in and they'll start saying things. i'm not too worried about that. i'm pro-life and i won't apologize for it. i understand it's a difficult issue. when you apply, for example, in a crisis pregnancy, that's a difficult situation. i have to choose the right between what to do with their body or the right of an unborn child to live. i choose to support and defend the right of an unborn child to live. i understand it's a difficult issue. >> rubio respond to chris christie about his failure to support exceptions of abortion on rape and incest. so no one has laid a solid glove on him. he's very calm in the face of this onslaught. how is he handling it and what is it going to take to change the dynamic? >> look, you were there, and you saw him in the flesh. i'll ask the same question to you. what i've seen, i need to get to an event, what i've seen on tv,
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he has been great i think. cool, calm and collected. floating above the fray. everything right now looks to me like it's falling into place for marco rubio. the guy who should be attacking him, trump, isn't. the guys are not attacking him in, a lane to run through and he hasn't made a mistake. >> he has been disciplined, calm. one thing about these candidates, everyone of them in the establishment lane, they're politically sophisticated. they're not candidates that don't get what's going on. he knows if he continues to do what he basically did in iowa, push back when necessary, it was effective in iowa, effective here, and i was impressed with the way he handled the questions today and the presentation. >> the most damaging thing i've seen about rubio was santorum today unable to name an accomplishment of rubio. i know he has replied.
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the list is pretty thin. i imagine we're going to see in the next 96 hours, maybe chris christie really hammering on the inexperience, you are barack obama. >> christie is already cutting ad, showing the morning joe, and it's true. his accomplishments are not that impressive. here is what i would do in the future, people aren't voting for him because they think he has accomplished a lot. he can unite the party and get elected and be a force for change in the country. so far, that's strong for him. >> an obama problem for him and no one has ironed that out. we'll preview debate night what, sanders and clinton need to do on that big stage, after these words from our sponsors. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control...
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about us now to talk about hillary clinton in tonight's debate and more, joel benton, the senior strategist. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> debate preparations with secretary clinton. how is it going? >> pretty well. i think she's hitting her mark. she knows the case she wants to make. debates she feels pretty confident. she feels she does well in debates. we're ready for tonight. she had a good night at the forum. >> one-on-one as a more experienced debater than bernie sanders. do you think he has improved? >> he has been pretty good i think all the way through. >> oh, no, he was horrible in the first debate, joel. >> no, i don't think he was. >> even -- >> he really was. >> he does -- >> he's nodding his head. he was terrible. >> i thought he was fine in the first debate. >> is he's good as hillary
3:12 pm
clinton? >> i don't think so. he's a good candidate. he's out there making a strong argument. when you're on the stage and one-on-one, i think you're going to have a lot of time to go into a lot of depth and to cover all the parts of the job of being president of the united states and more depth on specific issues and how your plans actually stack up is going to be a full discussion of those things and i think, you know, that's the kind of scrutiny a one-on-one debate is going to be more focused on that. >> debate prep over your career, not just here, but barack obama in 2008 and 2012, you saw the way the debates changed from being multi candidates and then down to three and two. why is martin o'malley's absence matter that much? he was not a serious candidate, it does matter, and explain why o'malley being gone, how does this change the debate from her perspective? >> probably changes the same for both candidates' perspective,
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the key element is how much each person gets to talk. when there are three people and who wants to get in and who wants to be heard, that's going to take away from the two primary candidates, even o'malley was trailing by a lot. it was time they could have used to make their case. that will end up being more evenhanded. it will be more set and so i think both of them have an opportunity to either defend or make their case more consistently with more time. >> it also seems to me that when you get down to things justin he have -- just inevitably get more personal. people take offense at. do you expect it to be more emotional on the democratic stage? >> i don't think more emotional. i think it will be more direct between the two of them. obviously two people standing pretty close next to each other. and there are things they agree with. some things they disagree with.
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i'm sure as they've been doing, they'll point those disagreements out. i expect it to be a lively debate. >> the public polling shows senator sanders with a huge lead. where do you have the race now? >> we've got ground to make up. you know i don't talk about polls. you know what i think about a lot of public polls. there is no question, we have ground to make up here. >> can she still win the primary? >> i think one of the key dynamics, if you look at the exit polls from 2008, 48% make up their minds in the last week. >> can she get more votes? >> sure, look, remember, last time, there was a big spike after iowa. she was down by about 13 points. talk about that poll down. we had her down by 13 points, and by tuesday, she won in new hampshire. that's how fluid it is. in part, that's because of, you know, the rules here allowing independents to go to either primary they want to go, it gets very hard to predict. even at the end, some of the independent voters can choose to
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go even though they may prefer one of the democrats, i'm going to go vote in the republican primary. >> that could help you. given that you're behind and a chance you might finish well behind, is there a margin by which you all would concede that this wos nas not a moral victor. we just got beat? >> look, i've been saying a win is a win and you would rather win than lose. when we come out of new hampshire, we look at a landscape in nevada, south carolina and march, starting with super tuesday, we've got about 1,200 delegates. >> no moral victories here? >> i don't think there are any more moral victories, does the landscape change more for us and i think when you look at the states where we go from here, we're in a good position as we head out of new hampshire. >> to be clear, to be consistent, you know, you won by a very narrow margin in iowa, and you said a win is a win.
3:16 pm
you he won fair and square. >> if he wins by a point, he has a home field advantage. >> not mitigated by the fact he that he he is from vermont. >> except for the fact that the only point you guys are ignoring in the question is that historically, new englanders have done well here. >> clintons have done well here. >> they've done well, but actually bill clinton lost to paul songas who was a new englander. >> he declared himself the come back kid. you would say don't go out and say that, because you lost. >> given how that turned out for president clinton, i won't even second-guess that. >> she's going to declare herself the come back kid, and you're going to say hillary clinton is the come back kid. the clintons have done it again. >> a victory in iowa, kind of a weird thing. >> came from 40 down.
3:17 pm
>> we've been down for a while. everybody knows that. >> i'm not looking forward to how this gets spun. >> you feel like, does it concern you at all, do you feel con if i de confident in nevada? do you feel good about that state? >> you don't feel secure about anything, because you know the elections are going to be fluid, particularly the early states. what i feel confident is how our message works there, the strength we had. we beat him significantly with african-americans and latinos, the small group in iowa. and going into nevada and south carolina, that's going to favor us. >> we'll see around the lobby here and see you in vegas, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a divine intervention, preview bernie sanders and hillary clinton. what they need to oh know about the debate stage and talk to ted devine after this. g from your tt to your wireless printer
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you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. new poll numbers out of the republican race here in new hampshire. first the real poll we've seen here from the university of new hampshire. donald trump 29%, marco rubio 18%, ted cruz, 13, john kasich 13, and jeb bush, 10. that's what we saw in iowa. lead over marco rubio. now to the democrats, the debate is on at 9:00, and the main course of our new hampshire feast this week, which makes last night cnn town hall something of an appetizer.
3:21 pm
they performed quite well over all. here is a quick look at some of the best moments from each of them. >> i think it was in november, in ohio, you may recall this, i don't know the context of it, but secretary clinton said some people call me, i'm paraphrasing, some people call me a moderate and i proudly say i'm a moderate. that's what she said. all i said, you can't say you're moderate and progressive on one day. my spirituality is we're all in this together. and that when children go hundredary, veterans sleep on the street, it affects me. the communities that they serve. so if there is a diverse community, the police department should reflect that diversity. trump as you know is a well-known scientist, brilliant scientist. and he has concluded after years of studying the issue that
3:22 pm
climate change is a hoax. brought to us by the chinese. >> i was somewhat amused today that he is the gatekeeper on who is a progress sieve, because under the difficult neglects on twitter and statements by the campaign, barack obama would not be a progressive, joe biden would not be a progressive, even the late great paul lovestone would not be a progressive. they don't have to be for me. i'm going to be for them. >> how are you going to tack yourselves from right wing attacks. >> i've had a lot of practice. whatever your age, you really think about what someone is proposing, and what their record is about getting it done. >> so joe bennettson said he's not a good debater, and he's not. last night, he showed maturity that he has gone through as a
3:23 pm
performerer in situations like a town hall, and she with one or two exceptions was good. much more herself than her tv self- >> i thought they were both im pref sie impressive. she was at her best in 2008, we wondered how long that would take and she's there in this setting. bernie sanders who started this campaign as effective as shoutty order, doing this stuff on national tv, he is not quite as good as her, but in the ballpark on those best moments, those guys are pretty good. they're good. >> she's going to have to doing something more dramatic tonight than she did last night if she's going to close the gap. they've got a big party dinner tonight in manchester just across the street with a lot of activists, i don't suspect on a friday night. >> chicken dinner. >> but we'll see what kind of tricks she has up her sleeves. a lot harder for her to assume
3:24 pm
that she can run over him as she did in the early debates. >> the big difference, conflict tonight. more ability to show humanity. this is going to be hard knocks tonight. one thing notable we noticed here on the show was the dir parity between how much tougher clinton's questions were, the ones that she got compared to the one that sanders had to handle. take a look at this. >> senator sanders, i heard you're going to raise taxes on the middle classes. if you raise my taxes, how does that help me. >> you have history of interventioni interventionist, can you assure me you would not expand our military involvement abroad. >> democrats say terrorism was the most important issue for them, they backed clinton over you by 37 points. why do you think that is. >> you voted for the iraq war. what have you learned since that vote that could give me confidence that you wouldn't make the mistake of that
3:25 pm
magnitude again. >> there were 18 inspector general reports talking about problems playing the-- plaguinge va you made three speeches. $675,000 for three speeches. was that a mistake? was that a bad error in judgment. did have to be paid $675,000. >> i don't know. that's what they offered. >> obama let progressives down. did he let them down? >> now, i don't want to say they're all softballs to bernie sanders, because they weren't, but the ones to bernie sanders seemed easier and more in his wheel house than some of the questions that went straight to her political vulnerabilities. >> they knew the questions, i'm certain. boy, was that unfair. the senator's questions weren't totally easy, but they asked her about the hardest questions on her vulnerability. but i will say, as i always do,
3:26 pm
when hillary clinton is treated unfairly, it's not right to just sit back and not say anything. that was really unfair. >> i totally agree with that. i completely agree. the thing that got a lot of headlines, she did not handle the speaking fee question well. the rest of them, again, to go back to the previous one, she had a lot of tough questions, and she handled them really well. >> her iraq war question wasn't great. she didn't directly address the question. i just don't understand, we said in situations where she's treated unfairly where the debate is in a state where she is behind. >> let me ask you, we have less than a minute, i want to look forward to tonight. the totality of what we saw tonight, what are you expecting between the two of them tonight? >> you know, she's on opposition research than he has in these debates. it will be interesting to see if she brings up anything new. you just know that her very good research operation or save it for south carolina where they can be tougher here. >> we're going to talk about our
3:27 pm
breakfast here with robbie mook, where they've wanted to go for a while. sexism is a kind of sub rosa thing in the sanders campaign, she did the interview with people today. i think we're going to see some gender dynamics. i wouldn't be surprised if things get ugly on that front. >> if his people haven't prepared bernie sanders with that, then there is malpractice. we'll talk about that in a moment. the brain behind bernie sanders, one of the brains, although bernie sanders has his own brain, pat devine joins us here after this word from our sponsors. jublia is a prescription medicine... ...used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. jublia is workin' it! most common side effects include... ...ingrown toenail, application site redness,... ...itching, swelling, burning... ...or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh!! fight it! with jublia! now that's a red carpet moment! ask your doctor if jublia is right for you.
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could bernie sanders use advice at the debate tonight? maybe a tad. good thing he's got a senior advisor named tad devine. >> good to be with you. >> we asked joel benson, from your point of view, what
3:31 pm
changes, what is different, what are the stakes. >> it's different when you have two candidates, presidential debates two, cab candidates and it raises the stakes. more opportunity to speak and engage. so i think, and there is also a good opportunity to deliver messages. speak longer. take advantage of that opportunity. we believe, bernie has a stronger message and that if we can deliver the message, we'll win the election. >> normally someone who wins in iowa, in this case, it was effectively a tie. she had maybe more me memo tome the week has played out, who has shown bigger momentum here? >> well, i mean i feel good about what we've done, you know. i think we -- i think we did what we needed to do in iowa to sustain the vote. >> but day-to-day, who is winning the news cycle? >> i think everything that we've done everyday here has been good, and you know, obviously a
3:32 pm
lot of down time, you know, for debate prep today, we're having a little event before the debate. yesterday, we were down a little bit, he went to vermont, slept overnight. we hit the ground and had an event here at 5:00 in the morning. the best event in new hampshire. >> i acknowledged bernie was not a great debater in the first debate. i think it's obvious he has gotten better. do you think he's at parody with her or still a little subpar. >> she's on debate 30 and we're on 4 or 5 here. so you know, i give her an advantage in terms of debating skill. she is really accomplished. i think bernie has learned a lot from the first to the second, gotten better and better. think last night, even though that was a town hall forum, he was sensational. he dealt with people in the right way. i think he'll do that tonight. >> history in this primary in this week of things getting hot, not as hot as they do in south carolina often, but emotional,
3:33 pm
but people on both sides of your campaigns, people are a little bit annoyed with each other, you know, making accusations and dirty campaigning. will we see that on stage tonight? >> i don't know. it's not going to come up from us. it's up to hillary. if she wants engagement, bernie will engage. >> talk about what your campaign is doing in the state after new hampshire, how much money. >> we're doing a lot. television, nevada since the 23rd of december okay. >> straight through. >> yes, we have. we've introduced him, moved to a third set of ads in nevada. i feel very good. >> is she on the air there? >> yes, on the 6th of january. we've got a lot of offices, people on the ground, a great organization. i feel very confident that we're building a winning campaign in nevada. >> as you start to poll there, does it look like you could win it. >> i believe we have a chance, yes. we're still behind, but making
3:34 pm
great progress. >> where are you spending money? >> south carolina on television as well. we've been there for about two and a half weeks, intro duducto a lot of voter contact, direct voter contact going on there. we've advertised on the radio since november, targeting african-american radio in south carolina. i think we're making progress there. i can't say with as much confidence, we don't have recent numbers, but i feel good about the campaign we have on the ground there. we have staff on every march 1st. we have a presence of staff. we have research we've been accumulating from a number of states. i think we'll be able to make informed decisions. >> do you believe that you have more people on the ground than she does. >> yes. >> do you think if you had to judge which of the two minority populations that bernie can make progress with first, would than
3:35 pm
african-americans or hispanics. >> latinos. >> why is that. >> i think they relate to his story as the son of an immigrant. a powerful door opener, and that's the biographical advertising begins. the dwriirect mail. i think that hillary clinton and bill clinton and their ties with the african-american, which go back a long way, are, you know, are strong and significant. i do think we can make great progress with the african-american community and certainly try beginning in south carolina. >> do you have a lot of friends in the clinton campaign, do you think they're currently discome -- discombobulated? >> no, i think that, you know, i think they're up against a tough fight in new hampshire. i think they recognize that. we gave them everything we had in iowa. i'm proud of our people on the groud. i don't think they're discombobulated here. >> skilled.
3:36 pm
>> i don't know robby as well. i know some people. i know jim margolis. they've been through it a with president obama. they're running a good campaign and we are too i think. >> at a break fest, robby mook and brian fallon, they started to talk about a phenomenon about bernie bros, a support and people around the candidate who engage in criticisms of secretary clinton that are laiden with sexism. what do you think were that? >> we don't encourage anybody to attack hillary clinton from the candidate on down, okay. we have differences on issues, those differences will probably be on display in the debate. the one thing we don't want to do is go after her personally or a negative way. whoever wins the nomination, whether it's hillary and bernie, i hope we'll all come together. we don't condone nasty stuff any where. >> the ads that they're questioning, but we'll doing it during the broeak.
3:37 pm
>> thank you, tad, nice to have you. >> thanks. >> we're going to make america kate again, with kate snow. if you're watching us in washington, d.c., you can listen to us on the radio as well, bloombe bloomberg, 99.1. we'll be right back. welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay! you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works
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kate snow. great to see you. >> very smooth. i like that. >> we love the pun "with all due respect." >> great to see you guys. >> thanks for join ing us. >> you covered hillary clinton in 2008. you're now covering her in a different way in 2016. what's the same, what's different. >> that's a good question. i think a lot actually strikes me as the same. now, to be fair, i haven't been out in the field with her this time. i'm anchoring, sort of like you guys behind glass. a lot of it is the same. i think the fundamental message she has, and maybe part of her problem in new hampshire is the same. i heard bill clinton say this is the most important election of our lifetime, and issshe is the only one fit for this job. he said the exact same -- the line was the exact same quote from eight years ago, so i many getting a sense of groundhog day
3:41 pm
from watching it. >> when she was confronted with a very hard mathematical reality that bernie sanders is doing significantly better with young people. >> letther reaction was oh, wow. it was an authentic reaction. no, she congratulated, what was her had word, that's amazing, fan tas tec fantastic. she is less guarded right now, and this is a parallel to the eight years ago too, is that eight years ago, if you remember, you remember, she lost iowa, everybody got on that plane, she was in a down mood, we landed here in new hampshire, she got right to it and started vlogging away. what turned, that moment in the diner where she cried. she teared up and she was vulnerable and talked about how hard it is to run. she did that again last night. she was asked about that rabbi,
3:42 pm
that question about balancing, yeah, the two pockets and one is your ego and the other is your humility was the question, how do you balance. and she gave this really interesting answer. but it was, what was interesting to me was that it was a humble answer. it was a real personable answer. >> so for candidate as practiced as she is and who has done this for so long, she did great last night, almost everything, she got tough questions, did well, but the answers she gave on the wall street speaking fee as totally off. that's what they offered me. >> it was honest, though, wasn't it? >> it was, but after all of this time, she doesn't have a better answer for that question, i just, it strikes me as amazing, because it has been asked. >> i bet tonight she has a good answer to that question, because they have to be expecting that she'll be asked again. this is bernie sanders, one of his key arguments over the past weeks and months has been she's in the pocket of wall street.
3:43 pm
>> we played the other night andrea mitchell's rope line discussion with bill clinton where he said bernie sanders is not barack obama. bernie sanders has been extraordinarily candidate. he has been touted as a presidential candidate and how impressed are you by bernie sanders? >> i am surprised. here's why. i covered capitol hill a years. he was an old nutty professor type guy. i don't mean that despairingly, but they saw him as an outcast from the party. he was an independent, from vermont. >> a gadfly. he said interesting things, but always on the margins. now, he is completely caught fire. i was talking to tad over there before, he came on, i think that part of it is millennias don't want to be told who to like. they don't want to be told what
3:44 pm
to do. he rose grassroots, social media drove this. they're passing around his videos. >> i thought mark was going when he raise the bill clinton thing, the rope line. irremember vividly, i think, you in the summer of 2008, being in africa with bill clinton, you may have asked him whether barack obama was required to be president. it was kind of oh, my god, that was a moment. so the question i have coming out of that is bill clinton is a huge asset he, sometimes a liability, he's becoming more from the en center. >> that was in liberia by the way. i remember it vividly, because we had a lot of conversations, this particular one, he was this close to me and red and not happy with my questions because i was asking him about his campaign particularly in south carolina where you remember in 2 oh 008, there were members of congress that said that he was invoking race. >> crossed the line. >> bringing race into the
3:45 pm
discussion. he did not like that question. he might remember, he answered i am not a racist. that's not what i meant to do. that's because they let him go, right. they at a certain point in the campaign eight years ago, i think that the clinton campaign made the decision to let him about the attack dog essentially. this time around, my sense is that he's not yet been given that order. >> unleashed so to speak. >> yeah. so the closest thing we've seen is andrea mitchell's interview where he got edgy in his voice. >> you saw ted cruz covering the republican race. what are your over all impressions of that race? >> really interesting to be there in the room. always different than it is on tv. he went a long time answering voter questions. a big town hall packed, nashua, a lot of radio list inners, promoted in boston. came up from massachusetts. i talked to people in the crowd who were completely undecided. people totally ted cruz. they knew that's their guy.
3:46 pm
it was his crowd. he talked about everything under the sun. he was forcefully speaking against donald trump. he made -- took some shots at marco rubio. what came across to me, having not seen him in person, he is a scholarly debate. he had details and was sort of, i think he struck the audience and the voters and being very well equipped if he agree with his politics to be the president. >> all right, kate snow, please come back. >> i will. >> to this set to utter delight to have you here. up next, we take a look at with robby mook, his boss and the s wor word. after this. on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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they say, i don't know who they are, but the most important meal of the day is breakfast. the most important person on your team is your campaign manager. we put them together this morning, the breakfast and campaign manager, robby mook. he ate half a piece of bacon, hosted by our colleague and esteemed breakfaster, al hunt. he talked about his expectations, and how the clinton campaign plans to close the generation gap in this race. >> i was also disturbed frankly yesterday that he was running an ad on, he is now running an ad on tv here in new hampshire that says that he got the endorsement of the valley news. my hometown newspaper by the way growing up. he got the endorsement of valley news. they have not endorsed anyone in this race. he implies in the same ad that the nashua telegraph is supporting him. they have not endorsed. they tweeted out last night that
3:51 pm
they thought it was deceptive. this comes out after iowa, logos of aarp implying their support. they had to speak out against that as well. he also ran ads in iowa implying that he received the support of the "des moines register." so what we're getting at is an over all pattern of breaking that pledge, and doing some, you know, i think what voters regard as pretty typical political behavior. i think the debate that should be had in this, in the general election should be about the future of the middle class and how the middle class can start to get ahead again. how we can get wages rising. you know, i think it's a fair question to ask whether a debate over socialism over capitalism is helpful in and that we'll
3:52 pm
have to see. >> you think it's legitimate to question his capacity to be a party builder for a party he's never been a member of. >> that's a legitimate question. the people are choosing the party's leader and nominee. it's legitimate to say not only is this person going to be the best candidate to take on the republicans, the best candidate to deliver results in office, but also is this candidate be a steward of this party, which is really the organization, the organization that represents our values, and is that person going do stand up for the senate candidate in oklahoma, for the congressional candidate in montana. absolutely. bernie sanders, if you go through, he's getting contributions from bank employees as well. the mistake would be to not be tough enough on wall street, and as a said earlier, she went there before the crash. and she called them out. she has introduced a plan that
3:53 pm
is tougher than anyone else and more comprehensive than anyone else. >> distinct from the candidate and campaign proper, there is a support base for senator sanders candidacy that has been short-handed as the bernie bros. anyone who engages in social media and support of hillary clinton has encountered this element it, can be nasty. and i think that the sanders campaign needs to beware, they start to let the mentality or the crudeness seep into their own words and criticisms that they hurl at secretary clinton. >> joining us now is our hillary clinton reporter, jennifer epstein. jennifer, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> this campaign, a normal
3:54 pm
campaign would be under a fair amount of pressure, iowa and now down by some amount. is your dealing with the campaign, do they seem like they're under pressure. >> you know, i think they understand that this is a state that's going to be difficult for them to win. senator sanders has such a big lead, nbc poll has him with a 20 point lead, a big lead for months now. what they're trying to do is beat expectations. there is that little glint of maybe we can pull it off. she pulled it off last time. it really is much more about making up that gap a little bit, testing out some messages. >> exercise my chris math yothe and focus back on the question. >> they seem on edge. do they seem that way to you? >> yeah, i mean if that's what you're trying to get me to say. >> you don't have to. >> no, i think we -- >> a battle tested group. >> we saw it at the breakfast a little bit. certain questions robby wouldn't
3:55 pm
answer. i mean, that's sort of robby's mo in general. i think that there are certainly issues like on wall street where they just were trying to stick to being on message when their message is she's not going to be influenced by wall street. that's not answering the question of is she answering these wall street questions, because i don't think anybody that she answered it well last night. who knows how she'll answer what i assume will be more on that from sanders tonight. >> tell me what you think about the bernie bros thing and the fact that brad fallon as the wing man, they raise thing, they seem like they're trying to go there a little bit. >> yeah, it seemed like he sort of maybe fell into it a bit in the conversation over the course of the breakfast and it was toward the end of the breakfast that he -- he got into it. he brought up the term bernie bros and everybody said to him what do you think of the bernie bros. he said bernie bros. and you know, it's clinton in this magazine with "people magazine," i think we're making
3:56 pm
people on some of the sexism issues, she's pointing out, she was asked in the interview about like marco rubio's boots and various candidates' hair, she was like maybe one step forward but definitely not two. >> who would you say right now is the most important, besides the candidate, the most important person on the clinton campaign. >> do you want it to be bill clinton in. >> i don't know. he is? >> he is definitely somebody pushing for a lot of attention to be energy oh to be spent here in the next couple of dals. there are, you know, hundreds of staff coming up from headquarters, already here. they're just really trying to fight this in a way that they're trying to at the same time down-play it. i think that he's behind it. >> jen epstein, thanks very much. we'll be right back with who won the day after this. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath.
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4:00 pm
pending. who won the day so far. >> robby mook ate one piece of bacon. >> marco rubio, nobody has touched him and he's ahead. we're always live on bloomberg >> coming up, "hardball with chris matthews." fight night. let's play "hardball." >> i'm chris matthews, live from the university of new hampshire in durham, the site of tonight's democratic debate. less than two hours away right now from the start of the big face-off. one-on-one debate between senator clinton and senator sanders. their only debate before next tuesday's all important primary. we've got new nbc polling out late tonight. live free or die state. senator sanders


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