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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> robby mook ate one piece of bacon. >> marco rubio, nobody has touched him and he's ahead. we're always live on bloomberg >> coming up, "hardball with chris matthews." fight night. let's play "hardball." >> i'm chris matthews, live from the university of new hampshire in durham, the site of tonight's democratic debate. less than two hours away right now from the start of the big face-off. one-on-one debate between senator clinton and senator sanders. their only debate before next tuesday's all important primary. we've got new nbc polling out late tonight. live free or die state. senator sanders holding on to a
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20 point lead after the iowa caucuses. that's unchanged since late january, before the iowa caucuses. no big movement up here yet. all come down to this. no more multiple choice. now it's between hillary clinton and the self-described democratic social list, bernie sanders. joined here in new hampshire by dnc debbie wasserman, and andrea mitchell and presidential candidate, howard dean, clinton supporter, i love the way we brand people. we do it as hard as we can. let me go to debbie wasserman. looking great tonight. >> thank you. >> dare i ask, my wife tells me all this stuff. >> not important. >> let me ask you about this debate tonight. philosophical difference, without taking sides, between hillary clinton regular democratic, clinton democratic and bernie sanders who is also ran as a socialist, who now calls himself a democratic socialist. >> i think the difference between the two candidates really boils down to that
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they're both supportive as is our entire party continuing to built on the progress we've made under president obama and democrats and congress and they might have differences of opinion on how to get to the same goals, continuing to create jobs, continuing to help people reach the middle class, but when contrasted with the republicans, who obviously want to take us back to what they define as the glory days from president bush's era. >> that's a good point. i agree a big contrast. how important is it to pick someone that can win against the republicans? >> of course it's important to pick someone who can win. we have two strong candidates remaining in the race. >> either can win. >> they'll be elected -- >> you believe both of them -- >> it's not my job to handicap this primary. >> you believe both can win. >> i am confident that either one of those two candidates, if they are a nominee, because the american people agree with us, and not with the republicans,
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that we should continue to create jobs, not end medicare, not repeal health care, either one of those two candidates contrasted with whoever the republicans nominate, remember, the first top from iowa are the rightest of right wing. i mean, the contrast is very clear. the american people are going to want to continue to -- >> let me go to howard dean for a second. looking for a fight, i think there is one endemic to this debate between the two of these people. we had webster's di let me read you what a socialist is. gov tal ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. number two, a system of society or group living in which there is no private property. or a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state. third option. a stage in society in marksist theory between capitalism and
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communism anguish wished. what definition is applicable tonight in considering the advocacy of your opponent in this debate, senator sanders? he says he's a socialist. does he go by those definition or not. >> i would be surprised. i think what he calls himself is a social democrats. they're a little more to the left than the democratic party is in this country. you know, 43% of iowa voters identified themselves as socialists. i don't think they were thinking of those particular definitions in the -- >> you think we should -- >> any way, does this make a difference, yes. here's why it makes a difference. it makes a small difference. it doesn't make a difference for anyone voting in the primary tomorrow. it will make a difference among the swing voters we have to have. that i worry about. but i don't worry about democrats voting against or for bernie, because he is a
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socialist. i'm for hillary because i think she's the most qualified candidate and she knows more about foreign policy than everybody else in the race put together, particularly on the other side. so you know, but i -- >> there is a drastic choice between your party and the other party. >> i think clare will bring out the hammer and sickle. >> they probably will, think chris and governor, i think it was clear, surrogates are saying that and trying to put that out there. hillary clinton is not saying that. she is being very careful not to be that aggressive. and particularly, toning down her rhetoric after a iowa. our polls shows she has a problem with women voters. she is losing women voters, young voters by 52 points in our
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new poll. she's losing women overall by four points, but young women by 29. >> nationally, she's about 65/27 among women. let's put that in perspective 2/3 are for her. >> a momentum effect, and they already have to worry about nevada, a caucus state and north carolina why she would be a lot stronger. >> i don't get this exactly. we're talking history here. maybe we get bored in this country. hillary, the first african-american, and now we talked about that before. we have to talk about something new. a first woman president would be amazing, madam chairman. >> of course it would be. i'm not taking sides in the primary and having the first jewish president, which bernie sanders would be. >> is he jewish? background, yeah. >> no, not just by background. bernie sanders absolutely identifies as jewish, he
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caucused with us. >> the jewish members when i served with him in the house, he served with our jewish members. most importantly, our early primary window has four states that include iowa, new hampshire, yes, but nevada and south carolina, which were added later, because making sure in that early primary window, we had the opportunity for -- do demonstrate our commitment to diversity across the country when it comes to the voters that weigh in early. and so you're going to have to look at the breath of all four states and their participation and the results to really judge the medal after these two candidates. >> governor, you really have an advantage over us. you've been serving in democratic politics with or alongside bernie sanders because he has never been in the party whachlt does . what does it mean in burlington, what do the voters who turn out for him get, what do they want
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and get from him? >> what they get is a left wing democratic, basically. look, i tell you why bernie won. i think this is what makes him a good politician and what make the democrats not very smart. we had a four term incumbent in burlington, but he didn't take bernie seriously. he was dismissive of him. the public was fed up and they elected him by ten votes. they didn't care whether he was a socialist or what he was. they measured two different people. does the socialist tag matter in the general election in the united states, for a small number of people, it problematiceproblematiably matters. >> right. >> i've seen people red-bait bernie sanders, in elections and it makes him stronger, not weaker. >> i can imagine. but let's go to another set of labels, which is all over the debate tonight. i could predict it right now. you're a progressive.
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you're saying a progressive. i'm nor progressive than you you are. that's going on for days. what does progressive mean. it used to mean teddy roosevelt, moderate republican, trust buster, then it was hard left, opposed to the cold war, now lately, it means sort of liberal. it means liberal. i think that's what it means. >> it means liberal, but progressives, democrats started calling themselves progressives when they didn't want the liberal. >> he is a socialist, and -- you say you don't care about labels, he wants the label progressive, he wants the name. >> i can tell you that both of these candidates are progressive. >> what is a progressive. >> by my definition, we need to be inclusive, focus on making sure that we have a government that fights for equal pay for equal work. that everybody has access to health care and that it's a right not a privilege. that when it comes to education,
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you have an opportunity to get a high quality education. and that opportunity exists all across the country. that's what it translates. republicans don't believe in any of that. >> bernie sanders said specifically that people who support tpp and the death penalty as hillary clinton does in part. >> you can't be a free trade progressive. >> and that means that president obama cannot be. >> okay, let me tell you, a lot of progressives and liberals over the years my lifetime who are pro free trade. a lot of them. >> i absolutely agree. you can be fres sieprogressive for free trade. >> write that down. debbie wasserman schultz, trying to referee this whole thing and trying to keep everyone in the inclusive. thank you, andrea mitchell. governor dean, thank you, sir, for that down-home write up baseball card on him. bernie sanders. coming up at 8 eastern, brian
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williams will join me. it's the first and only debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders which is next tuesday for the primary. the whole weekend will be wild. the numbers will be moving all we whoo weekend because they always move up here. it will be moderated by chuck today and rachel maddow, and i'll being back with the in spin room. the big night in new hampshire. "hardball," live from the university of new hampshire live for the democratic debate.
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no politician is going to solve it. no politician. these people, i would like to use really foul language. i won't do it. i was going to say they're full of -- it's true. i won't say it. i won't say it.
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but they are. >> donald trump, he hasn't changed the act. any way, welcome back to "hardball," the university of new hampshire. i said it tonight, one-on-one, mono o mono, i learned what it meant today. it's not man oechlt man, it's hand to hand. >> we'll be watching the democrats tonight. the republican side, polls show donald trump leads big up here in new hampshireme. the latest poll, 11 points. trump 29%. down a bit in the cnn poll. marco rubio up to second. he's on the move i think a bit. 18 points. followed by ted cruz at 13 and kasich at 12. a lot of these guys, in fact, trump has to win up here, i'm saying it now, to avoid a nose dive, a death spiral, and the other guys all need number two. number two is going to be the hero up here. trump involved in an
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increasingly ferocious war of words. cruz has spent the last several days pushing back hard. here's cruz. >> donald trump is very rattled right now. he told the entire world he was going to win iowa. and that he didn't win. his reaction is he got very angry. it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or if you like, another trump-tantrum. his reaction is to throw a fit. i wake up everyday and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted, because he's losing it. we're liable to wake up one morning and donald would have nuked denmark. >> nuked denmark. any way, new hampshire must win for donald trump. i think it is. does the billionaire risk like he is in a death spiral if he doesn't come out on top. a win is a with sin a win. katy tur covers the trump
4:17 pm
campaign. she joins us from a beautiful city. he picked out the prettiest city to give a rally in. how's it going? >> he was an exiter a little earlie earlier. i asked him, what are they going to do if he loses in new hampshire, is that it, and they said no, of course not. they would move on. they're doing a 50 state strategy. that's why they were in arkansas, that is why they're going to south carolina. they've done the legwork in a lot of these states. they've gotten on the ballot. no reason to drop out. a delegate race, not necessarily a win race. they believe the media is over hyping this. he came in second in iowa, and that was good. he got a ton of votes. they came in just short of ted cruz in order, in their words, and here in new hampshire, they feel really good. in fact, what we've seen is a
4:18 pm
pickup in their politicking. fifth stop today, which is unusual for donald trump. he hasn't done this much on the groundwork in one state yet, i don't believe. he talked to police at the manchester police department, local business leaders, two big rallies, he had a town hall as well. will this be enough? we'll have to bait await and hen tuesday. rallying the crowd. earlier today, an exiter, half the people there, jam-packed, half the people were high school students, many were telling me just to see the show. they were there for the irony of it all. it made me start to wonder, how targeted his strategy has been in these states, specifically, in the early stages. having these giant rallies, talking to thousands of people, quantity, but what about quality. who is he really speaking to. they're going to go out and vote for him? he talks about veterans all the time. i don't think he has visited a
4:19 pm
vfw or va. he hasn't gone to a school that i know of to talk to teachers or students. will he be able to find the voter whose believe in his message to come out for him on tuesday. >> we'll know very soon. katy tur, as always, gait have you on. thank you. kelly o'donnell asked how he responds to republicans get out of the race, establishment get around to support one winning establishment candidate. let's watch. >> i would say first of all, not a single delegate has been selected. we haven't gone to the first primary yet. i would say take a chill pill. let the democracy work. see who the candidates are, what hear record is, detail plans they have. i am a conservative and i've proved it, by being the governor of the state where i applied principl principles. marco is a gifted politician, he can turn a phrase really well, but what has he done?
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>> wow. he is not the only republican, jeb, jabbing at rubio. chris christie focused most of his attention on the florida senator. here is christie cutting sharply here. >> senator rubio gets here, when the boy in the bubble gets here, i hope you guys ask him some questions. it's time for him to man up and step up and stop letting his handlers write his speeching and handle him. he acts like the king of england. he has a press aide standing next to him he hasn't accomplished one thing in his entire career. same speech he has been giving for six years. his handlers surround him and coddle him. with someone like marco rubio who has not proven he could get anything done, except to get up in the morning, you know, fix his hair, smile, and give the same speech he has given for the last six years, even when he is leveling his insults, he has to
4:21 pm
read them from a piece of paper. >> the teams have opened a back channel to discuss this stuff between themselves about how to take down marco rubio. members of the bush and christie campaign mutual desire, i love that word, to halt mr. rubio's rise in the polls. contact between senior aids has drifted towards musing to what could stop mr. rubio. the aids for example exchanged news articles vulnerability for mr. rubio. the former governor of this state, chief of staff to bush senior at the white house and howard fineman is the global editor at the huffington post. i love this personal stuff. i've never seen this as somebody said today, combing his hair, a boy in the bubble. this is not about a man guy he's describing. christie at his worst and best. governor, do you like this kind of politics?
4:22 pm
>> i haven't endorsed anyone. >> do you endorse that kind of politics? >> i don't like that kind of politics. i don't. i don't mind going after guys on issues. i think the voters -- >> he is making it john edwards, you know what he's doing. >> i heard that. the voters in new hampshire have five wild days in front of them. i think it's a little different than in the past, in the sense in the past, this was when they sorted out issues and philosophy, they're going to do that, but also having to deal with style, the bluff and bluster. the last two or three days, people going around the state, casting a strategic vote, maybe not voting for their favorite, but in order to stop trump. >> you mean go for a guy like rubio or cruz. >> do people vote like that up here, these bank shots, they don't shoot at the basket. >> they take very seriously their responsibility to give the party a nominee that can beat
4:23 pm
hillary clinton and run the country. >> two things happening up here. vote for the guy that could beat trump, but also stop rubio, and remember, nixon, he gave it to pat buchanan. whenever you hear of a stop movement. >> yes, the shape of the race, having talked to people in almost all of the camps on the republican side is as follows. donald trump is like a tire with a slow leak in it, okay. he was as big as he was going to get, and he's leaking slowly and steadily. that number that you said is smaller than numbers previously. >> up here or across the country? >> i think across the country. by the way -- >> you buy that? >> this is where it counts? >> so that's the first level. the second level is ted cruz, who shouldn't do well here at all, because he is just in the evangelical lane. >> he place religion up here. you don't do that here. >> this is not a state for that. however, as in iowa, he is superbly organized. they have kids around the country living in dorms to go
4:24 pm
around door knocking on behalf of ted cruz. that may sound strange here, but actually better as katy tur was saying, than donald trump having a massive rally. the governor will say big rallies aren't what win it here in new hampshire. it's phone calls and door-to-door. that's not donald trump. cruz is punching up. you now how you always say, chris, punch up. he's the only one punching up. >> he has a target. >> at trump, the others are fighting -- >> the mistakes others have made. >> the others are not going after him. >> they should be going after trump and cruz, and instead they're fighting -- >> who would you least rather have the nominee, trump or cruz. >> both. >> thank you. these are people that having something to offer, by the way. rick santorum, i've known the guy forever. marco rubio, he was asked to name a single accomplishment, i love these questions, who are you endorsing, what have they
4:25 pm
done. he couldn't come up with it. let's watch. >> he has been in the senate for four years. can you name his top accomplishment in the senate actually working in the senate, doing something that tilted your decision to marco rubio? >> you know, here's what i would say about that. my feeling on marco is someone who has tremendous potential, tremendous gifts. if you look at being a minority in the united states senate, where nothing got done, i its guess it's hard to say there are accomplishments. >> tcan you name one thing that he has passed in the last two years. >> joe, look, i think republican majority in for one year and one month, of which as you know, he was running for president primarily. >> okay, you know, they teach you in infantry training, were you in the infantry? they put the bayonne net, he
4:26 pm
didn't have a list, a word. he couldn't say anything. >> he was almost right. the fact is that very little legislation has gotten through. >> you need an answer, but the thing is, that marco rubio's main qualification in new hampshire right now is that he is not donald trump, and for a lot of people, also, he is not ted cruz. so that's his lane, and that's what he is pushing. the first time you meet him, he is incredibly charming. as i said. >> rubio. >> rubio. small, person to person campaigning here, small groups. >> he does well. >> and he does well in that kind of thing, and in the senate, which i cover when i'm not doing this, he hasn't been in the senate in the last year and a half, but he is not thought of as dan quail shall we say. >> i used to work for a couple of irish house painters, they
4:27 pm
would say let's wabash this place, it went so easy. it rains, it's gone. >> the other thing, the other thing that's -- >> you're describing wabash again. >> the pace of politics has picked up so much, a couple of cycles ago, his bounce would have lasted all week. it's not now. so he can't -- i don't think he can cbash. >> it rains on there. >> kasich's hope. >> he has been here. he spechnt sometime and everybo thinks three tickets out of here. i think there may be four. >> from from the republican side. thank you very much. please come back. you're kind of cranky, but you know your -- i shouldn't have said that word. that was a trump word. hillary clinton is looking to make history as the first female president of the united states. i have to say i'm sorry for that
4:28 pm
word. i heard trump just say it. that's bad. i'm sorry.
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welcome back to "hardball," live from the university of new hampshire. the only one-on-one debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders before next tuesday's new hampshire primary in this state. by the way, i have to apologize
4:32 pm
again for that word i -- i don't know how i get it into my head into tonight's broadcast. it's a four-letter word, not a good word to be using on television. it's funny, if there is irony in this business. we blurted out the candidate, donald trump used the exact same word. i wish i would be able to blurb my own word out. surprising results how the candidates faring among women. our "wall street journal" marist poll among women voters in new hampshire, it's bernie sanders with a lead among women, 50-46. large lead. normally, nbc political correspondent. steve kornacki with us now. just before you report this, 65-25 for hillary clinton over sanders. why is it different up here? >> part of it is just a function if you're in new hampshire, his
4:33 pm
strongest states or one of, skewed what you are seeing in those numbers, you just put up on the screen, a gap, how he's doing with men. he is way up with men, 70-20, and marginally ahead with women. iowa, a gap there too in the iowa results. clinton won by double digits. sanders won by double digits with men. the interesting thing about the gap is if you look back to 2008, if you look at the hillary clinton/barack obama, you weren't seeing one as pronounced. the reason is not to do as much with gender as with age. we can tell you what we mean by that. when you look at women under the age of 45 in this new hampshire poll, under the age of 45, bernie sanders is beating hillary clinton, 49 points. over the age of 45, hillary clinton is leading by 9 points. clinton has a comfortable age with older women, sanders blowing her out with younger
4:34 pm
women. gender gap comes from age in this race, chris. >> thank you. thank you so much. steve kornacki, ask our other guests about your reporting here. it sure is accurate. naturally, one of hillary clinton's cries on the campaign trail is to put a woman in the oval office. in a recent new york times column, whether baby boomers will back the secretary of state. she wrote that hillary clinton has always counted of women of her generation, polls don't quantify doubts. but anecdotally it's anemic, her authenticity, and power as a woman. she has been caught on a grass deal universal health care plan. in 2008 by the way, 57% primary voters were women, so the fight for women support is pivotal,
4:35 pm
from new york, gail sheehy, here with me in durham, "washington post," ruth marcus. gail, what is the -- is your evidence, what is your evidence? what are you hearing about hillary clinton? because our numbers are overwhelmingly 2-1 among women. 65% nationally for hillary among democrats? >> well, i think andrea mitchell said on your show that recently, hillary has been losing among women over all. and even among some older women. those are the women in her generation that have always been the bedrock of her voters. as i've spoken to them over the last three months, they're kind of private about this, because they would like to support her, but it's been ebbing, ebbing. and what they recognize that she is the most experienced, that she's the smartest one in the room, but some of them shot back at me, there is nothing more sexist than wanting hillary clinton to be president, because she's a woman. and that has flipped.
4:36 pm
that used to be the rallying cry in 2008. and now, it's not enough. it's the problem that they find is they're not sure that she is true to herself. they find a problem with her authenticity, with her reality, with her lying. and also, with, you know, stone walling. i mean, going way back, stone walling is what brought on a special prosecutor. stone walling about white water, special prosecutor. this time, the e-mails. stone walling has brought her an fbi investigation. and so these kinds of things really worry people, and women, women of her generation, and then she can't actually express feeling, express heart. it's more head. you get this head versus heart argument. i can tell what you the problem is for hillary, because going back to her father and mother, who talked to me way back in '91, her father was a patent,
4:37 pm
general patent kind of a guy and he taught her there is nothing more that shows weakness more than showing emotion. the fact that hillary internalized that came out in a letter she wrote to her high school friend from college, which she showed me in which she said there is nothing more pitiful than unthinking emotion. so she doesn't react. she doesn't show it, but she shows it by what she does, by representing and defending women and girls from all the way through. right up to the point where she was asked to be secretary of state by obama, and she negotiated and said only if you allow me to put into the foreign policy of the united states of america empowerment for women and girls in countries around the world. >> okay, well, hillary clinton spoke last night about what is guiding her during her quest for the white house. here she is. >> i read a treatment of the
4:38 pm
prodicle, who think is a magnificent writer of spiritual and theological concerns. and i read that parable and there was a line in it that became just a lifeline for me. it basically is practice the discipline of gratitude. >> any way, ruth, in your column, clinton's response was also, and i mean this in the best possible way, quintessentially female. self-questioning. you know, i -- i mean, gail is a great writer, and these are great questions. but it seems to me, at least gail and ruth should have been talked about a year ago. we're down to two candidates in the democratic party. this stuff at this point seems to be something that's a bit beyond its fresh date. >> well, a couple of quick things. one is that the kind of emotion
4:39 pm
that gail was talking about that she says hillary clinton is temperamentally finds it difficult to show. we saw that in 2008 at a pivotal time and we saw it last night. which is really remarkably personal, kind of sincere answer. i want to go back, i don't doubt that gail has met a lot of women and talked to a lot of women in the baby boomer age who have frustrations with hillary clinton. but the polls are the polls. it's absolutely clear that if you know, look, think about it this way, if women did not have the right to vote today, hillary clinton would be in a lot more trouble against bernie sanders than she is now. and if you look at the demographic split among women, she is so strong in women in gail's age range, 45 and up, she be, yes, she has a problem with younger voters, but the numbers are very strong national. >> okay. great respect for you.
4:40 pm
everybody what they do when they come. you got us all talking. thank you so much, gail. into a controversy. ruth, you're my friend. i know you. we're about 80 minutes from the start of the democratic debate. the first one-on-one debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. mono o mono. much more ahead from the university of new hampshire after this. soup and sandwich and clean and real, and feeling good, sort of.
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the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪ welcome back to "hardball," broadcasting live from the university of new hampshire. up here in the balcony in durham, where the faceoff is tonight, hosted by msnbc rachel maddow and chuck todd.
4:44 pm
in a town hall last night, a candid display of humanity about a question of her faith. more difficult for her to speak about herself than it is for her husband, who she called a natural. >> this is hard for me. you know, i never thought i would be standing on a stage here asking people to vote for me for president. i always wanted to be of service. i met my husband, who was such a natural, knew exactly what he wanted to do. i was happy to support him while i worked in the children's defense fund and legal services and taught law and had our daughter. i never thought i would do this. and so i have had to come to grips with how much more difficult it often is for me to talk about myself than to talk about what i want to do for other people. >> let's go back. hilly ba hillary back on stage, where they'll meet for the only time one-on-one before the all important new hampshire primary next tuesday.
4:45 pm
joining me right now, two experts, co authors of "game change" and "with all due respect." my lead in. i love these guys. mark halperin and john helemann. let me ask you both. the simplest thing becomes the achille's heel. $6,000 question. bernie has found something here. she took money, not for a good cause, not for children, not for anybody else, for her pocket. $600,000 from goldman sachs. she has to explain that was a good night of work. it's hard for people to get it. how good are you to get $600,000. they always think there are strings attached. if you take that money, you'll oe. >> yes, that's the im pli sit thing. if he wants to raise this issue, he has to make an argument about how she must, what she has done that's wrong, in order to get that money. the sanders campaign -- >> we're not accusing of you
4:46 pm
anything, most americans don't get paid that kind of much, and so much money, $600,000 speech or whatever it is, it raises the question of why. why are you doing this. what quid pro quo explicit was going on there. it's up to you to answer that question, hillary clinton, and she has not found a good way to answer it yet. >> in both parties in this nomination, for a lot of voters, you're one of them or one of us. bernie sanders comes off in his rhetoric and issue positions and in his lifestyle as quote-unquote one of us. >> a moderate living guy. >> he's also someone who if you're angry at the system, angry at the man, if you think the system is stacked against the wealthy, you might be a bernie sanders supporter, donald trump supporter, but somebody who not for the establishment. and there is nothing more ret lant of the establishment. >> you know what the proof of that is, suchlu.s. congress, na ever teeth of this, they didn't
4:47 pm
have any wealth, they would give a speech to some group for $10,000, and they were totally outlaw outlawed. they agreed they had to get rid of all of it. in our business, our network you can't do it. you can't make money on a speaking tour. you can't do it. so everybody assumes in institutions like ours, or the congress, there a bad smell to it. >> well, yes. it raises all kinds of questions. those questions themselves are problematic politically. on this point, modest living guy. you look at bernie sanders. the suits are cheap. the shirts, he doesn't have a lot of them. he is not flying private ever. he had never been a gulf stream 7. the clintons have been flying around in those planes for a long time. it just, there is nothing wrong with it inherently, but politically problematic, especially the populous vote. >> we should have talked to gail about this psychological stuff. two people on that stage. if you vote for -- against
4:48 pm
hillary on an issue like this, you get bernie sanders in the democratic party. there is only two guys up there now. we're having a debate about existence of these candidates on these kinds, what might be called sideline issues. >> except for if you believe that, you know, that the stark contrast in the stark choice facing the democratic party right now is what hillary clinton is openly saying, which is i'm a reformer, not a radical, bernie sanders is saying i want to dream big. >> ref revolutionary changes. >> shouting it when he says it. >> lifestyles i think in some ways are reflective of the political fip philosophy. it's legitimate. >> you guys are pros. i'm too old to get this. the word socialist are anticommunist, the socialist party is the number one enemy of the communist and our best friends against the russians and
4:49 pm
cei . less focused on politics in their lives, it sounds socialists too close. eastern european, dictator ships call themselves socialists. >> every other industrialized democracy, kind of aspirations, universal single payer health care, worker rights, environmental regulation, every other industrialized. we're the only country that doesn't have that. he's speaking to the aspirations of tens of millions of people. he's more successful than ralph naider, and secretary clinton is running unfortunately for her at a time when she's got new democratic and when the party has moved fundamentally to the left. >> mark and john are sticking with us. up next, these two experts will tell something, i don't know, tell me something i don't know.
4:50 pm
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4:54 pm
people around senator sanders and supporters and to some extent he had a little bit of sexism. i think that will become a meme going forward. >> would you call that a fake foul or real foul? >> a real foul. >> democrats have this debate on msnbc. the republicans have a debate saturday night. three campaigned had endorsements. something to breakthrough before the primary. >> thank you. when we return let me return to the time when new hampshire was the face of political romance. not for me. you're watching "hardball."
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politics, a soft spoken figure ready to stick his neck out. the winter of '67 to '68. i felt a zest in the air. a report in common on the news from snowy new hampshire. mccarthy for a time didn't look like he was making headway and then came the primary itself and the rocking news that mccarthy had his staking. he with drew from the race than face an actual beating. history gets made by a candidate with the courage to make it. right now we're one hour away
5:00 pm
from the first one and only new hampshire primary. joining me for special coverage of the democratic debate continues. our team enters the final hour before the event begins. this is the first, only and last time they will be together face-to-face, side by said on the stage in debate. certainly the last before the voters


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