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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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i'm kate snow and we start this hour in snowy new hampshire with new fighting words from hillary clinton directed at bernie sanders. >> i'm going to keep fighting until the last vote is counted on tuesday because i want the people here in this state to know what i think you saw in the debate again last night. there is only one candidate who is prepared to do all aspects of
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the job on day one. >> that sound from last night's debate, and we're talking about the debate as well. straight to it here, we're going to go to the play by play, as well as how both campaigns hope to capitalize on last night's mome momentum. for that let's start with kristen welker. she's here with me. kacie hunt is at the sanders site. kacie, i'll get to you. let's hear one heated argument in last night's debate. >> being part of the establishment is, in the last quarter, having a superpac that raised $15 million from wall street. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks, and let's talk about the issues. >> there were a lot of those moments last night, kristen.
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>> a lot of heated moments, a lot of fireworks. secretary clinton pushing back vigorously. and that artful smear line have made a lot of headlines. some people saying, was it over the line? >> there were boos in the audience. i was in the balcony and it was an overwhelming boo. that just might be the crowd. >> i thought, did she cross the line? was it the right way to go? they think it is because senator sanders has gotten more aggressive in his attacks. she also brought up that she will be the first female president. sanders talking about the establishment, and she said, how could i be part of the establishment when i would be the first female president? and she's really trying to rally her base, and what's so interesting, she's trailing sanders with women by four points, which is so surprising, and that's fueled by a lot of those younger women. so she's trying to rally them. when you talk to campaign
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officials, they say, look, it's going to be really hard to win here in new hampshire, she's behind by 20 points, but they want to really narrow that gap. >> you've got wall street, campaign ethics, iraq, education and health care were the things people were talking about on facebook. not on that list, gun control, some of the other issues that i'm sure the clinton campaign would have preferred to be talking about. >> it's so interesting, because secretary clinton talks a lot about gun control. it's one of the very few issues that she's perceived to be further to the left of bernie sanders. she did bring it up once last night when she tried to argue, wait a minute, you say i'm not progressive. you're the one that has a checkered history when it comes to these gun laws. but she didn't bring it up beyond that. i was interested in that and i'll be curious to see if she does in the coming days. she'll be joined on the campaign trail by bill and by chelsea a little later on, so the question is, will bill bring it up? it will be interesting. >> he's coming back on sunday, i
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believe? >> exactly. for a closer look at the sanders campaign, let's turn to the sanders site in exeter. i think it may have taken our pundit, kacie hunt, longer to get there because of the weather. >> as you know, the fire martials in new hampshire are somewhat famous for counting down to the person who is allowed to be in a building like this. if you'll indulge me for a second, this building, the exeter town hall, is one that's a staple on the campaign trail. i have been here with probably close to a dozen different candidates over the years: mitt romney, jeb bush among them, and now, of course, today with bernie sanders where he gave his pretty traditional stump speech.
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else not going after hillary clinton in a particularly new way, although he did name her in laying down a challenge about social and making sure the rates for social increase regularly and aren't tied to -- so that they are raised more slowly. but sanders was forced to cancel or postpone, i should say, a press conference that was supposed to happen today. we were expecting he would be endorsed by ben jealous, former head of the naacp. unfortunately, jealous got stranded in albany because of this snowstorm, so while they joked they would never cancel an event like this, he's in vermont. but it is kind of difficult to get an airplane in here. still left on the docket today, a big dinner this evening that hillary clinton and bernie sanders will speak at, so it
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will be interesting to see how they address each other in that kind of a format, kate. >> kacie hunt covering the sanders campaign for us. thanks a lot, kacie. now we've got executive director of politics, also the mayor of manchester, the town we're in. did i say it right? >> you did. >> mr. mayor, thank you for being with us. >> he's the mayor. >> you sat down at the same time and i wasn't sure. let's talk about new hampshire voters. you've got so many independents. you've got. how do you gauge what might appear on tuesday knowing that so many people are undeclared going in. >> the largest voting block in new hampshire are undeclared or
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independents so you really don't know where they're going to go. in this race they can take a ballot, they can vote on the democratic side, they can vote on the republican side, so it's really an unknown as we go into tuesday. >> what do you think about this situation this time around? you've been through it many times, i'm sure. >> i think it's important to understand that most new hampshire voters don't decide until they come from behind. >> if you're registered, if you're undeclared, you can go in, and at the moment decide you're going to be a republican or democrat, right? >> you can select a republican ballot, a democratic ballot, go right back out when you vote and go back to being an independent. >> but if you register prior, you can't do that, correct? >> that's correct. so as a campaign manager, they want to target some of those undeclareds as john mccain did in 2000. >> tell us about the changing
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demographics of the state and about the city, too. >> quite a few number of people who are going to vote in this primary weren't around in 2008 when hillary clinton ran last time. they almost have to reintroduce themselves to voters and it's a challenge for the campaigns. >> why is the landscape of your city changing? who are the newcomers coming in? >> i think the newcomers are coming in to look at the opportunities that there are. we're a booming city. a lot of great things are happening in the community. it's much different than it is 15 years ago. >> how would describe the difference? people haven't been here. has it gone from being -- i know it always used to be a lot of working class, hard-working people, a lot of folks that commute down into massachusetts, maybe. >> we have the largest mills in the state and they've converted into high tech, so we have a lot of high tech mills. it's really changed.
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it's one of the fastest growing companies in the country. >> what's it mean for the young voters? >> they're trying to target them, but you're also trying to get, who are these people? famously the barack obama campaign knew that they had voters coming to the polls that no one else knew existed, and that was crucial to their victory. >> although some of the polls weren't correct. i was looking back this morning at some of the polling we had right before 2008, and it didn't bear out. >> that really shows this week between iowa and new hampshire where there are big swings, there's always a big new hampshire moment, and you really don't know what will happen on tuesday. >> this takes over your town every four years, and i know you're ready for us to leave when it's over, too. >> wednesday morning after breakfast. candidates come in and they're
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excited for the opportunity to talk to voters one on one, look at them in a breakfast location they may be in. or somewhere else like a coffee shop. and that's what makes it so unique. >> donald trump had to cancel an event because of terrible weather outside. i wonder how much that matters, that retail politicking here in new hampshire. >> that really matters a lot. he's been campaigning here for almost two years. he's done a lot of big events, answered a lot of questions, but today we had to cancel. we had bernie sanders this morning for politics and eggs. he did come, it was on time. it was a great event and he was in good spirits. >> do you have any more of those planned? >> we don't. we just have the big weekend coming up here. >> and big super bowl sunday. >> the super bowl is right here. it's happening in new hampshire. >> it's going to be a crazy weekend here in new hampshire. gentlemen, thank you so much. appreciate your time.
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new polls show marco rubio gaining ground here in new hampshire. could he secure second place on tuesday? his one-on-one interview with my colleague, gabe gut guierrez, coming up next. donald trump had to cancel his event because of the weather. we'll head down to the palmetto state, coming up. ♪ ♪ the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all wheel drive. because winter needs a hero. now get a $199 per month lease on the 2016 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites.
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we've been talking about the polls showing marco rubio gaining some ground on donald trump here in new hampshire. a new suffolk university boston globe poll shows rubio in second place now with 19%. let me bring in nbc's gabe gutierrez. he's been following the rubio
12:15 pm
campaign and had time to talk to the senator just now. gabe? >> reporter: good afternoon. we did talk to marco rubio a short time ago. he's taking much of the day to himself, talking to his advisers, preparing for that crucial debate tomorrow. we're expecting an event here in just a few hours, another town hall, another rally where he's going to talk to the voters here and take his message that this, as he sees it, is a three-person race between himself, donald trump and ted cruz, and that they are best positioned to take on -- he is best positioned to take on hillary clinton and bernie sanders. now, i did press him on some of the attacks that have come from his opponents over the last few days talking about his accomplishments while in the senate. take a listen. >> rig right now a lot of your opponents are sticking with the argument that you do not have a lot of experience. yesterday one of your surrogates rick santorum struggled coming up with an accomplishment.
12:16 pm
your campaign put out that list. what's your response here? >> i have a record of public service. i'm glad it's on my website. people can go to, and i'm five years in the senate from getting rid of the obamacare bailout. >> in that provision, other people have argued that you weren't really in the forefront. >> that's just false and everyone involved in the effort knows that. i'm the one that raised it, i'm the one that pushed it for two years. that's the facts. i'm proud of what we accomplished. it never would have happened without that effort. this election is about what happens next for america. >> reporter: but isn't that the criticism that people levied on barack obama when he ran? >> but barack obama has been the most controversial president since teddy roosevelt. he got the government to take over our health care, weakened the military, wants to raise
12:17 pm
taxes and continue to grow government. barack obama has been an effective liberal. we need to reverse that to someone who has conservative principles. >> reporter: let me get this straight. you are comfortable being prepared with barack obama? >> no, i am not in line with barack obama. my point is he was a senator. he had seven years of senator experience and he was worse today than when he started. my point is we need someone as concerted to movement. >> reporter: well, kate, his critics say that he's very scripted, that his campaign has
12:18 pm
no spontaneity, that voters will have a hard time seeing him as authentic. but he sticks to that script, and kate, this might come down to electability. people we've been speaking with at these town halls say maybe he wasn't their first choice, but looking at the current field right now that he does have a chance to take a look at the democrats in the election. we also pressed him on the things his campaign put out, the va reform bill he had passed as well as sanctions on hezbollah, jeb bush digging into him saying the hezbollah bill was made without his consent and he wasn't there for the final vote. and he says that he did accomplish things while in the senate, but again, he's sticking to that, that this is about the future, not the past. kate? >> gabe, you and i were talking about this in j.d.'s here earlier this morning.
12:19 pm
why do you think he's getting that rap as being so scripted and practiced? >> well, you know, throughout his political life, he's definitely -- a lot of people have criticized him for being too ambitious. but if you read his book, there is a story that he tells in the book back in 1996 when he was working as a surrogate for the bob dole campaign, and he was asked to be a surrogate from that campaign on a spanish radio show. and he asked around, no one else could do it. he went on this spanish radio show and debated a democratic operative. he said he got smoked in that debate. i asked him if he did that, and that experience weighed on him. he said he was the most prepared person in the room when walking into a debate. a lot of people have said he is
12:20 pm
a very good debater. it's clear this is a candidate that really values preparation, and sometimes to a fault. and the question is whether voters will see him as prepared or as authentic, or whether some may see him as not just being real. so that's the question right now, kate. >> gabe gutierrez following the marco rubio campaign. gabe, thanks so much and we'll all be watching that big debate tomorrow night. ted cruz focusing on debate prep right now ahead of this weekend's gop matchup, the last one before tuesday's voting. more on ted cruz's strategy, coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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or if you're young or old.are if you run everyday, no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. senator ted cruz hoping to place well here if new hampshire after taking iowa. the latest nbc news wall street journal marist poll in new
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hampshire shows cruz coming in third place. he's picked up three points since last week. in our poll, although the race is far from over, a poll from umass lowell reveals that 42% of voters could still change their mind, haven't completely decided. let me bring in nbc's hallie jackson. she's spent a lot of time covering ted cruz. how long now? >> since july. >> but you've been closely monitoring all the gop fields, and as we head into the big debate tomorrow night, and it's the last one before tuesday's vote, ted cruz is in debate prep today, what do they have to do? >> number one, will trump show up at all after his big no-show the other week in des moines. number two, we're looking at marco rubio because he is somebody here in new hampshire who will be under attack. last week in iowa we were talking about ted cruz because ted cruz was front running
12:25 pm
there, and with donald on stage he was going to come under fire. you've got these establishment candidates, jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich, they're all looking to make moves and continue to attack. we've seen it on the campaign trail, we've seen it today, for example, from jeb bush on "morning joe," chris christie. we will see that on stage tomorrow night. finally you've got ted cruz who will be a presence on stage, but this is a different race for him in new hampshire. he sunk to fifth in one poll. >> we just talked about the nbc poll that came out this morning, but this is another one. this is the time in the race where we have multiple, constant polls coming out. but this one is interesting because it shows ted cruz slipping down to fifth place. >> they said the polls didn't nail it in iowa, did they? so they're not overly concerned about what the polls show here, and it was not necessarily that ted cruz would compete.
12:26 pm
i said, does it bother you you were spending too much in iowa when you should be looking toward the southern states, and the feeling was, we are not abandoning south carolina. the campaign feels as though they're taking nothing for granted in south carolina or in the southern states where it will be sort of a very big moment for them when you look at the sec primary. that's going to be a huge moment in march. obviously we're looking ahead to the moment next week, to tuesday. lots of discuss. >> is everybody sort of assuming donald trump wins on tuesday, or is that no longer a fair assumption among the campaigns? >> well, i think you get a sense that the public polling has been consistent that donald trump has a strong lead here. and i think -- you know, i think there are other campaigns who would -- who may believe that maybe there is some softness in the numbers, but donald trump has held a double-digit lead for months in the state. >> and nationally still does. >> and i wonder in iowa, he showed that sort of strong poll
12:27 pm
ng iowa right at the end, and that ended up being wrong, if there is a question right now of the validity in the polls. we'll see. >> that's what's so exciting. >> i hate ending a segment saying "we'll see," but -- record turnout expected here on tuesday, we do know that. and for what will be the 100th anniversary of the new hampshire primary. what the latest polls say -- there we go again -- about last night's race. we had a little fun last night with free association wordplay. take a look. >> democratic party. progressive. and when i say progressive, i me mean progressive. >> hillary clinton. >> great. >> tuesday's new hampshire
12:28 pm
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this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee
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started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. as we look ahead to tuesday, we're going to dig in to the latest poll data out of new hampshire and the brand new nbc news wall street journal marist poll. republican candidate donald trump holds a 13-point lead while marco rubio moves to second place, and bernie sanders holds a 20-point lead over hillary clinton. how much will that shift before tuesday's primary? for that i'm joined by senior political editor mark murray who has made it over to manchester after the debate last night. you were intimately involved in getting ready for that big
12:32 pm
debate last night. >> and kate, it's so nice being with you here today. i'm glad we seizure vooifurvive. >> it's like studying for a human exam. >> it was a cram, no doubt about it. >> it worked out well. bernie sanders is still up in this state by far. any sense that that could shift around given the performance last night? >> the poll numbers you just showed illustrate that it hasn't changed. there is another tracking poll that's been out by news 7 as well as university of massachusetts lowell that shows hillary clinton is starting to make up a little bit of ground, but we just need to be able to wait and see. i would say it is important to note that people don't go to the polls until tuesday. it was just eight years ago when it looked like barack obama was about to float this contest away, hillary clinton won. there was so much instability. i think it will be fascinating to see if that debate did move numbers, if hillary clinton, after putting some pretty tough
12:33 pm
jabs on bernie sanders, was able to move this race a little bit closer. >> it's hard because all we have to go on is polls right now and they're kind of all over the place. the wall street journal poll, trump is down oy bnl 1%. marco rubio has seen the biggest increase, of a 6% increase, but there's a boston poll that looks a little bit different. beauty rubio seems to be surging a little bit. >> not really surging but he seems to be gaining ground. if he doesn't go up much more, donald trump will win the republican primary. if all of a sudden the next tracking shows him at 23, 24, 25, he could be able to win this. the next one is ted cruz. he is up after his victory in iowa. the boston globe has him at just
12:34 pm
7. i do hope that -- is john potential. >> the biggest thing is that traffic jam and the establishment where they're taking up 30 to 35%. i think that's the difference between donald trump winning and losing this conference on tuesday. >> what do you think of donald trump skipping this event? obviously he says it's because of the weather. he didn't have control of it, but he was going to be in a small setting and really get out meeting with voters. he's only done that three or four times in a small way in new hampshire. he's always had these huge events. >> he did have a lot of retail events yesterday. today it got canceled because of the weather. i think the debate on saturday night is going to be fascinating. donald trump has gone after ted cruz, he's gone after jeb bush,
12:35 pm
he really hasn't gone after marco rubio. i wonder if that's the dynamic we willie. i'm waiting to see that, again. if she show up in big numbers, that is very good news for donald trump. >> but the biggest. >> great to see you. thanks so much. last night's showdown between bernie sanders and hillary clinton certainly passionate. we'll check in with the fact checker we always turn to on the morning afternoon or the afternoon after. nice to see you. let's talk about some of the key moments from last night, and i want to start with bernie sanders, and this is bernie sanders talking about income distribution and the wealthiest
12:36 pm
1%. >> almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1%. not what america is supposed to be about. >> is that accurate? >> well, first of all, it's out of date, i would say. there was research done by the university of california at berkeley which initially indicated that after the great recession that about 91% of wages were going to the top 1%. but with the new data that's come through as of 2014, it shows 58%. that's not most, but it's certainly about half. but again, there's limitations in this data. it only looks at wages and doesn't tell the impact of taxes or the impact of government transfer programs, tax refunds, that sort of thing. when you include all the other
12:37 pm
data, the picture shifts even more. >> so it sounds like you're saying he didn't exactly hit it on the head. >> no. it's old and it's limited. it makes for a great talking point, but it's getting a little stale at this point. >> let's turn to a sound bite from hillary clinton last night, and this is her talking about wall street and what she did to try to prevent the economic meltdown. >> i went to wall street before the crash. i was the one saying, you're going to wreck the economy because of these shenanigans with mortgages. i called to end the carrot interest loophole that hedge managers enjoy. i proposed changes in ceo compensation. >> glen, what's your take? >> she really overstates what she said and did at the time. that was a somewhat private meeting, but the news
12:38 pm
organization propublica got a copy of the video. if you look at the video, the presentation she made there is much more even-handed than she makes it sound like. and on top of that, the ideas she proposed, none of them were adopted. she proposed some bills in congress, she had very few co-sponsors, so she didn't get very far with her proposals, either. >> let's do one last one, and this is hillary clinton talking about sanders and his gun control voting record. >> i don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. i don't think it was progressive to vote against gun makers and immunity. >> so big question, did he vote those ways? >> yes, he did. he's from a rural state, vermont, where lots of people like to have guns, and particularly early in his career, he voted against the brady bill, he voted, as clinton
12:39 pm
said, for giving immunity to gun makers. lately he has come out for universal background checks, he now says he would support a revamp of this bill. at the time he's still going. >> thank you for talking to us. we'll do it again after the republican debate. >> okay. there's no question new hampshire voters are feeling the burn. as we've been reporting our latest marist poll shows sanders up by 20 points, 58% to 38%. what's his secret? joining me now to answer that question, the article, why have new hampshire voters gone gaga for bernie sanders? nice to have you with us. feeling the bern. i love the headline, they're going gaga. what is it about him?
12:40 pm
>> it's really interesting, a lot of people say it's because he's from next door. >> right. he's a neighbor. sdp sdp >> and some people say new hampshire voters tend to be flinty and libertarians. if you look at the record, it's been a long time since new hampshire democrats have reported the magic and surging candidate rather than the establishment candidate. in 2008 who was the maverick? barack obama. when he came here, the new hampshire democrats rallied around these with hillary clinton -- bill bradley won by a few percentage points because government rallied around him. you have to go back to 1984 when walter mon dadale was running against gary hart and they ran the establishment. my question is why are they doing it now when it's not their history? the other thing is new hampshire is a lovely state.
12:41 pm
i love it as well as vot vermon. but people here will tell you they don't have a specific love for vermont. th it doesn't give them an advantage here than a lesser known like hillary clinton. >> what's the answer? why isn't it working? >> he seems to be connecting to white, working class voters, particularly men here in new hampshire, who actually were the basis of support for hillary clinton back in 2008. some of these people might have been left behind after the weak recovery of the bush vote, and
12:42 pm
he had a couple months here where he was putting together a populist message where hillary clinton was not really pushing back against it. remember in the spring? she was beating him in polls by 25%. so there's no natural an tip thi. he kind of built this momentum and she, in a way, let it happen. donald trump is skipping a snowy new hampshire outing today, opting instead to reschedule his rally until next week because of the weather. he is headed to south carolina tonight. is he missing an opportunity here? we'll explain why it might matter, coming up. from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through.
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medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist if botox can help calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. donald trump had a campaign event planned here in new hampshire today but had to reschedule for monday, his campaign says, because of the snowstorm. but that's not stopping trump
12:46 pm
from hitting the trail. later tonight donald trump will hold a rally in florence, south carolina, and lets head down to florence. nbc's kerry sanders is there ahead of the event tonight. kerry, he had an event last night here. fill us in on what he's been up to. >> reporter: we're 15 days out from the primary here in south carolina, so coming here might be getting ahead of the game, but as we take you to look inside here at the civic center, you can see they've set up for more than 5,000 people. those that may attend the rally here today say they're here because of donald trump, not here because of presidential politics. they're drawn to what he says and how he says it. and this is how he was saying it last night in portsmouth. >> we're going to start winning again. we're going to win on trade with these other countries that are ripping us off. we're going to win on health care. we're going to win with the military. we're going to knock the [ bleep
12:47 pm
] out of isis. we're going to knock the [ bleep ] out of them. we're going to win on health care. we're going to win on every aspect, everything we do. we're going to have so many victories. >> reporter: and he's going to say that he's going to win after losing in iowa, and so he's trying to restart that momentum. because he can't get to new hampshire, he's here. interestingly, in south carolina it's an open primary. that means if you're registered to vote, say, as a democrat, you could cross over and participate in the republican primary or vice versa. and that's important, especially in a part of the state we're at today, because party leaders say that there are reagan democrats here, sometimes referred to as dixiecrats, conservative democrats who they believe will cross over into that primary to donald trump. i've spoken to some who have started to gather here at the
12:48 pm
civic center. indeed, some are registered as democrats but here to support donald trump. kate? >> kerry sanders is down in south carolina. kerry, thank you. katie tur is here in new hampshire. would have seen donald trump had he made it here for the snow. his campaign was saying he couldn't get here, that airports were closed on either end. >> the airports weren't closed but the weather was hairy, and it is a hairy driving situation here, so i wouldn't necessarily fault the campaign for not flying here. i think it makes sense. people are saying maybe he should have stayed overnight here last night. >> we had the mayor out of manchester a little earlier, and as he was leaving, he made a comment that it was interesting that donald trump had gotten stuck because he went back to new york. >> that's been one of donald trump's strengths, really, is his ability to get from one place to another in a really quick manner. this is where it sort of bit him in the behind in this case,
12:49 pm
because he was not here, he couldn't just get up this morning and go to his event and rally the people. i think the timing of it is especially bad for them, because we're so close to tuesday, we're so close to the vote. there are still a ton of people in the state that are undeclareds independents. they can walk into that voting booth and decide who they want to vote for not just in one party but either party. so donald trump maybe doesn't want to face marco rubio or ted cruz or anyone else in the republican lane, but even someone like bernie sanders. you see that the campaign certainly has taken that into account. yesterday we saw him do five stops. that's the most he's done in anyplace so far this campaign. he's changed the tone of his campaign for the last three or four days. it's more positive now. he hasn't been on the attack at all, not for his other
12:50 pm
candidatcanned responses. on twitter he says what a great state this is, the dynamic this state a little bit, and there are a lot of people out there who just do not trust the polling right now. they think his numbers are overinflated and kerry sanders has been talking about this. the people that go to his rallies fans or voters? are they people who are just there to see the show? we've seen a lot of that. a lot of people who come out, who say they want to see the show. it's a struggle for the campaign right now is to find quality overquantity. they've got the quantity, they've got the ratings, but they need to find those voters who are committed to his message. >> jeb bush, by the way, took a little jab at him earlier. he tweeted something. my 90-year-old mother made it out to the campaign this morning. it seemed like a little bit of a dig. if she can make it out. >> of course, the jeb bush campaign -- jeb bush will be doing that. donald trump has torn him apart as much as he can. >> quickly, donald trump does come to the debate tomorrow night? >> he does come to the debate
12:51 pm
tomorrow night and he will be at the fox news debate, as well, we're hearing. >> it's going to be interesting. >> absolutely. >> katy tur, thanks so much. much of new hampshire woke up to snow this morning, as we've been mentioning. could be in store for more snow on primary day. here's a look at what the campaigns are facing today on the campaign trail out there. look at those shots. some of these photos taken from the sanders' motorcade driving on interstate 93 here in manchester. coming up, we'll have the primary day forecast. the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite.
12:52 pm
today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay!
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12:54 pm
. well, it's been snowing most of the day here, just tapering off now at 4:00 eastern time. new hampshire voters could see more white stuff when they head to the polls on tuesday. for a look at the primary day forecast, because it does matter what the weather is, we'll turn to wnbc meteorologist david price.
12:55 pm
dave, what is it looking like? >> i'll tell you, it's a lot like the campaign, kate. lots of twists and turns and it's hard to predict how this is all going to turn out. let's talk about it and go through the variables over the next several days. we have a low pressure system and this type of low pressure system is going to kind of spawn off another one. that's going to head into the atlantic, and kind of graze the east coast. so as that does, the threat of snow for the northeast increases. the amount, though, is going to depend on the storm track and the intensity of the storm. how much energy it pulls from the atlantic. so let's go through it right now and talk about what's interesting here. this storm slides up the east coast, but let's focus on new hampshire for a moment. portsmouth, manchester, nashua, these are all the population centers. and like we were talking about with the iowa primaries or iowa caucuses, i should say, here it's going to be a matter of who gets out, who can motivate their people, potentially, to get out through inclement weather. it's too early to call totals. we are going to have to wait a little while before we get
12:56 pm
specific on how much snow is going to roll through. but in places like berlin and conway, plymouth and lebanon, littleton and into keene, we see less of an issue, but certainly as we get closer to the coast, that's what we're watching for. temperatures are going to be just below the freezing mark and we'll have cold air coming down from the north and east. we'll continue to watch it for you. it should be an interesting one. >> oh, yeah. and dave, when you say "moderate snow," what does that mean? does that mean we could have a few inches or is that like a foot of snow up here? >> at this point, you're asking the tough questions. at this point, we're talking about several inches of snow, not a major storm, particularly not for hearty people like are in new hampshire. but we're going to watch it. i'm going to put the caveat that these numbers could get up as we get closer. how does that sound? >> that sounds good. dave price, thanks so much for the forecast. that does it for this hour of "msnbc live" from manchester, new hampshire. my colleague, brian williams, picks up our coverage from msnbc headquarters in new york right after this.
12:57 pm
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stay strong. stay active with boost®. i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks, and let's talk -- let's talk about the issues. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans. and by the way, who are not all that enamored with the establishment. >> you may win here tuesday, but you're getting hillary clinton on the democratic side, because bernie sanders may be minnesota. >> this election's about the future. not just the resume competition. >> did he accomplish nothing in the senate? >> nothing. >> well, for democrats, this was the day after.
1:01 pm
the event that happened last night, a, at times, highly personal, highly boisterous, long two-hour plus debate that unfolded live on msnbc last night, moderated by rachel maddow and chuck todd. we'll have more on that in a moment. for the republicans, it was a day of campaigning, fanning out across new hampshire, without donald trump, who was grounded today in new york, because of bad weather in new hampshire. they have a little bit of everything up there, from rain to sleet to snow. and it's still precipitating in parts of the state. but the republicans were out on the campaign today. jeb bush could not help but tweet and tweak donald trump that his 90-year-old mother was able to make it out on the campaign trail in the inclement weather today. let's begin, however, as we start another hour of live coverage, this one from new
1:02 pm
york, with the traveling clinton campaign. our white house correspondent, kristen welker covering. and kristen, what was it like this day after the debate? >> well, secretary clinton echoing some of the themes we've heard from her yesterday, brian. obviously, she was very defensive on that point about whether she was a progressive last night, so she came out swinging about that today as well. but she was joined by a number of senators as well as lily ledbetter, female senators, trying to rally her base, brian. it's so interesting, she's actually trailing bernie sanders here in new hampshire, among female voters, by four points. who would have thought that would be the case heading into tuesday? so today, reaching out to those female voters, trying to get them to go to the polls. one of the reasons she's trailing is because of those younger voters. of course, we keep talking about this big age gap and it goes back to that progressive issue that bernie sanders is tapping into it, as he paints himself as the real progressive.
1:03 pm
thing really interesting happened today, brian. she spoke directly to those young voters who support senator sanders. here's what she had to say. >> i want to say a word to the extraordinary people, particularly young people, who are supporting senator sanders. i know you may not be for me now, but i am for you. and i will work hard for you and i will be a president who puts your futures at the top offer national priorities. >> reporter: so, brian, i spoke to some of secretary clinton's supporters who were there at the event and asked them if they were concerned about the fact she was trailing senator sanders when it comes to women voters in new hampshire. here's what they have to say. >> no, not really. new hampshire is an important state, you know, and for her to get the support, but, you know, it's the rest of the country, you know. >> all i can think of, there
1:04 pm
might be some young -- of the women, it might be the young ones that are mostly billion polled. and it depends on the polls. i don't believe in polls. polls don't matter. all i know is wholeheartedly, we have a great ground team. >> so, i know those women -- that woman there said polls don't matter. we're going to show you some anyway, brian. just to remind folks of what this breakdown looks like among women. senator sanders leading secretary clinton by four points, but look at what happens with the younger women, 18 to 29 age group, sanders leads 76 to 24%. so she's got a big gap to make up there. those supporter who is i was speaking with, they said they were heading directly from that event, out to pound the pavement. they say they're going to be knocking on doors all weekend long. they're determined, they say, to pull out a victory. i can also tell you, hundreds of volunteers and supporters from clinton world, bill clinton's camp, are going to be descending upon new hampshire this weekend
1:05 pm
to try to close that very big gap she has right now with senator sanders. >> kristen, how right you are about the poll. a lot of people just take away the horse race, the main number, the fact it's a 20-point race, but it's in those cross tabs on gender gap and on age gap that the real story was contained yesterday and today. kristen welker, covering the traveling clinton campaign. let's go to kasie hunt, who is traveling the sanders' campaign today, again, on this day after the debate last night. kasie? >> reporter: brian, well, forgive us for -- it's a slightly unorthodox new thing we've got going. in fact, can i show you the storm here in manchester. the roads have been cleared. they seem to get the roads a little clearer, a little faster up here in new england than they do in washington, d.c., where i am used to reporting from. the sanders' campaign actually head back to manchester a little bit earlier than anticipated, however, because of a snow-related incident. we were expecting he was going
1:06 pm
to have an endorsement today from ben jealous, the former head of the naacp. that, of course, important not as much here in new hampshire, but potentially south carolina and beyond. they had to postpone that endorsement because mr. jealous' plane got stuck in albany, could not get in here because of the snow. it's a little bit unfortunate there. but i want to show you one thing coming out of this debate tonight. a new national poll that shows bernie sanders with 42% to hillary clinton's 44% so while we're obviously focused right here on the ground for the most part, that national number has been moving for bernie sanders, as he's gotten more and more name recognition from being on that debate stage with her, and now this saturday, he's expected to appear on "saturday night liv live". they're planning to be in new york city. the details are still being worked out. we're not exactly sure how we're going to see senator sanders on the program, but he has played along with larry david's
1:07 pm
impersonation of him. larry david, of course, poking fun at senator sanders' overall demeanor, attire, saying, well, he doesn't have a super pac, but he does carry everything in a backpack, and he only has one pair of underwear. senator sanders, the day after, joking that he bought his second pair of underwear that day. so that's going to represent another opportunity for the sanders' campaign to have some very serious national attention and something that, you know, they believe will be potentially helpful for him in the long run. >> kasie hunt, in a moving car, on an iphone. a little news, a little weather, a little comedy today. thanks. giddy in a snowstorm in manchester, new hampshire. thank you for all of it. we're joined once again today by old friends of hours, mark halperin and john heilemann, the managing editors and co-hosts of "with all due respect," a bloomberg television production that also happens to air 6:00
1:08 pm
eastern time on this very network. mark, i want to start by asking you about something that happened on live television last night. john podesta was talking, part of the spinners after the debate, a longtime member of team clinton, chris matthews said he thought he heard podesta take the first tentative steps about bernie sanders might have been confused, he might have wandered a little bit on foreign affairs. chris shut it down. was there any skulduggery after this thing last night, or did people play it pretty much according to hoil? >> i think it's pretty clear while the clinton campaign is focused on doing as well as they can here, a lot of their brain power now is focused on, what is the negative frame that they're going to want to put on bernie sanders in south carolina, in nevada after this contest. and they tried about 15 different things and still playing with different ideas. one of the things we talked about yesterday is the prospect of saying the sanders' campaign is how sexist.
1:09 pm
another thing they're playing, obviously, is that bernie sanders is too left-wing to win a general election. so i think everything the clinton campaign says now we're all kind of fly specking and looking at, saying, is there something going on here? are they trying out different ideas? i don't know if there was anything to it, but they're saying lots about bernie sanders and throwing things up against the wall and seeing what proverbially sticks. >> and there's a large and uncomfortable event up there this evening. >> this forum just across the street from we're at in the radisson, there's a forum, a gene shaheen dinner, a shaheen event happening at the verizon center. 6,000 democrats, it's the biggest event of the cycle, i believe, on the democratic side. there's not been, i think, a rally by any candidate that's drawn that kind of crowd. they're obviously going to come out and be probably equal parts clinton fans and sanders' fans. the streets already littered with signs out in front of the
1:10 pm
building. you can see buses and vans and sandwich boards and everything's on the street. and that's on a very snowy, kind of ugly day. people are ready an little bit of a battle of the bands kind of thing with a lot of chanting, a lot of singing, a lot of rooting and hooting and heckling. and speeches by bernie sanders followed by hillary clinton tonight, in their last real face-off, where they'll be in the same space, physical space before the primary on tuesday. we'll all be heading over there early this evening to check that out. >> and mark, let's turn the corner into the republicans. and the question today, donald trump did an interview up there last night for cnn. he flew home, slept in his own bed in new york last night and then the weather moved in, in new hampshire. so he's been deprived of a day of campaigning, and some have suggested it also underscored the fact that he is not spending his time, his overnights wis in hampshire. does it hurt him there? >> look, there's some indication that in iowa, those kind of
1:11 pm
things may have hurt him. he yesterday did do some smaller retail-style events. but there's no doubt that he's competing against people, particularly people like john kasich, particularly people like jeb bush, who have done lots of retail campaigning here. and i think missed days are potential problems for him. he spent a day in arkansas and not here. and so if donald trump ends up winning this and winning this big, nobody's going to second-guess things like that and nobody's going to worry about a missed snow day. but if he loses or does disappointingly here, i think there'll be a fair amount of second guessing in his camp about whether they flatted the rules too much. >> john, he says he learned the term "ground game" in iowa, but isn't this right now, when they talk about a ground game, you are not unlike a football team with the ball kind of inching forward, sometimes quite literally, in the snow, but you're making it from event to event to event trying to stretch out one more before you go down for the night. >> and yeah, look, the weather is a huge variable here. today, mark and i were out, went
1:12 pm
to see john kasich this morning and went and visited marco rubio. and i can tell you, it took us about an hour and a half to get 10 or 15 miles at one point. everything get as low assed down. events that are supposed to take place at a certain time end up getting delayed or canceled entirely. it creates a real problem for these candidates, who really do, you know, at this point, every minute they spend in front of a voter, every event they can get in between now and tuesday can actually matter. especially given the way this republican race is so bunched up in certain areas. you've got a whole bunch of these republicans in the establishment lane who are all still, according to public polling, very close to each other within the margin of error. so everything matters between now and tuesday. and when the snow falls here, even as kasie said earlier, they plow it a lot faster than they do in washington, d.c., it can still be a real problem and cause real heartache and real chaos for a lot of these campaigns and super frustration. >> our great thanks to the managing partners of the personal injury law firm, halperin and heilemann. it's a real treat, genuinely, to
1:13 pm
be able to talk to you every day. thank you so much for being with us. we'll fit a break in here. when we come back, one of our correspondents had some face-to-face time with one of the republican front-runners. gabe gutierrez, his conversation with marco rubio when we come back. what you do on tuesday will narrow this field and you'll decide who the other 48 states gets to pick from. we started with 17 and we're down to 8. and you'll probably get it down to 3 or 4 or 5. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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1:17 pm
what do you think of marco rubio's list of accomplishments that his campaign got out after rick santorum couldn't name one and give us your list. >> well, his list of fighting for additional sanctions for hezbollah, which was done by unanimous consent unanimously, literally, where he didn't show up to vote, that was one of them. >> did he accomplish nothing in the senate? >> nothing. >> tough stuff this morning on "morning joe." and if marco rubio appears to be taking his share of incoming fire, that's because he is. at least two of the competitors beneath him in the polls see him as their impediment to moving up so, these are tough days, to be marco rubio, after a strong third place showing out of iowa. yet again today, gabe gutierrez is at a marco rubio event, where they are setting up.
1:18 pm
we have become the kings of setting up. today is in derry, new hampshire, gabe? >> reporter: hey, there, brian. good afternoon. yes, and other days prior, he had several events. today, he took it easy, at least behind the scenes, preparing for that crucial debate that is coming up tomorrow. and as you mentioned, he will likely be understood heavy fire from the other republican candidates the stage is being set here for another rally, as he takes his message directly to the voters. and his campaign says that he is racking up more and more endorsements throughout the country. just now, the "las vegas review-journal" endorsing him there, could play a major roll in the primary of nevada. but marco rubio says that he is best positioned to take, to fight the democrats. and i spoke with him just a short time ago. his poll numbers, he's doing very well in the polls, his campaign says. and nbc news/marist/"wall street journal" poll has him at 17%,
1:19 pm
surging past ted cruz. and a "boston globe"/suffolk university poll has him at 19%. however, he's drawing a lot of fire over the issue of experience, and what his opponents say he really doesn't have much of a record to stand on. in the senate, i spoke with him a short time ago. here's what he has to say about that. was that enough of an accomplishment, though, to put on your top five -- >> it absolutely is an accomplishment. >> was it that hard, though -- >> but that's not how you judge meaningful things. the fact of the matter is, it's an important measure. we put additional sanctions on hezbollah, it was bipartisan and it had strong support. you want a president that can do things and bring people together. there are issues we won't be able to agree on, but on something like that. on something about additional sanctions on a terrible terrorist group, absolutely it's a major accomplishment. >> and that was in reference to the hezbollah sanctions bill, which was passed by unanimous consent, and jeb bush was pointing out that he wasn't actually there, rubio wasn't actually there for the vote. but rubio is standing by that accomplishment, he says, and
1:20 pm
other accomplishments, including v.a. reform, as well as a provision of obamacare, which he fought against, even though some critics have said that other senators fought more. he says, though, he was standing by that. he says he has the experience, and he's trying to make the point that this election is more about the future than the past. brian? >> gabe gutierrez covering the rubio campaign effort, as gabe mentioned, prior to tomorrow night's gop debate, which is getting a lot of attention. gabe, thanks. hallie jackson continues to cover the ted cruz presidential effort. and hallie, perhaps -- i don't know why it is, we have yet to hear as much from or about ted cruz, perhaps because he hasn't been under such withering attack, as he was before. >> right, because, frankly, for these establishment candidates like chris christie, jeb bush, and john kasich, their immediate concern is more marco rubio than ted cruz. it's almost a 180 from what we saw back in iowa, right? when we were looking ahead to that debate, and it was ted cruz
1:21 pm
who was really under fire. i can tell you, cruz is doing some debate prep today. he's got a rally later on tonight in salem, new hampshire. and the you take a look at his poll numbers, what you've seen, if we can pull those up there, is that he has slipped a bit from iowa here in this state. according to some different averages from these numbers, you can see he's basically in like the third, fourth, or fifth place range, depending on where you look. is that a big deal? well, not to his campaign. i got off the phone with an aide a little bit ago who basically said, listen, new hampshire was not a state where ted cruz was going to win. it's going to be very hard to overtake a donald trump here. you saw marco rubio with that argument. and at the same time, i asked, is it a mistake to not go to south carolina and be focusing ther the there? the aide said, we're not taking anything for granted, but they want to show some effort in new hampshire. they've done some 50,000 door knocks. also talking about how he's doing nationally, that's where
1:22 pm
you're seeing ted cruz really still in that top tier of candidates. he's there with about 22%, according to the latest q poll. donald trump still in first, marco rubio in third. cruz believes he can consolidate a pretty broad base of support. not just those evangelicals who are so key in iowa, brian, and who are a much smaller slice of the electorate here, but cruz thinks he can really make a play for the libertarian vote here in new hampshire, and then move on to the south, where his campaign is feel strong and where they've tried to put in organizational techniques for a while now. and the other thing we're talking about with ted cruz is we look ahead to new hampshire and these other states, brian, we're also looking back to the iowa cakes, what you might call controversy. some of these voice mails that have come out, allegedly, from cruz staffers, trying to insinuate, perhaps, that brren carson, because he was headed home to florida, was maybe dropping out of the race. take a listen to some of these calls that were obtained by breitbart.
1:23 pm
>> important to note here that nbc news has not independently verified these particular phone calls, although we can confirm that similar calls had taken place. the cruz campaign is saying, listen, the senator has apologized for not immediately following up and clarifying once carson came out and said, no, i'm staying in the race, but should point out that it wasn't a surprise to anybody that it was a news story that carson was taking some time off the trail and that carson basically overperformed his polls. so they don't believe this had a real impact on the outcome in iowa. >> and donald trump has been campaigning on the fact that -- his contention that cruz somehow won dirty coming out of iowa. hallie jackson, covering the cruz campaign, thanks. another break for us. when we come back, the sanders' effort in new hampshire. of course, meantime for the republicans, it's all about
1:24 pm
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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. people are struggling. they're hurting. they need someone to be on their side, not pursuing their own blind ambition. marco is a talented politician. he got elected when he was 26 years old. people love him, and i do, too. he's a great guy, but he's not a leader. >> there's the definition of faint praise. drew klein is with us to talk about the rubio campaign, former editorial page editor of the "union leader." these days, communications consultant to the rubio campaign. when do these attacks start forcing a change in the candidate? do you see him coming off planned message at all? that's been the attack from
1:28 pm
chris christie. jeb bush going after his relative youth and inexperience in the senate. >> no, look, marco rubio has been going around new hampshire, sharing his vision for what he's going to do in the next four, maybe eight years, and people are connecting with that message. it's really resonating with the people. and, you know, he's got such a strong message when it comes to being the person who is the most prepared on foreign policy out of this whole group. he's got a great reform agenda. he's got a good record. and, you know, you've got some candidates who are down in the polls and they're feeling frustrated and they're lashing out and that's unfortunate, but it's not going to throw senator rubio off of his game. >> it can't be fun to be your guy, to wake up, have no role at all in a broadcast like "morning joe," where joe scarborough finds a way to trip up santorum by asking him about rubio.
1:29 pm
that's kind of a bank shot. jeb's been pretty relentless. christie's been pretty relentless. isn't it perhaps possible this is going to have an affect on the numbers here shortly? >> well, it hasn't so far. and you know, what you're seeing, again, is you're seeing a lot of people who are struggling to get traction and they're lashing out at somebody that they think they can take a good shot at and try to get traction that way. but it's not connecting because it's not a good message. and again, senator rubio is out there, talking about issues that people want to hear about. he's talking about his vision for how to make america stronger and how to make america more prosperous, and how to make, you know, government limited again. and that's really connecting with people. >> the next we see all the candidates is going to be at the gop debate tomorrow night. can you shed any light on what
1:30 pm
rubio's communications strategy will be vis-a-vis those who have been calling artillery in on him all week, since his third place finish in iowa? >> sure, i cannot. i am not actually on the rubio staff. i am a volunteer. so i'm not privy to those communications. but i don't think you're going to see anything different from senator rubio that, you know, you haven't seen so far in terms of his message. and, you know, making sure that people understand who he is, what he stands for, that he's the best prepared person on any issue that you can name, and that he's got the right message and the right vision. and you know, really, when you come down to it, this election is not about a resume or a checklist. it's about a vision for the future and where you want to take the country in the next four years. and the reason why you're seeing senator rubio click up in these polls is because people are finally paying attention in new hampshire, because they hadn't before, and they're hearing that message and they like it. >> in the interest of
1:31 pm
specificity, by way of thanking drew cline to be with us, he knows new hampshire, he is volunteering, of counsel, shall we say, to the rubio campaign effort and thank drew cline for being with us this afternoon. good luck on the trail. >> thanks. we'll take another break here. when we come back, we will talk about, among other things, how the weather could factor in to the first in the nation primary. want to get their hands on.
1:32 pm
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clinton to join me in making it very clear that number one, she will not support any cuts to social security, number two, she will join me in saying it is imperative we increase and expand benefits for senior citizens and disabled veterans on social security by lifting the cap on taxable income. >> bernie sanders addressing a rally. today for the democrats, of course, as we keep saying, this was the day after last night's spirited debate, i think it's fair to cast it that way. brian fallon has been kind enough to join us, national press secretary for the hillary clinton campaign. brian, fair to say you guys were surprised, to put it mildly, by the age and gender gap numbers contained in the nbc poll released yesterday? >> well, i think you've heard
1:36 pm
secretary clinton acknowledge in the days since iowa, where some of those entrance polls came out, that we certainly have room to grow in some of the key voting blocs, at least in iowa on monday night supported senator sanders in strong numbers. on the other hand, we were very pleased to see some voting groups that were strongly in our corner, and i think that in totality, those voting groups that support secretary clinton give us a good road map for how we can have a good path to the nomination over the coming months. if you look, for instance, at women that turned out in iowa, secretary clinton enjoyed a large advantage there, also with african-american caucusgoers in iowa, i think represented non-whites represented about 9% of those in iowa, that turned out on last monday night. she had strong support there. and if you look at union members, a plus 9 advantage there. so, you know, these are some of the same communities that are overrepresented in the states that will vote later in the process in march, and so we have the building blocks of a good
1:37 pm
coalition there. but, obviously, we have room to grow, and as secretary clinton has said, she rants to especially reach out to young people. she is appreciative and grateful of the fact we're seeing increased participation from young people, even though some of them are supporting senator sanders now, she wants to be there for them, she wants to make that clear and we think we can make inroads with that age group. >> brian, let me ask you about something that came up on stage last night, in reference to paid speeches she had made for goldman sachs. she promised to look into the question of whether or not she is willing to or can release the transcripts of the paid speeches she made to private audiences of investment bankers. is there an answer on that today? >> well, we're continuing to look into that. you know, she made a number of speeches, not just to goldman sachs, not just to companies in the financial sector, but to a wide range of groups who were
1:38 pm
interested in hearing about her tenure at the state department and interested in hearing her share her views on modern diplomacy in the 21st century. we'll take a look at that and see what transcripts exist. make sure that they're available still. and the bottom line is that there's a large number of candidates on either side of the aisle, that after leaving government service went and gave paid speeches. that in and of itself is not problematic. i think that the reason why this issue is being raised is because senator sanders has very scurrilously engaged in insinuation and innuendo, suggesting that hillary clinton's integrity has been compromised by these donations she's received. there's absolutely no evidence of that. if you look at her record in the senate, when it came to regulating wall street. she had as tough a record as anybody else. if you look at the plans she put forward in this campaign, she has a tough proposal that people like paul krugman have judged to be even better than bernie
1:39 pm
sanders. as you heard secretary clinton say last night, if bernie sanders wants to suggest that either these paid speeches or the donations that have been made to her campaign have in any way compromised your integrity, he should spell out his obligation. he should say something if that's what he thinks. otherwise, he should drop the subject. >> that's what the secretary said on stage. otherwise, you get the argument for folks going to the polls and the snow on tuesday, 600 grand from a wall street investment bank is a heck of a pile of money. >> but if anyone that gave fees to secretary clinton to hear her speak for an hour thought they were getting anything more than that for that money, they'll probably be asking for their money back when she's pregnant. no one will regulate wall street more strictly than her. >> national fallon, national press secretary for hillary clinton's campaign, we go into the next event, featuring both candidates as the dinner tonight, supposed to be one of those gentle off-the-record affairs. we'll see. brian fallon, our thanks. another break.
1:40 pm
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we are back from new york. our attention firmly on points north, specifically new hampshire and the funny way the weather has up there of making and affecting news, as it may again on tuesday, when first in
1:44 pm
the nation primary voters go to the polls. dr. greg forbes is the severe weather specialist at the weather channel, a man we always turn to when there's weather in the news. first of all, greg, it seems like today's snow totals kind of blew up overnight into something we weren't expecting and the concern is for next tuesday as well. >> yeah, today's storm really did get a little bit more than expected, especially the farther south and east in new england you got. but it's not looking like these next series of storms -- there's several chances, but it's not looking like they're going to be as bad. i think come tuesday, it's going to be more of a typical winter day, with probably not going to impact the turnout too much. in fact, the weather channel took a poll to see how much impact there might be by weather, and the republicans versus democrats on the right, heavy snow, 8% might skip versus 6%, but it looks like at worst, we'll be seeing light snow, so
1:45 pm
maybe 2% or 3% that might avoid going to the poll for tuesday's weather. brian, you might be interested. you know i'm a tornado specialist, one of the items on the list was tornados, and that was the one that people most said that they would skip going to the poll if they had. but i can guarantee people, there will be no tornadoes in new hampshire come tuesday. this is what the forecast looks like. up until then, not too bad. monday and tuesday could be some snow showers. probably nothing big by new hampshire standards. maybe an inch or two in the forecast. there will be some close calls, though. over the weekend, saturday night into monday, there will be another one of these lows offshore. not too dissimilar, probably a little bit more offshore than the one we had today, that might graze, especially cape cod, maybe the far southeast corner of new hampshire. and then behind that, that one will be some cold air coming in. another disturbance, and that may push yet another low up across the area. might give a little bit of snow tuesday, wednesday, into especially the southeast parts
1:46 pm
of new hampshire. but all things considered, could be blizzard. i think this one will be tamer than maybe some past election days in new hampshire, brian. >> and they don't scare easily. they're hearty folks up there in new hampshire, because they love new hampshire. dr. forbes, we haven't spoken. my condolences on your beloved pittsburgh steelers. i'm sorry they're in the in the bag dance this year, but we have that sunday to look forward as well. dr. greg forbes at the weather channel, thank you, as always, for helping us out. and with the way weather impacted the trump campaign today, is correspondent katy tur, who's been covering the trump campaign for months on end. so katy, the candidate, as is his personal custom, often, wanted to sleep at home in new york last night. the problem is, he couldn't get back in, because the weather turned sporty. he misses, what is this, four days to go until the vote where appearances really do count now. >> absolutely. and it has been an advantage of the donald trump campaign this
1:47 pm
entire time, his ability to get to places, some far-flung places pretty quickly and easily because of his own jet. but last night, going home really turned out to be a bad move for the campaign, as the snow came in and they just say that they weren't able to get back up here for today's 12:30 event. and it's being noticed here. and i think that in the past, when he's left, just coming for a rally and then left, it's kind of gone unnoticed by the people of new hampshire, but for him to cancel an event because of the snow, it's now very apparent that he's not here, because he went home to sleep in his own bed. in fact, all of his other opponents are trying to call him out for this. we have jeb bush, who tweeted, even my 90-year-old mother made it out, taunting donald trump. and they want to attack him, especially given all the attacks donald trump has leveled against bush. but instead of being here, trump released a video on facebook, describing how much he loves new hampshire and giving them a message the straight from him in
1:48 pm
his new york office. take a look. >> live free or die means so much to so many people. all over the world, they use that expression. it means liberty, it means freedom, it means free enterprise. it means safety and security. it means borders. it means strong, strong military, where nobody is going to mess with us. it means taking care of our vets. what a great slogan. congratulations, new hampshire. wonderful job. >> now, it's not clear that this video will have the same impact as donald trump having a campaign rally here would have had. as you said, we're just four days until the state votes. there are a lot of undeclared voters out here. it's when all of the campaigns are hitting the ground, trying to shake hands with voters, trying to get their message out, make their final pitch, and it's very apparent that donald trump is not here today. he'll be back here tomorrow. he will be here on sunday.
1:49 pm
he will be here on monday. i'm told he'll be sleeping over here for the next few days as to avoid a mishap like this one. but really in the retail politicking that he has avoided for this long could come back to hurt him in this way, because he hasn't been on the ground, he hasn't been seeing voters face to face. he's just been doing these very big campaign rallies, having the voters come to him instead of hum going to the voters, and we will see on tuesday if his complete bucking of the system here in new hampshire, where voters really want to get to know you. they want to shake your hand, sit on your couch and talk to you about their issues, talk to you about their grandchildren, show you pictures of them. we want to find out if donald trump is throwing out the rule back works here in this state. >> yep, that's right. even on a day when i-93 is a mess, politics goes on this close to the first in the nation primary. katy tur from snowy manchester tonight. katy, thanks. another break for us. we'll look at this political week that was and perhaps preview the week ahead when we continue.
1:50 pm
>> democratic debate? >> intense. >> bernie sanders? >> great. >> hillary clinton? >> the next president. >> i thought she did very well. >> that's more than one word. >> oh,. >> tonight's debate? >> wane. >> best moment? >> in one word? >> new hampshire primary? >> inclusive. >> primary in new hampshire? >> winnable. >> super bowl sunday? >> no comment. i'm a patriots guy. >> super bowl? >> i'm watching. >> you know who's playing? >> no. i take that back. the eagles? i'm not sure. i'm not sure. i'm on the campaign trail. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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what this country needs today is not just electing a president, a new president, but is bringing forth a political revolution. >> i am not going to stop fighting for new hampshire. i am going to keep fighting until the last vote is counted on tuesday. >> just some of the sound, if not the fury today, the day after the debate we all watched last night. if you cover national politics at all, for any time at all, that usually means you get a
1:55 pm
master's degree in all things new hampshire. and we're happy to be joined by one of our veterans, kate snow, about whom the same can be said. and kate, a subgroup, not particular to new hampshire, not unique to new hampshire, but a separated kind of protected new hampshire subgroup are the undecided voters, because of how they view their politics, you'll hear interesting combinations these days. you'll hear people say, i'm either for trump or sanders, but the undecided new hampshire voter is part of the political process. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. and the bulk of people here are undeclared. if you look at all the voters, they're not registered republicans or registered democrats, they're actually undeclared. that means in an open primary, they can walk in on tuesday night and say, you know what, i think i'll go with trump, or i think i'll go with bernie sanders. it so makes for a real interesting race on tuesday night. it makes it very difficult for polls to kind of predict what's
1:56 pm
going to happen. you remember in 2008, that's when i was covering hillary clinton, everybody though barack obama, based on the polls, was going to walk away. well, hillary clinton ended up winning here. i had a chance to speak with some of the undecided voters just last hour, brian. we sat down with three women who still haven't quite made up their mind. take a listen. >> i really am undecided. i used to -- when i lived in texas, i used to watch all of this go on in new hampshire and think, how can you not know who you're voting for? >> for any of us in new hampshire, i don't think it's a three-person race. you haven't paid as much attention to the polls, quite frankly. >> i think they're all great. that's part of the difficulty. and of course, everybody has some drawbacks. >> and brian, all three of those women happened to lean republican, some more than others. but it's interesting, they'll all be watching that debate tomorrow night, very closely. i think the sense here in new hampshire is that that might be a make-or-break moment for
1:57 pm
several candidates on the gop stage. >> i also have to say, kate, as ha hardened media folks, the spirit is awfully nice to hear. i've heard some media people say to undecided voters, what haven't you heard yet? but the sense to be dwleened there's so much good out there, with i think that's a good thing. >> and what's amazing, brian, andion this from being up here, and in iowa as well, is that they get so into it. they are students of politics up here. and people that are into it are really into it. and they're out trying to see as many candidates as they can. those three women we talked to last hour have been to multiple events on both sides of the aisle, some of them. they're going to see democrats and republicans, because heir shopping around, trying to really understand where those candidates stand on the issues. they take this very seriously. and it sort of makes you realize the strength of our democracy, when you come up here and see what voters are doing, because
1:58 pm
they know that they're the first primary in the nation. >> and kate, you also intersect with the arc of many of the candidates. i heard you saying on the air earlier today, you were at the event where hillary clinton in '08 famously got caught up in an emotional reaction to a question. that becomes part of the file on who she is, as a candidate. >> and it's interesting, to be in a room with a candidate is often very different than to watching it on television. that moment back in 2008 was that moment that people probably remember. she was asked by a woman, it was sort of a random question on a sunday morning, we were at a coffee shop in portsmouth, and she was asked, how do you get up every day, get your hair done, get your makeup on, how do you do it? how do you go on? and that was -- it was such a simple question. and that's when she paused and she admitted later, she was tired, but she had a moment where she teared up and in the room, you could feel the emotion of that moment. it ended up being a kind of
1:59 pm
pivotal moment. a lot of people think that that's part of why women in particular were maybe drawn to her last time around. and i think, brian, you saw a similar thing happen a couple of nights ago, not quite the same, but similar unvarnished kind of, not-guarded view of hillary clinton when she was asked by the rabbi in that democratic forum, a question about balancing her ego and how she balances her ego. and she gave a very heartfelt answer about her faith. sometimes you see glimmers of that, from all the candidates when you're in person, that you maybe don't catch as much when you're watching the daily clips on it have. >> kate snow, who is like so many of us, a new hampshire veteran and proud of it. it's very, very difficult to cover politics and not be one. kate, thank you, as always. just to get folks situated, the next event up on the political calendar is a dinner tonight, sponsored by gene shaheen of new hampshire. both democratic candidates will be there. could end up being a boisterous
2:00 pm
event. gop candidates debate tomorrow night, as we keep saying, miles to go before we sleep. and of special interest tonight is the next hour. "meet the press daily" with chuck todd from new hampshire. if it's friday, it's a fight for the soul of the democratic party. 40 years in the making. the right has spent a generation deciding who's conservative enough. now it's the left's turn. and the progressives may have already won, no matter who the nominee is. mis"mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening from a snowy manchester. it now feelse


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