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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 5, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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monday. i have some surprises. don't forget to watch memeet th. "with all due respect" starts right now. i'm mark halperin. >> and i'm john helemann. >> "with all due respect" it's no use fighting with the media. >> good evening from snowed in new hampshire as they call it around here. a granite classic day. pretty to look at, but snowy roads have caused the presidential candidates to delay or cancel their -- studio in manchester, a lot with you tonight. sanders and clinton are speaking to over 5,000 party activists in new hampshire democratic dinner tonight right across the street from here. donald trump plans to join his colleagues on the republican debate stage tomorrow night, and
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there is a blizzard, a new polling here here and nationally. on the republican side, wall street marist survey, donald trump is out in front with 30% here in new hampshire. followed by marco rubio, up six upon thes. ted cruz, bush and kasich, somewhat bunched up behind in this poll. as in others here in new hampshire, chris christie remains stubbornly in sixth place. nationally there is a quinnipiac poll that shows a clear three person race, with trump leading, followed by cruz and rubio. everybody else, far back in single digits. based on the totality of our reporting, but some private and public, clear sense that rubio seems to be rising, which bricks us to two scenarios worth exploring. what happens if trump wins here, which polls suggest he will. second scenario, what are the implications if rubio somehow wins this primary?
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john, let's start with the trump scenario. what happens to the contest if he wins? >> if he wins, he's back, and back in full pink and sheik and flush and strong and rolls down to south carolina with a head of steam. probably the front-runner in south carolina if he wins here. his campaign goes on and that will be a big deal. >> frtrump wins and he's the ma to beat again. he needs to win new hampshire and there are people in his camp that tells you, he needs to win new hampshire. >> i would say the alternative scenario if he doesn't win here, the whole thing could fall apart. >> the other scenario we want to talk about is rubio. if you look at the public data, would you say there is no chance right now. trump has a big lead. lots of private data suggests trump headed down, rubio headed up. no math genius, one guy headed up, one down, the lines could cross. what happens, whatever the odds happening, if rubio win as soon as. >> let's say this. it's unambiguous that rubio is rising. we have a lot of republicans
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that say trump is falling. the public data not bearing that out. the vector is rubio may push him -- >> rubio may have risen. >> but if rubio wins, i think, you know, maybe there is space for another establishment candidate that finishes strong enough. john kasich finishes strong third or even second, you get two establishment tickets out of new hampshire. but it may be not. marco rubio very quickly would become the establishment alternative con s alternative candidate. it would be hard for the others. >> poised to leave here as the dominant candidate, maybe the only one. if he finishes first, probably the republican nominee. >> maybe. going back to rubio, anything but a for gone conclusion will carry him to victory in this state. especially in an ongoing orchestrated lane candidates to knee cap him. the most aggressive example of that today came from john bush
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who went on morning joe that his former florida. >> his record of accomplishment is slim. he was speaker of the house and he did a fine job there, but every speaker before him and after him, but one, that worked with both of us, supporting me. in the three statewide elected officials are supporting me. it's not because they don't like him. he's a likeable person. they saw me in action. leadership is not passing amendments and calling it success. >> did he accomplish nothing in the senate? >> nothing. i mean, the list they put out not just by me, but by other people. >> marco rubio's ploy a different time of ammo to pierce his momentum. mark, the question is whether bush is finally found the imagimagic
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bullet. >> kasich camp, christie camp, what will take rubio down. they all have different answers. nobody is quite sure. that's why rubio has not been slowed down. this thing about he doesn't have a accomplishments, which was a big media flap yesterday. some people think that's not going to break through. too complicated for voters, united states senator, what do they care about accomplishments. i believe part of what marco rubio is doing now is having so many different things thrown at him, that nothing will break through. >> there is some constellation of things that i think people believe. the hallow man theory that somehow the lack of experience, the lack of accomplishments, the youth, all of that stuff in some combination. >> impresses a crowd in new hampshire with the great speeches. >> look, i don't know what will stop him, but there is a -- >> a debate maybe. >> a theory about that. immigration, maybe, again, this year will be different. it never takes anybody down.
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i think some constellation of those things, the theory may be wrong, but candidates seem to be sir chilli circling around. >> that guy has never done a thing. >> they think he's a punk. they do. >> they believe in their gut it's so obvious to them that. >> yes. >> qualified to rubio to be the nominee to beat hillary clinton to be president, they can't even fathom that that may not break through with voters. >> they have the same view, when i say punk. hillary clinton had of barack obama. no accomplishments, and then barack obama beat hillary clinton. so there you go. >> third day in a row, cruz's campaign allegations that his team used nefarious to -- the team misled iowaians that suggesting to them that carson was planning to leave the race, and therefore, vote for ted c z cruz. at the very minute, some aggressive tactics by cruz, and
3:07 pm
a flap conversation on yee old cable television. still has to answer questions about this. is this something that could hurt him here or hurt him beyond new hampshire. >> his upside here is what we're discovering is pretty significantly limited in new hampshire. not much of an effect here. not going to finish we don't think in the top three, might finish fourth, might finish worst. i do think it will increase t scrutiny as they get to other stateds like south carolina, nevada, southern states, a lot of people with a microscope on the cruz operation, in iowa or elsewhere. >> politics, kids, team cruz place rough. heading into south carolina. one implication is they may be worried if they engage in the normal kind of politics they would engage in the south carolina primary, all of a sudden, a different standard for ted cruz, puts him off message. they have to worry about that. you can bet, you can bet that the other campaigns are going to keep this up, because it is, it
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is occupying ted cruz. he's getting asked on a regular basis. >> the voicemail stuff is bad. before there was kind of muddy up the waters, what did cnn report, blah, blah, blah. there is now audio and the audio, again, he's not enough. if he was in the top contention right now, if he was running, looking like he was a first or second here, bigger problem. right now, it's below the raidda, braidda dar but could come back. >> barbara bush, the former first lady, mother of jeb. stopped on the campaign trail. stopped at good morning america. >> if i gave him advice, i would say why don't you hit them up like the other people do. >> really? >> yes, i would say that. >> i'm better at interrupting. >> you mean interrupt during the debates. >> yes. he's so polite. we brought him up that way. he does not brag like some people we know. >> who are you talking about?
3:09 pm
>> i can't remember. >> do you think someone else that's running for president is bragging too much? >> uh-huh. i'm not getting a spitting match with him. he can spit further than i can. >> that was cbs this morning, nora o'donnell doing that interview. this is one of the first moves that appears to be an 112th hour roll out by jeb. his brother will campaign with him in south carolina later this month. his super pac, right to rise, always featured 43 in a new ad in the airwaves. >> i know jeb. i know his good heart and strong backbone. he will unite our country. he knows how to bring the country together. experience and judgment count in the oval office. >> so mark, jeb has wrestled with the question to play the dine nasty card. will it help or hurt him? >> i think it will help him in both states. assuming voters are still looking for a candidate and open to jeb bush, other campaigns
3:10 pm
claim that bush has no chance to surge here. public polling suggests he has moved up. i think female voters, older voters, national security voters make look at the endorsement of his mother and his brother and remind themselves that this is a brand that has serve dollars the republican party well. i think he's right to play it. clearly a downside, but his voters shop around, a good play for him to get high enough to go to new hampshire. >> my view has been that you play the hand you're dealt. mitt romney, he passed obama care. play the hand. i think always thought jeb bush should come up wan answer, but he has to embrace your family. you can't run from the bush family name or its legacy. almost too late for him now. it would have been smarter to play it earlier than to play it now. i don't know if it will help him. his situation may be too dire. >> more bush fatigue than clinton fats teeing. this coming at the last minute, as you suggested, probably not
3:11 pm
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the day after their pyrotechnic showdown on msnbc, hillary clinton and bernie sanders were back on the campaign trail today. for clinton, a candidacy events such as new hampshire governor maggie hasson. sanders for his part held multiple events, including the symbolic endorsement of the
3:14 pm
naacp, ben jellis. bernie and hillary both speaking at a democratic dinner just across the street from where we are sitting now. it's their last faceoff before the primary and take place in front of 6,000 how long, chanting activists. it comes against the backdrop of new polling that shows sanders maintaining a lead in the granite state any where from nine percentage points, if you believe the suffolk poll or maybe 31 points, if you believe this new cnn poll. on top of all of that new quinnipiac national survey, that has clinton and sanders now staticcly tied for the lead. four days ago for the primary, where does the democratic race now stand? >> the best thing that's happened to hillary clinton this week is a poll coming out showing sanders up 30, because it is killing his expectations. >> no kidding.
3:15 pm
>> he's not up 30. it's strange. two polls from two separate organizations showing him up 30. it means he has a big lead probably, but not 30. hillary clinton is now fighting against expectations. she's showing herself to ab i fighter, that's the key thing. and i think, you know, between natural tightening, the expectations game and between the fact that clinton still has time to make up ground here and they're pretty good at making up ground, she could get close enough to avoid this being a huge, huge defeat for her, rather than just a huge defeat. >> so i'll tell you something about this weekend. bernie sanders is going to new york city, and be on saturday night live or do it remotely, i don't know. make an appearance on saturday night live. larry david is on the show. hillary clinton is going to flint, michigan. something about the sanders on s nl, i would be careful about, because there is a shades of barack obama, 2008, a little flying too close to the sun, which one of the greek gods did
3:16 pm
that. the guy with the wax wings. you know, he -- she, hillary clinton is doing a really, that's a hard-core, democratic thing. go to flint, side with people who have been harmed. >> appearing with lauren michaels is a liberal thing too. it's elite versus working class. >> i think there is a chance, because she's flying low to the ground. he's flying too close to the sun. that might come back to haunt him. i have a bad feeling about it. i love larry david. >> i'm looking forward to him being on. he shouldn't have done it this week. >> that's my point. i'm saying it's a little risky. it seems a little maybe a little sev self- inn dull gent. >> not national attention, but here in new hampshire, 6,000 activists, not only for themselves, but the word of mouth coming out of that. interesting to see. sanders has we saw last night,
3:17 pm
better as a debater, he stood toe to toe to her. i've seen them where his speech was as good as hers. let's see if he raises his game on that. >> i think you saw him at the j.j. back in october, he was good. >> not as good as her. >> look, it's interesting. when you saw him first the town hall for matt. >> and now a different thing, straight ahead, stump speech and a rallying calling. i think he can go toe to toe to. i think we could have a very exciting night tonight. >> yeah, the other thing is we head into the weekend. no more new ads. the ground game matters, and i think his big lead is good for her, but it shows he has a big lead. >> yes. >> jeb and kasich's wrath. two veterans after this. cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct.
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3:21 pm
>> yoda. >> senator, let me start with you, the public polling on governor bush is mixed. some show him further back. how would you praise his chances of being a player in the end game here? >> well, i happen to think what's going to happen here is donald trump has a ceiling of 25, 30%, the other 70 to 57% of the 75% are going to move. it will happen after this debate. my sense is that there are two or three people coming up fast on the outside here. one is jeb bush. one happens to be john kasich. they've made very good cases in their town meetings. i think people are very receptive to what they're saying. respected and seen as leaders. as a result, i think when new hampshire voters tend to decide late, and they tend to move very quickly in groups, towards somebody they're comfortable with and i think you're going to see jeb do well.
3:22 pm
>> can anyone than trump finish first? >> jeb, john or potentially rubio. >> let me ask you this question. i'll ask you both the same question. you're a guy, let's assume for the sake of argument, donald trump and marco rubio are going to finish in the top three, if your guy doesn't finish, does he have any case for going on? >> sure. it's not necessarily the top three. it's how does -- if you're a fourth by a point, you don't pack up and go home. as judge said, this race is so fluid. i've never seen a race so fluid. >> let me ask it a different way. if there are two establishment lane candidates above your guy, any case to go on? >> it becomes harder. he said if i get smoked here, i'm going home. >> what about your guy, jeb bush, two establishment lane candidates finish above him, let's say rubio and kasich, does he have any cause for firninish.
3:23 pm
>> money. and as we move south, jeb will get stronger. >> fifth or sixth here, he should still fight and go on to south carolina. >> absolutely. our party cannot afford to nominate donald trump or ted cruz. if you look at the quality candidates, jeb is at the top of the list. >> you're not comfortable with john kasich or rubio care keying it forward. >> the financial support or the structural support. >> a lot of support from independents, they might vote in either primary, but they're voting with one or the other. in the true independent category, where do you think that stands for people wanting to vote for clinton or sanders. >> 50 or 100 town meetings, i hear that over and over again, and the combinations of people who are on voters last list is extraordinary.
3:24 pm
it's john kasich and hillary clinton, it's bernie sanders and ted cruz. i mean there are a lot of people, when you're an independent in new hampshire, you understand exactly the opportunity you have and the ability to make -- no other voter in the country has like this. and therefore, they are relatively -- >> the republican race at this point, particularly when you say a public poll showing clinton down 30, it seems more competitive. >> i think it's a wonderful mark. they should look hard at that. >> do you think more of them will see -- >> i don't know. i tend to agree with senator. i think that hillary clinton is significantly stronger than the polling data is showing. and i think it's a phenomenon both with sanders voter and the trump voter, a lot of them are first time voters or voters who are not rel participants, and while i understand the energy and the fire, we still have to see whether they show up. >> it's important that in new
3:25 pm
hampshire, our independent voters are the majority, probably 60% or higher are republican voters. mostly educated women, because they got up set with the harshest of the national party. i suspect they'll come into the republican primary and not be trump voter or cruz voters. >> you're not naturally inclined to hack away at other people, but let me ask you this question, a tiny knife to do some chopping. what's wrong with rubio? why shouldn't he be the dominant candidate. >> i ran in nine elections in the state, major elections and never was fortunate in you have to leave. i never ran a negative ad. i might have had one. i think we have quality people in our party. that's our advantage. we have some talented people running. i think the democratic party has much more structural -- >> you clearly think jeb bush is better than rubio why? >> i think jeb has a track
3:26 pm
record of governing. can they win, substantive on the core issues, national defense, how do you pretext the country, addressing health care and do they know how to govern. as a governor, you know how to govern, i've been governor, senator, believe me, governors govern, senators, well, we have a good time, but we don't have a lot of responsibility. >> who would you say is the swing groups in your primary. older women, single men. >> i think they're not voters that look for many of the qualities that he discussed. can you manage what is your experience. they really, this is a very questioning voter who takes a good, hard look. they've had time to look at these people. i think, i do see a lot of women who are trying to make a decision, and again, the rhetoric of some is forbidding to them, but they also go to the
3:27 pm
middle and they are really, this is a middle state. if we put the color of purple pur little. >> thank you, guys. for joining us. up next, the ads are bruce, and we go ted cruzzing. all that and more. right after this. e they're autographs? then you might be gearcentric. right now, get 25% off all tul® brand pens and pencils! office depot officemax. gear up for great®. as we age, certain nutrients longer than ever. become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings.
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our next guest is christie welker, the nbc white house correspondent covering oh, this democratic race, after i hadvid >> it's interesting. first of all, today, spoke directly to those younger voters. she of course is trailing bernie sanders in younger voters. today she spoke directly to them. she said you may not be for me, but i'm for you. you heard her say that before,
3:31 pm
but she made a direct pitch of pitch. as we were talking about today is the women, she was joined by the female senators, debbie stabnou, among others, lily ledbetter, making a push to female voters, she's trailing bernie sanders among women here. and that's being fueled by those younger voters as well. i interviewed the women there, and i said how is this possible that she is trailing among women voters. they said look, we acknowledge it's the younger voters. we're going to get out there, knocking on doors. she's talking about the fact that hey, look, i would be the first female president and the counter to bernie sanders that she's part of the establishment. we heard her make that argument last night. >> she is part of the establishment. she is. one of the things clintons have in their back pocket is legions of clinton. >> legions. >> friends of bill, friends of
3:32 pm
hillary, and that usually happens in the last weekend. we'll see them here. >> they're making their way in the storm, some of them flights canceled, trying to figure it out. >> from all over the country. >> all over the krcountry. >> and they're going to be working the ground game. knocking on doors, pounding the pavement, and because they are part of the establishment, the clinton machine is going to be in full force this weekend. all of their supporters out here really trying to even if she can't win, get that 20 point lead widdled down to a discrepancy. they could at least make the argument she came back in a significant way. >> we had two wise men from republicans, they have been around a long time. they say clinton's strength is not being accurately reflected. do you think that's their perception or looking at the polls and that's what we think the situation is? >> they have for months been down-playing new hampshire. we don't think we can win. we don't think we can win.
3:33 pm
but of course she came back here before in 2008. they stressed, bernie sanders is not barack obama. is from neighboring vermont. but you get the sense that they're not giving up on this state. it's not -- secretary clinton has been here. she is taking a brief trip to flint, michigan. so if you read between the lines, they're making a real play for the state, and i think they believe there is a tiny shot at coming back. >> i just love the fact that when you say they say bernie sanders is not barack obama, what they mean that he's a titan. i find that hilarious. >> when she leaves here, presumably with a loss, do you think that they've already priced that new hampshire their psychic of where things are. >> i think they do. i think they're factoring in the loss from day one. and she's been trying to build up essentially a strong fire wall in the south, and in the
3:34 pm
super tuesday states. that is part of this trip to flint, michigan on sunday, obviously. she's been talking about the water crisis there. that's a real issue. she's visiting. that's something with resonates with african-american voters, like south carolina where you have big african-american voting population. that's something she's going to keep talking about and keep hearing about it. >> talk about bernie sanders raising money on the internet without going to fund-raisers. >> it speaks to the momentum he has, to the fact that he doesn't have to fly off to philadelphia and do a big fund-raiser. he's doing it online, and again, its just sort of underscores this young movement that we're seeing that is very reflective and reminding democrats of what happened in 2008 with barack obama. what's so interesting, is he had the coalition. at this point in time, neither sanders or clinton have the entire coalition locked up. so it's a fight for for that coalition and a fight for the future of the democratic party.
3:35 pm
>> you talk about the fire wall in the south and south carolina. there a contest between those. it's nevada. >> right. >> that's a pretty long stretch before we get to south carolina. are they nervous about nevada, the c the caucus state. >> they are. in nevada, he's up with ads. he has been taking nevada very seriously, and guess what, bill clinton campaigning in nevada. he was in south carolina yesterday. he's making the rounds to that whole fire wall they're trying to build up. they are concerned about nevada. and if he wins new hampshire, he's going to have even more momentum, so then you wonder what happens to clinton's numbers in a state like south carolina and nevada where she has strong leads but does it start to diminish. >> you are fantastic. >> you're fantastic for having me. thank you. >> we'll look at the circus behind the scenes with ted cruz, the night he won iowa. don't forget, you're watching us, you can also listen to us on
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3:39 pm
episode at a look at what happened on caucus night. here's a look at the republican caucuses the night he won, ted cruz. >> just walk me through. you woke ep and how did you feel about what would happen. >> i was very much at peace. it's interesting. election days, that's always been how i approach election days. we got some sleep this morning. we went and completed our 99th counting, completing what's called the full grass, doing all 99 events there. you owe the people the respect to come in front of them, to ask the men and women for their support, to look them in the eyes and answer their hard questions. we had heidi went to one caucus location, my dad went to another, and they went and spoke on our behalf. we had incredible surrogates speaking on our behalf. it was powerful just to, you
3:40 pm
know, just to hug heidi. hug my mom, hug my dad. look, this has been an amazing journey and breathtaking. i mean, the last month, washington fired every bullet in their gun at us. the tv news, every pundit on every station saying cruz can't win, no way he can win. trump will win. i heard it from every political pundit. and yet what happened today is the grassroots proved them wrong. just a couple of days ago, the finance reports were filed. as of dooecember 31st, we had me money than all of them. that's nuts. the conservatives is supposed to be broke. >> congratulations. off to new hampshire. >> indeed. >> let's go. get some sleep on the plane. thank you. >> more from that scene right after senator cruz found out he
3:41 pm
won, and also, john takes bernie sanders from iowa here to new hampshire. sunday night, 8:00 p.m. in conjunction with bloomberg politics on show time. the co create tore, co-host and clab tore and conspirator. >> and friend. >> mark mckinnon, who was a political vis political advisor. pre pre- -- preview, bernie sanders and ted cruz who won for the republicans, what happens when we get here? >> all about momentum, who wants it, what does it mean. the idea of big mo came from george h.w. bush in 1980 as he came out of iowa and then got crushed byr ronald reagan. suddenly iowa happens, throws everything in the air. our colleague, karen from the "washington post," characterized iowa perfectly.
3:42 pm
she said eight years ago in 2008, i went back and looked at my column, she said she went backed and looked at it and said with the exception of my by line, every single word was wrong. so the great and fun thing about politics that's proven true this cycle, so many surprises. so we have some surprises out of iowa. what are going to be the surprises out of new hampshire. that's the big question. >> the great thing about that george h.w. bush and the mention of the big mow, he thought he had it, he came to new hampshire and new hampshire crushed it. they've done that a lot over the years. >> they did it to my candidate in 2000. >> talk about that, or just remind everybody that story as a premonition. >> flash back, but i remember it well. presumptive front-runner. >> george w. bush, not only lost, but lost by 19 points and got hammered. >> after winning iowa. >> after winning iowa. john mccain beat us badly. the interesting thing and
3:43 pm
momentum, here's the impact momentum has. john mccain, the day before new hampshire was 25 points down in south carolina. after winning new hampshire, he was up five. so it was a swing of 30 points in 24 hours. that's how quickly it changes. >> we've been traveling around both the republican and democratic candidates. talk about the mood of the republican field, the people you spent time with. >> well, i spent time with ted cruz coming right out of iowa and going to south carolina. the fun thing about watching the candidates at this point is how the campaign shifts. we went from buses to chartered airplanes. more gee ogee og graph fee and it's faster. quickly now. campaign, people are dropping out, it's real fluid, real fast and the dynamics happening. >> it will be on the show on sunday, you're i pretty good
3:44 pm
reader of moods. he's the hot candidate with the most momentum right now. >> you can tell a campaign that's got a bit of wind at their back. certainly some wind at their back, they're trying to be cautious. they played the expectations game perfectly in iowa. they, you know, the arrow is head the in the right direction for marco rubio right now. >> i was struck by how calm, relatively young to be playing at this level. they've got young kids and they were just highly relaxed. >> highly relaxed. and they act like a seasoned team. >> give me 30 seconds. you were at the jeb bush event where barbara bush was present. you've been intimate with the bushes for a while. how was it. >> touching. there is such goodwill for the bush family generally, but 100% for barbara bush. everybody loves her. when i'm around them, the unconditional love of any member
3:45 pm
of that family, and when they're around each other, it's really moving. >> mark, thank you, circus p premeers this sunday night on show time. we'll breakdown the numbers and show you who is getting bruised and battered the most after this. in my business i cbailing me out my i.all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor.
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the only thing falling oon new hampshire faster than the snow today is a blizzard of political tv commercials. we asked ken goldstein to breakdown the money being spent on granite state ads and about the closing arguments before tuesday's primary. >> now it's new hampshire's turn. >> the american people can't afford to wait.
3:49 pm
>> there is an assault on everything that we stand for. >> $100 million has been shelled out for tv ads so far in new hampshire. in 2012, with no race on the democratic and not much of a race on the republican, that number was closer to $2 million. so where is it all going? more than $27 million of that cash has flowed to just one station. wmur in manchester. >> all of america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. >> an inefficient way to reach granite state voters. >> spent by gop eye popping $11.2 million of republican ads, slated to air in this final week. >> we will make america great again. >> team hillary has spent $10 million on tv ads versus 8.3 by the sanders campaign. >> we can make real progress for people and families who need it.
3:50 pm
>> but in an effort to run up the score, sanders is finishing strong. set to buy nearly three times as much as clinton in this final week. finally, how about tone. over the past seven days, more than half of the republican side has been negative. >> old and wrong. >> doing whatever it takes to win is not presidential. >> that's more than the two democrats, who may have mixed it up at the debate last night, but are keeping their paid tv ads positive. the number one gop target, the guy who finished number one in iowa. ted cruz. >> joining us now to talk more about this final stretch of the new hampshire campaign, members from the bloomberg politics reporting team and family, megan murphy, bureau chief, terry dop, and kevin, who has been enjoying the pleasure of covering donald trump. megan, you spent a lot of time with the politics and money last night there was a lot of talk
3:51 pm
about the intersection and money in the democratic debate. wall street, good bad, indifferent. tell us what you saw and what struck you about last night, those exchanges. >> i think last night was a sentinel moment. we heard hillary clinton stumble. both the foundation, both personally speaking fees. what was so fascinating in trying to spin this as bernie smearing her for taking the donations, i think that's the strategy that's going to backfire on them. when i talk to voters, people are still trying to make up their mind. the one thing that bothers them the most is the wall street doan nation -- donations. that really satisfies the leck straight on this question. if she doesn't fib i figure it out in the next few weeks, this monkey she cannot get off her back. >> terry, governor christie probably had the sound bite of the week when he referred to him as the boy in the bubble. he hits cruz a little bit, but
3:52 pm
hasn't broken through. widespread expectation is, he will on the crowded debate stage somehow break through. what could that or what will that look like? >> i think the attempt to break through, the new iteration that he's using is he's throwing the boy in the bubble charge keeps popping up, but he's throwing donald trump and ted cruz into his sort of attack. he's making it a three prong attack. if the voters of new hampshire on tuesday were to elect candidate who has not been here quite as much as him or jeb bush has not -- >> has it worked? >> well, i think the fear
3:53 pm
tactics, obviously we've seen many times, you know. thinking of a certain bush who had a pretty strong take with that. as far as tradition, i just, i don't know how strong of an argument that's going to be. >> kevin, donald trump, suddenly we're seeing him do smaller events, more like traditional new hampshire town hall kind of events, what's going on with trump? >> the trump world people are saying that this is an effort to insert more retail politics, if you will, into his campaign strategy. he's not doing away with these massive, huge style rallies that we've all become accustomed to. what he is doing is trying to sneak in smaller venue styles, popping in the restaurants, off-the-cuff. we were with him in a manchester police department as he spoke to a very small crowd. it was kind of surreal, because on the first floor, they were paying parking tickets, and upstairs, they had no idea
3:54 pm
donald trump was up there campaigning. so it's really -- >> wanted to pay his parking tickets. >> there at the end, maybe. but clearly his campaign facing criticism he doesn't have the ground game that some of these other more experienced political campaign operations have. they're refuting that heavily, i got a call from a south carolina trump world person who is -- they're reaching out to journalists trying to showcase that operation. but the test is going to be on tuesday. >> all week we're talking about big mo. who has it, who is losing it. who would you say that person has the big mo. >> i think bernie right now in the left. when you go outside and see this, we've got about 1,000 people out there chanting in the cold. they've got veterans with the band. i think that he takes last night, i think he on foreign policy, he stumbled, but on the rest of it, he drove his message through. he think he gained support last night. >> i think on the right, especially on the establishment lane, you're seeing rubio really
3:55 pm
pulling the momentum. he was sort of creeping up in polls throughout, you know, late summer or early fall, but now you're seeing a pretty wide gap opening up. >> it's interesting, because if you guys are right, you're going to see iowa at least not so far not being repeated, but those are two that had the biggest bump out of iowa, and they're having pretty good weeks, although not necessarily sanders break through week. >> not a break through week, but a solid week but will solidify him and take what he has and move on. >> do you think chris christie, if he ends up in sixth or below stays in the race? i think the plan was to hang out as long as he could, but it's hard to sort of deny, you know, a sixth place, even fifth place, you know. that's pretty hard to deny. >> thank you, two, kevin, megan, terry. who won the day but not the
3:56 pm
entire, whole week.
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
oh, it's friday, so who won the week. >> democratic side, it seems clear to me that bernie sanders, you know. >> he won by losing. >> he won by fighting hillary clinton to a draw. he has had momentum here. he's almost certain to win and performed well so far. >> marco rubio, donald trump won't like it, because he finished second, but rubio by finishing third positioned himself in this state and maybe beyond to be the most likely establishment finalist, but maybe the most likely president of the united states. that's how important this state is here. he could, if he could somehow finish super strong, watch. watch how quickly he could become the nominee. >> ahead of the super bowl, will
4:00 pm
leach of bloomberg donald trump tried to buy the buffalo bill. >> "hardball with chris matthews" starts now. d-day, minus four. let's play "hardball." >> good evening, i'm chris matthews in the political capital in. it's beautiful up here, as you ride from event to event, a breakfast featuring bernie sanders, ironically hosted by the bank of america, among others to a gung ho canvassing event for hillary clinton. both stops offered an intriguing facts. bernie sanders is much better in person. he


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