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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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leach of bloomberg donald trump tried to buy the buffalo bill. >> "hardball with chris matthews" starts now. d-day, minus four. let's play "hardball." >> good evening, i'm chris matthews in the political capital in. it's beautiful up here, as you ride from event to event, a breakfast featuring bernie sanders, ironically hosted by the bank of america, among others to a gung ho canvassing event for hillary clinton. both stops offered an intriguing facts. bernie sanders is much better in person. he comes across more calmly, and
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more compelling than bombarding himself through the tv screen. hillary, meanwhile, seems to be leaning more on her status of the first woman with a good chance to become president. she was joined today by several u.s. senators, jill owe breen of new york, minnesota, stabthank you, the senator from next door, massachusetts, elizabeth warren. we'll talk about that abbens later the. the challenge seems to from bernie sanders. a fight very similar to ted cruz saying he's the most conservative. last night's msnbc debate charged clinton with being part of the establishment. and too tied to wall street. today, clinton came back in an interview with andrea mitchell. >> this is an effort by the sanders campaign to basically say anybody who has ever taken a donation, not just from wall
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street, if you take it to the natural conclusion from anybody, is bought and paid for. that is absolutely untrue. i'm the one who advocated for ceo compensation changes. i'm the one who has the toughest, most effective plan to take on wall street. i'm actually not, you know, i'm not in any way advocating we just keep doing the same things over and over again, because that won't solve our problems. >> do you really think he's smearing you? >> i think his campaign, which he claims to be a positive campaign, has engaged in artful smear, innuendo, and insinuation. >> she said it again. she said it last night. she said it there. artful smear. she's accusing bernie sanders of running a smear campaign. any way, recent new hampshire polls show how tough this terrain is for hillary clinton. in the latest poll, trailing sanders by nine points. 15 moints in the university of tracking poll.
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meanwhile, sanders is beating her by 20 points in the latest nbc marist poll. sanders has a 30 point lead in the very latest up to the minute poll by cnn and wmur relareleas in the last hour. even more trouble for camp clinton, the race is tightening nationally. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are within two points of each other. look at that. 44-42. she has fallen 17 points since december, while sanders has risen by 12. any way, this shows a tighter race between clinton and sanders by the way than any other recent poll. it may be an outlier, but a leading indicator. kristin welker is across town by jean sheahan, both sanders and clinton are attending. nbc, kasie hunt is with me, new york times political reporter,
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nick and the daily mail's political reporter, fran chess ca chambers. let me go back now to kristin welker. do they know they're 30 points behind in this new poll by wmur up here? >> oh, they do. i think their polls show them behind as well. of course, they've been trying to lower expectations, chris, but at the same time, they're making a real fight for new hampshire. i think more broadly, they are realizing that secretary clinton is failing to connect with the key part of the voting population, those young voters, and she's really changing her strategy to try to reach them in recent days. you talked about the fact she's talking about the possibility that she could become the first female president. we heard her tout that last night when sanders called her part of the sustainment. s -- establishments, she said how could you say that when i oh could make history. she is doing something else, chris. she's trying to talk to those
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young voters directly. it was really interesting. she directed her comments, and she said i want to talk to you. you may not for me, but i am for you. she has used that phrase before you but the first time she has directed it at the voters. i think she'll have to go even further than that, chris, to reach them, because obviously what they're drawn to with senator sanders is his pr progressive appeal. she was flanked by a number of u.s. senators, and just to go back to the polls, they say we don't believe the polls. we're leaving this event, go out and knock on doors, do it every hour today, tomorrow, sunday, monday and tuesday, until the polls close. so she is still has a lot of dedicated supporters, and chris, one more nugget about that. hundreds of them coming in from all across the country from clinton world to volunteer this week end, to work on the ground game. this event said to take place very shortly, and i anticipate
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we'll hear some fireworks here from both candidates. chris. >> thank you so much, kristin welker with both candidates tonight. let's get back to where we are here at this amazing gathering place tonight. let me ask you, casey, about that ability of these people to meet with groups of a couple of hundred at a time and how that leads to victory. it's amazing to watch them in groups of 2 to 300 people and see how hard they work to win that room. >> especially for the sanders campaign, they talk a lot about. they argue that he's getting such big crowds, because that's something he has been able to do organically. they have talked to at least 30,000 voters here across the state and touch many thousands more in another dozen events. that's what new hampshire is all about. that's how you -- that's how you change what goes on on the ground here. >> how many people, couple million people living up here. >> you're pitting me on the spot. >> i think it's a couple
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million. >> i mean, look, a retail state. so is iowa, right, but in new hampshire, you can drive from one side of the state to the other in 45 minutes. a much smaller place. a lot more retailing campaigning. >> 1.3 million. i just discovered it. >> you can get around the state a lot more easier than iowa. >> it's fun. >> there is not a snowstorm. that was obviously hindering the events. donald trump couldn't even make it here because of the snowstorm. >> that's because he doesn't overnight here. if you stay here. >> that's right. >> have you ever watched a football game where the whole thing seems to be one end of the field. you know who will lose the game. if you're that close to the scoring, goal post, you're going to win. what i'm saying that for is all of this discussion is about hillary taking money from goldman sachs or the evils of wall street. it's all on bernie sanders turf.
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it's his country. >> that's what i was going to say, chris, that's something i noticed in eye bay, all of her speeches seemed like she was on the defense for bernie sanders than she was on the offense. what you saw her do today on this women's event is to focus on the issues to make her a strong candidate instead of focusing on responses such as the wall street charge. >> is that cutting her losses, pushing gender. >> i don't think it's cutting her losses. it's getting back to the thing that started this campaign when she was doing much besh in the polls. >> i would say the reason she's emphasizing now her gender again is the only dimensionality in which she is not part of the establishment. it is true, being the freshman president would be a huge break in tradition. it's the only way she can be -- >> he can't claim to be a woman. i'm kidding, of course, but always go where your opponent can't go.
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senator sanders and clintons had some fiery exchanges. let's remind ourselves of how fiery it got. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. >> i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac, who is not raising huge sums of money from wall street. >> i'm not going to make promises i can't keep. i'm not going to talk about big ideas like single payer, and then not level with people about how much it will cost. >> being part of the establishment is in the last quarter, having a super pac that raised $15 million from wall street. >> i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation
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are worthy of you. you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i've ever received. >> you know, everybody, free form question here, and i've heard it in the debate. i came up politically if you're a liberal, you're i liberal. big program, medicare, try to get national health at some point. it's what we're arguing today. you want more done by the federal government. liberal got to be a very unpleasant term. they decided that liberals, this ain't going to sell. let's come up with a new name. progressive. more like teddy roosevelt than franklin roosevelt. that worked for a while. this new guy comes aboard. he becomes for purposes of this election, a democratic. he says now he's a dooechl. he also says he is a progressive. he is a social democratic, democratic socialist, how can they all be the same?
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isn't hillary into a real problem trying to compete with a socialist, when how left she's willing to go and he's getting the title progressive. why is he a progressive. he is a social list. >> they're not all the same. >> of course not. he has never called himself a progressive. >> they're not the same. that's the argument he has been making, and she had a good response to that yesterday. under your definition, you would be the only person in that category, even barack obama. >> why is she even letting him begin to label -- because he took it upon himself to say that is what he is. >> that's why they're trying to push him. >> the problem here is that the whole label progressive as you point out was invented to be blurry. it was invented so that people -- >> part of libber allism. >> people who are more or left. blows the whole thing up, really, progressive means
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really, really liberal. >> and maybe it's like what's going on with ted cruz nationally, who may still be in this game. maybe not up here. ted cruz says i'm the most conservative, and has said that, maybe the progressives if will, let them use that title. >> i think it's an ide'd it rem you from the establishment that everyone is so up set with now. >> you can't say you're democratic. >> i mean, sure, there are democrats that are -- >> do you hear that you guys? >> i think her best counter attack on this line of argument is to say i'm a democratic, and you are not even now a democratic, in your home state, bernie sanders, you are not registered as a democratic. >> people say that they love that independent. >> she's letting him get away with a lot. she will lose to him at some point. i watched him for an hour and a
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half. he mentioned national security. it was all the social agenda. very progressive democrats. that's all he talked about. >> i was at the same event, and also, what was missing was the passion. the passion that makes him bernie sanders. >> worked the rum. any way, i think he's good in the room. very good. very good. better than her. >> he's not a morning person. >> i thought he was better than hillary in the morning. any way, we disagree. scholars disagree. quote the anchorman. thank you. any way, coming up, donald trump is still really ahead in the polls up here in new hampshire. he canceled his events today because he couldn't get his plane here in the snow. everybody else gets out but he can't get the plane in. he's holding a rally in south carolina where the weather is more climate. i don't know what -- rubio is a hawk.
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the official unemployment rate is now below 5%, since february 2008. the economy added 151 new jobs la 151,000 new jobs. president obama touted the progress, republican presidential candidates. >> over the past two years, 2014 and 2015, our business has added more jobs than any time since the 1990s. unemployment, deficits, gas prices are all down.
4:16 pm
jobs, wages and the rate of the insured are up. the united states has the strongest most durable economy in the world. i know that's still inconvenient for republican stump speeches. >> any way, it sounds good news. any way, the republicans are talking things down. the stock market is great with the republicans. we'll be right back. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like that... have to rinse it first. that's baked-on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? trust your dishwasher with cascade platinum. it powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. better than finish. cascade.
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by the way, i'm number one in new hampshire. will you please keep me there? this is ridiculous. you got to get out and vote. don't think we're going to win. don't think we're going to win. just go out. you have to get out and vote. no matter where you are, i don't give a damn, you have to get out of bed, vote. >> any ways, getting edgy there.
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live from manchester, new hampshire. that was donald trump last night, urging new hampshirers to get out of bed and vote for him next tuesday. while the other republicans are crisscrossing the state now, that's today, trump returns to new york each night, canceled his one and only event. his plane couldn't get into the airport. he's in south carolina holding a rally ahead of the primary down there, which is the next republican event. he has made the fewest stops since the campaign turned to new hampshire after the iowa caucuses. but he still leads the field up here to a new cnn wmur poll. 28%, rubio 17%, closing merged the "wall street journal" poll out today, which shows trump at 30 points, rubio at 17, another poll in new hampshire by the new boston globe, well, by boston globe, puts rubio within 107b
4:20 pm
points, 29-19. hallie jackson, katy tur, as well as contributor robert costa of the "washington post." it's consistent, no outliers, 10 to 12 points. >> you look at who is at second and third, and you see marco rubio. ted cruz maybe third or fourth, but there seems to be a sense among rubio's campaign that the momentum is real. >> why do people vote for rubio. >> you hear about electability. >> he doesn't have obvious flaws. >> he's easy to look at as well. he speaks well. he seems like a charming guy. he's -- he comes off to voters as somebody likeable and natural. >> in the short run, he brings us back to the memory of john edwards. >> he can be, certainly be very
4:21 pm
vulnerable to attacks, whether he has any depth. he doesn't have any voting record. there are certainly ways that the rubio campaign has cracks in their facacadfacade. >> does he have a record of any kind that i watched this young guy for about 10, 15 years, like kennedy did when he ran, you know. obama didn't have much to look at either, but you like to look at something, watch how he has dealt with crisis, how he stood on the hot issues. >> when he first came to the senate, he made a decision to make foreign policy his foundation for a national political career. he joined the senate foreign relations committee, asked mitch mcconnell and he has become the hawk. he couldn't get legislation passed. >> speaking of which, no coincidence here, the los angeles endorsed marco rubio saying senator rubio, that's
4:22 pm
today, has the ideas and surging, i think that's an overstate, he has become the chief of his rivals. >> did he accomplish nothing in the senate? >> nothing. people love him and i do too. he's a great guy. he's not a leader. >> i will say this. each of the issues you just listed, marco's views are -- >> the problem is with someone like marco rubio, quite frankly, has not proven he could ever get anything done, except to get up in the morning, you know, fix his hair, smile, and give the same speech he has given for the last six years. >> three minutes to name one accomplishment of senator rubio. one. just one. >> well, you suggested that voters like his looks. apparently that guy from jersey doesn't like his looks or the fact that he has good looks. he said what did he say, fix his
4:23 pm
hair in the morning. that's fairly personal. >> you've seen christie do that over and over again, how young he looks, he is a little boy, a boy in the bubble. he has pointed at some issues that he has taken up in the senate, va reform uks fight against human trafficking et cetera. he has vulnerabilities, including immigration. it's interesting when you look at these points, this is what we'll see tomorrow night on that debate stage. he'll come under fire. >> by the way, everybody seems to be going after rubio. everybody. tomorrow is rubio's biggest test in the campaign. he has never had the knives out for him like he has right now. christie, bush, kasich probably not, but everyone else, they're going to go after rubio. this is it. >> will trump shoot down? we've seen a forecast of what trump will do. he called rubio a big amnesty guy. he has been trying to revive his message. >> that is trump's biggest strength here, especially where
4:24 pm
immigration where they pay attention to it a lot. >> they don't like it. >> rubio pushed back against the taxes on his record and explained why he would make the best republican nominee. this is rubio. >> how can you convince the republican primary voters that you are the guy? >> because number one, i give us the best chance to unify this party. >> is that electability. >> of course not. i give us the best chance to unify the party. number two, i give us the best chance to grow the party. number three, because i beat hillary clinton and they know that. number four, most important job the president does, commander in chief, no one running for president is better prepared, has more experience, has shown better judgment or better understanding than i have. >> there here's a request. every time he answers a question, he doesn't speak not usual manner. it has a rhythm to it. it has an art to it. it ends in a conclusion. that's not the normal way people
4:25 pm
speak to each other. >> the boy in the -- >> does it means it's rehearsed, a speech part, a short speech for every answer. that's what it sounds like. >> it's the boy in the bubble. that's what chris christie has been hitting him on. his speeches last 40 minutes. they're tightly controlled. you know this from experience from covering him on the trail. i think that for voters, i don't know that they see that. they see him as something that he is -- we see it as reporters. >> rubio singing from his -- to the balcony, up in the balcony, singing to the guys with the big coin. >> what you call polished or scripted, they might call it -- thank you, hallie jackson, robert costa. up next, hillary clinton keeps saying new hampshire, bernie sanders backyard.
4:26 pm
clintons, well, the clintons bring in a neighbor of her own to bring in. marty walsh will be here next to talk about the ground game hillary clinton will put on the final weekend in campaigning. usually an awesome boston effort, and it's apparently coming here for hillary. this is "hardball," live from new hampshire, the place for politics. ten feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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i'm going to make my case to the people of new hampshire. this state has been so good to my husband and me and my family. i am not going to stop fighting for new hampshire. i'm going to keep fighting until the last vote is counted on tuesday. >> i was in the room this morning watching that by hillary clinton. welcome back to "hardball," we're just days away now, four away from the primary. hillary clinton trying to close that big gap in the live free or die state right now with bernie
4:30 pm
sanders. her campaign is looking at a range of, you must call them sobering poll numbers. cnn wmur poll gives sanders a 30 point lead. 61-31 over clinton. that's a big one. she looks better in the suffolk university poll. it shows sanders up by 9 in new hampshire. that's doable. according to the globe, the cal vafry coming up this weekend. knocking on doors with thousands of volunteers on behalf of secretary clinton according to the globe. quote, since the start of january, more than clinton/walsh have been to new hampshire. joining me from boston is the mayor of that great city, the hub of the universe, marty walsh, thank you, mr. mayor. first of all. >> thanks, chris. >> what can you accomplish with your army of volunteers. what can you do to turn things in hillary's direction? >> well, this race comes down to knocking doors and getting people out to vote. no question about it. the people that are coming up
4:31 pm
this weekend believe in hillary clinton. they believe in what she stands for. they believe in her progressive values in fighting for civil rights, senior rights and working people's rights. they want to be here. they can feel momentum. we've been up here for four straight weekends. when people on the doors, that's what makes a difference. you know, if you talk about an army, who has an army. hillary certainly has an army and certainly one coming from the south to help her out. >> so i answered my door and see your face, my god, you're the mayor of boston, but i'm for bernie sanders. what do you say to that guy? >> we're going to talk about where hillary stands on the issues and ultimately talk about democrats, if we want to keep the presidency and win the election in november, there is only one candidate who can win, who can go up the republicans, better. i was listening to the clips earlier, and none of the republicans running has the
4:32 pm
foreign policy. hillary clinton has that. she has the understanding going into the white house and making sure that she doesn't just focus on one or two issues, that she can focus on a whole host of issues, and actually work across the aisle. that's what we need right now. we need a leader that understands how washington works, as dysfunctional as it is, but somebody who does have relations there and what the american people and what the working class people need and how to close inequality, an issue facing every city in america and every state in america. that's what she has been talking about in this campaign. >> well, we welcome you up here. the media is going to be following you up here, mr. mayor. thank you. marty walsh of boston. joining me now in manchester, political reporter, matt, i've seen this happen before. i mean, tommy, the last mayor who passed away, he brought up hundreds of volunteers for hillary last time, and it worked. >> yeah, you know, he had an
4:33 pm
army as well. they came up, knocked on doors. it worked for hillary clinton, you know, eight years ago. the question is, will it work again? i mean, the gap was not quite as large to make up for hillary clinton. >> is there a different accent between boston and new hampshire? can they tell you're from another state? hey, air from boston. >> southern new hampshire from boston too, you know what i mean. i mean, people who migrated up, no taxes up here, you know, so i think there a comenalty between the two regions. >> what is it about massachusetts? even when barack obama was fighting it out, massachusetts, despite the fact that ted kennedy and much of his family was backing barack obama, including caroline kennedy, massachusetts went for hillary? what's that about? >> a long history with the clintons i think am massachusetts. bill clinton is popular there. a lot of the politicians cut their teeth on clinton
4:34 pm
campaigns. a lot of the political network in boston worked for bill clinton, so i think there is some institutional history in boston. >> you mean it's not a lot of hud money from the mayor as soon as. >> that helps. >> the clintons were good at helping certain mayors. >> yeah. >> he always came through for the cities that he liked. >> well, even then, you're right. you had a lot of the support, patrick, others endorsed barack obama. it wasn't enough. hillary clinton was able to win massachusetts. >> let me ask you about your home state senator. what is her intriguing role in all this? it seems to me if she wanted help bernie or hillary clinton, she would have done it by now. we're past the sell by date when it comes to endorsements. like bobby just endorsed rubio. it gets late in the game. what's going on with elizabeth
4:35 pm
warren. >> president obama will not get involved, but she is in a box, interestingly, bernie sanders, a lot of her supporters are bernie sanders supporters. if she endorsed hillary clinton, she alienates her own base. she has been reluctant to endorse hillary clinton. hillary clinton, though, she is still -- >> why doesn't she endorse bernie sanders if they're of like mind. >> i think she's holding out. >> is there an inter mural battle between sanders and warren? >> yeah sure. >> who is the number one perfect progressive in the country? >> yeah, and bernie sanders, i think has taken a lot of what elizabeth warren would have had if she was run. >> i love this part of politics. you get it too. this gets personal at some point. you don't want somebody wear your dress or cos too matume. bernie sanders has placed a
4:36 pm
revolution, is that a good or bad thing for the democratic party, say come next november. the campaign continues up here. a rally in south carolina, down there, chris christie and ted crews, both holding town halls in new hampshire. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. know your financial plan won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted. all it takes...... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains...
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i'm melissa, here is what is happening. two people deed after a 6.4 earthquake hitting taiwan. emergency workers rescued is 20 people. crane collapse in new york city left one person dead and two seriously hurt. it smashed in several building as it fell. roger goodell says there is no
4:40 pm
higher priority than safety. he also said the league will continue to look at rules and technology to protect players. now back to "hardball." i like bernie. bernie is an interesting guy. apparently some folks really want to see a pot smoking socialist in the white house. we could get a third obama term after all. it could happen. >> welcome back to "hardball," live from manchester, new hampshire. as we say in humor, there is truth. that was president obama at the white house correspondents dinner last april, when bernie sanders was considered an unknown oddity on the far left. today, sanders is virtually tied with secretary clinton in the latest poll, according to the new quinnipiac poll. there it is. 34-42. you can't get closer to that. there is of course radical and
4:41 pm
revolutionary change in the party right now. we see in the polls. 43%, describe themselves like bernie as a socialist. a few months ago, a majority of democratic primary voters said they held a positive view, a strong majority, i think 56%, a strong view of socialism, and 87% are angry like bernie that billionaires are going to spend a lot of money. who isn't mad about that. who is that 20%. with bernie holding a big lead in the primary, we asked the question. does bern flee self-described political radical revolution help or hurt the democratic party going into november. no matter who is the nominee. i'm joined by the round table, jonathan, you move around, big guy. i never know where to find you. >> i'm agile. >> you're very mobile. bloomberg's megan murphy and -- start with you david, you're a happy man to the left, and a
4:42 pm
good one. really, can you say that if the democrats have a close fight between hillary and bernie and he loses, by he's the guy she's going to call if she wins. like her life line. not bill clinton. bernie. is that going to help the democrats going into a general election say against somebody who is relatively attractive and easy to vote for like rubio. >> you know how the things work because you've seen it. you've seen the party fights. think about kennedy taking on carter in 1980. it depends on how this shakes out and whether hillary clinton gets into this long bitter slog with bernie sanders almost up to the convention, or whether she gets the commanding lead, if she doesn't lose to him and then there is time to repair this. >> what does it look like now? >> it's up. it can go either way. it depends on what happens in the next few weeks. >> if she knocks him out early in the next three or four contests. >> she needs those voters, she
4:43 pm
needs the millennials. >> help or hurt the party in november? >> i think it could help with the ennergy level between him ad hillary clinton. always a 60/40 slit. >> do you think he'll drop out and go third party? >> no. >> this whole discussion of the left, you've never heard before, who is the most left, most progressive. you usually try to argue i am i'm more electable. >> this is a fundamental change in the party right now, which is incredibly important. bernie is addressing people who feel like they don't have a voice. over the last two decades have seen their wages stagnate, whether they're going to be able to afford their kid's college, and they're becoming mainstream in the party and that's the voice we're seeing him tap into. when 40% identify themselves as socialist, i want to say do you know what a socialist is? do you know what this represents? how many u.s. senators call
4:44 pm
themselves social list? >> one, and he has a good chance of winning. >> forget the ideology. the republicans running against this guy, hillary who has a thing going with bernie or bernie. socialism, raising taxes, no, no, no, no. revolution, oh, my good, we're all scared. it's into the hard to imagine the attacks, painting bernie his alleys, out of touch. here is bernie in his own words. >> i believe that you are introduced as a socialist. >> i am a socialist. >> are you a capital list? >> no, we will raise taxes, yes, we will. >> you said you would go above 50%, how high? >> it will not be as high as the number under dwight d eisenhower, which was 90%. >> there was a rumor going on that you were a conscientious
4:45 pm
object objector. >> i did apply, yes. iowa has begun tonight is a political revolution. >> could be an ad right there. any way, bernie's success has forced hillary clinton to embrace what bernie stands for. here she is last night. >> if i'm so fortunate to be the nominee, first person i'll call to where do we go or how do we get it done will be senator sanders. >> that's called a clinch. i'm hanging onto you. i'm not punching you. >> i think the -- >> 90%, conscientious objector applicants who wants to be commander in chief. >> she is going to say to bernie sanders, i want all your voters, but don't -- look, i think we've seen the democratic party split over a long period of time.
4:46 pm
barack obama, hillary clinton in 2008. what did she do at the end of the primary. she went to the mat for barack obama. she gave a concession speech. if he doesn't do that for her if she's the nominee. >> he challenges her? >> he's not a democratic. he is this moment, but most of his career, he hasn't. >> he is a democratic when he wants to be. >> how is he going to come together. >> does he have credentials to go to -- >> here's the big thing. >> does he have credentials? >> of course he does. >> he'll give a speech. he'll have to give a speech. maybe he'll explain to america, if you believe in social security, medicare, medicaid, you're all socialists. >> the ideas he is advocating. >> he said not as high as 90. >> england even had a 50% tax as
4:47 pm
recently as two years ago. what is the biggest threat. convincing people that his ideas are actually not ha radical. when the electorate believes that. >> we had a national spokesman on here saying he is promising revolutionary change. >> which he is. >> look how many people are saying yeah. >> you are saying it's not radical. >> let's have the voters decide this. these three geniuses will tell me something i don't know. i mean that sarcastically. this is "hardball," live from new hampshire. th 9 grams of pron and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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sfx: car engine. sfx: car speeding away. sfx: car engine. ♪ it's going to be really important up here. jonathan, tell me something i don't know. >> a lot of members of the black congressional caucus has endorsed hillary clinton. they have held off on doing that at the request of jim fiber, the congressman from new hampshire. >> she's thihe's thinking about carolina. >> she'll get the money but she'll get the blessing. >> we heard a lot about hillary clint clinton's wall street ties.
4:53 pm
they're looking back over. >> what are they? >> expect to see a few stories trying to poke holes. >> you're promising dirt on bernie? >> i'm not promising. >> yes, you are. >> david. >> marco rubio's campaign has gotten a small amount of money from jeb bush donors but a lot of jeb bush donors have said call us after new hampshire. next week, a flood of money may make its way from jeb bush to marco rubio. >> his campaign put off buying ads. >> thank you. i think the families come to join him in defeat. when we return, let me finish with one of the wildest bits of political theater you've seen in new hampshire primary. you're watching hardball, the place for politics. want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you.
4:54 pm
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let me finish tonight with a well bit of theater from new hampshire primaries past. it happened in 1980 when ronald reagan appeared near political death. he lost in 1968 to richard nixon and president gerald ford in 1976. having suffered a surprising loss he was facing a crunching career ending defeat.
4:58 pm
he was 21 points behind george bush, the man who beat him in iowa. reagan found something within him that hadn't been there before. he saw final defeat and decided everything he have doing was wrong. he had been avoiding an actual campaign relying on his front-runner status four years earlier with president ford. the climax of his new aggressive campaign came the night of a big debate. reagan wanted the degait. what he decided at the last minute he didn't want was a one-on-one with bush. he knew it wasn't to vie the anti-reagan vote among the entire pack of republican candidates. debating bush alone would consolidate that behind a single candidate, the man who had already beaten him in iowa.
4:59 pm
when they tried to exclude the other candidates, ronald reagan went into character. >> turn that himicrophone off, please. >> i am paying for this microphone. >> at that moment many people believed he won the kelection. it didn't matter that the moderators real name was brene, not green or that reagan's line was that of a presidential candidate played by spencer tracy in the old movie "state of the union." >> don't you shut me off. i'm paying for this broadcast. >> he was not the only to
5:00 pm
realize that acting was a big part of the job, including getting there. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. tonight. >> yes, secretary clinton does represent the establishment. >> it's personal. sanders and clinton dial up their attacks. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign having been carrying out in recent weeks. >> i'll speak with new hampshire senator who is backing clinton and the latest sanders endorser. new questions about ted cruz campaign tactics. >> dr. ben carson will be suspended his campaign. >> a new poll puts rubio at second as his rivals pile


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