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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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realize that acting was a big part of the job, including getting there. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. tonight. >> yes, secretary clinton does represent the establishment. >> it's personal. sanders and clinton dial up their attacks. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign having been carrying out in recent weeks. >> i'll speak with new hampshire senator who is backing clinton and the latest sanders endorser. new questions about ted cruz campaign tactics. >> dr. ben carson will be suspended his campaign. >> a new poll puts rubio at second as his rivals pile on.
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>> he acts like the king of england. >> what john kasich told me on the campaign trial today. >> they're angry or whatever, i don't find it. good evening from the heart of the political world right here in manchester, new hampshire. i'm chris hayes. the two-person contest for the democratic nomination has gone from a largely cordial affair to a heated and intensely personal rivalry. last night hillary and bernie sanders faced off one-on-one on the debate stage for the first time. the reduced number of participanpar tis pant -- participants was not the only change.
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what is best equipped to carry the torch for progressive values. it started with sanders saying in response to a question that clinton's progressive quote some days. >> i have a progressive who gets things done. the root of that word progressive is progress. i've heard senator sanders comments and it's caused me to wonder, who's left in the progressive wing of the democratic? under his definition, president obama's not progressive because he took donations from wall street. even the late, great senator paul wellstone would not fit this definition. >> you being the self-proclaimed
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gate keeper for progressivism, i don't know anyone else who fit that definition. >> instead of arguing about definitions, let's talk about what we should do. >> you began it yesterday. >> one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk but walk the walk. i'm proud to be the only candidate who does not have a superer pac, who is not raising huge sums of money from wall street or special interests. >> time and time again by insinuation, there is this attack that he is putting forth which really comes down to, you know, anybody who ever took donations or speaking fees from any interest group has to be bought. i just absolutely reject that, senator. i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. enough is enough. if you've got something to say,
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say it directly, but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. >> let's talk about issues. >> let's talk about issues. >> let's talk about why in the 1990s, wall street got deregulated. did it have anything to do with the fact that wall street provided billions of dollars on lob lbying and campaign contributions. some people might think that had some influence. >> clinton came under fire for accepting six-figure speaking fees from goldman sachs and other financial firms.
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something she's struggled to justify. >> i may not have done the job i should in explaining my record. i did when i left the secretary of state's office like so many former officials, military leaders, journalist, others, did go on the speaking scircuisicir. they wanted me to talk about the world and my experience as secretary of state. i went to wall street before the crash. i was the one saying you're going to wreck the economy because of these shenanigans with mortgages. >> are you willing to release the transcripts of your paid speeches. there were transcription sfervie for those speeches. will you release those? >> i'll look into it. >> sanders continued to keep up the pressure on clinton. >> today i ask senator hillary
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clinton to join me in making it very clear to number one, she will not support any cuts to social security. number two, she will join me in saying that it is imperative that we increase and expand benefits for senior citizens and disabled veterans. >> clinton announced she's taking a break from campaigning in new hampshire on sunday to visit flint and helped push a stalled aid package for the city. >> it's totally unacceptable in the united states of america to have allowed this to happen. we have to demonstrate
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unequivocally that we're not leaving anybody behind in this country. we're not turning our back on anybody, anywhere again. >> flint's mayor endorsed clinton a little over two weeks ago. bernie sanders will appear in tomorrow's broadcast of saturday night live. joining me now, i got charlie piece. it's great to have you here. there's a lot in that debate to sort through. i want to start with that one moment. >> the best moment. >> it was the most human moment on the entire campaign. i didn't think hillary clinton was pretending to be enraged and i did not think bernie sanders was pretending to be angered by
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her making it. >> i'm absolutely stunned that these two have been running as long as they have and bernie sanders doesn't have a good answer on guns and hillary clinton doesn't have a good answer on wall street. they flounder around. i'll grant you they offered me the money was still not a good answer be p. >> as she struggles to answer that, she's being aggressive to responding to all of his attacks. you can expect her to jump on it. >> i want to talk about it in a moment. i thought that was a key moment. >> the domestic policy part of this debate, there were two things i thought going on.
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it was all being fought on bernie sanders terrain. he was best prepared and yet in terms of her performance, there was a certain kind of toughness. she was showing as much as telling in those exchanges to voters about what a sort of accomplished fighter she is. >> yeah, what strikes me about this entire campaign, the last five to seven months has been two dramatic things. one, how much would bernie sanders, we talk about policy and whether or not you can do this policy and how is that policy work. you saw an ad in the cnn town hall meeting and with her it's the perj.
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>> she struggles with that. the most fascinating part of the day is she started dancing with the women senatorers. it was as if to try to reach out to the younger voters. >> i was going back and going through the polling. you see that there's this bump that happens in the summer. you go what was that bump? it was the benghazi hearing. it was 11 hours of hillary clinton. u ultimately there's been instinct on that campaign to clamp down on her. >> she's been great in the debates. >> people have an image of hillary clinton. those are two words that conjure, whatever they conjure in people's minds. then there's an actual human being named hillary clinton. >> that very point is her saying she's not part of the establishment is ludicrous. >> that i agree. she's an ex-secretary of state.
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>> the point you made, if she wasn't running against bernie sanders, this would be a whole different campaign. the idea this campaign is being fought out. on who is the bigger progressive. that's a seat change especially when the time her husband ran. >> obama ebb wants to run -- ba wanted to run as a transformational president. >> there's the famous moment where he gave an interview in nevada where he said he wanted to be a reagan to transform the country. here is hillary tweeting. i won't cut social security. i'll defend it and expand it. the sanders campaign is rolling the dice. they are saying there's more votes in the left part of this coalition than anyone previously thought. we're not going the try to do
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anything but get those fights. >> right. it's rolling the dice when you think about a general election strategy. >> he's gambling on the issue of president obama. secretary clinton keeping him very tightly. >> on the ground in new hampshire which is you got to get rid of the original frame that we're moving to the left on the issues and there's this pocket. the real dynamic which is pretty obvious is not necessary. it's a frame of reference. can you been against the establishment. he's going down this path. there's more people in the base whether more people who will reb rebel. >> i think the other question to chris' point is when you think is this someone who could then
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pivot into a general election. i thought his weakest moment was the question on afghanistan from chuck todd. >> there's no good answer. it's an unanswerable question. that's it. here was sanders response. >> i think our great task is to make certain that our young men and women in the military will not get sucked into never ending perpetual warfare of syria and iraq. let me just mention what king of jordan said. what he said is essentially the war against isis is a war for the soul of islam. >> i agree about the quagmire. what are you going to do about afghanistan? you're running for president of the united states. you have to have an answer.
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>> i think the only good answer is, what's your answer chuck? this is a question that puzzled alexander the great. bernie sanders from vermont will not have a better answer. >> charlie, take for a second whatever you think his views of foreign policy. i thought his answer on iran was good. do you not see him getting carved to ribbons by an election. >> i think that's probably one of the most obvious onces. i think he's gambling that a democratic candidate can't be afraid of that anymore. >> the first thing that came out of their mouths as soon as they walked into the spin room and
5:15 pm
they knowledge this side is real weakness for him. he talked about it last night. secretary clinton has given three and laid out this very broad -- >> i think they are figuring out does he need to give another speech, a bigger speech. he's got to have better answers on this. >> you talk about being in the center of the political universe. a couple of months ago in this hotel down the hall, he gave this first speech about the middle east. i never understood why they pivot so quickly. >> thank you very much. it's great. still to come, rachel maddow
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like marco rubio who, quite frankly, has not proven he can get anything done except to get up in the morning, fix his hair, smile and give the same speech he's given for the last six years. even when he's leveling his insults at me, he has to read them from a piece of paper. >> both christie and bush have received an awkward basexchange. he struggled to give any of rubio's accomplishments. >> it took him three minutes. he came came up with the amendments on obama care at one point. let me tell you, they're saving a place on mt. rushmore after
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that one. as for donald trump, he campaigned this evening in south carolina but he missed planned event this afternoon in new hampshire. when you're told you have cancer start with a specialist. start with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. full of guests on the waye
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and a cold with sinus pressure, you need fast relief. alka-seltzer plus severe sinus congestion and cough liquid gels rush relief to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming! alka-seltzer plus sinus. last night donald trump was campaigning in new hampshire but he missed a planned town hali vent. he flew home and failed to make it home. jeb bush took the opportunity to
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point out his mom managed to make it tweeting in response, my 90-year-old mother made it out to the campaign. trump held a rally in south carolina tonight. plans to return to new hampshire tomorrow and campaign here through tuesday's primary. recent polls suggest trump's lead my be narrowing. the release of voice mail recordings taken the night of the caucuses which the cruz campaigned that ben carson was dropping out of race. >> hello, this is the cruz campaign with breaking news. dr. ben carson will be planning to suspend his campaign following tonight's caucuses. please inform any carson caucus goers of this. >> carson accepted cruz's apology over the incident but in a podcast posted he sure did not sound happy. >> are you satisfied with the
5:23 pm
way senator cruz has handled he himself as a christian through this episode? >> it's not the way i would have handled it. not to take corrective action as tacitly saying, ho it's okay or after hillary clinton said benghazi, what difference does it make? >> marco rubio offered up a joking warning. >> by the way, if you get a call saying i dropped out, it isn't true. it's a lie. keep voting. >> conservative radio talk show host and i talked to a voter today who is a rand paul guy and i asked about cruz. this is what he said to say. >> i can't get past the fact i think he's sort of slimy. i mean that. he's pretty good on the constitution. i met cruz at a few town halls.
5:24 pm
the fact is i'm hung up on that everything with ted cruz is pre-programmed. he has that sort of evangelical preaching style. it doesn't pass mustard with me. i think he's a slime ball. i don't think he's authentic. >> that's harsh. how much does what happened in iowa stick to him? >> it's not good. i don't believe it was a dirty trick but i believe it can be believed to be a dirty trick. a lot of republican believe in 2000 when the networks called florida early for gore when the panhandle was still voting. that's so deeply embedded. republicans hate dirty tricks. i will say about your guest, ted cruz has a litigator supreme court. he appear in front of the supreme court sign times it's
5:25 pm
not because you're lucky. it's because your practiced. he comes across as practiced which strikes some voters as not authentic. he's so smart it's hard to keep that from showing through. >> you had this famous interview with donald trump. you asked him about foreign policy he's been running things out of iraq. he had no idea who the guy was. there was this open question about how much do republican primary voters care. >> it was partially my fault because of the radio thing. i asked him about the middle ea east. he's been studying and working. i said and i've been misquoted by saying fact checking doesn't matter. if someone gets a bit wrong in the debate, that doesn't matter in the least. that want the meta moment. they want to know who can beat
5:26 pm
hillary. they want someone who is quick on their feet like ted cruz and who is experienced and smart. >> it's funny that electability. it feels like that hasn't been the through line of the theme of the republicans. >> it's unfolding right now. what we see is a flash mob of politics. marco rubio won iowa by coming this third which was a signaling mechanism for everyone to show up at the rubio camp. you went to his rally. i didn't go to his rally. people are waiting to figure out who's the guy. >> bobby jindal has endorsed him. what do you think about trump's finish here and what it will mean for the trump phenomenon. i think there's two ways to understand trump. a weird moment of insanity that overtook the nation in the p primary or representing some underserved part of the base going forward. >> he represents an underserved
5:27 pm
part of the country. he's not going away. he will win new hampshire. marco will be second and ted cruz will be third. we're into a long campaign. i think you ought to make your reservation for two weeks. >> you really think that? >> i really do. i've run the rules. the rules matter a great deal. it's very hard to get to that number with three viable candidates. it's impossible with four. >> you have no -- you have no super delegates with a thumb on the scale that was put into the democratic party rules precisely to avoid something like that. >> that means anyone who has chips at the table. carly has a chip. >> she's got a delegate. >> inwith chips at the table go do cleveland. >> that is a fascinating view of the future. great pleasure. come back. bernie sanders picks up an endorsement from former naacp president. he's here to tell me why just ahead. and why stop to find a bathroom?
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last night hillary clinton repeatedly emphasized her many endorsements from democratic politicians, including the support of new hampshire's lone democratic senator i caught up with the senator in a restaurant earlier today to talk about why hillary is her choice for the democratic nominee for president. >> i appreciate you taking some time. >> nice to be here. >> here's my question.
5:32 pm
having this debate and democratic primary and a lot of it is about what the goals for the candidate should be and the ability to realize those goals. as a member of the u.s. senate, why should i think that either of these presidents, either of these candidates, if they are president, will have any of their agenda enacted by republicans in congress who will have to give some votes over if they will have anything passed? >> i think the democrats will take the senate back come november is hillary clinton is our no, ma'mineenominee. that will force the house to have to negotiate with us. i do think there's a benefit to understanding how the process works in washington. much as we all think it needs to change, and i think that, one of the things i hear the most as i travel around new hampshire is why can't you guys just work together to deal with the problems facing the country. we need somebody who understands
5:33 pm
how to reach across the aisle. i think hillary has that. she has that history. that's what she did in the senate. it's what she ditd in the white house. it's what she did as secretary of state. >> the argument on the other side is we have this structure problem that's grown up in american politics. it's not just you guys. >> in the depths of the worth great depression could barely get more than two or three votes for a stimulus bill. >> when the united states was threatened by hitler in world war ii, one vote is what it took to pass the draft. it was just one vote to make that pass so that we could actually build the resources we needed to go fight to save the free world. i think this idea it's going to be overwhelming and easy is not right. >> you're saying as someone who
5:34 pm
does this for a living and counts votes for a living that huge monumental change would happen by a one-vote margin and it's happen who's in the office to get you to that one vote? >> absolutely. it matters who knows people and who understands the process, and who can work across the aisle. >> this is something there's a lot of time spent on last night about secretary clinton and wall street and speaking fees. if you could get new time machine and talk to hillary clinton, who is your friend, the woman you've especially dondors. if you could say don't do it, would you do that? >> that's like saying if you could go back and tell bernie don't talk about being a socialist, he should do that. we can't change what's happened in past. all question do is look at what we need to do now and in future.
5:35 pm
i think that's where there's a big difference. i think hillary has a vision for what we need to do to support middle class families to get the economy going. to understand what we've got to do in the world as we're dealing with all of these crisis that we face around the world. not only does she know what we need to do but she knows how to get it done. that's why i've endorsed hillary. >> it's a great pleasure. wonderful to be here in your very snowy state. >> enjoy the snow. we're glad it's here. >> we've got a whole lot more show ahead tonight. live from manchester, new hampshire. stay with us. plap
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if you have high blood pressure many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp. . senator sanders you have singled out the death penalty and senator clinton's support for the death penalty and it makes it hard to consider her a progressive in her mind. >> i hear what the secretary
5:39 pm
said and i understand. too many innocent people, including minorities, african-americans, have been executed when they were not guilty. >> from the very beginning, black lives matter activism, civil rights and racial justice have been at the center of the campaign. today the clinton campaign got an endorsement from benjamin crump who represent the families of trayvon martin and michael brown. senator sanders continues to trail clinton in support for non-white supporters picked up the endorsement for former naacp president ben jealous. great to see you. >> it's great to see you. >> was this something you thought about for a long time. how hard a decision and what ultimately persuaded you. >> it was not a hard decision.
5:40 pm
i sat with troy davis on death row, working that case for 15 years. to see hillary clinton continue to lag behind. this year she was only the democratic candidate on stage for the death penalty. she was the only one who refused to support the retroactive application of any change in despairty. seeing real vision and integrity on issues of sentencing is critical. bernie has that. >> let me ask you this. one of the things, michelle alexander wrote this piece. she wrote the new jim crow.
5:41 pm
i read that and i thought, that's a little unfair. the clintons are not a unified entity. that was her husband. her husband served. her husband signed the crime bill, which bernie sanders voted for. why is it fair to hold that? >> i'm not focused on that. you can go back in the '90s and see bad decision made by members. >> naacp. >> i wasn't leader then. >> in the 2000s and right up to today on issues of sentencing, hillary has continued to lag behind. that's the concern. back in 2008, the republicans aren't for retro activity and she wasn't. she really isn't more of a moderate.
5:42 pm
we have a very fragile consensus right new. you saw in the david campaign that try to really court. the concern is that if that shifts. you have somebody who's too sensitive to what the other part thinks. we won't get the promise. >> isn't the concern if it's as fragile as you say then being against the death penalty is a political albatrose that can hurt you in a general election. >> i've worked with governors south of mason-dixon line, east of the line. you can be against the death penalty. the state was 75% for it and become its chief executive three times.
5:43 pm
for us to be so far behind the rest of the world and continuing to apply it. it's just unacceptable especially for somebody who claims to be a progressive. >> bernie sanders has ways to go among african-american voters in this premare in south carolina. he's polling 30 points behind. it looks like he's narrowing the gap. what do you think that's going to take. is that achievable? sf it >> it is certainly very achievable. the reality is at this time, everybody's been talking i win new hampshire. i win new hampshire. the clinton vs a print in the south.
5:44 pm
>> thank you for joining me. a perspective from rachel maddow. pl
5:45 pm
plap: rachel maddow had another big first. she got to do it. we'll see what it was, next. pair by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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as the secretary knows, you put titles on ads and you send them out. there was no word that said those newspapers had endorsed her. >> do you want 30 seconds on this issue? >> no. >> with that, we'll take a break. >> all right. i'm biassed. i admit i thought that last night's debate was the best debate of the cycle so far. it was a combination of having
5:48 pm
just two candidates go head to head and to moderators who artfully moved things along and got out of the way to allow frank exchanges between the candidates. one of those moderators, rachel maddow. >> thank you for saying that. >> i did a snap chat after the first commercial break where i was like, oh. what just happened? were you expecting the fire to get that hot that quickly? >> two reporters who had been covering bernie and hillary. where are they at emotionally? are they choosing to talk about each other? we got some intel that suggested that at least on hillary clinton's side she had an appetite to really go for it. knowing that, what we were hoping for, chuck and i decided that what we would do is try to tee them up to get out of the way and we were hoping it would
5:49 pm
happen. it happened more in first hour but the way it went off in the first hour, we wanted them to talk to each other without us being in the way. >> i thought that moment -- i talked to someone afterwards. the moment where she says the artful smear moment and he goes oh. i thought in some ways on points the substance of that, i thought he won that exchange but you was talking to someone who thought she won because of how frankly tough she was. those moments are as much as showing voters something as persuading them something. >> she also communicated information. that string of attack, those types of attacks are something she finds egregious and beneath senator sanders. that's new information. i didn't know she would receive it that way. i've never seen -- we've never been able to see them one-on-one
5:50 pm
how they'll react to one another. it is part of the question of how people deal with adversaries for the general election debates and president. i was happy to see it. >> i'm going to ask you a sort of inside the frame work question of how you go through. other people had four months to prepare. you guys had four days. what's the process of questions? >> it's so much work. yeah, you need hundreds of questions but you don't need hundreds of bad questions. you have to craft hundreds of good questions and then kill your babies. it's just -- i have a team from my to which we took off my show and second to go work with the nbc news team that works on debates. chuck had a whole portion of his team taken off his show, taken off of work. people were like in vault.
5:51 pm
there were big shredders and 24 hours a day i was getting new stuff at 2:30 and 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. i think i was on draft 26 by the time we were actually looking at something that might be the list of questions. i was still re-writing them in the green room before hand. >> part of that is you're now at -- there's been a bunch of these. a bunch of questions at town halls. part of it is avoiding the duplication. i thought that was well done. three of those was the flint question. i thought the death penalty question had fascinating exchange. >> i didn't expect that from either of them. >> i know one is against but for. i didn't know about the detail they were going to give us on that. >> i also liked chuck questions because they're never answer about prioritization. that struck me as something they don't get asked but really will matter.
5:52 pm
>> there's so mr. good questions about immigration reform not getting done that have all been asked that neither of these people can answer. the one question they are in a position to answer, which is not about them being pundits or critics or being optimists about what might happen and what night not. the one thing they can answer is will you put it first. when will you do it? we know you're going to try. we know you think it's important. i want to know if you'll do it first or if you think you'll do it second, first or fourth. it gets down to i don't want an answer i heard before. >> that's right. that was what was interesting about that death penalty question. they both stand behind their policies but they don't enunciate them. it's a thing they poet have reason thoughts about. the foreign policy section was,
5:53 pm
what was your impression? >> i think senator sanders likes to talk about isis. i thought it was telling. he said you forgot isis. chuck was great in that moment as he said, no we didn't. i'm not asking you to talk about that. it's clear he wants to make that foreign policy. make his iraq war vote the judgment question. there's a broader line he's less sure talking about. >> thank you. see you in a few minutes in this bar. we'll be right back. do not go anywhere.
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you said you've been a republican for decades? >> yeah. >> do you feel it shifting to the right? >> it's almost like a stampede to the right. they've got to be realistic. they can't continue to disregard some of the minorities, if you want to call them that, that are becoming more and more numerous. they only seem to be able to talk to the older white guys. i'm an older white guy, and they're not talking to me. i don't know who they're talking to. >> that was a new hampshire primary voter. a veteran, a man who drives a
5:58 pm
bus and a republican his entire life and voted for obama twice. that's a john kasich town hall meeting in new hampshire. he's opinion running campaign that stresses experience, discussing policy and even talks about hope. i got an opportunity to ask the candidate of the current mood of the republican primary electorate. >> you said you're not anti-establishment. do you think that republican voters are in a bad mood? >> i think they're in a great mood. i've done only, let me count. 99 town hall meetings. they say they are hopeful. you talk to people here today. this whole business that people are anti-experience or they're angry or whatever. i don't find it. i find people are concerned. they want to change from the
5:59 pm
status quo. >> you don't see anger in your event event? >> did you see any anger? >> no. >> maybe because i tell them the story of what can be done. i think while we have serious problems they're all solvable. it's what i've done throughout my life. the reason i'm not establishment is the establishment is afraid of me. they always have been. they have not predict what i'm going to do. when the journalist try to say what box do we put you in, they can never figure it out. >> one one of our greatest times is when we won the majority in washington. we balanced budget, we shook the system. the same is happening in ohio.
6:00 pm
we're changing the republican party in ohio with being problem solvers and conservative ideas but leaving no one behind. >> that does it for "all in" for this evening. my colleague rachel maddow joins me now in man chastchester to ce our coverage. >> this is weird. >> we decided we would pretend like we're in different rooms. thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. if you care about politics in this country, there's nothing better to be in new hampshire in the last frenzied days. the last run up to the primary. especially if you have contested races but utterly close volatile races on both sides. new hampshire is the greatest place to be this time in the world. thai


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