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tv   Lockup Holman--- Extended Stay  MSNBC  February 5, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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efficiently. when you put together a budget, you have to make a lot of hard decisions, but i think it's not appropriate to say i'm going to ged rid of that until you have a good process that gives you the information about what to do. i want to add something else because, look, we have so much work to do in our country and i think it's the greatest work that americans will be called to do and of course we have to have people in every community involved in it. we have to have the political voice, the political grass roots speaking up and speaking out about what we have to try to accomplish in washington, but we also need to have a very clear set of goals that we are going to achieve and we need to level with the american people about what they are, what they will cost, what will be expected of our citizenry. so i see as president having a
9:01 pm
constant dialogue with americans. here's what we're trying to get done, here's why i need your help, here's why you may think comprehensive immigration reform isn't something you care about, but i'm telling you it will help fix the labor market, it will bring people out of the shadows. you have to make those connections so you have people with you every step of the way. that's what i want to do. >> thank you. before we go, i want to ask secretary clinton you've made it clear when you look at senator sanders you do not see a president. >> i did not say that. >> do you see a vice president? would you unit the party by trying to pick senator sanders as a running mate. >> i'm not getting ahead of myself. if i'm fortunate to be the nominee, the first person i call to talk to about where we go and how we get it done will be senator sanders.
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>> would you consider the secretary? >> i agree with what the secretary said. we shouldn't be getting ahead of ourselves. sometimes in campaigns things get a little bit out of hand. i happen to respect the secretary very much. i hope it's mutual and on our worst days i think it is fair to say we are 100 times better than any republican candidate. >> that's true. that's true. >> secretary clinton, closing statements, you are first. >> first exhibit thanks to msnbc and thanks to all of you for holding this debate before the
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new hampshire primary. i am going to campaign as hard as i can between now and tuesday to earn your votes in that primary and i hear some talk that people are trying to decide do they vote with their heart, do they vote with their head, i'm asking you both your heart and your head to vote with you on tuesday because we have a lot of work that can only come because your heart is moved. we didn't get to talk about the continuing struggles that americans face with racism, with sexism with discrimination, with people with disabilities. yes we have income and equalities that we need to stand up against and diminish from your society. i have been moved from my heart ever since i was a young woman about the age of a lot of senator sander supporters worrying what i can do to make a difference for my countries and i will bring that heart with me, but we have to get our heads together to come up with the
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best archss to solve problems so people can have real answers for now and the future. >> senator sanders. >> my dad came to this country at the age of 17 from poland. didn't have any money, couldn't speak english, he died pretty young and i think it would have been beyond his wildest dreams to see his son up here on this stage today running for president. i love this country and my dad loved this country and he was the most proud american because of what it gave him in terms of raising his family, even though we never had much money, but today in america we are the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all people, that doesn't guarantee paid family and
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medical leave, we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major country on earth. we are seeing millions of families unable to send their kids to college in the united states of america. i'm running for president because i believe it is just too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. i do believe we need a political revolution where millions of people stand up and say loudly and clearly that our government belongs to all of us and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors. thank you all. >> there you have it. i promise you rachel and i have a lot more questions, but we don't have any more time unless we can convince them to do a third hour, but i don't think so. our post debate coverage will continue in just a moment with our colleagues. we want to thank all of you for being here. >> we want to thank our host,
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the university of new hampshire and the people of new hampshire. you guys get to vote in just five days. we can't wait to see how it turns out. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. thank you. woah! father, why can't we have directv like the macgregors do? we're settlers, son. we settle for things. like having cable instead of directv. hey, jebediah, how's it going? working the land. hoping for a fertile spring.
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>> inmates at the holman correctional facility who are found violating the rules are brought into a disciplinary hearing to determine their punishment. >> been referred to disciplinary by correctional officer everett for possession of a contraband. circumstance violations are as follows. you inmate travis cain did have in your possession two set of dice. one red and one white and one tube of lipstick. do you wish to plead guilty or not guilty? >> i plead guilty. >> sign that right there. you know your release from segregation is pending the seg review board, right? >> yes, sir. >> take him and put him back in his cell.
9:11 pm
i'm going to recommend 30 days, loss of visitation privileges. >> what was the big infraction, dice and lipstick? tell me the problem? >> well, the dice, the thing of the dice is they go down there, get the gambling, then they'll lose something that they don't have to give back. the lipstick comes to the homosexual activity that goes on within the facility. we try to keep that down to as
9:12 pm
and i ran outside. he was standing there. i just stabbed him. he fell. i stabbed him again. they grabbed me. and i was covered in blood. they called the police. i still had the knife in my hand. they came. they retrieved the knife. and -- handcuffed me.
9:13 pm
i've been locked up ever since. >> once locked up, marcus was quick to develop prison romances and is currently on her third prison marriage. >> i see him as a man, a straight man, that's how i see it. you know? he is a man. he's my husband. i am a woman, i am his wife. >> let me wrap my hair down. we exchanged vows, you know. he opened his heart to me. i opened my heart to him. we vowed to be best friends. for life. >> marcus' husband is new to
9:14 pm
prison relationships and asked that his identity not be revealed. >> i have a son that's 20 years old that i feel like wouldn't understand the situation right now. that's the only reason that my identity is hidden. i never thought in a million years i'd be in a relationship like this. in prison, it seems like she's the woman, i'm the man. and we're just in a relationship. she's gay. and that's it. now on the outside, i'm gay, she's gay. >> i'm his first. i'm his first prison wife. and i can understand why he's a little shaky about it. you know what i'm saying? >> marcus is in ad seg for getting into a fight with another inmate. and while she's there, she's not allowed to communicate with her husband. >> the hardest thing about being in lockup is not being able to sit and talk to him. he's just -- he's my everything. he's my everything. >> if you could say anything,
9:15 pm
what would that be, tell me now. >> i would let her know that i love her. miss her. need her. waiting on her. >> in order to get out of ad seg, marcus must be put on a release list. one of the people who can put her on this list is deputy warden patterson. >> just let me out of this lockup to be with my best friend. >> what is it, marcus? >> i'll take the most restrictive probation that you all have -- >> june 14th you'll have your 90 days. and at that point we can possibly consider you for population. if you don't have an enemy situation. do you have an enemy situation? >> no, sir. you know i don't have an enemy situation. >> let me see your hand. cut them nails. >> yes, sir.
9:16 pm
i'll be so glad when they let me out of this lockup and i'm going to give him the best life you could imagine. you don't want to be interviewed? >> coming up -- marcus pleads with the warden to be let out of ad seg. >> why should i -- >> because i learned my lesson. >> i ain't convinced right now though.
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inmates in the administrative segregation unit have only one hour of rec time a day which means few opportunities to communicate with one another. so they invent ingenious ways to have conversations with their
9:21 pm
friends. alan clark has recently been transferred to holman and hasn't formed any friendships with the inmates there. but he does have a relationship with someone on the outside. >> for 15 years i didn't have anybody to come see me or write me or anything like this. and then came [ bleep ]. she is -- she's a darling, you know? she's -- she's -- she's the love of my life. i miss her something terrible. you just wouldn't believe. you know. i really miss her. last year, in september, i became real sick. i had been sick all that day. when i got to the infirmary they took my blood pressure and found that it was real, real low.
9:22 pm
and they rushed me to the emergency room. but -- i met a nurse there. and when she walked into the room and we made eye contact, i knew, you know, that she was going to be my girl. you know. when we started seeing each other i said, i've got life without parole, i may not ever get out. and she told me, she says, you let me worry about that. finally, you know, one day on the visiting yard up here, you know, when she come to see me. i got down on my knee. and i asked her, would you marry me? and she says, yes. so i said, okay, then i'll put in a request for marriage. so i did. as it stands right now, last count, the chaplain said that i was the ninth in line. >> until he is wedding day, alan
9:23 pm
must rely on letters to communicate with his fiancee. but before he opens his mail it must undergo a meticulous screening process. >> good morning, holman mail room. if it doesn't have dorm numbers, ais numbers, they can't have it. if it doesn't have a name on the return address, they can't have it. doesn't have a return address at all, they can't have it. they're not allowed to have any kind of nude pictures. pictures that are sexually explicit. that's not allowed. when i was going through the mail, i was looking at the envelope. and i notice it was like a big sticker. i've never seen one of those. it was kind of weird. i took the letter opener. peeled it up, and when i did, nude picture. i was like, okay, well, that's rejected. at first i was like, okay.
9:24 pm
the nudity pictures, now it really don't bother me. i'm used to it. it's just like a normal routine. i go through it. look at it. okay. reject it. we did have one woman, for three weeks in a row, she purposely hid her nude pictures behind cards. she would like open them up on the inside, then try to glue them back down. she'd paste them behind other pictures of like her children. that -- that's a great one, i love that one. so, she kept doing that. i mean, it was every day i was opening them. i took it to the warden. and he banned her from corresponding for 90 days with him. and she has to write for permission to start writing him again. and he also took away her visitation rights with him. when it goes to that extreme measure, that's when they pretty much learn, hey i can't do this,
9:25 pm
i can't get it by, so they leave it alone and they don't do too much anymore. >> we are in the room. waiting on your arrival. >> meanwhile, marcus thomas has been writing warden culliver and he's granted her a meeting. she hopes to be released to general population and reunited with her husband. >> what's going on with your man? >> he's maintaining. i mean -- it's hard for him. he want me out there with him so bad. just as bad as i need to be out there with him. we've been writing each other back and forth. but -- i mean, really, we just -- haven't had enough communication with each other. i really don't know. i'm not there with him. i don't know. >> marcus, what's up with you? >> they want to do an interview with me. and -- >> you don't want to be interviewed?
9:26 pm
>> that's the question. >> what question have they asked you? >> have i seen [ bleep ]. >> that caused you to cry? >> because it hurt me! >> because they asked you if you had seen [ bleep ], it hurt you. [ bleep ]. >> it hurts. i swear. it hurts. >> marcus. marcus. marcus. you are not going to win any academy award. [ bleep ]. quit that crying. i don't want to hear you crying. i'm just going to go on back. i ain't going to talk to you about this. they wanted to talk about you being released to general pop. i am not going to listen to you cry about some other damn man. >> i'm sorry. mr. culliver, i'm sorry. >> last time you were in population, how long did you stay? about three or four months. and both of those times when you was in population you caught yourself being with one individual, yes or no? >> yes, sir.
9:27 pm
>> even though you call yourself being with one individual do you not have people coming after you all of the time? yes, or no? yes or no? >> well, yes. >> whether you say they're your problems or not. i cannot stop these guys from coming after you. and you know that regardless, somebody is going to make a play for you. so why should i return you out to pop? >> please, just give me a chance, please. >> don't beg me. i don't want you to beg me. >> i'm not begging -- >> i want you to give me one good reason why i should turn you out to pop. >> because i made a change. i'm not coming back to lockup. mr. culliver. i promise i'm not coming back. please. let me show you. >> i'll think about it. i ain't convinced right now, though. the reason i'm not convinced is in the past, your past tells me if you go to general population, you got about 60 to 90 days in
9:28 pm
general population and there will be problems. that's what history tells me. >> i bet you're wrong this time. i bet you're wrong. >> listen. >> it's just unfair. it's unfair. coming up, terrance mosley gets written up again. but this time it's not for indecent exposure. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] and alan clark's fiancee may be getting cold feet. >> i had asked her if she was going to get married, would you like to hear how the conversation went? and you count the seconds until red lobster's lobsterfest is
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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. i probably got about 100 hours into tattoos. i got a good side and a bad side. i've got jesus on this side with angels and stuff. then i got the devil on this side. freddy krueger, medusa and stuff like that. tony montana from "scarface." i got two 45s and shoulder
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holsters. i got vini vidi vici. i came, i saw, i conquered in latin. i want to go get the rest of my chest covered. have the whole shirt. whenever i get out i will work on the rest of it. >> after six weeks of shooting at holman correctional facility, our crew went to check up on terrance mosley, an inmate who has repeatedly exposed himself to officers. we weren't prepared for what happened next. >> i done told you all to stay the [ bleep ] away from my cell. >> you wanted to say something -- >> i said i wanted [ bleep ], [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> all right, let's go. >> come on, let's go. >> the reason he did this is because on a particular day, sergeant banks and myself, we were walking pier call, and he
9:34 pm
was masturbating, and i had to use force with my baton, i hit his arm and broke his arm. he told me then he was going to get me. on this particular day we were feeding inmate terrance mosley, and he throwed a tray in my face. so i guess today he got me. >> what started as an obsession with sergeant banks escalated into a grudge match between terrance mosley and officer montgomery. >> terrance mosley, he's been a problem. he got into it with two officers on third shift same way he did with you today. i know you had problems with him before. i don't know what the solution is for that individual. if we can find any way to get him to start complying with the rules and quit being such a troublemaker. disciplinary action doesn't seem to be having any effect on it. that's the only tool we really got. we're past the days where we can roll the door, go in there and whip him. we can't do that stuff anymore.
9:35 pm
we have to find other ways to try and get him in compliance. >> like you said, keep writing him up. >> write him up and hope eventually he'll come around and do different. i really don't see the hope for it right now. >> while officers hope to change terrance mosley's behavior for the best, another inmate's future may have taken a turn for the worse. >> alan clark is in lockup. he's an inmate we're going to go see. he didn't know whether his fiancee was going to marry him or not. he was under the impression that they were okay. but apparently she hadn't returned any letters when he had written her. so, apparently there was something wrong. he had me call her to find out if they still wanted to get married. alan. you got a second? you know what this is about? have you had an opportunity to talk to [ bleep ]. >> no, i haven't. i haven't even heard from her. >> you told me to give her a
9:36 pm
call. concerning you guys getting married. all that type of stuff. well, i had called her. and when talking to her, she sounded pretty upset. and i had asked her if she was still interested in getting married. she said, married? i said, yeah, alan's been wanting to get married for a while, i understand it. i still want to see if you guys would like to get married. and she said, in emphatic terms, "absolutely not." so i don't know how all that sits. apparently she's upset. did you know that she didn't want to get married? >> yes, she's the one that asked me. you know what i'm saying? she told me to go ahead and put in the application for the marriage. that's the reason why i come to you and asked you, you know, about -- about going about getting married. >> what do you think changed her mind? >> i have no idea. >> she's noticeably upset.
9:37 pm
yeah. yeah. probably need to straighten that out, whatever miscommunication might be taking place. >> yeah. definitely. all right. >> okay. >> see you later. >> apparently she's mad at me for some reason. i don't know. i don't know why she's mad at me. this is news to me. you know? i mean, she -- she's the one that asked me to get the ball rolling on getting the marriage going, you know. and, you know, i don't know what -- what's happened. coming up, terrence mosley's problems forces the warden to take matters into his own hands. >> we came to the agreement, if you can keep your nose clean, then i cut you loose. but you couldn't do that. i have asthma...
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for marcus thomas, another meal in administrative segregation is another meal without her husband. >> it's this. all day, every day. as far as release is concerned, i mean, seems like something is changing. i can't say. i really don't know. it's stressful for him as it is for me. sometimes i just wish that it could be me and the one that i love. away, just me and him, away. away from all of this nonsense, you know? i'm just praying that he remains strong until i get there. >> while marcus thomas struggles with life in ad seg, her husband is struggling with whether this will succeed as a long-term relationship. >> i'm having a lot of mixed feelings. five, six months from now, who
9:42 pm
knows, we may be in different prisons. she being who she is, she'll always have to have a man supporting her. you know, that mess with me mentally, just knowing if we separated, she'd be with another man. we've been in relationship two years, couple of months. but i really can't say, like i said. at any time we could be going our separate ways. >> alan clark is being moved to another cell in ad seg. it's been nearly two weeks since the chaplain told him his fiancee seems to have moved on. >> any communication from her? >> not as yet. i wrote her two letters. i asked her in the letter, you know, if she would write me and
9:43 pm
let me know what is really going on, you know. if she wants to call it off, then, you know, that's -- that's fine, you know. but -- tell me, you know? don't -- you know, let me know something. i don't really know what's going on. >> maintaining relationships can be difficult. but just getting into them can prove to be dangerous. inmate marion dent has been sent to the hospital for hitting on the wrong man. >> i had it in my mind. i wasn't going to go back to the street no more. so i might as well get me a friend. then i started messing with homosexuals and things because they were taking the place of a female. >> marion's attempts at making contact with prospective
9:44 pm
partners hasn't always gone according to plan. >> i heard he was offering homosexual activity. so i want, you know, to talk to him about that, you know what i'm saying? the man took one blow and knocked me out. and then -- i -- an incident down there in one cell. i got stabbed up down there. oh, yeah. another inmate hit me in the head with a lock. then when a fellow hit me in the head with the lock, and i got stabbed in that one cell, good lord woke me and up told me, said hey, don't you think that's enough? give the lord one just minute. if you don't give him one second of your time, you don't know what you might be missing. give the lord some time. so i started going to church and i started getting off into christian studying, bible studying, stuff like that.
9:45 pm
i kind of started liking it. ♪ >> with marion becoming more and more involved in the church, he decided it was time to make a real commitment to the lord and get baptized. ♪ >> marion, if you would stand up here. stand here, watch your step. turn around, then you're going to step, put your feet down there, then sit. ♪ take me to the water ♪ to be baptized >> brother, based on your confession that jesus christ is lord and that you believe in your heart that god raised jesus from the dead, i'm going to baptize you right now in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, amen. >> hallelujah!
9:46 pm
♪ >> i'm a christian. i live for the lord. i gave my life to the lord. i gave my life to the lord. i want to walk the right path. ♪ >> while marion dent has found the right path for him -- >> k-51. >> others have problems finding direction. warden culliver scheduled a meeting with terrance mosley to confront him on his most recent incident. >> [ bleep ] >> come on. >> what's your problem? >> i ain't got no problem. >> sit right here. >> i got to get your attention one way or another. i can't do nothing about your thought process. how am i going to let you out of lockup?
9:47 pm
>> you got me locked up -- >> no, no, no, no, no, no, no. listen to me. no, no, no, you haven't proved that to me. if you had been locked up for 90, you want to go back to pop, the thing you would have did is came down, did your time, let us straighten that out, you'd go to pop. you've seen that happen before. that's how we came to the agreement that if you can keep your nose clean, then i cut you loose. but you couldn't do that. >> i slipped. >> okay. it's a consequence for slipping. >> yeah. consequences of slipping. i know what it is. i'm saying i'm taking responsibility for what i did. >> i'm taking responsibility for what you did too. this its what you have to do, terrance. before we can talk about working the deal that we had before you slipped, you've got to do these 14 days. and you still, you're going to get disciplinary and all that stuff for that. >> i know that. i ain't trying to manipulate the
9:48 pm
system. i'm just being straight up. if i do the 14 days this is the only thing i'm asking for right now. if i do the 14 days, i request get a five-minute phone call to my mother? five minutes. >> if i can talk to her first. >> you can call. you talk to her. then i talk to her. >> deal. >> all right. >> all right. anything else? >> yeah, i'd like to apologize to her, right? >> okay. >> for yesterday. >> okay. do it. >> i apologize. for the way i behaved yesterday. >> thanks terrance. >> you're ready. we'll just have to wait and see. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. coming up, desperate to get out of ad seg, marcus thomas becomes bold. >> life is so hard on me because
9:49 pm
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i've got good news. >> what's going on? >> they recommended my release this morning. they recommended my release. it's hotter in this elevator than it is in my cell! >> after nearly 17 months of waiting in ad seg, marcus thomas is meeting with captain kraft to discuss a release to general population. >> i can feel myself getting closer to my husband. >> marcus is optimistic her name is finally on the release list this time. >> if i put you on my list to get out of seg. is that what you are talking about? >> yes, sir. >> okay. now it's not on there so that's what we're going to do now is talk about why i don't have you on that list. when you first got here. we turned you out to population and they met you down there like a herd of horses waiting on you. wasn't long before there started
9:53 pm
being a lot of confusion between two or three different guys. then all of a sudden these guys wanted to try to go to fighting over marcus. i honestly believe there's going to be problems. >> it's not going to be any problem. >> because the last time, two times you were down there -- >> life so is hard on me because i'm a homosexual. here it is i've only been involved in minor disputes -- >> it wasn't minor. >> two minor -- no one ever got hurt. >> wasn't minor. >> no one ever got hurt. no one ever got hurt. >> wasn't minor. >> i really need to get back to population, i really do. and i promise you, i promise you captain, i am not coming back to this jail. i've gotten it together. i've gotten it all together. >> you can tell me you've got it all together but you can't tell me [ bleep ] going to do. >> yes, i can. >> no, you can't. >> yes, i can. i know him more than he know himself. he's not going to get into anything. >> the guy down the hall. >> the only way, the only way you are going to know who is telling the truth, me or you. is you're going to have to let me out and let me show you. >> that's true. >> let me show you.
9:54 pm
>> i don't know if i want to take that chance. >> let me show you. >> there's a lot of new guys down the hall. when you hit the hallway down there, there is going to be one of them saying, i got to have him, i'm going to have him. i don't want somebody down there with knives fighting -- >> ain't nobody -- that's not going to happen. it's never been that serious. >> you can't promise me that. >> i can promise, yes, i can. >> i tell you what. i'll take all this you said into consideration. but if i find out that you have caused problems down there or [ bleep ] get into it about somebody about you, i'm going to lock you back up. >> i accept that. i will accept that very restrictful probation. >> let me think about it then. i'll get warren culliver and see if he'll agree with it also. >> i appreciate that. >> all right. >> thank you, captain. >> you're welcome. >> i feel a lot better. i feel a lot of relief. he's going to take it into consideration. he just didn't say no.
9:55 pm
he'd have said no, i'd probably have broke down, come on, take me back. i don't want to talk to you any more. i'm ready to get to my husband. well, back to my hot little cell. >> clean that pigsty up. >> you leave my house alone. >> while marcus thomas may find her tenacity could reward her terrance mosley is about to be rewarded for his good behavior over the past two weeks. >> today i'm going to call your mom. that was part of the thing. let's say i talk to your mom. so really i'm doing you a favor. on the one hand. >> warden culliver has been keeping terrance's mother aware of his behavioral problems. he hopes that she can finally
9:56 pm
talk some sense into him and trigger a permanent change. >> can i speak to miss mosley? hello. how you doing? i've tried to. for real, i be tried to, right? i just got that problem. i -- i still got that problem. it's a problem. she want to talk to you. >> yes, ma'am. appreciate it. we got a contract. i got a contract with him. that if he can go until november the 15th without getting a disciplinary, that we're going to try him in general population again. but, you know, that's something that he's just got to work on. and -- i don't know. we may make a couple months. if he continue to do well. i'll let him call you in a couple months. yes, ma'am. maybe we can get him a bible and just let him read the bible.
9:57 pm
yes, ma'am. thank you, ms. mosley. all right. you all right? >> i need a transfer. >> you need a transfer? so you'd rather have a transfer in november than to go to population? >> ain't going to make it, man. >> you ain't going to make it the six months? you know you ain't going to make it. >> i got a [ bleep ] temper, man, i ain't going to make it. >> i think he's touched right now. i think five hours from now, or this time tomorrow, i think he'll refer back to his mother. i think it kind of got him. force shakyness in his voice. i think he realizes she is not truly well. but i don't have a problem with him being transferred out. that's not going to happen. he's just going to go to another facility. he actually is closer to his mom here than he will be at any other maximum facility we have. so i don't know.
9:58 pm
he's got to do it mentally. that's where it's at. >> after meeting with warden culliver, captain kraft will deliver the final decision to marcus as to whether she will get out of ad seg. >> i'll go back down and talk to marcus and explain to him that we're willing to try, just not right now. >> here you go. how you doing this morning? >> all right. >> good. listen. i sat down and talked to warden culliver, what we had spoke about, about this contract, about you coming out of population. he agreed to let you out if you sign the contract. one catch right now. the warden won't turn you out right now. he wants to wait and turn you out late summer, early fall. he's willing to do it but it's going to be then. okay, is that agreeable? okay, all right.
9:59 pm
maintain yourself, now. >> you too. >> all right. i'll see you later. >> i guess, well -- i'm looking at august, september. whoo, that seem like forever. but there is nothing [ bleep ]. nothing. nothing at all.
10:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. america's prisons, dangerous, often deadly. there are 2 million people doing time. every day is a battle to survive and to maintain order. >> down on your feet! down! >> located in the deep south, holman correctional facility, where most are serving life sentences. we spent months documenting life on the inside, where the prisoners have nothing but time and nothing to lose. this is "lockup: holman extended stay."


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