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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  February 6, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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bowl. wow! there you have it. somebody's media buyer is getting a rolls royce next year. >> that does it for us tonight. we will see you again monday from new hampshire. "weekends with alex witt" starts now. >> good morning, everyone, i'm ales whit in new york at msnbc headquarters the place for politics. countdown to new hampshire. some in the gop fighting for tear political lives as the campaign gets nastier. the big question today, who will take the granite state and how many will survive? in the battle of democrats, key questions arise for both candidates. who has the momentum heading into tuesday's big vote? here's what they're all saying. >> hillary clinton does not want to face me in an election, but i can't wait to face her or bernie, for that matter. >> marco rubio has been a politician since he was 26-years-old. his whole life has been around his own ambitions in there we
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will take back the billions and becomes and actually trillions of dollars that's being sucked out of us by all the other countries. >> reporter: donald trump is very rattled right now. his reaction is he got very angry. i assume the next question he will ask is how stupid are the people of new hampshire. >> i will keep fighting until the last vote is koint counted on tuesday. >> there's only one candidate, who is prepared to do all aspects of the job on day one. >> what momentum is, is that in the midst of the snowstorm, you can't get all of the people into the room. that's momentum. >> the wall street factor. we examine how much money and influences there in the campaign process. and here are the day's campaign headlines, peck to see donald trump back on the debate sage in new hampshire tonight it is the final republican debate ahead of
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tuesday's primary. and while they're all gearing up for another showdown, some of them are also making the final pitches to voters. my colleague rachel maddow caught up with chris christie last night and asked him about the flack he gets for his speaking style. >> there is some question that maybe your style is a very new jersey style and that combativeness entertaining on the east coast may not play everywhere. >> how do you explain rump? i never said i would shoot somebody in the middle of fifth avenue and lose a murder. i don't call people wrachts and murders. i don't think that's it. you have misread me in that regard. >> several polls show trump maintaining his lead, marco rubio has bumped ted cruz out of second place. on the democratic side, new polls show bernie sanders beating hillary clinton by 20 points in new hampshire. here's what clinton told my colleague andrea mitchell about accusing sanders of running a quote artful smear campaign against her. >> this is an effort by the
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sanders' campaign to basically say anybody who has ever taken a do nation, not just from wall street, if you take it to the natural conclusion from anybody is bought and paid for. >> that is absolutely untrue. >> do you really think he is smearing you? >> i think his campaign which he claims to be a positive campaign has engaged in artful smear, enyou endoand insinuation. >> like their republican rivals, clinton and sanders will also be campaigning in new hampshire today. so let's head to manchester, new hampshire and bring in msnbc jane chen showing republicans and the national political reporter of politico, gabrielle, i'll reach out to you first, last night hillary clinton appealed to those who may have been favoring bernie sanders. let's take a listen to that. >> i know that a lot of voters are still shopping. you may have a favorite, but
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this is new hampshire. everyone takes a second look. maybe even a third or a fourth look, and i hope you'll give one of those looks to me in the next couple of days. >> so the big question, can she get enough new hampshire voters to take another look? >> well, it is a big question. if you look at the polling, she is down roughly 20 points to bernie sanders right now. she will be working overtime the next few days to close that margin t. clinton campaign thinks if she can make the margin under 12, 9, 8% she will spin it as acomeback and take momentum in the next few days. >> i see you write ab despite hillary clinton lagging behind sanders, she's locked up the democratic leaders. can the party establishment save clinton in new hampshire? >> it certainly doesn't look like it. you are right, she has the
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backing of every top democrat in the state. they were all with her all day yesterday. it's not translateing into support. this is a state that prides itself on being independent, not relying on what the people in washington tell them to do, even if the people are here in new hampshire. so she'll be relying on these senators, these governors. she is bring figure reenforcements from all over the country. realistically, her campaign says, she will have to make the case, herself. >> jane, to you now, as the university of massachusetts, lowell, the 7 news daily tracking poll on friday the post-iowa sampling. it showed trump with a 19-point lead over his nearest rival in new hampshire. it's marco rubio. >> that same poll says 42% of new hampshire voters could change their minds. rubio and cruz for their part, they appear to be gaining, is there anyone clearly with momentum? i say that's marco rubbio. he seems to be more energy coming out, an establishment
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lane coming out of the iowa caucus showing he can bring that part of the party toward his establishment lane he might be in. there is a lot of people that say he is not as brash as donald trump and he's not as quiet as dr. ben carson, maybe these that goldilocks candidate for me. i see a lot of people saying i'd like he'd win therech he came third in iwest virginia it seems like he had a strong finish over the expected candidatings. he is doing well. a lot of people say i think he's the guy. he is proving to me he can do well. >> jane, as you know the weather yesterday forced donald trump. he had to can sell his new hampshire appearances the gop front runner made it to rally in south carolina last night and whether he seemed to be looking beyond new hampshire may have been the key, so let's take a listen to what he was saying. >> we're going to win all the time. we have all the cards. if we go with a hillary or this character bernie or any of these
4:07 am
people, i'm telling you, we're going to be so deep, we're going to be in such trouble, it's never going to come back. >> so a couple questions, has the trump campaign brushed off the defeat in iowa? do they expect victory in new hampshire and if it's yes to both of those, how does that affect the trump ground game? >> you know, if you are going to lose in one state, it's great to go to a state where you are polling 20 points ahead of you're rival. i feel they are feeling confident. we are seeing them not take anything for granted. donald trump is getting out dob more retailing politics that new hampshire likes to see the police department, he is doing at a lot more events, in the past a heavy campaign schedule, even if he couldn't make it here because of the snow, yesterday we are seeing him add more events. i'd say he is not taking it for granted. donald trump's whole campaign is about winning. so he needs to keep winning, if
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he's going to keep that up. you see, he is not letting go of the rhetoric. win, win, win. >> what about the debate, the expectations there, marco rubio, is he the one expected to be on the receiving end of the other gop candidates? >> i think so. there is a lot of fire at him in new hampshire. he seems like a candidate who is rising, who might be able to pull ahead of the rest of them. the governor is going after him as sort of a younger, less experienced candidate. i think you will see donald trump going after him as someone who came within a point of him in iowa. i think the real test here is how strong does marco rubio look on that debate stage when donald trump is on it. he looked great in iowa when donald trump wasn't in the room. >> gabrielle, i want to ask you about chelsea clinton, has there an a hands off treatment of her, does that then make her an effective campaigner? >> well, i don't know if it makes her a more effective
4:09 am
campaigner. there is no doubt we don't would have her the same way as an elected official. she has never run for everything. there is a tradition of not covering the children of presidents as closely. you are right. she is on the campaign trail for her mother. people are out there giving her more scrutiny. she went after bernie sanders in her first appearance after his heck help plans. so you know, there is no doubt supporters will give her a closer look. are they going to give her as much scrutiny as her mother or father? that's not going to happen. >> gabry yes, ma'am, jane, good to see you both. let's right now check in with nbc, ali vitale. have they expressed regrets in new hampshire? >> good morning, alex, regret is not a word associated with this campaign. this latest thing is no different than that. trump retweeted they had to can sell on account of snow t. airports were closed. i called the airports here in manchester and back in new york.
4:10 am
they said they were opened. it was up to the pilot's discretion on the they wanted to fly. so be that as the case may be, donald trump has said he rescheduled the event. he will be back here today, obviously for the debate doing events sunday, monday they have a rally coming up. what we saw in south carolina as well, he is looking here in new hampshire. he is polling well here. he is looking ahead. this is very much a 50-state strategy. he knows he's ahead in new hampshire and south carolina. something we are seeing that's a departure and differ than the past is, he talks about polls usually at all of his rallies. he said he will stop talking about polls when he stops being in first and wants to top stalking about polls. he is in first. he hasn't been talking also polls. that means he is trying to make a pitch more about him, less about the numbers. we saw what the polls said in iwest virginia he was up to the last moments before the caucus and didn't quite pan out for him
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there. i think there might be an attempt to shift more what can he do, his pitch to voters, maybe that has nothing to do with the polls, alex. >> he has no problem going after anybody who may be threatening his lead or position whatsoever. do you think marco rubio is the one that needs to get his battle gear on for this debate? >> so judging by past precedent, marco rubio would be the next one in the crosshairs. we did see him focus on rubio a bit when people talked about a rubio surge in october and november. he used the to hit him for sweating a lot and the water bottle moment. i think what you will start seeing him hitting rubio on maybe amnesty, maybe immigration. he did start talking about the schumer be ill that rubio worked on when he was in the senate and so that's something that you might start seeing and the debate might be a good time for him to preview those attacks, especially when we see more on the stump as rub quo continues this surge in new hampshire and other places across the country. >> thanks for that.
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as we have mentioned, seven republican presidential candidates will be dpais facing offer in new hampshire. let's bring in halle jackson with all those details. do you think we will probably see a new sense of urgency tonight? . >> reporter: i think from some of the candidates, alex, where this state is potentially a must win. as we look ahead to tonight's debate, what will be different? donald trump will be on strategy as we have been talking about. after he raised some eyebrows yesterday with that snow day. >> reporter: donald trump a no show, blaming snow in new hampshire for skipping straight to south carolina, promising he is not leaving the granite state in the cold. >> my total focus now is on new hampshire. then next week,py total focus is going to be right here in south carolina. >> reporter: trump pulling big crowds in sunny florence but back in new hampshire, jeb bush threw some shade, tweeting at trump, my 90-year-old mother made it out to campaign during the storm. well trump bashing bush right
4:13 am
back. >> i mean, jeb bush has spent $112 million and nobody shows up. what the heck? >> reporter: while trump is still leading in new hampshire, it's marco rubio rising to second now, explaining why to nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> it's not enough to be angry. you have to them people what you are going to do. i think the cumulative effect for months, especially now voters are tuning in will help us. >> reporter: rubio at tonight's debate sits in a lot of fire as the other establishment candidates look to make their mark. this state for some a must win. even though rubio picks up endorsement from aer rival bobby jindal. >> if you get a call on tuesday night saying i dropped out, keep voting. that's a lie. >> reporter: that's a dig, the texas senator has been accused of playing dirty in iwest virginia cruz looking ahead, looking confident, though slipping slightly in new hampshire polls, still in a top tier nationally.
4:14 am
>> the two big legislative initiatives i'm running on, repeopleing obamacare and adopting a simple flat tax. you can til fill them out on a postcard, and we can abolish the irs. >> reporter: ted cruz on fire, this time it will probably be marco rubio and expect the immigration as one of the major topics. it's something porptd to new hampshire republicans, a potential vulnerability for rubio. his rivals know it. including donald trump. >> all right. halle jackson in manchester. thank you so much. the smirk seen around the world with the same reaction from pretty much everybody. how this ceo became a post sper boy with what's wrong with big far ma. wall street's influence in politics. next i speak about how big a role it really plays. plus, expectations for tonight's republican debate. what lies ahead for marco rubio.
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giving you a look at the state government in new hampshire. >> that is manchester, the capital building. lovely building there. big spending on tv time this week for the bernie sanders team, it outspent the team with 1.3 million in paid advertising.
4:19 am
the clinton campaign spent half that. one reason for the high cost, sanders is spending a lot of money in boston, the most expensive of the four marks serving new hampshire. well, he has been called the most hated man in america and his latest actions will likely do nothing to change that reputation. forced to appear before a congressional committee on drug pricing, former pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli refused to answer any questions invoking the fifth amendment rights. here's a part of the report from anne thompson. >> reporter: appearing to smirk. >> are you listening? >> reporter: often inattentive. >> yes. >> reporter: from returning pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli lived up to his badboy reputation appearing before congress. >> i intend to use the advice of council, not yours. >> reporter: posing for pictures instead of listening. >> it's not funny, mr. shkreli . people are dying, they're getting sicker and sicker. >> reporter: shkreli declined to answer why the
4:20 am
company he once led raised the price of a life saving drug 5,000 percent. >> do you think have you done anything wrong? >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. >> i got to bring in ron hosanna, msnbc constrictor. what is with this guy? >> there is a tough up with. it's hard to find redeeming qualities about this young man possibly under indictment from moving money from a pharmaceutical company he once ran in a hedge fund he ran before. that so given his performance before congress and granted because he has a criminal investigation ongoing, he couldn't speak according to his lawyer. he's a very unlikable young guy. >> very much so. he is facing securities fraud charges, is he a posterboy for everything people hate about wall street? >> no, i don't think so. she in some ways a unique case insofar as i haven't seen this
4:21 am
type of attitude. it seems, you know, a little bit disassociated not to use a psych lage col term or engage in an amateur analysis. he does not seem as if he understands why people dislike him or why when you acquire a drug that sells for $13, you raise the price to $700 it's for a disease that's affiliated or i should say associated with aids that people would get upset. he seems altogether unaware in a variety of different ways of why what he is doing might be wrong. >> kind of defies explanation. let's move on, shall we, as we look this week which brought a new sec filing from the super pacs supporting hillary clinton. here's what it shows. clinton says she is not swayed be i the money, in fact, here's a boit from wednesday's debate. >> anybody who knows me who thinks that they can influence me, name anything they've influenced me on. name one thing. i'm out here every day saying
4:22 am
i'm going to shut dem them down, i'm going after them. i'm going to jail them if they should be jailed. ly break them up. they're not giving me very much money now, i can tell you that much. fine with me. >> so, one, if donors are not buying influence what are they hoping to get? >> this has been an open question for quite some time, alex. surgeon lip, you want access if fought influence. with respect to political donations, you want the opportunity to have your voice be heard, to meet with candidates, to meet with presidents sometimes. listen, that's what that game ask all about and has been historically. whether or not they directly influence a candidate or ultimately an elected official, you know, it needs to be taken on a case-by-case basis. certainly when you are giving money and lots of money, you are at least at the very least doing it so that you can public heard when legislation comes up that might affect your industry. >> here's what's interesting, one of the republicans have
4:23 am
ties, joen kasich at lehman. ted cruz's wife heidi from goldman sachs, she has been there a decade. we don't see those connections making headline, why? >> during the clinton years when bill clinton was president, there was a fair amount of dereg lakes supported by a variety of people on both sides of the aisle, believing the u.s. system was somewhat outdated, banks didn't need separated between investment and commercial operations and derivatives were not as dangerous as they ultimately proved to be. that was the theory that turned out not to be accurate. so you know, these things go in waves. yes, i think people cherry pick who is being funded by whom, if you go through all the candidates donation, you will see in some instances they're coming from pharmaceutical companies, primarily, if you have exposure there because your constituents, your companies in your state are large pharmaceutical firms. this is true across the board.
4:24 am
i happen to think the campaign finance reform is necessary. i happen to think that we'd be much better served with a different way of financing public campaigns. but, look, again, they are looking for access. they may not be looking directly to influence things, but sometimes that does happen, too. >> okay, always appreciate your insights. thank you. some of the fellow republicans claim ted cruz is resorting to dirty campaign tricks. i will speak to my colleague steve kornacki whether they are or it's sour grapes. ahh... yeah! ahh... you probably say it
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4:28 am
before the new hampshire primary. before that, one day from kickoff, california's bay area is gearing up big dime for super bowl 50. big business and increased security surrounding what is likely to be the post-watched sporting event of the year in the united states. joining me now from santa clara, california, nbc's almaguer. good morning to you. earlier time out there. what's happening today? >> reporter: alex, go remember to you. security is tight. there are people on the move. it will be a busy day for people coming into here to super bowl city. as the sun sets arising in san francisco, soon even more fans will be hitting the streets. [ cheers ] >> reporter: 1 million came here for the super bowl. only 70,000 will go to the game. >> i'd do anything to get a ticket for the game. i'd love to. i can't afford it. >> reporter: a seat fear the 50 yard line can set you back $20,000. the prices are sky high even in the upper deck.
4:29 am
you will feed $3,000 and a pair of bifnoculars for section 411. randall wembley dropped nearly $5,000 for his seat. >> what's the few thousand dollars in the sands of time? >> reporter: but before the game, drama. the nfl commissioner confirming the league is reviewing allegations against peyton manning and whether the super star quarterback received hdh, human growth hormone as reported by al jazeera. >> i don't see it as a distraction. he is focused on the super bowl, he is focused on the task at hand. >> reporter: with paning denying the use of banned drugs, his attorney says his wife received medication for her use only. ahead of its biggest fight trying to manage scams. ice hauled in $38 million of fake merchandise, bogus items sold as authentic. >> we have seized over 440,000
4:30 am
items. >> reporter: this weekend the roads and rails across the bay area are expected to be jammed. security here at levels never seen before. at fit teams are in the air a. no-fly zone 32 miles wide. >> we're here to watch the skiechls you watch the super bowl. >> reporter: on sunday, that's exactly what 110 million people will do. for most of us the best seat in the house will be nowhere in the stadium. already more than 66 law enforcement agencies here on the ground. they are led by the fbi. they say this place will be among the safest places to be anywhere in the country on sunday. alex. >> makes sense, okay, thank you so much, miguel, good to see you. just three days before the new hampshire primary. marco rubio is backing up the endorsement. who is backing up the senator and how it could help him next. ♪
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>> welcome back to continuing coverage in the final days before the new hampshire primary. hillary clinton is holding several rallies in new hampshire, desperately trying to nar resanders' commanding lead. kristen welker joins us from manchester. good morning. what is on hillary clinton's schedule today? >> reporter: she's got a busy day of campaigning, alex, three different events. >> that sizable lead you mentioned as much as 20 points. secretary clinton is bringing in an army of volunteers. she is urging her supporters not to give up. there is no doubt senator sanders has a fair amount of momentum right now. take a look at this national poll, secretary clinton is leading. only by two points. 44-42%. it's a virtual dead heat. now this all comes as senator sanders has been stepping up his
4:35 am
attacks againsting is clinton, painting her as a part of the establishment and panting her as entrenched in wall street. criticizing her for accepting big speaking fees for giving speeches to places like goldman sachs during the week's msnbc debate, chuck todd asked clinton if she would relieve a transcript of the paid speeches, she says she would look into it. andrea mitchell asked her about it yesterday in an interview. that ache listen i said i want to get into that. i want to get what's behind this. what is behind this is i've made speeches when i left as many people do, other former officials. no, i'm not. i thought it was a good way to communicate what i was seeing in the world, to answer questions about that secretary clinton is also firing back at sanders, accusing him of smearing her and her campaign officials see an
4:36 am
opening they point to the fact senator sanders had stumbles when asked about foreign policy during that debate. both candidateing will be out criss-crossing the state, alex, on that final push. i would be the strategy the to try to rally women vote. senator sanders has a very small lead here among women voters, fueled in part by those younger fe pail voters. so secretary clinton trying to reach those voters directly. her message, even though they're not for her. she's for them. we'll have to see how it works tuesday. >> thanks very much. we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> reporter: thank you. >> let's bring in alex geoffee on the campaign trail. how much weight will they carry on tuesday? >> reporter: there is no one game changing endorser, taken toke, he's received nine ens and the backing of two presidential
4:37 am
contenders in bobby jindal and rick santorum. that's helped the momentum under that stronger than expected finish in iowa. he finished in 3rd place. that was one point behind donald trump. now that's also put a bit of a bigger target on his back headed into tonight's debate. we have seen a number of the other contenders in the race vying for the establishment mantle take aim ought him. it will create some fireworks in tonight's debate. >> do you know what we can expect from him? will he be playing offense or defense? >> reporter: we should probably look for defense honestly with that big target on his back. we've seen him surging in some of these polls, consolidating sort of that moderate report. he searched a second place in the new nbc news poll out yesterday. so some of those governors that are also competing for that establishment lane like a jeb bush, a chris christie, are starting to take aim.
4:38 am
even some of the conservatives like ted cruz, who marco rubio claimed are in second place will be taking aim at him. he will be getting it from all sides, donald trump may take a pot shot at him, because he's been gaining on him in the polls. he's got to defend his reported. what we have seen, particularly from chris christie this week is charges he is too coddled, too polished, he's a boy in the bubble is the quote christie keeps purposeing. arguing he hasn't answered tough questions, he can't speak off the cuff. we will have to see marco rubio defend his issues tonight. >> thank you for that report from manchester. as new hampshire comes down to the wire, let's get some perspective from msnbc's steve kornacki. good morning. donald trump as you well know retains a double digit lead in new hampshire polling. we have the wheat mall street m poll. for rubio, that's a six-point
4:39 am
dump bump sis iowa. is marco rubio the candidate to watch, especially with the debate tonight? >> reporter: yeah, i think so, alex. i say eight days between iowa and new hampshire are the eight most volatile days in politics, if you are down one day, you could be a lot close ter next day. if you have the momentum. that seems to be the case. we have seen this formula before this idea of you do surprisingly well in iowa, you get the momentum out of iowa, suddenly your new hampshire poll numbers start sergeing, marco rubio, if you are looking at him right now, a couple weeks ago, he was written off. >> that strong show income i, what if he somehow were able catch donald trump here. i don't think that's out of the question at all. if he were able catch donald trump and win new hampshire next tuesday the path to the nomination for moreco rubio opens up incredibly. he would be very, very well positioned. and at the same time, donald trump would basically be on political life support at that point. >> okay. let's get to turnout.
4:40 am
because as you know, it reads, roared from politico that new hampshire is on track for a record turnout. you got the secretary of state saying over half a million, 550,000 are expected to vote. who says that benefits first on the democrat's side? >> reporter: on the democrat's side, it benefits bernie sanders, that certainly shows you the polling. independents favor him. the wild card up here in new hampshire is this. is those independent vote, i just mentioned. because in new hampshire, if you are an independent, can you show up on the day of the primary and say i want a democratic ballot or a republican ballot t. question leading into tuesday, with i way are those independents going to break? are they going to disproportionately look at the democratic race and decide participate there? or are they going to look at the republican race and decide to participate there? so if they flood into the democratic primary, that itself good news for bernie sanders. at the same time, if they look at it and say i like sanders,
4:41 am
but this republican race looks more competitive. i will vote there instead. >> that could hurt sanders. >> do you get a momentum that any particular candidate can take the independent votes? >> reporter: it's so tough to say. when we look at the turnout question on the republican side, all of the forecasts were so wrong in iowa on this question. there was polling saying look the higher the turnout is, the better donald trump is. every campaign said the exact same thing t. cruz campaign was saying we can't win if turnout went over a big point the big turnout was there. the advantage didn't accrue to donald trump the way everybody thought it would. when you look at new hampshire, john kasich has been doing very well with independent voters. john kasich you would think somebody on paper with his profile might do well. but i got to say, when it comes to the republicans and the question of who turnout helps after i, what i will take a brake from making a prediction on that. >> that's all right.
4:42 am
let's talk to iowa and the third polling in this state. the senator has been criticized big time. a cruz campaign call saying ben carson dropped out. let's play that for everyone. . >> now, as you know, senator cruz apologized for this call. do you think this could have any impact on his standing with gop voters? >> reporter: yeah, i think this causes two problems for ted cruz. one is look, there is what we're talking about. we're not talking about what ted cruz is saying in his speech, dead cruz' positions for proposals. this is not the best time for him dealing with a distraction like this. i think a bicker problem is this, where this all comes from, this controversy comes from is ben carson is pretty much in the way of ted cruz right now.
4:43 am
ben carson is taking voters who ted cruz' campaign believed would otherwise be with ted cruz and ted cruz needs every vote help can get. cannot so much in new hampshire, cruz doesn't need to win in new hampshire. he wants to do incredibly t. next big test for cruz comes after this it's down in south carolina a. state with many evangelical voters. the problem is, this seems to have rhode island up ben carson, ben carson may be, we're not sure how long he was going to stay in the race before this. it looks like now he wants to stick around. he is angry about this. if he sticks around, he doesn't have to win. if he gets 5, 6, 7% of the vote, that could cost him. >> hillary clinton was asked by our colleague chuck todd, whether she would release transcripts of her paid speeches before goodman sax and ups being one of them. >> in full disclosure would you release all of them? >> i don't know the status him i
4:44 am
can look into it. i can only repeat what is the fact that i spoke to a lot of different groups with a lot of different constituents. a lot of different kind of members about issues that had to do with world affairs. >> and as you know nbc's andrea mitchell pressed her again on the campaign trail yesterday about this. do you think we would see these transcripts, would they be an issue for mrs. clinton down the line? >> reporter: yes, look, this is her biggest vel nurability, her ties to wall street. the idea she took those speaking fees. that's given bernie sanders a big opening. i think the problem here for hillary clinton is, look, if she doesn't release these things, these transcripts, it looks like she's hiding something, it feeds the idea she's too secretive, if she puts them out there and they show a boring, bland generic speech, people look at it. you said basically nothing and they paid you all that money. what are they paying you money for? it doesn't sound like that
4:45 am
speech is special. there is that implication or the other side is, did she say things in these speeches that sound too cozy with wall street. i think it reenforces the problem she had the biggest problem with democratic voters, that closeness with wall street. >> okay. steve kornacki, good to see you my friend. coming up, what's behind hillary clinton's visit to flint, michigan tomorrow? first new hampshire may be do or die time for john kasich and his presidential hopes, but the ohio governor says don't count him out. during an interview yesterday, kasich said he'd be the worst vice president. you should counted him out, because he doesn't want to take orders from anyone or everyone. we'll be right back. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people.
4:46 am
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>> giving you a look at new hampshire. a beautiful u beautiful river there. three days before the primary in the granite state. well, those candidates are in a battle against not only their rivals. a potential snowstorm could hit new hampshire on tuesday. that could threaten what experts say are expected to be record turnouts at the polls. be sure to watch msnbc on the night of the new hampshire primaries. let's go now to a developing story out of taiwan, a 6.4 earthquake left hundreds dead, hundreds more injured t. quake struck east of a major city caused widespread damage, collapsing several high rise buildings. joining me from london, kelly kobiaya. what's the latest from taiwan? >> reporter: alex, it's now dark in the city tainan. 800 soldiers are searching for
4:50 am
swiemplts about 100 are missing. the number of dead is now up to 13 including a baby and a little girl. most of the deaths were in this huge apartment building 16 floors and a basement. people who got could hear their neighbors calling for help. one after another, rescuers pulled babies and toddlers from the mountain of collapsed concrete. mothers, too. some clearly injured and in pain. this was the 16-story apartment building. more than 80 families living inside. now the focus of a massive rescue effort. the bed shook, everything toppled, this woman says. she and her husband made it out on their own. across the city of 2 million many did the same. the quake struck when most were sleeping. ca kate felt it 15 miles away. >> i was awoken by this extremely violent shaking of the whole building. the quake began just before 4:00 a.m. my 7-year-old was in a different
4:51 am
room and we could hear her crying out to us. we couldn't get out of our bed to walk to get to her. >> reporter: it was strong and shallow. by dawn, its impact clear. multi-story buildings tilting. cars completely crushed under balconies. dozens hurt, dozens more trapped. this morning the biggest rescue effort is still here at the building. they pulled more than 200 from the rubble. even family pets. they're still search for survives here and across the city. and already there are questions about whether builders cut corners on that high rise but for now really the focus is on recovery efforts even through the night in taiwan. dozens are hospitalized. reports of more than 400 injured now, alex. many are spending the night in shelters. as i mentioned before, about 100 people missing according to the taiwan government. of course rescuers will be searching for them throughout
4:52 am
the night. alex? >> those pictures, what a horrific situation. thank you so much. although hillary clinton trails by 20 points in the polls, she's not giving up on new hampshire. she's making three campaign stops in the granite state today. but tomorrow she's heading to flint, michigan. we're going to talk about that coming up. and the also republican debate will held tonight before the first primary. what issues can we expect to come up? i'll talk with my panel about that next. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. ♪ [screaming] ♪ ♪ the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all wheel drive.
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4:55 am
we're heading back to new hampshire and bringing in nbc who is following the republicans and a reporter for politico. despite following the dems, gabrielle, i want you to both give me your best idea of what you think will be the hot topics tonight. jane, you first. >> i'm going to be watching marco rubio. how does he look on that stage facing ted cruz and donald trump. he was very strong at that last debate in iowa but until we see
4:56 am
him taking on donald trump i don't know if we're going to see how far he can go in this race. the other thing is how much is cruz on the defensive over what his campaign said on caucus night in iowa about dr. ben carson? this is a conversation cruz would like to move away from. he apologized. he's tried to say this is just my opponents trying to make hay. but how much he's defending himself against attacks from donald trump as we've seen before and from dr. carson himself i think will be instrumental as to how much he can rise here. >> okay. gabriel, how about you? do you agree with jane and what subjects do you think are going to be topic a, if you will, tonight. >> that sounds right to me. that's basically what we're going to see. also going to be important to watch the governors. you will have to watch john kasich, chris christie, jeb bush. they're going to have to make a kais for themselves in new hampshire and you probably see them make very new hampshire-specific cases. they're going to have to pitch themselves as the pragmatic people here because this is the
4:57 am
whole ball game for them regardless of whether they admit it or in the. >> okay. many thanks to you both. see you again. well, the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders this morning has grown even closer nationally. so what's driving the vermont senators overall surge in the polls? we're going to go inside the numbers with a pollster from new hampshire. i take pictures of sunrises. it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now... i'm back.
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it's 8:a.m. on the east coast. nearly 5:00 a.m. out west. 7:00 a.m. in the state of iowa. that was important last week but it's still 8:00 a.m. in the granite state. we've got our times. i am alex whit, the place for politics. within this last hour new poll numbers from new hampshire ahead of tuesday's primary, a daily tracking poll by u mass lowell in boston shows bernie sanders at 55%. that is unchanged from


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