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tv   Will You Kill for Me Charles Manson and His Followers  MSNBC  February 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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except for ted cruz, it's all on the line up here. thanks to his big win in iowa, cruz can probably skate in new hampshire. donald trump continues to lead big here in the latest u-mass tracking poll, shows the latest real estate mogul at 35%. marco rubio is way down there at 14%. followed closely by cruz. john kasich and jeb bush are tied at 10% each. trump needs to win here in new hampshire, and should. only one establishment candidate can by placing second here. four men, bush, christie, kasich, and rubio are fighting to be that man to win what i've been calling the eastern conference title. otherwise known as second place in new hampshire. which of those four will head to south carolina with the wind at his back? tonight, as i said, seven republican candidates debate for the final time before tuesday's new hampshire primary. i'll have all the debate highlights tonight again at 10:30 eastern. who won, who lost, and guess
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what, who's hurting tonight after tonight? trump is making his return to the debate stage after sitting out that last round in iowa. trump, the runner-up will be standing next to the man he says stole that election out there in iowa and committed fraud. that's, of course, trump's version. cruz has suggested that donald trump is "losing it." in other words, he's going mad. and then there's chris christie, who's taken to calling marco rubio, my favorite of the year, the boy in the bubble. that's christie on rubio. the boy in the bubble. he also calls him an english king. chances are there will be some gnashing of teeth tonight. i think jeb bush has also thrown some wicked punches rubio's way. we start with katie tur and halle jackson. both are at the debate site now. katy, you first. this is the first time that
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trump and cruz will be on the same stage together. after trump has been out there basically accusing him of fraud, of stealing the caucuses. cruz has come back and rather cutely accused trump of being nuts, of having lost it mentally, or emotionally, or whatever. this will be an interesting reunion tonight. >> i think that's exactly right. it will be an interesting reunion, but we haven't seen donald trump hit back at ted cruz for the last couple of days. not directly, at least. they have said that he is a counterpuncher at these debates. he's not the one that will go on the attack first. but it will be interesting to see how this plays out. earlier in the week, he was accusing him of fraud, saying he was going to sue him for it even, and by the end of the week, he was saying he didn't care any longer, trying to look m more forward. we've seen in the past few days, more of a positive spin. less attacks against his opponent. less attacks against ted cruz. no attacks against marco rubio.
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no attacks even against the press. so i'm interested to see how he comes out on this stage. whether he is on the offensive, or if he takes the tack he's been taking at most debates, which is one of looking more presidential. not looking like he is the one on the offensive with the other candidates. but new hampshire is a state that he needs to win. so we'll see how he acts on that stage. we haven't seen him on a debate stage in a little while. he missed that last one. so we will see if he comes out swinging, or if he decides to take more of a backward -- not backward. a backstage approach to this. >> well, it seems to me that the number one thing he has to do tonight to cause less attrition, to keep the tire from losing its air, is to convince his people who have been for him all these weeks, that he's a winner. that he's going to win this darn thing. that he's not going to fade away. they don't want to vote for somebody who three weeks from now they realize they've wasted their vote. how does he go on that stage
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tonight and convince heem he's goi -- people he's going to win the nomination? >> reporter: he's got to come out looking like somebody unaffected by the headlines that called him a loser. somebody who has maintained that momentum inside of his own head, at least. somebody that doesn't look like he has been biassed by what the media has been saying. so when he comes out on that stage, he needs to present himself as somebody who is presidential. somebody who doesn't need the media to sign off on his campaign. somebody who can stand up to ted cruz, stand up to marco rubio, stand up to the tough questioning of the moderators. that perhaps is the most important thing he has to do tonight. somebody who comes out looking strong and not afraid of tough questioning. >> okay. the other battle that has heated up this past week has been between chris christie and marco rubio. by the way, everybody's attacking rubio, because they're all going for the establishment win. the second place up here this
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tuesday heading into tonight's debate. christie told "the washington post," "new hampshire folks are going to be watching and deciding, and i will put on a good show for them." christie has slammed rubio as a boy in the bubble, coddled and worse. let's watch him. >> i've run through the heap. senator rubio has run away from the heap. i've accomplished things. senator rubio's own supporters can't tell you what he's accomplished. when the boy in the bubble gets here, i hope you guys ask him some questions. it's time for him to man up and step up and stop letting all of his handlers write his speeches. he acts like the king of england. he has a press aide stand next to him and preselect which reporters get to ask him questions. the problem with someone like marco rubio, who has proven he can't get anything done except to get up in the morning, fix his hair, smile, and give the same speech he's given for the
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last six years. even when he's leveling his insults at me, he has to read them from a piece of paper. >> earlier this week, rubio used some trump-like language of his own to smack back against christie. let's watch. >> i think it's been a tough couple of days for chris and some of the other guys. they're not doing very well. some people react badly sometimes to adversity. this campaign isn't about personal insults. if they want to do that, it's fine. it will reflect on them, not on me. i'm going to focus on the future of the united states of america. >> let's go to halle jackson, because i have a sense that it's not a very tough night next tuesday for cruz. because cruz can come in, like, fourth up here. and he goes right to south carolina where the others are really battling for second. having won in iowa. i don't think he needs it up here. maybe i'm wrong. tell me. >> you're rarely wrong, chris. let's talk about that. trump versus cruz is really not the showdown that you're looking for tonight. that is because cruz doesn't
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necessarily need it, as you point out. for the campaign, second place would be ecstatic. third place is very good. fourth place is fine. there's not a lot of pressure on ted cruz tonight like there was in iowa. in fact, if tomorrow morning we're not really talking about ted cruz, that's a good night for him because it means that marco rubio has taken all the fire. and that is the fight that we're watching. one between rubio and the rest of the establishment candidates. the christie campaign indicating he will be drawing contrasts tonight, specifically on experience, and you can bet that marco rubio's team is prepared for that. the campaign telling me that hey, rubio didn't come to new hampshire to attack other republicans, but he will certainly be ready to defend himself. hearing christie's attacks all week long, and even jeb bush's attacks all week long have helped potentially to prepare rubio for what's to come. each side kind of previewing where they might go tonight. >> okay, thank you so much, kay katy tur and hallie jackson. last night, donald trump once again disputed the iowa caucus results.
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let's watch. >> i think we should have come in first. a lot of things happened there. >> a lot of things happened there. so the person that came in third, they said unbelievable result. unbelievable. this is a huge victory! but i came in second and they said trump didn't do so well. but i don't think i did come in second. i think i came in first, okay? i'll be honest. >> michael steele former chair of the republican national committee. he's an analyst here for msnbc, the same for robert costa, national political reporter for "the washington post." both are msnbc political analysts. let's start talking about the interesting fight here. this is what jeb bush said today about marco rubio. they detest this candidate, these guys. i came in third. this is rubio brag. everybody else must leave.
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this is jeb's account of what rubio is talking about. i'm not buying it. this is jeb. why should i? it's like, come on, you get a bronze. you get a little red ribbon. and everybody else is supposed to just -- oh, the waters are supposed to part. they talk to him like he's a little prince. and they despise him because he is in many ways robotic. every time rubio talks and looks like they should say the following has been prerecorded. he never seems spontaneous. >> and the frustration is even with all of that, he's beating them. >> with a prerecorded announcement. >> and it has gotten to the point where i think tonight you'll see a lot of that boil over. jeb clearly has it in his mind to go after him. we know that donald trump i think should go after him, because i think that's the biggest danger right now for trump. it's not cruz. >> in the long run. >> in the long run. i think he needs to watch the guy coming up behind him.
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but for kasich and christie, tonight is critical. they have to square that circle and really kind of close in on rubio and take him down a notch. they need to come second or third. rubio can't afford to hold that second spot for them. >> robert costa, can trump afford to play against the next game? in other words, use some of his magic tonight not to defend himself and hold his lead, but smack down rubio, who in the long run is cassius here, the lean and hungry look? way down the road, he looks like everybody i know, including i know, looks like the most logical winner of this whole festival. your thoughts? >> trump has been holding off all week. there's a sense that he needs to revive himself on immigration. this is a state that has embraced pat buchanan in the past. they know rubio is their most likely threat at the moment. trump campaign still feels good going into south carolina. they're also looking for other people to go after rubio. bush wants to stay in the race until south carolina as well.
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>> will he attack rubio? >> bush will. when you talk to bush allies right behind me, you get the sense that bush feels good about a south carolina operation. he's been working it for months. it's all about survival. his people say he has to cut out rubio's momentum tonight at the debate and tuesday in the primary. or else it may be over. >> so there's a common interest now between jeb bush, the old establishment candidate, and the wildest anti-establishment candidate in history, donald trump, to knock out rubio. the heir apparent. >> in an ironic twist, donald trump's best friend tonight is the guy with low energy, jeb bush. because he's going to be looking to bush to do the thing that hasn't been done so far, and that is to really bring the fight closer in to rubio. christie is already engaged to do that. kasich is the one however to watch. kasich is going to look for a clear lane while all that
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scuffling is going on to sort of move out and into position to take the lead away from rubio without having necessarily engaged directly. >> let's talk about that. everybody i know seems to like kasich. maybe they like him because he's an underdog. because he's this regular guy who's made it in politics in a world of inauthentic people. he seems to be the real john kasich, at least. he's not somebody else. everybody roots for the guy. is he too much of an underdog to win on tuesday or come in second? >> it's going to be tough for governor kasich. i was just on the campaign bus with the governor. i said, what are you going to do at this debate? are you going to do anything to counter bush, to go after christie? your rivals in this gubernatorial lane. he said look, costa, i'm going to stay positive. that's all i can do at this point. but he's got to have a big night. if you're kasich, if you're christie, your money may be running out after tuesday. if you don't really jump in new hampshire, i don't know where you jump. >> we're out of time. i have so many questions to ask you guys. you're fabulous guests.
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thank you, michael. >> you got it, man. >> and robert costa, you're great. coming up, the final days of campaigning for the democrats, the clinton campaign is pushing the idea that bernie sanders isn't ready to be commander in chief. will it help hillary clinton close that gap? it's a huge gap right now. i'll be back at 10:30 tonight with post-debate coverage. tune in for our interviews with candidates. we're going to try to get as many of the republicans as we can tonight. plus, top moments from tonight's republican debate. that's coming up at 10:30 eastern tonight. this is "hardball," the place for politics. live from manchester, new hampshire.
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are you ready to make a political revolution? today in america, one family, the walton family, now owns more wealth than the bottom 40%. and with that, i'm taking off my jacket. it has upset me. i feel like a rock 'n' roll star. >> bernie! bernie! bernie! >> nothing more is coming off. that's it. >> there's a guy enjoying his late in life celebrity if i ever saw one. welcome back to this special edition of "hardball" live from manchester, new hampshire. anyway, senator bernie sanders and his supporters, there are a lot of them out there, have a lot to cheer about. four different polls.
4:19 pm
they're synosynoptic. secretary clinton is not running away from this fight. here she is in concord earlier today. >> we have to win in november. we've got to make sure we keep a democrat in the white house. you can either rail against the system, which is satisfying. venting is good. i'm a big believer in venting. or you can do what i did. i said all right, they knocked us down, we're getting back up. what can we achieve? will we rise together? will we rise by lifting each other up and giving every american the chance to succeed again? >> well, senator sanders continues to hammer clinton over her ties to wall street. and those billionaires, as he calls them. and the clinton campaign continues to counterpunch that
4:20 pm
sanders isn't ready to be commander in chief. joining me right now are three reporters, molly ball with the atlantic, msnbc political analyst sam stein, he's with "the huffington post." and heidi breslow writes for "usa today." are you guys still covering trump? you put him on the funny pages, didn't you? >> he's in the politics pages. >> we'll see. let me ask you, molly. hillary clinton is like trapped in a paper bag, and it's like, how do you fight against the guy who says you're not progressive enough? using progressive to be enough real estate to cover democratic, socialist, all the way over to moderate democrat. i'm sorry, not moderate. anything short of moderate. it's an enormous amount of waterfront. he says i'm further across that waterfront than you are, therefore i'm better than you. how does she say being further left is not better? >> well, there's that, which is a tough sell. she's a lot further left than the democratic party was.
4:21 pm
>> democrats were hungry after 12 years out of power, too. >> they wanted to win. there was a majority of moderates in the democratic base. that may not be the case anymore. >> are they bored with being in the white house? >> i don't think anybody -- i don't think anybody's bored. but they're dissatisfied. >> exactly what would they -- i know what they want. more medicare. more health care. >> i also think when bernie attacks hillary for this whole progressivism thing, it's not just about how far left you are. it's about claiming to be different things at different times. he's saying she does what's politically convenient and says what voters want to hear. it's not about is she left, is she center. it's that on one day she's center and another day she's left. >> he is the most targeted political figure i've ever come across. he goes right to the young people. you got a big student loan problem? forget about it. i'm going to give you free tuition. i'm going to take care of your particular challenge, which is
4:22 pm
economic. that's pretty targeted. that's pretty political. that's not ideological. >> but this frame of income inequality. it's something that he's been talking about for literally decades. i was at that rally -- >> why does it work with young people? >> because it's idealistic and anti-establishment. >> i buy the fact that older people worry more about taxes because they've had to pay them their whole life. a 20-year-old has never had to pay heavy taxes. their burden is student loans. that's the tax they have to pay. and he says i'm going to get rid of that. >> that's true, but you can also make the argument that parents are burdened by the student loans that their kids accumulate. i think for me -- >> you know, more and more parents can't afford it. they load it on the kid. >> that's true, too. i think bernie's appeal -- which is that there is and there has been an element of the progressive wing of this party. that although they love obama and think he's done a great job,
4:23 pm
they do feel like -- >> by the way, define the term progressive. >> that's a great question. people who generally felt like he was too lenient with republicans. didn't fight for a public option. people who when he made that tax cut deal -- >> well, they want more big government. >> people who thought he negotiated poorly when it came to getting rid of the bush tax cuts. people who wished that he hadn't gone so quickly. >> they know he got as much as he could with 60 votes in the senate. including the living ted kennedy. >> this is the interesting part about the bernie sanders revolution, which is he never talks about the institutional hurdles that he's going to face. a filibuster will exist under president bernie sanders. >>. >> and i talked to tad devine about this. i said, what happens if you don't have a house majority? which they likely won't have until 2022, and he said we will make the 2018 midterms the biggest referendum in the
4:24 pm
history of midterm elections. >> it will always be the next election. it's like the brooklyn dodgers. next year. next year. heidi? >> that's the difference between older bernie supporters and younger bernie supporters. because i talked to a number of the older supporters. i sought them out last night at this rally. and this is the difference. the younger voters really believe in the revolution. they think it's coming. they think that these things that bernie sanders has laid out are entirely possible. >> you have nothing to lose but your student loan. >> the older voters, they say -- i know he can't do that. i've been around long enough, i know he can't do it, but it's a protest vote. and i'm sending a message to my party, i'm sending a message to the republicans because something has to change. >> could it be that we've had so many years of nothing? and nothing for like six years. do people know that there's going to be nothingness, so you might as well yell from the ramparts and say what you really want, because there ain't going
4:25 pm
to be a compromise anyway. >> there's that. there's the feeling that if the republicans nominate trump, democrats are beginning to win the election no matter what. this is what the liberals are saying. >> who's the one they're afraid of? just while we're on the subject. i don't want to be superior about this. people that read the papers. who are they afraid of? >> the clinton campaign is definitely afraid of rubio. >> they're all afraid of rubio, aren't they? rubio is a grease pig. you can't get your hand on the guy. he just slips right through you. >> the reason they're afraid of rubio is because, for the obvious biographical details -- >> he's young. attractive. >> he's a hispanic senator. he could potentially bring a very critical state of florida. >> he's obama reborn in terms of political talent. he can give a great speech on a dime. it may be prerecorded, but it's a great speech. >> the biography. even though clinton herself -- >> very patriotic, too. he comes across as deeply
4:26 pm
gut-wise patriotic. i think a lot of people, everybody finds that appealing. >> the question with rubio, though, the way he's different from obama primarily is the hawkishness that he brings to the table is completely at odds with where obama was in 2008. so perhaps, although the country is not at the point where we're talking about iraq like in 2008, perhaps that's a problem. >> i'm not sure they're aggressively hawkish and going into battle. they're aggressively hawkish of how you treat prisoners of war. he said we take them down to gitmo and we get the truth out of them. bring back dick cheney and the boys. the henchmen. anyway, it's pretty scary when he says we'll get the truth out of them. we have ways of making them talk. anyway, that's an old phrase. molly ball, thank you. you may be right, i may be wrong. we'll have live coverage of tonight's debate. coming up at 10:30 and all the highlights and naanalysis. by the way, it's on abc if you want to watch the ball.
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4:31 pm
for chris christie. for john kasich. and that means tonight's debate is ever more crucial to all three of those guys. but if kasich's nervous, he isn't showing it. the ohio governor got in a snowball fight yesterday with members of the press. i like that. they were kind of soft. polls kasich is hovering around third or fourth in new hampshire. here's what schwarzenegger said on the phone. >> he doesn't feel pain. and he can take a beating. and he absolutely will not stop. ever. never give up. so this is you. you are the terminator. >> you will crush him! anyway, on thursday -- that's what arnold always says. on thursday, kasich also got the endorsement of montel williams, who joins us now.
4:32 pm
and also with me is howard fineman, political analyst with "the huffington post." global editor director. montel, let me ask you about this. i think you like kasich because you're going to say so. i can't tell you the number of people who quietly come up to me and say i like this kasich guying and they include a lot of democrats. your thoughts? >> i think you'll find a lot of independents will realize that kasich is probably the only adult in the entire game right now. both democratic and the republican side. he has been in the congress. he was a congressman from ohio. he has been a part of our national balancing of our budget once before, and now in ohio, if you take a look at what he's done as a leader, he appears to be the only one that understands that leadership owes responsibility to bringing both sides together. i look at all the other candidates right now, and you look at who their constituents are, they believe if they are elected president, they're the only people they have to answer to. but there's a lot of people in the rest of this country who would like to have a leader who
4:33 pm
would include us all in the discussion. and i believe kasich will be the guy who will do that. >> i would like to see the regular guy like the president, and kasich is definitely a regular guy. let me ask you about the mood of the country. it's all about anger. it's all about, you know, screw the establishment, throw bricks -- storm the bastille. how does a guy like kasich win in that kind of environment? >> here's what's going on. if you really go back to this -- and i said this a couple times. people have been finally picking up on this. we're living in a reality-based kind of a life through the media right now. over the course of the last -- since 2000 to date, back in 2000, we had only four reality shows on tv. right now, we have over 390 of those. in our society, all those 390 shows, the main theme is anger, divisiveness, and a battle. donald trump primed the pump by putting on a television show where he treated people badly, made sure that they treated each other badly to win a prize.
4:34 pm
so he primed you to accept what he is doing right now to the media every single day. so what's going on is i think that we're looking at a population that thinks that the only way we can get answers is through anger and at the end of the day, remember, this is a country built on we the people. all of us will be led by the individual and all of us have to have a right to participate. >> are you saying life imitates art? or something? not art, but television. >> in this case, i think donald is the director and the producer and he's got a lot of people like marionettes playing to his script. he's going to get a rude awakening tomorrow night when he doesn't come in either third or fourth. >> montel, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> by the way, i didn't need to be primed. i was already primed. i came to the battle wanting a battle. thank you so much, sir. let me go to howard about something i'm fascinated with. it's trump. now, the thing -- let's go into sports a little bit. once sonny listen got beaten, he
4:35 pm
couldn't win again. muhammad ali takes down the ugly bear and beat the guy. so he could never fight again. is trump in that condition now? >> no, he's not in that condition yet. he's ahead here. he remains ahead. i'm convinced from talking to campaign managers for all the campaigns, people close to the campaigns. pollsters on the ground in new hampshire. and voters here, that donald trump has a ceiling. okay? >> does he have a floor? >> i'm not sure what the floor is, but i think the floor is dropping. my sense is he's certainly not gaining. i think he may be losing a little. however, what protects him here and what may save him from sonny listen status here is that everybody else below him are still attacking each other. they almost would prefer somebody like ted cruz, i'm told, would prefer donald trump to win here rather than allow -- >> they're all afraid of cruz.
4:36 pm
>> marco rubio to take off. that's what's going on. >> here we are, this second contest of the presidential campaign. not even fought yet. tuesday night. and everybody's decided who the residual victor is going to be. that at the end of all the crap-throwing and personal punches, aggravation, anger, somehow this very young guy from florida is going to walk away with the big trophy. >> well -- >> seems to be the democrats' view. >> well, it's two things. first of all, he's got whatever's left of the republican establishment. and there's a little lip. likes marco rubio. >> they tend to be hawkish. >> he's got a lot of money. he's got a hell of a biography. on paper -- >> it's patriotic. >> and on paper, he's the guy. on television here, he's blanketing the airwaves in new hampshire. just as he did in iowa with tons of television. now, that's inefficient spending, but it works. here's the thing. there are about 35% to 40% of
4:37 pm
the voters here right this minute that are either undecided and undeclared. >> how do you go from trump, to a mild-mannered marco rubio? how do you make that switch? >> it's partly because voters in new hampshire, the ones i've talked to and the strategists say new hampshire is not certain it wants to put its stamp of approval on donald trump. there's going to be a lot of -- >> it will if they think he's a winner. >> if they think he can win. they're not sure he can win. going to be a lot of voting that may be anti-trump among the undecideds. >> he's what we might see tonight. here's jeb bush continuing to lag in the polls. in an interview, however, with "the boston globe" today, jeb said, i could drop my pants, moon the whole crowd, everybody would be agast, except the press guys would never notice. that's pretty sad. >> it is. we would notice that. we would notice that. >> jeb, try us. >> he's wrong about that.
4:38 pm
he would get on the air with that one. >> but he's a goner. >> my bet is that trump wins here by seven. >> okay. if he wins by seven, if rubio comes within seven, then rubio -- >> a second place? >> if rubio comes in second place, ted cruz does not want that. >> because that's 3-2-1. >> if donald trump wins here, if he wins in new hampshire primary by seven points, that is big-time. that is big-time. i don't know what would happen in nevada. but south carolina, that sets him up for south carolina. >> south carolina, he's coming first. and i would bet on trump in south carolina as of now. >> i would, too. >> do they know rubio down there in charleston and places like that? >> no, they don't know him at all. unlike new hampshire, which is retail, donald trump is a national brand. as this thing expands -- >> trump's in the game! >> if he wins new hampshire, then suddenly the national brand that is donald trump helps him
4:39 pm
in all of these states. >> okay, i'm sitting around here on monday night, which seems like a year ago, last monday night. it's this week. the buzzards were all around me. my colleagues, everybody was a buzzard all of a sudden. a lot of progressives don't like trump. all of a sudden they're buzzing around, he's dead. that's crazy. >> i wouldn't say he's dead. but one of the things that's helping him here is that no one person has been able to really mount the solitary campaign against him. >> your enthusiasm for this is infectious. thank you, sir. >> by the way, there's 1.3 million people in new hampshire. 600,000 maybe are going to vote. this is a great testament to democracy in the country. >> there's no special way to vote. you go to the local corner and vote. by the way, if you don't vote in new hampshire, you're out of your mind. here's your chance to have the most powerful vote of your life. up next, hillary clinton is joined by another secretary of state on the trail. there she is.
4:40 pm
madeleine albright. she's not mincing words when it comes to women supporting a woman candidate. and be sure to tune in to "meet the press." i'll be taking part in chuck's panel tomorrow as the show is broadcast live from up here in manchester. chuck wallace sitting down with some other luminaries. hillary clinton, donald trump, and bernie sanders. the big three are all coming to "meet the press." you're watching "hardball," the place for politics, live from manchester, new hampshire, ahead of tonight's republican debate. hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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4:43 pm
so, people are talking about revolution. so what kind of a revolution would it be to have the first
4:44 pm
woman president of the united states? and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. [ applause ] >> that was dante being quoted by the former of state madeleine albright, who is sitting with me. she's campaigning up here in new hampshire for hillary clinton, obviously. albright was the first woman in u.s. history to be secretary of state. breaking an important glass ceiling all by her lonesome. she's a longtime clinton supporter, hitting the campaign trail up here again for hillary. hoping to see history made once again by electing the first woman president of the united states. so let's go back and remind everybody who is 20 years old why it's important to have the first woman president to break that ceiling. >> i think that we have an opportunity, not only to have the first woman president, but one who is most qualified to actually have the job. and i think people didn't think a woman could be secretary of state, or be a senator.
4:45 pm
and we can see now that it would be fantastic. we always like to be number one, chris. other countries that have women presidents. we need to have hillary clinton as the most qualified commander in chief. >> let me tell you how weird this election is, and how asymmetric it is. i went to bernie sanders' breakfast. in the course of an hour and a half, he never mentioned foreign policy. never mentioned security. as if he wasn't going to be running, or is running for commander in chief. how can that be? how can young voters not be aware that the job essentially is setting u.s. foreign policy? >> i find it shocking. i've been to the hill a lot in various roles. and many briefings, etc. unless he looked completely different then, i never saw bernie sanders in any meeting. >> what did you think of his performance on topics like afghanistan in the recent debate? >> one of my former students, i now teach at georgetown, said if
4:46 pm
they had done that, i would have asked my students to rewrite the paper. he really has -- >> did you grasp what he was talking about? >> no, because what he does is always just goes back to the one thing he talks about, is iraq and isil. and not knowing how many people are running north korea or trying to figure out -- look, i think he's a fine man. and i admire what he's done on the veterans issues and a number of things. but we cannot have on-the-job learning. >> let me give you this argument. he says i was right in my judgment about the iraq war and hillary was wrong. >> well, i think one vote does not make a policy. and i think he doesn't show any strategy. and the contrast, the way hillary answered that question, in terms of understanding not only what was going on in those countries, but the relationship among them, the trends, what the u.s. role has to be. i think the job of president of the united states is obviously the most important in the world. and we need somebody who is
4:47 pm
number one. >> gender is not the only issue, but it's important to you, and it's important to a lot of people. my wife. a lot of people. if hillary doesn't win this nomination, when is the next bet we'll have a woman candidate who can even get close to winning the presidency? anybody in sight? >> there are a lot of very fine women, but this is a great combination. hillary's background of her own devotion to issues like, you know, the children's defense funds, women issues. >> so it's authentic, too. >> a really fantastic first lady. senator on the armed services committee. secretary of state. there's nobody that has that kind of combination of qualities. >> let me turn to margaret carlson, my longtime colleague. talk about this generational thing with women. it does seem like when you don't have inflation, nobody cares about inflation. women today, young people, young adults seem to think that all the fights that you guys have fought for 30, 40 years, including suffrage even, are okay. they're not like big issues anymore. >> well, i'm not that old.
4:48 pm
but i am in the sisterhood to the extent that, you know, when i went to law school, half of the class was not women. it was still, you know, something of a novelty. so i remember those days. and the women under 45 don't apparently according to the statistics and the polls. >> did you ever think about the equal pay issue growing up? >> yes. i think about it now. because there is still a big gap. and we're aware of it, you know, even though you don't quite know what it is. but i do think what madam secretary says is quite right, about we should be supporting each other. but of course, it doesn't mean i should be voting for carly fiorina. and the next time around, i think we're going to have more than one woman senator or one woman governor running. >> you just wonder if the republicans ever pushed through title nine. probably not. and when kathy, my wife, kathleen was on the stanford national championship tennis team, guess what. women on the team had to pay for their travel. personally.
4:49 pm
but the men all had it paid for by the university. these little things that were little messages. >> billie jean king fixed that. she's the one that went on the limb and fixed that. >> bobbie riggs was okay. she watches "hardball", so i'm always going to be a billie jean king fan. thank you, margaret. madeleine albright, it's good to have you here. you're above it all, but you're here. >> it's always fun. >> thank you, secretary madel e madeleine albright and margaret carlson. up next, let me finish with another clinton campaign in new hampshire. this is back in '92. my memories of the dramatic political finish here in 1992. look at clinton. he's a kid. this is "hardball," the place for politics, live from manchester ahead of tonight's republican debate.
4:50 pm
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let me close with what happened here in new hampshire. 24 years ago, in telling this story i have the advantage of having been here then.
4:54 pm
any way, bill clinton started out that year as the heavy favorite to win the new hampshire primary. he was the candidate of the democratic establishment. he was young and attractive with a long history as a successful southern governor. then the trouble came. the week before the primary. abc news got hold of a letter that clinton had written to the commandant of the university of arkansas rotc. it showed him thanking the colonel for saving him from the draft. fearing the worst he went into damage control. he presented it as a case of the press not letting him get his message across. the saturday before the primary, he walked door to door handing out video cassettes a campaign pitch he accused the media of not covering. the spin was. on it was the media's fault for focusing on the draft letter instead of the issues on. tuesday night with clinton lagging behind the front-runner, the candidate went before the tv
4:55 pm
cameras to declare himself the comeback kid. the spin was now complete. all that attention about clinton's avoiding the draft was media i'm. the real story was that he, the candidate, had missed the political bullet. he, bill clinton, had been shot at by the media and missed. in the history of the new hampshire primary, it was the case of a candidate with such a strong campaign team and a candidate so tough that he couldn't be beaten. either by an extremely negative story on the eve of the election or by the numbers posted on election night itself. bill clinton came out the political winner in 1992 because he insisted on being the inner. i will never forget the scene the morning after. about to appear on a morning news program, i watched bill clinton storm into the green room, every inch the political winner. surrendered by aides in blue suits he grabbed confidently for a handful of don't it is. a few minutes hear a candidate with a school bag slunk over his
4:56 pm
shoulder arrived in the that company of his aide. he came over and asked if he might have a doughnut. this humble person was the man who had won the primary the night before. could it be that bill clinton seemed to have won that primary and put himself on the road to the nomination and victory in the election by the sheer force of his storming self-confidence? or if you prefer a more favorable phrase, the strength of his political character. something we would all see when as president, he faced a personal crisis, far deeper and more fateful. and that does it for me tonight. come back and join me at 10:30 eastern for a special post debate show. lawrence o'donnell picks up our coverage right after this. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp.
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