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tv   Will You Kill for Me Charles Manson and His Followers  MSNBC  February 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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is the debate tonight. which this time will include donald trump who said this at his last campaign event in new hampshire on thursday. >> february 9th, you have to get out and vote. don't think we're going to win. don't think we're going to win. just get out and vote. no matter where you are, no matter how you feel. i don't give a damn. you have to get out of bed and vote. we have to create a mandate. we have to create victory. >> donald trump was snowed out in new hampshire yesterday. he still holds the biggest lead in new hampshire from today's tracking poll from the university of massachusetts. he has a 21-point lead ahead of marco rubio. donald trump, 35, marco rubio, 14, ted cruz, 13. john kasich and chris christie.
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a 14-point lead. bernie sanders at 55. hillary clinton at 41. joining us now, from the site of tonight's debate is nbc's halle jackson. there's been a lot of speculation about who will go after who in this debate. i suppose each candidate is trying to figure out from which of these other candidates can i steal the most votes. >> right. at this point it seems it will be marco rubio at the center of that bull's-eye. who will be the target. let's talk quickly about what they need to do in tonight's debate. you have donald trump, for example, hoping to not drop the ball and underperform his number one poll position. he is looking to keep the course steady as it goes and finish on top. you have ted cruz who basically will need to stay out of the fray a little bit. if he can finish not being the central of attention, that will be a win for him. he doesn't need to.
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this is not the lane that he's competing in. and that's where marco rubio comes in. his campaign knows this. negligent rubio will be in the cross hairs. i'm told that robidas will be ready to defend himself. i'm told he didn't come to new hampshire to attack republicans but if tagd, he will defend. chris christie, keeping the eye on the ball in terms of comparing the differences. perhaps not in attack mode but contrast mode as his campaign has drawn that differentiation. so look for him to look the other candidates' experiences, particularly marco rubio and perhaps hit him hard there. john kasich, we know he was on the treadmill watching the golf channel. he is looking to stay positive and ten his message of being a little above the fray when it come to the back and forth between candidates. and finally, jeb bush, lawrence, who may be following his mother's advice. we saw barbara bush talking
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about how she hoped to see her son jump in a little more. interrupt a little more. bush needs to have a memorable moment. he is hoping to really make a stand and potentially carry some momentum. he had a good day today with lots of people at his big rally. he needs to have a good night tonight. >> hallie jackson, thank you for joining us. we're joined now by robert costa, national political reporter for the "washington post" and msnbc political analyst. also with us, the former republican senator, recommending new hampshire from 1990 to 2003. and supporting senator ted cruz for president. also with us, david corn and msnbc political analyst. senator smith. your candidate comes into new hampshire and he is the center of attention for all the controversy created in iowa. how do you feel he is defending himself against the accusations
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coming out of iowa in terms of tampering with the outcome there, putting out the notification that, i'm sorry. carson, ben carson was dropping out of the race. all of this. >> it is all behind us. senator cruz has apologized. it was a press report that was disseminated that. mr. carson was going to florida, period, end of story. senator cruz had more votes. 51,000, anyone in the history of the caucuses and he was the big winner there and now he's here. this is new hampshire. >> robert, everyone seem to be speculating that marco rubio will be the big target. but i don't think donald trump gets over that loss in iowa any time soon. do you expect him to be firing harder at ted cruz or marco rubio?
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>> there's a sense among many of his prifls his support in new hampshire is soft. they have ground organizations that can inch up their number in the final days. and they think, as much as they're going to take on rubio, trump is a target as well. >> david, who do you see as being the center of the action tonight? >> i think you feel the level of desperation rising. it is like a circular firing squad. like a quenin tarantino movie. everybody is pointing a gun at somebody else, not sure who is pointing it at them. and i saw chris christie this afternoon at a town hall meeting. and boy, did he try to rip the hide off rubio. i thought it was his pre game addition for what would happen tonight. the interesting thing is whether trump will stand back and let everybody else doing that. we saw ted cruz and rubio doing
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that. they're inching up into that 9%, 10% range. only one of them can get that reasonable suburban vote. so will either one of them try to make at least a strong sharp comparison? it will be kind of dizzying tonight. >> senator smith, your old friend bob dole is more opposed to ted cruz than any other candidate up there. he says that ted cruz, if he is the nominee, will hurt the republicans badly. will hurt them in the state elections. what is your response? >> first of all, bob dole has earned the right to say whatever he wants to. a war hero, he served his country. but look, bob dole is wrong. time after time, when we nominate establishment candidate for president, we lose. every time. in the last several years.
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so we want to win. so this idea that somehow a person who is running against the establishment can't win, that's nonsense. he won in a toss up election. more votes than anyone in the history of caucuses. so winning is about standing up for principle and values and it is interesting right here in miami that ted cruz is working very hard with a good field operation, to consolidate in the reagan tradition. what is marco rubio doing? he is trying sabotage the establishment. he joined one the gang of eight and tried to pass the bill that would allow amnesty and not seal
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the borders. that's not what people are looking for. they're looking for people who will stand up and tell the people the truth. >> i have to ask you something. you've served in the senate. i don't think you've ever seen a united states senator disliked by more senators than ted cruz is disliked by the united states senators. he can't get one endorsement out of there. not one positive word from anyone else in the senate. >> so what? 51,000 people in iowa loved him. they voted for him. he has thousands of grassroots supporters opt ground here and everywhere. with conservatives in that tradition who are working vehemently. >> it is just that the people, who cares what the insiders do? we're running against the
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establishment. >> two words. gold water. there are two models. one is ronald reagan. that worked out very well for you. the other is barry goldwater. it seems he was much closer to him. it may not mean something but he is pretty far that to the right. and he won the evangelical vote in iowa. that was the basis of his victory. that's not the vote that wins elections in places like ohio, florida, michigan, virginia. once you get tonight general election. a good base to start from. if you can't get beyond that base, you don't go anywhere. >> that's your opinion. and i understand it. i respect it. but look, history shows us that the establishment candidates do not win. so what do we have to lose by trying someone who really stands
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up for the conservative values? >> two bush who's won with the back ground. >> and when they did, the debt went up. the. >> yes, but they won. >> but the point is winning is not winning just an election. winning is what we believe in and changing the country. this is not about any particular candidate. it is not about senator cruz or any oop candidate in the race. it is about a cause. saving america, changing our culture, turning this culture around. eliminating no amnesty. close the borders. that's what winning means. >> let me go back to this thing. you served on the senator longer than ted cruz has so far. he may have a long senate career. we don't know. have you had a chance to take him aside and say you can't say
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that about mitch mcconnell. you can't go out and call the republican leader a liar. you can't do it. >> have you had that moment with him? >> absolutely not. >> i don't agree with what you said. >> you never called the leader a liar on the senate floor. you never went out and did that. >> senator cruz. >> the establishment is the cause of the problem. that's why, we're not winning. >> when you say that, the establishment nominee, the romney, mccain, bush, whoever it is. they beat your extreme conservative challenges. among the republican voters. it is republican voters who rejected it. >> let me ask you. why is it extreme to favor sealing our borders, to not have amnesty of people who are here
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illegally, to defund an organization that promotes abortion on demand, and go down the line. all of the, that promotes more debt, more taxes, more spending. that's not extreme. that's what the american people believe in. >> everyone of the establishment guys are with you on that. everyone of the establishment candidates so far are with you on those points. >> that's not true. marco rubio doesn't. and donald trump's record doesn't say that. >> that will have to be the last word on the republican candidates in this block. former senator bob smith, thank you for joining us. great to see you again. coming up, donald trump has not had a strong ground game in new hampshire. everybody says the outcome here is about the ground game. we'll find out on tuesday. and for the first time, bernie sanders has now closed the gap with hillary clinton in a national poll. and right here, later, coming up.
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. my total focus is on new hampshire. >> total focus. yesterday donald trump that his total focus was on new hampshire but he said it in south carolina. he never made to it new hampshire yesterday because his total focus on new hampshire did not include weather forecasts predicting that it was going to snow in new york and new hampshire and everywhere in between. making plane travel in the region impossible for most of the day. so donald trump is the only presidential candidate who was not in new hampshire yesterday where the rest of the candidates were totally focused on new
5:18 pm
hampshire. we're back with david corn, back with us, also back with us, robert costa. so what do we think it means that donald trump has done less handshaking in new hampshire than any other candidate? >> it could have a political cost. trump has been campaigning all year on ads, on his celebrity, on television appearances. and we saw a little bit of his support in iowa was soft. he was not having much of a ground game. in new hampshire, he's doing more in the final two days but he's not doing the same with his rivals. >> david, what do you think? >> the interesting thing was for month after month after month, there was one story of his campaign. it was donald trump. he overshadowed -- >> i remember that. >> is it over? please tell me it's over. >> now he has to share the spotlight. there's a ted cruz story. a marco rubio story. and after, on tuesday, there may
5:19 pm
be, not promising, a jeb bush or john kasich story. maybe a chris christie story. and of course, the bernie story. so he's not one guy and six dwarves and everybody else. he has to share the spotlight and that's a very different reality for donald trump. i don't know how he's going to relate to that even psychologically. we'll get a taste of that tonight. >> he let's get the latest new hampshire poll on the screen tonight. donald trump at 35, robidas rubio at 14. ted cruz at 13. that's a tie. jeb bush, john kasich, tied at 10. chris christie, at 4. for donald trump, winning means coming in first and having at least a 10-point lead, it seems to me. what does it mean for marco rubio? what does winning mean for ted cruz? >> at this point, the trump
5:20 pm
campaign just wants to win i stopped by their headquarters. though he's way ahead in the polls, because of the tightness, they just want to get over the hump. the real race in my reports is second place. if you can get second place in new hampshire, you're coming out as much a story as the possible victor with trump. >> right now, in today's tracking poll, the fun about second place is we've got a tie. we have a republican tie for second place. if we have that at 2:00 a.m. wednesday morning. >> the interesting thing, trump, you know, everyone likes to talk about lanes. trump will be in his own lane. maybe it is a jet lane, whatever it is. and cruz will have a claim on the evangelical movement. second or third. he heads south eventually where he should do well. then you have rubio and maybe one establishment guy. so you could have a bit of a
5:21 pm
jumble. whoever comes in second or third. there will be lots of spinning in the spin room. and i think there's a lot of dust settling that will happen in the weeks ahead. so there will be a lot for us to talk about. >> yeah, yeah. robert costa, on the democratic side, there is a lot to talk about. hillary clinton so-called fire wall in south carolina. if donald trump comes out of new hampshire in anything but first place, does he have a fire wall in south carolina? or are his wall built on that kind of, like a very collapsable house of cards based on the notion that he wins everything? >> south carolina is a crucial state for donald trump. there is a sense that trump has been winning in the polls in south carolina for months on end. big leads in the poll. this is state lines where newt gingrich didn't win there. work the media savvy campaign.
5:22 pm
he doesn't need a the love grounds game in south carolina. that's where he could come back. there is a sense that has to be a state that he wins. new hampshire remains the target. this is a state pat buchanan won. anti-illegal immigration. this is his home base. >> david, just an example of how die animalic and fluid this electorate is. i was talking to an undecided voter. she is undecided between ted cruz and hillary clinton. that's how undecided you can get in new hampshire. >> i was just talking on senator smith who was on earlier. he is making calls for ted cruz to independent voting last time. he has found more than one independent voting republican telling hill, they're voting for bernie. so go figure. i mean, i don't anything will be
5:23 pm
determined. in fact, new hampshire doesn't have a great reputation for picking winners who go on to win in the general election. it's been a long time. you have to go back to george h.w. bush. >> on the republican side. >> and jimmy carter on the democratic side. >> john kerry took it. >> but he didn't win. >> i mean for guys who actually win the white house. >> that's a good point. winning the white house. ultimately that's what it is all about. >> it is not about getting convention speeches. thank you very much. coming up, the latest national poll shows bernie sanders in a tie with hillary clinton. >> we have to win in november. we've got to make sure we keep a democrat in the white house. >> if you're ready to make a political revolution?
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we can tell our story about how we climbed the ladder. a lot of you younger women don't think it has been done. you have to help. hillary clinton will always be there for you and just remember,
5:27 pm
there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> that was form he secretary of state madeleine albright appearing with the former secretary of state hillary clinton on the campaign trail for the first time today. the new quinnipiac national poll shows the democratic race is now tied within the margin of error with 43%. the margin of error is 4 points which means each of those numbers might be 4 points higher or lower or anything in between that 8-point range. that's extraordinary. the last time the poll was conducted, hillary clinton had a 31-point lead over bernie sanders. the poll shows bernie sanders does better than hillary clinton in head to head match-ups against the top three republican candidates. beating donald trump and ted cruz and tying with marco rubio,
5:28 pm
hillary clinton ties with ted cruz and loses to marco rubio in those match-ups. joining us now, political correspondent casey who has been covering the sanders campaign. >> the clinton campaign, fascinating. madeleine albright right there. they will tell you that they expected that this fight would be a long tough one. that's what they say in public. the reality is they are very surprised at where we are today. and on the flip side, bernie sanders and his wife jane are also surprised by the degree to which people have embraced them and how far this has gotten. we take a quick look back at how it is come to be that so many people are feeling the bern. >> let me thank all of you. we thought there would be a small crowd here today. wrong again. >> thank you all very much. >> in case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of people here.
5:29 pm
>> vermont senator bernie sanders is drawing huge crowds. 25,000 people in portland oregon, last night. >> whoa! this is by far the largest crowd. >> bernie sanders has gone from way behind to on fire. >> your friends in the media would have told you nine months ago that i was a fringe candidate. not a serious candidate. >> if you raise the issues on the hearts and minds of the american people. if you try to put together a movement which says we have to stand together as a people. that's winning electionsful that's where the american people are. >> on monday night, we are poised to make history. join the political revolution. thank you all very much. >> he has a huge lead. both sides acknowledge that is definitely going to marrow. i think over the course of the last day or two we've seen a little more nervousness of the
5:30 pm
clinton campaign that they can't close it as much as they need to. >> joining us now from the "boston globe," also joining us, msnbc political analyst and columnist for the daily beast. you've seen more of these new hampshire weekends than any of us. special place in hell is a new campaign phrase that i can't remember hearing in new hampshire before. madeleine albright saying, women who don't vote for hillary clinton have a special place in hell. it has come to this? >> i think that's really going to work for either madeleine albright and her legacy or for hillary clinton. it is kind of a hail all marys pass that won't land. hillary clinton is actually the beneficiary of something that always comes in to play at this point in the new hampshire primary. that's the expectations game. so sanders, the expectations have gotten away from him a little bit. so if she pulls within single
5:31 pm
digits, if she loses by 8 points instead of 28 points. she can say she is the comeback kid. that's what bill clinton said when he finished second to a regional candidate, paul songas. bill clinton finished second. even though he was leading earlier soaring savaged by scandal that he needed to make a comeback, if she can close the gap some, she can come out of new hampshire with something. >> if she gets another poll. another national poll where she is tied with bernie sanders. that's when i think we'll see a level of panic in the clinton campaign that we have not seen. >> this is the worst nightmare for them. the argument all along is that bernie sanders is not electable. he does not have a national constituency. he can win new hampshire, among progressive candidates.
5:32 pm
if he can demonstrate, i can go head to head against donald trump and marco rubio. it makes the clinton campaign to bernie sanders a lot more difficult. >> and going back to what madeleine albright said. i for one do not believe that everyone speaking extemporaneously should be held to every word they say on the campaign trail. as if it is some incredibly, you know, carefully thought out attack line. and you know, she said that phrase i think, using it in a fairly light way. just trying to emphasize, come on. let's get together. let's look at what this is historically. the possibility of the first woman president. >> the reality is this is not the first time madeleine albright has said this. this is a quote she is somewhat famous for using. it was printed on the side of a starbucks coffee cup and attributed to her. everything, we have to put in it context, i think it is something we'll hear a lot about. i think that the attitudes among particularly that generation,
5:33 pm
toward feminism, hanging together as women are frankly different than they are now with a lot of the young women. in particular, who are supporting bernie sanders. that sentiment that you heard from madeleine albright that original version of feminism. and many women who are my age or younger do feel very strongly about and are grateful for these women that paved the way. but it is not how women talk now. it has changed vex. and i think she has a lot of work to do with young people to show that, i'm not sure this is going to go very far in helping her. in way. >> there is no history anywhere in the united states of people voting for a candidate because she is a woman. it does not exist. and i know this from personal experience. the older generation, me mother ran for statewide office for lieutenant governor of illinois in 1976. it was going to be vote for a woman. she got crushed. and anybody else who has ever tried that has been crushed.
5:34 pm
we will don't vote for women candidates just because they are women. there's no history of it. >> and '76 was maybe the peak of modern feminism in america. if there was ever going to be a way for that. >> right. it has never materialized. women are too sophisticated in their voting habits to be subject to that kind of appeal. having said that. president might be different. what we don't know, and we won't know until november if she's nominated. whether, at the end. there's kind of a bradly effect, the way it was discuss in the racial politics. where fewer people vote for her because she is a woman or whether a lot of women who are older, who want to vote for a woman president before they die, come out and vote for her in november even though they don't agree with her. >> i think one reality that women aside, being a year where it is so important to be different. the fact that hillary clinton is a woman and the way she's used
5:35 pm
that in her campaign. it still allows her to say this is an historic first. this isomething that's different. this is the thing about me that is not part of the establishment. >> the big gap that also exists in the polls is this age gap. bernie has everybody younger than him in the polls. and hillary clinton has everyone bernie's age, everybody over 60. & there is always that thing about, yeah, the kids don't show up. the kids don't show up to vote. we'll find out tuesday night. >> independents, too, in new hampshire of independents go more for bernie sanders than hillary clinton. a lot of them are still sort of undecide. even which party's primary. i think that shows through margin. and if it is within single digits. >> if that helped in iowa,
5:36 pm
sanders would have gone away. a very small percentage showed up then. i'm not sure a lot more will show up in new hampshire. and sanders' big problem is beyond new hampshire with minority voters. he is not looking, even now with his rise in the polls. he is not looking good for winning, say, the south carolina primary. he won't be a real threat to her and people won't really be wetting their pants in the hillary camp until he gets black voters. if that happens, he's going all the way to the convention. >> the they got a van load to come to new hampshire yesterday. which is a great, i mean, i can't imagine anyone running a campaign who wouldn't want that on the stage. and then this sanders comment is of course, the establishment is coming. there is something about a group of women senators that doesn't
5:37 pm
feel hike that old establishment that bernie is talking about. >> if you talk to barbara mikulski, i think she would bristle at that. that's a difficult argument to make. and new hampshire, always the state first state to have the women's delegation. i do think that there is still only 20 women members of the senate. it is still not representative of the country as a whole. >> so you're covers the sanders campaign. saturday night live rpg. >> take it up with lauren michaels. >> get in the car. they can get you down there right now. thank you all. up next, marco rubio. it looks like he is the target.
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in tonight's republican debate, marco rubio might turn out to be the most attacked candidate by the other candidates after finishing in a virtual tie for second place with donald trump. marco rubio has been the target of sharp attacks by his fellow republican candidates. here's chris christie this morning here in new hampshire. >> seven years ago we elected a president of the united states who had never run a thing or been accountable for any decision he ever had to make in his life to others. barack obama and first term senators have no idea what that's about. we cannot have those people in
5:42 pm
the white house beginning. we need people who can get the job done. >> joining us now, nbc news correspondent gabe gutierrez who has been traveling with the rubio campaign. does marco rubio expect to be the guy everyone is going after on that stage? >> hey there. yes, his campaign does expect to be the target of attacks but it says it is ready. as you played right there. chris christie has been attacking marco rubio throughout the week. so has jeb bush. the main thing is his question of experience. i've been talking to voters at these town halls. one last night. especially in these voters say, look. when the question comes up. whether marco rubio is ready. and whether they believe the title that some of his opponents have tried to label him with. the republican, obama. they say, look. he has more experience than when barack obama was expected. and then when you come back and you say, well, that would be the
5:43 pm
argument against electing him. and they move on and they say, look. we're ready for something new in the republican party. so the question today will be. will these attacks stick and will he convince voters he isn't ready. in my interview with rubio yesterday, he is just trying to get his message across. that's another criticism. that he is too scripted. that he can't get off message. when he does, he appears flustered. the question is will these attacks get to him? will jeb bush and chris christie be able to break through the script that the rubio campaign has adhered to so far? >> nbc's gabe gutierrez. thank you for joining us. really appreciate it. joining us now, a writer at large for at that esquire. coming up here for this, you've been watching it closely. this dynamic on the republican
5:44 pm
stage is so dynamic. so many have so many incentives to attack different people only stage. if you're marco rubio, who do you want to go after? who do you think you can take votes from? if you're donald trump, who do you think you have to fight off? >> i think trump's thing is easy. i don't think anyone but rubio can catch him. >> so does that mean trump's primary focus should be crush rubio? >> yeah. but i don't think he'll do it. he'll do it on twitter and he'll do it on a phone interview or at fox. he doesn't document in debates. the only person he's done to it in debates is jeb bush. and i think he's done all the damage he can do there. i think rubio would be well advised, not just to watch out for chris christie. watch out for john kasich. john kasich is close enough to him, if kasich were to finish ahead of him here. there would be questions about rubio would be very intense. and kasich is a very very good
5:45 pm
debater. he's been at this a long time. if i were rubio, i would dunk when christie is there. >> the christie factor is interesting. that he is guy who has nothing to lose. christie knows right now the polls are telling him that tuesday night is not just a concession speech for him. it is a farewell speech. the campaign is over. when you have a guy on the stage who knows, this might be my last republican debate. he needs every moment he can get. and this week he has been spending all of his time going after what he call the boy in the bubble. >> he is a slugger. he makes the one point to be made about rubio. besides, a lot of rubio's policies are a little off the plum. you work in a taxation committee. what happens if we do away the capital gains tax? he is very well prepared. an inch deep and a mile wide. if you knock him one inch off
5:46 pm
his talking point, he'll be lost off his answer for a week. and christie has a sort of animalistic instinct toward people's weak spots. he accidentally stumbled into one with the bubble boy. it is a great label to hang on somebody. >> ted cruz faces a big challenge. to try to maintain this second place position. at least in new hampshire. in the latest poll, he is in a virtual tie with rubio. >> i'm not sure how important new hampshire is to him. south carolina is big for him. i've been talking to a lot of republicans. you and i grew up in massachusetts. we know it is what i call this line, this sharp practice and then you get to the line. when you step over that, especially in a republican primary. iowa, new hampshire, what did he to ben carson was nasty.
5:47 pm
it was unnecessary. there are people beyond the ben carson campaign who are saying that now. >> charlie pierce, thank you very much for joining us. good to have you. >> up next, we'll talk to some real republican voters here in new hampshire of one undecided. she is going to listen to two who have made up their minds. see if she comes out of this decided. when it comes to small business, she's in the know. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got insurance savvy you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me. that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free.
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new hampshire officials are expecting a record turnout in the primary. three people will be going to the polls on tuesday. you've decided to vote for donald trump. tara mccarthy who registered independent. undecided. and also with us, bill zorn, a registered republican who has decided to vote for marco rubio. karl, what made you decide to go with the now republican
5:51 pm
front-runner, donald trump. >> i got invited to see him last april. a room full of 12, 15 people. spoke for an hour and a half. i left. i wrote an opinion piece for the union leader professing my political lust, seeking help, as it were. and the rest is history. >> who did you vote for four years ago in the primary? >> somewhat reluctantly, ron. >> so you've gone from the establishment guy as we called him then. by the way, the front-runner. the guy who ended up with the nomination. what's the road from romney to trump? >> probably the same road that a lot of people took in this four years of stuff not getting done. absolute grid lock in the federal government, washington, the excessive spending. i think a lot of people sense an ominous future and kind of no one at the wheel. >> now, you will us before hand
5:52 pm
that there are some things trump says that you disagree with and you think are a little out there. or just plain untrue. how do you process that? when he says something you think is nuts or whatever? >> probably the same way an alcoholic deals with excessive drinking. >> there is still enough there for you to love. >> i think there are things that he says, you know, he is a new yorker. lacking the filter. there are things he says, i think it hurts his run but i overlook it. i'm a guy who is offend when my president tell me you can keep your doctor, your health care, the syrian refugees have been vetted, the irs scandal was an isolated incident. those things are just as offensive to me as anything donald trump might say. >> how did you end up making your decision? >> i think that, first of all i wanted to have a republican president. so the first thing was, who was
5:53 pm
the most likely person who could bring the republican message to the entire country and be elected? i think maybe at least two out of the three of us think that ought to be a republican. and then the other part was robid marco rubio's personality. i think he has an intellect, an ease about him. when could not front with issues we can't see today, he could decide and analyze issues in an appropriate way. >> give karl one sentence, because of time, why you're not with donald trump. >> i think when you're a leader, maybe in the business world, you can command and demand. i don't think that's the way it works in politics. and on the international level. >> one sentence why you're not with marco rubio. >> i'm not looking for emily post in 2016. >> tara.
5:54 pm
you're up. you've been taking, you've been listening to this for aier. candidates have been up here for over a year. they start innew hampshire long before they announce. now donald trump is here. he's had big events, widely covered. radio, tv. are you leaning toward a candidate? >> i am. >> who is that? who is the lucky one? >> well, we'll see after the debate tonight but right now, i think, jeb bush is my guy. >> what are you hoping to see in the debate? what could happen in the debate that could push you one way or another, maybe into another candidate? >> well, i think i've eliminated a good number of them. i think john kasich maybe is a contender for me. but i think 90% probably for governor bush. and i would like to see him at least connect to the voters the way that he does in person. i think that went into my
5:55 pm
decision, or 90% decision to vote for him. >> barbara. >> well, she is an amazing individual as is bush 41. but no. i saw him in person and i just think that governor bush has the intellect and the temperament, and i believe he can build consensus. >> he's a good man. >> ask tara to watch for something in the debate. what would you ask her to watch for in the debate that you think would get her to come over to marco rubio? >> i would think actually, when you look at tara's point, when she looks at the candidate she's leaning toward, whether or not he has the ability to connect. sometimes i think there's a certain amount of whineyness to that candidate. and i think that's not a way to lead. and i think sometimes it comes across a little too emotional. >> is there any chance would you
5:56 pm
vote for donald trump? i don't want karl to waste his time if there is no chance. >> there really isn't. sorry. >> why is there no chance? >> i have yet to see any real substance, i think. he's done a great job, i think, playing into the frustration. >> if i cried -- my mascara will run. i hope you know that. >> so there is just been no substance. >> no substance and i think he's been more polarizing than we are all feeling right now. i think he is sort of fanned the flame. >> if donald trump were the nominee, would you then look at the democrat? >> yes, i would. >> karl? >> ouch! >> it's tough. what about that? what about that in terms of the practicality of who this nominee is? the possible of trump or other nominees offending in the general election in such a way she goes back the other way?
5:57 pm
>> that goes to my appointment that i would like to see republican in the white house. >> that has to be the last word. we're up against a hard break. thank you all. great having you join us. really appreciate it. that does it for this hour. more campaign coverage after the break. no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ tires screech ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen.
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6:00 pm
trump is right. >> they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> trump is acting in a very old and shameful american tradition. every so often like a fever, anti-immigrant feeling arises. >> excuse me. sit down. >> what you see is what you get. he's genuine. he's the real deal. >> he has tapped into a part of the


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