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tv   Lockup Raw  MSNBC  February 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. welcome back from manchester, new hampshire. we're still here for the damage assessment. the top seven republican candidates went after each other tonight in the final republican debate. and you could tell it was the
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final debate before tuesday's primary. marco rubio went back to the well, that's a phrase, four times, for the same canned line about president obama. and here it is for those who missed it. >> let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. let's dispel with the facts. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true -- >> there it is. >> anyone who believes barack obama isn't doing what he is doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dealing with here. this is a president -- this is a president who is trying to change this country. >> here with me is howard fineman from the huffington post thank you three. was it emotional? it wasn't mental. why would he repeat himself over and over again in the most
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verbatim way knowing it's the same audience? >> i think marco rubio, who had a chance given his past recent days' performance of moving up in the polls, he had a chance here tonight. basically he blew it. he was rattled by the attacks by chris christie. he was rattled by chris christie, rattled by the attacks. so he went to a prepared line about barack obama that actually had nothing to do with the conversation. and that played right into chris christie's attack, which then got rubio to say it more and more. >> this isn't about oratory. if you went to a speech at a town meeting around here and a candidate came in and repeated themselves verbatim, you would think there's something ill about the person. what's wrong with this person, they repeated themselves over and over in the same debate. >> i think what's perplexing is they had days to prepare for
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this. they knew this was the attack coming. chris christie pushed this over and over again -- >> that he's a row boabot. >> that he uses the same talking points. >> it was a series of lines, verbatim, and it's weird about this fiction. >> rubio didn't want to fight. he's the candidate of hope and optimism. when christie came at him, that was his line to pivot away, to say i don't want to be the attack dog. slgt >> he's the boy in the bubble. >> rubio is on the rise in new hampshire, chris christie is only in single digits. >> it played right into chris christie's attack line. as soon as rubio repeated that, he said, there you go. [ overlapping speakers ] >> tonight, governor christie popped the bubble.
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>> yes, he did. >> the little boy is now out there exposed. >> i'm not sure it helps chris christie, but it sure didn't help marco rubio. >> you said something tonight that is another one of your trenched thoughts. you said this gave donald trump a good night. tell how. >> how? it was as though this was an argument before queen victoria -- >> we've got to go to john kasich. let's go to hallie that has john kasich live. >> the hardest things for me in these debates is for people to see me, like they can in the town halls where they see me laugh and talk to them and my deep feelings and everything. i felt that tonight they got a better glimpse of me and i got to role more things out and i'm very, very happy going into tuesday. we're going to do really well here. and it's going to be on to south
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carolina and all over the country. i'm really happy. >> do you think you did enough tonight to make a difference to voters in new hampshire to boost you over the establishment candidates? >> i'm not an establishment candidate, i'm not an anti. i push people to make reform and get things done. this is an important element, but what matters more than the debate are the people out knocking on the doors, touching people, all the things we've done in the hundred town hall meetings. you build a campaign from the ground up. ours is built on granite. granite state. grant it, not built on sand and i believe we'll do extremely well. >> what do you think your best moment was tonight? >> to talk about what i would do in the first hundred days. i laid out a big agenda in about 25 seconds. but i liked it all. i just felt people had a good chance to see who i am. and that's important to me. >> who do you think had a bad night? >> i would never say that.
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>> anybody have a bad moment? >> i'm not getting into that. forget it. i've been positive all the way, and i'm not about to blow it with you tonight. >> so who won then? >> i'll let you judge. just remember, it's kasich, not kasich. >> guys, we're going to stick with him as he continues to do a few more interviews. donald trump right over here. we'll show you that in a second when trump comes over, we'll bring you to him live. so let's -- we can listen in to the rest of governor kasich's interview as we wait for donald trump. i'm going to continue to do town halls, massive media. closing the deal is just running through the tape. this was important tonight, but not the only thing that matters but i think we had a good night. >> that's john kasich.
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>> john kasich has been moving up in a number of polls recently in new hampshire. this is a good night for kasich and jeb bush. he had a strong night. the idea for any of these governors at this point is to prove that this is not just between donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio. with cruz and rubio on the defensive tonight, they may have opened up a window. >> christie went after marco rubio again when rubio explained why he backed you have immigration reform. let's watch that. >> did you fight for the legislation at the time or did you run from it? >> the legislation passed but it has no support. so it couldn't pass in the house, it will never pass in the united states until we secure the border and it's not the way we're going to do it when i'm president. >> listen again, everybody, this is the difference between being a governor who has to be responsible for problems and not answering a question.
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the question was, did he fight for his legislation. it's clear that he didn't. [ applause ] a leader must fight for what they believe in, not handicap it and say since i can't win this one, i'll run. that's not what leadership is, that's what congress is. >> it's not leadership to continue to try to do something that has no chance of happening. >> you know what's great about this series of debates? once you find out where the cut is, they all punch the cut hike in "rocky." and in this case, you have hillary clinton with the $600,000 problem with goldman sachs. that's going to keep being pounded. everybody knows he was right on immigration reform -- >> not everybody knows that. >> knows that he did it. knows that he was trying to find a middle ground, which was enforce the laws of immigration, deal with a path to citizenship. a real compromise and he walked away from it. >> that was the argument.
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christie said he cut and run and rubio's explanation was i tried. the american public wasn't for it so we couldn't do it. we'll wait and see if i can convince them if i can do it. but that was christie's argument. i think all of these attacks benefits -- >> we'll know tuesday. if he doesn't come in number two -- you say it helped rubio. >> i think it helps kasich. >> i'm sorry, i'm too fast on the draw. i agree with you. >> here's the overall shape of the race after this debate. donald trump presided silently, almost like the king, and they're all fighting with each other. donald trump trump is the king of the immigration issue. he didn't lose an ounce on the
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immigration issue, which is the number one issue tonight. >> because it gets to the gut of conservatives. >> it gets to the gut of the concern about the decline of the country. we're losing who we are as a nation. trump did not lose an ounce on that. he looked good on the stage tonight by comparison. chris christie destroyed marco rubio's momentum tonight. john kasich benefits by not being in that lane and being a sort of serious guy in a separate lane of his own and it's going to get some independent and undeclared votes on tuesday. >> let's go back to some of the other players. is bush better off tonight than he was going into tonight or not? >> i think absolutely. he's grown in confidence over the course of these debates and in that moment -- >> is it too little too late? >> not necessarily. he's been drawing large crowds in new hampshire. i've had a number of people turn up saying they were on the fence. the question for jeb bush, where does he go from new hampshire?
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can he do well in south carolina? it seems like it's tough. >> hallie jackson has donald trump now. >> tell me how you feel you did tonight. >> i think i did very well. joe scarborough and everybody is tweeting trump won the evening. so that means something. i think i did very well tonight. >> what do you think your best moment was? >> i loved defending the police. i loved defending the vets and telling it like it is for the vets, because i have such a relationship with the vets, a really good one. we had a lot of good moments tonight. i thought it was a good moment. i thought the anchors did a very good also. >> tell me about that moment with imminent domain. you seemed to be on defense. do you think your message got across. >> i was so happy they asked me that question. you wouldn't have roads or schools or highways without imminent domain.
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it's not that i love it, but you wouldn't have anything. they're all in favor of the keystone pipeline. that wouldn't go ten feet without imminent domain. and if you look on the website, they have three pages devoted to imminent domain and how they'll use it. so it's not a question of do i love it or not, you need it nor a country. >> you got it into a little with jeb bush where you hushed him. do you think you came off like a bully? >> he wanted to show he's a tough guy, and that was all right, but he's not a tough guy. >> who do you think of your rivals underperformed tonight, mr. trump? >> i know who they're all saying underperformed on the internet and i -- >> you already checked your twiter? >> i don't want to say. but they say i performed very well. that's what matters. >> besides you, who won the debate tonight? >> i just don't want to say.
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i do have a feeling as to who did well or poorly. a couple did poorly. but it's your position. >> you're passing? >> i don't want to do that. >> let's talk about new hampshire. we're here in manchester, a state you've been leading the polls by double digits. is this a must-win for you? >> tonight was very important, and you know, in golf they have a thing you're looking for the clubhouse. we have a lead and i basically had to do well in the debate and just sort of well. but they said better than that, and i'm happy about that if that's the case. >> what was it like being on the stage? you missed the last one. >> yeah, but i raised $6 million for the veterans. in one hour, i raised $6 million for the veterans of our country. so i would take the way that turned out with the $6 million for the vets. >> if you slip in the polls here, is that a possibility here in new hampshire? and number two, what do you do about that? >> i don't know. everybody is saying i won't the
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debate. many of your friends are saying i won the debate easily. i don't know if you're saying it or not, but they're all saying i won the debate. >> what is it about your message that you think is resonating with people, specifically in new hampshire? >> people want protection, they want border security, they want the stop of the inflow of drugs and heroin. we have a huge heroin problem up here and i know about it, nobody is more aware of it than me. and it that know i can do it. you noticed tonight two people mentioned the wall. i've been talking about the wall for two years. if i'm president, that wall will go up so fast. believe me, mexico is going to pay for it. >> one of those people was senator ted cruz. do you still see him as your biggest threat? >> we'll have to see on tuesday. >> do you consider him a threat at all? >> i think he's a nice guy and he was very respectful tonight. have a good night.
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>> chris, we're going to continue to listen in here, if you like. >> mr. trump, you did not lob any attacks tonight. are you trying to show that side -- >> he didn't want to talk about marco rubio because he didn't want to get between the media and marco rubio. >> to one laid a finger on trump all night except jeb there and imminent domaidomain. cruz has been hammering trump all week to reporters at his events that trump doesn't have the temperament. he was pitched that and he passed. he said, i'll let the votes decide. and trump basically said, you don't have the guts to say it on stage to my face. >> i was really impressed that donald trump learned how to do what this business is from the inside, as well as the outside. right there you heard him
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connect heroin traffic, which is a big problem right here in manchester, new hampshire to the immigration issue. the guy is gaining skill by the minute. and you're right, cruz refused to take him on, on the character issue. rubio got destroyed. cruz got attacked. i don't think jeb bush helped himself particularly. donald trump presided quietly over this whole thing without getting a scratch on him tonight. that's the bottom line. >> we all know the problem of drugs is demand as well as supply. it's not the kid's fault getting hooked on cheap drugs. it's not the cheap drugs. it's the mexicans. a familiar, familiar argument. any way, it always works politically to blame the guy you don't know. we'll be right back. >> and to me i view the word
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if i get elected president, head out tomorrow and buy a seat belt, because there's going to be so much happening in the first hundred days it will make your head spin and we're going to move america forward. i promise you, we're going to move us forward. >> welcome back to "hardball" from manchester, new hampshire. we'll be here another 40 minutes. just three days until new hampshire votes on tuesday. tonight's debate had the potential to change the dynamic of the race in the home stretch
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because it was the last debate. we're back on msnbc. howard, sabina and david rejoin me. chris christie was on a roll with his attacks on marco rubio tonight. take a listen. >> every morning when a united states senator wakes up, they think about what kind of speech can i give or what kind of bill can i drop? when i wake up, i think about what kind of problem can i solve for the people that elected me. you have not been involved in a consequence shakon consequence shall decision where you need to be held accountable. when you talked about the hezbollah bill, you weren't there to vote for it. that's not leadership, that's
8:22 pm
truancy. >> truancy, that means "you're a kid." >> chris christie has been making this attack for weeks, if not months. >> not the man in the bubble, the boy in the bubble. >> we were sitting here about a week ago having the same confidence about ted cruz, that he had his worst debate days before the iowa caucus. but ted cruz won regardless. but the question remains whether rubio's team can still turn out people at the polls. >> cruz had this building constituency in iowa. 2/3 of the state. >> rubio was a media candidate. he's on heavy tv advertising, internet advertising. he's a wave candidate trying to capitalize on iowa. completely different from cruz. rubio is the only guy, from what we know now, the theoretical
8:23 pm
exception is john casing, who can catch donald trump. what this debate was about is anybody going to get a boost that was going to enable them to catch donald trump. >> here? >> here in new hampshire. i did not see that. donald trump cruised, he focused on immigration. he wasn't hurt by anything. and marco rubio was hit by a heat seeking missile from new jersey named chris christie. so that's the story. >> that's a good point. the only threat to trump up here, if you look at them, the rising rubio. i don't know whether you're right. if you think he's still rising? >> well, i think they're going have to change the conversation in the coming days. i think rubio takes a hit. i think kasich may be the sweeper because he was positive. i don't know how they distributed the tickets, but
8:24 pm
trump said it was donors. >> i think it was donors. >> it was big for chris christie and every time somebody hit rubio, you got a roar from the audience. >> this is a real state primary, not a weird caucus. so everybody voting up here. it's a tremendous voting participation state. so people don't have to have a strong passion to go vote. they simply believe you vote because you're supposed to. they go to the voting booth, because you're supposed to. it's hike going to church. you don't have to have a strong passion. so if you're open ended, open minded, you might say, i like this guy, cruz. he speaks well. after tonight you might go, i'm looking for another candidate tonight and i'm going to go shopping for kasich. >> i know the answer to david's question. the reason that was an anti-rubio crowd is that because rubio got up on them in iowa.
8:25 pm
new hampshire, i know new hampshire. it's like chicago. if they say we don't want no guy that no guy sent -- >> he only finished third in iowa. >> but he got all the media buzz out of iowa. and people in new hampshire, including the editor in the union leader said on the front page, you know, just because iowa and the media made a big deal about rubio, doesn't mean we in new hampshire are going to do it. also, the union leader enforced christie. that's why your theory about kasich -- >> winners tonight? christie is a winner. >> trump is a winner, christie and kasich are winners. >> i think jeb is a winner, too. >> no. >> i think jeb's goose has been cooked for months now. people have made up their mind and i think he's going to finish
8:26 pm
fifth or sixth here. >> when he said, what i really want to do is reform the procurement process -- >> let me tell you something, abe vigoda just died this week. he said for all time's sakes, can you fix it? the bushes are fighting for old time's sake and nobody is going to vote for old time's sake. tom, can you fix it for old time's sake? never forget that line. let's go to katy. >> everybody is saying we won easily. that was very cool. they just tweeted it out, "trump killed it tonight." i wanted to do very well tonight. >> how did you feel about marco rubio's performance, he got hit pretty hard. >> he was hit pretty hard on the twitter. i don't want to comment on
8:27 pm
everybody else's performance. i have a very good relationship with marco. i don't want to comment on anybody's performance. >> you've been trying to portray a more positive outlook with your campaign. why is that? >> i feel that way. i just feel that way. new hampshire has been a very special place for me. it's an amazing place. long before politics. i just feel that, yeah, you're problably right about there. when there's love in the room, you don't have to be so aggressive. >> when you look at your rivals, it seems like a lot of their campaigns have matured. they're rising in their own way. do you see that in the field? >> they're getting better. we started off with 17. now you're down to 7, whatever the number is. you're down to far fewer.
8:28 pm
you know, therefore i guess the old pyramid theory, right? >> how does that change your thinking? >> i'm always in the center. i've been in the center from day one, from the first debate. and somebody said about the last debate, is it too bad that you missed it? i said i love what i did, because i raised $6 million for the veterans, and i made my point. >> but here's the big question, how do you sustain this? for so many months you've been at center stage, it's a long race. how do you keep the attention on you moving forward? >> you know what the word is? guts. guts. you know what guts are. >> let many ask you about new hampshire, mr. trump. this is a state that many believe is going to be very receptive to your message. what are you doing to make sure you outperform expectations
8:29 pm
instead of underperform? >> my relationship with the people here in new hampshire are amazing. i do incredible with the vets here, because nobody knows them better than i do. we're doing fantastically on the subject of heroin. new hampshire has an unbelievable drug problem. and they love the wall. that's me, the wall. >> why did you let him own that issue tonight? >> i owned it. that's my issue. as soon as he said it and i looked at him and the room cracked up. my relationship with the people of new hampshire is extraordinary. i love them and hopefully on tuesday they like me. >> what about your message resonates here? >> i think a lot has to do with the veterans and the wall and the fact that i'm by far the strongest. 're sheriff joe from arizona endorsed me the other day. and we just -- the military is a very big thing for me.
8:30 pm
a lot of things are resonating. >> the other day you said you would sue ted cruz -- >> no, no. there are other things. >> are you still considering suing ted cruz for what happened in iowa? >> no. i never said that. >> thank you, katy. i'm going right now to lindsey graham, who got on the program live. senator graham, thank you. what did you think about tonight? i thought it was a disastrous night for your candidate. >> for jeb bush? >> oh, is he your candidate? >> yeah. >> i thought your candidate was marco rubio. i'm sorry. >> but you would have been right. i'm a bush guy. i like marco, but good night for the governors. great night for jeb. donald trump, again, seems to have no idea how to win a war we can't afford to lose. we're not barbarians in this
8:31 pm
country. john mccain and lindsey graham wrote the detainee treatment act. john mccain's voice on torture is the leading voice in the united states senate. what trump said tonight is helping the enemy and hurting the cause. marco did not have a good night. i thought jeb bush did the best of all the debates. both ready, steady and tested. >> do you think he was forceful enough when trump told him to shush? >> yeah, i think he was. i think he handled it just perfectly. he exposed donald trump for the hypocrite that he is. what he was doing, take a lady's house away to park his limo. nobody else takes donald on. i was proud of jeb. when somebody tells you to be quiet in that setting and says shut up, it says more about them than you. donald trump has gone from the big winner to the big whiner. so i really do appreciate jeb's
8:32 pm
temperament tonight across the board. and i think -- i know this. if he were going to be president tomorrow, i would sleep well tonight, because i think he's ready for the job. >> what good does it do to bat a couple runs in the ninth when you're down 9-0? he did it decently tonight, but he's so far behind trump, what good does it do tonight even for next tuesday? >> one, we haven't voted yet. if you're relying on polls, you kind of got fooled there in iowa. here's what is going to happen. jeb bush's strongest state is my state, south carolina. his ground game in new hampshire is better than mccain's, and i was here twice with mccain. about 40% of the new hampshire voters are undecided. i think they're coming our way tonight. a guy that seemed to understand who he was, a man of accomplishment, the temperament to be commander in chief on day one is a great night for governors, a good night for jeb. so we'll do well in new hampshire and when we go to
8:33 pm
south carolina, jeb bush is going to shine. >> last question. i always liked you, of course. everybody likes lindsey graham. >> oh, no, they don't. >> is this your heart talking or your head talking when you say jeb's going to win south carolina? >> here's what i say. i think jeb -- the bushes are really well liked in south carolina. the bush family is respected in south carolina. we have the highest percentage of veterans of any state in the nation. i think being ready to be commander in chief on day one really matters and trump seems like a bull in the china shop. not a good night for marco. what you saw tonight in new hampshire will play very well in south carolina. this is a process. jeb has the infrastructure, chris, to go a long way. i think after new hampshire, he gets stronger, not weaker. that is not only my head, but my heart, because i really believe in him.
8:34 pm
and i know south carolina. the bushes have always done well there. so will jeb. >> you know why w. won down there, and it wasn't by being respected, it was burning the hell out of your guy, john mccain. he destroyed him. i was with you down there. that was not love or respect that got w. to beat your guy john mccain in 2000. >> i can tell you this, it was a tough campaign, and i know what you're talking about. i was there with you when you were eating dinner in my house. the most popular republican in south carolina is george w. bush. the bush family, 41 won there, 43 won there. at the end of the day, jeb bush is jeb bush. i like his temperament. he was a governor that brought people together. i really do think, chris, that what he did in florida is exactly what we need to do in washington, try to find a way to
8:35 pm
get to question. the more i know him, the more i like him. i think he'll do well in south carolina. we like conservatism, but we also like electability. >> i'll never forget the time you took us to your boyhood home in south carolina in the middle of the night and we found a place still open at midnight for spaghetti. it was great. thank you, senator lindsey graham of south carolina. >> you are a good man. see you in south carolina. >> we're going to get back to the spin room and much more from the debate itself. this is "hardball," live from manchester, the place of politics. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman. >> quiet. divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! ♪ and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it.
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i like marco rubio, and he's a smart person and a good guy. but he simply does not have the experience to be president of the united states and make these decisions. we've watched it happen, everybody, for the last seven years. the people of new hampshire are smart. do not make the same mistake again. >> welcome back to "hardball," live from manchester, new hampshire. we're about to end tonight, a few more minutes. so who won tonight and who got knocked the hardest? mark halperin joins us along with david corn, an nbc
8:40 pm
political analyst. mark, you were -- who were just talking to, christie? >> behind me, i was just talking to lindsey graham, but i watched the debate from in the hall and i talked to chris christie every commercial break. he told us all week he was going to take down marco rubio in a place and time his choosing. chris christie just changed this race fundamentally is the feeling tonight. >> i've never seen this happen before, that a mentally healthy guy -- i mean, short term memory is one reason people repeat themselves. there's no deficiency here. for some reason, he repeated a whole speech part four times in a row before the same audience. of course these guys always use the same language. bobby kennedy would always quote george bernard shaw. but he would only do it once each occasion. he wouldn't repeat it four times in front of the same audience.
8:41 pm
it looked a little screwy. do you have an explanation for it, mark? >> there's a flip side of the cone of message discipline, which is a robotic quality that all the other campaigns, particularly the christie and bush campaigns have been pointing to for months, say thing guy is robotic, he's thin. out on the stump, when rubio does it, the voters like it because they hear it for the first time. this is a moment that will be replayed. there's no other single moment in the debate that will come close. unfortunately for senator rubio, he will have to face a lot of scrutiny over his rhetoric. what he did tonight is inexplicable. the exact thing chris christie was calling him out on he just did. >> here it is, this broken record. that's the phrase people used. we're back to vinyl here. here's marco rubio after being challenged or during being charged for being robotic, was
8:42 pm
robotic. let's watch. >> let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. here's the bottom line, this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing -- >> there it is. >> anyone who believes barack obama isn't doing what he is doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dealing with here. this is a president who is trying to change this country. [ crowd booing ] >> you know, it was an entire speech part and it was almost verbatim. literally verbatim three times, and a little different. this is the mental part i don't get. everybody says tonight he was shook up, he was sweating, that that explained it. does that explain it, that you're under fire and you repeat the same thing over and over again? >> it's part of his standard
8:43 pm
stump speech. he said it over and over to the same audience. the thing that is -- so he didn't have to go that way. because you saw christie try to pull a reagan. there you go again. a little louder and it would have blew rubio out. but he's really good at memorizing set pieces for a stump speech or debate. >> but that doesn't explain repeating it. >> this is his great strength on the campaign trail. >> i want to go back -- i think this is going to be up there in the history of bad performances with dan quayle and i'm no jack kennedy. he stepped right into the thing that lloyd benson knew he was going to do. his staff warned dan quayle, don't do that, don't convey yourself to jack kennedy. don't make that mistake. he went out there and did it. lloyd benson stood back and cut
8:44 pm
his head back. i thought rubio was assaulted by a skilled prosecutor in a way that tore into him to the point where he was just rattled. i don't understand why a guy of obvious intelligence would repeat himself four different times with the same speech. >> chris, is not the end of the rubio campaign, but i think marco rubio was potentially in a position by the south carolina primary to be the dominant figure, not just in the establishment lane but maybe for the nomination. if he was a strong second or first here, he would have gone into south carolina very strong. this jumbles the race. it's widely assumed here, he has merslessly negative coverage between now and the primary. we're now in a position where he will finish second. >> who wins, bush or kasich? who do you bet for second right now? >> my bet right now is john kasich. but this is a fluid situation.
8:45 pm
let's see if chris christie gets a bump as well. >> i think a lightly committed voter votes because you want to vote will go to the other side. >> you know why this is so dangerous for rubio? this is his greatest strength, discipline, presentation, giving a good line, sticking to it. and now for every day from now on, he's going to be measured. did he say that before? are you saying it again? what's kind your rhetoric? he's going to have to deal with that if he gets out of new hampshire, which he will. but down in south carolina, he can't go back to his own game plan. he will have to show spontaneity. >> i think this has made the
8:46 pm
list. this is going to be one of those moments people will play again and again as strange. strange is the right word. we don't know what happened with this guy tonight and maybe he doesn't know. mark, david, thank you. much more, at least some more to come on this special edition of "hardball." getting late here. but we're live, site of the one and only presidential debate before tuesday's new hampshire primary. back after this. >> if it were necessary to say prevent a city from facing an imminent terrorist attack, you can rest assured that as commander in chief, i would use whatever enhanced interrogation methods we could to keep this country safe. starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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the reason that i dislike obamacare is because the government comes in and tells the people, which the nation is supposed to be centered on, we don't care what you want. that's a problem. everyone gets a health empowerment account the dame they are born, they keep it until they die, we spend twice as much as many countries per capita on health care and don't have as much access. >> welcome back to this special edition of "hardball." i thought you'd get pretty strong when you talk about medicine. you had the audience listening to you tonight on that question of baul caobama care. >> on obama care, i was glad i
8:51 pm
got a question about that. obviously it takes more than one minute to explain an alternative to obama care. but the gist is putting the control back in the hands of patients and back in the hands of health care providers and doing it in a way that brings the health care system into the free market economic model. that's what controls price, that's what controls quality. >> would we be better off if we didn't have obama care? we have 20 million people now that are insured that were not insured. can you make the case we would have been better with nothing than what we have? >> what we had was terrible, what we have now is terrible and we shouldn't settle for it. what i put forth is very logical, makes perfectly good sense and it takes care of everybody and it costs less money and it doesn't have a bunch of other people involved with your health care. i don't see why anybody should object to it.
8:52 pm
>> what did you make of your opponent, marco rubio's repetition of a whole set of his speech, four times in a row tonight? >> it was interesting. but i guess, you know whuvgs get up in front of a lot of people and in front of the cameras, you revert back to what you normally say. i don't think it necessarily means he doesn't have any new ideas, but it's a natural tendency for people to revert back to their comfort zone. >> but he did it four times. he didn't just do it once. he revrted back to a usual speech part and then he reverted again. then when he was called on by chris christie for doing it, he did it again. four different times, the same speech in front of the same people. is there a medical explanation? >> i think the medical
8:53 pm
explanation is, again, he's going back to his comfort zone. but, you know, that's kind of the problem with this kind of a format where you don't get sort of a one-on-one questioning of him. if you had an opportunity of doing that, you would say, okay, i've heard that before, can you go into detail and explain to me why you feel that way, what is the basis for your saying that. those are the kind of things i think would really be helpful to the people. >> dr. carson, it's an honor to have you on as always. thank you, dr. ben carson. our coverage of. presidential debate continues in one minute in is "hardball" live from manchester. (splashing/destruction) a
8:54 pm
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