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tv   Up  MSNBC  February 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. good morning to you. coming live from downtown manchester, new hampshire, we are now two days until the critical first in the nation primary that everyone in politics is waiting on. and for you this morning, we have fresh polling from news boston and up mass. relatively little movement on the republican side. donald trump holding the relatively commanding lead. he's at 36% out of those likely voters.
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rubio still remains second at 14% while cruz, bush and kasich nipping at his heels. now that poll we should mention was fielded before last night's republican debate where a lot went down. and that contentious final face-off before new hampshire voters turn out tuesday, trump was of course back on the stage after skipping iowa's debate last week. meanwhile, senator marco rubio faced withering attacks. nbc's katy tur has the details. >> good morning, ari. last night it came down to experience, as the republican governors took the front-runners to task. none more so than marco rubio. who was surging before the debate. and is now on his heels. the grand old party, which at first looked more like the grand old pileup with miscues. and forgotten candidates. >> yes, yes, we're going to introduce ohio governor john kasich. >> spared no time piling on marco rubio. who repeated the same line four times during the debate. >> let's dispel once and for all
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with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dealing with here. >> a target on his back, rubio gave governor chris christie the opening he needed. arguing the freshman senator has no depth. >> marco, the thing is this, when you're president of the united states, when you're governor of a state, to memorize 30 second speech where you talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person. they expect you to plow the snow. >> christie your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago. you didn't even want to go back. they had to shame you into going back. and then you stayed there for 36 hours and then he left and came back to campaign. >> back on the debate stage and once again front and center, donald trump. the front-runner needing a win but getting repeated boos.
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done spinning the candidates are back out in front of voters today. making their final pitch for the final push. as for the crowd makeup you just heard donald trump talk about during the debate well the rns tells us that only 75 of the 1,000 seats were its donors. it is crunch time right now. two days to go until the vote and there is just no room for bad headlines. ari? >> thanks for that report, quite a night.
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now jeb bush and chris christie have been teaming up in a way to take on marco rubio. throughout the week here in new hampshire. those attacks continued in that big debate last night. >> marco rubio's a gifted, gifted politician. and he may have the skills to be a president of the united states. but we've tried it the old way with barack obama, with soaring eloquence and we got -- we didn't get a leader we got someone who wants to divide the country up. >> you shouldn't compare yourself to joe biden and you shouldn't say that's what we're doing. here's exactly what we're doing. you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable. you just simply haven't. fact is when you talk about hezbollah sanctions act that you list as one of your accomplishments you weren't even there to vote for it. that's not leadership, that's truancy. >> joining me now nbc's gabe gutierrez in londonderry, new hampshire. he's been out with marco rubio. you look at a debate like that when a third of voters say they're undecided in this state, how does it all play out? >> hi there, ari. good morning. yeah, it could make a huge
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difference. but despite that stinging debate performance behind me you can see that there's a very large crowd here at the event for marco rubio this morning. the question will be this morning, how much of that debate performance resonate with those voters. will marco rubio be painted now, forever, as a robotic candidate? now, interestingly enough, that is something his opponents are seizing on, just this morning. there were two protesters outside of this event dressed as robots, saying that they were just here to deliver some talking points. certainly, he will face those attacks for days to come. the big question right now, after that debate performance, another question is, who does this benefit the most? will it be chris christie himself? will it be jeb bush? will it be john kasich? now the rubio campaign is trying to spin this. and they're saying that, look, this was not a crushing below that the governors got some blows in, but it was nothing that will kick marco rubio out
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of the race. that he still had the strong performance after that exchange with chris christie. that he had a strong performance on national security, on foreign policy as well as abortion. and that the rubio campaign raised more than three times as much online last night than in other debate nights. but the question today again, ari, will that debate performance resonate with these voters? ari? >> that's right. gabe, there's a saying on the internet, retweets are not endorsements. and a lot of that twitter traffic and other online traffic marco rubio may not have been positive, gabe gutierrez we'll check back with you. here on set in our big election headquarters, we have jason johnson, sirius xm contributor, as well as republican strategist o'brian murray. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> let's kick it off with what we saw which was with the rubio department, we just showed those beautiful homemade robot costumes. but it wasn't just the robotics. we can get to the repetition. it was also chris christie who had been playing a sort of a
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fantasy football all week saying i would tell marco this. and i would tell him that. and ask him this. and then he got to do it. let's look at chris christie on marco rubio. want to get your respopss on the return. >> marco rubio is a gifted, gifted politician. and he may have the skills to be a president of the united states. but we've tried it the old way. with barack obama, with soaring eloquence, and we got -- we didn't get a leader. we got someone who wants to divide the country up. >> you shouldn't compare yourself to joe biden and you shouldn't say that's what we're doing. here's exactly what we're doing. you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable. you just simply haven't. fact is when you talk about hezbollah sanctions act that you list as one of your accomplishments and just didn't you weren't even there to vote for it. that's not leadership, that's truancy. >> o'brien what do you think? >> i think it wasn't just christie, it was all the governors ganging up on him. three man versus one man type of situation here. the question is how do the voters think he handled himself
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earl overall? early on in the debate it was robotics and repetition. also for the next three quarters of the debate everybody said he did fantastic. so what are the voters -- the undecided voters going to take away from this debate? >> this shows me that this sort of establishment dream that all the establishment candidates are going to join, like you know the power rangers around marco rubio and he's somehow going to be able to take out cruz and trump, it's not going to happen. these guys aren't about to quit. i don't think it changed the dynamics of the race at all. but i do think, if rubio was going to surge it might have blunted that a bit. >> we also saw the exchange on eminent domain with donald trump who basically used this. this is the fact that sometimes you get in a situation where public or even private programs take people's property, and yet they get money back but if anyone's ever bought a home and you imagine someone wants to put a road nearby and they take it, they take your whole home, people don't like that. i want to get your response on the return. this is back and forth with
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trump who's been accused by republicans of using this for business interest. let's look at that. >> but without eminent domain, you don't have roads, highways, schools, bridges, or anything. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is not public purpose. that is downright wrong. here's the problem with that -- >> all right, okay. >> the problem was it was to tear down -- >> jeb wants to be a tough guy. he wants to be a tough guy. i didn't take the property. >> it was to tear down the house. and the net result was -- you tried. >> i didn't take the property. the woman ultimately didn't want to do that. >> that is not true. >> -- didn't. >> to turn this into a limousine parking lot for his casinos is not of public use. >> he wants to be a tough guy. a lot of times you'll have -- you'll have -- and it doesn't work very well. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman? >> let me talk. quiet. [ boos ] >> a lot of times -- a lot of times.
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that's all of his donors and special interests out there. >> i've been spending a lot of time out on the street, not in my hotel room but i haven't seen the picture yet of the little house in front of the big casino. i'm sure the next couple days we might be seeing that. the reality is in new hampshire, live free or die. that will resonate with the voters at this point if there's money behind it and the voters get to see what the real story is against trump in that. >> here with trump having skipped the last debate basically because he doesn't like the rules. he didn't like the moderator because there was someone in the press which he -- who stood up to him, megyn kelly i've said before has conducted herself admirably against a barrage of attacks and sexism. so he went home like a little, you know, loser. a loser who couldn't handle it. then he comes back last night and he gets booed several times. is some of the donald trump facade cracking in your view? >> i don't think so, arie. and i didn't think that after what happened in iowa. this is a guy who didn't spend much money, didn't have a lot of people on the ground, skipped
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the last debate. he pretty much rested his starters for two weeks and still came in second place. that is something that trump and a lot of the trump people i speak to, they're still excited about. he is going to get attacked now because there's someone else who looks like they could win. whether that's marco rubio or ted cruz. but this was just more of the same with trump. and i actually think when he connected eminent domain to the keystone pipeline that was a pretty good response. >> i thought that was smart. he found something that republicans do like and an example where if you want to build a straight line you are going to have to sooner or later do some of this, however unpopular it is. but on the booing, it is different. he hadn't been booed before and he tried to say, these are all just donors, and the rnc quickly put out to katy tur at nbc, actually no, nine out of ten of these people were not donors. >> i was in the audience. >> are you a billionaire boner? >> i am not a billionaire donor. >> break fst is on you. >> and i was in las vegas and i didn't get the tickets from donors. but what i noticed last night was the crowd was much more against trump from the beginning. it was a very different audience
6:12 am
in new hampshire than in las vegas. which is where you think the donors would have been in las vegas. >> you were there. it felt like a grassroots new hampshire vote crowd? >> it was, there were students from the college, people from throughout the state of new hampshire and the region. that was donald on his defensive. >> i don't even care where he was getting it from, it was wrong. either it was deliberately wrong or accidentally wrong. on a point of oh, he needs to defend himself so he attacks the audience, does that play well in new hampshire? >> i don't think it does. doesn't play well in iowa. the other thing donald doesn't have is a ground game. i sat here last night talking to a couple who drove here from new york and couldn't get anything as far as what to do to help out donald trump on the ground game. >> i was speaking to an ap reporter who interviewed him just friday and he said he didn't realize you needed to have a voter turnout program in campaigning. although of course he said he's very smart and he'll learn from his advisers. hasn't learned that point yet. it may be an important one tuesday both of you will be back later this hour.
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so sick of the one percent gets this preferential treatment. enough is enough. we need to unite and work together. if we're all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> oh, what's the difference? >> huge difference. >> democratic socialism.
6:17 am
well that was bernie sanders in character on "saturday night live," of course, last night in a final push to reach back to new hampshire voters before tuesday's primary, and get a little glitz around the rest of the nation. now we have a tracking poll from 7 news boston/up mass lowell. sanders up two more points. on the ground in new hampshire hillary clinton joined on the campaign trail yesterday by fellow secretary of -- former secretary of state madeleine albright and some other big, prominent, feminist leaders including some women of the senate, rallying around clinton. now right now sanders still leads clinton among women in new hampshire by four points, and women under 45, by nearly 30 points. the former governor of vermont writes in the boston globe about her experience running against sanders was the independent on the balance rot when she was running for her second term as governor saying he focused like a laser beam on class analysis in which women's issues, she argues, were essentially a
6:18 am
distraction from other more important concerns. and he urged voters not to vote for me, just because i was a woman, and that would be a sexist position he declared. now those are the questions we're seeing raised once again now with madeleine albright's remark yesterday that quote, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women, end quote. and, a fellow hillary clinton surrogate gloria steinem who many people know of course was on the bill mar show friday night and said young people may support bernie sanders only because that's what the boys are doing. joining us now is former governor madeline kunin and annie lynnsky here on set. governor tell me about why you wrote this piece and what you wanted to say, and whether you see it as valid for women of any age to support bernie sanders right now. >> well, right now, i believe that hillary clinton is by far the most capable, most
6:19 am
experienced, by far most results oriented person running for president. of course i add to that my own desire which i hope to achieve before i leave this earth, to see after thousands, if not millions of years of male leadership, to see a woman president. and, it's not just a gender thing, but the gender part is that a woman lives a different kind of life. and sees the world differently than men. not on all issues, but on some issues like women's issues which today are economic issues. i mean, hillary has devoted her whole public life to furthering education, as the wife of the governor of arkansas. to the children's health insurance bill, in the senate, and as secretary of state, i was there in beijing, when she said these words over the microphones, that thousands of women were there from all over the world.
6:20 am
women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's rights. and, she has kept up. that's not her only issue but i think she will give more priority because of her experience as a woman, because of her experience fastering issues like child care, equal pay for equal work. pay, family and medical leave. that's part of her dna. >> governor, let me jump in and ask you, though, i mean you just said women's issues are economic issues, and so part of what the sanders campaign is arguing is that on many of those formal parity matters of gender equal, they have the same position but with bernie sanders they would argue you get the bonus of a more robust, higher funded universal health care program and other democratic socialist priorities that look more like western europe than a capitalist
6:21 am
u.s. system and that would be better for women indeed that's why some women particularly under 45 are with sanders, can you understand that or do you think that's totally off base? >> i think it's not correct. i can see where the word revolution is attractive. i applaud bernie for raising economic issues. i think you do have to ask the fundamental question, could he get it done? she has been nor cooperative, more collegial, and fee feels -- she's voiced or she's propelled by a lifetime of going after these issues. i mean she's -- she's got all over the world in every country. she's boosted women's issues. she's met with women's groups. she's formed a special global women's network at the state department. so this is not a new issue. i think it is a much newer issue for bernie.
6:22 am
and yes, you know, he can say he has more passion, but let's imagine if hillary had the same body language and the same tone of voice that he had when women shout, when women express anger, they're considered hysterical. so i don't think you can measure the effectiveness or the passion by how somebody shouts or how angry they are. you have to measure them by could they really get it done, and have they gotten it done in the past? >> governor madeleine kunin thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> well, thank you. it's been my pleasure. >> wonderful. i appreciate it. we turn to annie from the boston globe who is with me here in the booth in the election special booth with a little bit of snow behind us. not too bad. you hear the governor there and i want to play what i mentioned, gloria steinem on bill maher and i want to be clear and fair. celebrated feminist. she's supporting hillary but it's not the same as someone who is paid by hillary on the
6:23 am
campaign but it really stroked these issues and we were talking about it even before the cameras were on. let's listen to gloria on bill maher. >> they really don't like hillary, though. what do you think that's about? >> and when you're young you're thinking, you know, where are the boys? the boys are with bernie. or you know -- >> oh. wow. i mean, i've been talking to voters, and i -- young voters, young female voters. i don't see them chasing after bernie because there are guys who are on the campaign trail that they're chasing after. i think that's -- i mean, i have seen absolutely none of that and i spent the last 30 days on this campaign trail. i mean, what -- what bernie is doing is, he just -- he is kind of creating this atmosphere of fun. i mean, it's all a little fun with burney. it's unexpected. you go to one of his rallies. you know, i was with him at a press conference and he's waving his hands around so much he almost hit me.
6:24 am
which would not have been a great visual for him. >> but the energy. >> you notice the energy there. you know when you talk about women's issues, i mean with the economic downturn i think you're absolutely right, i mean, economic issues are women's issues. you're seeing women at these rallies who are have had a disastrous experience for the last ten years, and they blame the big banks and it's very hard for hillary to get away from her ties to wall street. when you start talking about economic issues. you do see older women in particular, women over 50. i can go to a rally and i can tell who is with who just by looking at them. there are women who really just desperately want to see a woman president, and i can really understand that. i mean, it would be a fascinating -- it would be a fascinating thing to see. but i don't think that's translating to younger women, andist per message is certainly not, inspiring that kind of -- >> right. and you put it so well. because you'd have to be asleep
6:25 am
or sexist not to have noticed it's all men presidents, it would be nice to have a woman. whether that's hillary or carly or someone else but that doesn't matter the rest of the analysis. you're going to be with us. >> yeah. >> so stick around. thank you for being here. we have so much to get to. hillary clinton is now also doing spanish language ads so we're going to show you that. we're going to get back to annie. a lot more here live from new hampshire. want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you. [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ]
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller. hillary clinton making her final push towards the big prim rather tuesday right here in new hampshire. meanwhile, former president bill clinton spending time with caucusgoers in nevada. that is the next state on the cal today for the democrats. the clinton campaign also releasing its first spanish language radio ad, and tv ads this weekend. this is all part of a hispanic media ad buy in nevada. latino voters make up a small percentage of voters in many of
6:29 am
the early states. just 3% in new hampshire, give or take. and if you go into the deeper end of the primary calendar those numbers do jump significantly especially in states like florida, nevada and colorado. as we get closer to nevada and beyond, how are the campaigning reaching out to what could be a crucial bloc of voters? latinos both in the primaries, as well as the general election? well, we have adolfo franco a former adviser to senator john mccain. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great, ari. great to see you. >> it's not really an exaggeration from the data we put up there as a matter of demography, maybe not on purpose, it's sort of a white primary in the first two states. >> that's right. >> and we say these states are so important and oh, my god, what's going to happen, and new hampshire is the 45th state when it comes to latino representation, even though we've heard so much about that as a matter of electoral math and politics for the general election. walk us through your thoughts on that with what we just mentioned about clinton and the outreach. >> well, you're absolutely right. first of all, 50,000 hispanics
6:30 am
turn 18 every month. that's a very, you know, impressive statistics. historically his tanic voters haven't turned out at elections or primaries in very, very large numbers. certainly not the numbers that other groups are represented. i think this year, whether it's going to be, you'll see it in nevada, or across the country for that matter, you're going to see a much higher turnout. and i have to say as a republican, this is, in this ad from hillary clinton, demonstrated it, showing mr. trump, mr. trump is doing something that really hasn't happened since about 1990 in california. with proposition 187. it was an anti-immigration proposition. it was advanced by then republican governor wilson which was devastating to our party. unfortunately mr. trump is repeating this message as anti-hispanic message, and i think it's going to drive up -- it's even drove it up in iowa actually, just another statistic. in iowa ten times the number of hispanics participated in the caucuses this year as compared
6:31 am
to 2008. the hispanic population in iowa which is small has not increased tenfold. what is that attributed to? the anti-hispanic, anti-immigration message of donald trump. and it's a rajdy for our party unless marco rubio, jeb bush and that positive message gets out. >> well, so let me bring in your fellow republican o'brien here but i believe you're a big lil' wayne fan the rapper. and he says men lie, women lie, numbers don't lie. and the numbers for your party on hispanic voting share, here it is, george w. bush, 40%. not bad. john mccain, 31%. you go down to mitt romney, 27%. and o'brien that's before donald trump. >> well also right now don't forget you've got marco rubio and ted cruz as candidates. that helps the iowa turnout. i think right now the party's message is about a growth of a party, and a big tent. donald trump narrows that tent.
6:32 am
>> you're saying the -- >> so donald trump -- >> this could be this tent we're in right now. >> to win in politics without addition. donald trump is running subtraction. >> do you worry about him as a general election candidate? >> i am worried about him as a general election candidate but the party wants to unite behind whoever the nominee is to beat the democratic nominee. that's going to tb the real question. >> now i'm going to push on jason. there are people around donald trump who say, you guys have seen this movie before and you're acting like you never have. of course it is rough and tumble in the primaries. they say donald trump has all kinds of friends, business interests in the middle east, he will turn this around if he's the nominee, he will be like put that to the side and do a big benetton ad. do you think he's going to pull that off? >> no. no one is going to sing we are the world after he alluded mexicans are rapists. he can have pastor scott from cleveland campaign for him as much as he wants. it doesn't mean black people are going to vote for him. you cannot in a republican win'
6:33 am
general election with about less than 40% of the latino vote. if you alienate them, they're going to remember. and hillary is going to remind them. >> i completely agree with that. the iowa turnout, which is tenfold, on the democratic side, that's an ominous warning for us. the only candidate i think speaking right now to the general election, which we need to focus on is marco rubio. not just messaging. his message is what a big tent, it's ronald reagan it's optimistic. i am disappointed even beyond latinos on some of the rhetoric on gay rights. i think that's a losing proposition for us if we don't recognize that gay marriage is for example last night the majority view of this country and also other issues such as abortion. not that we're -- we're still a pro-life party but we don't have to be perceived as the extremist party on these issues. we have winning issues on foreign policy, small government, fewer taxes. we should be focused on that. not social issues where the country is at a very different place than most of the evangelical or conservative
6:34 am
republican primary voters. >> all right. even though we were here in new hampshire we wanted to do that look ahead and think about the wider context. my thanks to adolfo franco as well as o'brien murray. up ahead we are getting ready also for another big state coming down the pike, south carolina. clinton fans think that's going to be important for her as soon as new hampshire has voted the fight to win there a preview on that. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch!
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welcome back. ari melba live in new hampshire where bernie sanders holds a big lead, up17 points. that's this morning in the new 7 news/umass tracking poll. with just two days left in the primary that is a good place to be for him. hillary clinton has gained supporters in that poll since the days of the iowa caucuses where they finished neck and neck. hillary clinton winning by just a couple of delegates. sanders is pretty much held on his own level of support in the
6:38 am
low 60s, high 70s. bernie sanders does win convincingly here in new hampshire on truce, then of course south carolina becomes crucial in his efforts to hold onto any momentum outside of these early small states. for hillary clinton, it could be her firewall. that contest, the first with lots of diversity in the electorate. take a look at the nbc news poll that is most recent here. she is up in all demographics, but her big lead with black voters is of key significance. they are, of course, a majority of the south carolina democratic electorate. recently, 28 african-american ministers plenled their support to clinton, and more endorsements, her campaign says, are on the way. we bring back the panel here. jason and annie and also do you think about this and you say, okay, hillary clinton, has become, with regard to the demographic destiny, the barack obama of this cycle? >> exactly. and it's interesting to me how she absolutely ruined her relationship with the black vote, eight years ago, with her comments both before and after well i need to be here if something happens to barack
6:39 am
obama, bill clinton made statements but she has really worked in the last eight years to improve her relationships with the congressional black caucus, pastors and lots of different groups. bernie sanders doesn't win in south carolina in large part because he's got a tall hill to climb with black voters. >> but we just did story on the front page of today's boston globe and looked at his south carolina operation and one of the things that was fascinating is they're hiring a huge number of african-american organizers, and paying them that $15 an hour minimum wage that he's been talking about on the campaign trail. and when i was in south carolina for the debate, there were i believe it was clyburn who i was talking to and he was really stunned by bernie sanders' operation and the people who are going door-to-door in rural south carolina and looking for votes. so i don't think anybody thinks he's going to win. i think for him in south carolina, if he can move that number a little bit, and just know that he can expand his support. if he can, i think it's -- >> you know -- >> i think he stops there, quite
6:40 am
frankly. >> it's always complex. i love when people are like, what's going to happen with the black vote, jason? what's going to happen with the white vote? do you ask that question, too? of course it's latered. of course there's different motivators. in minority oriented politics, relationships matter. the democratic party is in a different place especially on policing, on the notion of standing up for questionable police misconduct even though as i think was fairly pointed out in the debate last night most officers aren't accused of any misconduct. but, but in the cases where they are in many parts of this country there isn't a serious criminal investigation, there isn't attempt to deal with it. that's been controversial. yet bernie sanders has pulled out some un, you know, unchallenged credential endorsements like ben jealous and we can put up his letter but he's he's out there and on the other hand we seed cornell west who is not exactly popular with your obama base constituency in the black community. >> you've also seen what i like to call the sort of tragedy
6:41 am
primary that's going on. tragedy endorsement primary where people who are connected with some of the most violent deaths -- >> great point. >> and criminal justice cases are going out for endorsements. ben crump who was connected to the zimmerman trial, he's come out for hillry clinton. and the lawyer from walter scott went from hillary clinton to bernie sanders. -- >> and the garner family. >> as well. so what does that say to you? >> at least in sanders case he's like look i think this is a way that i can show empathy. because bernie sanders has been in congress for 30-something years. the fact that he doesn't have a better relationship with many people in the congressional black caucus, it's a problem. because he should have known them. he was in the senate. he was in congress. he had a better opportunity to do it. he's got a lot of ground to make up and i think that's something that hillary's really hammering on. >> it's going to be interesting in south carolina but it's also going to be something we saw in the debate. the best hillary clinton hit against bernie sanders isn't well you're unrealistic, because people don't want to hear that. i think it's that when she says he doesn't work on the issues that he doesn't have a
6:42 am
demonstrated issue in. >> yes. >> in vermont, maybe because of demographics that has been civil rights for a long time. no demonstrated interest on foreign policy. m.i.a. we were talking about madeleine albright. she's been in congress 30 years. i've never seen him in a briefing. >> that would be a more devastating argument for him. particularly in foreign policy on that debate the other night the democratic debate i thought that was just a horrible moment for him when he was just sort of stuttering about and word salad about north korea. he needs to be able to answer that question. i mean he needs to be able to -- >> right. >> and have -- >> and have that breadth. and thank you both for being here. appreciate it. up next, hillary clinton making that case for national governance. she's moving from new hampshire, and touring the site of a still unfolding national disaster. that's next. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol?
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but hillary clinton is heading to flint, michigan today. she's going to speak to residents there about, of course, that unfolding water crisis and tour the city. now her trip to flint is obviously a detour from the campaign schedule of knocking on doors in new hampshire. speaking with voters, asking for support as she's been doing all this week. trying to close some of that gap with bernie sanders. now as we've reported sanders still with a commanding seven db point lead here. joining me kristen welker. kristen, this trip seems to say on policy, don't forget about flint and on politics don't forget that hillary clinton can do well in a lot of other states. >> that's exactly right. while secretary clinton has been focused on new hampshire, this trip to flint really looks forward to some of those states that vote after new hampshire. obviously the water crisis there impacting a lot of african-americans. there's a large african-american community there. that visit could resonate in a state like south carolina, for example. where you have a lot of african-american voters. and that state could be critical
6:47 am
for secretary clinton, particularly if she loses here in new hampshire. still, she wants to close that gap that you talked about, that polling. senator sanders leading her by double digits in almost every poll still, the clinton campaign would be able to argue that it's a bit of a win if she closes that to single digits as opposed to having it a double digit lead. her strategy's changed a little bit to do that. she started touting her credentials as a progressive and has also started talking a lot about her work in terms of pushing for women's rights. that's something that they hope will rally women voters here. by the way she's trailing sanders among women voters as well. she's changed her stump speech and she's really trying to reach those younger voters who she thinks could be critical to closing that big gap that she has right now with senator sanders. take a listen to something that she had to say yesterday on the trail. >> i get the anger. i get the frustration. but anger is not a plan.
6:48 am
and venting is not a strategy. >> ari, a message like that almost directly meant to hit those younger voters. now, one more point. she has been criticizing senator sanders on his foreign policy. she brought up former secretary of state madeleine albright yesterday, who was very critical of some of his answers during that msnbc debate. today clinton's top surrogate bill clinton will be here campaigning in new hampshire while his wife is in flint. >> not a bad surrogate to have. nbc's kristen welker, thank you, as always, for your reporting. next up we're going to be joined by two of new hampshire's brightest political minds offering thoughts on what exactly is going to go down right here, two days, first primary in the nation. soup and sandwich and clean and real, and feeling good, sort of. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu.
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welcome back. i'm ari melber here in manchester, new hampshire, with
6:52 am
our special election coverage where the snow is cold, but the ballots, my friends, are getting warm. i want to go right to our star panel here. neal luvet, and dan touhy, political reporter for the new hampshire union leader. you saw the debate last night. we have heard over and over and seen in the data about a third-plus of new hampshire voters undecided. what if anything moves them out of the debate. >> we saw chris christie beat up on marco rubio. i'm looking at whether that does anything to slow rubio's momentum here in new hampshire. he still has a surge going on here. he does have a lot of supporters and they're all out there now campaigning across the state trying to build on that momentum. >> was it christie's attack or rubio's total inability to respond on his feet? >> maybe a little bit of both. >> i think christie knew what he was doing. he wanted to get in there, take a swing. he landed the punch. it kind of altered rubio for the rest of the debate.
6:53 am
you talked about new hampshire voters. the fact is a lot of them actually saw the debate and they'll hear the reaction the next day. since iowa, rubio hasn't thrown any passes essentially. he's kept a straight script, been very cautious. >> does he have more of a ground game than donald trump? that's a football political joke right there. >> it is. >> you hear the laughter on set how well that went over. >> donald trump's been here for two years. he's been campaigning in new hampshire. he's been meeting a lot of voters, taking a lot of questions. he may have a better ground game than people think. >> this polling has been stronger here, but i was at a kasich event yesterday, and they were saying in the field, they do lose out to other people. they were hearing when they do door knocks some people were thinking rube wroe. they said they haven't lost out to trump anywhere on the ground in the last week. >> trump supporters seem to be solidly for him and no one else. when you get into bush, rubio, kasich, christie, there seems to
6:54 am
be new hampshire voters seem to be like one or the other, they're undecided. they may decide going into tuesday's poll. >> is there a bigger problem with donald trump that he staked everything on being a winner, he was a loser in iowa, and last night he was booed more than any other politician. >> i nthought he had a great performance until he got booed. i'm not sure how it played out in the hall, but if you're at home, might it sounded like might have been like, what the heck just happened? the question is whether he has voters or fans. we're going to find out here tuesday. if he does win new hampshire, it will be a credit to the campaign manager. he knows voter data very well. >> he knows voter data, but they're not buying it. we've done this analysis at msnbc, when you get the quart quarterly reports, you can see. they only spent abiliout $250,0 far less than any other
6:55 am
campaign, for one voter data. when you dig in to the campaign, yes, he knows how to draw a crowd. and yes, he's good on his feet. he may hold the lead, but there's a problem with the fact donald trump doesn't know how to run a campaign. >> certainly he's a first timer, but for 33 weeks, he's had a double-digit lead. you can't deny that. there's been probably 100 different polls. tuesday, there could be a surprise. this is what new hampshire does. they vet candidates. they wait until the last second. we could see a surprise. >> what is it about the new hampshire voter? we're out here, we're learning. you know better than we do. no matter what party, seem very proud generally to say i haven't decided. i'm thinking on it. >> i talked to a gentleman the other day. he actually said, we take our precious time with our precious vote. they're a savvy voter. a lot of people make up their mind when they go into the polling area. here in new hampshire, the same-day voting registration, so i think secretary of state
6:56 am
gardener predicts 50,000 people will register to vote on tuesday. that's quite a number. >> not because we want everyone to keep watching until tuesday. it's bananas to say 2008, which was the high water mark, the secretary predicted friday will be higher than that. can they help someone like a jeb bush or john kasich? >> absolutely. one reason he makes these predictions based on absentee ballots. maybe where the undeclared voters go. it's really amazing, the electorate here. we haven't seen anything quite like this in the history of the new hampshire primary. >> that's what you think as a longtime watcher. it's a treat. we appreciate you having us all here. we know bringing the media gets loud. thank you very much. that is our show for this hour. i want to thank you for joining us as well. stay here because msnbc has coverage throughout the day, live from new hampshire. two days out before voters head to the polls for the all important primaries. up next, of course, melissa harris-perry will be joined by
6:57 am
the mayor of flint michigan. obviously, a very important place where hillary is headed and they're going to discuss water crisis and why people are saying don't forget flint and don't count it out. thank you for watching. and have a great sunday. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day.
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where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. will beyonce and cam own this weekend? plus, the mayor of flint, michigan, joins me live. and wake the vote is here. but first, fight night in new hampshire. good morning. i'm melissa harris-perry. last night's presidential debate was the eighth time we have


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