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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  February 7, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PST

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before taking myrbetriq... ...tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney problems. common side effects include increased blood pressure... ...common cold symptoms, urinary tract infection... ...and headache. it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if ...myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. >> hello, everyone live from manchester where in the next two hours there will be a flurry of campaign activity including all the republican candidates fresh off another prime time tossel, a stumbling one for some of them.
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>> let's just vote once and for all that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing is not true. he knows what he is doing. >> the memorized 25-second speech. >> a lot of times -- let me talk. quiet. a lot of times. >> senator cruz, you said he doesn't have the temperaturement to be commander in chief. do you stand by that? >> if you noticed he didn't answer your question and that's what's going to happen. we are going to win with trump. >> if i get elected president, head out to buy a seatbelt. there will be so much happening and we will move america forward. i promise you. >> then there was what was supposed to be a simple matter
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introducing the debate participan participants. it took about two minutes and felt like an hour. live in new hampshire and this is the place for politics. and let's start with new reaction about the republican debate. here are marco rubio and chris christie just this morning talking about numerous scuffles that dominated the night. >> not only is it the truth, it is at the core. >> he called can speeches and said there you go again. that was not a good moment for you. >> it is what i believe and what i will continue to say because it's one of the main reasons why i'm running. >> republicans want to be able
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to hold them and if they are choosing tweern me and marco rubio, you need someone tested and ready. >> in a moment we will play the full exchange they are talking about from that debate. here first is a look at the new channel 7 daily tracking poll that was out just a few hours ago. marco rubio who had that momentum out of iowa stalling out. that was even before rubio's performance in that debate. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is responding to fallout from former secretary of stalt madeleine albright that there is a special flays hell for women who don't help each other. >> she believes it firmly and in part because she knows what a struggle it has been. she understandings the struggle is not over. i don't want people to be offended by what she is
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expressing. >> about an hour from now, clinton will be in flint, michigan to talk about the water crisis. bernie sanders is making a final pitch in front of tuesday's primers. acting out a scene showing what it would have been like to evacuate the titanic. >> i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment. enough is enough! we need to unite and work together. if we are all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> msnbc is on the ground all over new hampshire. katie is covering the trump campaign and casey hunt with the sanders campaign. we begin with gabe gutierrez in
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bedford covering rubio barely hanging on to second place. he may have had a costly stumble in left last night's debate. >> let's dispel that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. this is the bottom line. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing is not true. they don't understand what we are dealing with. this is a president who is trying to change this country. >> you see, i want the people at home to think about this. that's what washington, d.c. does. the drive by shot with incorrect and incomplete information and the memorized 25-second speech. >> that's what happened last night. the rubio campaign came out of iowa ahead of steam. they were talking about moving up close to trump and maybe
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catching donald trump. what are they saying in the wake of this debate? marco rubio just taking the stage. this was not a crushing blow. they are doubling down or if you prefer, quintupling down and trying to make the point that he is best positioned to take on the democrats in the general election. he said barack obama has been effective for the liberal side, but he can be effective for the conservative side. the campaign said it raised more than three times as much last night online than it has during any other debate.
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he did have an effective night and the question about abortion. the big question is how will the voters react. we were speaking with a few of them and many said look, all politicians are scripted to a certain extent. the supporters will be hearing from them and they have been turned off by donald trump and they want to stick with marco rubio. what it means for the other candidates in the race. what it means for chris christie and he is doubling down and has a message to get out and the question will be how the vote is
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reactive. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez with the rubio campaign a few miles from where we are. let's bring in a christie supporter. a congressman and senator, jeb bradley. before i ask this question, this is a newspaper a lot of people in new hampshire read. this is a devastating cover. choke! is the headline. he wilts under christie attack. the herald endorsed chris christie and your candidate went after marco rubio hard. the reviews are not good. what effect will it have on the race? >> christie came across as very forceful and decisive and senator rubio is a gifted debater, but you are talking about one of the most dysfunctional bodies in the
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universe. that doesn't make you a good debater. christie in particular because he was the person highlighting the differences. i think new hampshire voters will react to that. the latest polls are all over the place, but one of the things that is vitally important is 40 to 50% was undecided. >> i'm watching it and i heard him say before, christie interrupts and said there has goes again and this is the 25 second thing and later on, rubio returns to it again. i can hear the greens in the crowd. >> rubio is a good debater and he made a real error last night. i thought governor christie capitalized on it. we were fread hours away from
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voting and this will help governor christie. >> does it help christie? donald trump is about 30, 35% and everybody else is mid-teens or lower. if this stalls his momentum, does this keep that jumble alive in the back of the pack? >> that could be. i think he will do well. he stayed out of the fray a lot. i think the key take away will be who comes in second, third, fourth. those folks continue. i think governor christie has a chance to jump-start and get into that for contention and later. >> did you feel, was there an element of maybe i can't win this thing, but i can at least stop marco rubio? >> i don't think so. it goes back to something that happened this summer where both
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stayed at mitt romney's house. >> they can't be friendly after last night. >> governor christie, his mo is decisive leadership. he is trying to highlight that. we have two senators and a former u.s. senator who has been the president for a year. the new hampshire voters will react to that. >> what does he need in terms of a percentage to say good enough, i'm moving on. >> he needs to come in in the top four. i think he is going to do that. >> let me ask you this. if they win here and it's a jumbled field going on. a lot of people said donald trump has an advantage as long as the opposition is divided. is he someone you could support
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for the republican nominee? >> i would anticipate supporting the nominee whether or not mr. trump is unknown. there policy positions that mr. trump articulated that i don't agree with. that's why i hope governor christie can win. he has proven in new jersey he can work in a bipartisan way to solve problems and entitlements in this country and he has the courage to have tackled things like pensions that make me feel he has the courage to talk the talk, but walk the walk. i don't see that coming from anybody else. governor christie has the backbone to do that and i hope he will win. >> thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> now to the clinton campaign. we are expecting it hear from her, making a detour to michigan to attend a community meeting on
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the ongoing water crisis. they announced that hillary clinton and bernie sanders will hold a debate next month in flint. bill clinton remains in the great state holding one of two get out the vote events for his wife's campaign. we are joined by congressman dan who includes his hometown of flint. he is a hillary clinton supporter. thanks for joining us. this is an issue you have been all over in flint. how does hillary clinton getting involved in this right now this this campaign, does that do anything to help the situation in flint? >> it's absolutely helped because her voice helped to take this to a national debate and make it part of a national debate. i think it's important that the presidential candidates address the issues that are critical to the issue of the country. if the story of flint can be
9:14 am
part of the national dialogue, that will shape policy and policy hopefully that will not allow places like flint to be last behind. they have been treated as if it's inconsequential and to have a national voice, coming to flint makes a big difference to us. >> you are supporting hillary clinton, but this got national interest. do you see any substantive or meaningful difference for how hillary clinton addressed this and how bernie sanders addressed this issue? >> it's not about politics and when i speak to clinton about this, i feel like i am talking to hers a mom and a grandmother. i know he has been critical of the kbof nor. the flint situation is beyond politics. anybody here in the state,
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particularly anybody here in michigan knows, when a voice speaks up. one of the republicans chose to speak up. i would welcome it. we are trying to keep it about solving the problems and we will take help wherever we can get it. it's noteworthy speaking up on this. senator sanders will be here. all good things. >> this is the height of political season and the fact that they are being scheduled for next month suggests both are looking at this as a campaign that is going to go on for a while. we may not have thought that. we may have said everybody goes home. are you bracing if are a long campaign?
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one thing you can say whether it's the democratic or republican side, it's hard to predict what will happen next. our next president will have huge challenges and the process should be tough and she has proven herself up to that task and she will succeed. i'm happy that the race, the primary that will take place here will be substantial and consequential. i want the voices to be part of the process. this is the way it ought to work. >> dan is the congressman from michigan and thanks for your time. appreciate that. hillary clinton, donald trump and bernie sanders will speak to chuck todd on "meet the press."
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plus same-day delivery, and sleep train's love your mattress guarantee. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ that was ohio governor john kasich. the tracking poll out this morning shows him in fifth place. part of that big cluster behind donald trump. 9% in that daily poll. i am joined now by the chairman
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in the state of the kasich campaign. it is a jumble behind donald trump. >> there is another tracking poll has him in second place. >> he has been doing well in the arg polls. >> and they have him in third place. they are all over the place and if you want to get into polls, he pulls ahead of ted cruz behind marco rubio. he is riding the bounce from iowa. that is probably gone. >> it looked like in the tracking poll that might have died out before the debate: what does he need on tuesday to say this is a victory and i can have a shot. no one is looking at the race would have thought could happen. it's an incredible achievement and done the right way.
9:22 am
the voters really understand and what's your vision for the country. john kasich hit it out of the park with substance. taxes and that first 100 days question. they were ideas and actions and solutions to some of the tough challenges facing the country. you get that from doing 100 town hall meetings and knowing the solutions they want. they will be saying i'm a democrat, but i'm interested in you. >> if you go to any town hall meeting they may be democrats and a lot of republicans.
9:23 am
people come to find out about the political process and find out about the candidates. we had 300 people two nights ago which was one of the strongest republican strongholds in new hampshire. he has done it and rolled back regulations. he's done it. maybe the difference is that he sees conservative principals to generate economic groegz and the way everyone is given opportunity. >> there was expectation that rubio got a better than expected showing. he moved up in the polls and that whole log jam we have been seeing is about to break up. he will consolidate and he will come out with a strong second.
9:24 am
if we get to tuesday and that doesn't happen, he is still at 12 or 13%. is that a moment when they look at him and say you had your chance and you blew it. >> i don't think that's unrealistic. we will have to wait and see. y is narrows like that happened in the past. someone has done well in iowa. rick santorum will be an example, but not being able to deliver. last night rubio has been criticized for being repetitive and rehearsed and not having experience. the question week saw last night was both. that really showed through. when someone is hit in a way that reflects their core weaknesses. it's such a dated reference.
9:25 am
i was thinking of that. it was tough. it was a tough night. everyone has their ups and towns and to falter like that was bad timing. >> john kasich and others. >> grading the debate and how did the candidates really do at the debate?
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>> an active twitter verse. donald trump was the subject of 33% of conversations with the
9:29 am
debate finishing second. 15%. the most tweeted topics were foreign affairs and national security and health care and the economy. right now to break down what we saw, what it means for tuesday. the new hampshire primary. this is the best time to be in new hampshire. >> the most cal eight days. >> that's the point. people dropping out and the bomb dropping after iowa. >> that's what i want to ask you. the boston herald endorsed christie. >> does this reaction up here, does this reaction they have going to stall the momentum. >> i think it will. >> the momentum that marco rubio had was something the media created. you sea the crowds react to that.
9:30 am
not overwhelming. i saw it on the trail. the media gives and can take away. that is what's driving this. i'm not sure how many people watched and seeing headlines endlessly and seeing headlines like that. this is going to hurt. marco rubio does not have a large basis of a ground game. he has been trying to develop one late in the game. and people are still trying to make up their minds. one third of republicans say they are not sure where they are going to go. marco rubio was a candidate in theory. i can't be with cruz. i don't think he is electable nor is donald trump. i heard this a lot on the trail. maybe after this performance. there two schools of thought. it's the governors. it's kasich and bush. i'm thinking it's trump. a lot of people with trump.
9:31 am
i don't think you saw the direct correlation between trump. he did lose points this week. it keeps a jump bell alive. rubio can't consolidate the winner here. we were open minded over whether we could overcome trump. i don't think that's going to happen. i think trump could win new hampshire and that's because of his own campaign and not because someone else was searching. we had this set up and if you didn't watch the debate. this was supposed to be the most easy, simple, boring part. look what happened. >> i thought we had it. there it is. there we go. we were animateing it here. there is the stage. he does not go out. he decides he was not going out
9:32 am
either. jeb bush gets his name called. here comes trump. here comes john kasich. i thought you could pop out. >> the debates, they put so much effort into the preproduction. >> last time they held a debate. we have all the issues. we have to raise it there too. bernie sanders ahead by 20 points. they must love that the polls are up like this. they get to say hey, they did concern what they expected.
9:33 am
>> how big does that need to be. the clinton campaign need to be. is it 8 or 10 points? we talked to the campaigns on the ground. neither believe this is a 20-point race. we will debate if it's a 10 or a 15. they excuse the expectation game. for all the conversation that persony sanders is up in two states. she was here the day after iowa and they had the cnn town hall and there was a big dinner across the street. >> and she won the state. >> as much as people want to talk about the bernie sanders
9:34 am
thing, they need to be amazed. this is clinton country and she is the defending champion. what's interesting for me is when hillary clinton pulled off the come back that no one saw in 2008, she did it with women, older women. right now bernie sanders has been eating into the women vote which is interesting. he has the question marks. can he drive out younger voters in the western part of the state. we have snow on tuesday. >> always the x factor. coming up next, we go back on the trail and check in with the trump campaign. are his folks declaring victory are his folks declaring victory after last night?
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>> back to live coverage from new hampshire. a number of candidates will be speaking at campaign events throughout the state. katie is in new hampshire where donald trump will hold a rally. donald trump stood back and watched as jeb bush and marco rubio and ted cruz were there. >> he did well and always calling the performances victories. bragging about it this time around. they obviously won all the polls and you can see them doing it lately managing expectations for tuesday. they realize they played the game we saw a kinder gendery
9:39 am
version of donald trump. expect for that one instance with jeb bush when he was trying to defend his stance on immanent domain. i asked if he wanted to talk about marco rubio's performance. he has been surging in the polls and could be quite a bit of competition and saying twitter was going after him. he was trying to talk to voters. he was in a diner and trying to chat it up with voters and will be in a rally in a couple of minutes as you said. the campaign is trying to get as many boots on the ground as they can. they have been criticized for being disorganized and am can be late late for the ground game.
9:40 am
they get it over the line on tuesday. whether he will be able to eek out a win here or get a good one. does that make sense? >> i'm looking at the pictures of donald trump at a greasy spoon. i haven't seen that before. thank you for that report. in about an hour and a half, ted cruz will be speaking in peter borrow where we find nbc's halle jackson. what is the focus of the message in a debate fallout for cruz? >> there is not much for ted cruz as we show you the crowd starting to gather here. we are told they are about to head up these stairs for the town hall event. here's the deal with cruz. last night he had to come out and he didn't need to shine, but not make any unforced errors.
9:41 am
he couldn't mess up. the best case scenario for him. the best case scenario was a pile on for marco rubio. that is what happened. cruz, the fact that he is not even the first, second, third or fourth thing we mentioned had him feeling pretty good. >> the assessment they are making, they are evaluating each one of us. >> he doesn't have the temperament to be commander in chief. >> that are is an assessment that the voters will make. >> if you notice, he didn't answer your question. >> that was a little bit of the trump-cruz back and forth, but not as much as in previous debates. >> that's a classic town. that was the setting for our town if anybody remembers that.
9:42 am
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>> waiting for a jeb bush event to begin. the candidates are holding more than a dozen events around the state. here in manchester is michael steel, a special adviser to jeb bush. thanks for joining us. a lot of people looking at the debate saying it was a loss for marco rubio and because it was a loss, it was a win for jeb bush and chris christie and john kasich and any candidate who wants to be the anti-trump candidate in this race. >> when you look at the governors, governor bush is the only one with the resources and
9:46 am
organization to go past new hampshire. we have a great organization and plan for that state and people on the ground in nevada and people in the march one states. it's win or go home. governor bush has the resources and the organization to keep going. this is really a win for jeb bush. >> we see this jumble. he is in front of everybody. >> kasich 15. kristi 11. countless town halls talking about the record of accomplishment and rebuilding the military. you are saying there is a
9:47 am
governor to compete past new hampshire and that governor is jeb bush. >> he is trying to go after trump for a while. last night i think he might have landed a blow. let's play the exchange. >> what donald trump did was use him in a domain to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. s that is not it here's the problem with that. >> he wants to be a tough guy. i didn't take the property. >> you tried. >> i didn't take the property. the woman didn't want to do that. >> that's not true. to turn this into a limousine parking lot for his casinos is not a public use. >> you are trying to be a tough guy. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman. >> quiet. i lot of times --
9:48 am
>> this went on and on and donald trump turned on the audience and saying hey, don't listen to all the booing, they are against me. i thought your candidate baited him into a bad moment. >> jeb bush has been willing to take on donald trump and the rest have been in the witness protection program. they had the opportunity to take on the front runner and they cut and ran. the other thing i learned, jeb bush wants to build the keystone pipeline. he wants to take an old lady's house. that's a great exchange for jeb bush. what do you think people saw saw this that moment? >> he exposed that marco rubio is a candidate without real accomplishments. jeb bush, if you look at florida, cutting taxes and
9:49 am
reforming the education systems and dealing with eight hurricanes in less than two years, everyone in florida who worked with jeb bush and marco rubio is supporting jeb bush because of a record of achievement and we can't beat hillary clinton for a candidate who doesn't have a record of achievement. they were tight in florida. >> they were friends with this and still friends. >> they still friends? we had a christie surrogate. >> i can't speak to that. the governor and senator remain friendings. the governor thinks he has a better record of leadership and accomplishment. marco rubio does not do well.
9:50 am
you want to be able to say they had a the spotlight for a week. >> no question that got him a second look in new hampshire. >> the problem is not just this mindless repetition of talking points and the stump speech, he never actually accomplished anything. this gang of eight bill when the going got tough, he ran like a cat. the hezbollah of sanctions, he didn't show up to vote. if you talked to the people who got that done, they will tell you he was nowhere to be found and he voted against the bill on final passage. this is a candidate without a record versus one of the most accomplished conservative reform governors in the 21st century. >> michael steel with the bush campaign. bernie sanders on "saturday night live." everyone was anticipating this. we will show you the highlights.
9:51 am
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>> i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment. enough is enough. we need to unite and work together. if we are all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> that was the other big anticipated event besides the republican debate. democratic candidate bernie sanders on "saturday night live" with larry david. this afternoon sanders is back from new york in new hampshire and msnbc hunt is covering his campaign in the historic city of portsmouth. what is on the sanders agenda today? >> good afternoon. we are waiting for him to make
9:55 am
his only rally of the day. he flew in from new york city and did an interview with kate snow that is coming up tonight and will be rallying the crowd. quite a few people are here behind me and many more waiting outside. the parking lots are full and it feels like a traditional sanders effect. this is the crowds he is drawing. of course this state still a strength for him and polls showing he is continuing to hold a lead over secretary clinton. she has not closed that gap it doesn't seem as significantly as some people expected that it might close. bernie sanders 57% and hillary clinton with 40% in the latest poll. i want to show you the national poll from friday that shows sanders closing the national polling gap from 44 to 42. this will be the question no matter what comes out result-wise here in new
9:56 am
hampshire. clinton's campaign talking about her strengths in bigger and more diverse states and how she is positioned ultimately to win this nomination fight in the long run. sanders campaign on the other hand has a tougher road, but feel with things like the snl appearance that puts sanders in front of a wider audience and they hope a win here, they started to show him as a more plausible nominee and they can drag it out further than anyone expected. >> the campaign spent so much time talking about the fire wall after iowa in new hampshire. they started to tighten and get even. that's a big development. that will also do it for me this hour. i am stove in manchester, new hampshire. chris jansing will pick it up at
9:57 am
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the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. >> now on msnbc live, donald trump is about to speak at a rally in plymouth, new hampshire. more than a few events we will be following. also jeb bush in nash wa today. about an hour to the west of here, former president clinton will try to rally support for
10:01 am
hillary. that's just a nap shot of the road map less than 48 hours before it gets under way. two days before the first primary. all of this off a dibait with fiery moments that could turn out to have an impact here and senator marco rubio refusing to back down after chris christie got the best of him. >> let's dispel the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he wants america to be more like the rest of the world. >> the memorized t30-second speech doesn't solve one problem for one person. >> here's how he tried to pin
10:02 am
that moment. >> what went wrong? >> i would pay for them to keep running the clip. that's why i am not running for senate and i am running for president. obamacare was not an accident. >> there was another great exchange over a topic that ets them all worked up. >> to turn this into a parking lot for limos. > . >> it doesn't work very well. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman. >> let me talk. quiet. >> that's all of his donors and special interest out there. >> take a look at the new
10:03 am
numbers. out from a poll, trump leads the race. 14%. one point ahead of marco rubio and ted cruz troping to fifth place. they have not decided yet two days before. hillary clinton is gaining 60% of the primary voters. that means they can change their minds with tensions running high, they are crisscrossing the state and hoe is the team of correspondents. kristin elker covering the campaign in bedford, new hampshire. at this debate, marco rubio faced his fiercest attacks yet.
10:04 am
i don't think there is doubt about that, but he is taking a page trying to turn what looked like a negative last night into an advantage. tell me what's going on. >> good afternoon. he is certainly doubling down in that clip you just played and also in his town hall meeting and the that just wrapped up within the last few minutes. still behind me and reaching out and shaking hands in what he is trying to argue is that she best positioned to take on the democrats. if he had to do it over again, he would make that same talking point that chris christie said if he cannot get away from. it is the consistent message. barack obama was very effective for the liberals and he can be most effective for the conservative side. that is what the campaign tried to spin and what they are trying to spin today. that was a successful debate in
10:05 am
what raised more than three times what they previously raised online. such as foreign policy and abortion. now the big question is what will happen to the other candidates that are in this race you saw bush and christie piling on. the rubio campaign is doubling down and said voters don't really care about this scuffle. who can unite the party? he had 800 people or so and 650 in this one. also ted cruz's super pac, they plan to air the ad.
10:06 am
par he got there to the heart of what all of this is. to trump and cruz, i want to go back to the poll. kasich, rubio, cruz. a couple of points to each other. could there be something that shakes up the race? so much history and it happened at least five times. things are always in flux in new hampshi hampshire. late deciders and this is a fight for second place. it is wide open for second. between rubio, kasich, christie.
10:07 am
those are the three most likely to finish second. >> the question is going to be, this poll was taken before the feisty moments. we could be talking about the points. >> all of these are on because last night was the game changer. his campaign i think is also trying to take marco rubio down. if chris christie takes first place, but making sure marco rubio does not take first. that could help john kasich the most. except that for brief exchange,
10:08 am
they didn't go after him at all. >> let me play that. jeb bush and a specific reason. there was a pitch battle over a natural gas pipeline from canada. overwhelmingly unpopular here. >> without immanent domain, you don't have roads, highways, schools or bridges. >> he used imminent domain to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is downright wrong. here's the problem with that. the problem was it was he wants. >> he wants to be a tough guy. y didn't take the property. >> you tried. >> i didn't take the property. the woman didn't want to do that. >> that are is not true. the simple fact is to turn this into a limousine parking lot for
10:09 am
his casinos is not of public use. >> what are they talking about in that exchange? >> they are not talking about that exchange any longer. i asked him how he felt and he felt he did good. he felt like he owned the issue. ted cruz was the to bring it up. i asked them about marco rubio's performance and he declined to attack. >> i don't want to comment on anyone else's performance because i have a good relationship with marco. i don't want to comment on his performance. he is being hit pretty hard. >> she skmeer has a decent sized rally. he is trying to maintain his lead. he is leading by all the poll numbers, but there is about a
10:10 am
third of this state that said they are undeclared. they have been criticized for not having him on the ground enough and having him shake hands and talk to people one on one skpk criticized for ground games. today he visited a diner and there a number of people knocking on doors to make sure they get out the vote for donald trump. will that be enough to keep his lead? it will be chalked up to lack of organization and campaign feeling like the popularity, his big rallies were enough to get him over the edge. >> katie who was waiting for that rally, you said it before it's not about second place. could donald trump lose this. they can make it so close that it looks like a loss.
10:11 am
>> we are in the expectations game range. let's say he wins by single digits. that will be a loss for him. if he lost, if somebody in the next three days just surged and he lost this campaign, it's over. i don't think that is likely. >> he said it was a killer for him in iowa. i'm not sure you turn this around in days. >> iowa is a ground game state. it's a caucus state. new hampshire has been a momentum state. the person who ends up winning is the who goes in with a big charge. >> we talked to him after the debate and noted he tried to stay above the fray.
10:12 am
that lead them go at each other and he stayed back and let that happen to take each other down. we asked if that was his plan and he said it's called winning. >> he likes that word. >> did jeb bush help himself last night? they are not new, he didn't make a move. the donors would be going after him and the teabment said look, it's time for you to say this wasn't my near. >> nobody wants to see somebody's home go for a casino limo parking lot. bush got that message through, but it's late in the game when you have to bring your mother in to campaign for you.
10:13 am
i'm guessing they were not thinking this was too little, too late. >> i'm here and there is a lot of applause. jeb bush has been getting a warm welcome. some said they didn't watch the debate and they are choosing and hitting hard today. donald trump is the real loser here. this is what he said at another event. >> how does hillary clinton forge where someone has a different framework is her hen me. i don't believe that. you should not reward politicians that think they are strong by dividing us. >> what you see there is a theme jeb bush has been hitting that
10:14 am
not only is hillary clinton too partisan, but he got tired of people blaming his brother. he is not going to blame barack obama. he will be a solutions-oriented leader. i have to keep my voice down with everyone listening to jeb live. that's the report here from the houn hall. >> thank you. jonathan and francesca, hillary clinton's detour. why has she chose tone go there two days before the primary. the top of the hour. donald trump talks about replacing obamacare. bernie sanders on what he would do as commander in chief. 2:00 here on msnbc. you listen. you laugh.
10:15 am
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>> back live in manchester, new hampshire and the first in the nation primary. any moment we are expecting to hear from bill clinton. a little over an hour to the west. this hour hillary clinton will attend a community meeting in flint, michigan. they have been dealing with the massive water crisis and she has been taking hits. let's go to kristen welker. less than two days to go until the primary. what's the strategy and how is the clinton campaign doing with them going to flint? >> great to talk to you as well. in terms of the strategy, secretary clinton is bringing in the top surrogates and former
10:19 am
president clinton will take the stage here in a few moments. yesterday she had former secretary of state matlin all bright and president clinton's secretary of state. one, arguing that she is the best candidate to fight for women's rights. she made that case yesterday. that's critical because secretary clinton is trailing senator sanders in women voters by about four points which has surprised a lot of people. she is trying to energize that part of her base. madeleine albright criticizing sanders on foreign policy and the answers he had on the past msnbc debate trying to paint him as weak on foreign policy. those are the three parts of the strategy. secretary clinton herself defending against the attacks she is getting from senator sanders from ties to wall street. listen to what she told chuck
10:20 am
todd. >> this attack by innuendo insinuation is getting old. they can't point to anything. they are grabbing at straws to make this case. >> now, secretary clinton defending herself for going to flint saying this is a cit cal issue and a crisis that is impacting a huge community there and of course it impacts a large african-american community. this could resonate to other states like south carolina where you have a large african-american community. we have a hole that shows sanders leads clinton 52-42 and that's a wide margin. that's smaller than the 20 point leads that we have seen. still making a series play even
10:21 am
as she visits flint, michigan today. >> a former senator for ohio and bernie sanders supporter. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> you saw that new poll and it was more than 20 points in some polls just over the last three weeks or so and more than 30 points for bernie sanders and now down to 10 in the poll. how do you see what's going on? >> they are a snapshot in time and each when they are up they are happy, when they are down, they're not. senator sanders's message is resonating with the people and the more folks get to know him and affordable college for all even if it means that colleges and universities are tuition-free so that every child can grow up to know they can live out their greatness and go
10:22 am
to college. this is resonating with people. >> one poll said that she is 30 points more likely to change washington when minority voters are asked. can he win without stepping up his game and without attracting more of a minority vote. >> he is stepping up the vote. that state is not very diverse. he has been a strong public serve and from being a marror to being in the house of representatives. his message is heard and once we get to the general, america will know they have a choice. he wants to earn every african-american and hispanic vote. the votes of other people of color. he doesn't feel that he owns the african-american vote. folks are already deciding where they are going to go.
10:23 am
our votes need to be earned like any other group. he understands that he has to earn each and every vote. >> another question is about his foreign policy. he and secretary clinton both discussed that. here's what secretary clinton had to say. >> there isn't any kind of foreign policy network that is supporting and advising senator sanders. i will let him speak for himself. what's important is this job requires you to be ready on all aspects for the first day. we have a complex world and the president is not going to have the time. >> matlin all bright said they don't have the shops to run the country. what's your reaction. >> very few had the opportunity
10:24 am
to be secretary of state before they run for president. president obama was not secretary of state before he ran for president, but he did select senator clinton for that job. senator sanders understands what is injury to fight and will protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. 32 years of being in an elected office, he does understand this as a mother told me in terms of why she supports senator sanders. her son is about to go to the military and she doesn't want folks with a cavalier attitude. it is disingenuous to talk about his lack of foreign policy experience. he did say isis is the biggest threat and if that's what he believes, that is so. he is strong on the issues. he will continue to grow on the issues. very few presidential candidates have had that kind of experience
10:25 am
before running for president. that does not make them any less of a good candidate. he will protect this country. >> clearly feeling the bern. thanks for coming on. >> you too, chris. >> which will punj their tickets and take a listen to donald trump as we go to break. >> the parents and they have the children and their boards and it's so beautiful and by the way, their children graduated and stay in the boards because they love the school because their children went there. that's what you have to have. it's so important. we want to be at a point to spend less money and have a far stronger and better country. i look at military and i will build the military bigger, better, stronger.
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
>> on super bowl sunday you see the candidates vying for attention. we have bill clinton here as well. busy, busy day. let's bring back analyst jonathan alter. realistically on the republican side, how many tickets are handed out to lead new hampshire? >> ted cruz has a ticket from iowa. if you don't include him, i would say three of the tickets. this is the winnowing period. we will see who gets winnowed in. >> cruz, trump, and two more? >> yeah, i think they could get tickets. one of the things we are forgetting is the fact that even
10:30 am
donald trump is very likely or certainly going to get a ticket out of new hampshire and he is the front-runner in this race. we have gotten used to this. this is the hostile take over of the party. this is a deal in the history of american politics. the guy with zero experience who is a reality show star. >> who said things -- >> he is the front-runner in this party? it's amazing. >> let's play something hoe had to say bringing back the conversation about waterboarding. >> i said we are living in a world in the middle east where they are cutting people's heads off. i would bring back waterboarding and make it a lot worse. >> that is classic donald trump, but the question is, are people letting that stuff happen or will there be a political price to pay? do they agree? >> it hasn't affected him so
10:31 am
far, but part of the reason you see this movement is so many more people are having an opportunity to get to know these candidates better and getting to meet them on one. he benefitted a lot early on from the name id and being so many other candidates, it was too crowded to focus on one person. when you see it thin out, even on the debate stage, you saw it go further into issues. >> when you said that, waterboarding and worse, one of the moderators said worse? you are talking about the medieval rack and we torture the the way we did in the middle ages? what is he talking about? he was talking about eminent domain, he was lying when he was talking about the circumstances of that case in atlantic city.
10:32 am
that was not true. jeb bushed to interject that. he says things that are not true. we have kind of taken it for granted now that this hostile take over is very likely to be successful. there were hundreds of reporters at the debate and i don't think all of us are doing our job in explaining to the american public what would it be like if this man became president of the united states. >> others are not getting pressed on this. marco rubio was asked about waterboarding and he said i don't think we should do things that are not within civil rights. >> saying exactly what he said.
10:33 am
he is going to join us.
10:34 am
10:35 am
sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger.
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it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> on the left, marco rubio started his rally and trying to get people out before the super bowl. welcome back to live coverage to the new hampshire primary. live in manchester, boy oh, boy have we got a race on our hands.
10:37 am
and hillary clinton within ten points of bernie sanders. he is now pushing back against the idea that he only has been up because he's the guy next door. >> obviously we are separated by a river. when we began, we were 30 points down in the polls and she was much better known than i was. that's not accurate. >> i want to bring in andrew smith, the director of the university of new hampshire. oh, the folks in new hampshire. they can change your minds. what a change on the democratic side. he was up in the 20s and 30 percentage and now 10 points. do you think that's accurate?
10:38 am
>> the methodology you use, the poll we are doing that gets younger voters is the key thing to see who shows up on election day. the new voters and younger voters vote, it could be a big day for sanders. in this poll, you had governor kasich in second place. they talked about who would be the governor going out and they are very closely bunched. is that your sense of the race too? >> absolutely. what you are seeing is donald trump still in the lead. i don't think that hurt him. i don't think that now with marco rubio with the slip up at that debate, the second tier could go any way. any of those people can get out of that. >> and bubble up in a way that they can make a case that i'm the alternative. >> we really have to wait and
10:39 am
see. that's going to be the million dollar question on the republican side. there will be a lot of pressure boy the republican party. whoever is the lowest of those people dropout before you get to south carolina. there too many people dividing up the mainstream vote. >> what's your best sense on the republican side? >> from 2012, 46% of republicans said they made up their mind in the last three days. 21% on election day. we are seeing a similar dynamic. 65% still have not made up their mind. it's typical. why should they make up their minds so early when the election is two days from now. >> on the democratic side? >> more people can make up their mind, but it's about 35% who haven't. >> enough to change. let me go to casey hunt who is there with the sanders campaign. >> now back in new hampshire after his "saturday night live"
10:40 am
appearance last night. what's on his agenda today. >> to discuss a little bit of what you were talking about, the undecided voters in new hampshire still the focus. has the hall marks of a bernie sanders event. people waiting outside and that of course when they came in here, that is their strategy. they have been racking up more as we have gone along. they know that this race is going to tighten. they are seeing that in the polling. they do believe that they do have to make sure they are not taking anything for granted. yesterday was the first day we started to hear him say he thinks he can win. he is using the same line he used in iowa. if the turn out is where they needed to be, he will be able to win. i haven't heard that in new hampshire before.
10:41 am
they broadened out the appeal and of course while he does look like he is in a solid position here, it's much tougher if he has to compete in the bigger and more diverse states and on a more national stage. you are seeing the clinton campaign. that's raising questions about his foreign policy experience. watch for that as we go forward. >> waiting for that event to get under way. final question and it's a critical one. how engaged is the electorate. >> 2008 we had 54% vote. secretary of state thinks it will be more. the weather might have an impact, but both races will drive turn out up and we will have close to $20 million in advertising. that will get people to the polls. >> not going to turn them off. >> if only to get it over with.
10:42 am
>> thank you so much. >> new hampshire's most was back in november. who is the paper backing now? the front page with the answer. we will show it to you next. ♪ ♪ sfx: car driving. ♪ sfx: engine revving. ♪ ♪ sfx: car engine. sfx: car speeding away. sfx: car engine. ♪ as we age, certain nutrients longer than ever. become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d.
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. humira. this is my body of proof! >> how much do you need? >> i don't think i need it. i hope i get it. >> we are doing well in new hampshire and initially. >> i know i'm behind and i will keep fighting until the last vote is counted. i care about this primary. >> hillary clinton and donald trump and bernie sanders with no issue off limits. we are going to show it all to you at the top of the hour here on msnbc. that brand-new poll shows ted cruz in fifth place in new hampshire though clearly bunched
10:46 am
up and all still well behind. cruz is going to speak any minute now in new hampshire. halle jackson is there and what's the mood like? >> he came off and went around in this town and headed inside. how do you think it went? he said i think it went well. do you think you got the message out and he said he thinks he did. when he starts speaking, he will address the memorable moments. ted cruz did not have as much pressure as he did for the iowa debate. he was not expected to surge. as long as he didn't make an unforced error, he would be in good shape. with the issue he is having with ben carson's campaign accuses
10:47 am
cruz of dirty politics. here's that moment. >> pen is a good and honorable man and he has an amazing life story that inspired millions including me. when this transpired i apologized then and i do now. i'm sorry. >> looking forward, they believe this nsh their words is over. it's not going to resonate with voters the further and further out we get from iowa. that's in beautiful sunny, balmy new hampshire. >> for turned nice here. thanks so much. i want to bring in the editor for the newspaper and this is a big deal in the sunday paper here. you endorsed chris christie in an editorial and endorsing him again.
10:48 am
>> we're don't just endorse once, but all the way through election day. we think chris christie is the real deal. >> she so much down in the poll. >> we're don't care about polls. new poll will come out tomorrow showing something different. >> something you know? >> they are all over the place. >> the voters don't pay a lot of attention. they pate attention in the debate and he was electric last night and connected with the crowd cross examining marco rubio. >> a lot is about momentum and they are lady deciding. do you see him having the most momentum. where do you see the one, two, and three. >> politics moves faster than ever before. there is no question he won, wednesday, thursday, and friday. he was having a good week and he
10:49 am
ran into a brick wall. the other two governors had good nights as well. marco rubio had a bad night. he couldn't get off his talking points. he gets frazzled. he proved it last night. he won saturday and he is winning suspected. the votes are not for another 35 or 36 hours. >> this is from the from late last year. trump has shown himself to be a crude blow hard with no philosophy and no deeper understanding with the role of president of the united states than one of the goons he lets rough up protesters in his crowds. >> he was show shy. we will get him out of his shell by tuesday. >> here is donald trump. >> this guy named no mcquaid.
10:50 am
he's a low life. he called me and talked to me and wanted me to come up and make a speech in new hampshire.. if you're endorsing christie, i don't care. but you don't hurt somebody that's been helping you and really has done a good job, okay? so here you can have it, pal. >> no regrets about the tone of the editorial? >> no, joe mcquaid's been called worse than that. we're fine. we're not on the ballot. donald trump is. we don't think he's qualified to be president. >> you've been around a while. how close will this end up on the republican side? >> it's going to tightenen it's going to tighten on the democratic side. donald trump has been so far ahead, anything other than a clear win would be a collapse. >> great of you to come in. >> thank you. a big issue in the minds of people in new hampshire but is it for the candidates? what are we talking about? we'll tell you, next. yet up 9 fall short in
10:51 am
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church in michigan, taking time off the new hampshire campaign trail to address the water crisis in flint. keeping our eye on that. back here in new hampshire, the candidates are working to prove they can handle one of state's most pressing problems, drugs. msnbc is in manchester. you visited a town where opioid use skyrocketed. tell me about it. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. actually, now near bristol, a small town, like new market, new hampshire where i visited, 10,000 people live there. like rest of the state, there's a surging crisis of opioid and heroin abuse and addiction. something you hear about time and again at candidate rallies in the state. i went to see how the town's dealing with the crisis there. take a look at this. delicious. >> thank you. >> reporter: john, when did you figure out sort of the scope of
10:55 am
the addiction problem here? >> i was talking to one of the bartenders and she said that she heard a rumor that the fire department had used narcan, i think it was like three or four times in the last like three weeks. and then jeremy, one of the guys that owns a pizza place down there, i saw him a couple days after and he was like you've got to see this photo. it was like a pile of needles behind the shop. we're like, duder what is go on. >> reporter: you sounded surprised when we were talking abo heroin in new market. >> it's scary. i don't understand people doing it. >> it's rampant. oip yoids and prescription drugs i personally like marijuana. >> reporter: ice fisher machine making a lighthearted remark. 90% increase, substance abuse,
10:56 am
clinics here in new hampshire for the issue. again, why you hear candidates talk about it, chris christie and carly fiorina talk about it on a personal level. jeb bush as well. and a lot of people thinking about this crisis in new hampshire when they walk into the voting booth tuesday. >> without a doubt. thank you so much. i can also just say that, being here in new hampshire, you don't have to go to a campaign rally to hear people talking about this issue and it just shows you all politics is local, right? this is something that is resonating here at a time when frankly we see these polls moving all over the place and anything can happen over the next 48 hours. so, keep it right here on msnbc for this hour. that's going to wrap it up. i'm chris jansing live in manchester, new hampshire. next on "meet the press," chuck todd interviews hillary clinton, donald trump, bernie sanders. have yourself a great day.
10:57 am
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