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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  February 8, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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♪ i touch myself. ♪ anybody else, when i think about ♪ good morning and welcome. [ cheers and applause ] it is monday, february 8, we're live -- [ cheers and applause ] just a few hours left to make their case before tomorrow's first in the nation primary. >> we're in new hampshire! >> and they're eating -- >> you guys wake up early! [ cheers and applause ] >> look at that. give me that sign. >> i love it. i love it.
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>> i'll take care of that, thank you very much. >> she doesn't like that sign. >> continue. >> it has been a remarkable week from the hard fought race in iowa to the huge implications of saturday night's debate. >> another debate that kept me up all night. it was incredible. >> i don't know i've seen a debate that's turned things like that. >> there was a major turning point that happened early on in the debate. right now bernie sanders and donald trump top the polls but their white house rivals are not going quietly. >> and hillary clinton is campaign i campaigning hard across the state while a trio of gop governors are looking to resurrect their campaign. some of the numbers we've been seeing suggest that they just may be doing it. >> this is exciting. we'll talk live to chris christie and jeb bush in just a moment joining us on set at
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j.d.'s tavern, legendary columnist in mike barnicle. >> legendary! [ cheers and applause ] >> we have the editor of bloomberg politics mark halperin and john heilemann, "the game change" boys, "the circus." all that with all due respect. over the weekend, marco rubio stumbled -- >> did you introduce willie? >> oh, willie, joe, and me. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're family. the family. >> willie is not an afterthought. did you see this, willie? >> i did. >> wait a minute, your daughter walked in the room. and what happened? >> this was one of the tweets of the night. >> let's replay what he said and i'll tell you about the tweet. >> he was asked about his accomplishments after what happened in our show last week. >> the rick santorum debacle. >> you asked supporter rick santorum -- >> it was a very mean question that i asked.
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let's just say it was personal, deeply personal of me to ask "name one accomplishment." >> you just said very nicely -- >> i call mid-mom. >> you said "can you name one accomplishment." >> it was a softball question. >> it was a the biggest softball question. >> anyhow, rubio then gave a canned answer over and over in a brutal exchange with new jersey governor chris christie. >> let's dispel once and for wall this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. barack obama is undertaking a systematic effort to change this country. to make america more like the rest of the world. >> let's remember something -- every morning when a united states senator wakes up, they think about what kind of speech can i give or what kind of bill can i drop? i like marco rubio and he's a smart person and a good guy but he does not have the experience to be president of the united states and make the decisions. >> the experience is not just what you did but how it worked out. we don't need to add to it by electing someone who had
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experience of destroying the credit rating of his state. but i would add this, let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. he's trying to change this country. >> that's what washington, d.c. does. the drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly what his advisors gave us. [ cheers and applause ] when you're governor of a state, the memorized 30-second speech where you talk about how great america is doesn't solve one problem for one person. they expect you to plow the snow, they expect you to get to schools soap. >> chris, your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago, you didn't want to go back. they had to shame you to going back. then you stayed there for 36 hours and he came back to campaign. [ boos ] those are the facts. here's the bottom line. the notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing is not true -- >> there it is, the memorized 25-second speech. there it is, everybody. >> that's the reason why this campaign is so important. >> so reaction to -- >> well --
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>> it's important because -- >> okay, let's get the reaction. it first came from lucy, right? >> yes. >> so eight-year-old lucy geist, not terribly interested in the debate -- >> but she's eight. >> she's walking in and out of the room. she's doing her lego thing and she hears that exchange, she says "dad, didn't he just say that?" >> eight-year-old. >> the eight-year-old. >> i think we're done here. i don't need to go to the next reaction. what do you think? >> well, let me ask you, mark. >> why did he keep repeating the same lines over and over again. >> that's a line from his stump speech. it's a line he relies on to frame the election but i've never seen anything like in the my career to repeat the line and chris christie, who planned for weeks to hit him that night, he couldn't have possibly imagined that it would work out as well as it did. >> couldn't have asked for a better night. christie accused marco rubio
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making the same speech, i'm in the front of the room, my father is in the back of the room, for six years, he's been saying that for like a decade. frank luntz and they focused marco rubio while he was running for speaker. the florida state party gave luntz $45,000, it's in the public records, and he created this narrative and marco rubio has been repeating the same thing, john heilemann, for ten years, you would just expect not to repeat the same lines from the same ten-year-old speech four times in a debate. >> well, there's two things about this. someone that that's obviously an intensely focused group line. they think that line works. so that's why he uses it. why he used it four times in that debate, it's a little baffling, as mark said. but i think the problem that arises from it is that i reinforces the suspicions of native caricatures that are out
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there about marco rubio. some people think he's programmed, robotic, that he's -- >> it's kind of all you could see all night. >> so the worst kind of mistake you can make is the mistake that reinforces the existing caricature. >> well, you know, i mean, mike, that's what we've been saying or at least i've been saying more aggressively on this show about six months is that he's robotic, programmatic, and the rubio campaign has been whining about that and trying to spread stories around to reporters saying "he doesn't like us." i said he looks at times like he's running for sga president and he certainly did that night and it wasn't personal. but what i said for six months -- >> well, you're being accused of -- >> -- was exposed during this debate. >> he proved those themes saturday night. i'm with mark on this. i never seen an event, never mind a debate, a rally up here, i've never seen one where one
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incident, that exchange between christie and rubio is the incident, froze the race and defined one of the candidate, marco rubio. john and i were with chris christie yesterday afternoon in new hampshire and we were talking to him about the night before and he said something, he said, you know, like mike tyson said, everybody has a plan until they get hit in the face. >> until they get hit in the face. >> wow. >> mark halperin, chris christie completely reshuffled the deck. you look at two things that happened to rubio who came in with the momentum. the santorum interview which he and his team had to explain away for a day why a guy who just supported him couldn't list a single accomplishment. then they put out a list of their accomplishments that were so thin that -- >> some he didn't show up for. >> >> he had to defend for the next two days. >> this defines the week between iowa and new hampshire, a big dramatic change. before the santorum interview, there was a sense that marco rubio might be --
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>> rubio-mentum. >> that he might clear the field of the other establishment candidates and the the establishment candidate was going to be the nominee, he could have been the nominee against trump and cruz by south carolina. he's gone from that to fighting to stay in this race. if he finishes fourth or fifth here he may have trouble going forward. >> and he's scraping. he was using the same lines the next day and trying to make sense of them. reaction to rubio's debate performance was not kind. >> rubio drew ridicule for repeating himself repeatedly. >> repeated canned, memorized lines. >> senator rubio stepped in it a couple times. >> to repeat other and over again your one liners -- >> that was not a good moment for you, was it? >> the only problem you have is the videotape. >> he came out last night, george, with a pre-recorded stump speech in his head and he couldn't hit pause. >> people in marco roboto
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costumes showed up at his event. >> will everybody see him through this lens? is he prepared and is he only a canned speech? >> this could reinforce for some of those voters that they there may not be another level. >> trying to assess how much harm may have been to marco rubio tonight, his performance reminded me of nothing so much as dan quayle in the 1988 presidential debate when he was asked repeatedly what he would do if he suddenly became president and, you know, in the aftermath of something happening to the president and he fumbled the question once and he fumbled it again. i happened to be the one who asked it. then tom brokaw put it to him a third time and he fumbled it again and that let the famous moment with lloyd bentsen mentioned jack kennedy. his answer was saying i can't do this because i'm too young,
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that's what you're saying and he mentioned kennedy and how young he was and bentsen famously said "senator, i knew jack kennedy, jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy." the place went crazy. >> it was that kind of a moment. >> it fed a narrative about him that he was young and inexperienced. he was then a young senator. so these things can have a lasting impression. >> okay. >> so willie has more from the "wall street journal" editorial board. brit hume -- >> the "journal" writes "marco gets poloed. a single debate rarely turns a presidential campaign, for that marco rubio is fortunate because his gutting by new jersey governor chris christie on saturday was as complete as any we've seen. the question is whether that exchange and a strong performance by all three gop governors will be enough to change the trend in new hampshire and beyond. mr. rubio had to know this was coming but his now famous response became a loop of repetitive spin about mr. obama knowing exactly what he's doing
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as if someone plugged in a tape that stuck. the moment was striking in part because mr. rubio has been so fluent in debates. it may make voters wonder if that fluency is less about conviction than about soundbite memorizatio memorization." >> we knew this was coming. the day iowa ended chris christie started with the boy in the bubble. he knew he was going to come after marco rubio. >> but -- >> surprised rubio wasn't better equipped. >> john heilemann, right after the debate i turn to fox because a lot of commentators have been seeming to root for marco rubio, the mainstream conservative press is cheering for marco rubio, they should deliver in-kind contributions for his campaign everyday. and yet there was bill kristol talking about how he was having to question his support. >> he's coming up. >> i'll talk to bill in a second. there was brit hume doing the same thing and there were the leading voices in conservative
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media all stating what's actually true, stating the obvious, that marco rubio wasn't ready for prime time. >> right. well this sense of, again, you know, the notion that -- the big question, is marco rubio really ready to be the establishment consensus of mainstream alternative has been the question for a year since he got into the race and there was going to be a moment where you were going to get an answer. christie we saw -- mike and i saw in exeter yesterday. i said to chris christie "you've been telegraphing this punch for a week. you told him you were going to punch him, you told him how you were going to punch him, you told him where you were going to punch him." >> that's what's been -- >> that's well said. >> that's the disturbing part. he knew the punch was coming. >> i said those things, i said "what does it tell you about marco rubio that you told him when, where, why and how and he still reacted this way?" and christie looked at me and said "not ready. he's just not ready." that i think will reverberate throughout all the republican party these past few days. >> and other campaigns quickly
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reacted to the moment including right to rise, the super pac supporting jeb bush out this morning with a searing digital ad. take a look. >> the headline is "what happened to senator rubio?" >> republican primary voters want to be sure he's ready to be president and repeating the same answer -- >> then he did boy in the bubble. i have to go to my robotic talking points. >> let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. i would add this. let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. i think this is an important point. here's the bottom line, this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing -- >> there it is. the memorized 25 second speech. there it is, everybody. >> that's a painful sequence for rubio to have to look back on. >> marco rubio indeed had a tough night on. i think it may have hurt him in a way that will last certainly to tuesday and perhaps beyond. >> part of the issue here is authenticity and the leadership
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moment. >> i took on very powerful interests, fought for my believes. it required a steady hand. leadership. you learn this. you learn it by doing it. it's not something that you show up on the job doing. >> ouch. there you go. >> and we saw other campaigns doing that, too. >> we've seen the reaction. with all this said, the decision is up to these people, not up to us in the press. it's a very tight pack below donald trump in the polls and it still could be marco rubio who comes in second place if voters decide they're not willing to say one moment in a debate is worth throwing him to the side. >> all right, so the quick rundown of the latest polls in new hampshire's republican primary tomorrow. cnn/wmur has donald trump with a 17-point lead, 33% to marco rubio's 16%. ted cruz in third at 14%, ohio governor john kasich at 11%, jeb bush at 7% and carly fiorina at 6%. >> i want to comment, mark halperin quickly looking at the top number, donald trump plus
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five since february 4. he came out of iowa. people thought trump was damaged. people -- read twitter and everybody said he was falling. it was all over. you can actually see a trend line that shows trump going down and then trump shooting back up. is this example number 43 of the media saying "donald trump is finished" and donald trump gets a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth win? >> all the focus on rubio obscured one important thing, trump had a very strong debate. >> he did. >> he combined the best of the things that have made him popular talking about issues like immigration with a different demeanor that i think helped close the sale and for the struggle to topple marco rubio trump now, according to every public poll and private poll i've seen, is strong here. if he wins here, let's see who can stop him, if anybody, in south carolina. >> and on the tracking polls that i've seen, some private ones, and i think a public one or two and we have one coming up
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at 7:00 since the debate, obviously rubio has gop down. but trump's way up. kasich up, bush up, christie up. you basically now have trump and the governors. ted cruz about flat. we have a situation because new hampshire voters are new hampshire voters where jeb bush could be a strong second, christie could be. i mean kasich could be. marco rubio could be in second or marco rubio could be in sixth. that's how packed the field is. >> very volatile. >> i think there was a sense even before the debate people had a sense that rubio's momentum slowed. if you talk to all the campaigns, looking at their internal numbers, that rubio had that moment coming out of iowa, sort of stalled. everyone expects him to fall back a little bit. that's expectation. >> and the santorum midweek. >> right, you do see, again, consensus is that kasich and bush are both -- are climbing. trump had dropped a little bit
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but now has regained his strength. everyone assumes trump will win the race. >> santorum is like the new newman of "seinfeld." like damn santorum! [ laughter ] >> jeb bush and kasich tied at 9%, carly fiorina at 8%. monmouth university gives trump a 16-point lead over kasich at 14%, rubio and bush tied 1359%, that's a nine-point gain for bush since last month and cruz close behind at 12%, christie down to 6%. >> look at this poll. this is before the debate. the difference between second place and sixth place, two points. so if rubio goes down two points and the others go up just one from second to sixth place, if rubio goes up two points for some reason or the sympathy factor, remember hillary clinton everybody said she was going to lose here eight years ago, had a sympathy factor, she won.
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>> jeb was up nine. >> and let's talk quickly about jeb. >> quickly, i want to get to the democrats. >> we have a lot to talk about. but jeb, everything i hear, the last two days has had momentum. >> good crowds out, apparently, everyone is talking about the fact his rooms have been full, everyone i think thought he had a good debate saturday night so that's a possibility that bush could be in that top three somewhere. i think biggest question outstanding right now at least post-debate is whether chris christie will gain from his performance or whether he will have inflicted damage on marco rubio and see no movement whatsoever. that's a huge open question. >> maybe he'll be attorney general. >> does he surge? does he not? >> three things working in jeb bush right now, discerning new hampshire voters are saying "who would be the best president?" a lot of them are looking at jeb bush. two is the bush brand. his mother was here, his brother has done an ad for him. there are a lot of people here who are saying in the end i voted for a bush before. >> they say 41 in 1988. >> and the last thing is part of why i think rubio's performance
3:20 am
has hurt him is for voters who don't want trump or cruz you have to pick somebody who's able to take them on. rubio's failure to take on christie, i think, undermined people's belief he could take on trump and cruz. >> he was too afraid to even mention trump's name. >> bush has been consistent in taking on trump. >> well, the most devastating thing, mike, for the debate the other night was all the republicans who were saying this guy can beat hillary clinton, with marco, are now saying we don't want him on a debate stage with hillary clinton. >> there's a treasure trove of information against marco rubio off of saturday night's performance. a treasure trove. you can think right now of 15 different 30-second spots against rubio. one of the interesting substories in this is jeb bush. yesterday he was at a middle school in nashua, new hampshire, had a good crowd and he is a different candidate here right now than he was just a short period of time ago, 10 days ago. much more assertive, much more boom, boom, boom, i can be
3:21 am
president. >> you can't pinpoint it but i noticed over the weekend ratner, which we'll have to call him out on this and he can fight back, i think it was nick christof, the "new york times" jabbing at you for going after rubio like for somehow you victimized him and there was some narrative that they came up with out of nowhere even though that's been shopped around three times by the rubio campaign. it's almost like the liberal leaning want rubio desperately to win because clinton would kill him so just watch what you're reading. still ahead on "morning joe" -- we have so much on the democratic side to get to. christie will be here. >> democratic race getting tight. >> really tight. former governor jeb bush joins the conversation plus "hardball's" chris matthew and former mitt romney strategist stuart stevens. and from the clinton camp, former governor jennifer granholm, bill kristol and nbc's chris jansing. but first, here's bill karins with a look at winter weather that is bearing down on the
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northeast. bill? >> and new hampshire, too. let me take you to the new hampshire forecast for tomorrow. this is tuesday. a lot of the snow will be gone. this is 7:00 a.m. in the morning so we have breezy conditions and cold. there will be snow flurries and showers out there but overall it's looking okay tomorrow for all the voters. here's the official forecast. it will be cold. temperatures for highs in the 20s. by new hampshire standards in the middle of winter this isn't that bad. the snow new hampshire will get will be arriving during the day today. it's already snowing out here. this is a monster of a storm just off the coast. we're fortunate this wasn't closer, we would be talking about a huge snowstorm for the east coast. this is training offshore. already picking up in areas like cape cod, still dealing with a little snow out there in rhode island and that snow will make it up to manchester and portsmouth as we go through noon hour today. blizzard warnings out here on the cape. we have winter storm warnings for hartford, providence, out there on long island and the boston area, just winter weather advisories, a minor event, new york city, manchester two to four inches and portland around 4 to 8 by the time you're said
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and done. here's the official forecast. boston south wards on the cape, this is a high impact winter storm. in iowa, another blizzard for you with very windy conditions and the story throughout the next week or two, including new hampshire, will be the cold this upcoming weekend. winter is here and here to stay. you're watching "morning joe," we'll be back live from new hampshire. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. dad, yoh no, i'll take you up to me off rthe front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it'
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>> are you feeling the pressure? >> do i look like i'm feeling pressure? i'm very relaxed because i'm confident because i know what i'm doing. >> do you discount the conventional wisdom there are only so many tickets out of here? >> yeah. because conventional wisdom has never dealt with a race with 17 candidates before and 12 that were here as far as a week ago and now eight that are still in the race. the narrative going into last night was there's three people left, trump and cruz and rubio and that's it. and the anointed one last night didn't look like he was ready for the game, okay? so i'm not ready to accept any conventional wisdom so that's why i'm very relaxed. you didn't see me looking nervous on that stage last night, did you? if you're not nervous then, you
3:27 am
can be sure i'm not nervous at shooters [ laughter ] >> joining us on set at j.d.'s, former democratic governor of michigan jennifer granholm. she has endorsed hillary clinton for president. [ applause ] also with us this morning, editor of the "weekly standard" bill kristol and nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing along with willie, joe and me. chris, we saw part of your interview with chris christie, he's feeling his oats. >> he was so excited yesterday. it's amazing one what one moment at the a debate will do. >> bill kristol, it's very interesting, obviously whole political world was talking about marco rubio but usually it e it's a question from a moderator, like gerald ford bungle about the soviet influence in eastern europe. in this case it was a candidate that brutalized another on stage. we know it's most likely going to hurt marco. do you think it helps chris christie in the long run? >> not necessarily.
3:28 am
mika is right, it helps his chances to be attorney general because he's a good prosecutor. my sense -- and what do i know, new hampshire is a bit of a black box, the polling -- you can't poll the last couple days in new hampshire, all these independent voters coming into the republican primary, super pole last night. >> 50%. >> any poll that comes out tonight will be unreliable. >> 50% of the people undecided. >> so my sense is john kasich for the audience he wanted to speak to had a terrific debate saturday night. john kasich made the moderate establishment bipartisan i knnk how to govern. i think christie damaged rubio, it will benefit kasich and i wouldn't be surprised if john kasich is second and that does shake up the race. >> you look at chris christie, how he was on stage, we republicans have had to watch people that had struggles with the english language since george h.w. bush was debating. every four years we're looking at debate us there our hands, like please complete this
3:29 am
sentence. we have a in chris christi who is combative and assertive, he was supposed to be the republican savior before marco was supposed to be the republican savior before fill in the blank was supposed to be the republican savior. why isn't chris catching on today? maybe he wins it, who knows? but today. >> look, he could move up and he could stay in. one of the biggest effects of saturday fight is the field has not narrowed the way people expected and the media for some reason, i've never understood this, why does the media want to narrow the field. who's getting out next? shouldn't he get snout. >> well, there are a lot of people. >> there are a lot of good candidates and he should stay in and carly fiorina should be on the stage, they'll go to south carolina. there will be a debate saturday fight. with the possible exception of -- i think none of them will get out if i were advising any of them, i'd stay in. >> to be fair, that narrative is being driven by their donors and backers who are saying you need to do well in new hampshire or
3:30 am
consider what's best for the party so that's not a media driven -- >> if that narrative is taking hold a week ago, who is the guy who would have gotten out, chris christie? so if you're a main stream establishment donor who doesn't want trump, i agree with that, doesn't want cruz, i'm much nicer to cruz -- softer on cruz than anyone else but you desperately want one of the others to do well you would have told chris christie get out, get out, get out. which would have been typically bad advise by donors. it's not hurting the anti-trump forces and the anti-cruz forces to have them on the stage. >> but governor, every three days there's a different narrative. pre-iowa trump is going to win everything. three days after iowa, trump's blown it, he's going to be out. three days later rubio is going to win the nomination. three days later it's something else. why in the world would anybody get out of this race. it's still wide open. >> totally agree. unless there's some wild surprise in terms of margins tomorrow. but one other interesting thing
3:31 am
about this clumping on the republican side is what does it mean for the independents? they might decide to have a say on the republican side more than on the democratic side. >> that helps hillary, right? >> which would probably help hillary. >> one thing that was interesting on saturday and we'll get to these polls is that chris christie, you punch him, he punches back stronger. donald trump, you boo at him and that emboldens him. you can't expect what normally politicians who should shrivel up -- >> i'm glad you brought up that point. governor, i'm sure you'll agree with this, inside the hall with all the donors booing donald trump, people would normally think oh, this is his worst moment. i sat there thinking oh, my god, donald trump couldn't have paid for this. >> it's the kracken! >> as a politician wouldn't you love that? i get a chance to stick it to the donor class on the national television. >> perfect moment. the iowa democratic party
3:32 am
said yesterday it discovered errors -- >> he should have paid them. >> -- in the results from five precincts last week in the democratic caucus but the results maintain the same. in the send, hillary clinton beat bernie sanders by a quarter of a percentage point. as for the polling out of new hampshire, it's all over the map. a monmouth university poll has sanders leading clinton by 10 points, a four-point swing in clinton's favor since last month. the same poll asked new hampshire democrats if their minds are made up ahead of tomorrow's primary. 60% say they're completely decided while 10% say they're undecided. meanwhile, a new poll has sanders ahead by 23, a cnn/wmur poll has sanders ahead of clinton by 23 points as well. we get the point here. >> i have to say governor -- >> let's get to something we can talk about. >> i was going to say, governor, if i were bernie sanders people seeing what happened eight years ago i would be holding my breath unless i had a 35-point lead
3:33 am
because all of washington, new york, the media establishment declared hillary clinton dead on arrival and she beat barack obama. [ applause ] >> that's true. and a lot of the later breaking stories can impact seriously. now a lot of people were saying why should she go to flint, michigan, yesterday in the middle of this heating new hampshire -- >> well, because she's going to lose here. >> no. the answer is -- >> that was the right answer. >> let's be honest. >> i totally disagree. what's the message that comes out of that trip. the message is what's the role of government? government should be there to provide infrastructure, water, clean water, the most basic of needs. those are issues that new hampshirites and jordans -- >> so when south carolina is up next do you think she'll go somewhere else? no. >> well, i'm saying flint -- of course, i'm from michigan but it's a symbolic thing for the whole nation. what i'm saying is it's a national story and it has impact
3:34 am
even in new hampshire that it's about the role of government and what we are -- and the fact that the republicans didn't say one word about flint in their debate to me it's not -- i'm not just saying -- >> the republicans should but she's trying to win a primary. >> i've got ask you, governor, i have to say one thing first of all, we can not have you sit here and insult abc news, our friends at abc news. >> i feel i should defend them. >> i'm joking. >> there's been one vote so far in iowa and just getting -- people should stay in and let the voters vote in a bunch of states. that's important and they'll surprise us. >> we've talked about the republicans enough. >> i'm going to make a point about the democrats. what did we learn there iowa? sanders outperformed the final polls by five points, trump underperformed by five points, i expect sanders lead will hold here because he has enthusiasm on the ground and he's the kind of candidate who outperforms his polls showing whereas i do think it will be a question about
3:35 am
donald trump. you said he's coming back up. i think trump will underperform the number. you may not be aware of this, but i'm a bit of a trump skeptic. but i think trump will be closer to the mid-20s. >> you have to give bill credit. he just keeps on coming -- >> he's consistent. >> he's like one of those clowns that you punch, it goes on the ground and comes back up let's get the "morning joe" tape from monday morning before iowa. who was going to win iowa? >> can we please got to the democrats? >> iowa is a caucus state, we have no idea how this is going to turn out and we repeated that all day monday. i said i'd feel more comfortable if i were in the lead if i were a primary state like new hampshire or south carolina so we will see. and this is a serious point because barack obama used to underperform, tim russert would tell us, seven points from every
3:36 am
exit poll. it will be very interesting to see if donald trump only performed in iowa or whether this is a trend. if trump finishes in the mid-20s, you can subtract six, seven, eight points. but i suspect that had a lot more to do with the iowa caucuses than it did with voting. we shall see, nobody knows. >> people have taken pause with the polls in new hampshire because of what happened in iowa, that trump was up seven points and lost to ted cruz. this is a different situation minus the caucuses. i don't think he's going to win by 17 points. and on the other side, bernie sanders had leads by 30 points, 25 points. that won't happen. he won't win by that much. so if hillary only loses by seven, eight points, she can come out of here and say i kept it closer than people thought it would be. >> to so we'll look at the democrats now because something happened over the weekend which i think her trip to flint i understand it but i think it was clear that she wouldn't leave a state she thought she could win. then something else happened that i thought was a miss but
3:37 am
i'd love to hear what chris and jennifer had to say about this. the gender divide is coming into sharper focus after former secretary of state madeleine albright invoked a phrase she has used over the years, many years, to emphasize the need for women to support each other. >> young women have to support hillary clinton. just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, look, i think that's an unfortunate statement. i think women should help women, women should help men, men should help women, men should help men, that's what life is about. but we are now talking about electing the president of the united states and people should make their decision based on who they think can do the job best. >> and then we have notable feminist and activist gloria stein th steinem who had an interesting theory as to why young women were supporting bernie sanders
3:38 am
instead of hillary clinton. on "realtime" with bill maher she said this. >> men tend to get more conservative because they gain power as they age and women get more radical because they lose power as they age. so it's not fair to measure most women by the standard of most men because they're going to get more activist as they grow older. and when you're young you're thinking, you know, where the r the boys? the boys are with bernie. >> she actually, gloria steinem, says women, younger women who were supporting sanders are doing it to pick up men. >> no, she apologized for that, though, joe. >> no, no, no. no, no. she actually said on national television and said that young women -- >> she apologized on facebook. >> she came back and apologized. >> young women who supported on facebook did so to pick up men. >> she said she misspoke. >> and i do wonder if there is a special place in hell for women who don't support other women.
3:39 am
where are these women in 1998 when a young 22-year-old intern was taken advantage of in the oval office and on top of that -- [ applause ] [ boos ] >> wow. that was fantastic. >> gloria steinem wrote an op-ed in the "new york times" in 1998 eviscerating monica lewinsky, kathleen willey and all these other people. so, yes, i say come on. when do you say there's a special place in hell if you don't support women? >> you don't say it anymore. >> is it only powerful women? is there a special place in hell for not supporting powerful women or 22-year-old women being taken advantage of in the oval office not worthy of that same support? how do they have the audacity to say this? they stumbled into this trap be
3:40 am
donald trump. >> because they don't know what decade it is. >> why don't they stop? >> okay. so madeleine albright, as you noted, has been saying that line for a super long time. >> for years, it's old. it's got to stop, we get it. we're here for each other. >> stop insulting young women because they're supporting bernie sanders. >> but isn't this exactly what you worked for all the time, right? >> no, actually, jennifer, i work for reality. i work for women actually -- >> supporting for one another, to be supportive of one another. >> so if you don't vote for hillary clinton there's a special place in hell for you? are you kidding me? that was the implication. >> no, the implication is that that's a line she's been saying for years and she says it with humor. >> i didn't see the punch line there. >> did you see everybody laughing? she laughs when she says it? she's -- >> a special place in hell, hillary clinton has the -- >> i'm not defending the line. >> why don't you just say they should haven't said that. can you do that? can you say this was a mistake. >> it was a mistake.
3:41 am
>> okay. >> and glor ia steinem said it was a mistake, too. the question is -- and it's an interesting question, is this generational difference among democratic women. >> so why is that? >> women of our generation, we feel we've worked all our lives to have this moment where we go into the voting booth and pull the lever for the most qualified person to ever run for president in our lifetime -- [ cheers and applause ] and she shares our values and she's a woman. it's the trifecta. [ cheers and applause ] so let me finish the second part of it. so our daughters -- we have done this for our daughters and so that generation feels like "i'm not going to vote for somebody because of their gender." whereas my generation feels like you don't do it because of their gender, i wouldn't advocate voting for sarah palin but she shares your values and she's
3:42 am
qualified and she happens to be a woman and therefore she will lead in a different way and that's really great. >> it came off wrong. >> i get that. i get that. >> i'm going to leave it there. >> what i will say is, and we need to let chris in, but we've got to go to break and then chris can talk later. right now younger women -- we'll go here and they'll scream at my in my ear for not going to break. younger women are voting for bernie sanders by a 2-1 margin. hillary clinton is getting absolutely swamped. bill clinton's approval ratings, the "new york times" reports, since this campaign began, since there was this scrap with donald trump, has dropped from 51% to 39%. there are a lot of younger women who are very concerned about what happened during the 1990s and it's showing up in the polling. >> a lot of women of a certain generation, jennifer and mine and mika's generation who are not gloria steinem and who are not madeleine albright see this as a lack of appreciation and a lock of understanding of what
3:43 am
has come before them in the very recent history. and it's interesting to me that a number of women have said to me that what young women have said to them is "i don't get why she looks at being a mother and a grandmother as an accomplishment. why does she have to tell us she's a grandmother?" and there's an interesting dynamic that's going on between women who are in their 50s and 60s and women in their 20s and just this feeling that i -- i don't want to say that they're articulating that, but i hear a lot and i hear from a lot of women who are in the political process that that file this. >> to your point, had there been no monica maybe the line of madeleine albright would have worked but it was and those women are voting today. jennifer granholm, bill kristol, chris jansing, thanks. >> that was fun. coming up, larry david meets bernie sanders for an snl moment that we have been weight for.
3:44 am
moej "morning joe" is coming right back. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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so bernie, how's things going up in new hampshire? >> okay. >> just okay? >> well, it's pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's great, bernie. and now, ladies and gentlemen,
3:48 am
the 1975s! >> that was perfect. >> there was so much. did you see bernie? there were so many great moments. i loved when they were on the "titanic" talking about 1%. >> the 1% getting all the lifeboats. >> we'll have more. we have so much to get to. coming up, further proof defense wins championships and has peyton manning taken his last snap? >> i hope so. >> super bowl highlights in just a minute. >> i was shocked by this result but it's the defense, defense, defense. unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things,
3:49 am
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keeps me looking good. hey, i get some looks, i hear the whistles. (vo) beneful healthy weight, a delicious, low-calorie meal your dog will love. with wholesome rice, real chicken, and accents of vegetables and apples. "morning joe." >> get me that again. >> all right, guys. >> jessie, can you write -- >> we have max sitting right here. what's up, buddy, you want to do the super bowl? >> he's a little "morning joe." >> did you see the football
3:52 am
game? you're about to see it right now. super bowl 50 was billed as a battle of the quarterbacks, cam newton for the panthers, the mvp name on saturday night against peyton manning and it was all about, actually, denver's defense. carolina led the nfl in points scored this year, held to its fewest total of the season. the denver d allowing only 194 total yards. that's the fewest by a super bowl winner. sacking newton seven times. broncos linebacker vaughn miller was dominant. they couldn't block guy. he earned the mvp honor after a performance that included a pair of forced fumbles, the strip sack for a touchdown in the opening quarter and another in the fourth would set up a game-clinching touchdown. the 24-10 denver victory. peyton manning's second nfl title, making him the first quarter back to win super bowls with two different franchises, a win with the colts in 2007. >> willie, this reminds me so much of what we've heard growing up. the defense wins super bowls. i always look at the phil simms
3:53 am
giants team where off good quarterback, not a great quarterback, a good solid quarterback that doesn't lose games on offense and on defense a great defense. boy that sure played true to form yesterday in the biggest way. >> and remember who the panthers were. they were 15-1 in the regular season, the best scoring offense in the nfl, cam newton was the mvp and they shut him down in a way no one else got. >> i had no idea the panthers could lose. i just didn't. >> i think a lot of people shared that. coming up, if you think chris christie -- >> unbelievable. >> same thing they did to brady. >> -- was pumped up after saturday's debate, just wait until you see his reaction mid-debate. we'll be right back. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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much more coming up live from new hampshire. >> a new tracking poll has come out. >> chris christie pummels senator marco rubio's repeat performance during saturday's debate. but is the new jersey governor too far behind in new hampshire for it to make a difference? we have new poll numbers out this morning. and as we go to break, how presidential candidates have seized on canned answers in the past. >> that's the ten-word answer my staff have been looking for. there it is. ten-word answer cans kill you in the political campaigns. they're the tip of the sword.
3:58 am
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think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller.
4:01 am
the republicans held a presidential debate in new hampshire and things got off to a real rocky start. here's actual footage of ben carson's entrance where the one thing he forgot to do was enter. >> new jersey governor chris christie. >> dr. ben carson. [ laughter ]
4:02 am
oh, man, of all people, you'd never expect ben carson to fall asleep at the wheel. but don't worry, look, he's a neurosurgeon, he'll figure things out. >> texas senator ted cruz. [ laughter ] >> yes, this happened. >> it was awful. >> why did that happen? >> why didn't he go out? >> i don't know. >> dr. carson missed his cue. >> how is that possible? >> i asked carson about it. carson said he just couldn't hear his name. he was waiting to hear his name. >> how could that be so poorly managed. >> they were waving him to go out. >> because the crowd was so loud. >> yeah, okay -- >> i t crowd was loud. >> welcome back to "morning joe" live in manchester. this crowd is loud!
4:03 am
[ cheers and applause ] but we can still do our show. >> it's unbelievable. we actually have been doing surveys. >> we poll it had room. >> willie, there are republicans, there are democrats, independents. >> it's loud. >> a lot of hillary supporters. >> how many democrats? [ cheers and applause ] >> a lot of bernie supporters, a lot of trump supporters. it's like wild back there. >> the boos and cheers are evening out. >> how many trump supporters? >> this is new hampshire politics at it's best and a great microcosm of it because you have everybody here. >> we do and we have one day left until the primary here in new hampshire joining us on said, managing editor of bloomberg politics john heilemann, political reporter for the "washington post" and msnbc political analyst robert costa, msnbc correspondent kasie hunt. [ cheers and applause ] we like her, right?
4:04 am
you watch all the time. she's awesome. from the "wall street journal" editorial board member mary kissel joins us from new york. mary, good to have you as well. >> good morning, it's quiet in the studio without you guys. >> i bet but we're glad you're joining us. >> we've been looking at a lot of polls. there are tracking poll which is average three days. so we won't get the full impact of what happens debate night but we have a new tracking poll out that -- >> a glimpse? >> a glimpse we'll see if there's any big movement. >> here's the latest poll by 7 news boston and umass-lowell. little has changed since saturday night's debate. trurch sti trump still leading at 34%. cruz and rubio tied at 13%. bush and kasich tied at 10%, christie at 5% and fiorina at 4%. >> so explain if you will, john heilemann, about three-day tracking polls.
4:05 am
sometimes it takes a while? i saw an internal yesterday that showed a significant drop for rubio, a significant rise for kasich and a smaller rise for bu bush. >> what you want to know is the newest day of the track, the polling from yesterday that would tell you what happened post the debate. this is an average of those three days. we won't actually know in the tracking poll what is the impact of the debate was until primary and then voters will speak and we'll know the answer. there is a lot of discussion about the halting of marco rubio's momentum after iowa, that that's over. we don't know how much he'll fall back but he's no longer on the rise. bush and kasich everyone thinks is moving up and trump after having deflated 3o iowa seems to be on the rise again. that's the consensus view. >> so trump is on the rise at 35%, way ahead of everybody
4:06 am
else. is there a belief among the other campaigns that this is going to be like iowa and that trump will drop significantly or do they believe trouble's 35% is more solid here? >> they think his support is a little soft. they think he's probably for the high 20s but because everyone is clumped around 10%, they think he'll have a runaway victory. the battle is second place. >> over the weekend, senator marco rubio stumbled in that abc news debate. he was asked about his accomplishments after that santorum moment on "morning joe" where where rick santorum could not name a single one. marco rubio then gave a canned answer over and over in a brutal exchange with new jersey governor chris christie. >> let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. barack obama is undertaking a systematic effort to change this country, to make america more like the rest of the world. >> let's remember something -- every morning when a united states senator wakes up think
4:07 am
they about what kind of speech can i give or what kind of bill can i drop? i like marco rubio, he's a smart person and a good guy but he does not have the experience to be president of the united states and make these decisions. >> i think the experience is not just what you did but how it worked out. we don't need to add to it by electing someone who has experience at running up and destroying the credit rating of hiss state. but i would add this, let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. he is trying to change this country. >> that's what washington, d.c. does. the drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly what his advisors gave him. when you're governor of a state, the memorized 30-second speech where you talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person. they expect you to plow the snow. they expect you to get the schools open. >> chris, your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago, you didn't even want to go back. they had to shame you into going back, then you stayed there for
4:08 am
36 hours and then he left and came back to campaign. [ boos ] those are the fact. here's the bottom line -- this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is not true. >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. there it is everybody. >> ugh. that happened early on in the debate. >> that "there it is" was every bit as brutal as "you're no john kennedy" or "there you go again." >> it was hard to watch. >> they'll be talking about "there it is" 30 years from now. >> because any time he said anything it sounded canned and you could see marco rubio get in his own head and he started to sweat. you could tell it was throwing him off his game because every time he went to a canned line he knew it was a canned line. >> and would sweat more. >> it's one thing to stay on message, we see that all the time, politicians do that. it's another thing to pivot off a question to make another point. but his response and the reputation didn't line up with anything that chris christie
4:09 am
said. as we've been saying so far this morning, marco rubio knew this was coming. he should have been sitting waiting for that, it was telegraphed by chris christie. >> for days. >> on tuesday right after the iowa caucuses he called marco rubio the boy in the bubble. >> he had to know it was coming. >> you know when the disk spins on your phone and the operating system just gets hung and won't go and you have to do a hard reset on the phone. >> you have to turn the phone off, turn it back on. >> complete reboot to get rubio back up. >> i've spoken to republican establishment donors, they're not ready to walk away from rubio. they think if no one from the governor's lane does well in new hampshire, rubio, even if he's third or fourth goes into south carolina -- >> what if he's fifth? >> fifth is bad. [ laughter ] >> fifth is bad. >> thank you, robert costa. >> not just in the number but in terms of his status in the race. >> having finished thursday in iowa, having had momentum and dropping back to fifth -- >> let's not forget -- >> can't be beat by bush.
4:10 am
he's got to be at the top. >> he's got to be bush and needs to beat kasich. but it's rubio's own campaign team that said we've got to three three, two, and one. third in iowa, second in new hampshire, first in south carolina. let me go to mary. mary, you were laughing when willie was talking about what was happening the other night. what i found from conservative commentators and the "wall street journal" opinion page had a great editorial on this as well is the most disturbing thing was he knew the attack was coming and even knowing the attack was coming, rhetorically his feet stayed in the same cement it's been in for ten years, telling the same speech for ten years. >> it was a brutal line, very effective attack from christie. but i think the more important issue is that voters are starting to focus on substance.
4:11 am
this has been a campaign about personality. that's the only explanation for trump being where he is in the polls and i think what you'll start to see in new hampshire is a renewed focus on experience. the presidency is the most powerful job in the world and the governors had the best debate because they had real records to talk about and unfortunately senator rubio as you exposed so painfully with rick santorum, he has a tough message to sell. he's selling his personality more than his record of achievement. >> do you think that that post-santorum, do you think that's something that's started to sink in, people are looking closer at marco rubio and wait a second what has he ever done? the other candidates have been complaining about it for a long time that he's never accomplished anything and when his own supporter can't name one
4:12 am
thing, suddenly everybody's focus is on that and suddenly when chris christie attacks him, everybody's focus is on the same canned lines he's been saying for a decade now. >> well, the virtue of rubio is that he's running to expand the republican base and the party has to do that if they want to remain relevant and win not just the white house but let's recall, too, this is an important race because of control of the senate is also at stake and that will be a tough slog for republicans. kasich is also running as a unifier to expand the base. that's clearly the strategy. cruz is running the opposite. he's running to make the party a southern white male republican party so different tactic there. the virtue of rubio is that he's a great communicator which is where bush, of course, falls down. bush has a record of accomplishment but if he can't communicate it he's not going to win votes. >> but mary you can't say, can you, after the debate that marco rubio is a great communicator? >> i think rubio had a much
4:13 am
stronger second half on subjects that he's comfortable with on foreign policy. i think rubio is more of a realist and has a more comprehensive and coherent plan to fight isis. he's smart on the asia-pacific, he's a great defender of human rights, that's something you very rarely hear talked about, nobody is focusing on that part of the world. he has his virtues and he had a better second part of the debate and he's out there stumping. he's a likable guy, personality counts for something as well, not just substance, of course. >> well, it's interesting, we'll get to reaction to the debate performance which was a little rough but kasie, he was asked -- you watch the debate, we all watched it, he was asked to tell us what his accomplishments w e were. do you remember any of them? >> i have to tell you, i was more focused on -- >> does anybody remember what they were? it was a small list. >> human rights was one.
4:14 am
>> he likes human rights. >> he's -- look, rubio made a choice -- >> i'm dead serious. i'm asking. what was the signature accomplishment? >> what was his accomplishments? the problem is he brought up one, i can name one, he talked about hazard ezbollah -- >> sanctions. >> which by the way jeb bush and chris christie said was passed unanimously and rubio wasn't there to vote for it. [ laughter ] i mean, if that's one of your four, off problem. >> i've covered senator rubio since he first came to the senate. >> great, tell us. >> so when i think of senator rubio's record, i think of two things, his work on the immigration reform act in 2013. >> but he doesn't want to talk about that. >> true. but he deliberately joined the senate foreign relations committee to set up a portfolio, set up a national career as someone who is a hawk, who is perhaps the most youthful -- >> so he wanted to bone up on foreign policy. what did he accomplish? >> he articulated the hawkish view for a new generation. that's his -- how people have described him. >> but that's not an accomplishment. >> the accomplishment is the gang of eight.
4:15 am
that's a huge accomplishment. he passed a really hard piece of legislation to do immigration reform. it was what he spent two years doing. the problem isn't that he doesn't have an accomplishment, the problem is he doesn't want to talk about the biggest accomplishment. >> and that right there is the biggest problem. the one thing that he did that is big is team up with chuck schumer to pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> i think it's very impressive. >> but he doesn't want to admit it now. >> here's what they want to publicly talk about. >> verbatim. >> marco's accomplishments include dismantling obamacare. >> he didn't do that. >> reforming the v.a. sanctions against hezbollah and the girls count act. >> so those are the four they put out. he didn't dismantle obamacare. secondly, he wasn't even there to vote on the hezbollah issue and i don't know what the other two were. >> if the v.a. has been reformd, it's news to veterans. [ laughter ] >> the v.a. is worse than ever before. the reaction to rubio's debate
4:16 am
performance was not kind. >> rubio drew ridicule for repeating himself repeatedly. >> repeating canned, memorized lines. >> senator rubio stepped in it a couple times. >> to repeat over and over again your one liners. >> that was not a good moment for you was it? >> the only problem you have is the videotape. >> he came out last night, george, with a pre-recorded stump speech in his head and he couldn't hit pause. >> people in marco roboto costumes showed up at his events. >> now will everybody see him through this lens? is he prepared and is it only a canned speech? >> this could reinforce for some voters that there may not be another level. >> of course christie with that electric moment, the one "there it is" which reminded me of president reagan when he ran against carter he had that electric moment where he said
4:17 am
"there you go again." and the presidential election was over right there. that i think really hurt rubio. >> final thoughts then let's talk about the rest of the debate. >> when the smoke dpleerz this, and there's still smoke on saturday night, donald trump way ahead but off pack of four people who are tied. marco rubio could still finish second place in new hampshire. >> rubio could finish second, he could finish sixth. i have no idea. anybody that says they have any idea is lying. nobody knows we're all flying blind right now. >> i was going to say, christie may have faded as you can see in that poll and internally people would acknowledge that but he gets credit for undermining marco rubio if jeb bush or john kasich come in second. >> some internal polls that i saw road is christie higher than that. john kasich and jeb bush much higher than that and rubio down in single digits. ted cruz around 10% and all the internal polls that i saw but
4:18 am
even in those internal polls, if marco has a good monday and strong tuesday, targets his people, it's so clumped up that you have five candidates that can finish in second place or finish in sixth. >> the difference between continuing a race for the presidency are going home. >> on top of that, the biggest question that is always the case is where will independent voters decide to go? there's a bunch of independent vote out there, not just republican undecided but independents who might very well decide on tuesday bernie sanders is ahead by 20 points, i was going to cast my vote for bernie, i don't want to be part of that race, i'm going to vote on the republican side so you can see vote share land on one of these establishment republicans on tuesday, totally out of left field. we'll never see the polling until we get the real results tuesday night. >> let's talk about the rest of the people on debate night. i love following people on twitter during the debate because donald trump, i mean,
4:19 am
it's -- you love him or you hate him but donald trump -- i even read a positive tweet from mary and i said oh, my god -- >> what happened? >> this is a great night for donald. but donald trump had a couple of moments that i thought, bob costa, showed the strength that makes people go that's why i'm voting if that are guy. one we've already mentioned is when the donors booed him and he basically said the hell with all of you, boo me if you want. he used an entire auditorium as a prop. >> i spoke to trump over the weekend and you get the sense that he himself sees himself growing as a candidate. he can be at center stage but doesn't need to attack all of the time. one of the big images you'll see today, he'll have a rally monday night across the street at the hockey arena. >> holds up to 8,000 people. >> thousands and thousands of people on the eve of the new hampshire primary. he's doing retail stops today. you saw trump stay cool, stay
4:20 am
steady, now he's doing retail stops in new hampshire. >> he was right in the soern. his tone on every question and every answer applied to the content when he was talking about foley and terrorism. >> what about when he went against the crowd. >> i didn't agree with a word he was saying. when he used the crowd as backup, that was incredible. masterful. >> it was interesting on imminent domain. >> not that i like it. >> he and jeb had great moment there is. >> i find it very interesting that when he was talking about james foley the reporter who was beheaded by isis, i was strike by his tone and how he sounded like somebody that had been doing this for 20 years. >> i think trump was lucky he essentially escaped scrutiny. the focus was on cruz and rubio. i watched the debate and didn't see trump growing as a candidate because there's no substance there. there are no details. he was lucky that the fire was
4:21 am
trained elsewhere. and in that eminent domain exchange between trump and bush, i think bush won that. trump has been given a pass by the media because no one has questioned his assertion of -- well, we would haven't the keystone pipeline without eminent domain. that's not how trump used eminent domain. trump used eminent domain for his own personal gain, his own private gain. it had nothing to do with the public use like building a road or pipeline and she shouldn't get a pass on that when trump is in front of the cameras. >> mary, the point is the people putting the keystone pipeline in aren't doing it for the betterment of america, they're doing it for the betterment of their bottom line. it's the same thing: there's a different between paving highways for public use and the keystone pipeline which an oil company is putting pipe down so they can make money and have their stock go up. [ applause ] >> you don't think energy security good? energy security is good for the u.s. economy? of course it is. they are two absolutely
4:22 am
different things, joe, i have to beg to differ on this one. >> i think it's great for the economy and i supported the keystone pipeline but there's a difference between private and public use. all i'm saying is donald trump just like the people doing keystone pipeline who's doing what he was doing to make a profit and i think that's -- >> there's a distinct difference between a pipeline that gets us off of reliance of opec and venezuela, rogue nations like venezuela and a parking lot far casino in new jersey. i don't think you're comparing apples to apples there. >> i love it. >> first of all, you know the keystone pipeline won't make us independent from foreign oil and secondly you are aloud to go back and work at the "wall street journal" editorial board because i do not pick up you saying anything positive about donald trump so you're clean, completely clean going back there. >> you might want to delete that
4:23 am
tweet, though. >> i'm just joking. but delete the tweet. >> i thought it was an anodyned tweet. i was shocked people picked up on it. it's not particularly controversial to say the police are doing a good job and residents in urban city centers deserve to be protected just as much as everybody else. willie, what kind of tweet did i tell you that was? >> anodyned. >> i said anodyned tweet. >> tip of my tongue. >> trump was -- >> we need mary up here. >> by trump standards he moderated himself until the end when he got to make his closing statement and then he said "ted stole the election" and then moved on. >> ted, thank you for being so nice, by the way you stole the election. >> kasie hunt, robert costa, mary kissel, thank you so much. >> mary, come up in new hampshire with us! >> you need to sit up here with us. try to getler on tomorrow, alex. coming up, governor chris christie joins the set.
4:24 am
>> by the way, you stole the election. >> i'm nervous. first, one of his rivals for the republican nomination, jeb bush -- >> is jeb here? jeb's here! >> she joins us along with political director chuck todd. come on in. >> good to see you. we'll be right back with much more "morning joe." you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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4:27 am
>> without imminent domain you don't have roads, highways, school, bridges or anything. >> the difference between eminent domain for public purpose -- as donald said -- roads and infrastructure, pipelines and all that, that's for public purpose. what donald trump did was use imminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the trip in atlantic city. [ applause ] that's not public purpose. that's down right wrong. >> let me just -- he wants to be a tough guy. a lot of times -- and it doesn't work very well. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman. >> let me talk. quiet. [ boos ]
4:28 am
that's all of his donors and special interests out there. [ boos ] that's what it is. >> if i'm rude, it's love. joining us now, republican presidential candidate, former governor of florida, jeb bush, also with us, nbc news political director and not rater of "meet the press" and host of "mtp daily" chuck todd. chuck? [ applause ] oh, look at that. >> that's big. >> spared no expense. >> wow, we are fancy here. >> i have one of those in my living room. >> i'm sorry i can't -- >> that was quite a debate. >> so governor, we've always been blunt with you throughout the entire process. we talked about you're having trouble get moog men tum that you don't have the crowds, low in the polls so when i say this i'm still being blunt. what i'm hearing is you're on the move in new hampshire, you had over 700 people packed into a room yesterday, standing room
4:29 am
only outside. >> we had to pay off the fire marshal. >> something is happening. what are you sensing on the trail? >> that people in new hampshire decided in their own unique granite state way. i've never seen anything like it. people see every candidate, they kick the tires, test candidates and they make their decision and they're making their decision now and what they're doing i think is saying we want someone with a steady hand as president of the united states, not someone that just talks trash or scripted. being president, the first day there could be something that happens not is not even discussed in the entire campaign, that's the nature of the job and we're living in dangerous times. >> you seem more relaxed on the trail. >> i'm relaxed campaigning here because people let you complete a sentence in the english language. [ laughter ] >> they want to hear it. >> maybe with an adjective and adverb from time to time. it's not all tweeted out with 140 characters. you see it. it's different. people ask interesting questions
4:30 am
and i learn from this and i'm growing as a candidate by campaigning here. >> the political world world over the past two days have been talking about marco rubio's inability to get beyond his talking points. is that marco rubio the scripted pre-packaged -- many are saying robotic marco rubio, the marco rubio you've known for the past 10, 20 years. >> no. no. i know him as a bright, charismatic leader that hasn't been tested, hasn't gone through all of the things that people have been governors have gone through but i don't consider him that at all. ty i thought it was weird. >> what did you make of the list he had when he was asked to describe his accomplishments. >> that's the problem, he doesn't have a list. >> what about the hezbollah? >> he didn't show up. it was a 94-0 vote passed by unanimous consent, he was doing a fund raiser. >> and he wasn't even there. >> he wasn't there. and the risk corridor deal,
4:31 am
which is a good thing, this element of obamacare that was taken out, he claims credit for it but the sponsors of it deny it and the "new york times," which doesn't retract stories very often, retracted their story. he doesn't have a record. that's not to say he's not gifted. he is, he's a gifted person and he will be a leader going forward but he doesn't have a proven record and i think people aren't willing to make a risky bet on that. >> often it's a big opportunity if a candidate is asked on the national platform what are your accomplishments. if you were given that question -- >> i was, you asked me last week. >> what are your accomplishments? what are your key accomplishments if you were on the debate stage given that opportunity. >> and i hopefully have answered it. eight hurricanes, four promise there 16 months. led the state through really turbulent times. we create the first, second, and third statewide voucher program. accountability around learning. we had the greatest learning gains in the country. we created the first
4:32 am
community-based child welfare system moving all of it out of the government but having increased funding. question created the first strategy as it relates to drug addiction and drug use which is a huge problem here in new hampshire. i've done it. that's the difference. the difference is i had a chance to lead. >> you did vouchers and the teacher' union went to war with you, it was ugly. then you did one in florida and everybody went to war with you. you'd walk into the office and people would be lying on the floor and you would walk past them and go "good morning, good to see you." and you kept going and passed that to get rid of quotas in the state of florida. >> we eliminated affirmative action, we eliminated civil service protections in a way that seems impossible but you can do these things if you have leadership skills and bring people together to do it. then you have to do something that's different which is passing and amendment and calling it success is not leadership. leadership is taking an idea to
4:33 am
completion. >> governor, i had a conservative activist say there's no republican governor currently serving that could claim to have as good as a conservative governing record as you. i said to him "then why aren't you we him?" he said "common core and immigration." so they have allowed this to cloud their judgment on your overall record because they sit there and say the governing record of your conservative, there's nobody's record even currently now that would stand up to yours as being -- do you think that that's been -- that there's too many activists blind bid those two issues and they can't look past it? >> that's a collage for me. on education i tell the full story and people seem to like it. as it relates to common core, i never thought the federal government should have say in creation of standards, content and curriculum and the reauthorization of the law prohibits that and that was being done at my request, lamar alexander was going to do it
4:34 am
anyway but i told him do it, make it clear and it was one of the few bills that passed by bipartisan support in congress this last year. >> governor bush, nobody questions, i don't think, your executive leadership in florida on domestic issues, but foreign policy is one place you haven't been tested over your career. how much if you're elected president would you lean on advisors to your brother and your snaert is that the group of people you would rely on? >> my brother, my father, people that are serving in positions of response in congress, of course. let's do the math. if you've been in a position of leadership and foreign policy and you're a republican, you've served two presidents since 1989. by definition, i'm going to be relying on them just as every other candidate is relying on bush 41 and bush 43. >> but also there's a big difference of the people that serve for your brother and your father. there is the brent scowcroft
4:35 am
world view and the dick cheney world view. >> it's going to be a jeb bush world view. >> the question is are you closer to brent scowcroft or dick cheney? >> brent scowcroft, dick cheney? >> that's putting him on the spot. >> i'd be in between those. i think there needs to be -- america's presence in the world needs to be clear, consistent, both sides of that debate, both of those people believe that. i don't think our first impulse is to yuunilaterally engage sod maybe that's more scowcroft like. >> are you a realist? >> hell yeah, i am. i hope everybody is. >> everybody's not. >> well, the world as we know it you have to confront it. you have to be real in the sense that this is not about idealism, it's about keeping us safe. >> what's the line between security and democracy? early in your brother's administration, spreading democracy was a big deal even if
4:36 am
it meant it wasn't in our national security interest. >> and there are other elements, soft power is important, you don't say that in a republican primary that much but we need to be engaged diplomatically, politically, economically, there are many elements of a foreign policy but national security, keeping us safe has got to be the first priority. >> good answer! good answer! >> that is a good answer. and by the way, soft power very important but something you don't usually hear in republican primaries. >> soft power without hard power backing it up is a nothing burger. >> there are six people competing in this primary, you're one, donald trump is one. the other four guys have not done what you have done which is to take a sustained attempt to define donald trump. where do you stand in your project to tell republican what is you think of donald trump? where does that stand? >> this is a unique experience. donald trump recently became a republican so no one has had this experience dealing with the
4:37 am
guy but i find it remarkable when you have a chance to talk about his temperament which ted cruz does and he totally ignored it or when rubio had a chance to say trump is not a conservative, which he's not, he totally ignored it. you don't confront a bully that way. >> they're scared of him. >> it's ridiculous. he's just a real estate guy. he's gone bankrupt four times he's a successful man but not perfect by any stretch of the imagination so why not challenge him? >> you seem on your game this morning so we will close with word association. >> uh-oh. >> i don't like this. >> trump. one word. >> loser. >> oh, my god! [ cheers and applause ] >> okay, next one, christie? >> great guy. >> rubio? >> work in progress. >> hillary. >> she can be beat. >> what about bernie?
4:38 am
>> i love the ad. >> oh, the america ad. that's the best ad i've seen. simon and garfunkel came back, man. nothing wrong with that. i love the ad. >> as far as an advertisement goes -- >> i love the hopefulness of that message. >> is that not the best add in the campaign cycle. >> there's nothing wrong with it. bernie is running an upbeat campaign. >> we'll get to that. jeb bush, you were great, thanks very much. [ cheers and applause ] chuck, can you stay? still ahead, mitt romney knows a thing or two about winning new hampshire. so what does his former top strategist make of the 2016 field? stuart stevens joins the conversation just ahead on "morning joe."
4:39 am
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while his wife was in flint, michigan, former president bill clinton picked up the hatchet in new hampshire, upping his attacks on her lone remaining primary -- >> that's a weird way to put it. >> clad in red and black plaid president clinton tried to lay out the contrast between the former secretary of state and the senator on everything from paying to college to health care and he talked about bernie bros, telling the stories of women supporting hillary clinton online who have been trolled by sanders backers. >> she and other people who have gone online to defend hillary and explain, just explain, why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too pro fine often -- not to mention sexist -- to repeat. all four of them have been subject to these unbelievable
4:47 am
personal attacks. from people, how dare you be a part of the accomplishment. so now we've been told that planned parenthood, the human rights campaign fund is part of the accomplishment. it's a hermetically sealed deal. if you're not for us, the "boston globe," the concord monitor, the portsmouth newspaper, they're all part of the establishment. except the nashua paper, they endorse her, too, but bernie took what they said good about him and put it in under all these endorsements, except they didn't endorse. today they used a veteran's name saying he endorsed. he didn't endorse. but if you pointed out just shows you how tied you are to the establishment. when you're making a revolution, you can't be too careful about the facts. you're just for me or against you. i want you to laugh, because when you're mad you can't think. my mother told me when i was a boy and i was so mad at
4:48 am
something somebody did, she said "bill, any time somebody tries to get you to stop thinking, they are not your true friend." i just want you to think. >> look, we don't want that crap. we will do everything we can and i think we have tried. look, anybody who is supporting me and doing sexist things is -- we don't want them. >> you know, chuck, i -- watching bill clinton there, first of all, it's painful. secondly, it reminded me a lot of south carolina in 2008. >> a little bit. >> and nevada in 2008. remember when he was saying people were chasing him around and saying they were cheating in the caucuses. i don't get what's going on here. >> i get what he's trying to do. >> what's he trying to do? >> i think he's trying to get some -- trying to get some
4:49 am
attention on what they believe bernie sanders is running a more negative campaign than he gets credit for. the clinton campaign is frustrated. that i feel as if they say the smallest thing against him and the world comes crashing down on them. >> does that work? >> if i feel like that worked there. that's -- and i think he was -- was he trying to get the crowd to laugh with him? >> i don't know. >> that's the problem, that's where -- >> cringe. >> i cringe add little bit because i think he was trying to lighten -- i think even he knew it was not -- and he was trying to lighten the mood. >> kate snow has bernie's response. joining us now, nbc national correspondent and sunday anchor of "nbc nightly news," kate snow, and "boston globe" reporter and political analyst for wbur, james pindell. kate, what did he say? >> i spoke with bernie sanders yesterday morning fresh off of his "saturday night live" trip to new york. he was just back. a couple things, on the point raised by bill clinton, i asked him about that, these so-called bernie bros that are supposedly
4:50 am
trolling and being sexist. he said absolutely unacceptable. he said he doesn't know it's happening, if it is, there's no place for in the his campaign. he said i don't want that kind of support so he was emphatic about that and i said is it happening? he said i don't know, we're looking into it. >> do you need more help in that arena? would you be open to more people coming in? >> there's a narrative that develops then one person says it and another person says it. >> this isn't just the media,
4:51 am
this is your colleagues saying this, democrats who support hillary clinton primarily. >> yes, that's right. so this is political. i understand that. that's fine. but this is the same argument made against barack obama, i think by and large he has done a good job in foreign >> they made him stop writing his own facebook -- there is not enough time in the day. >> get off facebook. >> a smally held revolution. let's talk about the gop debate. you said something interesting that mika and i were noticing and that is donald trump, his
4:52 am
performance during the debate. he seemed to be getting more of his sea legs than in some of the earlier debates. >> and also is acting like a politician which i noel hate me saying. he is on cruise control, he's leading. he said if you want to take the arrows and throw them at rubio, fine by me, that means my lead will be doing just fine. there are deep questions about his ground game in this state that they have tried to invest in. this state is a place that he's up by 70 straight polls since july. >> do we see a drop in new hampshire -- >> it's gone back and forth. >> -- than what we saw in iowa. >> it's gone back and forth but not in terms of him in the lead. in iowa you had ben carson in the lead in october, then you had marco -- i mean you had ted cruz taking the lead in december. it's been consistent. he has been in the lead since july. i think the key question is what's going to happen for second place. >> kate snow and james pindell. james, you say the three endorsements that would matter in new hampshire, mitt romney,
4:53 am
elizabeth warren -- >> we will see what john mccain does. >> coming up, donald trump joins us live and tomorrow's primary is some 30 years in the making how the republican front runner first tested the waters in new hampshire back in 1987. we'll compare that speech with his message today when he joins us. "morning joe" is coming right back. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing.
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4:57 am
well, we've been through that before. jeb bush was here earlier this hour and in one word called donald trump a loser. so donald trump is going to join us now to respond. >> but first it's new jersey's governor chris christie. >> oh, boy. oh, boy. >> so does new jersey's governor have a plan to pull away from the pack? we'll talk to chris when we return. >> hello, governor christie. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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5:00 am
we will close this morning with word association. >> i don't like this. >> trump. just one word. >> loser. >> okay.
5:01 am
>> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> christie. okay. next one, christie. >> christie? >> yeah. >> great guy. >> okay. >> right now. >> rubio. rubio. >> work in progress. >> hillary. >> she can be beat. welcome back to "morning joe." still with us legendary columnist mike barnicle. managing editor of bloomberg politics mark halperin and joining the conversation along with willie, joe and me, republican presidential candidate governor chris christie. a really great guy. >> do you know what, chris -- >> such a great guy. >> that's what people always say, isn't it? >> well, not really, but i will tell you jeb bush, john kasich and a lot of other republicans this morning are saying you are a really great guy. talk about -- i mean, you did
5:02 am
something the other night that will be remembered, i think, as long as, you know -- >> politics are politics. >> you are no jack kennedy or ronald reagan saying there you go when you say there it is. was that something that was planned or did he walk into that by repeating it the fourth time? >> no, it wasn't planned, but certainly that's who he is. >> what do you mean that's who he is? >> what i mean is that's what he does all the time. marco gets told what to say and he repeats it and that's what he does. i've been saying that all week. it wasn't like saturday should have been some big surprise. i mean, i've been saying that all week, joe, and that's the way he does things. >> you know, that's one of the things that a lot of the conservative commentators after on fox and some with the "wall street journal" were saying, he knew this attack was coming. how could he be so ill prepared for it? does he really just repeat the same things -- i mean, because you follow him around all the time. i don't.
5:03 am
does he really just repeat the same thing on the campaign trail over and over again? >> yes, he does. that's what he does. but here is the thing, that great political philosopher, mike tyson, he had a great saying, he said everybody has got a plan until you get punched in the face. i think you can plan for whatever you want -- and this is what i mean about, you know, why we can't nominate someone who can't stand on the stage with hillary clinton. i mean, if anybody thought that was tough on saturday night, first of all, in new jersey we call that a night off. >> yeah. >> right? and second hillary clinton will be much tougher. >> so you're saying if your argument is that marco is the most electable actually you're saying that's just the reverse. >> that blew up on saturday night. i don't think there's anybody even his most loyal donors long he is the most electable. people know that i'm the most electable. who do you want standing on that stage to take on hillary
5:04 am
clinton? i don't think it's much -- and jeb, i love the fact that jeb thinks i'm a really good guy, was that it? >> really great guy. >> not good, but great. again, he had a chance to take on donald trump on saturday night and i don't think really effectively delivered that punch. the fact is in politics you have to know how to do this and it's because the american people don't want four more years of barack obama. >> do you believe that to beat hillary clinton -- hillary clinton would eviscerate marco rubio on a debate stage? >> yes, i do, and i think -- listen, this is just objective looking at what happened on saturday night because, you know, i see all the reaction to it and all the rest, but it wasn't like i came at him that hard or it wasn't a sucker punch. i mean, i was -- >> he knew it was coming. >> i was telling him all week that he's scripted and he's not spontaneous and he doesn't -- he is not a leader. i mean, listen, he is a very nice guy, he is a very talented guy. there is no question, i told anybody in terms of talent, deliver a speech, read a teleprompter he's good at it.
5:05 am
>> he had a list of accomplishments. >> and i pointed that out at the debate. one of his accomplishments was, you know, getting unanimous consent vote on sanctions -- on sanctions against hezbollah and he didn't even show up for the vote. i said that's not leadership that's truancy. that's not what you need to do. that's the problem with marco. now, the fact is that this isn't about marco and me ultimately tomorrow, it's about who do you think can beat hillary clinton. and i think what saturday night showed was when the lights get really bright one of two things happen, you either shine or you melt. >> willie. >> some people shine first and then they sweat. go ahead, willie. >> so, governor, as you look at just about every poll that we've shown and we've talked about this it's donald trump by 15, 20 points depending on what you look at and then there are about two, three, four, five, six people clustered, including you in that group. with the obvious caveat that nobody knows what's going to happen, including you tomorrow night, what these smart voters decide, how do you straight yourself from the pack of rubio,
5:06 am
cruz, kasich, jeb bush? >> i did it on saturday night. beside the fact this is my 71st day in new hampshire, more days than anybody else and i've worked harder up here than anybody else has to get to know these voters and have them get to know me, the fact is in the end saturday night was what differentiates you. who is going to be able to perform when it matters? what the republican party wants more than anything else is to get the presidency back. if we want to get the presidency back we need to nominate someone who will go on the stage against hillary clinton and do the same thing to her what happened to marco rubio on saturday night and there is only one person that has done that in all the debates. senator rubio has not off message or kilter or rattled once except for saturday night. >> beyond the debate performance what did your performance saturday night tell us about what kind of president you will be? >> i'm tested and ready and prepared. you listen to the substance of my answers, too, which would be nice every once in awhile. it's about someone who has done
5:07 am
things, accomplished things, rebuilt a state after hurricane sandy, stood up to a democratic legislature, i mean, these are things that provide leadership and have those vetoes sustained. folks know that i'm ready. when i sit in that chair the first day as president no one is going to wonder whether i'm ready to work. i won't need to read the owner's manual, i will be ready. >> yesterday when john and i saw you john asked a simple question about rubio's performance the right before, even though he had been warned it was coming he still behaved the way it whe bed and you said not ready. did you mean not ready to run for president or not ready to be president or both? >> not ready to be president. everyone is going to have good days or bad days on the campaign trail but you have to be ready to be president and i'm ready to be president and he's not. i think the people in new hampshire want to nominate someone who is not only going to
5:08 am
beat hillary clinton but is ready to clean up this mess that barack obama has made over the last eight years. i'm absolutely ready to do, i cleaned up john core side's mess in new jersey. >> did you get any money bump on saturday night? >> yeah. yes. it went really well. online has gone well since saturday night. >> it went so well saturday night that he went to shooters to celebrate on sunday. >> given the super bowl and the weekend we will go into tomorrow not knowing who is going to be second, third, fourth, fifth, six. >> right. >> what are you prepared to do on tuesday to prevent marco rubio from being the nominee if he finishes second here. >> it's not about stopping marco rubio it's about me getting nominated and the fact is i will go down to south carolina, do exactly the same -- >> even if you're sixth? >> listen, you know, even if i'm sixth, depending on what sixth looks like, mark. is sixth down by half a point osh did but if it's clustered up, though, if you have five
5:09 am
candidates clustered up, let's say -- because we're saying marco could be second or sixth, you could be second or sixth, kasich, all of them. i mean, if you're that clumped up, you're not going to throw in the towel, especially after saturday night. you're going on to south carolina. >> i'm going to south carolina. my flight is booked for south carolina on wednesday morning from here. and, listen, i think what -- there was a march among some of the chattering class before saturday night that marco rubio -- it was down to a three-person race, this was it and it was over. i think after saturday night no matter what the results are on tuesday no one thinks that anymore. no one now looks at any of those three guys and says they are inevitable. they're not. even donald's performance on saturday night was fine, but nobody is jumping up and down about, you know, that makes him so much better than anybody else. certainly senator cruz's performance was okay, but, you know -- >> we never really talked about ted cruz's performance. i thought it was spotty. excuse us for one second. >> sure.
5:10 am
>> he looked nervous. >> he got hammered at the beginning and he end they're sitting there talking and they said he won iowa and donald said you won it because you stole it. you could tell he was on home turf in iowa. he just seemed a little uncomfortable all night. >> like he was trying to remember -- >> it was a strange performance. >> he's playing an away game here in new hampshire. >> it is a total away game here. now let's return back to the interview. >> am i back to you? >> we just talked about ted cruz a guy who won iowa -- >> i'm glad i helped you. i'm squaring the circle. >> actually in the run up to the debate you almost seemed frustrated, like the boy in the bubble stuff, you were like really -- you seemed almost -- >> that wasn't frustration that was fun, when you're from new jersey that's called fun? >> oh, really? >> yeah, that was fun. the boy in the bubble stuff was meant to deliver a message. it was not something accidental that i went, oh, gosh, did i just say that. >> right. >> no. i mean, listen, the fact is that
5:11 am
when you're guarded and all the rest of that, when people surround you and protect you and tell you what to say, they can't do that on the debate stage. so my point was -- >> or can i just say or on shows like this. >> correct. >> you come on this show and you've got to sit there and actually answer follow-up questions because, as you know, it can go anywhere. >> oh, don't i ever. and we've had our spats, but you keep coming on the show, but that's the thing. are you able to not only answer the question but answer the follow-up and answer the follow-up and one second we may be talking about economics, the next we may be talking b you know, quantitative easing. some candidates can't do that and they run for the hills. >> worse yet not only can't that he do that on this program but they can't do it in the oval office. being a governor for six years in a really tough state you're not going to be -- this doesn't come in order, it's not like being in the senate where they give you a list of questions
5:12 am
beforehand and you get to decide yes or no. you're sitting in a governor's office or oval office, the crises come, the moments now. >> you never know what they are. >> what is it about senator rubio, he's smart, articulate, why can't he answer questions under pressure as you suggested he can't? >> it's not so much that he can't answer questions under pressure it's that he does not have the experience to know what to do in a pressure situation. listen, i have had really amazing times and very difficult times in my political career and what that -- both of them teach you is that everything is temporary. everything is temporary. you have to be ready to deal with what the next moment is going to be and the only way you learn that is by doing it. the fact is why would anybody here think that you could become president of the united states after being a one term united states senator, never having made decisions, never been held accountable, never having sat in a chair like that. i understand everybody here is angry about washington and so am i. i'd love to burn it down, too, and figure down there i will,
5:13 am
but then you need somebody who is going to rebuild it afterwards because we need national defense, we need homeland security, we need social security and med can care and somebody who is going to do that. the problem is when all you'vity done is sit in a state legislature and vote yes or no and go to the united states senate, show up sometimes and when you do show up vote yes or no, that is not preparation to be president of the united states. reading a teleprompter and giving a good speech is skills, they're skills but they're not skills to govern. >> joe, what he's saying and it's been repeated in the past, political campaigns, there is a striking contrast between united states senators running for president and governors running for president. governors have public exposure on a daily basis that senators just never have. >> i will tell you something else we've seen it with barack obama as well, governors have to work with the people on the other side of the aisle. barack obama -- >> they have no choice. >> -- never did. and marco rubio has never had to do it in the legislature as well. governors know, okay, the
5:14 am
democrats they may be trying to impeach me, i've got to bring them in because we've got to do a budget together. >> yeah. >> it's something that i hear from every governor whether he or she is a democrat or republican. bill clinton told me one time when you're governor you've got to have a really, really short memory. >> you bet. >> and that is the one thing, too. i think i will just say one of the reasons why governors make better presidents than senators is because governors from most states have to deal with people on the other side of the aisle whether they want to or not. >> and you're right, joe. i have a democratic legislature and i have had a democratic legislature every minute of every day i have been a governor. i go and make things happen and i have to make it happen with them. the only time senator rubio did work with folks on the other side of the ail is when he wrote the amnesty bill with chuck schumer and as soon as it got hot he ran away. i don't run away from the heat, i run into the heat. >> in 2012 just tell this story quickly about you working with the other side, i just
5:15 am
remembered it, we were all eating in, i don't know, i think it was -- the republican convention, i guess it was in st. paul in '12. a guy, big guy comes running up to us and says i'm a huge fan, i love -- and he's talking about chris christie, how you are the greatest guy in the world and about five minutes into it i said, great, what's your name? and he said his name. >> steve sweeney. >> he said i'm the senate leader. >> senate president. >> i said the republicans control? he said, no, i'm a democrat. swear to god the guy sounded like he was your best friend and came over proud to say he knew you and i sat there thinking if you can do that in jersey. >> right. >> boy, wouldn't it be great if we could do that in washington, d.c. >> that's what i will do. >> where tip o'neill. >> you're right. it was in tampa. >> it was in tampa. okay. where tip o'neal loved ronald reagan. hated his philosophy, but the two loved talking to each other. they were friends. >> yeah. >> even bill clinton and newt
5:16 am
gingrich, even in the middle of impeachment, they were talking and working together. >> that's what you have to do and you can't have that experience if you have just been on one side of the aisle in the senate. when you are a governor you know you have to do that because people elect you to get a job done. the thing people are so frustrated about is washington doesn't get the job done for them. i'll get the job done when i'm president. >> can we play the same game. word association. >> word association. okay. >> rapid fire. >> yes. >> donald trump. >> friend. >> oh. rubio. >> by the way, can i just say far different -- far different than loser. >> yes. >> friend. he would say the same of you. >> rubio. >> not ready. >> christie. >> ready. >> walked right into that one. >> jeb. >> jeb, good governor. >> cruise. >> don't know him. >> hillary. >> loser. >> okay. governor chris christie.
5:17 am
>> wow. so he saved that one for hillary. >> bernie. >> oh, bernie, what about bernie. >> yeah. >> incredible. incredible. the guy is an incredible politician. he really is. >> he is an incredible politician. i mean, you know, that's what i say -- i mean, he would be -- he would be an awful socialist president, but incredible politician. >> what is it really quickly about 2016 that gets a guy whose average contribution is $27, raising $30 million. i mean, everybody talking about big money and politics, big money in politics, but i will say and i've said this as a republican, even as a republican, seeing pictures of him up on the back of a pick up truck talking i said i want that picture and i want to hang it up because that says something great about america. even if we don't support his policies, that's exciting that we live in a country where that's possible. >> listen, this is what makes new hampshire so great. >> yeah. >> because that kind of stuff happens every day all around you. is that they are an engaged
5:18 am
population who cares about politics and public service and shows up at things like that whether it's for bernie sanders or for me or hillary or for jeb or however and they ask great questions and they are really good and it makes you feel good about our democracy. nothing that happens in washington makes you feel good about our democracy. >> no. >> what's happened in new hampshire over the past year makes you good good. >> governor chris christie, thank you very much. up next, donald trump joins us and hard ball's chris matthews joins us as well. "morning joe" live in new hampshire. back in a moment.
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5:22 am
>> "hardball's" chris matthews. >> legendary chris matthews. >> but look at this. >> all right. so, chris, real quick question then we have a guest on the phone. >> it's hard to keep up with you guys. a lot happened this morning. on print, on television, on stage, it's all happening here. my god. >> a lot has happened this morning. let me ask you quickly what's your state of the race on the republican side especially? >> okay. i think, let's see, i think that the trump people will stick. >> yeah. >> i don't know why you would switch from trump to any of these other guys, nobody else is like trump except cruz and he doesn't fit up here. >> undecided, though. a lot of undecideds. >> trump people stick and i think he'll win and i think he should win because he fits -- he has had a bad week but he hits here. >> fits new hampshire. >> he's gritty, he has attitude and i think he fits with the new hampshire -- >> what about on the democratic side. >> and also it's a way to screw
5:23 am
iowa. defiance of iowa. >> the rubio collapse the other night on the debate stage, do you put that with dan quail and lloyd benson? >> no, i put it with blade runner. >> what does that mean? >> blade runner when harrison ford's job was to reveal the recommend kants from the humans and to know that people were not humans they were replicants. >> you have to say what? >> you didn't see "blade runner?" did everybody here see "blade runner." okay. everybody here saw it, damn it. it's about catching these people who are pretending to be people, they're robots. >> and you're saying marco rubio was revealed. >> i'm saying it reminded me of "blade runner." >> i will have to see the movie now. >> it's a last minute thing because i guess we're hoping he's here tomorrow, but joining us by phone republican
5:24 am
presidential candidate donald trump. good to have you on the phone this morning. >> good morning. i loved listening to chris. that was great. he is a talented guy. now he is more talented than i thought, but he's great. >> thank you, chris, very much. >> thank you, donald. >> so, donald, you have a lot of people wearing donald trump buttons here who would like you very much to be here tomorrow morning in person so we hope to see you here tomorrow morning but i know this is a last second thing. so i want -- a couple of things. mika asked people to do word association games and said your name. chris christie said friend. >> right. >> jeb bush -- jeb bush went in an opposite direction, he said loser. what's your response? >> here is the story, i mean, we have to say it like it is. he will say that i said things and that i never said. i never called john mccain a loser. you know that. i like john mccain. he is a nice guy. i never called him a loser. the other man i supposedly called a loser, i don't even know who it is, i don't know who the man is.
5:25 am
jeb is mixing things up. here is the story on jeb, he is a stiff who you wouldn't hire in private enterprise. this is a stiff. this is a guy that if he came looking for a job you'd say no thank you and that's the way it is. he used -- just so you understand he talks about eminent domain he doesn't even know what the words mean. eminent domain -- his family used eminent domain privately on the stadium in texas that just came out this morning. he forgot to tell you, he probably didn't know because he is probably not that involved with his family. he doesn't even use the last name bush. jeb bush is -- he will spend $100 million on ads, spent $25 million on negative ads on me and every time he does a negative ad my poll numbers go up. it's a weird thing. but the guy is a total stiff. remember this for the voters, he wants common core and he is weak on immigration. remember they came in for love, remember the act of love, he said they come to our country for the act of love. jeb is weak on immigration and
5:26 am
common core, he wants it 100% and just those two items he can't do very well. but he's got to go around and stop lying because i never called john mccain a loser. really said when you have to say that. >> so let me ask you what is your message to the voters of new hampshire going into tomorrow? what are the issues that they should decide on you to vote for or against you on? >> let me just tell you new hampshire is a special place, i've known it long before the electoral process, i have a lot of friends up here and i come here a lot and it's a beautiful place. the thing that most surprising me all the time that i got and it's surprising because it's so beautiful is the heroin problem and drug problem that they have up here. so many people bring that up. you don't think of new hampshire as having that problem. it's a massive problem up here and i'm going to stop the borders and no politician can do what i do. i'm going to stop the border, i'm going to build a real wall not a toy wall, we're not going
5:27 am
to have drugs pouring through the border because most of the drugs up here come from the southern border. we will clean it up and help the people that are badly addicted. but the drugs that come in so easily that the cost of heroin and cost of the drugs are so cheap it's like buying bubble gum. many, many people up here -- more than any other place -- it's a strange thing, but they have a huge drug problem. we're going to clean it up. we're going to strengthen the borders, strengthen our military, take care of the vets, get rid of obamacare, replace obamacare with something that's so much better and so much less expensive. i don't know -- chris knows this because i know chris and i differ on a few things but i have a lot of respect for chris, but, chris, you know, the obamacare -- i don't know if you have seen the costs, costs are going up 35 and 45%. people are getting killed with it and even the supporters of obamacare are saying it's really gotten out of control. you know, they're up about 35, 45%, the premiums and the deductible is so high that unless you're hit with a steam roller you won't be able to use
5:28 am
it. the deductible is through the roof. somebody has to be done with healthcare because it's really -- i mean, really, really out of control. we have so many other things to do. and the bottom line is we have to rebuild our country because the infrastructure -- and who can do better than me with that. building, nobody can do building like i do building. even the builders in new york about tell you trump builds the best. i know how to do these things. >> willie. >> donald, good morning. a week ago at this time on the day before iowa you were leading in the polls, up # 7, 8 points, you're up big here in new hampshire. the polls in iowa were wrong about you and i think you were a little surprised about the result in iowa. why is new hampshire different? >> well, actually the polls in iowa were right, they said i was up 5 and what happened is the caucus system and people would go into a room and a lot of people couldn't get away. it's a weird thing. the caucus system is very complex and then of course thousands of people were taken away from ben carson which was
5:29 am
very sad and they were put over. so if you really look i came a very strong second. don't forget i've never done this before, that was my first race ever, the first time i have ever done this and i came in second. what i did find and what chuck -- you know, what a couple of us have sort of laughed at over the last little while is that i came in a strong second, i was much more than 2,000 votes past rubio, he came in third. he was 2,000 -- more than 2,000 votes behind and he was like this modern day hero and i was like, oh, gee, he came in second. i never quite understood that. now, here the polls are much stronger, here i have very big leads. i hope the snow doesn't affect t you guys will have to tell me, we have a snowstorm coming up and i hope that doesn't happen. but i think we're going to do very well in new hampshire. i think. who knows? but i think we are. >> chris matthews. >> well, i think up here, donald, that the voters vote because they're citizens first and you vote. >> right. >> like my parents voted. you didn't sit around who they
5:30 am
were passionate about, they never talked about it, they went out and voted like americans and on the way to vote they decided who to vote for. out in iowa you have to have this big passionate thing and carry around a poster and find i guess i will go to this caucus thing, it's not a normal way to vote. >> chris, i mean -- >> normal people vote, they don't going to caucuses. >> why is iowa first and why do we have that strange bizarre caucus system? >> i guess people like north by northwest. i don't know. it's a flat place you can see everywhere anywhere. it's a strange state. you can look around and see iowa. it's a strange situation. i don't know. jimmy carter went out there twice, he established the place, first guy to win out there, beat teddy kennedy and then it became this place to go. but i've studied this thing. new hampshire is the place. this is where eisenhower came from, this is where kennedy came from. >> new hampshire -- i will say this, the people are so great and it's nice -- it's nice when
5:31 am
you have a vote, chris, you like somebody you walk in and you pull the trigger you vote and you go home as opposed to sitting around for hours and hours and discussing things, you know, it's a little bit -- the whole caucus system is a little bit strange, but, you know, it's one of those things. but, hey, look, i did really well in iowa, i got the most votes in the history of a caucus for republicans in the primary, we got 46,000 votes which is more than anybody other than the one and the one was artificially inflated but i don't talk about that because i'm into new hampshire now. >> all right. by the way, we love iowa and we love the people of iowa, especially java joes, but the caucus system they need to clean that up, especially on the democratic side. >> it seems archaic. >> mark halperin. >> you are on the eve of potentially winning the new hampshire primary, i'm wondering if you are sentimental about that prospect and how you think a win here would affect your prospects in south carolina? >> i went to south carolina two
5:32 am
nights ago, mark, you saw that i had a stadium on four days' notice, they had four days and they filled it, it was 12,000 people came in and it was an amazing feeling. we're doing tremendously down in south carolina. some people -- i think i heard jose maybe he thinks that's going to be one of my strongest states. i think we will do well down there. i hope we will do well in new hampshire. i have a great bonding with the people in new hampshire, they know what i'm going to do. bruce because, you know, they have a big vet problem up here, tremendous veteran problem, they know how i am with the vets and nobody knows what i do with the vets so i think i will do well here and i think i will do well in south carolina, too. i think i'm going to do well in the sec generally. >> what would a win in new hampshire mean to you personally, that achievement? >> well, it would mean a lot. i don't know if the snow comes and i don't even know what it means if it comes, you know, what does it mean? does it mean people don't go out and vote? i guess maybe some people won't.
5:33 am
i'd love to have a great win up here. i've been friendly with this area nor many years and, you know, the relationships i have and all of my friends say you are going to have a tremendous night, but we will see what happens. who knows. i just assume you have to keep working -- we're having an event tonight, we will have 4,000 or 5,000 people over at the verizon arena, just sort of a lot -- we will have a lot of fun tonight, we will have a little bit of a rally tonight, but i think we will have 4,000 or 5,000 people tonight and it's going to be very exciting. >> john heilemann. >> donald, it's heilemann here. after all these months of campaigning, all these debates, the iowa caucuses now almost the new hampshire primary. when you look around the stage at the rivals that you're facing, who do you think is the most formidable of your competitors purely in terms of political skill? >> well, i don't like saying it, john, but i can talk about it a little bit because i think jeb is a bad debater, jeb as an example, you know, always talks,
5:34 am
oh, i went after donald trump, i said bad things about donald trump, aren't i brave? he is a stiff. jeb is weak. i would say that others are -- i mean, you have some pretty good debaters. i've been a little bit surprised -- cruz is supposed to be a championship debater. and you saw the "time magazine" poll where they polled who did the best. i had 70% and everybody else had 5 and 6%. i won the debate. and i never debated before. >> what do you think about marco rubio's performance? what does that tell you about marco rubio? >> i was standing next to him, it was an amazing thing, and, you know, i have a good memory and i'm listening and i heard him make the statement and then -- and that was fine and then he made it a second time and that was sort of fine, you know, it was okay, but then he made it a third time, fourth time and fifth time and i'm saying am i hearing things? what's going on over here? and i like marco, but marco -- you know, i like marco, but
5:35 am
marco has a tendency to sweat, like perhaps on a record setting level, and i was watching him make these statements five times and he was really hot. he was sweating. and i said -- you know, i'm up there, i want to do my only thing but i'm saying what's going on? i don't know what kind of an impact that has. he is a nice guy. i think he is a good guy. but i think it could have a pretty big impact on him, i just don't know what. >> all right. donald trump. >> we hope to see you here tomorrow. >> come on back tomorrow. >> okay. i will. i'll come in. i'll come in. >> thank you. >> i love it. donald trump, thank you. >> thank you very much, chris. i appreciate it. >> hard ball tonight, sir. >> okay. good. you have a deal. >> 7:00 eastern. chris matthews, thank you as well. >> we had booking going on on live television. that's great. >> do you know what would be great. i've always thought about trump he does know how good he is in a way. he is an ego guy of course but that's not new. i think he has a clear message
5:36 am
which is nationalism, either we have a country or we don't, it began with immigration, went on to trade and these stupid wars we get into. it's about protecting the average person from the big shots. i think the other guy has a clear message, too, the socialist. >> bernie. >> we have a chance of a national election in this country between a nationalist and a socialist. that would be a great election. >> that would be incredible. >> and both of them have joy and that's what's missing from hillary's campaign and these other campaigns. joy. joy. they enjoy -- and people enjoy clapping for them and rooting for them. clear focus and joy. >> and joy. >> are the key -- you know this. >> you're right. >> you've got to like it. >> willie, what's surprising to me about donald trump -- >> you nailed it. >> -- are the people who say they're going to support him -- i had a conversation, i -- well, i don't want to get -- i went to an event with one of my children this weekend, i don't want to expose anybody because people may not talk to them in new canen, but you get people alone
5:37 am
and they start saying kind of quietly going, well, you know -- they always ask who won the debate. i said i don't know. and they start talking about trump. saying i talked to my mom and thes' a big democrat. she likes trump. i kind of like trump. weird stuff is happening that's kind of going across ideological and political lines and it's the same thing with bernie. i'm hearing some republicans going, i'm a serve testify but that bernie guy, it's kind of exciting. >> and that reminds you that this is not about ideology, this is about energy, emotion. >> it's about ideology. don't kid yourself. >> the bernie people and the trump people don't share an ideology. >> they do not share an ideology. >> that's what i meant. >> there is a big difference between nationalism and screw the big shots and let's grab all the money and grab ahold of t i think bernie is a socialist to the core. >> he is, but my point is that those two groups do not share an ideology but they can see -- >> the point is, though, it's what i've always said and what i
5:38 am
said in frustration when i was on the floor of the house and there are a lot of republicans that were saying the american people -- and i'd go to them, no, they don't. americans aren't ideological. for the most part the people that swing elections, the people that voted foray began twice and then voted for clinton twice and then voted for bush twice and then voted for obama twice, they're looking for leaders. >> they can be love of country and say screw the big shots, we're done with it. can we go on the show, too? we'd like to book ourselves? >> what time do you want to come on? >> as early as possible. >> we'll negotiate the time. >> they already asked us to object. >> i just invited myself. >> you were already invited. >> just a reminder, we will be back here at jt's tavern on wednesday. "morning joe" is back in a moment. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am.
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all right. >> still ahead what's driving the day on wall street after a mixed jobs report on friday, u.s. dow futures are down triple digits. plus how does chris christie's there it is stack up against other memorable debate takedowns? we'll dig into that with andrea mitchell. and reagan biographer craig shirley. >> governor reagan as a matter of fact began his political career campaigning around this nation against medicare.
5:43 am
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the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪ so we want to give you an update on the markets right now because it seems wall street is poised to open at triple digit losses. dow futures have been down as much as 230 points this morning. right now they're down 197. the numbers are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. european markets also extended losses after friday's mixed jobs report. investors are now focused on fed chair janet yellen's testimony on capitol hill later this week. we will be following that. up next, how just ten minutes of a single debate reshaped the election like none other. bloomberg's margaret carlson is here with her take on the race, plus the huffington post sam
5:47 am
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look at that. ain't that america? god, i love this place. >> chief foreign affairs correspondent and host of andrea mitchell reports, andrea mitchell. political consultant and strategist for mitt romney's 2012 presidential run, stuart
5:51 am
stevens. senior political editor and white house correspondent sam stein. columnist for bloomberg view margaret carlson and craig shirley. >> craig, we will start with you in washington only because we've been asking about the marco/christie moment. is that one of those moments like reagan's, there you go again, when christie said, there it is? >> boy, that's quite a delay. he must be in pakistan. >> he cannot hear us obviously. >> we will cork on that. stuart, i will ask you the same thing, was that one of those defining moments in the campaign or is it just too early to tell? >> i think it's going to shake up what's going to happen in hand. it's impossible to get elected president without being humiliat humiliated. it happens to everybody. >> it happens to everybody. >> it's how you come back.
5:52 am
i think that's the test for every candidate, you have to be prepared for it and prepare your staffs for t that's the difference between doing a race like this and a governor's race because it's so public. >> yeah. >> everybody knows that you've screwed up, the staff feels bad and you just have to bounce back and come back. >> andrea mitchell, the two weeks before iowa nobody had a worse run than ted cruz. ted cruz won iowa. >> right. >> we can wake up wednesday morning with marco rubio finishing a strong second or if lightning strikes still winning this thing. you never know, especially when you are talk being new hampshire. >> this campaign has humbled all of us and i mean all of us from the very beginning. so i think we cannot predict what is going to happen. but it would seem that new hampshire voters are very intently focused now. we are in that 48-hour window where people are making up their minds, you see shifts happen and it happened at the worst possible time for marco rubio when everyone was paying attention and it could be
5:53 am
determinative because everyone is gunning for him and he -- the problem was that it filled the narrative what he did absolutely fit the narrative of what chris christie and others have been saying about him, jeb bush. >> yeah. >> so it becomes a self-full filling prophecy. >> craig, can you hear us yet? >> okay. >> very good. all right. very good. >> i'll play craig shirley. >> we got the best studio we could in pakistan but right now there is a small skirmish going on outside. >> what happened -- like andrea said, what happened to marco happened at the worst possible time, everybody looks back to 2008 thought hillary won because of her saturday night debate, but sometimes these things get blown up. >> you need to go down to come back but there is not time for marco to come back from that i don't believe and the difference in this debate moment and dan quail and oops and i bought this microphone is that it lasted for
5:54 am
ten minutes. it was a sustained -- >> that was a problem, wasn't it? >> yes. >> christie just kept coming. >> and i don't think anybody else on that stage could have done what the new jersey prosecutor did to rubio. he just kept at it. and it went to his weakness and -- >> got under his skin. >> then marco rubio did to himself what even christie couldn't do which is that he kept proving christie's point by repeating himself. >> and then, sam stein, the next day he was still repeating himself. >> you don't want to go back to pakistan quickly? >> we're going to see how the skirmish ends up. >> i will say that with a bit of humiliate, andrea is right, we have all been humbled in our profession, it's tough to know or pro difficult what these moments mean, especially three days after they happen which is when people actually go and vote. but when you walk around the state and people -- reporters of ours were at these events yesterday, and this is anecdotal, of course, but they were talking to people who were
5:55 am
taken aback, i would say, by that moment, wondering what it meant for rubio as someone who could be in pressures that are a lot more intense than a debate. they were imagining him as president, for instance. i think that that moment, that debate moment, did give them pause. now, whether they actually take that pause and switch to a different candidate, who knows? >> yeah. >> but i do think it was an important moment. >> you know, one of the things that happens, i think, in these campaigns is that the campaigns themselves become the biggest test. this was true for barack obama. his greatest achievement was beating hillary clinton. >> right. >> and i think this is an opportunity for marco rubio to prove that. that he's going to be able to come back -- or not -- but it's going to be a test. you need those tests to be president of the united states. >> finally to craig shirley. >> all right. craig shirley, the taliban have been cleared of the studio in pakistan. the question that i asked was whether the marco rubio moment where chris christie said there it is is reminiscent of reagan when he said there you go again? >> yeah, it is.
5:56 am
i think this will be a defining moment for marco rubio. everybody has been talking about it for the last several days. when that happened with reagan in 1980 it instantly changed the narrative and george bush was perceived as being, you know, a weak spined jelly fish, that's what a reporter wrote at the time and reagan for the first time in several years actually seemed like he was in control of himself and control of the campaign. that changed the narrative instantly. >> all right. and don't forget that, you know, bush had won iowa, reagan had lost, and famously one of my wonderful colleagues had written off ronald reagan after iowa. >> we're going to bring craig back -- >> famously we all wrote off hillary clinton the day before new hampshire in 2008. and the new hampshire voters said -- >> not so fast. >> hold on. give us a second. >> we are the ones making this decision. andrea mitchell, sam stein,
5:57 am
margaret carlson and stuart stevens, thank you all. >> by the way, donald trump loved your red dress apparently. >> don't -- >> oh, my god. stop. that is not how we are ending the show. thank you all so much. we will be right back here tomorrow and wednesday. chuck todd picks up coverage after a short break. dear, if we had directv, we could put tvs anywhere without looking at cable wires and boxes in every room. mother, we are settlers. we settle for cable. and the simpler things in life. like our drab clothing. that's right, daughter. and homemade haircuts. exactly, boy. besides, if it weren't for wires, how would cousin tobias get his privacy? hey - shut the blanket! i need my privacy! (vo) don't be a settler. get a $100 visa prepaid card when you switch to directv. i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone.
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