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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  February 8, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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to have a movement from the outside in, as we saw with civil rights, as we saw with the progressive movement at the turn of the 20th century. and hillary saying, you've got a congress there, you've got to get things done, you've got to have that experience to know how to do that. but it's a good thing for the democratic party to have this kind of debate. >> much more as the campaign goes on. always a pleasure, doris kearns goodwin with us from boston. doris, thanks. it's now time for "meet the press daily" and chuck todd from manchester. well, thank you, mr. williams. if it's monday, it's that one day every four years when everyone knows exactly where to find dixville notch. it's the've of the new hampshire primary. will hillary clinton beat expectations. better night, can donald trump meet expectations? this is "mtp daily," live from new hampshire and it starts right now.
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good evening and welcome to "mtp daily." it's primary eve and our wonderful part ii of our new hampshire headquarters here. voting starts in just seven hours. you know, they have that weird, they let a bunch of people up north vote, all 12 of them, and we learn nothing about the direction of the primary but report the results anyway? that will happen at midnight. but realistically, what a crazy day today's been. topsy-turvy, whirlwind, down is up, up is down kind of day. you've got talk of staff shake ups in clinton world. jeb bush sounding like john mccain when talking about campaign finance reform. donald trump has been holding his first town halls today before the primary. and tonight's take, we're talking about new hampshire being all about expectations. and the difference for the two parties is between meeting them and beating them. for the democrats, bernie sanders says he's right on target. >> in iowa, we started off 40,
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50 points behind. we ended up a virtual tie. new hampshire we started 30 points behind. and i think we're going to do just fine tomorrow. >> as for hillary clinton, she gets to just beat expectations. but can she? can she beat the expectation that she will lose handedly here? and just how much can she close that big gap with bernie sanders? eight years ago, we were having the same conversation, by the way, about whether hillary clinton could catch a guy named barack obama. she ended up winning. a politico report out this morning, though, says a staff shake up, which is reminiscent of her '08 race, is in the works. but she responded to the story, in an interview taped earlier today with my colleague, rachel maddow. >> i have no idea what they're talking about or who they're talking to. we're going to take stock, but it's going to be the campaign that i've got. i'm very confident in the people that i have. i'm very committed to them. they're committed to doing the best we can. we're going to take stock.
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what works, what doesn't work. we're moving into a different phase of the campaign. a more diverse electorate, different geographic areas. so it would be malpractice to say, what worked? what can we do better? what do we need to do new and different that we feed to pull out? >> so, sort of confirmation, not really confirmation. we'll get into that later. you can see rachel's full sit-down with hillary clinton later tonight at 9:00 p.m. and a double-digit lead in the polls has propped up some pretty high expectations for donald trump. can he meet those high expectations? will the outcome match the predictions? it didn't happen in iowa. so did trump learn his lesson? a day before the primary, trump is doing something every other candidate has done here. he's finally doing some real town halls. he held a couple of them today. in fact, here's the front-runner a short while ago with chris matthews. >> i came in second. i was 2,400 votes ahead of the third place. and the third place person, who is marco, was like, a genius king.
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all of a sudden, the guy that came in third is like a hero and the guy that came in second -- and i kept saying, how come he's a hero -- >> okay, you have one big problem. >> for trump, who talks about winning and mocks losers, if he fails to win, it could be a blow. you can suggest all his poll tu numbers a tad inflated. but ted cruz's win in iowa didn't create any pathier to granite state support. but he's in the middle of a thick pack jockeying for a second-place finish. >> there's no doubt that donald has had a lot of support. there's no doubt that marco's had a lot of support. i hope and believe we'll do well here, but i also know we've got an incredible team on the ground in south carolina. and ten days after south carolina is super tuesday. >> cruz would love to get to super tuesday in a hurry. so he is downplaying expectations here. this time, he's trying to just elbow his way through the establishment pileup.
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it's a four-way pileup on the republican side there. and they're all trying to meet expectations. bush, kasich, christie. they all want to be number two, and inject some life into their bids. after beating expectations in iowa, marco rubio needs a higher bar here in new hampshire. the goal was second, but will a highly criticized debate performance end up weighing him down and is he sliding? he's trying to shake it off and sat down with our own lester holt a short while ago to talk about it. >> i mean, every republican candidate says the same thing. they'll criticize president obama, but do you think you did yourself some harm by the fact that you were mocked? >> no, because what voters are heard me say -- mocked by press people, but what voters heard me say was that barack obama is damaging america. barack obama is trying to change america it is one of the key
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elements of our campaign and i'll continue to say that. it's one of the reasons i'm run runni running. it's not the last time people will hear me say it. if it bothers people in the press, that's not whose vote i'm aiming at. >> as you can see, the rubio campaign wants to make it a media story, all of his bad press, not a candidate story. you can see more of lester's interview tonight on the "nbc nightly news." we've got a lot going on here. debates, of course, don't mean anything, but the rubio team clearly would have liked a different headline lingering over the last 48 hours. now, turning back to the democrats, clinton is the candidate that's getting tested. the latest seven news boston u-mass tracking poll has sanders up 16 points, helping to widen the divide, the core groups of women and self-identified democrats among whom clinton typically does well, not so much. meanwhile, former president bill clinton, he's been hammering sanders on the campaign trail over the last 24 hours.
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>> it sounds good. break out the big banks. the problem is the crash was caused because there was nobody home at the securities and exchange commission and the bank regulators. you can't offer a health care program that you don't know what it costs. the online campaign is, anybody that doesn't agree with me is a tool of the establishment. >> on sunday, he even went after some sanders' supporters for tactics some have used to promote their candidate. >> she and other people who have gone online to defend hillary and just defend why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling. and attacks that are literally too profane, often, not to mention sexist, to repeat. >> but today, former president is dialing it back a little bit on the campaign trail. here he is with andrea. >> the hotter this election
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gets, the more i wish i were just a former president, and just for a few months, not the spouse of next one. because, you know, i have to be careful with what i say. >> that's very true. it's tough to be the spouse sometimes. it's a testament to how competitive and careful each campaign needs to be in the race ahead. let's first get out on the trail and check in with everybody. bernie sanders minutes away from kicking off a rally in derry. our own sanders' correspondent, cas kasie hunt has been following him today. she joins me live at the event site. so they're feeling confident. are they worried they're over-confident. i remember barack obama feeling pretty confident 24 hours before the vote as well eight years ago. >> reporter: of course, chuck. look, i think they are confident. they are clearly running a front-runner's campaign, which i've got to tell you, is a little bit of a new thing for sanders' world. it's the opposite of the way things have been up until now.
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they just put out this new statement on what they're calling clinton falsehoods, saying, it's very disturbing as the clinton campaign struggles through iowa and new hampshire, they have become increasingly negative and dishonest. i don't know about you, that sounds a little bit like some of the statements we've been hearing from camp clinton over the course of the past week or so. but that is the extent to which they plan to respond to all of these things that bill clinton has had to say. there's been some discussion about to whether or not he would joke about it on the campaign trail today, but they found that is too fraught, and they don't want to detract what what is a strong message at this point. so that's a good indication of how they feel about where they are. and the secret service, i have to say, as well, is treating this like a front-runner's campaign. there's a whole motorcade on the streets here in new hampshire. some of the reporters who have covered clinton and sanders say it's actually a better motorcade in many cases than clinton travels with. >> kasie hunt with bernie, thanks very much. joining me now on behalf of the clinton campaign are two former
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arkansas senators, both clinton supporters and also happen to be father and son. mark and bob pryor. >> these days, "senator" is worse sometimes. >> david pryor, let me start with you. you're a whole band of arkansans who are up here. what is your charge when it comes to hillary clinton's campaign? what story are you here to tell item >> first, there are 88 of us from arkansas here. we call ourselves the arkansas travelers and we've been coming here since 1992, when bill clinton was governor clinton, running for the presidency and we came here to tell the people of new hampshire that this guy is for real, that he's good, and he would make a great president. we think we were right. here we are back now working for hillary. one, we think that hillary clinton is the most qualified of all the candidates in this race. and secondly, and so important,
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is that she is the most electable. we think that she is electable. she's the most admired woman in the world today by all surveys and studies and we think that she's ready to hit the ground running, being the chief executive of this country and the commander in chief. she's been through the fire. she's proven ourself. >> sometimes in an early primary, it's tough to make an electability case. people here in new hampshire -- first of all, democrats have been running the presidency. and younger democrats sit here and say, why can't we be idealistic? what do you tell them? >> i think this race is extremely important for the future of our country and there's no doubt that hillary clinton is electable. and there's a big question mark about bernie sanders. and i serve with both of them and i have a lot of respect for bernie sanders and there are things he says that we all like to hear. but the truth is, he doesn't have that proven record in the senate of getting things done or
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even in the house, but hillary clinton did. and when she was there and 9/11 happened, she came to the aid and assistance of those who came with 9/11. she passed a lot of pieces of legislation in a bipartisan way. and when she left the senate her last day, she was honored by her colleagues. when she came to the senate, she had eight years coming after her and her husband. she ran for the senate, she won, she came in with some celebrity. the senate's a good place to be knocked down a few pegs. she came in, rolled up her sleeves, quietly went to work, one people over, one by one, one issue at a time. when she last, her last day in the senate, we voted to confirm her 94-2, as secretary of state. we had two dissenting votes, both republicans and they both said, we're not against her, we're just protesting what president obama's doing.
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but she had won every single person over there. they know how competent she is. know how strong she is, know how prepared she is. >> so david, bernie sanders at the top of the ticket. does it really make that much difference in, a? i hate to be that cynical, but at this point, can any democrat do well in arkansas? >> i will say this? i think bernie sanders is a fine man. he's certainly not an evil man. i think he has the best interest in this country at heart. however, what he is saying and what he is promising, and there's no way to deliver what he's promising he can deliver and i don't think he's one who works as a team. he's been sort of a maverick in the past, which is not bad. but this is going to take a country of coalitions, it's going to take bringing democrats and republicans together. and by the way, i would like to add something that mark said about hillary, when she was the first lady of arkansas, bill clinton was the young and progressive young governor, she
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spoke to the state legislature about what we needed the to do to reform our educational system. hillary got the longest standing ovation, before a pretty conservative legislature, pretty conservative, during that period of time, in the 1970s, she got the longest standing ovation ever recorded in the history of the state general splee. and that says a lot. >> real quick, mark, when you hear this debate the other night, who's a progressive? what does the word "progressive" mean to an arkansas democrat? >> i actually think part of the meaning is to actually make progress. i think hillary said that or some commentator said that later. i think if you want to move the country forward. and you know what? this country is dynamic. it changes all the time. and yeah, issues are different today than they were 25 years ago. no doubt about it. people take different positions today than they did 25 years ago. but hillary clinton is prepared, ready for prime-time. on day one, she's going to go in there and work with both sides
2:15 pm
of the aisle, in both chambers, and she's going to get things done. we're all going to work together and make it happen. >> i'm glad you came on here. father and son senators, you don't see this very often. >> we're kind of rare birds. >> there you go. fair enough. >> thanks for having us. coming up, donald trump jr. on his father's ground game here in the granite state. and jeb bush hammers donald trump on his conservative credentials. more from my sit-down with jeb bush, just ahead. ♪ they say you shouldn't spoil your kids. but your grandkids? how about front row seats to the best show in town? and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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that's the type of day on the trail today. jeb bush is throwing punching on the campaign trail. our own embed jordain frazier got this chilly response from jeb bush today on the campaign trail. check it out. >> oh, yeah.
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. it's just ridiculous. the guy is just a -- he's just a real estate guy. >> we will close this morning with word association. >> uh-oh! i don't like this. >> trump! just one word. >> loser. >> okay. >> oh, my god! >> he's a stiff. who you wouldn't hire in private enterprise, okay. this is a stiff. this is a guy who if he came looking for a job, you would say, no thank you. >> that was jeb bush and donald trump, trading a little barbs today on "morning joe." they kept it -- they got it going on twitter throughout the day. bush doubling down on those "morning joe" comments, tweeting, trump, you aren't just a loser, you are a liar and a whiner. trump calling bush desperate and weak in one tweet right back, and pathetic in another. ladies and gentlemen, 2016 in a
2:20 pm
nutshell, right? anyway, i sat down with jeb bush on sunday. and i asked him if he thinks donald trump has been humbled after saturday night's debate. and a second place finish in iowa. here's what bush told me. >> no, not even close. but i'm the only guy going after him. both ted cruz and marco rubio had a chance to go after him, and they went back into the witness protection program. >> why is that? >> this guy is not conservative. >> do they look at what happened to you early. >> they're afraid of him? >> yeah, i think they're afraid of him. look, donald trump last night proved that he's not a conservative when he talked about eminent domain the way he did. he totally misses it. a conservative would understand what i said. trump thinks that's appropriate behavior, to ache an elderly woman's home, tear it down, create a parking lot for the limos for high rollers to go to one of his failed casinos. that's not the proper use of eminent domain. and as you know, in florida, we passed a constitutional
2:21 pm
amendment to protect private property owners. and never allow the police powers of government to be used for taking property like that. >> what do you make of his definition of "conservative" last night? >> i don't, just went into the ether. there's nothing -- this guy is not a conservative. what part of conservative does he know? it wasn't that long ago he was for a tax on assets of 14.5%. he admires the single-payer system. he was not pro-second amendment, because he lived in new york. remember that? he supported, on this show, about 12 years ago, a partial birth abortion. you can't have that kind of transformation. this is all a game for him. he's positioning himself to play like he's a conservative. >> do you think, though, some of his supporters, they don't care he's not a conservative? that's probably why these attacks haven't hurt him as much as they should? >> i think there's some truth to that. i think people are latching on to what i perceive to be the strong horse. but that's not strong when you disparage people the way he does. that's not a sign of strength. there's a sign of deep
2:22 pm
insecurity. >> before we go, i want to talk to you about flint. governor rick snyder was somebody i know you were an admirer of. thought this guy was going to be somebody that could turn michigan around. how did he fumble this? >> you know, it's the problem of government today. you have four levels of government, all going like this. no one accountable. and it's one of the big challenges of our country is that no one accepts responsibility. >> you have people in the state blaming the epa, people in the city -- you know, everybody's pointing the finger at each other. nobody's accepting -- do you think governor snyder should accept more personal responsibility? >> i don't follow with it that carefully, but i think he's doing it more than anybody else. and immediately went into action and sought, you know, to try to rectify the problem. >> if you were president, do you think you need to get more involved? >> yeah, this is a horrific situation. first of all, i would find out exactly why the epa allowed this to happen to begin with, because
2:23 pm
they had oversight ability. and learn from this. if they had internal studies that showed this was a danger and nobody -- >> but don't you want -- this was done for a financial decision. >> it was done to -- before a bankrupt city to be able to get out of a mess, i think. and sadly, you know, it's horrific and yonlt know exactly what the implications are in the long run, but we need to shift back to a regulatory system, where one entity is held responsible. right now, we've overcomplicated everything. >> you famously said about two years ago, you have to run like you're willing to lose the primary in order to win the general. >> yeah. >> i've admired watching you. you've not swayed from that. >> no. >> but do you think that's what's hurt you? >> not at all. i'm a proven conservative. a practicing one, a reform-minded one. and over the long haul, people will realize that that's the case. you can't cut and run, you can't
2:24 pm
flip around with your views, you can't try to mirror sentiment, because it changes. and the minute it changes, you look like a fool. and people are looking foolish in this process sometimes because of it. >> if you beat hillary clinton, will you release the transcripts of all your paid speeches? >> sure, i got nothing to hide. the good news about me, i said the same thing when i was not a candidate, as i -- i don't change my views, so, sure. >> all right, governor bush, thank you, sir. a little breaking news here. just one day before the new hampshire primary, the fbi formally confirms that it is, indeed, investigating hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. let me bring in pete williams very quickly. so, pete, what's the point of this letter? why did this become a formal conformation? why is it out? >> because, chuck, back in august, the federal judge ordered the state department in one of these foia, freedom of
2:25 pm
information act lawsuits over the e-mails, the judge said to the state department, well, why don't you just ask the fbi what they're doing? so the state department did, and the fbi wrote back then and said, sorry, we got nothing for you on that. now the fbi says, okay, we've acknowledged generally in some public statements and congressional testimony that we are looking at this, so we're revising and extending our remarks, basically, to acknowledge that we are doing this investigation. but the words here, i think, are kind of interesting, chuck. here's what the letter -- it's very short. it's a one-paragraph letter from the state department to the fbi's general counsel, james baker. what he says is, since that time, the bureau has acknowledged generally, that it is rk whoing. now, here's the phrase, that it is working on matters related to former secretary clinton's use of a private e-mail server, period. and then it goes on to say, but we can't say anything more than that. we can't say what the focus or the scope or the potential targets is, sorry, that's all we
2:26 pm
can say. >> so on the one hand, it's simply an acknowledgement of the worst-kept secret in the world, the fbi is looking at this. on the other hand, i suppose there'll be lots of people trying to read a lot into this, and probably without much success, of what it means, the way they describe it. matters related to her use of a private e-mail server. >> and nothing in there tells you anything about timing, like how long, if they're getting close to finishing or not finishing or any of that? >> none of that. >> all right, pete williams, with the worst-kept secret in washington, but finally confirmed. thank you, sir. we'll have more "mtp daily" right after this. [thunder rumbling] ♪ [chattering] [snarling] ♪
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that obscurity will come to an end. >> that was john kasich sitting down with my buddy, steve kornacki, sounding pretty hopeful about tomorrow's primary, where kasich himself is saying it's all on the line. steve joins me to dive into the vote share and what it could look like tomorrow. and kornacki, i want to warn you about something, i've got bill gardner sitting next to me, i'm staring at a bunch of towns that he says have never gotten it wrong on each side. i'm going to quiz you on it later today, just warning crow. take it away. >> you've got the bellwethers. some other numbers to throw at you. look at this comparison between iowa last week and what new hampshire looked like the last time they had a republican primary. look at this, 85% of the republican voters in iowa call themselves very or somewhat conservative in new hampshire in 2012. barely half of republicans said that. look at the number of moderates here. it's just 14% out in iowa. nearly 50% in new hampshire. so you're going from a very
2:31 pm
conservative electorate to one of the most moderate electorates you're going to have on the republican side. taking a look at the map here, it looks like you'll dive into this a little deeper, but a couple things to keep in mind tomorrow night. you look at the republican playing field here. half the vote, basically more than half the vote is going to come out of these two counties here in the southern part of the state. you have nashua and manchester, the two biggest cities in the state. in hillsborough county, look over here in rockingham county. a lot of these border towns and a lot of people who have moved up from massachusetts, a lot still commute from massachusetts, they get their news in a lot of cases from massachusetts. a lot of anti-tax sentiment there. and then you look in the western start of the state. more classic small-town new england out there, kasich could do very well out there. look in the north, this was the only county in the state mitt romney didn't win in 2012. it went to ron paul, the libertarian. not many votes there, but a
2:32 pm
different kind of republican, chuck. >> all right, steve, we'll be looking forward to breaking all this down over the next day and a half. thank you, sir. well, the granite state has long prided itself on being first in the nation. state lawmakers wrote their special status into state law. and for the past 40 years, one man has been in control of protecting new hampshire's place in the primary calendar and he's right here with me. secretary of state bill gardner has the exclusive power to set the state's primary date and he's been successfully defending his state's right to go first since 1976. no one knows the ins and outs of new hampshire elections like gardner and this year he's protecting record turnout. secretary of state gardner, welcome, sir. >> thanks. >> good to see you. you left me some fun little nuggets. i'm telling you, kornacki and i will have a lot of fun with this later. and we'll talk about this, what have we got, seven townships on the republican side have gotten it right every year since 52, and six on the democratic side. we will make people know those townships by heart by tomorrow. but let me start with turnout.
2:33 pm
i'm hearing 600,000 total. what do you say to that? >> possibly. >> that would be a 70% turnout, wouldn't it? >> yeah, that -- that's -- that would be incredible. and it's -- i expect it's going to be a record turnout. i'm not expecting it that much. >> you assume more republicans than democrats or -- >> a little more. >> what are you seeing? upticks in voter -- how do you make determination of a record turnout? based on absentee ballot request, voter registration, what do you use as your target? >> i use the activity of the candidates and the number of new hampshire people that are participating. and that -- this time, we always have a lot of candidates. we always have between 35 and 65. this year, it's not the highest. 1992 was. but it almost is. but it's just -- we don't have a
2:34 pm
lot of absentees. we're not like other states. in the last two presidential primaries, the two together, 4.7% of the votes cast were vote by absentee. everyone wants to come out on election day and our, we don't have early voting. we don't have no-fault absentee. we have very different. but people come out. and we have a high turnout. we consistently in the primary, even the 2012 presidential election, only minnesota and wisconsin -- >> had a higher turnout rate? >> yeah. >> if i just gave you a thousand bucks, i could get on the ballot. i missed filing deadlines, so i couldn't do it. i could put my name on a ballot. how long is this ballot tomorrow? >> there are 30 republicans and 28 democrats. >> how do you determine who goes where? >> every candidate, we have 307 polling places. and every candidate has an -- each of the 307 have one ballot.
2:35 pm
it's not -- it's the same. but each candidate has between 5 and 11 polling places, that that candidate is first, is second, it's third, all the way to the bottom. >> so, it's equal -- >> equal -- >> no matter who it is. whether it's hillary clinton or joe schmenge. >> and the town that has the largest number of democrats, that town has just one ballot. so that candidate, instead of having 11 first-place towns, would have probably three or four. so it balances out. so it's even. >> so we'll be watching it. you going to run this election well, you think? no glitches? >> we always have. >> i know. yes, you have. >> secretary of state bill gardner -- >> we won't let you down. >> we're counting on you, sir. still ahead, donald trump jr.'s on his dad's campaign and his family's influence on the trail. first, here's hampton pearson with a cnbc market wrap. >> thanks, chuck. stocks ending lower today
2:36 pm
despite a late rally. the dow falling by 177 points. the s&p slipping by 26. the nasdaq sliding by 79 points. with the chinese markets closed this week for a lunar new year, investors worry in a sell-first, ask-questions-later state of mind. facebook falling 4%, amazon down almost 3%. big banks were not immune, with goldman sachs plunging more than 4.5%. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet?
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better late than never, donald trump held multiple town halls today in new hampshire. very late in the process, he's holding a more traditional trump rally tonight, just before this show. i talked with his oldest son, donald trump jr., and i asked him how their family reacted to
2:40 pm
coming in second in iowa. >> it's obviously always, you know, a little bit of a humbling thing. but when you really think about it, what my father said in his concession speech was so true. when we got into iowa, they said, don't even bother, you're never going to win over evangelicals, and we got the second highest number of iowa voters to ever turn out in a caucus. that's a real establishment and a real base. that's something we can certainly work with. and i think we'll do really well here. >> look, your experience in running a big business with your dad, campaigns become a big business in a hurry after iowa and new hampshire. you guys ready to sort of go national? you go from a mom and pop shop to franchising in 20 states like that. >> i think we're ready, and now we're getting involved, i think we're seeing how that's happening. we're all learning on the fly. my father's learning on the fly. he's bee a politician for five months now. there is a learning curve to it, but we're figuring it out. and the message is resonating so well, that's how we're figuring it out. >> do you feel like the
2:41 pm
mechanics -- >> it's coming together. and people are seeing the momentum, and you realize people dropping out and some of these great players -- hey, we're ready and want to jump on this trend because we think it's going somewhere. >> the biggest misconception about your father that you think people like myself or others, when they try to analyze him, try to figure him out, what's the biggest one? >> he's actually a sweetheart. they see the business guy side of him, the guy that's talking about a deal and talking about success or promoting a business or what he wants to do for country, but they don't see the family man side of him, the father he is, the grandfather he is, how warm he can be, and how much he cares for his family and his employees that have shown him so much loyalty over the year. which is perhaps why he didn't go if 2012. >> i was the old at 34 at that time. you know, ivanka was 30. eric was 28. i mean, now we have a lot more years in the company, a lot more experience, and these people, tens of thousands who have dedicated so much of their lives
2:42 pm
to him, their livelihood and families were at jeopardy if he just walks away. and he's too loyal to do that. he's an incredibly loyal guy. he sees what we've been doing and says, okay, i'm comfortable doing this and those people aren't going to be in peril. >> donald trump jr., good to meet you, finally, and enjoy the campaign trail. i get the sense you are. >> we're having some fun. it's great, seeing the people who are so into it and seeing them come up and thank you for letting me have your father's time. it's been great. >> great, thanks. >> i'm joined by former new york governor, george pataki, who knows firsthand what it is like running against donald trump this cycle. he suspended his campaign in september. back to new hampshire. >> it's nice to be back. a little crazy, but it will just get crazier. >> welcome to the crazy. you're here on behalf of marco rubio. first piece of good news in 24 hours from marco rubio comes to the wumr tracking poll.
2:43 pm
trump is sitting at 31, but rubio at 17. there it is. up a point after all of these other polls had him sliding down a bit. now picking back up. obviously, strong second is something the rubio campaign wants. how do you feel like he's recovered from saturday? >> and i think he's doing fine. i've been out talking to people, just over to his headquarters. hundreds of volunteer s from a overhe state and all over the country. i honestly believe they're seeing him as a person who can bring not just republicans, but americans together with a vision as to what we can be as a country again. >> is he ready for that? i look back on saturday, and the most perplexing thing is, governor christie telegraphed that hit three days earlier. what happened? >> senator rubio is ready. he wanted to keep the focus, not on other republicans back and forth, but on obama, on hillary, and that's what he's done throughout this campaign. because he's doing so well, he's under attack from every other
2:44 pm
republican. he wants to bring republicans together and win the election. and you know, i think one of the things republicans are hungry for after eight years is to win. and marco rubio is the person, i believe, has the best chance of -- >> to go back what has gotten him a little bit in trouble here, what is the set of accomplishments he has been running on? >> i'll tell you, he's got some great accomplishments. one of the things that he has done is defund the obamacare exchanges. limit their funding. and that means the next president, even if it's a democrat, it's going to have to replace obamacare. that is a huge achievement in a paralyzed congress, where he got it done. he passed legislation, allowing those in the va, who didn't care for our veterans' health to be held accountable and fired. did it against bernie sanders -- >> that is not to say you're ready for -- >> he also has laid out, this is, to me, the most important, the most intelligent way for us to stand up to radical islam, deal with syria, and protect our security. you know, chuck, as you know, i was governor on september 11th. to me the single most important thing is protecting the security
2:45 pm
of americans. marco rubio, on the foreign affairs committee, on the intelligence committee, he is ready to lead tomorrow. >> all right, i want to ask you about somebody you worked with post-9/11, former new york city mayor, michael bloomberg. confirming now what his aides had said a couple of weeks earlier, yes, he's seriously consider running as an independent. interview today with the "financial times." really some harsh language here. he says, i i find the level of discourse and discussion distressingly banal and an outrage and an insult to the voters. the u.s. public deserves a lot better. that seems to be his motivation for maiotivation for running. should he run? >> whether or not to run is a very personal decision. >> but you're friends with him, have you talked to him about it? >> i have talked to him about, but i'm not going to say what we talked about. but i know that he believes that america shouldn't be divided by the political class the way it is. but i think his comment about how the lack of intelligent discussion is absolutely right,
2:46 pm
which is why i defend marco rubio's performance, in all the debates, because he talks about substance. he talks about ideas. while the rest of them are all trying to gain a political advantage by attacking him. he is pointing out what we should do against radical islam and syria. he's ready to lead and i'm proud to support him. >> you're friends with bloomberg. if he runs and rubio is the nominee, you going to stick with rubio? >> absolutely. >> if he's not in there -- >> i expect i'll be supporting the republican nominee. i don't believe it will be donald trump westbound lane ill t will be marco rubio. and i won't just be supporting him, i'll be actively helping him become our next president. >> if rubio's not in there, do i suspect a small hedge? >> i'll support the republican candidate. >> governor pataki, thank you. more "mtp daily" after this. we'll be right back. when it comes to small business, she's in the know. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs!
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2:49 pm
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no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. boy, did new hampshire come up with a surprising finish tonight. the nbc news projected winner by a wide margin, senator gary hart, democrat of colorado, vice president george bush is a born-again presidential candidate tonight. winning impressively in this first presidential primary state on the democratic side, a big victory as well for massachusetts governor michael dukakis. >> george bush, projected winner, has 57% of that vote. >> with all the polls now
2:56 pm
closed, a very substantial victory for john mccain as he challenges george w. bush for the republican nomination. >> good evening from new hampshire, where for the second week in a row, senator john kerry of massachusetts has scored an impressive victory in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. >> walking down memory lane of new hampshire history, with a familiar voice, now joining me. tom brokaw, and also kate snow, my colleague. all right. you have a great expression, tom. ufo, if ever at a time we were in for the unforeseen, the next 12 hours. >> new hampshire is famous for it. every one of those that i just ticked off were unexpected, by the way. >> a week earlier all those guys were losing. >> that's right. you go back to the beginning, i mean, people forget i think in a lot of generations, people who cross of the line a strong second drove others out of the office in the white house. there are any number of those
2:57 pm
occasions. they're famous for making their decisions very late tonight. they can go to bed with one candidate in mind, and then in the next morning make the switch. >> kate, eight years ago, we were at rival news organizations. you were doing a great job covering the clinton campaign. deja vu all over again. 24 hours before the vote. stories about staff shakeup. >> stories about bill clinton out on the trail being unleashed. i feel like we've been here before. >> that's what i was going to say, here we are again. what do you make of it here? the last time it was barack obama, a candidate that you thought was formidable. this time it's the 74-year-old socialist. >> he would say he's formidable. no, i it does feel to me, for all of us who covered the clinton campaign in '08, it feels a little like groundhog day. they would probably say it's a completely different tenor this
2:58 pm
time around and trying to drive home her experience, but that's what it was in 2008, all about her experience. i think the things that have happened in the last 24 hours risk alienating the sanders voters, the young women supporting bernie sanders instead of hillary clinton. if she loses here, let's see what happens. >> tom, i see the clinton campaign desperately trying to make new hampshire less relevant. >> new hampshire is always relevant much the results always have an impact. maybe it doesn't last, but it has an impact. look what it did to gary hart. look what it did to john mccain. it has an impact. >> it does in part because it is first. and everyone takes it seriously here. it's small, it's manageable, we pour in here. so it is, as i said, it's manageable. people can kind of get a fix on it. as i think the rest of the country looks at these voters in new hampshire, they're civic-minded people.
2:59 pm
>> they'll have 70% turnout. we can criticize iowa all we want. the best criticism is, not everybody's participating. you can't make that criticism here. >> even in the snowstorm. they're going to have 60% to 70% turnout and it's going to be legit. >> it's not just finishes one-two tomorrow, it's who doesn't win well tom. that's the story, from the bottom up, who is going to have to go to the sidelines and say, i'm going to suspend my campaign. that's going to be critically important in new hampshire. >> hey, i keep coming back, i have a feeling maybe -- let's say the polls are right. it's 7:00 p.m., we may say bernie sanders and donald trump won the primary. >> donald trump is ahead in every poll. >> 70 straight surveys have had him up. >> that's right. >> that is not insignificant. >> you think back to last summer when we all thought it would be a flash in the pan, it would be
3:00 pm
over by august. >> it's also important to remember it's only the second test of a long season. yeah, that's a big deal to win in new hampshire. but a lot of people have won in new hampshire and it was bye-bye after that. >> fair enough. tom brokaw, kate snow, always fun. we'll be back tomorrow. i've got two hours in the morning, don't miss that either. with all due respect starts right now. i'm mark halperin, with all due respect to marco rubio -- happy super bowl commercial rewatch day. 20 degrees and snowing again here in


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