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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 8, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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over by august. >> it's also important to remember it's only the second test of a long season. yeah, that's a big deal to win in new hampshire. but a lot of people have won in new hampshire and it was bye-bye after that. >> fair enough. tom brokaw, kate snow, always fun. we'll be back tomorrow. i've got two hours in the morning, don't miss that either. with all due respect starts right now. i'm mark halperin, with all due respect to marco rubio -- happy super bowl commercial rewatch day. 20 degrees and snowing again here in manchester.
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the candidates are all out there trundling through the slushy state, making their closing arguments before midnight when the new hampshire primary ballots will be cast. the past 48 hours, things have changed. touched off by the great marco malfunction. how rubio's bizarre debate screwup has overplayed donald trump's swoon. in public polling, trump has a healthy lead and expected to win this primary right here. it raises this question, mark. if trump does come out on top tomorrow, what then? >> well, we haven't seen a lot of state polls in other states, because everybody's focused here. but in the last round of state polls, he was way ahead in private surveys, still ahead in south carolina. if he leaves here with a big win, and four candidates go on from here, or more, i think trump will probably win south carolina, in a four-way race,
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and we could be back to where we were before, with people wondering can he be stopped before the middle of march. >> look, it will be an enormous boost. we talk about the political implications. also, in the psychic participation, trump back in full flower. he'll be out there being the old donald trump again. we had a few days last week where he was a little different. i think it could be an enormous thing. we talked about it for a long time, as you said. i think whether four people or three people come out of here, he could be in a strong position going forward. >> he's the first-time candidate, but learned to manage expectations. if he wins by five or more, i think he could say, i won the new hampshire primary. that's historic. and he does go into south carolina with that esteem. i think he's done a great job managing expectation sgls it helps him in that there was this
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perceived swoon. he bounces back and wins big, it's like, all you nay siers, go home. >> before the republican debate on saturday, it seemed possible that marco rubio might well finish well ahead of the establishment quartet tomorrow and clear that lane heading into south carolina against only donald trump and ted cruz. after iowa, new jersey governor chris christie made a plan to stop the florida senator, and then, boom! saturday night's debate, christie went hard after rubio, some believing injuring him fatally. i spoke to chris christie during the break, and yesterday john caught up with christie in exeter. >> i like marco rubio. he's a smart person and a good guy. but he simply does not have the experience to beme president of the united states. >> barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. he is trying to change this country. >> that's what washington, d.c. does. the memorized 25-second
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speech -- >> the bottom line of barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. there it is, everybody. >> when we come back here, jobs, isis and what it means to be a conservative. the republican debate continues right here from new hampshire on abc. >> where do you think we are now? >> i think we're in the same place we were before. i'm out there saying things i wanted to say. he never gives an unrehearsed answer, never. it's a battle, baby. >> what did you think of your performance? >> really good. >> really good? >> yeah. >> have you got raw knuckles? >> no. >> what do you make of a person, an opponent who having seen the
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punch coming, reacts in that way? >> not ready. you can sit in a conference room somewhere with a bunch of your friends and pretend they're being hard on you, and it does not replicate when you're standing up there, 12 million, 15 million people watching, all the cameras on and the pressure that comes along with being the anointed one. not so much that he can't answer questions under pressure, it's that he doesn't have the experience to know what to do in a pressure situation. >> today marco rubio defended his debate performance in an interview with nbc news' lester holt. >> every republican candidate says the same thing, criticized president obama. do you think you did yourself some harm, in the fact that you were mocked? >> no. what voters heard me say, mocked by press people, but what voters heard me say is barack obama is damaging america.
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barack obama's trying to change america. i will pay people to continue to repeat those lines for me, because it is one of the key elements of our campaign. and i'm going to continue to say that. >> rubio and his team say no damage to him. there's no doubt that chris christie potentially changed american history on saturday. will he be rewarded for what he did? >> let's just back up for one a second and think about the incredible irony of this whole thing. you can get decimated in a debate. marco rubio did it to jeb bush back in october, but didn't turn bush into a punchline. chris christie went through the same thing over bridgegate. i think it's bad for marco rubio. one of the biggest questions swirling out there, whether christie will accrue any benefit here or the benefit will be jeb bush or john kasich. >> christie got a lot of donations, including a couple from romney supporters.
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this allows someone to continue to stand up to say the establishment is going to pick somebody can do that. i think it allows him to go to south carolina, as long as the gap is closed. without doing this, i think six would have been the death knell. if the difference between second and six is bunched up, i think this allows him to go forward. >> christie started at the bottom of the establishment pack. if he had started at 12% or 13%, he could have maybe picked up five or six points, and that would have married. he could still be in single digits tuesday night. it might not be good enough for him to make that advance you're talking about. >> if donald trump's lead holds here, there are five other candidates that could make a break for that coveted spot in new hampshire. they're ganging up on each other, each looking for the slightest edge. >> what i've been saying all week about senator rubio, he's simply not ready, chris. >> he validated the weakness of his campaign.
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>> we're at a stage where i've had close to $35 million attack ads coming from me, most from bush's superpac. >> he wrote the amnesty bill with chuck schum early. and as soon as it got hot, he ran away. >> do you regret your vote for the assault weapons ban in '94? >> going back and regretting, i voted for an assault weapons ban. i earned an a-plus rating from the nra. i'm disappointed they decided to take the lowest road. >> he was a managing director when it went down. he voted in congress for bailouts of the banks for special interest loopholes. >> so john kasich, jeb bush, marco rubio, ted cruz and even marco rubio could come in two.
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>> the bronze and silver will be like the bliver. i'm looking at the tracking poll our friend kendall brideman wrote up. you look at this. very confusing. because of the fact that it takes place over three days. you've got results from before the debate included in the numbers, you've got results from the super bowl sunday when people aren't picking up. >> nobody has good numbers. >> even the campaigns -- i checked with everybody this morning, the campaign managers are saying nobody knows what the hell is going on. there's a broad consensus, sort of, that make kasich, and maybe bush are kind of rising right now. and that they could find themselves in the two and three spots. if that is clear, and there's a little bit of distance between rubio and christie, those two guys, you know, will be in a really strong position to argue they're going on to south carolina to compete with trump and cruz. if it's bunched up and there's only a couple of points i we could still have muddle. >> cruz i think has largely hit a -- he has not had a good week
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in the media. bush and kasich, a lot of people they are rising. if cruz and trump divide 50%, 60% of the vote between them, quid it up amongst the other four guys, at some point, one of them has a chance to get to 20%. maybe a clean win. they might divide it pretty evenly. >> two of them could get to 20%. how much is the bottom polling? how much has rubio fallen and how much has christie risen? that could pull the other two down. if rubio, the bottom is falling out -- even the tracking poll tomorrow won't tell us whether rubio has fallen. >> if they're bunched up, tomorrow, who gives the speech early on in a way that allows them to go off with finality. >> all right. when we come back, the big dog. off the leash. what bill clinton has been saying out there on the campaign trail, right after this.
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eight years ago bill clinton's new hampshire decision to go on the attack caused trouble for his wife in a future contest. yesterday the former president seemed to head down a similar path at a rally in millford where he criticized bernie sanders, including allegedly misleading voters and having supporters who controlled clinton backers online. today in manchester, the former president seemed to soften his rhetoric. >> the hotter this election gets, the more i wish i were just a former president and just for a few months not the spouse of the next one. because i think of of course i say. >> that was more indirect. there were subtle shots today at bernie sanders. >> change is hard. and it's worth the effort. i am so grateful for all the millennial young people who are supporting hillary. [ cheers and applause ]
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they're just as mad as the ones who aren't, they just know they have to get the results. >> the moral of this story is you cannot teach an old dog, even an old big dog new tricks. what is going on with bill clinton? >> look, we said -- we started this new hampshire primary a week ago saying bill clinton came here, he was not going to let new hampshire go. he still thought his wife could win. he wanted to play every angle. he wanted to fight here. his frustration, for eight years ago, was intense. and it came out and ended up getting him cast as a racist by many in the democratic party when he said here that barack obama's war record was a fairy tale. he's not in that danger here, because bernie sanders is a white candidate. some of the things he said yesterday accusing the sanders campaign of sexism, a lot of stuff he said reflects exactly the same thing. the frustration that he has can be very intense, and when he
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gets frustrated, he's not been the most disciplined casey anthony in the world, and he lashes out. >> the clinton message right now is a mess. and bill clinton looks at that mess and says, we've got to find something that works. he's doing what he does. he's great for himself. he's not as good for his wife. >> right. we're going to talk about in a minute about the thing about the clinton rumors, clinton staff shakeups. bill clinton eight years ago, his main frustration was, we should have taken barack obama out earlier. we let this guy get oxygen. we should have killed him in early 2007 when we had a chance. now it's too late. he's frustrated at his wife's campaign. today bill clinton has the same frustration about bernie sanders. how do we let this guy live for the six months of 2015, and that frustration is another part, not just the new hampshire, but the frustration of that. >> in nevada and south carolina, he'll come back. >> we'll see.
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>> hillary clinton's campaign was busy shooting down reports that there might be a campaign shakeup after tomorrow's new hampshire primary. in an interview with msnbc's rachel maddow, clinton said, i have no idea what they're talking about, she's referring to the reports, or who they're talking to. we're going to take stock, but it's going to be the campaign that i've got, end quote. clinton campaign manager, or chairman, i believe tweeted, quote, there is zero truth to what you may be reading. it's wrong. hillary stands behind her team, period. that's a lot in 140 characters. but mark, like what is the real deal here? >> with the clintons, everything old is new again. and everything new is old. of course, the clintons are hearing from people. but there's a problem. the message is messed up. she was very good in the three appearances with sanders last week. but the campaign has lost in almost every news cycle. they're getting unfair treatment. sanders is getting away with stuff that she couldn't get away
3:17 pm
with. i'm sure the clintons are telling people maybe we need to fix things. it is the worst possible thing for this staff right now which has been close-knit, has had high morale and relatively leak-proof. >> she's actually been a little more equivocal in the last couple hours. she said, of course, we're going to recalibrate, see what worked, what didn't work. a wide-open door. to doing what the clintons always do. this is something that people have never paid attention for a long time don't get. a staff shakeup for the clintons is not firing people. they don't fire people. what they do is bring more people on. often they're old people to layer on top of the new people and create a more unwieldy apparatus. it's not about, i'm going to fire the campaign manager, i'm going to bring in new six people. >> the other problem is, there's a clash of cultures here. there are people in this orbit who are not clinton or obama people. they're not used to working with a candidate, and a candidate's spouse, who occasionally consults people outside the
3:18 pm
campaign. and who occasionally have their own ideas about how things should be run. >> occasionally you mean relentle relentlessly, constantly and maddingly. >> when they're not going well, they talk about change. >> i'll be shocked if he wins tomorrow in a big way, that we do not see old clinton people be brought into that orbit. it will just happen. >> and someone who is a chief strategist. coming up, george stevens, joins us after this word from our sponsors. sorry i missed you. i'm either away from my desk or on another call. please leave a message and i'll get back to you just as soon as i'm available. thank you for patience at this busy time." join princess cruises for stargazing with discovery at sea. book now for savings up to $1,000 per stateroom plus up to $600 free onboard spending money. call your travel consultant or 1-800-princess.
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a former mitt romney super strategi strategist. not affiliated with any gop campaign this year. in a daily beast column entitled now is the time to stop trump, stewart stevens, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> we were talking about this this morning in this piece. you attack something, the nuttiness based on the supposedly sound theory of lanes. you say this is somehow at fault for donald trump. you blame us. so please elaborate. >> i try to blame you in all situations. and this place is convenient. i don't think that this idea of lanes really works in a primary like this. when you have most of the
3:22 pm
primaries more alike than not alike. all of these people will end up supporting the same candidate in november. there's some truth to it, but i think the notion that there are voters here that are not accessible to any candidate is greatly overstated. i think most voters are open to voting for most of these candidates, if they make a good enough case. they used to have to go out there and try to get these voters. not rule themselves out by saying they're not in my lane. >> this relates to trump in the sense that by paying attention to the lane theory, it's kept candidates from taking on trump. trump is like in no one's lane, he's in trump lane. >> and that somehow or another getting trump one on one is a good thing. trump has won. right now, trump is a loser. it's looking like he'll be a winner of new hampshire. i don't understand why this week more campaigns didn't go after donald trump, in contrast,
3:23 pm
didn't do it in the debate, why give him a bye week, why let him get stronger. i think it's an assumption that 101 trump will lose. i think that's, you know, probably true. but it's a white-knuckle assumption. i would rather go after him and make that contrast. now, campaigns are about conflict. and when you go out and define yourself by who you are, by who the other person isn't, that's a great thing. trump is a huge gift to a lot of these candidates in the field. >> you're a longtime business person, helping chris christie's campaign. christie had a great saturday night, but by still most accounts is going to have to really move up in order to get to the finals. one thing he's trying to do is get mitt romney's endorsement. what do you know about that? >> i don't know anything. i don't know if governor romney will endorse anybody, or what his timing would be if he does. >> people like mitt romney, paul ryan, other big republicans are staying on the sidelines and saying they'll support who the
3:24 pm
nominee is. should people like mitt romney, paul ryan, come out and say i'm against trump, or even more, i'm for candidate x? is it a time for choosing now? >> it's catchy. you should trademark that. i thought ben did very well. >> he's a lonely voice. >> in iowa. i think it's one of these things that if you had too much of this, it could play into trump's hands. he could say, hey, look, all the powers that be are against me. i'm not sure how many votes they could actually change. ultimately these things have to be done by the candidates. the men and women in the arena. >> the one who's done it the most is jeb bush. how has that worked out for him so far? >> the problem with jeb is he hasn't been backed up by superpac. it's as if when saddam said we should just fight on the ground.
3:25 pm
like president bush said, yeah, great, you're right, we're not going to use planes. if he was backed up, if the super pac had spent $50 million contrasting jeb bush and donald trump, this would be a -- probably a jeb bush/donald trump race. >> let me ask you this question. if you were the chief strategist for chris christie, who decided on saturday night to go guns blazing after marco rubio. was that a mistake? would you have advised him to go after marco rubio or go after donald trump and take it on the big guy? >> i think given where the two candidates were, and given the contrast there, i mean, he did it beautifully. it's hard to argue with what he did. i think it was a great moment that was about something bigger, which was really about the argument that he's made that he's a prosecutor, and that he can prosecute hillary clinton. and in that moment, you know,
3:26 pm
with his arm up on the podium, he was very comfortable in that role who has a background and skill-set that nobody else in the field does. i think that's attractive to voters that really feel we need to make a case against hillary clinton. >> you would agree christie is one of the most talented one to take trump on at some point, right? most capable of that? >> i think he's the most effective prosecutor. i think he could do it well. i think they can all do it well in their own way. >> so if trump is first, he'll go forward to south carolina. >> yes. >> so the other four, tuesday night and wednesday morning, obviously the order of finish matters, the gap between them. >> i think less so than we think. i think -- >> is there any reason for the guy who finishes sixth to not say, i'm going informationward? >> no, absolutely not. >> a different cycle? >> look at 2012. look at what happened with gingrich. he did terribly in iowa. did terribly here in new
3:27 pm
hampshire. and ended up winning south carolina. look at santorum. he won iowa, not for a couple of weeks, then did terribly in new hampshire, didn't do well in south carolina. was driven from the field in florida and came back. so i think with super pacs, no campaign ends because they want it to end. it tends because it runs out of money. with super pacs, you don't have that dynamic. >> stuart stevens, awesome to have you here. jeb versus marco. remember, you can listen to us on the radio at bloomberg. we'll be right back. rn, right? so you can get a good job and you're not working for peanuts. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously. so unless you want a life of skimming wifi off the neighbors,
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3:31 pm
so your candidate had a rough night saturday by some accounts. >> by some. >> by some. the big question is, did it hurt him? you're an interested party. but talking to people, talking to the campaign, do you think that will have an impact on his outcome here in new hampshire? >> i actually don't. i spent a lot much time talking to friends of mine in new hampshire. i've lived here for 40 years, have been walking around with the voters of new hampshire all that time. i know the press has a big fascination with this, but i don't think it's had an impact on the people i'm talking to anyway. >> the campaign is touting that senator rubio unchanged. up a point. how well do you think he can do here? can he finish first? can he finish second? >> i think that we're all still expecting donald trump to finish first here. i think it surprised a lot of us honestly that donald has done as well as he has in new hampshire. his numbers have held rock
3:32 pm
steady. i think the thing that we can't know about it, however, is whether his people who support him and come out to his events are actually going to go to the polls. i think there are a lot of people there who are either people who haven't voted before, or maybe people who are in the other party who are interested, who think that they can change their -- >> or people from massachusetts. >> there are certainly some of those. let's not assume that they won't be able to. but i think there are people who think they can change from a democrat to a republican. but you cannot. but you can first time register. we'll see if they're motivated enough. i think we were surprised in iowa that it didn't turn out as we expected. i wouldn't be surprised if things turned out differently in new hampshire. by differently, i don't mean he wouldn't necessarily win, but that he might not have the amount of support as is presumed he does from polls that we're
3:33 pm
seeing here. >> you came out here, sat down, stuart stephens just said, he said now is the time to take down trump. you agree. jeb bush has been trying to take down trump for a long time. why has that not worked yet? >> when stuart said we'll need a chorus behind us, that's absolutely true. we'll have to have more and more congress speak out about him. but i don't expect him to go anywhere anytime soon. he's going to be around for an extended period of time. i actually don't think anybody's going to be leaving anytime soon. >> what's anytime soon? >> march 1st, march 15th. sometime after that. >> march 1st is close. >> kasich today said he's turning to focus on michigan which is march 8th. kasich, let's say expectation is he could do very well tomorrow. he comes out with a good head of steam, but he doesn't really have an operation in south carolina right now. he's polling 3%, 4%.
3:34 pm
say he skips south carolina, skips nevada, goes to michigan and make his stand there. assumes he can do kind of well in the northeastern states also on march 1st. he's got a long ball game to get to the blue states. and i think a lot of the candidates are going to have a long ball game, too. >> why does new hampshire matter? if everybody's going to stay in and everyone's going to play because there's plenty of money, why do we even care about who wins the state tomorrow? >> i don't think it implicitly matters this time as it used to. obviously the debates have been pivotal in this race. all the money that's been spent, all the ads have not really moved numbers. but the debates have moved numbers. on saturday night we'll have another debate in greenville. tiny amount of time to wait for that. i don't think anybody's getting out of the race certainly before that. >> i hope you weren't listening when she said new hampshire doesn't matter. >> i just about jumped out of my skin. i think we need to see what happens here on tuesday before
3:35 pm
we make this assumption. we'll see what happens. if support differs from what the polling has been saying, which i think is going to personally, i think we'll see if it matters. >> do you have a certain thing in mind? do you think trump will be lower? >> i do think he's going to be lower. i think he'll be demonstrably lower, not low enough to lose, but i think he's going to be lower. we'll see how the rejiggering between the candidates in the next here goes. chris christie thought he had a good night, and pounding away on how good he's doing, but it's not showing in the numbers. >> the prospect of a long fight, you worked with governor romney and mrs. romney in the last debate. santorum did not help mitt romney. if this is a five-way, or six-way fight into march or april, that that could be good for the republican party? >> okay. so now that you've seen --
3:36 pm
>> talking about a far-fetched argument. >> not at all. i think this is exactly how it's going to be play out. with trumpism not being an existential threat to the republican party right now, we all cruz a tremendous debt of gratitude that trump is no longer going to consume the republican party. that's the current expectation. so now we're engaged in the debate about who is going to be an imminently ability to beat hillary clinton. she'll have a very hard slog. donna brazille said it could take until may. jaws dropped. what's the rush to have ours weaned out before may? every time the governors go up on the stage and debate, they do better and better. i think the governors fundamentally believe the more they debate, the more the weaknesses of the other candidates become much more apparent. their incentive to go anywhere is virtually null. in kasich's case, i wouldn't be surprised to see cruz, kasich
3:37 pm
and bush's fund-raisers get together to make sure christie had enough money in the bank to keep going for quite a while. >> i would take issue with some of that. having watched 23 debates the last time with the romneys, as those debates rolled along, people really did get better and they weren't foibles as time went on. i don't think that that was really terrific. it wasn't terrific for us to have to spend all that money for all that long. at the same time, this cycle, unlike the last one, the democrats are going to have to be spending their money, too. where i think new hampshire is really going to matter is on the democratic side. the story to me that has been completely missed by the press is how hillary clinton has no excuse for losing this primary, except that people don't like her. and that is really what is underneath this. we don't like the state of new hampshire -- vermont particularly in new hampshire. >> you're understating the case. >> i am. and we call it the upside down
3:38 pm
state. we don't know bernie sanders. there are no socialists up here that i know of. and the clintons have run strongly in the state for two decades. they have a ground game that is -- that beats all others, even the bush ground game. which is also a decades-long ground game. new hampshire i think is going to be really important when it comes to this. i hope that you all are going to be reporting that she really should have won this race. she should -- she has no excuse for losing this race. >> we have been saying all along that hillary clinton should not -- there's no excuse for losing, but the argument that sanders had some advantage because he's from vermont is not a good argument. let me ask you this question. you know this state incredibly well. independent voters, obviously, di sisive part of this state in how they vote tomorrow. what does an independent new hampshire voter see in sanders? tell me about those voters in
3:39 pm
new hampshire. >> i think there are two things at work here with those voters. they're going a little bit different directions. one is with the traditional democrat, the real democrat. i think it is they're done with her. they're tired of her. and he's the alternative. then i think there's the whole factor of burn washington down and i'm sure you felt it as you've gone around the country. there's a huge burn washington down factor. surprisingly, and it really is quite shocking, i have actually heard people say, i'm deciding between donald trump and bernie sanders. it's the same deal. it's the same burn washington down deal. he's the democrat version of it, and donald is the republican version of it. >> coming out of iowa, your candidate rubio, tracked to finish second here? >> you know, i don't know the answer to that. i think it's finishing in the top tier. i think he was doing well. i think he is doing well. >> which results will you be watching most closely tomorrow who's going to win. >> are you talking about
3:40 pm
which -- who do i watch? >> in terms of which towns do you think will -- >> oh, which towns? >> geography. >> bedford. you know, parts of the southern parts of salem. nashua. certainly not concord. bedford is usually -- merrimack. you know, down the 93 corridor. >> do you know who your husband's voting for? >> i don't know. >> he's voting for bernie sanders. >> i don't know who he's voting for. >> a national committeeman from this state. >> and a lovely man. >> and one of many undecided voters here in the primary. >> does your candidate have -- can he take on south carolina? i know you think he's not going to quit tomorrow night. >> i think he'll take it on every single day. >> can he beat trump in south carolina? >> i don't think it will be south carolina where trump gets beat. >> julianna glover, and thanks
3:41 pm
to you both. when we come back, the nine most famous and most powerful voters in all of the granite state, after this. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart?
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improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at when it comes to the new hampshire primary, every voter matters. but there are a sub set that get more attention than others. they're the ones who live in a place called dixville notch. this year they'll be voting up
3:44 pm
at the very tip of new hampshire. they vote famously at midnight. every four years, news crews drive up to dixville notch, once a resort, and they do a little focus group. this year we sent our filmmaker, and resident awe tour, griffin hammond, to talk to that group. >> reporter: history will happen here on monday night. this will be the 56th year that the first in the nation vote has had a midnight vote in dixville. >> the most voters we've had here is 38. with the hotel closed now, a lot of the people no longer live here. so right now in dixville there are nine residents. all nine are registered to vote. so coincidentally, we have nine candidates. we could have one for each. >> i have three things that are important to me. god, country and family. and that will never change.
3:45 pm
for me the republican race is like the hunger games. i think things would be easier if i was a democrat. >> christie's wife called me and chatted for a while. directly from the trump campaign, and some of his people, to talk to us. >> president obama is the only president since 1960 who's become president without visiting dixville. >> john kasich came here. he was very impressive. a midwesterner. just a straight guy. >> he was a reasonable man. he didn't make claims that we didn't think he was going to be able to fulfill. >> will this be your first time voting as a resident? >> yeah. for the midnight voting, it's going to be pretty fun. >> as we know, we'll have 100% of the registered voters in the room. >> we have four registered republicans, we have one registered democrat, and we have four undeclared.
3:46 pm
how many is democrat or republican, i don't know. >> these are the original voting booths. as soon as it strikes midnight, the first voter will drop their ballot into the box. it takes about 30 seconds for the voting to happen. >> we report our results right after midnight. somebody gets off to a head-start in the race, whoever wins here. i. >> i like to make my decisions in the quiet moments. >> kasich is the guy who has made the biggest impression on me. >> i have to admit i'm leaning toward john kasich. >> bernie. i'll know what this community does when you know what this community does. not before. >> what a lovely piece by our friend griffin hammond. coming up next, sights and sounds of the campaign trail. reporters opening up their precious notebooks, right after this.
3:47 pm
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joining us now, three people who called for a snap election here in new hampshire. our d.c. bureau chief, megan murphy and mark, who covers this race, including john kasich. sasha, i'll start with you. you specialize in what everybody talks about on the ground game. as you look through the six republicans, major republicans, the two democrats, who seems to have the best ability to turn out their vote tomorrow? >> i think the bush campaign has designed a pretty strong statewide network and focusing on mobilizing voters. >> how do you know? >> talking to folks, you know, there are places in the state if you go to the trouble of go canvassing, you're -- >> there are super pacs doing it also. >> on both sides. basically they delegated the entire of get out the vote to the super pac. in one of the challenges of the bush campaign, all year, how to
3:51 pm
move data back and forth between those two entities, legally and effectively. you could end up in a situation where they're duplicating efforts, or they're not -- you know, one group has targeted somebody they want to turn out. >> on the democratic side, sanders and clinton, is there a difference? >> i think most impressive thing is sanders has been able to build up a scale as quickly as he can in this state. it's a different challenge in mobilizing voters for a caucus. there were people on the side a couple of days ago how proud they are four local police chiefs have called the campaign, because citizens have complained that strangers showed up at their door in a part of the state they've never had anybody knock on their door before, and they were sanders canvassers. but they have enough volunteers to get to them at the doors. >> trying to stay away from the marijuana farms, but things are a little different in this cycle. megan, going to the democratic side of the race, the clintons, hillary clinton, bill clinton
3:52 pm
now increasingly, and certainly some of her aides have begun invoking raising the bloody shirt of sexism, and accusing the supporters more than the campaign itself in recent days. what do you make of that? are they on solid ground there? or is this a red herring? >> i think it's a bit of a red herring right now. i do question the tactics, the timing, and how ferocious the rhetoric has become, especially against bill clinton. they're sort of in a cycle they can't seem to land anything right. they have madelyn albright saying there's a place in hell. and i think the issues that younger women voters, this line is not resonating with them. it's sort of an indication how she has struggled to win enthusiasm among the young women voters. i think when i talk to a lot of them now, they feel offended that they're told how to vote,
3:53 pm
that they have to vote for hillary just because she's a woman. it will be interesting to see how they can put forward the positive message they want, and agent of change, and particularly an agent of change for women. i think they made a few callous missteps here. >> kasich, bush, cruz, to some extent christie, rubio, trump, where do you think -- >> jump off. the folks on the ground here can't predict it. they're not confident going out op the limb saying who could be number two. you could see a scenario any of the four could end up number two. coming out of new hampshire, it will be how close are they. traditional thinking is that there are three or four tickets out of new hampshire. if somebody finishes in fifth or sixth place but is one or two points off, they could maybe make the case it's at least worth fighting on to south carolina to see what happens. and that they're not auditicly knocked out.
3:54 pm
>> i had many of the campaigns in the group of five say to me, i think we can be second. i hope we're second. but not one person has said to me, we will be second. not one. >> right. it's just -- one of the things that's interesting about this cycle is pure incertainty of it. we have these candidates all bunched together. we don't know who's actually going to be second, third, fourth, fifth. and then you have this sort of block of undecided voters, new hampshire voters notoriously decide late anyway. but talk to the people on the ground and they say, i'm not going to decide until i get up and take a shower and have my breakfast and go vote. so we'll see. >> iowa obviously ground really matters. cruz, won game one. hillary clinton, really good ground game, won by a little tiny bit. how much does ground actually matter in this state? >> in certain ways there's a lot more, in that you have same-day registration. you can be identifying potential supporters. if you're looking at the trump
3:55 pm
coalition or sanders coalition where you're trying to reach voters, or people who don't get in the process, they bring people in to turn out people on election day. it doesn't exist in other states. on the other hand, the absentee ballot laws here are ridiculous. even the bush campaign, which has a huge local network from the bush family, lots of money, gave up on doing a serious absentee ballot program, because you basically have to noterize documents to all the clerks in the state. there's certain types of voter programs that lend themselves to doing things in new hampshire and some that don't. >> megan, really quick because we just have a couple of seconds left, do you think tomorrow will win it or not? >> i think even just a week ago, i think saturday was a game changer in the debate. i think that was exactly as you said, i think people will continue on and try to keep on to see how this trump bubble collapses.
3:56 pm
>> i've not predicted it, but i keep running the numbers, it seems mathematically that one of the four establishment candidates will surge to the lead, unless they all divide it equally. >> i agree with that. >> thanks to the three of you, sasha, megan and mark. and we'll be back with who won the day. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. you never know when ibs-d will show up. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. do not use xifaxan if you have a history of sensitivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan. tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications, because these may increase
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i have to ask you who won it? >> donald trump set expectations well. i think in a good frame of mind to win, and maybe win big. >> today, just like saturday night and sunday, chris christie won the day. still reveling, glorying -- >> new jersey role. >> read max's great story about hillary clinton's top donors. 90-year-old investor bernard schwartz. coming up next, emily chang speaks about digital. we will have a special two-hour
4:00 pm
episode all new on new hampshire primary beginning at 5:00 eastern, going straight to 7:00. thanks for watching. until tomorrow, sayonara. >> "hardball" with chris matthews is coming up next. political mardi gras. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews. in manchester on the eve of the new hampshire primary. donald trump stands as the overwhelming favorite among republicans here. the fight is on for second place. after marco rubio's robotic, let's call it strange performance in saturday's debate, establishment republicans are looking for a candidate. it's looking wide open. jeb bush, john kasich and chris christie all face an opportunity to grab the silver medal. here's where things stand tonight in the granite state. according to theat


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