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  The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  February 9, 2016 8:04am-8:15am PST

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trump. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> how do you feel this morning going in? i say that, it's interesting, right before iowa, you did an interview on the "today "show and you were what i would describe as low key. end of the night, you were in second place. i'm hearing the confidence is back in your campaign. and your confidence, which you have never suffered from a lack of, is up. >> i had confidence in iowa. i think we did great in iowa. we came in second. i had a lot of votes. strong second. a lot of those votes were missing because of what happened to ben, ben carson, who is a great guy. that shouldn't have happened. in new hampshire, i feel very good. we'll see what happens. it's politics. you know politics better than i do. it's politics. i have never done this before. we had a great turn in iowa, and i think we're going to have an even better turn tonight. we have to count up the votes. >> i have to talk about what happened last night at your rally, just across the street from where we're sitting. let's place this moment where you were rallying your crowd and now you have twitter and social
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media abuzz. let's play it. >> she just said a terrible thing. you know what she said? she said i never expect to hear that from you again. she said he's a [ bleep ]. terrible. >> first sometime in my 30 years on television, you're talking about a p-word and it's not policy. >> it's true. we were having a lot of fun. i was repeating something somebody said from the audience. it was cute. the whole place gave a standing ovation. we didn't want to be too politically correct. not the worst thing, but i was repeating a woman. a woman kept shouting a word, so i repeated and people had a lot of fun with it. >> i guess i want to know what you see as presidential. there was a picture not long ago, barack obama in the oval office, his foot on the ottoman. some conservatives went crazy. how could he disrespect the white house? that's our house. how could he disrespect the presidency? many will say, what will donald trump do to the presidency if
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she's willing to on stage say something like that, and other comments i could laundry list here. >> i saw the picture of barack obama. didn't bother me at all. to me, you want to be comfort. it's your house for a period of time. you want to be comfortable. i think that right now, i'm competing against a lot of people, tamron. there are a lot of people coming from all different sides. i have to be extremely high energy. we had 4,000 people, maybe 5,000 people there last night. we had an unbelievable crowd in the middle of tremendous storm. we had a great time. there was a woman shouting out something. we were having a lot of fun. when you get to be president or just before you get to be president, the altitude would change very much. i was a good student at the best school. and all of that. my uncle was a professor at m.i.t. for many years. i know exactly what i have to do. right now, we're in a very combative stage and we also want to have fun. the word political correct. everyone wants to be so totally politically correct. it's honestly a problem for our
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runt rhee. we're doing things wetient be doing. >> what do you mean when you say politically correct? what does that mean, not saying that word in a public place? >> that word wasn't -- that was really sort of a repeat of a word that somebody else was saying. i think that the political correctness within our country now is too much. it's too much. >> give me example. what do you mean? >> anchor baby. we had a case where a man from cnn, a reporter, good guy from cnn said the anchor baby, where people come over, they have a baby in the united states. >> i know what it is. >> okay, but your audience right now. they come to the united states, they have a baby and we're supposed to take care of that person for 100 years. it doesn't work that way. believe me, it doesn't work that way. i used the term anchor baby. i said to the reporter, what would you use? he said, well, i think you should say the baby or child of an undocumented worker who came over to the united states. it was like nine words. and they wanted to be politically correct. it just doesn't work. we have a country that's in serious trouble. we have a country where people,
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they're flowing across our borders. they're coming across our borders like mad. >> they're also being deported in larger numbers. the obama administration, by his own supporters, heavily criticisms for deporting more illegal immigrants than any other administration. >> it came out last week, we have 179,000 criminal illegal aliens. we have 179,000 people that are criminals, convicted of crimes, some major crimes. illegal aliens or illegal immigrants. they're in the country now. that's 179,000. that's biggerthy any city in new hampshire. they're roaming around their country and half we don't know where they are. we have to create borders. i want people to come into the country, but they have to come in legally. >> let me talk to you about your plan. earlier in the year, at the end of last year, you released your immigration plan. a five-point plan. we have not heard much more since then. let's go by the numbers. we talked a lot about building
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the wall, the very big wall. how much will the wall cost? >> the wall is probably $8 billion, which is a tiny fraction of the money that we lose with mexico. we lose a tremendous amount of trade deficits. we have a trade deficit with mexico that is astronomical, much bigger than that. we will get, and i also it's also part of my plan, mexico is going to play for the wall. >> how did you come up with the dollar figure and who pays for it? >> multiplying the number of miles by a certain -- a very simple number. >> so you're doing construction numbers here. >> i'm very good at that. >> you're doing construction numbers, not real numbers. not numbers of what it would cost. you bring up for example the great wall of china that was built with slave labor. you don't have that in the united states. >> the great wall of china is 13,000 miles long. >> that's the example that there's proof you can build a great wall. >> how did you come to this? >> $8 billion. and what we're doing is we have 2,000 miles, right? 2,000 miles. it's long but not 13,000 miles
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like they have in china. and of the 2,000, we don't need 2,000. we need 1,000 because we have natural barriers, et cetera, and i'm taking it price per square foot and mile, and it's a very simple calculation. i'm talking about precasts going up 35 to 40 feet in the air, that's high, a real wall. it will look good. as good as a wall is going to look. and it's going to do the trick. but we're going to have big, beautiful doors and people will come into the country. >> i don't think people care how beautiful the door is. it's not their home, but the money could come from, though, the money they bring into their home, meaning taxes. who pays for this? mexico has already said that it's a ridiculous idea. the former president of mexico yesterday said there's no way. this is a silly idea. who pays for this? >> silly for mexico because mexico, i'll tell you who will pay for it, mexico will pay for it. >> how do you get mexico to pay for it? >> you tell them to pay for it. we lose a fortune dealing in trade with mexico. we lose a lot of money. we give them money.
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we give subsidies to mexico. in addition to that, they take our businesses. new hampshire is the number one example. this place was stripped with companies that went down to mexico. ford just opened a $2.5 billion plant in mexico. nabisco is moving their big plant from chicago to mexico. they just took a big factory from tennessee going into mexico. mexico makes a fortune. mexico is going to pay. i heard he said that we will not pay. guess what? the wall just got higher. >> how do you enforce this? you name new hampshire, but there are states like texas, for example, and you're in the hotel, restaurant business. you and i both know a great number of businesses have been behind the backs for many years hiring undocumented workers. some of those very businesses that you know, being a hotel owner, a restaurant owner, et cetera. >> and that's okay. they come in legally through visas. >> what are you going to do about the businesses in the united states who allow undocumented workers? >> you have all sorts of computerized programs where they wont be able to hire the people.
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the people will go back of their own volition. they have to hire americans. if some some reason in some areas we have seasonable businesses where you can't get help, we have a visa program where you come in and have to go out. everything has to be documented and legal. otherwise, we don't have a country. if we don't have a wall, and not even a wall, if we don't have a border, we don't have a country. right now, people are walking in and out like it's nothing. like from here to the door. washingtoning in and out like nothing. we don't have a country. we right now are at a stage where you look at new hampshire with the heroin problem, people are walking across the border, loaded up with drugs. the amazing thing about new hampshi hampshire, it's beautiful. the biggest problem they have is heroin. heroin comes from the southern border. >> i'm getting this wrap for some reason. we were hoping you could stay longer. i want to talk going back to the comments you made at this rally last night. when you were in iowa, you were
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holding your bibles two corinthians in all, the bible given to you by your mother. >> in europe and other places, they say two corinthians. >> we'll let you pass on it. you're traveling on to south carolina. there's some prediction you're looking at the general election and you'll look at voters demographically different fron iowa, from new hampshire. perhaps african-american, and bringing in voters you have offended outside of your core support here. so the question is, who is the real donald trump? is he the guy saying the p-word where he knows he can get away with it, or the guy thumping the bible because he needs that group? then will he be the guy later in a general election who becomes the new york liberal that ted cruz says you're really hiding under your suit? >> so, i'll tell you who the real donald trump is. i am the one that is going to make america great again. that's what it is. we have politicians.
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they're all talk. they're no action. they're destroying our country. we are $19 trillion, we're going to owe $21 trillion in a short period of time because of the really stupid budget they just passed. the real donald trump is going to turn it around and make america great again. >> i hear your staff is going crazy that you have to go, but i would love to talk to you about the economic, the improved jobs numbers. >> thank you very much. >> come back tomorrow and tell your staff to calm down. thank you. coming up, how will voters -- since i won't get the chance again, i may go rogue. how will the voters in new hampshire react to donald trump? the people behind here, we'll talk to people in the polling places around new hampshire where a steady stream of voters are turning out. will they give donald trump a first-time victory for this new politician, and we're coming live out of jd's tavern in manchester, new hampshire. we'll be right back.