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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. thank you, new hampshire. >> thank you all very, very much. my goodness. i -- i don't know what we would have done tonight if we had actually won. >> they're throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink, and i have the feeling that
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kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >> thank you, new hampshire. and now it's on to nevada, south carolina and beyond. >> we are going to make america great again. i wanted to congratulate the other candidates. okay? now that i got that over with. you know, it's always tough and then tomorrow boom, boom. but that's the way it is. >> i want to congratulate donald trump tonight on his victory. oh, no. no. no. no. he won fair and square. but i beat him in dixville notch, okay? >> this campaign is not dead, we're going on to south carolina. >> so we will go home to new
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jersey tomorrow morning. we will take a decision on our next step forward. >> i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. i did not do well on saturday night so, listen to this, that will never happen again. there was a huge turn out last night for republican voters scrambling to beat the clock and cast their vote. traffic backed up for miles and lines of voters stretched into the final hour as late comers rushed to the polls down to the wire. with 94% of the vote in nearly 267,000 cast their ballots in the primary here in new hampshire, more than 248,000 back in 2012. at 35% trump finished well ahead of ohio governor john kasich who broke out of the pack to finish at 16%. senator ted cruz at 12%, a little more than 1200 votes
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ahead of jeb bush at 11% placing in the top four and keeping his campaign alive. further down marco rubio in a disappointing fifth place at 11%, governor chris christie missing his top four target to land in sixth at 8%, carly fiorina at 4%, ben carson at 2%. of the 23 delegates from new hampshire, nbc news is allocating trump with 10, kasich with 4 and cruz and bush with 2 each. trump is the leader in total delegates at 17, cruz in second at 10, rubio at 7 and kasich at 5. welcome back to a special extended edition of "morning joe" live from manchester. we are still at the bar, okay? back with us on set we have mike barnicle and robert costa and joining the conversation the host of msnbc's hard ball, chris matthews and chris jansing. great to have you all on board. >> chris matthews, a lot of take
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away last night. what are you looking at this morning? >> the skeptics have got to stop being skeptics. these numbers are incredibly reflective of what the pollsters told was going to happen. i was up there in laconia, of there was james pinnedel identified as a good bellwether. you watch people going in one at a time. not this crazy stupid caucus, you walk in one at a time, vote, get back in your car and leave. you don't meet in groups and do cheerleading you just go vote. it's a simple crosswalk from telling a pollster i'm going to vote for trump to i'm going to vote for trump. the only movement in the polls we had was rubio who took a swan dive after saturday night which he should have. when you are exposed as a robot people ought to change their opinion of you and that's what happened. we've got to start looking at these polls in south carolina and nevada.
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would someone tell ted cruz it's nevada. it's nevada. and he's going to have a hard time out there if he keeps saying nafd da. usually get the name of the state right. so out to lunch -- that's all you are as a politician is a politician. get the name of the state right. >> you talked about the republican side, let's talk about the democratic side. hillary clinton. >> i think she's got a problem last night because i don't think -- there's two things missing in her that are real problems, one is motive, all politicians are ambitious, everybody wants to be president of the united states, who wouldn't want to be president of the united states at least when you're young. so there's nothing wrong with ambition, shear personal ambition to be president, there's nothing wrong with that, that's what runs our political process, but you have to have that second motive, why are you actually running? to the country why you're running, the second thing is the absolute lack of spontaneity. >> yeah. >> she and cruz suffers from that -- she and rubio, robio as
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i called him the other day. you have to have something that comes to mind -- something has to come to mind in the moment and nothing does. >> what comes to mind? >> in every politician, like you guys, when something happens in the moment you respond to it. >> if you go to a town hall and you're asked a question can you give a response either that's from the heart or something that you have not already said that's in your stump speech, that's to me a basic. >> that's rubio's problem but it's also hillary's problem. >> don't you think? i love way you draw it out as if you don't think so. you know you think this. >> i'm really just undecided right now like a new hampshire voter. what about hillary, though, the lack of month nate -- >> did you see the look on bill clinton's face yesterday? >> so sad. nothing haeb there. >> yeah. almost a fearful like here we go again, right? i can't believe we're back there. >> a level of frustration. >> but somebody -- again, we talk about it all the time, but
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one of the great political minds probably ever who really understands intense clee it just comes from the inside of him, he gets what's going on from the electorate. his face told me as much as any poll, any exit conversations as any of the literally hundreds of voters i've talked to every the last several months looking at bill clinton's face told me a l lot. >> we all have our theories on how to write a speech. i think if she had walked into that big noisy room and said, everybody, be quiet for a minute. everybody be quiet and express something from the heart. say this is why i'm in this race, this is going to be touch and he has his approach different than i do, but bernie and i will have a big fight and here is where my heart is and why i think it's worth the fight. instead she did a cheerleading session. strange. >> what she did is what marco rubio did up until last night and rubio actually was saying yesterday that his debate performance was great.
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i did great. and i am drawing a straight line between hillary and rubio here because voters aren't stupid and they're talking down to voters when they say i did great in the debate or when hillary goes out there, you know, acting like she just didn't get handed a historic loss. >> it's true. i think when you look at the republican side was senator rubio humbled by last night? certainly. is he out of the race? he's in the race. there is a jumble around the republican establishment, kasich had a big of a breakout moment last night, he entered the top tier, but if you're kasich, you're bush, your rubio, you're right in the mix fighting each other right now, going into south carolina. there is no clear favorite for the mainstream wing of the republicans. >> if jeb bush, mike barnicle, had ended up four points ahead of rubio, five points ahead of rubio instead of tied with rubio this would have been a much more clarifying moment for marco
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rubio who would probably have to start thinking about getting out of the race. the fact that he and bush were pretty much tied even though marco came in fifth place, bush's underperformance actually keeps rubio in the race for another few weeks. >> yeah, but eventually jeb bush is going to have to take on marco rubio and beat him. he's going to have to beat him in florida certainly if they get there, if they both get there. >> he's got to beat him in south carolina. >> the big thing for jeb going to south carolina is here in new hampshire he managed to, i think, do a couple things. take away the phrase that everybody was applying before they said his name, poor jeb. that's gone because he now stasz in. >> right. >> the other thing is he takes away the sense of the kid is only here because he is the legacy kid. okay. he is a legitimate guy. >> hazing. he's gotten through it. chris, he has argued, though, and i think it has fallen flat that you can't insult and curse your way to the presidency. he keeps saying things that are proven untrue by the front runner. >> by donald trump, yeah.
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>> he's got a tough fight ahead of him. >> there is a path for jeb bush, i don't think there is any doubt about it, it's a slim path and it's going to require a lot of things to happen. south carolina, though, is arguably very good for him. they do have a staff in place, do not underestimate the power of lindsey graham who i spoke to last night who i'm telling you he is all in. he changed his schedule to come and be with jeb bush last night, he was on the plane with him yesterday. i asked him how much are you going to be with him between now and the primary? he said every day. i think we have a little clip of what he said. >> let's take a look. >> few people know the state as well as you do and the politics in that state, where can you finish there? >> i think he can do exceedingly well, i don't know if we can beat trump but we will give him a hell of a run. once this field concentrates donald is toast and it begins to consolidate after south carolina. we're going to prove to the people in south carolina that jeb bush is the best qualified to be commander in chief.
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>> bob costa, it is bush country, south carolina, is it not? >> i mean, it's -- you listen to that interview and i was with the bush people last night at their hotel and you get the sense moving forward you will have people like graham taking on kasich, taking on rubio. who are they not taking on? donald trump. who is leading by double digits in the polls in south carolina. you have this fire fight for second place because bush knows he's got to beat rubio. >> will trump take on bush in south carolina? >> i don't think so. donald trump over the past couple weeks hasn't had to take anybody on because most people have been afraid of taking him on. the last time ted cruz took him on it didn't go well for him. marco rubio wants no part of donald trump. and i've got to say. >> yeah, he doesn't. >> why? why would you go after donald trump? this is a battle of second place. this is a battle to be the last man standing to take on donald trump. >> cruz may go after trump because cruz has the most to
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gain by cutting trump at the knees in south carolina because cruz needs a big march 1st super tuesday. >> i don't think he has the muscle. >> he has the organizational muscle. >> but he's got to be quick on his feet. punching trump is about being quick on your feet and not poll testing and talking to people behind the scenes about what you should say to him because it's the second comment and the third come back and the fourth that matter. >> and i think after what chris christie did to marco rubio, i think there is moral hazard up on that stage. do i want to go after donald trump and be the next marco -- i know marco rubio is not going after anybody. marco is going to stay in his lane. the question is does ted cruz try to take on donald trump? let me ask you this question, who has taken on donald trump and come out well? >> nobody. the thing about -- there is a troll-like quality to cruz.
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he operates below the level of human life. >> okay. chris, that's a little tough. you have not gotten sleep. we're going to try that again. >> am i allowed to have a opinion? >> but not that opinion. >> let me clarify it. i think he appeals -- i think he appeals to people's negativity rather than their joy. i don't think people feel good about voting for cruz, i think they feel -- i don't know what it is he appeals to. now, people keep telling me he has inherited the libertarian crowd. i don't see how. he doesn't seem libertarian to me. he has appealed to the baptists up here, i don't understand that. what is it, a thetheocrat. there's something en liechbing about these other candidates that makes you feel good. there's something about that guy that makes me think of joe mccarthy and something that is negative and menacing. when i say below the level of
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human life i mean the good nature of human life not just being a person, although -- >> i've seen some human sides of cruz, remember at that last debate when he talked about his sister and struggles with brug abuse. he has been so tight and disciplined in his public career, now he realizes -- >> somebody just asked him about addiction and of course he had a family experience about it. that doesn't show anything. >> i think he showed a human side we haven't seen of cruz. cruz is someone who is always on message, you're right. >> so let me try to answer your question. the people that ted cruz appeals to are the conservatives that have been betrayed by the washington establishment for 30 years, by republican candidates that run for office saying they're going to balance a budget and lie. republican candidates that run and say they're going to overturn obamacare and lie. republican sand dats who say vote for me and i'm going to have a humble foreign policy and lie. the republican establishment in washington, d.c. -- hold on --
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has been lying. they've been lying to the republican base for 30 years and that is who is going for ted cruz because if you're that person you're not going to vote for marco rubio because marco rubio is a big government republican. you're not going to vote for jeb bush because jeb bush is bush. you're not going to vote for donald trump because donald trump has been a democrat most of your life. who are you going to vote for if you are a republican who is sick and tired of being lied to and the republicans in washington have three decades of lying. >> because his entrée into national politics was to accuse chuck hagel a combat veteran of vietnam which ted cruz is not of being a basic trader, of taking $200,000 from the north koreans. that was mccarthy-ite inexcusable and that's the kind of guy he is. if you're that concerned and that angry and if you think he is as good as it gets you are really sad. that is a low estimate of the
6:16 am
potential of our candidates. >> i can't come up with examples of how democrats have used mccarthy-ite tactics but i do know over the past several months, i forget who it was and we've brought it up, but ted cruz is not alone in demagoging as a politician, democrats do it, republicans do it. >> if that's your standard. >> i didn't say it's my standard. >> why are you comparing him to other democrats. >> why are you tact acting like ted cruz is the only demagog in washington, d.c.? because he's not the only dem a going in washington, d.c. >> i didn't say he was. >> i'm surprised why you defend ted cruz. >> why i defended cruz? >> no, i didn't. what i'm saying is you're asking a question who are the people who would be attacked to ted cruz and vote for ted cruz. >> yeah. >> i'm answering that question for you. >> okay. >> i'm not going to be voting for ted cruz in the republican primary. >> you're not. okay. >> i've made that fairly clear. >> okay. thank you.
6:17 am
>> i know a lot of friends -- >> he's explaining. >> you answered the question. >> i know a lot of friends, mike barnicle, who are voting for ted cruz and they're voting for ted cruz because he is anti- -- not only anti-washington, but anti-republican washington. >> but i would disagree with you on one element of who you said the cruz voters are and what they're angry at. i think a healthy percentage of them would vote for donald trump, the biggest difference if you go to the rallies, a cruz rally and a trump rally, it's pretty simple. as a cruz rally nobody is smiling. at a trump rally there is a lot of laughter, a lot of smiling. >> aren't we overgeneralizing here? far be it for me to defend ted cruz because, you know, when marco rubio's people whine that i've been tough on marco rubio i say that the truth is in the transcripts. my attacks on ted cruz through the years are about like this, marco they are about like this.
6:18 am
i don't know that i would overgeneralize, but, bob cost at that, why would a cruz supporter that can't stand big government republicans go to donald trump who came here and said that he supported medicaid expansion for obamacare? >> i think trump is going to have some difficulty in winning over the cruz supporters because, yes, the cruz voters are angry and so are the trump voters but the main difference between cruz and trump is ideology. cruz is see as an idealogically pure consistent conservative by the movement activists who have been in the ranks for decades. they see trump as someone who is an inter loper, they like his pop ulism, but at the end of the day he does not have a core ideological impulse that's driving his campaign. that disturbs some on the right who want someone who is with them on the hard right. >> chris, at the end of the day the support for ted cruz is ideological. it's a paul wellstone of the
6:19 am
right. >> do you think? >> yeah. yeah. >> i think he's right and i think that they are looking for somebody who is going to do what they say they're going to do. and what a lot of other politicians or pundits in washington will look at and say why did he do that? his supporters are saying, thank god, somebody finally does that. >> my problem -- and the reason i'm tough on him is i sense in him a darkness, a veer lent an tip a thee towards obama that's -- almost sees obama as castro, as a dictator of the left. his viciousness with which he goes after -- we know what it is, the washington establishment. the vicious anger of him, i think it's for real and it scares me. it's so menacing. >> that's what democrats did to george w. bush from 2005 through 2008. >> well, there was a particular issue there, the war. >> right. >> there is an issue that you agree with those that went after bush. >> that's a good point. >> it's a good point if you're a democrat and if you are a
6:20 am
republican and a conservative they will give you their laundry list as well. >> if cruz wins a darkness will come over america. >> oh, my god. >> wow. we're going to go to break. >> i have to say one final thing quickly. >> yeah. >> before we get too wrapped up in the lord's of the rings imagery. >> okay. troll. >> really quickly, if you are a conservative and you're idealogically driven and that's what matters to you most, a small government republican, you look at two people, you look at marco rubio and you look at ted cruz. marco rubio didn't leave any fingerprints. he didn't do anything but the gang of eight. he spent the rest of his time being careful like the washington establishment has done. vote for me. i'm going to give you less taxes. less spending. less regulations. more freedom. that's every republican since 1980 has said that. marco rubio goes to washington and he keeps his fingerprints off of everything. ted -- we still don't know what his position is on abortion.
6:21 am
ted cruz goes to washington, d.c. and though i opposed what he was doing, bob costa, he blew the place up and said i'm going to shut the government down before we allow obamacare to move forward. >> the key difference between rubio and cruz is immigration. that is the issuebase they see a visceral divide between rubio and cruz. >> i'm scared, chris. the chair of new hampshire's republican party jennifer horn. as we go to break signs of life from the bush campaign heading into south carolina. >> gut instinct, where will you finish tomorrow? >> i don't know, but i think we're going to beat expectations that's a low bar since obituaries were written a day ago. >> you feel you can finish above dead? >> yes, exactly. >> i'm not dead. >> what? nothing. >> i'm not dead. >> he says he's not dead. >> yes, he is. >> this campaign is not dead. we're going on to south carolina. interview --
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with us now back from hilton head, south carolina, republican presidential candidate, former governor jeb bush of florida. last week we were told that a third place finish made somebody an inevitable nominee. it doesn't look that way this morning, does it? >> no, it doesn't and that's the way the process always works. people have a chance to vote and right now i think the leading candidate, donald trump, has 18 delegates to his name and others have 6 or 7. i mean, we have a long way to go.
6:26 am
now we move to south carolina where you have a different primary mix, where people are interested in national security issues and how we rebuild the military. i start out at 11:00 this morning with a large crowd, i think there's going to be 700 people there for a town hall meeting. i'm looking forward to it. >> marco rubio said he had to finish in second place to -- for his three, two, one strategy to work. he ended up in fifth place behind you. where do you have to finish in south carolina? >> you know, i've never been good at figuring out where the expectations are, i just know we have a great organization here, we're going to work really hard here. i have -- i'm on the ballot in every state. right after south carolina we head off to nevada where it's a caucus and then you have the sec primary states. my intention is to do well here, to build on the success we had and to continue to make the case that we need a proven leader in washington, d.c. to fix the mess, not just to talk about how bad things are, but to allow
6:27 am
people to rise up again because people are struggling in this country. >> so south carolina seems strong for you, a strong place for you to campaign. what have you learned through iowa and new hampshire, maybe that you would change or maybe that you didn't complete take into consideration about where voters are right now, how they're feeling? >> well, my -- you know, the hard campaigning in those states and around the country makes me believe that people are not just angry, they're deeply concerned about the future of their families and of the country. that we are in a perilous time right now and it's not just, you know -- it's not just anger, although i think a lot of people are angry, i think they just feel like our country has lost its way. and it compels me to advocate leadership being part of the solution more than just the policy ideas that i have. so i talk about my life experience more based on the interactions with thousands of people over the last two months. >> chuck todd. >> governor bush, i think some
6:28 am
of your campaign strategists some of your strategists for the super pac are talking about targeting kasich or rubio. you as a candidate target donald trump. do you hope that your super pac follows suit? it seems as if you're not going to be the nominee, you're not going to win south carolina unless you go and try to get the front runner. >> well, that's what i've been doing and i can't control what goes on in the super pac, i've stopped even worrying about it. i think donald trump would be a disaster as our nominee. he is a gifted politician, that's for sure, the guy can capture people's attention but you can't use profanity and disparage women and disparage the disabled all the things that he does and not send a pretty negative signal to the broader audience that ultimately is going to decide who the president is. a conservative needs to win the conservative party's nomination and i'm the most conservative governor and most conservative candidate with a proven record
6:29 am
that's in the field right now and that's my case. >> katty. >> one of the most striking numbers is that 64% of republican voters support donald trump's ban on muslims coming into america. you've been critical of that ban. >> yeah. >> are you out of step with where republican voters are on this issue at the moment? >> well, if you ask them what that -- how much -- how important that is i'm sure that it was a pretty low number. here is the deal, katty, if i believe what i believe and in this case i think it would be horrific, it goes against american values to call for a ban of innocent muslims and it also makes it impossible to build the coalition to destroy isis where it needs to be done, in the caliphate, i'm not going to follow what the polls say. i apologize, but i believe what i believe. this is a horrific idea and it sends this signal of divisiveness at a time when we need to find things that unite us. our country is falling apart and
6:30 am
we don't need presidents, candidates on the left or right that continue to prey on that division. we need someone who can actually be president to create a set of purposes that unite us and one of those is we need to protect the homeland from islamic terrorism and you don't do that by banning all muslims. >> gene robinson. >> governor bush, one other really pretty conservative governor in the race is john kasich who did very well last night, finished in second place. going into south carolina do you need to direct some of your fire at kasich les he also essentially steal the headlines in south carolina as well? >> well, he has nothing going on down here best we can tell. he had a one-state strategy and it was effective and i commend him for the campaign he ran in new hampshire. john is a good man, he served as governor of the state of ohio, he's done a good job but he is not as conservative as me and his record is not nearly as good as mine. the one telling thing that he did apart from not being -- you
6:31 am
know, not really focusing on rebuilding the military which i think is important down here and in our country is that when he had a chance he expanded obamacare through medicaid and governors across this country had a chance to take a stand against obamacare, many did, here in florida as a private citizen i fought for stopping the expansion of medicaid and we were successful, other states did the same, but in ohio it was expanded. he will have to explain that down here where obamacare -- the people want it repealed, they don't want it expanded. >> governor, good morning. steve schmidt. i think that the argument you're making is by experience, accomplishment, temperament you are the republican candidate who is most fit to command. walk us through the next ten days. how will you make that argument in south carolina and overtake donald trump who in the exit polls is viewed by new hampshire republicans as the candidate most trusted in a crisis
6:32 am
situation to deal with the toughest problems we face? >> well, that's a great question because he is -- he comes across as strong but when you hear him speak it isn't strong to say, for example, you know, that we -- that we're going to outsource our national security concerns about korea to china. it's not -- that's not strong to call for a 45% tariff across the board that would lead to a global depression. the things that he says needs to be challenged. so i will do that. look, i'm not -- this is not beanbag, i know that when you go against donald trump he gets all upset and starts tweeting a firestorm of insults, but to show my steadiness and to show his lack of steadiness is part of the process over the next ten days. this is a national security primary in south carolina. people are concerned about are we going to support our troops, are we going to support our military, are we going to end the sequester, are we going to
6:33 am
support the veterans? my case will be about national security issues. >> jeb bush, we will see you on the campaign trail. thank you for being on the show this morning. >> thank you, governor. congratulations. >> we'll see you in charleston. >> we'll see you in charleston. yes. if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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people have every right to be angry, but they're also hungry. they're hungry for solutions. what are we going to do? and that is -- that is the fight we're taking to the country. what is the best way to change people's lives so we can all grow together? who is the best change maker? and here is what i promise -- here is what i promise, i will
6:37 am
work harder than anyone to actually make the changes that make your lives better. >> you know, mika, brother barnicle said during the break -- he really said something that is to true, he said people are distracted right now by donald trump's win, they are going to wake up tomorrow and they're going to realize that actually the huge story out of new hampshire. >> i totally agree. >> the lasting story out of new hampshire is hillary clinton's collapse in the granite state. >> and bernie sanders' win. why? i don't think it's just fun and people like to be a little part of something. i think it's something that's happening in this country. >> 38%, mike, for the presumptive nominee. >> yeah, and postmortem in that campaign, the forensic examples of what went wrong -- did we get david axelrod's tweet. >> here we go. >> david axelrod, his tweet yesterday when the exact same problems crop up in separate
6:38 am
campaigns with different stat, at what point do the principals say, hey, maybe it's us? >> and that's david axelrod. up next nbc's kate snow joins the conversation, plus the chair of new hampshire's gop, jennifer horn. today's extended edition of "morning joe" live from manchester continues after a short break. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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6:42 am
last night's primary as you heard them on live television in the middle of his team's game. >> that was hilarious. joining us now chairman of the new hampshire republican state committee jennifer horn and sunday anchor of "nbc nightly news" kate snow. where do we begin, republican or democrat? >> we'll start republican. so, jennifer, what was your take on donald trump a former democrat coming up here and winning his handily as he did? >> well, it was a huge win for donald trump last night. he deserves the congratulations that he's getting. i actually look at it and think one of the big stories last night was ted cruz. you know, ted cruz coming in third place in new hampshire, i don't think anybody really expected that. i look at john kasich. what a great first in the nation -- >> i was going to say john kasich's story is such a classic new hampshire story. >> exactly. low name id, didn't have a lot of money, came into the state, rolled up his sleeves and just really worked hard.
6:43 am
one town hall -- >> positive message. >> and stayed on his positive message. i think that's something that granite stators reward and feel really good about. >> i heard a lot of anecdotally that kasich voters were hillary clinton voters that couldn't decide and turned to kasich. let's turn to kate. you're covering hillary clinton's campaign. what are you hearing from the campaign? >> i've been talking to some folks this morning, to be fair i'm not out with them every day, day in and day out, but i talked to some folks who are inside and some that were on the plane last night. they are not that surprised at what happened? >> they knew this was going to happen. >> they hoped it would be a smaller margin but they knew weeks ago that this could happen. so i'm not getting the sense that it's 2008 all over again when we saw huge staff changes, if you remember patty doyle was campaign manager and taken out. it was messy behind the scenes back then. i'm going told that that's not the case today, that they're not sort of, oh, my god, we're going
6:44 am
to, you know -- i don't want to say -- we're having a hard time. but i think that there is a lot of thinking right now -- obviously there is a lot of thinking right now about how do we get back some of those younger voters, those female voters. i mean, that's what i can't believe, mika, and i know you've been talking about this all morning is the numbers of women that turned to bernie sanders up here in new hampshire and i know the clinton campaign is hoping that that's an aberration and that they can get some of those women back. >> isn't the issue the message and isn't that almost insurmountable at this point? how would she overcome trying to embrace a message that she has not been able to embrace when people have been repeat i thinkly asking her what her message is and her main opponent won on a very clear standing on a message to the middle class. >> and the problem is, mike barnicle, she hasn't been in politics for six months like donald trump. she's been in politics since 1972. >> well, there it is. there it is. it's not the message, it might be the messenger. i mean, she has been on the
6:45 am
national scene for over a quarter of a century, she has been involved in politics since the mid '70s at one level or another. when they're doing the forensics today and the campaign, how do you tell a woman who is uniquely different in private than she is on the campaign trail? i mean, in private -- >> that's a really good point. >> she's filled with humor, she's human, interaction. >> she's supremely qualified for the job. >> she's likeable. >> the last time -- i'm sorry. >> go ahead. >> the last time around in 2008 i covered her from literally the beginning when she announced all the way through june because you remember it took until june for it to all be settled and that was the thing that repeatedly people would say to me on the trail is she's so much more human than i thought she was, she's so much warmer than i thought because there is this impression and i think still today somehow there's this coldness that people think she has and it's not real, but for her to get through and connect and show people that warmth is
6:46 am
hard. >> that's the challenge. joe. >> jennifer, how does donald trump get the other two-thirds of republican voters? he got one-third which was a heck of an accomplishment last night. >> it really was but that's the question. >> how death the other two-thirds. >> that's the question his campaign has to answer. i'm lucky, i don't have to lay out strategy for any of these campaigns, that's not my job. that's the challenge he faces going forth. each of these candidates has a challenge going forward and 65% of the voters yesterday did not vote for donald trump so that's what he's going to figure out as he heads towards south carolina and beyond that. what kate was talk being a couple minutes ago, i think the story with hillary clinton honestly is not just that she didn't win in new hampshire, it was the total collapse of the campaign. the numbers are overwhelming and you want to talk about messages. there doesn't seem to be a message that she can jump on that anybody wants to rally around. >> as we close out i want to say i think bernie sanders has been underestimated as a candidate hands down. kate snow, jennifer horn thank you so much.
6:47 am
up next, the art of the deal. donald trump's second favorite book has been turned into a movie and you won't believe who is playing trump. a must see clip next on "morning joe." who is that?
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ask your doctor about crestor.
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so this morn, funny or die began streaming a 50-minute comedy video with none other than johnny depp playing donald trump. it's narrated by ron howard. the art of the deal the movie based on the book, written by, directed by, and starring johnny depp as trump. the premise behind this, says funny or die, it was originally set to air in the '80s. due to a football game going into overtime, an angry donald trump ordered it pulled, only to
6:51 am
be discovered years later by howard at a yard sale. that's the set-up. >> on my tenth birthday, i saw something that changed my life. a picture of a kid standing in front of the taj mahal. gorgeous, it was huge, and it was easily the classiest thing ever built by a muslim. i vowed that day to buy my own taj mahal. 30 years later, i got my chance. this one was even classier because it was a casino and it was in a place way more beautiful than india, new jersey. ♪ the art of the deal >> holy cowabunga. you're donald trump. >> that is my name and you cannot wear it out. trust me. you must really want this.
6:52 am
>> they're sold out. do you know this is the second best selling book of all time, after the bible, which took 12 guys to write. you know what? it's boring. very boring. >> so there is johnny depp's donald trump. the full clip is at funny or die. >> that was terrible. >> you have to see the whole thing. >> he doesn't seem like donald trump. >> it's like when johnny depp played whitey bulger. he goes all the way into the character. the whole thing. >> doesn't even sound like donald trump. >> seriously -- >> it was an absolutely terrific film. really something special, yes. >> he does a better donald trump than johnny depp. >> exactly. >> all right. more "morning joe" and more lewis as donald trump when we return. at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. oh no this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"
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6:56 am
tavern. what an incredible couple days it's been. >> thank you, jd's. >> we greatly appreciate it. mika, i think we've learned what we have always known, that new hampshire sets the tone for the presidential race ahead. and what happens beyond all starts right here. and they have done it again with bernie sanders and donald trump. >> i think bernie sanders is a serious candidate. bob costa, five seconds or less, what did you learn? >> start of a long race, both sides. >> willie? >> after a razor thin win in iowa and a huge loss in new hampshire, it's tough to call hillary clinton the front-runner. >> mike barnicle? >> proof our democracy really works. new hampshire, and ash wednesday is going to be huge. >> donald? >> the people of new hampshire are absolutely terrific. iowa, not so much. i bought the farm. you guys can keep it. on to south carolina. absolutely the gold standard in americans. make america great again. >> that's a wrap. that's a wrap.
6:57 am
that does it for us this morning. >> all right. >> seriously, thank you. >> thank you guys so much. >> from new hampshire, after a quick break, have a great day, everybody. thank you. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark]
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7:01 am
for week, but believe me it's going to be for many weeks. >> if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. >> we are going to start winning again. and we're going to win so much. >> real winner is the conservative grassroots. >> i know many people disappo t disappointed. i'm disappointed with tonight. >> we're going to take a deep breath. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. >> this campaign is not dead. we're going on to south carolina. >> donald trump left all his rivals in the dust last night with his first win of the 2016 cycle. but the other headline this morning is john kasich, the ohio governor putting his name on the gop map with a strong second place finish. meantime, on the democratic side, the winner was also a run-away. bernie sanders beating back hillary clinton after strong turnout from working class and younger voters. >> thank you, new hampshire.
7:02 am
>> i don't know what we would have done tonight if we had actually won. >> together, we have sent the message. >> i still love new hampshire, and i always will. >> because of a huge voter turnout, and i say huge. >> people have every right to be angry. >> we won because we harnessed the energy and the excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in november. >> i know i have some work to do. particularly with young people. >> it's on to nevada, south carolina, and beyond. >> our political team, most of whom were up all night long. they're all back with me this morning. i want to show you this new video just coming in to msnbc. this is senator bernie sanders fresh off his victory, fresh off a plane, back in new york now, meeting with the national action network president and msnbc host
7:03 am
reverend al sharpton in harlem, new york. we're monitoring this. you see him going in there. if either comes to the cameras to make a statement or answer questions, obviously, we'll bring that to you live. let's get right to msnbc's steve kornacki with a closer look now at the big results here in new hampshire. break it down for us. >> good morning, kate. let's look at the numbers. still not 100% in from new hampshire, but obviously, we know the winners. let's take you through what we have. on the republican side, donald trump, the second time ever he's been on a ballot for any kind of political office. the first time he's won. he wins the new hampshire primary with a run-away victory last night. we can show you the margin. 50,000-vote victory so far for donald trump over his nearest competitor, john kasich. kasich lagging back there at 16% in second place. at 16%, by the way, that's the lowest total in the modern history of the new hampshire primary. the lowest total for a
7:04 am
second-place finisher. 16% for kasich. cruz, the iowa winner at 12%. rubio, the disappointing fifth place finish at 11%. christie is reassessing his future. we can take you through the delegate situation. ultimately, that's how the nominations are determined in new hampshire with the big win, donald trump, we estimate, will take ten delegates out of the granite state. we add that in with what we saw in iowa last week. a running total of delegates now. trump has the most on the republican side. 17. ted cruz in second with 11. rubio and kasich also factoring in there. we can show you as well the map here of new hampshire. these are the returns on the republican side. you see donald trump in green. what's the story? it's basically all green here. a little bit of purple. that's john kasich in some small towns. when you win by the margin donald trump won by, you're going to see your color show up a lot on the map. we can take you now to the democratic side. again, bernie sanders with an
7:05 am
overwhelming victory over hillary clinton last night. again, like on the republican side, we're talking about a 50,000-vote margin. he's taking 60% of the vote. hillary clinton, by the way, when she won this primary eight years ago in a three-way race, she got 39% of the vote. in a two-way race last night, she got even less than that. 38% of the vote. we can take you through, again, on the democratic side. we can look at the delegate situation there as well. we estimate in new hampshire, you factor in the super delegates who hillary clinton has a hold on, sanders will get a net gain of one delegate over clinton. you add that in with what we got from iowa last week, and in the early going, we have hillary clinton officially with 44 delegates, bernie sanders with 36. you're going to need well over 2,000 to get the nomination. we can also show you what the map looks like on the democratic side in new hampshire. sanders is the green color. again, look at that. basically north to south, east to west, almost every city and
7:06 am
town in new hampshire is sanders green this morning. hillary clinton picking up just a few, and some were by slim margins. again, when you win by that margin, this is what the map is going to look like. >> steve kornacki, thanks so much. appreciate it. we're going to look closer into how trump and sanders secured those solid wins with you coming up later in the hour. steve, for now, let me bring in senior white house correspondent chris jansing who was at crowded polling places all over new hampshire yesterday. spoke to a lot of the candidates as well. katy tur who has been with donald trump since the beginning of his campaign, and political reporter alex seitz-wald who has been covering hillary clinton and also bernie sanders, the democrats. great to see you guys. any sleep at all? >> a few hours. >> like two hours. >> sleep is overrated. >> exactly. in this exciting kind of political season, sleep is overrated. >> this is unbelievable. >> for news junkies and political junkies, this is crazy. >> every season isn't like this?
7:07 am
>> no. let's start with donald trump. winning big here. >> winning. >> feeling incredibly kflt last night. >> huge. >> we heard a huge speech from him last night. where does he go now? >> he's going to be in south carolina tonight, rallying a crowd down there, which they expect to be thousands strong. much like their rallies in south carolina. they have a commanding lead in the polls down there as well. what they're coming out of here in new hampshire, the big thing is that they can now say that the enthusiasm that we have garnered, all of those people who show up to see us, does actually translate into votes. also, the way that we have done politics, the traditional way of retail politics, getting out there with an organization, knocking on doors, shaking people's hands, having conversations in smaller groups. that's not necessarily the only way anymore. we can do it in our own way. this big flashy way. have the voters come to me. name recognition. star power. donald trump proved that here in new hampshire. i would even argue that he proved that to a degree in iowa
7:08 am
because he did get a ton of votes, a record number of votes, save for ted cruz, even though it was a loss. >> let's talk about number two, chris. i want to play a little sound. we had a whole night with john kasich. we were on the plane with him as he flew to the next stop. let's listen to what he said overnight, early this morning, actually, on the plane. >> you get very little attention and then you get a lot. and i tell you what i'm really happy about. i'm still very centered. because this morning, i called two of my friends and i said, you know, i'm a little bit concerned about this because there's likely to be so much attention. i don't want to lose myself in this. and so we chatted for a little while. my buddies and i. and you know, i just feel at this point really centered. >> chris, the contrast between that candidate and donald trump, the number one candidate, is quite striking. >> the thing that john kasich has in common, frankly, with jeb
7:09 am
bush, is both of them came into this. i think they saw chris christie as the guy who was going to be more bombastic and out there. they were going to be the calm, steady hand. those are the kinds of phrases you hear from them. that they're the person that when the moment comes, that 3:00 a.m. phone call, they're the guy who is steady and decisive and experienced. and that's what they're putting out there. john kasich, this is huge for him. this is a guy who a couple months ago was sending out flyers saying here's who i am. he was introducing himself essentially to the voter. i think that's true of a lot of the rest of the country. this gives him momentum, but he doesn't have a real ground game, he doesn't have a lot of money. how does he translate that? jeb bush is the one who actually does have that there. he's got lindsey graham and then chris christie who given his results when you're looking at the governors and how bunched up they were, he's not even got the numbers to make it to the next debate. he doesn't have cash. he wanted an infusion of cash
7:10 am
from this. it doesn't look good for him. >> john kasich has been on the end of every debate stage we have seen. this will be remarkable to see him come towards the middle and be more of a focal point. someone they actually start doing research on, attacking for his record over in ohio. so i think we're going to see a lot more of john kasich. we're going to learn more about him in the coming weeks. we haven't seen that much of him so far. he hasn't been under the same amount of scrutiny as the other front-runners. jub, or jeb for a while. >> they're putting out this ad saying here's my record, here's his. here's the contrast, especially on obamacare and the nra. >> i was talking to one of jeb bush's donors and the phone calls are coming in now. people are starting to shift away from rubio potentially over to jeb bush money wise. >> the money rubio thought he would get, they're coming back and saying jeb. >> i don't want to leave alex out. the democrats. this is also a huge story for the democrats. for hillary clinton, a real defeat. her people are saying we knew
7:11 am
this was coming, but still. >> i mean, you know, i talked to top strategists for the campaign last night. they said she was in good spirits. she knew she was going to lose, but this was a biggest loss than they wanted to. they thought maybe they could get to ten or even the single digits and say they cut the lead in half. 21 points or 22 now, that is huge. this is a state that she won in 2008, that really launched her husband's career to the white house. this was clinltden country until just a few months ago. bernie sanders with all the caveats that come with him being a neighboring state senator, it's a big, big change. i talked to a congressman from upstate new york, from new hampshire, close ally of hillary clinton. he said, look, the party has changed, and hillary clinton is catching up to the new reality. >> don't underestimate that picture we just saw. i thought it was striking when you see early the next morning, bernie sanders with al sharpton. going into a state, south carolina, where by the polls, hillary clinton has 80% of the black vote.
7:12 am
she's not going to lose that, but he is feeling very audacious. he feels like he can challenge in a lot of areas. >> he was criticized for not doing the radio shows, the interviews beforehand, and now that he's won new hampshire, he's extending the olive branch. >> what's really interesting, he's now outspending hillary clinton in south carolina and nevada on ads. i think south carolina's out of reach for him, but they're going to try to close the gap. the expectations are so low, if they can get into her lead with african-americans. that's great. nevada, it's a caucus state, low turnout, not as hispanic as people think it is. he can do pretty well there. if he can increase the turnout, he can make -- >> i'm thinking of the casino workers. having been through this before, when i was with clinton in 2008, it's about the workers in nevada. people think of las vegas as the strip and the flashy money, but there's a lot of hard-working, working class folks who might be attracted to a bernie sanders. >> and they do these caucuses on the casino floors so that the
7:13 am
people can come out of the kitchens, come out of the pits where they are working, and they can vote right there. interestingly, the culinary workers union, very powerful union in nevada, they're staying neutral this time around. there was a lot of thought they would endorse hillary clinton early. they're staying neutral. that could be a big boost for him. >> chris jansing, katy tur, alex seitz-wald, fun to have you with us. let's get more on hillary clinton's second-place finish and how she's looking forward. >> i know i have had a blessed life. but i also know what it's like to stumble and fall. and so many people across america know that feeling. and we've learned it's not whether you get knocked down that matters. it's whether you get back up. now we take this campaign to the entire country. we're going to fight for every vote in every state. we're going to fight for real solutions that make a real
7:14 am
difference in people's lives. a president has to do all parts of the job. for all americans. to make sure nothing holds you back. not debt, not discrimination, not a deck that's always stacked for those at the top. >> joining me now, clinton supporter and veteran new hampshire strategist jim dumers. he was also the new hampshire co-chair of barack obama pofs presidential campaign. nice to see you. >> great to be here. >> let's talk about the loss last night. we were talking about how the clinton campaign said we knew we were going to lose. but they didn't know they were going to lose by this big a margin, 22 points now. >> call me crazy because i'm exhausted, but i wish we had one more week. two weeks ago, we were 31 points down in the polls. we started to close the gap so the trajectory was going in the right direction. but the clock ran out. but you know, i will tell you, i learned in 2008 that you can
7:15 am
lose in new hampshire primary and as long as you're prepared to learn from it as barack obama d did, you can win the presidency. >> what's the lesson today? what does she learn from this? >> part of it is the message needs to be refined to a few talking points. i give bernie sanders credit. he was extremely disciplined in delivering his message. you could have asked him what color the sky is and he would have said income inequality. so the message is really important. and i think hillary clinton is a policy wonk. i give her credit. she can demonstrate to people she knows every issue. she is probably the best prepared person to be president that we have had in a long time. but the voters are angry, and they really want to hone in on a couple issues that will motivate them to come out and vote. and bernie sanders did a good job doing that. >> i heard other democrats say even on the air this morning, it's not enough of a message to say i would be a really good president. which is what you just suggested, she would be -- she's very well read, very intelligent
7:16 am
she'll be a good president. it's not enough. it's not helping her with younger voters. >> look, we're going into a bunch of states that are quite different from iowa and new hampshire. i mean, new hampshire and iowa are both small states, small cities, small towns. we're heading into some big states with big cities, with minority populations where the debate changes a little bit. i'll tell you, one issue i think to watch closely is this discussion that started but never really got going. and that is gun violence in america. because in a lot of these inner city areas, that's a big issue, and a big difference for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. their records are miles apart on gun violence. >> you suggested she needs to hone it down to maybe three succinct messages. what are those three pillars, if you're advising her. what would the pillar be? >> if you look at hillary clinton's life story, she has fought for equal rights, civil rights. i mean, she has been a fighter for young people, for health care. i think part of the story is
7:17 am
that hillary clinton has a record, a proven record of being a fighter for people. that's important. and more than that, she is ready to be president on day one. bernie sanders, i love the guy. he had a powerful message. but when you think about all the issues that a president has to deal with, bernie sanders ran basically a one-issue campaign. being president is a lot more than that. and hillary clinton is ready day one to be the president. >> have you gotten the sense whether there will be a shake-up, whether there's an effort going on right now to try to change the messaging or bring in new people? i'm hearing from some insiders that there's not really a blow-up like there was in 2008. >> i don't think there's a need to panic. this campaign has built one of the best ground games i have ever seen. and the ground game is in place in the states that are coming up. so i think there may be some fine tuning as hillary clinton said last night, that is needed, maybe tweaking the message a little. but the foundation is really
7:18 am
strong for hillary clinton to move across the country and win this nomination. >> jim, nice to have you with us. thanks so much. victory laps today for bernie sanders and donald trump. we'll break down what it means moving forward, how does sanders win over the minority vote, and can anyone stop donald trump? and you want to know how relaxed bernie sanders was feeling as the primary results were coming in. check out this video. this is the democratic candidate shooting hoops with his grandchildren at his new hampshire campaign headquarters. here's senator sanders this morning, the reverend al sharpton tweeting out this photo. they wrapped up the meeting. no comments yet, but we're keeping an eye on that for you. we'll be right back.
7:19 am
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7:22 am
we will all come together to say loudly and clearly that the government of our great nation belongs to all of us, not just a few wealthy campaign contributors. >> first of all, congratulations to bernie. in all fairness, we have to congratulate him. we may not like it, but i heard parts of bernie's speech. he wants to give away our country, folks. he wants to give away -- we're not going to let it happen. >> could that be a preview of the presidential contest this fall? a general election, maybe, but there's a long road between now and november. back here in manchester, we're joined by raymond buckley, chair of the new hampshire democratic party, and ben ginsburg, former general counsel for the rnc as well as an msnbc political
7:23 am
analyst. thank you so much. let me start with you, ray. 22 points, bernie sanders over hillary clinton, at the latest count we have. you have already seen him out in harlem today. we have new pictures just in of him meeting with al sharpton. is that going to work? is that what he needs to do now to try to keep going? >> well, it certainly is an unprecedented victory in modern times, in the new hampshire primary on the democratic side. and kudos goes to he and his entire campaign for what they were able to do. but we're at the very ginning. we have got 57 states and territories going on for months ahead, so iowa, new hampshire have spoken. there are 55 more contests to come. it's going to be very intere interesting and exciting spring. >> we look at the numbers. 68% 3232%. women under 50. how does that happen? >> it gives her and the campaign
7:24 am
an opportunity to look at those numbers and look and retool and decide how to move forward. that's the greatness of this whole nominating process. it is over months and months. so a campaign can retool themselves into an organization that can effect it. whether or not they're able to do that, that's what's exciting to watch. they have another debate tomorrow night. >> ben, the big question, can anyone stop donald trump at this point? >> well, he had a great night. really came back from what happened in iowa. it's now a long and windy road. the march 1st super tuesday, 12 states. very diverse geography. we'll see what his ground game is like. ted cruz has a ground game, jeb bush has a ground game, marco rubio has been making at least the motions of a ground game. so the way that ends up playing out will really tell. >> did trump win here because of his ground game? we saw very little evidence of it. they wouldn't let us come out
7:25 am
and shoot what you usually get from campaigns. you go along as they knock on doors. there didn't seem to be a lot of that with donald trump. it seems to be huge mega rallies and he's doing that again in south carolina. >> you can do megy rallies when you have one state to focus on. that's why march 1st and many states, you can't hit each one. you have to have an indigenous band of people helping you there. >> i want to play a little bit about what john kasich had to say about his more positive message that came in second. let's play that. >> i know we can't just go through this like falling off a turnip truck and saying that everything is just going to be positive. because i'm going to have to respond to some of this stuff. but i'm starting to really think we're on to something. i'm starting to really think that the positive nature of a campaign can be very effective. i'm starting to think it could be true. >> ben, does his second-place
7:26 am
finish turn this race around and scramble the race? or is it just going to be one of those blips we look back on four years from now and say remember when he came in second in new hampshire? >> he's not turned it around yet. proof in the pudding will be what happens in south carolina. march 1st, he's announced he's going on to michigan on march 8th, which is the following week. that's almost a rudy giuliani strategy that has yet to be proven to be effective. >> thank you both for coming in. appreciate it. after a long night. >> after a quick break, we take a deep dive into why trump and sanders did so well. where their support came from. steve kornacki will be back with a breakdown of all the exit polling. you want to stick around for that. >> plus, donald trump on releasing his taxes. >> i fight like hell not to pay taxes. i hate the way the government spends my money. e cash back cars keep throwing obstacles at you?
7:27 am
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7:30 am
this morning, donald trump talked taxes on the "today" show. he says people will be shocked by how little he pays. >> real quickly, when are you going to release your tax returns? >> probably over the next few months. they're being worked on now. >> what's the hold-up? >> they're very big tax returns. the biggest i guarantee you, the biggest ever in the history of what we're doing. so it's very complicated. but we'll be releasing them. >> will people be surprised at the rate you pay? lower or higher? >> they'll be surprised at how low i pay. i watch others, i fight like hell not to pay taxes. i hate the way the government spends my money. >> steve kornacki is back with us at the big board, checking into how all of this happened. digging in on the numbers of how the wins happened last night. >> i want to look particularly at the democratic race. something happened in the map in
7:31 am
the results that could have implications beyond new hampshire. look, this is the sanders/clinton map. obviously, it's basically all bernie sanders green. he won the state in a blowout. interesting things to note. if you compare this map to 2008, everybody was saying last night, okay, bernie sanders is going to win the same liberal areas in the state that barack obama did. the question was would he expand the margins and make in-roads into the areas hillary clinton won in 2008. she won the state by three points. we saw something interesting, if you look here, concord in the capital, if you look up here in han over, where dartmouth college is, where portsmouth is, this is the liberal backbone of new hampshire. bernie sanders did well here, but he didn't expact barack obama's margin by that much in these areas. where bernie sanders really got the blowout from, this was a surprise a little bit. from places like this. this is rochester. this is burlon. these are old blue collar
7:32 am
cities. hillary clinton won these places big in 2008. they are why she won new hampshire. she won berlin by more than 2 to 1 over barack obama. she got a huge margin out of rochester. it was completely reversed last night. bernie sanders not only won these places, he won them big. we can also break them down demographically. those makes under $50,000, sanders beat her by a more than 2 to 1 margin. you can also see it here, those who don't have college degrees, sanders again by a better than 2 to 1 margin. this is the reverse of what we saw in the obama versus clinton race in 2008. in that race in 2008, obama was the one doing better with those who had college degrees, doing better with those with higher incomes. hillary clinton not just in new hampshire but if you think back to 2008, pennsylvania, ohio, appalachia, all these states she won, she was winning because she was winning lower income blue-collar white voters. that's why she was able to keep the race going to june. the interesting thing we're
7:33 am
seeing here in new hampshire is those same voters, that same type of voter is with bernie sanders. so there's been a lot of talk rightfully so on bernie sanders's need after new hampshire to win over nonwhite voters, to win over black voters. he hasn't been able to do that so far, but at the same time, what we're seeing in new hampshire is when you get out of new hampshire, he might also be making inroads with white voters that barack obama was not able to make in 2008. that could open up states for bernie sanders that barack obama couldn't win in 2008. like a pennsylvania, like a cent kept, like a west virginia. areas of ohio. there may be places on the map nationally that bernie sanders can win that barack obama couldn't, kate. >> so interesting, steve. the sanders campaign is going to love to hear that breakdown. thank you so much. appreciate that. >> next up, south carolina. the republican primary is on february 20th, with the democrats following one week later. we'll take you there and have more on the man who took the coveted second-place spot on the
7:34 am
gop side in new hampshire, up next. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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well, with new hampshire and the primary here in the history books now, the focus shifts to the south, to south carolina for the gop. 50 delegates are up for grabs in the february 20th primary for republicans. kerry sanders who has covered campaigns for nbc news for 25 years now joins us from south carolina on the phone. kerry, you're awaiting donald trump and a big event today. >> well, he's hours away from arriving here in tiny pendleton. people may know pendleton, south carolina, because it's so close to clemson. interestingly, the gathering here tonight is at a livestock arena. i spoke to one of the managers here that holds about 5,000 people. they have never seen a political rally inside the livestock arena. they have already started setting up here. donald trump will be arriving
7:38 am
here probably to a rather joyous crowd after what happened in new hampshire and how well he did coming out of new hampshire. of course, one of the questions in south carolina is how is he going to possibly draw voters who are traditionally those who would vote democratic. because this is an open primary state, as a matter of fact, people don't even have to declare a party on their registration cards like they do in most states, the anticipation among the trump campaign is that the so-called dixiecrats, the reagan democrats, the more conservative democrats, will likely cross over in this primary into the republican primary, and of course, the trump campaign is hoping that they can sweep up a significant number of those votes. donald trump leading, of course, in south carolina in the polls, kate. >> all right, kerry sanders watching that on the ground in pendleton, south carolina. thanks so much. let's check in with someone else who knows the ins and outs of south carolina politics.
7:39 am
joining us from columbia, south carolina, andy shane, political reporter for the state newspaper. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me today. >> have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of you in the next couple weeks. tell me about -- >> i think so. >> let's start first with the lay of the land. and starting with the republicans, we can show the poll, the most recent poll we did here at nbc news with wall street journal and maris, shows donald trump at 36%, ted cruz at 20%. this was taken before the new hampshire results. what are you hearing on the ground there? what do you think the results will do to the landscape? >> i'm not sure it's going to change the landscape immediately. you know, donald trump has been leading in south carolina now since august. and ted cruz is now his really his biggest challenger. that was expected. ted cruz is very popular among evangelicals, social conservatives who make a majority of the voting block in
7:40 am
south carolina. marco rubio was third in the polls two weeks ago. that was before saturday's debate. it will be interesting to see how saturday's debate played out for senator rubio at this point. >> what about john kasich? we're showing his picture because he came in second here. he doesn't really register on your poll in south carolina. >> he hasn't. he's not gotten -- no more than 4% in any of the polls. he's at 2% right now. governor christie had the fewest visits to south carolina. kasich had the second fewest. i'm not really sure what he can do about building his momentum from new hampshire here considering he's basically starting from ground zero. >> your paper is reporting there's a super pac that is going to target donald trump with a blitz of ads all over south carolina. tell us about that. >> yeah, a super pac run by i believe a former romney or bush manager. it was done by one of our sister papers. you know, at the same time, they
7:41 am
apparently spent about a million dollars, $2 million in iowa going after donald trump. they're saying they're going to do the same thing here in south carolina. you know, i don't know what kind of impact that's going to have. it may rebound like everything else seems to rebound when you criticize donald trump. >> let's talk about the democratic race. is this where hillary clinton stops the burn, stops bernie sanders? >> i think it is. you know, the word firewall has been used several times to describe what south carolina is going to be for secretary clinton. this is the first state that the democrats are going to hit with a majority minority voting base. african-americans make up most of the democratic voters here in south carolina. she is doing very well with african-americans here. that comes a little bit from the work she did in 2008 when she was battling with barack obama for the nomination back then. and you know, and the inroads she's made over the years. that's not to say that senator sanders has given up.
7:42 am
he's worked with pastors and african-american lawmakers to try to build his own coalition. it will be interesting to see how much of the 30-point lead the secretary is enjoying he can eat into. >> what about somebody like jim clyburn do in this situation? does he throw his support behind clinton, do you think? usually he stays neutral. >> he stayed neutral in 2008. he has been indicating, very strongly indicated yesterday, he's going to sort of show his hand before the february 27th democratic primary. i think the bets are he's going to lean towards hillary clinton at this point. and if he does, as i said, he's the most prominent african-american politician we have in the state. that endorsement will mean a lot if secretary clinton gets it. >> andy shain in south carolina, thank you so much for being with us, with the state newspaper. >> we mentioned congressman jim clyburn. he's going to join andrea
7:43 am
mitchell today at noon. up next, jeb bush steps up his attacks on donald trump as he look s ahead to south carolina. but first, here's the cover of new hampshire "union leader" it reads, granite leaders have their say. sanders, trump, take new hampshire. why are you all here? to learn, right? so you can get a good job and you're not working for peanuts. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously. so unless you want a life of skimming wifi off the neighbors, you'll harness the hardworking power of the peanut. (cheering) i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24.
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to take care of my heart.s that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar. i think donald trump would be a disaster as our nominee. a gifted politician, that's for sure. the guy can capture people's attention, but you can't use profanity and disparage women and, you know, disparage the disabled, all the things that he does, and not send a pretty negative signal to the broader audience who is going to decide who the president is. a conservative needs to win the conservative party's nomination. and i'm the most conservative governor and most conservative candidate with a proven record
7:47 am
that's in the field right now. that's my case. >> jeb bush on morning joe just a couple hours ago, continuing his attacks on donald trump as the former florida governor begins making his case to voters in south carolina. it starts next hour near hilton head, followed by two other campaign stops. bush came in fourth place, just behind cruz, ahead of rubio. at 11% with 95% of the vote in now. we're joined now by bush campaign senior adviser, michael steele, the former spokesman for john boehner. nice to see you this morning on no sleep at all. it was one of those nights for you guys. you were watching, at one point, it was 12, 11, going back and forth. >> it was a lot of -- a lot to watch, but the important thing is new hampshire as it often does, reset the race. governor bush is on his way to south carolina, and we're getting ready to start there.
7:48 am
>> put you at fourth but not third, which i know you would have been happier with. >> we always want to do better, we always want to win. this is a result that resets the race and puts us in the right position going into south carolina where i think we're strong. >> is marco rubio damaged goods now? >> he's got to make the case for his record. and it's the problem isn't the kind of robotic recitation of talking points. the problem is he has no record of achievement. if you look at the things they cite as achievements, the hezbollah sanctions bill which passed unanimously and she didn't show up for the vote. the guys who said that he wasn't there. so what we're doing is going to talk about governor bush's record. he was the most transformative conservative governor of the 21st century and has the most detailed plans for the future. >> how do you get people excited about jeb bush again, and what do you do against donald trump? you have been focused on marco rubio the last couple weeks, fair to say? >> i disagree. >> no?
7:49 am
>> governor bush is the only candidate who has been taking on donald trump consistently. the rest of the guys are in witness protection. governor bush has been making the case that donald trump is not a conservative, and his policies when it comes to the economy. he wants a 45% tariff, which would spark a trade war. if you talk to a worker at the boeing plant in charleston or the bmw plant in greenville or the dozen michelin tire plants in south carolina, that will cost them their job. he wants to outsource america's security to china, to russia, and not rebuild the military and make america strong. >> he has been talking about his national security credentials. you mentioned that before. let me show you a result of one of our exit polls. 30% express kfldz that trump would best handle an international crisis. jeb bush comes in second place, if we have the numbers, with 17%. so how do you change that perception. that's the perception. >> i think donald trump projects an image of strength, but in fact, he's very weak. it's not strong to disparage s
7:50 am
hispan hispanics, women, and to attack pows because they got, quote/unquote, caught. south carolina is the most military friendly state in the country. this is going to be a chander in chief election. jeb is endorsed by 12 medal of honor recipients, over 40 flag officers. lindsey graham, a noted expert on national security issues. i think he can make the case he's the best candidate to be commander in chief. >> you used to work with john boehner. you know him well. any sense whether he's going to throw his weight behind anyone. >> i think he's enjoying what he's doing right now and i doubt he's going to get in the fray again. >> michael steele, nice to see you again. thanks so much. >> as we have been talking about south carolina, the next big state to hold a primary, here's a look at how the election calendar looks through the end of the month. february 20th, when nevada holds a democratic caucus. south carolina holds the republican primary that day, and then washington state has a republican caucus on the 23rd.
7:51 am
it's the republicansturn for a caucus in nevada on the 27th. the south carolina democratic primary, getting confused, but it all leads up to super tuesday on march 1st, when 13 states go to the polls. ♪ [screaming] ♪ ♪ the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all wheel drive. because winter needs a hero. now get a $199 per month lease on the 2016 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites.
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7:54 am
this is just within the past hour. senator bernie sanders fresh off his victory here in new hampshire, wrapping up a meeting with national action network president and msnbc host reverend al sharpton in harlem, new york. reverend al spoke with the media outside silvia's restaurant moments ago. >> i asked him bluntly about flint. i asked him very bluntly about affirmative action. i asked him very bluntly about the issues of police brutality and police misconduct. things that i want to hear. he's agreed also to meet with the heads of national civil
7:55 am
rights organizations. all of us are meeting with mrs. clinton. i have not made an endorsement and will not until after that meeting, probably after that meeting i will. >> reverend al sharpton will be tamron hall's guest in the next hour. you want to stay tuned for that. that's going to do it for me here. i'm kate snow. i'll see you back here, 2:00 p.m. eastern. some cash back cards are, shall we say, unnecessarily complex. limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet? i tabut with my back paines,
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i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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7:58 am
trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ because of a huge voter turnout, and i say huge. we won. >> i know i have some work to do. particularly with young people. >> we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before.
7:59 am
>> tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. >> this campaign is not dead. we're going on to south carolina. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night, so listen to this. that will never happen again. >> we're going to go home to new jersey to wait. tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon we'll know and that's going to allow us to make a decision about how we move from here in this race. >> what a night. joy, surprise, and disappointment as the candidates react to the landslide wins by bernie sanders and donald trump. here in new hampshire. plus, the surge by john kasich to second place in the republican race, followed by ted cruz, jeb bush, and marco rubio's fall to fifth. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall, and our msnbc
8:00 am
headquarters right in the hard of manchester, new hampshire frrx the gop candidates, it's on to the next one. that, of course, is south carolina. the primary there a week from saturday, preceded by a debate this saturday night. ted cruz and jeb bush will hold rallies in south carolina during this hour, followed by john kasich and marco rubio in the next hour. then, donald trump tonight. and we have already heard from some of them this morning. take a listen. >> there's something going on. it's a movement. the people want to see a smart country. they want to see us take the country back. they want to see great deals, not horrible deals. >> who do you see as your biggest competition now, kasich, cruz in south carolina? >> a great question, but i think all of them. they're all accomplished people. they're governors and senators, and they're all very good people. maybe. >> i'm talking about donald trump here. targeting that person with extreme negativity. can your positive message hold up under that


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