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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  February 10, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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kelly reporting first the departure of carly fiorina, suspending her campaign, and confirmation live on the air here that chris christie is doing the same. it is now time for our next broadcast, which thankfully happens to be "mtp daily" with chuck todd in washington. >> if it's wednesday, it's the big truth in politics. for every action, there's a reaction. two republicans, chris christie and carly fiorina, they're out of the race. how worried is the gop that nobody but trump and cruz can make it to april? meanwhile, for the democrats, how much will the clinton campaign have to retool? this is "mtp daily," the day after. and it starts right now. what a 22 hours.
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22 hours ago, the polls closed in new hampshire and now look where we're at. good evening and welcome back to m tp daily headquarters right here in good old washington, d.c. lots of breaking news today tonight fallout from the new hampshire primary, right at this hour, in fact. chris christie just announced that he's suspending his presidential campaign, basically, it's another way to say you're ending it. this comes a day after the governor finished a disappointing sixth in the new hampshire primary, getting just 7% of the vote, and not qualifying for even one delegate. he fared even worse in last week's iowa caucuses, coming in tenth place, with just 2%. carly fiorina, who finished seventh last night with 4%, announced that she, too, was suspending her candidacy. that's more than 11% of last night's vote and it's going to be moving assume to other candidates not named cruz or trump in the coming days. meanwhile, some other moving parts on the 2016 trail. as we speak, ted cruz and marco rubio are having to break off the trail tonight to come back
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for the senate for a vote on sanctions against north korea. tonight's take is where do we go from here? trump's domination on primary night has left the establishment on the republican side in a scramble. we'll show you more of that breakdown later in the show. but we're going to start with the democrats. the massive gap between clinton and sanders that we saw in polls ahead of the vote didn't only shrink on primary night, it grew. now sanders is trying to use his huge win as a major launching pad for a national movement. the sanders' campaign says it's time to expect tun expected. the clinton campaign, well, they're re-evaluating, going to do some retooling for what promises to be a long slog ahead. the media answer, literally, on where do we go from here is nevada. nevada democrats and south carolina republicans will actually make their picks on the same days, ten days from now on february 20th. nevada republicans, in a few
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days later on february 23rd, and then south carolina democrats a few days after that on february 27th. and then, of course, we get the first of a couple of super tuesdays. this one, we've nicknamed, the so-called scc primary, since it has a lot of southern states, basically most of the scc states except florida. and it comes a few days after that. by the way, if you're wondering this business of south carolina and nevada and why they're not the same, harry reid demanded that nevada be third in the rotation. south carolina has this first in the south business with the republicans for decades. new hampshire has become a pivotal moment in the democratic race. sanders' 22-point win was a real wallop for clinton, who of course carried the state in 2008. the granite state is no longer comeback territory for the clintons. and the raw numbers from the granite state show it's time to regroup. sanders' has steadily chipped away at the notion that clinton has a monopoly on any one key set of voters. men strongly went for sanders,
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and women who clinton typically does well, they were pretty divided. sanders ended up taking a majority of women in new hampshire as well, 55%. it was the same story with those who identify as democrats. clinton usually wins among registered democrats. she did it in iowa, did it a lot against obama in '08. but last night voters who identified as democrats, they split with sanders narrowly taking them, 52-48. and of course the independents is what put them over the top for the big landslide. but make no mistake. south carolina has a very different electorate from new hampshire and iowa. look at these democratic exit polls compared to south carolina's 2008 exit polls. first of all, whites make up a much smaller portion of the electorate in south carolina. non-white residents are, of course, much higher. south carolina has fewer self-described liberals than iowa and new hampshire and more people consider themselves moderates and conservatives there than in either the iowa caucuses or the new hampshire
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primary. and the percentage of people who consider themselves democrats in south carolina is more on par with iowa's numbers than new hampshire. but sanders, whose home state is 95% white, is preparing for the very different landscape ahead. today, he met with the reverend al sharpton in harlem to talk about his campaign's transition out of mostly white primary states. >> how do you intend now to deal with a diverse populous in both south carolina and nevada. >> in a couple of ways. first of all, we are going to do well when voter turnout is high. that's what happened in new hampshire and iowa as well. and i think we have the issues, and we have the agenda, we have the ground troops to rally the people of nevada and south carolina. >> we're going to talk to sharpton about his interview just ahead. sanders was a relative unknown in the black community, but he's made some inroads with black leaders and intellectuals. and remember, sanders, he was a big -- he was a big endorser,
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one of the few white -- actually, he wasn't a democratic elected official, but one of the few white elected officials who was a jesse jackson supporter in '84. but cornel west stumped with him in iowa. ben jealous likened sanders to jesse jackson and he endorsed him. we'll hear from mr. jealous in just a few minutes. and then today, ton hassy coates, who was previously pretty critical of sanders's opposition to reparations in the black community, now says he's voting for sanders. >> i'm thrilled to see an actual radical, you know, uniquely left-wing option in the democratic party. if we can't get the left. if we on the left can't embrace this idea that black folks have been specifically injured and there should be specific remedies for that injury, we have no hope. >> while clinton has raked in endorsements from democratic officials, all bets are now off in south carolina. congressman jim clyburn told andrea mitchell today, he still hasn't made a decision.
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>> i won't be making the any endorsements today or this week. >> but for the first time, there are reports that you are considering an endorsement and there's a lot of pressure on you from clinton world to endorse, because, obviously, it would have huge sway. if you're going to make a difference, don't you have to do it sooner rather than later? and why not right here? >> well, all of that may be true. i have to stay true to south carolina. no, i'm not ruling out an endorsement before the election, i'm just ruling one out for this week. >> big backing from the south carolina congressman, if he decides to do so. could help either clinton or sanders in this race. the reverend al sharpton also checked in with hillary clinton today, by the way, and here's what she had to say about her strategy moving into the nevada caucuses. >> we're going to work really hard, just as we did in iowa. we've got a great team on the ground. we have a really broad, diverse group of supporters. i was pleased to be endorsed
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recently by a number of dreamers. so we're going to just reach out and spend as much time as possible answering questions and making the case as to why i would be the best president for not only nevada, but america. >> well, joining me now is the host of msnbc's "politics nation," and of course the president of the national action network, the reverend al sharpton. we would like to add, he has not endorsed either candidate, but it's part of the conversation i want to have with him. rmpbd sharpton, how are you, sir? >> fine. how are you, chuck? >> let me ask you, what are you looking for? i have no idea whether you plan to endorse or not. but what are you looking for from secretary clinton and senator sanders if -- when it comes to what policies you'd like to see them talking about before you'd make a decision on endorsing. >> i think that we need to deal with specifics in terms of the concerns that many in the african-american community have, just like they deal with other constituency groups. we certainly have a problem in the criminal justice system, in
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terms of, everything from mass incarceration to police misconduct. right in south carolina, national action network and i are involved in supporting the case with our local leaders there reverend rivers and reverend johnson around walter scott, who was shot by a policeman, videotaped, shot in the back. you can't go to south carolina and not deal with the walter scott case. not deal with gun control and the ramifications of the charleston 9. not deal with the -- when you raise the question, as i told senator sanders, around income inequality and wage gap, let's talk about the race gap in that. because there's a race gap that is added to the income inequality and wage gap. so what we want is specifics. not just catchphrases, not just some sort of sound bite. we want specifics like you do in some other areas.
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you must earn our vote. and i think we've heard some kind of headline statements, we're against discrimination, but not specifically how i will govern. >> the african-american vote will be decisive through super tuesday, particularly in the s.e.c. primary states. but let me ask you, there's this conventional wisdom out there that hillary clinton has a lock on the african-american vote. what say you? >> i say that hillary clinton has to earn that vote and i think she knows it. >> why hasn't she earned it already? why haven't the clintons earned the support already? >> because in any selection, you have to deal with them as opposed to the option, and we're hearing now senator sanders and we have to compare that to mrs. clinton. i'll give you an example of new
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york, there was a black candidate with citywide office, but because he didn't take the certain policies, he lost to a white candidate named bill de blasio and lost the black vote. so you can't take granted for granted in politics. >> let me ask you about senator sanders. there's this assumption, he hasn't campaigned for black voters before, coming from vermont, but how much should it matter to african-american activists that here was a guy in the '80s when there weren't a lot of white elected officials supporting jesse jackson for president, he supported him. does that carry any sway? >> i think all of that has to be considered, but i think that he's got to run not on the '60s or the '80s, you know, 50 or 30 years ago, he's got to run on what is happening right now. there's been five elections since then. and i think that he's got to be able to come, as he did this morning, and say, right now we're dealing with things like flint, michigan.
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right now we're dealing with things like 15 states have new voter laws that have never been executed until right now. so i think that what people want to hear is right now and that's what i told them in the breakfast this morning. and he's going to meet with the heads of civil rights organizations. mrs. clinton is meeting with us next tuesday. >> all right. reverend sharpton, i'll leave it there. i know i'll be checking back in. >> all right. >> be curious to see what you hear. >> thank you. >> we'll hear from a lot of those elected officials, including one that has endorsed secretary clinton. senator barbara boxer of california joins me now. welcome back to "meet the press daily". >> thank you so much, chuck. >> let me start with your reaction to what happened last night. i'm sure you disappointed. how disappointed are you? >> of course. i mean, look, i run in so many elections and i've had dark moments and good moments, but i think what people want to see, because this election, it's going to be hard fought. anyone who thinks you run for president and it's a glide path
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doesn't know history. they want to see how you respond when you're knocked down. and what i love about hillary, she's been knocked down. when you think about how long these republicans have been beating up on her, day in and day out, when they had 16 of them, and when you know that bernie has been casting aspersions on her as well, in his way, you know, it's a hard time. but let me tell you, let's take a deep breath. let's look at how many delegates, chuck, you know how many have been chosen. it's about 70. and it looks to me like about 36, 32 in favor of bernie. we need 2,000 -- >> we've got a long ways to go. >> we've got a long way to go, and i'm very excited, because here's the deal. bernie talks the talk, beautifully. hillary talks the talk beautifully. one of them walks the walk to accomplishments. and that's hillary. i've served with both of them. i've watched her since she first -- there's no comparison.
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you can make a great speech. the important thing is, do you get something done? and that's why i'm excited and that's why i'm so strongly -- >> senator, i just heard you say that phrase, you can make a great speech, it's about whether you get something done. i remember hearing that phrase a lot in 2008. >> well, you know, that's good. doesn't matter. you've heard every expression in the world. we all know, bernie's been in the senate a long time. not like barack obama, okay? and we've heard this speech over and over again. i could give it to you verbatim. we need a political revolution, the billionaire class, you know, i love it. i stand next to him and i love it. the difference is, what are we going to do about it? and i've teamed up with hillary in the senate on a number of things. she has gotten things done. and to me, at the end of the day, people are going to want that. at least, that's my belief. and that's why i'm excited for hillary, i'm excited to campaign for her. and we've got a long way to go,
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and she's going to pick herself up. you saw it last night. yeah, there are dark moments. we all have them in our lives. politically, at business, i'm sure you've had your moments when you didn't think you had a good day. how do you get up in the morning and go back and wage that fight? what i loved about her last night, when she says, i know the young people aren't for me right now. but guess what, i'm for them and i'll always be for them. it touched my heart, as a mother. as a grandmother. >> let me ask you this, though. there does seem to be a generational divide, where there's sort of the under -- i would say, under 45 democratic voters. a little more idealistic. maybe they don't know secretary clinton's history. is that the issue? what do you think the issue is in this massive age gap? is it, they don't know her? they don't know what she did, or they're just a little more idealistic? >> look, i think that's what campaigns are about. hillary clinton has some incredible millennials supporting her. and i hope that they get right
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out there through youtube and through knocking on doors and make the case. that's what campaign s about, fr sure. i didn't win certain demographics. i tried and i fought and i got it to a place where i could win my races each time. but you have to fight hard for every vote. that's what's so exciting and wonderful about this system. it's exciting and i'm energized and i know my candidate is ready to be president. and she has to prove that to the people, she will. we have another debate coming up. i think she's won all the debates. and after you keep hearing the same thing from my friend, bernie, who i love, i do. i really do. the same thing over and over again, how do you get there? he has been talking about the same thing for years, and he's never solved the problems. >> well, one thing -- >> to me, that's the issue. >> one thing i learned just now, if larry david's not available, we can get you to do the bernie
2:17 pm
sanders impersonation. >> bernie and were both born in brooklyn. it's in our dna. >> brooklyn is just so hot. the headquarters are in brooklyn, bernie is in brooklyn, hip, hip, hip. senator boxer, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> you got it. now let's turn to the other side of the campaign and the sanders side. former naacp president, ben jealous, who just endorsed sanders last week and he joined him for that meeting with reverend sharpton in harlem today. mr. jealous, nice to see you, sir. >> always good to see you, chuck. >> let me ask you this. a lot of people were surprised. why did you pick bernie sanders over hillary clinton? >> you know, i just frankly looked at their records. my family is an activist family and for us a lot of things go back to what dr. king taught us. one of the things he said again and again and that a genuine leader is not a follower of consensus, a genuine leader is a moderately of consensus. bernie sanders starts at three points now every poll says he is the one who is most likely to
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beat every republican potential nominee in head-to-head competition. at the same time, we go back to dr. king's movement theology. he said the giant triplets of evil were racism, militaryism, and greed. and when you look at his record, he is the most consistent. when you look at senator clinton's, it's really confounding and contradict i. >> what is it about her record that you don't like? this is -- look, the clintons and the connection with the african-american community has been very tight for decades. >> yeah, there's a lot of familiarity there. that's true. and if they want to take responsibility for the prosperity of the 1990s, they're going to have to take mass incarceration of the 1990s, too. >> bernie sanders voted for that crime bill adds well. >> well, yeah, but that's not just it. because hillary clinton in 2008 was the only one on stage who said that she would not support retroactivity if we'd gotten rid of the disparity between crack and powder sentencing. and who got caught up
2:19 pm
disproportionately? black women. and whose kids were sent to foster care as a result? black families. she's going to have to take responsibility for that. and she's the only one on stage this year who supports the death penalty, after troy davis, after six democratic governors abolish it in their state. and what it says to you is that sort of her edge, if you will, how far she's willing to go is defined by the republican party. when it comes to criminal justice issues, who may seem to some people to be somewhat fringe, but the reality is we have the most incakarcarcerated black, brown, and white people on the planet. it's bankrupting our colleges. so bernie sanders says, this is a guy who will fight for my kids like he's their own. this is a guy who says, our kids are terrified of the debt we're going into, let's make public college tuitions free. we spend millions and millions on prisons to warehouse drug addicts should be in rehab. we can take that money and shift it to the public universities. that's where it was taken from.
2:20 pm
this is a guy who says, we have old people who frankly social security is betraying. let's raise it so that they aren't starving. this is just basically, you know, saying, we should take care of our own in this country. >> all right. ben jealous, i have to leave it there. hopefully we'll be talking to you again soon, throughout the next few weeks. going to be a busy time. >> absolutely. >> appreciate you, man. >> thank you, sir. well, the next stop for the republican hopefuls is south carolina. will evangelical voters lead to a cruz campaign revival? and donald trump heads to the palmetto state tonight, hot off his victory in new hampshire. can he keep the momentum high as he heads down south? stay tuned. nder rumbling] ♪ [chattering] [snarling] ♪ the nissan rogue. with the power and performance
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with the presidential race now focused on south carolina and nevada, so are the tv ads. in south carolina, as with every other place so far, guess who spent the most? jeb bush and the super pac backing him. biggest overall spending.
2:23 pm
so far, they have shelled out more than $10 million on tv ads in the palmetto state. that includes this new radio spot, featuring former president george w. bush, advocating for his brother's leadership skills. >> we need a strong leader, with experience, ideas, and resolve. there's no doubt in my mind that jeb bush will be a great commander in chief for our military. >> team rubio has spent the second most so far in south carolina ads. nearly $9.5 million. team cruz has spent about $5.7 million. there's old trump, just $1 million so far. and about 700,000 from team carson. on the democratic side in south carolina, it is sanders who has spent about $750,000 on ads versus just $440,000 from team clinton. sanders is out-spending clinton on ads in nevada, too, by the way. nevada is, of course, the next contest on the democratic calendar. team sanders' has spent close to $2 million on ads there, compared to clinton's $1.5 million.
2:24 pm
but by the way, the top three spenders in new hampshire, overall, finished fourth, fifth, and sixth. we've got more "mtp daily" right ahead. about a biologic, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection.
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talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. i cannot tell you how thrilled i am to be back in the great state of south carolina. >> south carolina will be definitive and determinative and i need your vote. come out and help us. i need your support. >> and when the time comes to vote in south carolina, however you vote, vote with your heart and your head, not just with your head, saying, i've got to pick a winner. >> south carolina is going to play a critical role in this primary, as it always has. south carolina has been good to the bushes in the past, and i'm hoping and praying it will be good again ten days from now. >> just like that, no more pandering in new hampshire and iowa, it's time to pander south. anyway, the republican presidential candidates have packed up from new hampshire and headed south to south carolina.
2:26 pm
well, not all the candidates. of course, chris christie, after that disappointing sixth-place finish last night, his campaign tells nbc news he has decided that he's going to drop out of this campaign, suspending, technically. and we told you that carly fiorina announced earlier this morning that she, too, is ending her race, suspending it. nobody ends them, anymore. you just suspend them. but among the rest of the field, bush, cruz, kasich, rubio, all had events today in south carolina. and donald trump is holding a rally in just a couple of hours in pendleton, south carolina. less than 24 hours after his double-digit big win in new hampshire. in fact, trump's 19-point victory is still big news before the next round of primaries. one key thing to remember on both sides, new hampshire does not look like the rest of the country, in either side of the ballot. voters in the new hampshire republican primary, they are less evangelical than voters in iowa and south carolina. and only 55% of voters in the republican primary in new hampshire consider themselves republicans. less than the electorates in
2:27 pm
both iowa and south carolina. finally, 17% of new hampshire republican primary voters identified as conservative. that was fewer than in iowa, but a little more than south carolina. but what does that mean for the south carolina primary? well, ted cruz is hoping the evangelical voters will lead to a duplicate of his victory in iowa. >> let me tell you, south carolina, i'm convinced, is going to be won friend to friend and neighbor to neighbor. each and every one of you pastor to pastor. south carolinian to south carolinian. that's how this race is going to be won. >> and marco rubio is trying to hit the reset button, too, on his campaign, as he heads south. >> so, you know, that play is over, right? we've got to know, the game is still going on. i can't keep thinking about the touchdown i gave up. i got to get back on the field, because the other team has the ball again and i've got to play defense. >> joining me now is trump supporter, sam clovis.
2:28 pm
sam, let me -- first of all, congratulations on new hampshire. i'm sure that mr. trump is giving you a hard time about what happened in iowa? >> well, not too bad a time. after all, i'm an old at least and we said, you know, square your shoulders to the line of scrimmage and make positive yards. that's why we went to new hampshire. >> let me ask you this, south carolina, a lot different than new hampshire. more evangelical, more conservative. that was a recipe for second place in iowa. a recipe for first place for cruz. how do you -- how do you overtake cruz in a state that looks like it's a little more tailor-made for him? >> have you looked at the polls? i think we're still ahead in south carolina. >> well, the polls had you ahead in iowa, too. >> well, they did. and they had us ahead in new hampshire and we outperformed the polls by 4%. i think what you did, you talked about the demographics of south carolina there, and i thought, quite eloquently, there, when you started outlining the differences there. and i think this is what mr. trump has brought to the republican party, and to this primary, is a much broader
2:29 pm
basis, instead of worrying about perhaps a single clientele or a single constituency out there, we've broadened the base a great deal, attracted a lot of democrats to this race, we've brought in a lot of people who have been disenfranchised, people who didn't feel that they've been part of this process at all. and i think that he's done a tremendous job in that and we've all worked hard to make sure that we get those people out to the polls and i think they're going to support us in south carolina. >> one group of folks that have been very important to mr. trump have been some of the big leaders in talk radio, including rush limbaugh. but i want to share with you something today that rush limbaugh said about ted cruz and ask you to react. he said, if conservatism is your bag, if conservatism is the dominating factor in how you vote, there is no other choice for you in this campaign than ted cruz, because -- and we're referring to a caller -- you are exactly right, this is the closest in our lifetimes we have been to ronald reagan. that's almost an endorsement
2:30 pm
from mr. limbaugh of mr. cruz. i take it you wouldn't be very happy about that? >> i think rush has a job to do and that's exactly what he's doing. if you noticed earlier in the campaign, rush's words were used in ted cruz's advertising in iowa, in particular. i think if you look at this, this is, i think, rush limbaugh's interpretation of conservatism. i would put my conservative credentials up against rush's any day of the week and against ted cruz's any day of the week or steve king's or anybody else's. and i think that mr. trump is a conservative and represents the conservative cause and it's just a matter of how you look at this. if you're looking for something that is definitive as rush limbaugh may have a particular definition, he is looking at, i think -- i see more ronald reagan and donald trump than i do in ted cruz. and that's my view of this. >> all right. sam clovis, i'm going to leave it there. but you feel pretty good about south carolina? you think this is a state you can win? >> i feel pretty good about
2:31 pm
being with the next president of the united states, on stage with him the other night in new hampshire. where were you? i didn't see you around? >> i was at our new hampshire headquarters, sir, covering a bunch of races. >> there you go, chuck. >> see you. >> thanks, bud. >> well, trump is the story out of new hampshire, but cruz is touting his third-place finish in a state that isn't too friendly to many evangelical candidates. in fact, he had a little snark for reporters this afternoon about that third place finish. >> well, i am looking forward to a week of wall-to-wall coverage on fox fuse about the impressive third place finish that marco rubio got, so i'm sure that's what we're going to see on every show on fox today. the shockingly impressive third place finish of cruz. >> ted cruz having a little fun there with the media. joining me now is alabama congressman, mo brooks, who is supporting ted cruz. congressman brooks, thanks for coming on the show. >> my pleasure. >> obviously, the campaign, that was senator cruz's way of, i think, needling a few members, a
2:32 pm
few of my colleagues in the media. let me ask you, do you guys view third place as an impressive showing in new hampshire? >> it's better than fourth or fifth, which is where jeb bush and marco rubio sit. but it's not first or second, which is a better place to be. let me mention something by way of background. i'm a native south carolinian, having been born in charleston. and now i represent the state of alabama in the united states congress. but i'll tell you, in south carolina, i think ted cruz is going to do very, very well, provided we're able to help voters understand the differences between ted cruz and donald trump. bearing in mind that it's pretty much a two-person race. >> that's interesting -- >> ted cruz is the only one who can stop donald trump. so if you don't like donald trump, ted cruz is where you need to go. >> that's an interesting way you just put it, which is, providing voters understand the differences. what do you think is the biggest -- what are the biggest differences between ted cruz and donald trump? >> well, there are a lot differences between ted cruz and donald trump. for example, imminent domain.
2:33 pm
ted cruz understands that it's only to be used for public purposes like roads, things of that nature, while donald trump wants to expand it, where a developer can use the government to condemn someone's home, so that the developer can make a profit. that's not what imminent domain is for. and we in the south, we don't hold with the government intervening in our lives in that fashion. on health care, donald trump wants to go beyond obamacare and have socialized medicine, which in turn means you're going to have to dramatically increase taxes. that is not ted cruz's position. when it comes to persona, i'm going to have to be careful how i say this, but donald trump has used a gutter mouth approach to politics over the past week, where in front of children, he's used the f-word, on national tv, he's referred to one of his opposition candidates in a slang way, referring to female's genitalia. we don't take kindly to that kind of persona in the south. and i really anticipate that a lot of donald trump's antics are
2:34 pm
going to come home to roost and i anticipate that you're going to see ted cruz doing very, very well in the south, because we don't cotton to those kind of values that donald trump is expressing. >> well, congressman, i think there's a lot of iowa republicans that would have said that, a lot of new hampshire republicans would have told me the same thing. why do you think it's going to be different this time? >> well, in the south, we have, as you look at the demographics and the breakdown of who we are as a people, we care about people who conduct themselves with some sense of decorum, which donald trump does not. and we do care about public policy issues, such as welfare and nationalized health care and higher taxes and imminent domain. and for example, if the people understand that donald trump, although me goes ballistic on illegal aliens, his policy, his actual words is, he's going to build this great wall with a big door and after he spends billions of taxpayers' dollars deporting these illegal aliens,
2:35 pm
donald trump will let them right back in. that's amnesty. and the people in the south, we want people to be law-abiding, and we don't cotton to amnesty, where we'll let illegal aliens come back in and take our jobs and suppress our wages. and if people understand what's at stake and get past donald trump's persona and looks at his position on public policy issues, donald trump is dead in the south. >> all right. congressman mo brooks, we'll be watching it. you had some colorful ways of describing mr. trump. i imagine we'll be hearing from you quite a bit over the next few weeks. thank you, sir. >> thank you. much more on trump versus cruz. this is going to be fairly interesting, just judging on what we just heard. and whether there's still an establishment alternative. are we going to have that three-way race come march 1st for republicans? that's ahead.
2:36 pm
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2:39 pm
but first, here's sharon epperson with the cnbc market wrap. >> i'm sharon epperson with your cnbc market wrap. and the markets have been losing ground after a mid-morning rally. the dow actually gave back 99 points. the s&p 500 was down a third of a point. but the nasdaq added 14 points. tech stocks bouncing back helped the nasdaq there from two days of losses. it was a new report on oil supplies that really drove much of the market activity today. oil prices jumped more than 3.5% on a reduction in u.s. oil inventories before closing 49 cents lower. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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some breaking news. you're looking live right now at the justice department. they have announced that they are filing a civil rights lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri. the lawsuit alleges a pattern of
2:43 pm
behavior that attorney general loretta lynch says violates the first, fourth, and 14th amendments. in fact, here's what she said just a few moments ago. >> the government's findings were based upon information received from ferguson's own citizens, from ferguson's own records and ferguson's own officials. and they demonstrated a clear pattern and practice of violations of the constitution and of federal law. >> you'll recall, there was a huge study about what the different ways that fines were enforced, never mind, of course, what happened that became such national news. now, this lawsuit comes one day after the ferguson city council voted to change a proposed settle m to address racial bias in the community. where, of course, 18-year-old michael brown was killed by police in 2014. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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2:46 pm
rejection of the politics of the last ten years, arguably. well, today in front of the illinois general assembly, the president urged an end to the partisan gridlock that's been gripping the country, saying it is a big regret of his own presidency. there's a lot to get into that speech and on any other day, we'd be spending a lot of time on it. today, we're just going to go to break. we'll be right back. our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ]
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and dizziness. he's always been my everything. now i am giving back. ask their doctor about once-daily namenda xr and learn about a free trial offer at some more washington breaking news. this from capitol hill. the senate is voting on a new bill that will impose further sanctions on north korea, which in recent weeks has conducted a nuclear test and fired a long-range rocket in defiance of
2:49 pm
u.n. sanctions. so sanctions, of course, have been so helpful in the past. we'll see if these work. senators rubio and cruz decided to take a break from the campaign trail to head back to d.c. for this vote, following brief stops in south carolina today. meanwhile, bernie sanders has decided to miss this vote, despite previous criticisms of his foreign policy experience, sanders elected to visit new york instead. he sat down with reverend al sharpton, as we told you about, and he appeared on "the view" and will also make an appearance on the "late show." we'll be right back. ♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪
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we have something very special two days ago i was in south carolina, we filled up the stadium, packed with people. something going on. a movement. people want to see a smart country. they want to see us take the country back. great deals, not horrible deals. losing money with trade, can't beat isis. >> donald trump on the today show this morning, saying the same thing he has been saying for six months. rally tonight in south carolina, and with no clear establishment alternative or governing alternative, whatever you want to describe that lane emerging yet, the race could turn into a showdown between trump and cruz. the lid right now, strategist, bill crystal. >> thank you or be offended. >> and susan glasser, let me
2:54 pm
start with you. is this a two-way race or how much longer can the governing class here try to will themselves into a three way race. >> someone will be assuming trump and cruz or cruz and trump are first and second in south carolina. someone will be third. that person will then survive and go on to fight, because there are a lot of republicans who don't like trump on the one end -- >> money to be had. third place candidate. >> the vote is behind the candidates in many, many states. the best chance to stop donald trump is for a conservative to stop him, not for the establishment. >> that's ted cruz. >> yeah, i think so. >> you're in the limbaugh territory. >> i'm just saying analytically, he has the best chance. it doesn't mean one of them couldn't emerge, the two of them could stop trump. i think cruz could take on trump with the issues voters care about. >> it looks like kasich, rubio, bush. that's going to be a blood bath.
2:55 pm
>> if you come out of new hampshire and the best slogan that you have is i'm not dead, which is what jeb bush said, it's not -- >> rubio is saying that too. >> no, he saying i won't screw up again. they're in the firing squad moment. rather than focusing on trump or cruz, you have these guys focusing on each other. a deadly race to the bottom. >> i assume, jeb and rubio, i mean, what i can't figure out is rubio and cruz, i think cruz does fear rubio, of any of them, he fears rubio the most, so he may pile in on that. it seems everybody ought to focus on one person they want to go after. when you start looking both ways, you end up going nowhere. that's what happened. >> in new hampshire, they sort of d did that. they decided marco rubio might be the nominee unless somebody throws them self in front of them to stop him. he won the exchange, the will
2:56 pm
lost the election. >> a guy from jersey whacked the guy from florida and left him up there almost for dead in new hampshire. >> look where the guy is from new jersey is now. >> it didn't work for him. >> john kasich looks different today than he did a couple of days ago, especially after chris christie gets out of the race. a moderate republican governor, attracted to christie, it's going to be kasich or bush. >> kasich can -- >> i keep hearing, well, kasich has nowhere to go, whereas bush and rubio does. kasich is a two, but after his third place finish, he'll be close in the. that debate is saturday night. we've seen the debates that mattered. >> i would say which of the three establishment candidates emerges, which can avoid scab squabling, and he could be the guy that could take the fight to
2:57 pm
trump and the trump cruz debate, is now getting intense. i think cruz has tactically decided for most of the campaign to avoid fighting trump. he has had a good showing so far, you know knows he has to take on trump directly. those two, that's a pretty heavyweight debate. >> it could be. all right, let's move to the democrats. what's the level of panic that brooklyn should have? >> probably more than they have for the last six months i think, you know, that's part of it. this is the part that's very familiar to clinton watchers, like you, the 2008. >> it feels very similar. >> amazingly enough, if you look at the numbers, i was shocked to find out, hillary clinton got fewer votes in new hampshire than she did in 2008. now, that was her big come back moment against obama from iowa, but it is still pretty shocking. >> that's stunning, fewer votes against one guy, she was running against two substantial figures
2:58 pm
at the time. >> here's the irony, though. in wait, you went from these states where candidate obama at the time sort of shocked the world by hitting her in iowa, and she came back in new hampshire. as they rolled south to the more diverse electorate, his strength became parent because in the more di veefrs electorate, he did better rmt. she is going to be probably saved by the very thing that undid her last time, which is the black and minority voters. >> i'm not convinced. they knew they had a problem in iowa, weak in new hampshire, and i think that she's got the strength that comes with having, you know, that community has a lot invested in clintons over the year. >> before i let others jump in, what's sanders doing right that dean got wrong? you were in dean world. >> well, he is, you know, first of all, think that i he built his campaign to last. obviously there was a moment in iowa for howard dean that was unfortunate that actually kept us from seeing how --
2:59 pm
>> at the time for what was -- >> i think they learned from the dean campaign, we didn't have a lot of people going to the caucuses. they had the enthuse yuiasm. bernie sanders has a whole range of things he ae does. it's interesting what he is doing on the whole racial disparities and prison reform. this argument is going to lead to who do you think put all those kids in prison to begin with, it was the crime bill. >> he voted for it too. big picture. donald trump and bernie sanders won the primary. >> sanders, i can't get over the sanders margin, 20 plus points over hillary clinton. >> a rejection of leadership class to me. >> failure of leadership, of the leadership class i think. on that, fire walls, as a leadership idea in my experience, the thing about fire walls.
3:00 pm
>> the minute you say that word, think you you don't have fire walls burning now. >> the super delegates, right, we've heard about that today. the conventional wisdom is always wrong about presidential campaigns, you have to know where and when. >> that's your job. >> she has an overwhelming lead. >> we'll see if holds. >> we will back back tomorrow with "mtp daily." "with all due respect" starts right now. we will so much winning if i get elected. >> we're going to have win after win after win that you may get bored with winning. we're going to win and win and we're going to win. >> donald trump will the winner. trump, trump, trump. >> so excited that donald trump won. >> i just picked up that guy right there and hugged him. >> trump, trump, trump. >> so


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